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Not So Bad


Okay, so I’m a little biased because my favorite color is green, but I really liked USF’s green-gradient shorts last night (additional photos in this slideshow). Will they ever wear the white version? Hope so.

Meanwhile: New ESPN column today — the results of the Dolphins-redesign contest, plus a little video clip shot at Uni Watch HQ. Look here.

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Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 6.13.19 PM.png

F1 Update, continued

By Carlos and Omar Jalife

Mercedes GP
The Livery: The paint job does not change that much for the 2013 season. We still have the mix of silver with turquoise accents in the sidepods, rear wing, wheels, and front wing with the addition this year of the upper part of the nose, to which a color lining has been added. Also, the rearview mirrors are now turquoise instead of black.

Vanity Panel: The Germans decided against the vanity panel.

Fire Suits: We can say the silver arrows will maintain the same style and colors. The only addition is a new sponsor in the tummy, which breaks the simple design with a big black rectangle on the chest (here’s the old version).

Helmets: Hamilton is new in Mercedes GP for 2013, and he’s made some minor changes to his helmet. It’s still yellow-based, but the red is now sectioned (compare to the old version) and the blue can be seen from the front (here’s the old version). Also, the back part has a red section with his last name, which seems a little bit higher than before. Meanwhile, Nico Rosberg went a little bit darker instead of just gray/silver. This is particularly notable in the back of the helmet, while the line that used to be in the bottom part will now be the bottom instead of sectioning the primary color.

Carlos’s Verdict: Not much to judge by here, as they’ve maintained almost everything as last year, including the helmets and fire suits of their Brit and German drivers. Quite a clean look, though. B+

Omar’s Verdict: Real smooth look, if not particularly exciting. A

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Screen shot 2012-08-28 at 4.11.39 PM.png

Show & Tell update: The latest installment of my monthly Show & Tell event is tonight, 8pm, in the back room at Freddy’s. Admission is free. You should come! (For those unfamiliar with S&T, look here.)

