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Just in Case You Forgot Which Day It Was

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Those flag-desecration caps weren’t enough for some MLB players yesterday. Case in point: Mets catcher John Buck, who wore a flag-desecration necklace (lots of players wore those) and “patriotic” eye black stickers (I hope nobody else wore those). Buck then honored America by getting tossed from the game for arguing a checked-swing call.

Elsewhere, several teams had players wearing red, white, and blue arm sleeves, and Ryan Zimmerman of the Nationals wore star-spangled batting gloves. I assume there was lots of additional silliness out there, so feel free to post comments about what you spotted.

(My thanks to Diego Bauzá, Mitch Mirsky, and Max Weintraub for their contributions.)

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Uni Watch News Ticker: Absolutely brutal new end zone wordmark for the Patriots. … Some small jersey tweaks for Ohio State football (thanks, Phil). ”¦ Of all the retirement gifts Mariano Rivera’s received on his farewell tour, the best one so far has been from the Twins, who gave him a rocking chair made of broken bats (from Ed Westfield Jr.). … Here are some thoughts on how to respect the flag if you’re a jogger (from Brian Bittner). … Last year, the uni numbers on the Seahawks’ white jerseys looked like this. But Scott Smith saw photos of a Seahawks-themed wedding in which the numbers appeared to have a different interior pattern. Not sure if this will be reflected on-field, but I’m trying to find out. … Minor league ump Jim Shawn Hicks tore his pants during Tuesday night’s game between the Winnipeg Goldeyes and the St. Paul Saints (screen shots by Daren Landers). … Several readers noted that Matt Garza’s pants and jersey appeared to be two different shades of gray on Wednesday night. I checked the game video, and it looked like that right from the first inning, so it wasn’t a perspiration thing. Oddly, you can’t really see it in the game photos, but it’s very apparent in the TV/video feed of the game. Odd. … “Due to some political idiocy, there are two South African rugby teams, the Lions and the Kings, who only have one competition spot,” says Caleb Borchers. “Now they are thinking about combining into one team, called the Lion Kings. Disney’s legal team is already springing into action, I’m sure.” … A teacher in Texas wore the exact same outfit for his school’s Photo Day for 40 consecutive years. Further info here. … New bottle design for Evian (thanks, Brinke). … New kit for ACF Fiorentina (from Tom Meyer Klipsch). ”¦ Always fun to get a peek at the back of the Tigers’ 1928 jersey (from Jude Seymour). ”¦ Braves catcher Brian McCann took a foul tip to the mask that sent paint chips flying yesterday (from Chris Wheeler). ”¦ New rugby kit for Stade Francais (from Eric Bangeman). ”¦ Here’s a look at Seahawks uniform history (Phil again). ”¦ Although you’ll have to go through a short registration process to access it, here’s an amusing rant about people who wear replica jerseys to games (Phil yet again). ”¦ Nike apparently had some pretty rad ideas for Penn State in the 1990s (from William Yurasko). ”¦ I’ll be off the grid for most of the day (checking in on my Mom again), so please go easy on the Ticker submissions. Thanks.

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    That Pats wordmark, woof (speaking as a fan). I’m not a designer, but it’s odd that the A and the S don’t have those spiky things (probably hard to pull off with those letters). And the flourishes on the A and T kind of look like a variation of Metallica’s wordmarks. That said, I’m not nuts about the old one either.I guess one good thing about the new one is that it’s more centered and symmetrical.

    I’m not saying that the new wordmark is good – it’s not. But I can’t really say the old one is any better. The old script looks like something you’d find on a Starter jacket from the late 90s. They needed something new, but they needed something better than what they got.

    meh, the new wordmark just reminds me too much of the (now) old Jags wordmark:


    the old Pats wordmark was colorful, chunky, and unbalanced… a little something called “character”… big mistake ditching that endzone treatment, Pats!

    I like that number font; it’s much more traditional. The Packers had that “5”, didn’t they?

    The Old English letterforms look really out of place in the modern arch and motion serif composition. Also, Old English is a very European look. It works for the Red Sox and their traditional antique corner pub brand, but it goes against anything that a patriot stands for. This needs to be flashy and stars and stripey.


    Bryce Harper wore the same gloves as Zimmerman. The announcer even pointed it out, but he thought that Harper bought them in the team store. The other commentator quickly set him straight.

