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Curling Pins, Revisited

Two years ago I did a post about the wonderful curling pins accumulated by reader Katie Moorhead’s family. Katie recently got back in touch with some good news: “Over Christmas, my grandma gave me some more curling pins from one of her friends. They were amazed that there were people [i.e., Uni Watch readers] who were interested in them. There were a lot of duplicates from last time, but there were some new ones too.”

Just as she did last time, Katie photographed every pin in this new batch. Here are some highlights:

This is the first Christmas-themed curling pin I’ve seen (or at least I’m assuming that’s what it is, given the color scheme and the tree):

The wreath on the outside of the design is particularly nice. What are the flowers, though — thistles?

I like the simplicity of this one — no enamel, no lettering, just a broom:

This is a style I hadn’t seen before — sort of a double-decker format:

“I have always understood ‘stacking the brooms’ to mean ‘Let’s quit curling and start drinking,'” says Katie, which apparently explains this pin:

I like everything about this one — the tartan background, the sweep of the broom, and the swoop of the sash:

Interesting to see Alaska included in a map of America but not Hawaii (but then again, I guess there isn’t much curling going on in Hawaii):

Oh man, it doesn’t get any better than the slogan on this pin — “How Social the Game, And How Manly”:

I love the slightly stylized way the broom bristles are depicted on this one:

Finally, it’s worth noting that Native American imagery even shows up in the curling world:

Want to see more? You can view all the photos from this latest batch here (Google login required).

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Uni Watch News Ticker: Adidas sent me a personalized version of the Warriors’ new sleeved jersey. Like I’ve said all along, I like the design. But the jersey is too big, natch, so I’ll raffle it off at the end of this year. … Lots of interesting elements to this old Cubs photo. Among other things, looks like the guy in the middle is wearing his vest inside-out! (Great find by Jim Walaitis.) … A former ballboy is looking to sell his jerseys and other memorabilia (from Blain Fowler). … Dan Cichalski notes that the Eagles (the band, not the NFL team) have worn a lot of jerseys over the years. … Interesting article about team names that are a lot more offensive than “Braves” (from Matthew Dever). … Meanwhile, here are some proposed alternate names for the Indians (from Graham Block). … Marcus Morris was traded yesterday to the Suns, who already had his brother, Markieff Morris, on the roster. Should make for some interesting NOBs (from Eric Distenfeld). … Just what the world’s been waiting for: a uniform you need to view with 3-D glasses (from Justin Grannell). … The brother of a Wake Forest football player has invented a new mouthguard clip that bolts to the facemask (from Duncan Wilson). … David Price says he wouldn’t play for the Yankees because of their facial hair rule (from Tom Mulgrew). … New faux-vest road jerseys for UC Santa Barbara baseball. … An Iraq War veteran who lost his eye in combat has gotten a prosthetic eye with a Cubs logo (from Mark Kaplowitz). … I’d been wondering how the Mets would handle Matt den Dekker’s NOB. Like, would they use any small caps or lowercase letters for the “den”? Nope (big thanks to Steven Wojtowicz for the photo). … Truly atrocious G.I. Joe warm-up jerseys for the Hurricanes. They’ll be worn prior to March 9’s game, unless we’re lucky enough to have a rogue asteroid plow into the Earth by then (from Jon Chichwak). … The Penguins’ equipment manager apparently never throws anything out (from Jay Sullivan).

Comments (112)

    So is the 3d jersey meant for the TV viewers or the fans to see? Will fans be given 3d glasses at the gate and those who decided not to go get glasses in their mail?

    The Morris twins will probably wear the NoB’s they wore in college, with Markieff wearing Mk. Morris, and Marcus wearing Mc. Morris.

    The Warriors jersey – is it like hugely too big, I would think the right size, how tight and form fitting the players wear the jersey would be uncomfortable to wear out and about, I’d want it kind of loose fitting.

    Mi question is why was number 13 added to the jersey. Not sure which number is Paul’s favorite but the logo has a 7 on it so I would have sent a jersey with the number 7.

    Paul wrote about a curling pin:

    What are the flowers, though – thistles?

    Sure – the thistle is strongly linked to Scotland, where curling originated.

    link. And for those who want to see an equipment manager’s look at the NHL, Dana Heinze’s Twitter feed is highly recommended.