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Uni Watch News Ticker: Drip, drip, drip: Another day, another piece of evidence (as if any were needed) that the Braves have been lying about their BP cap. This time it’s in the form of a photo from reader Eric Bjorkquist, who spotted several of the Indian head BP caps available for sale at a shop in Wisconsin. So not only were these caps put into production, but some of them actually shipped to retail. Come on, John Schuerholz, quit lying — this whole thing is just making you look stupider by the day. Come out and admit the truth, which is that you were fully committed to using this cap design and then changed course after the backlash that took place a few months ago. … Yesterday’s entry on the making of Uni Watch membership cards was the lead item for influential media critic Jim Romenesko’s morning rundown. … Man, the real version of the Earl Weaver memorial patch is even more underwhelming that the web graphic we originally saw (photo by Joe Hilseberg, who’s down at spring traning). … The NFL is considering a new rule that would prohibit players from leading with their helmets. ”¦ Rare piece of good news on the corporate-sponsorship front, as it was announced yesterday that the college football’s new championship format will not be sponsored. That prompted some good analysis from Michael Rich, who writes: “The key quote in that article, to me, was ‘The Final Four doesn’t have [a title sponsor]. The Masters doesn’t. The Super Bowl. That’s the kind of event we have.’ This immediately reminded me of an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution back when the Peach Bowl officially became the Chic-fil-a Bowl. That article contained the following quote: ‘Our goal when we came on board nine years ago was to build our brand both regionally and nationally and to help the bowl grow into one of the premier events in the country. We feel this deal is a big step in that direction.’ So the thinking then was that becoming a premier event (in college football, anyway) required a title sponsor. Now here’s at least one instance of the powers that be recognizing that the title sponsor detracts from that prestige rather than adding to it. A small but welcome step.” Indeed. … In a vaguely related item, if superheroes were corporate-sponsored, they might look like this. … Jordany Valdespin of the Mets was hit in the groin by a pitch on Monday and then was criticized by skipper Terry Collins for not wearing a cup. ”¦ “Meaner” logo reportedly on the way for UConn (from Gregory Koch). ”¦ Who are these two shadowy figures? None other than myself and Uni Watch intern emeritus Vince Grzegorek (now the editor-in-chief of Cleveland Scene, don’tcha know). Vince is in town this week, so we went out for eats and drinks on Monday night. He may swing by for Show & Tell tonight, which is one more good reason for you to attend. … And who’s that posing with the Giants’ World Series trophy? None other than “Collector’s Corner” columnist Brinke Guthrie. “They take it all around and let people pose with it,” he says. “Costs to do so, of course. Two years ago, they held it at the nearby Lesher Center and the line was mammoth, with people camping out overnight. This year, I got inside in 15 minutes, and when I left, no one was in line. I think it was due to the fact that this location, the Giants store in Walnut Creek, was just tacked onto the tour list last week or so, no one knew about it. Other locations have been mobbed.” … Yesterday I linked to this Habs team portrait showing Peter Mahovlich (top row, third from left) with a mispositioned “CH” logo. Now Rocky Lum has found many additional examples of the logo riding a bit high — look here, here, here, here, and here. … Have I mentioned lately how much I love Hamilton Nolan? Actually, yes, I have. Just yesterday, in fact. But it bears repeating. … Remember Mark Willis’s project to reimagine MLB teams as soccer teams? Now Danny Garrison is reimagining football teams as soccer teams. He’s started witih the NFC East. … Hmmm, “Dr. B”? That’s longtime Packers team doctor Eugene Brusky, who died last week. That photo comes from a slideshow of Brusky that Jeff Ash put together. “Upon his retirement, the Packers gave him a gold satchel, which you can see in the 11th and 12th photos,” says Jeff. … New basketball uniforms for Texas Tech. … Note the missing period on several of the jerseys in this 1957 Saint Louis University basketball team portrait. … “Obviously New Era has proven that there are no rules when it comes to their fashion caps,” says Cork Gaines. “But this one is particularly odd, as it combines the Rays’ 1979 fauxback logo with their 2007 ’10 Seasons’ patch. It is hard to tell in the picture, but the patch looks like it is still in Devil Rays green.” … “The Sports Business Journal site had a headline for a story about the NFL returning to localized Super Bowl logos in 2014,” says Luke H. “I don’t have access to that story [and neither do I ”” PL], but here’s a screen shot of the headline.” … There were lots of comments yesterday about that Ticker-linked graphic that showed NFL jerseys for U.S. Presidents. In case you missed it, the guy who created the jerseys, Alec Tolivaisa, posted a response in the comments last night. You can read it here. … Japanese Baseball, Part One: New alternate uni for the Yokohama Bay Stars (from Shane Earnest). … Japanese Baseball, Part Two: New alt jersey for the Chunichi Dragons, and 1990s Orix Blue Wave throwbacks for the Orix Buffaloes (from Jeremy Brahm). … Good story about cardinals and their headwear — the Catholic ones, not the St. Looie ones (thanks, Brinke). ”¦ “I got an Eastbay catalog in the mail today and it had a picture of what the Michigan and NC State Fruit Stripe uniforms would have looked like,” says Dave Sizer. “I’m so glad they decided not to wear these stupid-ass things in the tournament.” ”¦ Raymie Humbert and I both want to know why the Coyotes wore white at home last night. Anyone..? ”¦ The Penguins wore purple warm-up jerseys with pink trim last night. Woof! ”¦ Reprinted from last night’s comments: When a player joins a team, they often have him wear or hold a jersey at his introductory press conference. But in Percy Harvin’s case, the Seahawks provided jerseys for home, road, and alt. Never seen that before (from Bobby Roseberry). ”¦ Two Cactus League notes from Patrick Karraker: (1) Adam Ottavino is currently wearing No. 0 in Rockies camp. (2) “It’s pretty common practice for a team to call players up from minor-league camp for the day [if you need an extra body for spring training game]. But when the Diamondbacks do this, instead of giving the player a nameless big-league BP jersey like many teams do, they simply have the players wear their minor league jerseys, which do not perfectly match the big league ones. They look like the previous incarnation of the BP jersey — a two-button pullover with no black piping down the sides. In addition, the minor leaguers are wearing their minor league numbers, which are lower and often conflict with those of some high-profile major leaguers.” ”¦ Got a package in the mail yesterday from someone — presumably a reader of this site — who was nice enough to send me a couple of old books: one about bowling and one about the 1975 Daytona 500. Unfortunately, there was no cover letter, and the return address was for an organization, not a person. Whoever you are, nameless benefactor, thanks!!

