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Brewers vs. Brewers


Hmmm, what have we here — a Brewers intrasquad scrimmage, perhaps?

Nope. It’s from a Brewers/Royals game that took place in Milwaukee on June 12, 1977 (the box score can be found here). Most of the Royals’ uniforms and equipment were stolen prior to the game, forcing most of the Kansas City players to wear Brewers road uniforms. An account of the theft is presented in this article, the key section of which reads as follows:

The Kansas City Royals had everything but their bats stolen from their County Stadium clubhouse early Sunday morning. ”¦

A thief — or thieves — broke into the Royals’ locker room at the Milwaukee ballpark and absconded with 53 Kansas City uniforms, 20 gloves, 10 pairs of baseball shoes, and 15 warmup jackets. All but seven of the Royals were forced to wear the Brewers’ blue road uniforms.

Brazen! But the statement that the heist involved “everything but [the Royals’] bats” is clearly false, because the Kansas City players still had their own batting helmets:



[There’s an additional article about the incident here.]

There’s nothing new about a team having to make do with makeshift uniforms after its own gear was lost or stolen, of course — I once wrote an ESPN column that chronicled many similar examples. But I’d never heard about this Royals/Brewers game until now, which just goes to show how this type of event could fly under the radar back in the day. If something like this happened nowadays, everyone would be all over it and it would immediately be documented as a notable chapter in uni history.

And how did we find out about it just now? Because reader Matthew Hackethal recently purchased the complete 1977 season of This Week in Baseball on DVD, and it happened to feature a little segment about the Brewers/Royals game (including Mel Allen saying, “A Brewer flying out to … a Brewer. How about that?”). He then did a bit of googling and found the newspaper article that I referenced above, and was also nice enough to send along some screen shots. Nicely done, Matthew — you’ve single-handedly added to the lore of the uni-verse.

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Collector’s Corner

By Brinke Guthrie

First off, Collector’s Corner would like to congratulate the 49ers and Ravens for making it to the Super Bowl. That brings up a personal query: Anyone know if Nike sells the black Jim Harbaugh sweatshirt at retail?

Now, let’s lead off this week’s CC with some reader submissions:

• From Caleb Collier, we have this nice-looking Browns pullover by DeLong, which makes great stuff. Seriously, if you’ve never heard of them, their quality is outstanding. Don’t know if they still make NFL-branded stuff, though.

• Harrison Tishler says there’s something wrong with this Detroit Red Wings jersey. Look closely and maybe you can spot it.

• Mike Clary sent in these fantastic-looking 1966 Packers Mobil Oil prints.

• Here’s a great set of 1970s NHL posters for the Bruins , Canadiens, and Rangers. [Wow, I really like those. ”” PL]

Stick it to ’em, Capitals! Great slogan, and that Bullets sticker is nice too.

• Climb into this 1970s NBA sleeping bag covered with team logos.

• Want fries with this 1970s retro Padres jacket?

