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Rumors That I’m the One Who Unplugged the Superdome’s Extension Cord Are Only Slightly Exaggerated

Well, that kinda sucked.

The best part of the game, clearly, was the blackout — not because it stalled the Ravens’ momentum and got the 49ers back in the game (although that was nice), but because it was so entertaining to see a monkeywrench thrown into a such a scripted, calculated event. Watching the coaches and the NFL suits freak out over the delay was highly enjoyable. Imagining what the advertisers must have been thinking was even better.

Uniform-wise, it was a pretty uneventful game, but here are a few small notes:

•  As I had previously reported would be the case, the Niners wore the Sandy Hook Elementary School memorial decal. The Ravens did not.

• I believe this was the first Super Bowl in which the officials wore the black slacks.

•  At the party I was attending, people freaked out when a slow-mo replay made it very evident that Frank Gore wasn’t wearing a cup. “How can a football player not wear a cup?!” everyone was saying. So I got out my phone and cued up that recent New York Times article about how most NFL players don’t wear cups. A teachable moment, or something like that.

•  Speaking of Gore, he once again had some hosiery issues.

• Under Armour made these crazy shoes for Ray Lewis to wear, but he just went with basic black.

• Reader Jack Krabbe was down in New Orleans in the days leading up to the game and attended the Starter party, where he found that satin jackets are marking a comeback.

•  Reader Paul Ricciardi made this Super Bowl-themed hors d’oeuvre platter. “The Niners side is represented with sharp provolone surrounded by slices of hot soppressata, while the Ravens are done in Asiago, with slices of sweet soppressata,” he says. “I carved the logos freehand, using a potato peeler. Had to modify the Niners’ logo because the interlocking SF was proving to be difficult (I practiced on the other side of the wedge). All in all, not bad for my first effort.” Indeed.

And that’s about it. Next year’s game, of course, will be played here in NYC (okay, technically speaking it’ll be in New Jersey), and everyone’s already freaking out about what the weather will be like. Fair enough, but I bet we can at least manage to keep the fucking lights on for the duration of the game.

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shane arbogast 1982.jpg

PermaRec update: This is so great: My friend Shane has been buying stuff at thrift stores, including paintings, for decades. Now one of his paintings — something he did for art school 30 years ago (shown at right) — has shown up in a thrift store.