Comments (146)

    The Braves changed their BP cap because of backlash. Who cares if they won’t come clean about why? The fact is, they did change it. Let’s move on already. There are other windmills to tilt at.

    I would also like to find one of those Braves BP caps. Please let us know the name of the store. Thank you.

    I have a feeling this cap is going to be the new white whale of merchandise.

    Notice in that picture that the Braves caps have the center round sticker but not the second surrounding sticker. I wonder if that’s how they came in and whether that has any significance.

    Did the assembly line grind to a halt before the second sticker could be applied? Did the store remove them? Does that make these knockoffs? Mistakes?

    Seriously… I’m in 100% agreement with this. Let it go! Who cares that they put a PR spin on WHY they reversed their decision to release the cap? People in the camp AGAINST the cap (including yourself, Paul) got what they wanted in the fact that they didn’t release the Indian cap as the official one and went with the “A” cap instead. Be happy with that! I think the % of people who think the Braves are looking “stupider by the day” is very small.

    It’s like saying someone should come out with an apology statement, and when they do, you criticize them because it wasn’t “sincere enough.” Just be happy that the Indian hat doesn’t exist past what it does now. And let’s move on.

    They didn’t put out “a PR spin” — they flat-out lied.

    There are people who were in favor of the cap who are just as annoyed by this lie as I am, because they’re pissed off that the team “gave in” to the backlash.

    Do people lie every day? Sure. But it’s not so often that we have repeated demonstrable evidence that a lie was in fact a lie. Also, John Scheurholz is generally very well-respected around MLB (mostly with good reason, from what I can tell), so it’s surprising and disappointing that he’d flat-out lie to his fan base. He’s better than that — or he should be.

    You’ve been critical of the O’s Weaver memorial patch. What would you have liked to have seen them do? Most memorial patches are even more simple than the one they are using.

    I think a simple “4” would have been better. If you’re gonna add text, make it special. Including his number AND his name AND “Hall of Famer” seems like too much info, presented in too plain a fashion.

    Also, in terms of execution, look again at the design:

    Could just be due to the angle, but it looks to me like “Earl Weaver” isn’t centered over the numeral — it should be rotated slightly to the right.

    In a perfect world, of course, I would’ve liked to see something that captured more of Weaver’s color eccentricities — a cigarette pocket, like the one he had inside his own jerseys, or a silhouette of him arguing with an ump. Something that captured the essence of the man. Failing that, a simple “4” would’ve been better than what they went ahead with.

    I looked at the placement of Earl Weaver and it appears to me it has to do with the unbalanced design of the number 4. If you imagine a vertical center line centered on the 4 (just to the left of the vertical bar in the 4, you’ll see it lines up with the “W”, leaving 5 characters on each side. Optical 4 illusion.

    I think this patch is simultaneously over- and under-designed. Which is quite a trick. Too much of the wrong stuff for a memorial patch, but too plain for any other commemoration.

    The Hall of Fame line plus the emphasis on orange makes it seem more like they’re marking his induction, not his passing.

    If the Orioles wanted to use something simple, why not shape the patch like one of his link? They wouldn’t even have to publicize it, but it would be a nice subtle touch.

