Crazy Eights

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Uni Watch mascots Tucker (left) and Caitlin turn eight years old today, which means they’re now about the same age as I am. But as you can see in these photos, which were taken yesterday, they’re still plenty kittenish and playful — a good reminder . . . → Read More: Crazy Eights

Looking Back at the Draft

The NFL draft provided a fair amount of uni-notable moments aside from the Dolphins’ and Vikings’ unveilings. Now that the dust has settled, let’s take a look back:

• On Friday I noted that the jersey held up by Chargers first-rounder D.J. Fluker had yellow NOB lettering and no neck roll (which seemed to . . . → Read More: Looking Back at the Draft

Matt and Kevin Concept MLB

By Phil Hecken

Couple of crazy weeks in the real world the past two weeks, and I hope things may finally be returning to a sense of normalcy.

Just going to have two concepters for your lede today, and since they both deal with MLB, it’s a perfect time to run them.

. . . → Read More: Matt and Kevin Concept MLB

UWFFL - Go New York, Detroit & Miami

By Phil Hecken, with Rob Holecko

After last weekend’s successful debut, the second batch of Uni Watch Fantasy Football League are ready for your perusal and voting. We received over 100 separate entries, and we’ll display them for each team and allow you, the readers, to vote on your favorite. Our next sets are . . . → Read More: UWFFL – Go New York, Detroit & Miami