    The Patriots say that the new wordmark won’t appear on the jerseys, but I tend to think this is a lie. The jersey swap this weekend makes so much more sense now….

    okay Captain Conspiracy …..

    sometimes there are such things as coincidences .. not everything has some sort of hidden meaning to them.

    Based on what I’ve read about this stuff, they’ve probably had this wordmark planned for quite a while.

    yeah i don’t think swapping out an alleged murders jersey because they felt they needed to the right thing has anything to do with a planned font change

    I’m not saying this swap was initiated by Hernandez, I’m saying it’s a good excuse to unload old jerseys that will likely be replaced (in my opinion). Orchestrate a little PR/Goodwill move by making it ostensibly about an accused murderer, but actually just clear out a backstock of jerseys that will be ending up on clearance anyway? Nothing would surprise me with Nike and the NFL at the helm…

    The new wordmark is at the top of, so I would also expect it to appear where the old wordmark was on the jerseys. (They really might not have thought about that, especially if there are no other changes.)

    I’m guessing it now…the little pointy things are going to be on the new and improved, “interlocking” numbers.

    As a Pats fan…that new logo is horrible. 90% of it is really boring, and the other 10% seems like it’s trying too hard to reach out to MMA fans and other assorted douchebags.

    now this is flag desecration link

    that S&S hats.. not so much. like someone mentioned earlier in the week, those are more bunting than flag desecration

    Can it really be flag desecration if the color scheme is red, beige & blue?

    That was me with the bunting, not flag comment, and seeing them in action yesterday, I think I was right. There are by far the least flag-desecraty “patriotic” caps MLB has done since starting down this road in 2002. The Nats-Brewers game looked particularly good, since the colors for both teams matched their unis nicely. For the Brewers, a gray cap with navy bill looked great over their road grays. And for the Nats, their ridiculous clown-costume blue “patriotic” alts looked much less bad than normal with the white S&S cap. Heck, if the Nats today announced they were ditching their Orioles copycat BP caps for the S&S caps – same mesh material, dontcha know – I’d applaud the move.

    I would say that the “blah” new Patriots wordmark just reinforces the primacy of the Red Sox – it reminds me of the standard lettering on the Red Sox road jerseys.

    Not only is the Patriots new word mark a big downgrade they also use the same font that New Era used for last years NFL draft hats which is also a free font available online….

    my point is, why use a free font found online, it would be better to create a new font from scratch.

    I think the differences between the Seahawks real jerseys and the wedding jerseys are just the result of being replicas and/or counterfeit. Not only are the front & back numbers screwy, but look at the shoulder numbers & NOBs – they’re damn near royal instead of navy.

    Yep, ebay is littered with these crap replicas, helmets as well. For a good laugh, do an ebay search for link.

    Get a load of this. It’s just a t-shirt, but get a load of that craftsmanship.


    When I contacted the seller to call him out for selling fakes, he said:

    “Thank you for your question. I am sorry that you feel that this shirt is counterfeit. I do not wear counterfeit merchandise nor sell counterfeit merchandise! This is not counterfeit merchandise! If you do not want it, someone else will. If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact me anytime. ”

    As for counterfeit jerseys, those things are all over the place now. Are people really so cheap that they’d buy a bizarro world knockoff rather than a slightly more expensive “official” replica? Even a very popular bar south of Busch Stadium has Cardinals knockoffs on display behind glass – with autographs.

    For comparison purposes, link of a knockoff Seahawks white jersey from one of those Chinese websites. I think The Jeff is onto something.

    I call BS on the report that the Patriots uni’s will not be changing. The jerseys will still look similar but judging by this Tebow player t-shirt for sale in the Pats official shop, the wordmark & number font is changing to reflect the new logo: link

    Including the fact that it’s a Tebow jersey, everything about the new design makes me nauseous.

    a theory on the Garza “jersey darker than pants” question. i think the answer is that he was wearing a solid blue long sleeve undershirt, and the darker shade is showing through the thin material of the jersey.

    It looks like the wedding party probably bought blank jerseys and customized them with a 3rd party. The colors are definitely too blue on the names and the numbers are so hard on the eyes. Definitely not an official change.

    The best thing about the new Patriots wordmark is that the flying Elvis now matches the helmet flying Elvis. It always bothered me that the old wordmark had a very different representation of Elvis.