    I’m not an Indians fan, but I do live about 90 minutes from Cleveland and go to about 3-4 games per season. I loved this Feller tribute… and I was excited to get a Feller figurine as a giveaway at a game a couple years ago.


    I was at that game too. It’s probably my favorite giveaway item I’ve ever gotten at a game.

    That one was great, except for the unfortunate placement of the number. To my juvenile mind, it looks like ol’ Bob is ‘ripping’ a 19, and I don’t mean past the batter…

    paul, thanks for getting “saint louis university” correct! the downside to all the national press we’ve been getting during this successful campaign is that everyone keeps referring to us as “st. louis university.” but the school dropped the “st.” years ago!

    When the Billikens won the NIT final game (some 20 years ago?) was when I first noticed “Saint” was spelled out. It jumped right out at me. That’s a nifty quirk.

    When did they do so? Everything I’m finding refers to the school, even way back in the day, as “Saint Louis University/Academy/College.” One thing I find odd is two of my cousins attended “St. Louis University High.” Established by SLU & the Jesuits, correct? So why the abbreviated St.?

    It wasn’t so much that they ever went with “St. Louis”, but that they specifically asked media outlets, other schools, etc. to call them by their preferred “Saint Louis.”

    So, apparently the NFL doesn’t want any more broken tackles in the open field. That’s nice. For God’s sake, it’s human instinct to lower your head/shoulders when preparing to run into something/someone. Let’s just ban tackling entirely while we’re at it. Flag football is fun to watch, right?

    I get it, player safety is an issue, but there’s only so much you can do, short of actually eliminating the sport. Seriously, we’re talking about a muscular 220lb person running full speed into a muscular 250lb person, also running full speed. Injuries are going to happen, and telling the players to fight their natural instincts and not lower their heads isn’t going to stop that.

    Partial agree.

    But I wasn’t taught to tackle by sticking my HEAD into someone. I was taught to stick my shoulder into them. Did I get hit in the head some as well? Sure. But I also never had a concussion or neck injury.

    get rid of the pads, and wear rugby head gear… problem solved.

    humans won’t feel indestructible and launch themselves at other humans

    How about saying that a legal tackle must consist of the tackler wrapping both arms around the ball carrier and taking him to the ground–rather than just running into and launching into the runner to knock him down? Seems to me that’s the way it used to be…


    You must have had very good coaching somewhere in your past sir. My old HS coach was as constant as the Northern Star about proper technique – drive with the shoulder, keep legs moving, wrap up and take him down. Repeat. The remedy we had for the man as a missle technique was the old “riding the pine” and think about technique benching.

    As for the all or nothing body slam hits we see in abundance today… just watch a youtube vid on Barry Sanders, Gayle Sayers, Jim Brown, Eric Dickerson, Marshall Faulk to name a few and see how much luck the league had with that method.

    get rid of the pads, and wear rugby head gear… problem solved.

    humans won’t feel indestructible and launch themselves at other humans

    Bingo, and… bingo.

    But that kind of goes with a team from Florida. Pity that they will be harshly returned to mid major status.

    Nah, they look like Seattle Super Sonics uniforms as designed by Jerry Garcia. Like wow, man.

    That late ’60s / early ’70s Sonics uniform with the horizontal stripe below the waist is perhaps my favorite NBA uniform ever (especially the yellow home version with the white lettering, I’m working on a “Uni Concepts” submission that revives it). I think the mod logo actually was added about the time they changed away from this classic uniform and was part of the design that replaced it (a new look I didn’t like at all). I was a Sonics fan from their inaugural season forward, having moved to that area in the fall of ’67, and loved those first uniforms.

    Loved the Cheap Trick shirt in the video, Paul! I also agree with your assessment that the Dolphin logo should be wearing a Dolphin logo helmet to appease our Matrix overlords, lol.

    Hey, there having open casting for the voice of Poochie.

    You should try out, Dad. You have a funny voice.

    I do not!

    Haven’t you ever listened to yourself on a tape recorder?