DC party reminder: Remember, Uni Watch party in Washington this Wednesday, Feb. 6, 7:30pm, at Hamilton’s. See you there.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: A little birdie tells me that the Jaguars will unveil their new logo tomorrow at 4pm. A uniform redesign, described to me as “similar to one the Seahawks underwent last year,” will be revealed in mid-April. ”¦ New third jersey patch, honoring the old Vancouver Millionaires, for the Canucks. ”¦ Here are some good press photos of this year’s NBA throwbacks. … In a related item, Robert Silverman was watching the Knicks/Bucks game on Friday night and heard something interesting: “The Knicks’ play-by-play man stated that the Bucks switched from green/white to green/purple in the mid-’90s after then-coach Mike Dunleavy returned from a trip to Wimbledon, where he found the purple and green color scheme particularly fetching. Not sure if it’s apocryphal, but fascinating if true.” I’ve never heard that one before. … Louisville wore these “whiteout” uniforms on Sunday. … New logo and uniforms for the Greeneville Astros. … NOB news from Braves HQ, where both Uptons and both Johnsons will not wear first initials (from Britton Thomas). … The Ravens are named after Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “The Raven.” What if every NFL team name had literary roots? It might look like this (from Chris Falvey). … No more jersey sponsor for the Houston Dynamo. … The Longhorns will be wearing this basketball uniform on Feb. 16 (from Matt Motl). ”¦ You probably know that Kenny Burrough wore double-zero in the NFL. But you might know he also wore it while attending Texas Southern (excellent find by Matt Mitchell). ”¦ The Portland Winterhawks wore Intel-themed jerseys on Saturday. “The jerseys will be auctioned off, with half proceeds will going to local hockey programs and other half to a charity of Intel’s choice,” says Harvey Lee. ”¦ New soccer kit for Brazil (from George Chilvers). ”¦ “I was watching the hockey classic Slap Shot the other night,” says Greg Netherwood “In the scene where Reggie Dunlop and the general manager (forget his name) were arguing in the GM’s office, there was a pennant for the Charlestown Chiefs in the background. The pennant had a logo that looks a lot like the University of Illinois’s Chief Illiniwek logo. But the Illiniwek logo didn’t come out until the late ’80s — more than a decade after Slap Shot.” ”¦ Whoa, look at these stirrups! They’re from this vintage softball uniform. ”¦ Max Levy sent along some uni-centric articles from the British soccer magazine When Saturday Comes. The topics: James McLean not wearing a poppy; lack of kit consistency; the use of orange soccer balls for snowy conditions; the way teams mark their championships on their jerseys; and an amusing controversy from 1963 involving training attire. ”¦ Notre Dame women’s hoops wore pink on Saturday (from Warren Junium). … Steven Taylor of Newcastle got bloodied during Saturday’s match and had to switch to an NNOB blood jersey (from Brent Griffin). … RNOB alert. That’s Fred Gulley III of the Arkansas basketball team (from Matt Snyder). … Utah State and Seattle went color-on-color Saturday night (from Matthew Garry Moon). ”¦ Crazy new soccer cleats for Maryland (from Jay Sullivan). ”¦ Also from Jay: Some serious ugly lacrosse uniforms for Coastal Carolina. ”¦ More Japanese soccer uniforms from Jeremy Brahm, this time for Cerezo Osaka and Ventforet Kofu. ”¦ Also, two Japanese baseball items from Jeremy: (1) The Orix Buffaloes and Softbank Hawks will both wear Osaka throwbacks in April — Orix as the Kintetsu Buffaloes (merged with them) and Softbank as the Nankai Hawks (bought by Daiei in 1987, moved in 1988, then bought by Softbank). (2) Nike has Nike inked a one-year deal with all six Pacific League baseball teams for undershirts. It only applies to rookies and players without apparel contracts. ”¦ Not uni-related but fascinating: an article about the role of Jews in the Negro Leagues. Recommended (big thanks to James Ashby). ”¦ Tons of great archival photos showing basketball in North Carolina here (nice find by Gerry Dincher). ”¦ “Saturday was the Steelbowl, which is the annual rivalry game between University of Sheffield Sabres and Sheffield Hallam University Warriors, considered one of the biggest games in the British football calender, and is one of the oldest cross-city rivalries in British college football,” writes Elliott Josypenko. “This year, over Christmas one of the former Warriors players died in a car crash, so both teams wore this 96 helmet decal.” … Here’s one of the best views of helmet flocking you’ll ever see. (thanks Phil). … Cubs prospect Javier Baez has an MLB logo tattoo on his neck (from Garry Mitz). … A UK soccer fan wore a split French/Newcastle jersey the other day (from Mark Coale). … Good to see that Nike is now making Presidential shooting shirts. ”¦ Here’s a new one: HNOB. That’s holy name on back (from Dave Wealleans). ”¦ FNOB alert! That’s Brad Oates of the USFL’s Philadelphia Stars. His brother Bart was also on the team, and you can see evidence of his FNOB here (from Doug Keklak). ”¦ Also from Doug: On a recent episode of The Office, Dwight designed new Dunder Mifflin uniforms. ”¦ The Caribbean Series (not the Caribbean World Series, as many folks mistakenly refer to it) is currently under way, which means lots of comically ad-strewn uniforms (from Chuck Rios). ”¦ UVA’s NOBs are usually all-caps, like this, but freshman guard Teven Jones had a super-capitalized “J” in yesterday’s game (good spot by Ricky Schumaker). ”¦ RIP, André. Always loved playing with your invention.

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    “But the Illiniwek logo didn’t come out until the late ’80s – more than a decade after Slap Shot.” ”

    there is a much better shot of the logo during the parade scene at the end…

    It’s difficult to believe the circular Illiniwek emblem only goes back that far, but I can’t offer any proof. Maybe it was inspired by the Chiefs’ insignia. My Fighting Illini hat dates from 1987 or so. It’s one of my favorite logos.

    The Illini wore the Chief merit stickers on their helmets during the Mike White era in the early 1980’s. According to helmet hut, this was the look from 1983-1987. link

    RIP, André. Always loved playing with your invention.