    Regarding Matt Garza’s different-shades-of-gtay jersey and pants, I’m going to be optimistic and figure that the Cubs are just cleaning out the closets with whatever gray stuff they’ve got lying around, in preparation for link.

    No sense in producing a perfectly-matching gray when (1) you won’t be using them after this year… and (2) nobody’s watching your team because they’re playing terribly.

    The only good thing about yesterday’s S&S caps is that it furthers my belief more teams should pair gray caps with road uniforms. I loved it when the Orioles did it back in 97.

    The Pirates grey top black/black brim cap is still one of the favorites in my collection. Can’t say I was a fan of the grey pinstripe uni they wore it with though.

    The Broncos website has a rather dumb link for the season schedule, showing opposing team’s logos superimposed on gloves. The site includes an outdated logo for the week six opponent.

    Didn’t really pay attention to the rest of them but noticed that to honor the holiday yesterday, Dustin Pedroia changed his at bat music from Snoop Dog (or Snoop Lion or Snoop Squirrel or whatever he is today) to Hulk Hogan’s theme “I Am A Real American”.

    MLS soccer: Coach Jose Luis Real explains why Chivas USA thrive vs. FC Dallas: The clubs’ similar colors


    The Flag desecration caps this year almost worked. If they “have” to do it, why not do the white/grey crowns with the spangly logo, and a bring the TEAM COLOR. This would avoid most of the A’s and Rockies nonsense.

    That FT article on replica jerseys really bothered me. I don’t wear a team shirt to a game because I’m militant, I don’t wear it because it’s a herd mentality, I wear it to support the team. To show where my loyalties lay. I wear it because it reflects who I am. I don’t think this guy understands (at least my perception of) fandom.

    He’s just being butthurt seeing people going to sporting events wearing team stuff. I guess it’s kind of like going to a concert while wearing the bands shirt. I do it, usually because I buy a shirt when I go, and I only really see my favorite bands.

    It’s the punk mentality seeing people wear band shirts of bands playing–they’re “sheep”.

    Having to register with them just to read a single article bothers me far more than anything that author might have to say, so I’m leaving the article unread. I’m with you, RRuszczyk; I wear my jersey to support my team.

    Evian designs a water bottle to reflect their “honest and natural personality.”

    That’s lovely.

    The thing still won’t biodegrade for at least 450 years and 90% of water bottles aren’t recycled. That’s honest and natural.

    Loved all the S&S stuff yesterday (including the eye”black”).

    I don’t know if I love it so much because I think it looks cool, or because I know it pisses Paul off. It’s a win/win.

    Not the largest gallery but I think Paul & others will like the “ghost sign” gallery that popped up on the local news stations website while I was watching something unrelated. Consider it a minor peace offering for me hating all (most) things retro, classic, throwbackish…


    Shocking the Seahawks uniform history article didn’t mention the fact they wore plain silver helmets in 1976.

    The broken bats on the rocking chair the Twins gave Mariano Rivera apparently were all broken against his pitching too. If that’s true it took some serious forethought on the Twins behalf. Cool unique gift.

    This is link The question is what are the White Sox going to wear for tomorrows TBTC game in TB? 74 road unis? (YES!) But that’s an awful lot of powder blue on the field. To quote the sultan from an old Three Stooges short, “We shall see what we shall see!”

    According to Todd Radom, they’ll be wearing last year’s Sunday throwbacks (the red striped Richie Allen getups).

    Wow! That’s two games this year where the road team has worn white pin stripes. But to the Sox credit, they kept the red pin stripe set around for possible future use. Makes me think we might see a day when a half dozen throwbacks routinely hang in lockers – just in case.

    IMO the Patriots didn’t need a new wordmark, the change is boring.
    Nowadays it seems nothing satisfies but whatever..
    although when Carolina Panthers amended their wordmark from their original it was great!

    And with the Stars and Stripes caps worn on the Fourth of July, two teams will never have worn theirs (unless there’s another fabricated occasion). Reds and Giants were rained out. Will they wear those caps on the make-up date?

    Anyone see the Diamondbacks’ jersey tonight? The “19” patch was already announced and discussed, but the “Arizona” type on black jersey was brand new.


    Oh… and also, both teams wore Prescott Fire Department caps pregame, in honor of the 19 Prescott firefighters list in the Yarnell Hill fire last weekend.

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