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This Could Get Messi

By Phil Hecken

A short while back, Nate Robinson announced he would wear #10 with the Denver Nuggets. Now, uniform changes (and corresponding number changes) are a dime-a-dozen in sports, especially the NBA, but Robinson’s reason was interesting — he wanted to honor soccer player Lionel Messi.

This struck one of our favorite . . . → Read More: This Could Get Messi

Forget The Titans - Remember The Outlaws

By Phil Hecken

Designers frequently contact me with their concepts, and I will often host them in the “Uni Tweaks” section of the weekend blogs, and occasionally, I will be presented with a set of uniforms that are worthy of a full post.

What you’re about to see today went way beyond what I . . . → Read More: Forget The Titans – Remember The Outlaws

Ain't No Use In Complainin' When You Got A Job To Do

Click To Enlarge; Photograph courtesy of Brad Mangin

By Phil Hecken

On a beautiful Saturday summer afternoon in Oakland, the Athletics and Angels turned the clock back to 1969, and played a game for the uniform ages. Clad in gold and kelly, the A’s were clearly the stars of their own show.

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Oakland Dons Lukas-Approved Stirrups

By John Ekdahl

The A’s and Angels wore throwbacks for last night’s game in Oakland.

The A’s sported throwback uniforms in Saturday’s 1969 Turn Back the Clock Day at Coliseum.

The legendary green-and-gold look was a unique change of pace with a shot of nostalgia that embraced the franchise’s past, but it was . . . → Read More: Oakland Dons Lukas-Approved Stirrups