    Gave one to our 3 year old neighbor for Christmas. It is his favorite gift.

    “… … The Ravens are named after Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “The Raven.” What if every NFL team name had literary roots? It might look like this (from Chris Falvey). …”

    Pretty funny. Even though my regional-loyalty team would have to be the Western Massachusetts Monotiops Uniflora (sp?), gotta love those New Bedford White Whales and the Redding Rabbits.

    Chicago Lonigans? Frisco Ferlinghettis? Atlanta GoneWinds?

    I don’t know of any specific literary references but its ridiculous that no teams in Atlanta are named the Phoenix.

    The city rose from the ashes of Sherman’s march, a name like the Phoenix would certainly be poetic.

    If I’m ever rich enough I will buy a Hockey franchise and move them to Atlanta and name them the Phoenix (I mean come on, the Fire and the thrASHers, too easy).

    “You probably know that Kenny Burrough wore double-zero in the NFL. But you might know he also wore it while attending Georgia Southern.”

    That’s Texas Southern. Georgia Southern didn’t have a football program at that time.

    Well, football is over. Guess I’ll have to slog though the next few months reading about college basketball (bleech!), NHL (yawn), and MLB (eehhh) stuff.

    Oh yeah, NBA too. Whatever.

    Miscatonic Elder Gods

    Chicago Muckrakers

    Mississippi Sound and Fury

    And one i often use for my fantasy football team

    Elsinore Great Danes

    That “super capital J” is probably the error of the equipment manager. Poor guy didn’t realize that in that font, the tail of the J dips down. For reference, see a modern Marquette basketball uniform, same deal.

    Something not-quite-right about that MLB logo tattoo … First there’s the “spur” on the far left side, and the proportion is off, too much space under the leading sleeve, also, look at the spacing between the helmet and the bat.

    I played football in Pop Warner, high school and college and only knew one guy that ever wore a cup – it just doesnt happen. I’d be willing to bet that no one in NFL wears them either.

    I knew that few, if any, pro players wear cups. I’m more concerned that it seems that more and more players don’t seem to even wear a jock strap. There seems to be a lot junk bouncing around these days.

    The old Nickelodeon program “The Adventures of Pete & Pete” had a reunion at the San Francisco Sketchfest, and shot an obligatory Funny or Die video:


    At around 3:50, you can see that Danny Tambirelli (Little Pete) is wearing one of those Hypothetical shirts I keep hearing about.

    Looking at that close-up of the French/Newcastle mashup jersey, I get the impression that it was actually manufactured, as opposed to being a fan-made frankenjersey.

    And that’s frightening.

    It’s a trend. One of my son’s friends has a Chivas/Mexican National Team mash-up jersey, the black one. He says they’re really popular in Guadalajara, where he’s from.

    When Saturday Comes is a pretty entertaining magazine. They also do an e-mail, The Weekly Howl, which includes a tongue-in-cheek analysis of some of the worst crests in club soccer. They can be quite funny.

    Noticed on Friday it was mentioned in the ticker that the Ravens end zone was going from purple to black…apparently they went back to purple before Sunday, at least that’s how it looked on TV. (Maybe they added a layer of black to “black-out” the previously end zone graphics better?)

    There was a football game on yesterday?? I completely forgot about it. Last evening the traffic here was basically like at 3am. Just now saw the game results. I wonder if Jim hates his brother now. That would had been funny if he slugged John.

    It’s now baseball season – yes!

    I WTFed when I saw those pinstriped Bulls unis against the Nets & thought “they brought that shit back (as a 3rd)?” They already had that ugly black “CHICAGO” 3rd.

    Jaguars – there is no way this will end well.

    Re: NBA Throwbacks

    Indiana’s old unis look great. I like that uniform set better than what they have now. Nobody in the NBA has pinstripes anymore. If I remember correctly, IND even had a yellow pinstripe alt uni.

    PHX throwbacks are absolutely awesome. I’d keep the Black set as an official alternate uniform.

    The rest of the uniforms need to be scrapped. I dont like having mascots on the front of a uniform.