    I prefer to listen to Cheap Trick.

    It’s a fine shirt, however the T shirt with the microphone pulling down on the collar makes for a sloppy presentation. I might have gone with something different.

    Totally agree. We did a bunch of takes in various spots around the apartment, and you don’t wanna know how many times I removed and reattached that little clip-on mic. Each time, I asked my cameraman, “Does it look OK?” and each time he said yes. He lied at least once. My bad for not seeing how it looked in the mirror.

    I wonder if Paul misinterpereted that as a squiggly M, due to the loss of definition at that size. If you had a larger version of the logo by itself, it would be clearer.

    Point taken–thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’ll see what I can do about making a bigger version of that logo without any loss of definition. (Truth be told, I’ll need to find a really big version of the Dolphins’ existing logo–my logo is really a tweaked version of that logo, only with the dolphin rotated 15 degrees clockwise, the sunburst stretched and skewed, and the colors changed up.)

    Those 1990s Orix Blue Wave throwback jerseys are great, except for the stupid advertising patch on the left sleeve, which shouldn’t be there.

    They also included the post-1995-earthquake support patch; I know it would reduce authenticity, and that the Blue Wave played in Kobe and not in Sendai, but I wouldn’t have minded seeing “Sendai” substituted in for “Kobe” now that this decade has its own earthquake disaster.

    Cup or no cup, if you get hit in the crotchal region by a fast ball–you are going to be on the ground just like Valdespin!

    i was looking at the ESPN dolphins column first, then came over to UW.

    the “Mercedes GP” F1 car that is EXACTLY the color combo the dolphins should be using, IMO.
    charcoal/silver/gray w/ hints of aqua and orange and white.
    the motif struck me as perfect dolphins update.
    but i’m not a designer, just a huge fan of whales and dolphins.

    Thanks again to the Jalife’s!
    Maybe I missed it, but is Mercedes GP the only livery to use an accent color (that is not black) for their tire rims?
    It’s a nice touch.
    A few teams in NASCAR do this (The #2 uses white, the #55 uses silver).

    I think the answer is yes. I think it looks cool the way Nascar does it (to match the paint scheme most of the times).

    In NASCAR, Michael Waltrip Racing (55 & 56 I believe) uses chrome rims, which I think looks fantastic. Also, the red bull cars (83 and 84 I believe) use black rims on the front and red rims on the back to match the color scheme of the car in those areas.

    You are right about the rims Red Bull Racing used (though they closed up shop a season or 2 ago).
    The #83 and #93 (BK Racing…they bought Red Bull’s equipment) have been using red rims for both front and rear tires.
    I wonder if MWR’s desision to use silver rims is a hat-tip to DW who wore racing shoes of that color later in his driving career.

    The reason for the Phoenix Coyotes wearing white last night comes from their Twitter account:

    FYI – #Coyotes are wearing white sweaters tonight at request of Kings – who are wearing retro black sweaters.

    I’m surprised they didn’t wait until next week, when the Coyotes and Kings will play 2 games on consecutive nights at the Staples Center. Love the scheduling quirks of a short season.

    The third jersey (the one with the purple trim) looks really weird with their current pants, which have the two thin stripes the Kings wore when they first went silver-and-black, from 1988 until 1995.

    Could it be that those Brave caps are “fashion” alternates rather than BP caps? The New Era site shows that the BP caps have that large decal on the entire brim like the other caps in the shot…


    That’s a very good point… the difference in the stickers really tells the story. I think you’re right. Plus if you check out, for example, the screaming Indian logo is for sale on other fashion caps as well.

    I’m willing to bet that this is the correct call.

    I don’t think it’s a fashion cap. The fashion caps all have the New Era logo on the front left panel. The logo is definitely absent, looking at the image in the lower left. Also looking at the Indian head itself, the fashion caps have the more traditional raised stitched patch, whereas this looks more like the new BP style which is flat against the cap with raised edges.