    Heinze’s twitter feed is by far my favorite (sorry kek). coincidence, he just posted a pic of the numbers and namplates being sewn onto our g.i. joe jerseys. been curious as to when they’d be warming up in them. they were being treated at the same place (Pro Knitwear) that i get all my stuff done (patches, screen print).

    Could we start a list of equipment managers’ Twitter feeds? I have none to add…would just like to have them all in one place.

    Turtle… I’ve been making a habit to add EM accounts to my feed as I see them and my intent is to make a twitter list of them. I’ll keep you posted.

    I’ll be at that 3/9 Hurricanes game, so I’ll be sure to choose my meal beforehand wisely for when the sight of them in person makes me throw up!

    Oh, and I really want Dana Heinze to be my new very best friend (sorry Kek and RyCo).

    none taken Connz…. I agree!

    Since I’m heading to the game right after work, I’m wearing my alt jersey. I had no idea if they were wearing them or not.


    All I can say is that I hope the Pens retire those thirds soon. I friggin’ hate them.

    Then again, I’d like to see them replace their current jerseys. The logo’s the only good thing about ’em.

    Agreed… To a point…. Although the wonderful Commissioner has turned me off of the sport I still watch on occasion but the only Pens stuff I own and will ever own is of the old Hummingbird era. I always hated that skating penguin logo and was thrilled when it went away. Of course the rest of that uniform set is just a hot mess.

    I liked the 90s unis, to be sure, but I think the logo became emblematic of the problems of the Howard Baldwin era.

    Of course, the logo change was initiated under Ed DeBartolo, Sr.’s ownership, but nobody seems to focus on that, since the changeover wasn’t completed until more than half a year after Baldwin bought the team.

    Oh man, it doesn’t get any better than the slogan on this pin – “How Social the Game, And How Manly”

    Indeed. That is absolutely fantastic. Pretty much the greatest slogan I’ve ever heard.

    Those curling pins are really neat. Such great thought and detail put into something so small. LOVE that Tartans one.

    Yes, yes, and yes. Boy, did I love this morning’s feature. History, ingenuity, playfulness, variety, tradition, flair. Just wonderful. Rock on, Katie Moorehead.

    Very interesting. I actually believe the very first pin posted is not a Christmas pin but a 25th anniversary pin from The Mayfield Curling Club in Cleveland, OH. Their colors are red and green and given that their 50th anniversary is this year the date would would be right for that.

    The mouthguard clip is ridiculous. No reason not to just stick your mouthguard in your already bolted on facemask.

    I still don’t understand how so many professionals in all sports don’t appear to be wearing anything in their mouths. Do many of them just have fake teeth as I’ve always assumed?

    Re: David Price/facial hair comments

    He backed (way) off those comments yesterday:

    “It probably wasn’t the best thing to say, but I didn’t mean anything by it … I wasn’t looking to offend the Yankees. It’s probably the best organization in all of sports. Not just baseball, but all of sports. I didn’t mean anything (against) the New York Yankees. I’ve had friends on that team for multiple years,”

    Probably because he realizes that when (if) he’s a free agent, the yanks will be offering upwards of $25 million a year for his services.

    I don’t know. I can kind of see where he’s coming from though. The Yankees have that rule, but I think they could lighten up on it. Price never has his beard at Brian Wilson-like lengths. Even in a professional atmosphere, a short beard is acceptable. For that I can understand his reasoning. But I can also side with the Yanks because I’ve been a Yankees fan all my life. It’s a business, and those players are ambassadors of the business. A clean cut look is just their dress code.

    Sure they could lighten up on it. They’ve just chosen not to. I’ve worked at lots of places with a dress code, and some required me to shave my beard, even when it didn’t necessarily make sense to me. (i.e. not food service)

    I am a Yankee fan (who regularly wears a beard, by the way), but I see it like this: I wish more teams would enforce the small level of clubhouse discipline that the “beard rule” is simply an example of. The military uses standardization as a method of teaching discipline, yes, but also team-building. I’m a little old school in my thinking, I guess, that players don’t always need to be given every leeway and freedom just because they excel at a sport.