    I don’t have a screenshot, but in the post game last night there was a shot of Ray Lewis from behind after he had already taken off his jersey and shoulder pads. He had a tight black undershirt on that was riding up and you could see his lower back. It looked like he had clear tape of some sort on his back and/or ticking up from inside his pants. I pretty sure it wasn’t the normal black physio tape. The only thing I could think of is it was tape to keep his jersey from riding up during play. Anyone see it and/or know what that’s all about?

    The Dunleavy thing has at least some legs.

    The 1994-95 Bucks Media Guide contains this passage:

    “Perhaps no single person was more instrumental in the push for new uniforms, colors and logo than Bucks Vice President of Basketball Operations and Head Coach Mike Dunleavy. One of Dunleavy’s first thoughts upon signing an eight-year contract on May 12, 1992 was to upgrade the image of the club’s uniforms…to instill pride among the players and make them feel good about carrying Milwaukee’s colors in front of a national audience.”

    Now, a few things:
    1 – That was one of your first thoughts? Really? You took over a team that had gone 31-51 the year before with Dale Ellis and the 36-year-old Moses Malone and that was one of your first thoughts? (Perhaps that glimpse into his priorities partially explains why Dunleavy only lasted four years into his eight-year deal and went 107-221.)
    2 – If the Wimbledon story is true, it obviously couldn’t have been Wimbledon 1992 (which happened after Dunleavy took over). Wimbledon 1991 was a possibility, but Dunleavy’s Lakers were playing until June 12 (they were swept in the Finals by the Bulls) and the 1991 NBA Draft was held on June 26. I suppose, certainly, he could have gone to Wimbledon after the draft, or it could have been a previous Wimbledon. In which case, he held that thought for a while.
    3 – Actually, Paul, you have link (ninth comment down on that page). :)

    Before the Bucks switched back to green and red, their website explained the purple as having been chosen as a contemporary, popular color that looked good with green. Didn’t say anything about Wimbledon.

    I came to the site today thinking Paul would have a bunch of Super Bowl stuff and he might already have the answer to my Ray Lewis tape question (above 10:44am). Alas he did not, but in heading to the site I had another question. What event is Paul’s tightest deadline or toughest turn-around? I thought it would be the Super Bowl, but I see he actually doesn’t have much up. It seems most of the uni-related SB news was out earlier. Now I’m guessing one of the major sports’ opening days is his toughest as there’s probably a lot of minor tweaks that weren’t publicized in the respectiove preseasons. Anyone else (or Paul) have a thought?

    I came to the site today thinking Paul would have a bunch of Super Bowl stuff and he might already have the answer to my Ray Lewis tape question (above 10:44am). Alas he did not…

    Just for the record: Sometimes I’m in full Uni Watch mode while I watch a game. I have my laptop sitting next to me so I can write while I watch, I incorporate information that gets emailed to me, I post in the comments (“Did anyone get a screen shot of [whatever]?”), and so on.

    Yesterday, however, I was just a football fan at a Super Bowl party, just like most of you. I ate too much, drank too much, yelled at the TV, was bummed out when my team lost. After the game ended, I took the subway home. Arrived in my apartment around 11:45pm. Feeling fat, drunk, and glum, I sat down at the computer, dealt with the two dozen or so emails that had come in during the game (most of which, oddly enough, were Ticker submissions that had nothing to do with the Super Bowl), and cobbled together today’s entry (which originally included a paragraph about how embarrassing it is to root for a team whose head coach insists on behaving like a total dick, but I took that out when I woke up this morning). Turned out the lights and went to bed around 1 am.

    I’m not asking for sympathy — nobody put a gun to my head and made me do any of that. But I hope you can understand why I didn’t cover every single little uni-related nuance from the game.

    No worries Paul, nor is any explanation or excuse needed from you. My comment was not intented to be a criticism at all. The “Alas he did not” was directed merely at the answer to the unknown tape question and not a commentary on the whole post. A full analysis was definitely not expected on a piece of minutae that was only seen in a 3 second, post game cut away shot.

    My comment was only intended to be a general question or start of a discussion about what events are the toughest turnarounds (when you go with a full blown analysis).

    Hey Paul, side note, what size do you wear in a top? I came across an old HS basketball jersey at a thrift store yesterday that I almost bought and sent down to Uni Watch HQ.