    The mere presence of the similar looking fashion caps should also indicate that this was definitely moving forward before they encountered resistance.


    I have been wondering if they are just attempting to re-position the existing stock as fashion caps. I think it’s fairly clear that the change was made because once it was leaked the outcry woke the team/New Era up to the fact that it was a bad idea. But presumably at that point a good amount of these things had been produced and ready to ship out for sale. By positioning them as “fashion” versions, they could avoid eating the cost of production, without actually admitting that they made a mistake.

    In regards to the Dolphins user-submitted designs, that last one under Honorable Mention (the one with the wavy stripes) would drive people with OCD insane, especially on that helmet!

    Speaking of sponsored superheroes, do yourself a favor and watch Big Man Japan.

    Not a fan of the MLB soccer jerseys. I don’t like anything like this. Jerseys should look like what is worn on the field. I didn’t care for the Majestic Baseball jerseys they made for the NHL a few years ago. To me these are along the lines of “fashion” caps. Wear the correct team colors and designs.

    But you’re still interested in a Chief Knockahoma screaming head Braves cap? How is that not a fashion cap?It’ll never see the field even during batting practice.

    I do understand that those are fan designed but it makes no sense to me. There is 0 relation between the two.
    As for the hat, I’m interested in it for my personal collection. It is important to remember the ignorance of the past. If we try to hide it, it will be repeated. I like the absurd objects.

    FYI – grab a ruler and check the placement of the CH logo on the Habs uniforms on the team photo picture. All of the logos are in the correct spot, properly spaced from the bottom of the neckline. The logos aren’t misaligned or out of place at all!

    The stripes appear to move based on the height of the player – aka the shirt is bigger. Because the stripes move down to allow more shoulder/chest area, the logos look way off despite them being in the same spot on every uniform.

    This is a little more “optical illusion” than anything poor tailoring. I spent the night last night measuring team photo after team photo to make sure that the logos were all in the right place, and lo and behold, all are the same distance from the bottom of the V-neckline to the top of the CH logo.

    This is a little more “optical illusion” than anything poor tailoring.

    Disagree. The notion that the logo should always be the same distance from collar, irrespective of whether the player is 6’6″ or 5’2″, seems misguided to me. If that were the case in baseball, imagine how Jon Rausch’s chest insignia would look compared to Freddie Patek’s (not that they ever played together, but you get the idea).

    I see the Habs’ logo and stripes as an integrated unit (and I suspect most other fans see them that way as well). Just as the stripe placement is adjusted to account for the player’s size, so too should the logo placement.

    This is weird — I almost never disagree with Teebz!

    Disagree all you want, Paul, but grab a ruler and check the team photo linked in the ticker. The logo is virtually in the same spot for every player – an identical distance from the V-neckline to the top of the CH logo. The stripe is what is moving, not the logo.

    I totally agree that the logo on the stripe is the Canadiens’ iconic look. However, the distance between the neckline and the logo never changes. Deem it what you want – manufacturing errors on the sweater, a wandering stripe, whatever – but the logo placement is always in the same spot according to the ruler.

    I accept that that’s how they did it — but I don’t agree that that’s how they should have done it.

    My impression, based on your earlier post, was that you were OK with them doing this. Maybe I misunderstood..?

    No no, I am not ok with it (but it’s now 40 years in the rearview… lol). In fact, I 100% agree with you in terms of the Habs’ iconic look that the logo and stripe should be matched up.

    I’m just saying that the logo placement, which would come after the sweaters were made, is always in the same spot. It’s the sweaters themselves that are causing the problem, not the logo. I’m not sure if that was a Canadiens-mandated distance or what, but the logos for every player are in the same spot on the chest… making the placement uniform. :o)

    Maybe they did it to show that the blue background is a knockout, not part of the crest (that is, the crest is the same on both sweaters, you just see the color (blue or white) through it.