    It’s cool to look at pictures of Yankees from the 1970s, like Dick Tidrow, Ed Figueroa, Thurman Munson, and Catfish Hunter. Was that clean-cut in any decade?

    I know the Yankees briefly made an allowance for goatees (and I guess van dykes too because of mustaches) to accommodate Jack McDowell, and Don Mattingly took advantage. I also know, to my dismay, that the Yankees let the players show off their tattoos in uniforms. (Never would have happened during George’s lifetime, but people don’t live forever.) So it wouldn’t be unprecedented for the Yanks to loosen up on the facial hair rule, given Hank and Hal’s relative liberalism.

    Paul, do you or ESPN have a policy on accepting gifts from sources? You often give them away but usually explain your reasoning as the gift was too big. Do you keep any of the gifts? I feel like you are independent and unlikely to be pursuaded by gifts but most responsible news organizations have a policy against their journalists accepting gifts.

    Surprisingly enough, no such policy has ever been spelled out to me, maybe because I’m an independent contractor, not an employee. Also, in this case, was Adidas sending the jersey to Paul Lukas the blogger or Paul Lukas the ESPN columnist?

    Anyway, in the case of this jersey, it’s reasonable to say it’s “for review,” not just a “gift.” Just as book and music critics receive free books and CDs for review purposes, I sometimes receive a jersey so I can have a better idea of how it’s constructed, get a better feel for the fabric, etc.

    As I’ve always made clear, I have no interest in owning or wearing contemporary jerseys. So even if this one fit, I’d still give it away. But I’d take a photo of myself wearing it first.

    George Costanza:

    “Was that wrong? Should I not have done that? I tell you, I gotta plead ignorence on this thing, because if anyone had said anything to me at all when I first started here that that sort of thing is frowned upon… you know, cause I’ve worked in a lot of offices, and I tell you, people do that all the time.”

    Of course, I love these pins. Buts the Stacked Brooms pins is in another stratosphere altogether. The design is eye catching and the idea behind it gives me hope for humanity.

    Ugh. Not because of the design, which in and of itself is okay – a better fauxback than what we got from the 2012 Classic – but because of that damnable “vintage white” garbage.

    I could see it on the Toronto jerseys, almost, because that’s at least a genuine vintage design, but the Leafs jersey uses actual white.

    I blame Roger Edwards and their line of acrylic “throwback” sweaters. We didn’t get this “vintage white” crap until those things started showing up. I just find their whole concept to be wrong – sweaters made to look like 80-year-old product, but using designs from the Durene and Air-Knit eras? No thank you.

    Regarding offensive team names: Cotton Pickers is certainly offensive, although obviously selected years ago based on the fact that cotton is (perhaps was) the primary crop grown in the Robstown area.

    Most famous graduate has to be the late Gene Upshaw, who starred at nearby Texas A&I in Kingsville, then was selected by the Raiders.

    Contextually, CottonPickers as applied is no different than say CornHuskers, BoilerMakers, or RailSplitters.
    Not always, but often I’ve found that folks will say they are offended, find something offensive, etc., but in actuality they just don’t like or microanalyze some thing and want others to feel/react the same way about it they do.

    Contextually, CottonPickers as applied is no different than say CornHuskers, BoilerMakers, or RailSplitters.

    Uh, no. The reason “get your cotton-pickin’ hands off of me” is an insult is that cotton was picked for generations by black slaves and then black sharecroppers. (Then they came up with machinery that could pick the cotton even cheaper than they were underpaying the blacks, so that was the end of that.)

    Two articles today with “political correctness” in them? That wouldn’t be good enough for the comments section here.


    The Mr. Paul Aints will return on Friday, August 9 for the 2013 “Night of Unbelievable Fun” sponsored by the Minnesota Atheists.

    So, wait: the Yankees can impose a facial-hair rule, and everyone (saving David Price) is okay with complying, but out of all thirty MLB teams, not a SINGLE ONE will consider any rules regarding stirrups or trouser length?

    Well said. See above for my take on the beard rule, but I would love to see, well, uniformity in the wearing of the uniform.

    As a Brit, I think it might be a breath of fresh air for Cleveland to call themselves just that. Cleveland Baseball Club. I understand that’s its nice to have an ‘identity’ with a moniker or NN but it would certainly be something different to have a Major sports franchise without one. The recent (for me at least) issue of having something considered insensitive or immoral raises the whole use of team names as childish….or maybe I’m just getting old!