    The article on stars on soccer kits is actually wrong when it comes to the stars on German kits. The stars above the crests in Germany are representative of the number of Bundesliga titles won.
    4 stars = 20+titles
    3 stars = 10-19 title
    2 stars = 5-9 titles
    1 star = 3-4 titles
    Hence Bayern Munich wear 4 stars to represent their 21 titles, Borussia Dortmund and Borussia Monchengladenbach both wear 2 for their 5 each. Also the three stars above the German national team crest are for the three world cup Germany and West Germany have won. On the 2010 kits the stars actually had the year won in them.

    So happy the Jags are getting a Nike overhaul … Their overall image could not possibly get any worse. There logo was never awful, but screams 90’s .. Uniforms are the worst things I’ve seen since the bills. I’m hoping for a modernized version of their original uniforms and a nice clean logo .. Unfortunately I’m sure they’ll stick with the black jersey.. Still they can only go up from here considering they’re at rock bottom right now

    I’m thinking: lots of black, “quilting”, piping & nonsensical elements, modern fonts, madeup non-Pantone colors, maybe a metallic color added & basically a black & teal version of the Bengals. Dare I saw a metallic gold helmet with a bunch of black spots.

    I never felt any strong ties from the Jaguars; coming in at the same time as another expansion cat team, AFC team, teal, northern Florida, they always felt bush league to me.

    I’m in a “discussion” with a fellow Uniwatcher about stirrups. Can/ should they be worn by coed softball teams that wear shorts? Guess they would look like knee socks. Obviously, they would cover a sani. (Please, we must be civilized.) If yes, should the sani be white or a color?
    The league resists full uniforms, but standards they should have.

    The famous White Sox shorts have already been posted to the discussion.

    That’s a great look for the ladies on the team, but the guys should REALLY make an attempt to wear, if not actual baseball pants, then well-bloused sweats (picture this guy).

    Two years ago the discussion was “Is Eli Manning elite?” — the Giants went out and won XLVI. This year it was “Is Joe Flacco elite?” — and the Ravens went out and won XLVII. So as a Bucs fan, I ask the following question for next year: “Is Josh Freeman elite?”

    With Kaepernick; two things to consider. He can burn you two ways like few other QBs can.

    He’ll have a full-offseason and camp as starter, which will help.

    Other teams will have a full-offseason and camp to figure out how to stop him, too.

    I am not totally sold on him yet- 10 starts to his name- but we’ve seen the last of Smith. Harbaugh will live or die with his guy.

    To me, the definition of elite isn’t if you win a ring. Dilfer won a ring, thus validating what I just said.

    Elite QB—one that strikes fear in the hearts of defensive coordinators.

    Brady. Brees. Peyton. Rodgers. They can carve you up and they’ve won a lot of trophies.

    There may be some in the future- Luck and Griffin come to mind.

    TCOD, seeing how great red & orange look together – why doesn’t any team wear that combo anymore?

    Looking at you, Tampa Buccaneers.

    Teebz, who? Are we counting the Blackhawks & the orange feather?

    Nobody seems to remember the Miami Heat originally were black, red & orange:


    I was thinking more college hockey, Concealed, but Virginia Tech is actually more maroon than red, so I guess I’m off on this one. In fact, most of the older uniforms feature lots of orange and lots of red, but none together. They are always accented in yellow.

    I guess my memory regarding some of the older teams has the colors fading into one another. I was going to suggest both the WHA Philadelphia Blazers and Minnesota Fighting Saints as two examples, but neither has red and orange as colors and accents.

    Late typo in last sentence of first segment: “Fair enough, but I bet we can at least manage the keep the [copulating] lights on for the duration of the game.”

    Jaguars last designed their uniforms in 2009, now they are doing it again at the soonest allowable time by league rules. Crazy. But everyone knew the last uniform update they had was horrible anyway.

    Sorry if this has been posted already, but here’s a Funny or Die video featuring a reunion of the cast from the 90’s Nickelodeon show The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

    In the video Danny Tamberelli, who plays Little Pete is wearing a Meats t-shirt.

    Go to the 3:57 mark in the video. link

    Video contains NSFW language.

    Wow, not only was Yank much quicker than me in posting this, but I used almost exactly the same wording as he did.