    Or bad tailoring ;)

    Now that I think of it, Mystery Men has a certain ideological affinity with content on Uni-Watch. Super Hero releases villain from jail for the sake of continuing or increasing corporate sponsorship. Just another version of the sponsorship tail wagging the sports/super hero dog.

    Is there evidence that michigan and nc state wont be wearing the fruit stripe uniforms in their conference tournaments or the NCAA tournament? There hasn’t been an Indiana one floating around even though they said no thanks to the uniforms.

    Thanks for the great slideshow of Dr Brusky. And thanks for providing a web page where a thorough discussion of laundry is available for us Unigeeks.

    Someone may have pointed this out before, but the football/baseball teams as soccer teams reminds me of how a lot of european soccer clubs are really multi-sport entities. And if I recall correctly, Sporting KC is looking to follow that type of model as well, to be more of an athletic club. With teams like the Revolution and Patriots with the same owner, it could happen, although I can’t imagine any type of multiteam rebranding happen anytime soon

    I hope you enjoy that ’75 Daytona 500 book.
    Maybe you could share some images from it at a later date.
    Interesting (to me) facts about that race:
    There were no single-digit cars in the field.
    Bobby Allison finished 2nd driving an AMC Matador!

    Not related to today’s post (though what I’m looking for is green), but UWer help would be appreciated, if offered…
    I’m looking around the internet for a good Hartford Whalers t-shirt. I am obviously aware of ebay, fansedge, amazon, and nhl shop (etc.) but does anybody have any other suggestions?
    Most of what I’m finding is the pre-distressed fashion t-shirt stuff, what I really want is something that looks like somebody walked into a Whalers team store back in the day and walked out with a brand-spankin-new I’m-a-gawdam-fan t-shirt.
    Now I’m not asking anybody to go hunting for me, but if you would like to post a favorite store/site, I’d think you’re pretty neat.
    I figured if there was somebody out there in internet-land who knew of such a goldmine, I could find him/her here on UW.
    Thanks in advance.

    The request made me curious about what Hartford stuff was out there. I love old hockey stuff…my buddy and I went through the same thing a few years back looking for Vancouver throwback stuff. The Canucks have since re-assimilated the older logo back into their current look.

    I stumbled across a couple things I thought he might like so I linked to them.

    No, what I didn’t want was the overly-super-faded faux-fashion-t-shirt stuff.
    Compared to what is out there, this is about as good as I’ve seen.
    Haven’t stopped searching though, and have to believe somebody in the UW community knows something…

    “… ‘Meaner’ logo reportedly on the way for UConn (from Gregory Koch). …”

    So stupid. So very very stupid.

    In an unrelated development, “The Flick,” a play written by my daughter, Annie Baker, opened last night in NYC. Check out Charles Isherwood’s review in this morning’s NYTimes.

    Total kvell.

    That’s great! I love the theatre, I have been doing lights for my local community theatre for quite a few years. It’s a lot of fun.

    Congrats to your daughter, that’s a great achievement!

    Nice shot of Brinke with the World Series trophy. Not surprised by the cost to pose or with the mandatory douchebaggery…thanks Bank of America and Tiffany & Co.

    Mark Dion’s Dolphins concept reminds me alot of the Boston Breakers helmet of the USFL.

    My brother noticed that Justin Timberlake seemed to be wearing stirrups in one of the still images that SNL uses between commercial breaks. Here’s a screenshot of the image he must’ve seen. What do you think? Possibly 2in1s for the tux?



    If anything those are 2-in-1’s, but my guess is they’re just some kind of vertically striped socks.

    Regarding the Rays fauxback hats;

    New era seem to do this with every team. They mixed logos, colors, and patches from anytime from that organizations existance. Example here they put a Memorial Stadium Patch on a hat with the bird they wore 3 years ago. They just mixed and matched what ever they felt for all teams. Problem is i cant decide if it is better or worse they did it for all? They call it “MLB Cooperstown Patch 59FIFTY Cap”


    One, yes, those USF unis rule. No doubt.
    Two, if anyone finds one of those Braves hats in a size 8, I will reimburse you for the hat, shipping, and your time via PayPal.

