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Cubs & Turks Party Like It's Nineteen-Aught-Nine

By Phil Hecken

Yesterday afternoon/evening, the Seattle Mariners, playing as the Seattle “Turks” and the Chicago Cubs, playing as, well, the Chicago Cubs, put on a wonderful *historical* turn-back-the-clock game. Both teams were dressed in the fashion of the year one thousand nine hundred and nine. And the Mariners, er…Turks, really went all out . . . → Read More: Cubs & Turks Party Like It’s Nineteen-Aught-Nine

In a Post-Stern World, a Reshuffled NBA - Part the Second

By Phil Hecken

I’m back again with designer W. Ross Clites, who you will recall had a nifty idea to ‘reshuffle’ the NBA teams, names and divisions last weekend. To refresh your memory, you can check that article out here.

Today, Ross will show you his concepts and take you through his thought-process on . . . → Read More: In a Post-Stern World, a Reshuffled NBA – Part the Second

Uni Watch Notes from the NBA Draft

Pretty cool scene at last night’s NBA Draft, as several draftees, including Nerlens Noel (top) and Ben McLemore, had their college jerseys sewn into the lining of their suits. I like that!

A few other notes from the draft:

• “I was talking to the sales rep at the Timberwolves draft party,” says . . . → Read More: Uni Watch Notes from the NBA Draft

Mound Messaging

Reader James Poisso posted something in yesterday’s comments that I hadn’t been aware of. It involves a storyline that began with this St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports item from last Sunday, which included the following passage:

Several times this season the Cardinals starter has gone to the mound to find subtle symbols scratched on its . . . → Read More: Mound Messaging