    Baseball still has the vestiges of that with the Athletics and to a lesser extent the Metropolitans.

    Will never happen, too much $$ in branding. I’ve always thought it interesting how British football clubs “acquired” their nicknames rather than created them. Obviously some – Gunners, Blues, even Magpies – are obvious but others like Baggies, Toffees or Hammers all come with a story.

    Ha ha DB, you’ll never guess we’re I’m from!!! He’s a bit of a legend in my town. Alas the town decided against a Mayor so we no longer have a Monkey as our head of council. At least the free bananas for school kids went down well.

    Many 19th century baseball team names were “acquired” as well and have persisted to today.

    To Nash’s point, that’s just not how clubs are named in the States, and you’ve seen the negative reaction here to MLS trying to adopt international naming conventions. As I mentioned, early nicknames were unofficial, but they stuck and that’s how things work here now.

    Good points, well made. It does come across a little silly when MLS teams use ‘Real’ and ‘Sporting’ type monikers which at least to my mind have no significance to those cities (I could be wrong on this). We saw something similar in Rugby League a couple of years ago when well established teams existing for well over a hundred years had to come up with an official NN. Some team already had established nicknames but others such as ‘Blue Sox’ of Halifax I think just seemed so against Northern English culture and forced. Anyway, I realise this is lots of waffle for a simple point. Thanks for reading.

    Curious to me that the sleeved Golden State jerseys would be constructed in such away that it looks like they took a standard 2013-cut NBA jersey and simply sewed on additional material to make sleeves.

    I saw the “rename Cleveland” article yesterday and was thinking about it … Ohio is noted for the beginnings of flight, two famous astronauts (Glenn and Armstrong), there’s a lakefront airport and a branch of NASA in Cleveland –
    how about the Cleveland Pilots? Seattle isn’t using the name any more.

    I’m calling them the “Cuyahogas.”

    Regional connection, check. Connection to the “historical” name, check. Uniquely cool moniker, check. Put it in the books.

    Paul- have you thought about starting a blog about native american team names? Personally I agree with most of your opinions, but quite frankly I’m getting pretty tired with your daily campaigning on the topic and I can’t be the only one.

    I beg your pardon? How was I “campaigning” on the topic today (or any recent day)? I’ve mainly been linking to relevant stories — most of which have been submitted by readers — without comment. Even my last two ESPN columns were all about quoting other people, not presenting my own opinion.

    I can’t help it if a topic is in the news. If that bothers you for some reason, well, that’s up to you.

    Wait, you tire of him talking about what he wants to talk about on his blog?

    Paul, if you suits you just fine, could you stop being you for just half a minute and get maybe focus on something other than your own personal interests?

    Excuse my sarcasm, but lemme say it: utter HORSEPOOP.

    Wait… what? Ok… why exactly would a show called “The Next Knuckler” have a bunch of washed up former players competing on it? Shouldn’t something like that be for up-and-coming players? You know, undrafted guys out of college or something?

    Eh, whatever. I seriously doubt he’ll make it onto the final roster.

    I don’t think he has a shot in Arizona of making the team, but still … to get a chance at a major league roster spot because of a reality TV show … most pathetic thing to happen to MLB since Michael Jordan.

    Here’s a high school nickname that might stir up some interesting debate: The Aniak Halfbreeds.

    Based on their logo, there’s no mistaking the meaning of the team name:


    This article expands upon the school’s reasons behind its nickname choice:


    Given that 73% of the population of Aniak is of Native Alaskan descent, is Aniak’s nickname an example of acceptable cultural reappropriation and self-identification? Or is the nickname still nonetheless inappropriate because of its near-universal negative connotations when used outside this specific context?

    Fascinating — thanks for posting.

    As you know, my stance all along has been that the Natives should get to choose how they’re depicted. If this is what they’ve chosen, then that’s that — at least from my perspective.