    Not “up in arms”; just Ticker-noting the steady drip-drip-drip of info that continues to prove that the Braves were lying. Maybe you don’t care about them lying, but I do.

    Either way, the fact that the never-to-be-worn caps shipped to retail seems newsworthy, no? Either way, it’s just a short item in the Ticker.

    Regarding the bizarre Rays cap:

    I saw them in stores, there was also a version of the original Devil Rays cap (with the Devil Ray logo) in modern navy and powder blue colors. It also had the 10 seasons patch.

    Furthermore, there were similar hats for Toronto, LA Dodgers, NYY, Pittsburgh, and I can’t remember which other teams… All of them mixed eras and features some sort of anniversary patch. I think this is just the formula for their “Cooperstown Collection,” which is what they’re calling them…

    Terry Collins was right to criticise his player for not wearing a cup. Serves the player right; it’s madness to not wear a cup. I was a catcher, so a cup was standard equipment for me. But, even when I went out just to play pickup games or to practice with friends, I absolutely couldn’t go without a cup.

    I had a Little League manager who insisted that everyone wear a cup, and who would often take a wack at a player between the legs before games with the end of a bat, just to make sure. Excellent policy.

    “I had a Little League manager who insisted that everyone wear a cup, and who would often take a wack at a player between the legs before games with the end of a bat, just to make sure.”



    There may have been more to it than than, but whatever.

    When you reach the bigs, though, there are very few occasions when a cup is going to help — possibly on a grounder (so Collins’ may be justified in his approbation), but they are also somewhat limiting on the mobility, and not particularly comfortable. Guess it was one of those risk/reward type situations.

    Hey guys, Mark from the Soccer Out of Context project here. Just wanted to mention that after finishing the 30 MLB teams, I’m doing a series on older/lost identities. The first one – on the Montreal Expos – is here: link

    After each team, you are invited to vote on the next identity to be covered, and you can do that here: link (Last I checked the New York Highlanders and Minneapolis Millers were neck and neck)

    Loving the Dolphin designs – especially the sunburst/shoulder concept. Pair that up with the new, “modern” dolphin logo and you’d have a winner IMO.

    I’m a UConn alum and I couldn’t be more bummed about the upgrade to a “meaner” logo. I always figured all those conference and national championships (throughout the whole program) were intimidating enough, but maybe that’s just me.

    I also love how the Associate Director of Athletic Communications Mike Enright went out of his way to say that “many institutions regularly go through the process of creating a new logo.” Seems to me like an indirect admission that they know nobody wants a new logo.

    Any truth to the rumors that last night’s Jimmy Fallon Justin Timberlake quintet uniforms were actually designed by Paul as a secret Uni-Watch advertising stunt? The red just needs to be a bit darker.


    We have a pope! And the Swiss Guard members are wearing blue over coat, cape-like coverings over their striped uniforms. I don’t have a screenshot at the moment….anyone? anyone?

    Thanks, Phil. I think you’re partially right with that second link, but some of the Guard look like they added a second layer, (the word cape is all that is coming to mind) over their shoulders.

    Thank God the new Pope isn’t from the U.S. We’d be flipping over cars and setting sofas on fire in a victory celebration!


    (now go look for a pope in the pizza)

    “We’d be flipping over cars and setting sofas on fire in a victory celebration!”


    Wouldn’t that only happen in Morgantown?

    Enough with that stupid “Murica” crap. That joke was tired out the first million times people used it.

    Interesting in yesterday’s ticker about the CH in Habs jersey, a friend of mine today told me “it’s gotta be photoshopped” I can prove him wrong thanks to Rocky Lum (and Paul)

    You already know thus significantly on the subject of this topic, made me individually consider it from numerous numerous angles. Its like women and men aren’t interested except it is something to do with Lady gaga! Your personal stuffs great. At all times handle it up!

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