    My bad Yank.

    So let’s get this straight Lukas. When it comes to uniforms you want every single player looking EXACTLY the same, no individuality allowed AT ALL.

    But it’s AWESOME when a ‘heavily scripted’ and coordinated event goes awry.

    Yeah, you’re not much of a hypocrite.

    In fact according to you it would have been HTE AWESOME if a riot had started and people had started stabbing and shooting each other when half the lights went off.


    Look up the definition of “uniform” when used as an adjective. Perhaps you’ll find the true meaning of uniform.

    Stop trolling. Learn to read. Sound smarter.

    Real easy steps to follow if you, y’know, follow them.

    Putting aside the trollishness and the factual inaccuracy about Paul’s stated positions on individuality, that’s not what hypocrisy means. Hypocrisy is the state of behaving in a manner contrary to one’s expressed standards. If I were to say that individual whimsy makes a great uniform, but then as owner of a team I mandated strict policies for how every element of the uniform must be worn, I would be engaging in hypocrisy. If, on the other hand, I say that players should put team before self and wear their uniforms uniformly, and I also say that spontenaity and surprise are more fun than highly scripted events, that’s not hypocrisy. It might be inconsistent, or even wrong, but holding inconsistent beliefs about different subjects is not hypocrisy.

    There may be some contradictions with what Lukas says, and I certainly rolled my eyes when I saw that bit about the blackout but to make the leap you did is just absurd.

    The Chief Illiniwek logo first appeared in 1980 – not in the late ’80s. Still after Slap Shot but just in the interest of factuality.

    I tried to do some quickie research, as I knew it’d come out in the 80s I just couldnt find when it debuted. Earliest I could find was 87. If I was wrong, thats on me.

    Was it just me or did they make a concerted effort not to play commercials during the blackout?

    I figure there could have been legal ramifications if they had continued airing them (If you pay for a mid-3rd Quarter placement and wind up airing 2 minutes into the 3rd in minute 20 of the blackout and your gonna be pissed).

    I know a lot of time was spent with the talking heads, and there were a handful of commercial breaks but were those at regular intervals (i.e. the frequency felt different because we were watching nothing instead of a football game).

    My alma mater did throwback uniforms on Saturday to a time in the 1970’s when Doug Collins was on the team. The shorts will probably be of particular interest to Paul due to “stripage”. As an aside I do like the I State jerseys and shorts combo. I hope they make it a regular option.


    Illinois State has a history of interesting wordmarks. I liked the one from the ’70s where small “Illinois” lettering was superimposed over blocky “State” print.

    I noticed the super-capitalized J on Teven Jones’ jersey for UVA yesterday as well. I was trying to see what Paul Jesperson’s J looked like during the game, but never got a look. If you go to photo 38 of this gallery, it looks like Jersperson’s J is normal on the white home jersey (though the bottom of the J drops a little below the other letters:


    Great photo of a Civil War baseball recovered from the Shiloh battlefield here:


    Though a questionable bit of text: It’s described as a “lemon-peel ball” stitched in a “figure 8” pattern. Modern baseballs are made of two pieces of leath, each roughly a figure 8 in shape, stitched together. A lemon-peel ball, as was typical of the era, is a single piece of leather with four petal-like lobes stitched together.

    I thought the Cavs were supposed to wear their 1997 style Blue Wave uniforms as part of this NBA Throwback deal. Has that been kaiboshed? I was really looking forward to that

    I hope that little birdie gets a lot of treats.

    Nice UW mention in this article.

    The web site writes the unveiling of the logo may come during a Tuesday afternoon news conference.

    The team will also have new uniforms in 2013, but Uni-Watch says those won’t be ready for display until mid-April.

    I was going to mention the Adventures of Pete and Pete reunion with the “shirts that shall remain unnamed” but someone beat me to it already.

    In some other news, which I know our fearless leader Mr. Lukas will enjoy. I work for a soda manufacturing company in upstate NY and as of today we are producing products for passover i.e. using special passover caps and everything.

    They’ve worn these for their previous two road games. They’re the replacements for the uniforms worn against Kentucky, which had illegible navy numbers and letters trimmed in green. Better legibility doesn’t really salvage them, though.

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