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The Spirit of ’48

Very nice throwback game last night in Minnesota, as the Twins dressed up as the old St. Paul Saints and Brewers become the minor league Brewers, both from 1948. As you can see above, Rickie Weeks of the Brewers showed some nice blousing, which is the kind of thing that does my heart some . . . → Read More: The Spirit of ’48

The Source of All the Problems

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m running an ESPN design contest to create new uniforms for the Hornets. But today I want to talk about the Charlotte Hornets’ original uniforms, which were designed by menswear maven Alexander Julian. The unveiling, which you can see above, took place 25 years ago.

Whatever you think of that . . . → Read More: The Source of All the Problems

Just Designate a Different Cap for Each Day of the Week and Get It Over With

It all began last Thursday, when the Braves and Twins played each other and wore their BP caps. Two days later, the Diamondbacks wore their BP caps for a game against the Padres. Two days after that, on Memorial Day, the Blue Jays eschewed the G.I. Joe caps that every other team was wearing . . . → Read More: Just Designate a Different Cap for Each Day of the Week and Get It Over With

What's Wrong with This Picture?

This photo of Blue Jays infielder Edwin Encarnacion captures everything that’s wrong about MLB’s G.I. Joe initiative from yesterday: a Dominican player, representing a Canadian team, dressed up to celebrate the American military, on a day that has nothing to do with celebrating the military. It’s hard to imagine a less appropriate gesture (although . . . → Read More: What’s Wrong with This Picture?