Seen something on eBay or Etsy that you think would make good Collector’s Corner fodder? Send your submissions here.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: It’s official: The Sacramento Kings are moving to Seattle and are expected to reclaim the SuperSonics name and colors. ”¦ Iowa hoops wanted to have the whole team wear “Street” NOBs, to mark the 20th anniversary of former player Chris Street’s death, but the NCAA put the kibosh on that idea (from Jack Coyier). ”¦ If you look at this fight between Zenon Konopka of the Wild and Cody McLeod of the Avalanche from Saturday night, you can see that McLeod got such a grip on Konopka’s jersey that he started to tear the number off of it (from Nate Hill). ”¦ New lacrosse gear for Hofstra (from Connor Wilson). ”¦ The sails on some sailboats were recently turned into an art exhibit. ”¦ New basketball uniforms for Binghamton (from Benjamin Ramos). ”¦ “University of North Dakota goalie Zane Gothberg has a picture of former UND goalie Ralph Engelstad on his mask,” says Derek Martin. “Both Engelstad and Gothberg are from Thief River Falls, Minnesota. Engelstad donated millions of dollars to build the greatest hockey venue in the world, the Ralph Engelstad Arena, in Grand Forks, North Dakota.” ”¦ Bill Russell wore a Celtics cap to the Presidential inauguration yesterday but was mistakenly identified as Morgan Freeman by TV talking head George Stephanopoulos. ”¦ The power of a uniform: As an experiment, and to draw attention to some little-known history, an Orange County Weekly reporter spent a weekend wearing a Ku Klux Klan robe. Makes for interesting reading, but I’m disappointed that they didn’t use the headline “White (Supremacist) Like Me.” ”¦ Who’s that in the Columbia football uniform? It’s none other than beat hero Jack Kerouac! ”¦ Sub-zero temperatures in the Twin Cities prompted the Twins to put some sweaters on the statues outside their ballpark (nice job by Brian Ites, who braved the chilly weather to take those photos). ”¦ Speaking of the Twins, they’ll be wearing St. Paul Saints throwbacks at some point this season (from Jim Lonetti. ”¦ The Blue Jackets tried a bit of GOB during pregame warm-ups for last night’s home opener — that’s groveling on back. Faulty grammar to boot, as there should have been a comma after “You” (from Rob Holecko). … “The Dodgers are spending millions not only on payroll but also on improvements to the 50-year old ballpark,” says Jerry Reuss. “That picture was taken from the press box directly behind home plate, looking down the third base line. The Dodger dugout remains intact, but you can see how much dirt was removed between the dugout and the second level of seats. That area will be the new home clubhouse, indoor batting cages, and many other updates to bring the park into this century. Stan Kasten believes the park will be ready Opening Day.” ”¦ Tons of new Japanese soccer uniforms from the indefatigable Jeremy Brahm, including Kawasaki Frontale (home and road), Consadole Sapporo, Mito Hollyhock, Thespa Kusatsu, JEF United, Matsumoto Yamaga FC, Avispa Fukuoka, Sagan Tosu, Yokohama FC, Gamba Osaka, Tokyo Verdy, Montedio Yamagata, Fagiano Okayama, Vortis Tokushima, and the women’s team NTV Beleza. The amazing thing (and I mean that in several senses of the term) is that Jeremy sent each of those updates to me in a separate e-mail. ”¦ More from Jeremy: Check out the progress bar animation for the French Athletic Federation’s web site. Pretty cool. ”¦ And still more from Jeremy: New uniforms for the Japanese women’s national team sevens rugby team. ”¦ Here are 50 alternate logos for the Rolling Stones (from Lou Sherwood). ”¦ The latest proposed alternate name for the Redskins: Potato ’Skins. “That graphic has been popping up on walls and various other things around DC,” says Ben Fortney. ”¦ Here’s a pretty interesting photo of the Richmond Tigers’ (Aussie football) jerseys being printed via sublimation. “Sports have come a long way from wool shirts with sewn-on felt numbers,” says Leo Strawn. ”¦ “I’m a big Angels fan, and I’ve heard from the team store that the Angels are discontinuing the road grays and going with red for road games,” says Jorge Martinez. I haven’t heard anything about that, and the MLB Style Guide still shows the Halos’ road grays, but I’ll try to get confirmation or refutation.

Comments (172)

    Didn’t one of the big sports come back from a strike and atone by having free admission? Or rather, one of the teams offered free seats?

    A few teams are doing the discounted merch thing, but the Penguins are offering 50% off all merch AND free food for the first handful of games. THAT’S how you start to make amends.

    I was at the Jackets game last night & they had buy-one-get-one-free tickets, free t-shirts, magnet schedules, everyone got a free hot dog, popcorn, & drink, they gave away the GOB jerseys throughout the game and the players handed their sweaters to fans after the game. It worked…they had the largest regular season crowd in Nationwide Arena history/

    i watched the game on tv. sounded like a great crowd last night! i’m thinking now that they got rid of that giant weight, that they’re gonna be a much better, faster team

    Ralph Englestad, who funded the “greatest hockey venue” at North Dakota, put as many Fighting Sioux logos in the place as he possibly could to make it unwieldy to remove them if the school ever had to change its nickname.


    He really loved that nickname and wanted to make an issue out of it. But Zane Gothberg chose a coy way of showing whose side he’s on. Would they ever rename North Dakota’s teams the “Englestads?”

    That Padres jacket is definitely not from the 70’s. It has a Cooperstown Collection tag.

    Kornheiser has been making the redskins/potato on the helmet joke for decades now.

    Thief River Falls , minnesota was one of my favorite wrestler honetowns. It belonged to barry darsow when he was krusher darsow and soviet sympathizer khrusher khrushchev, before he became demition smash (among others).

    There’s more going on with that Red Wings jersey than just the upside down logo – the stripes are also wrong since they have a singe white stripe up at the elbow and a single white stripe for the tail of the jersey (well it’s apron shaped on these damn Reebok jerseys).

    I seem to recall a game around 2004 or so when the Brewers dressed up as the Milwaukee Braves for a game against…the Braves. link is the only pic I could find.