    Also, as you know, there are lots of examples of marginalized communities and subcultures reclaiming derogatory terminology and making it their own. The gay community has done it with “queer” and “dyke” and, to a lesser extent, “faggot”; some blacks have done it, albeit less successfully and more controversially, with “nigger”; and some women have done it with “slut.” There’s no reason the same can’t be done with “Halfbreed” — if that’s what this school wants.

    (Of course, the same thing could also be done with “Redskin,” but there seems to be no appetite for that in the Native American community.)

    Thanks, Paul. I understand your points. I’m wondering, however, how widespread the reclamation of a derogatory term has to be among affected ethnic groups in order to render its use as a mascot suitably non-offensive.

    It would be one thing if Aniak chose to call its high school teams the Yupik or the Tanaina, since the names and imagery of those cultures are specific to the region’s residents. But since the term “half-breed” is still considered derogatory to so many other native people across North America, should they have a voice in whether Aniak’s use of the term is appropriate?

    That’s a great question. Deciding whether to function in the “real” world or the “perfect” world bedevils even the best of thinkers. Reading the article, I got the impression Aniak was tailoring their presentation toward the anticipated local audience. If people halfway around the world were offended by it, well… tough.

    Walter, I do think you’re right that Aniak’s intended audience is a local one. They’re appealing to themselves. Is it reasonable that that’s their focus? I would say yes.

    But does Aniak owe a social responsibility to a larger constituency of people who are subjected to the use of Aniak’s chosen nickname as an ethnic slur and who have not “reclaimed” it? My inclination is no, but I’m curious to hear from others who might disagree.

    When the Adirondack Phantoms get back home after playing the Baby Pens tonight in Philly and the Bears in Hershey tomorrow, look what will be waiting in the locker room for them to wear Sunday:


    As of this afternoon, USA today iPad app has a slideshow of this year’s batting practice hats. The Atlanta is shown as the “A” and not the “screaming Indian head” or whatever it is officially referred to…

    Dang it, Keith, just beat me to it. I like it, though I would’ve liked to see him in his hands in back pocket pose in a silhouette.

    Maryland will be wearing their “Black Ops” lacrosse uniformms made by Under Armor when they face Loyola on Saturday.

    This is a big deal because it is a remtach of the NAA final last Spring won by Loyola!


    Orioles memorial patch for Earl Weaver
    Not really sure why it says “Hall of Fame.” He’s in the hall, but it still seems a bit random.

    Bummer news out of the Tigers spring training.

    In past years, the Tigers would wear their standard home cap with their standard away uniforms. The white “D” contrasting with the orange and blue on the road was always one of those quirks of spring that I enjoyed.

    This year they are wearing the new road BP cap in spring. Boo


    Meh. It’s spring training. The Tigers could break out their aborted TATC unis during this time and I wouldn’t care.

    Do whatever the crap you want until it’s time to come up north for Opening Day. Once the games count, that’s when the unis start to matter for me.

    SportsCenter got in a few good words about the sleeved jerseys after showing the highlights. They invoked the White Sox’s shorts, the Flyers’ and Whalers’ long pants, and the Seahawks’ neon green jerseys.

    The mouth guard clip makes no sense to me. Mouth guards go in the facemask, stuck between the mask’s wires.

    If the Indians change their name (seriously, at least change that horrific caricature of a logo), they should be called The Grovers

    Well, read about the offensive names worse than the Braves. Fighting Whities was a failed attempt to a rebuttal against my former high school (Eaton High School Fighting Reds, which I will admit is derogatory). Thanks to their picketing and protesting, local shock radio dj’s made a few extra bucks selling “Eaton Beavers” t shirts, and after a ’02 state baseball title, store chain Spencer’s also sold a t shirt that said: “Eaton Beavers, State Champions”

    (Ironically, this debate started over the firing of a Native American school employee for breaking rules of conduct set by administration, and he blamed racial profiling). Included links to relevant articles. Can’t find a picture of the original t shirt, but found one of the one after state baseball (which I proudly rock, being a par of that team). Will update if I get a picture of the original shirt.


    I do accept as true with all the ideas you have presented to your post. They are very convincing and will certainly work. Still, the posts are very short for newbies. May you please extend them a little from next time? Thank you for the post.

    Paul –

    The Warriors sent you a personalized jersey, you should keep it. What size do you wear, children’s 6? Eat a fucking sandwich for Christ’s sake.

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