    “If you look at this fight between Zenon Konopka of the Wild and Cody McLeod of the Avalanche from Saturday night, you can see that McLeod got such a grip on Konopka’s jersey that he started to tear the number off of it”

    Maybe McLeod hates Athletic Block as much as I do ;)

    Completely off-topic: I’m not sure if this has been covered before, but has anyone else ever noticed that the Ravens have a different helmet logo on either side of their helmets?

    Looks like the same logo with the “B” reversed. I think the Chiefs are the only other team that doesn’t have the exact decal or a mirror decal on the other side.

    I’m not sure, but the Dolphins might be included – if you look at the strokes of the “M” on Flipper’s helmet…

    To me it looks like they designed the logo, then realized the B wouldn’t work on the left side of the helmet, so they just flipped it around. Looks awkward if you really look at it.

    Not to be too obsessed, but the Titans logo is mirrored but the grey shadow is always on the left side…so it looks like four teams

    So do the Chiefs, for the same reason. If you want to take it further, so do the Seahawks, the Rams, the Dolphins, the Eagles…

    oh, and the Lions, Texans, Vikings, Patriots, Panthers, Falcons…

    It’d almost be easier to see which teams have only one logo.

    For those with lots of time to waste, check the Dolphins’ decals. The blocky “M” on Flipper’s helmet is always oriented so the broad strokes are on the 2nd and 4th stroke. The “M” would look wrong if it were simply flipped over. I studied calligraphy.

    The Ravens and the Chiefs are the only teams whose right-side helmet decal is not either (a.) identical to, or (b.) an exact mirror-image of, its left-side helmet decal.

    (That’s not counting, of course, the Steelers who have a decal on only one side, and the Browns who have no decal at all.)

    Identical L/R decals:


    Mirror-image L/R decals:


    It appears from the comments above that there are subtle differences in the mirror images between the left and right decals for the Titans (shadow on the “T”) and Dolphins (the “M” on the dolphin’s helmet).

    Interestingly, three of the four teams that have asymmetrical helmet decals originally had identical decals on each side (Chiefs/Dallas Texans, Titans/Houston Oilers, Ravens/original pilfered logo).

    Moot point: Has anyone ever slapped together “Orange Crush” era Broncos’ insignias so the horse is always facing forward? That bugged me, at the time.

    So would the “D” be reversed, or would Bucko cover the vertical stroke rather than the curve of the letter for the left-side decals?

    Er, the second scenario. The only team I ever saw deliberately put a backwards letter on its helmet was Wake Forest in 1978 (the horizontal strokes of the “F” were treated as windstreaks, so they were always to the rear). Of course, having two sets of decals with the silhouette always pointing in the same direction raises the chances of having Bucko accidentally face backwards. Someone probably brought this up and the whole thing was dropped- speculation on my part.

    If that Wings jersey is an “official NHL product”, I have even less respect for the… oh wait; my respect for the league CAN’T go any lower! If it were temperature, you’d have to measure it in Kelvin.

    More likely, it’s somebody’s cheap Chinese knock-off.

    It’s the type of cheap-ass “fan” jersey they sell at basic-level retail (e.g. Walmart).

    I decided to buy one just for the fun of it. I was wondering what kind of jersey this was. Is it actually made by Reebok or a different manufacturer? The logo printed on the inside of the jersey is this: link and there are otherwise no identifying marks besides the upside down logo on the chest.

    Obviously, teams aren’t required to have road grays, as seen several times over MLB’s history (most recently with the Padres), but all of those teams inevitably switched back at some point. Haven’t really looked at the schedule, but what would the Angels do if they played the Red Sox at Fenway when they want to wear the red jerseys (or even in Atlanta for the same reason, since Interleague Play is becoming more ubiquitous)? Would they just wear their home whites on the road? Maybe they should have a navy blue jersey for such an occasion.

    Better still, how about monochrome red uniforms? Not too appropriate for a team called the “Angels” but a nice break from the ordinary.


    Full monochrome, as bad as it might be, is still FAR preferable (in most instances) to softball tops with white or gray pants.

    A couple years back, I did a post on the number of teams who wear a red softball top. Not sure if it’s still that many, but it’s a lot.

    Of course, the answer to getting more color back into the uniform isn’t to wear softball tops, but caps, sleeves and stirrups/socks. And the occasional monochrome uni.

    Softball tops are absolutely terrible, but dark monochrome isn’t much better at all; especially with today’s cuts & lack of hosiery, bright colors & (sans Orioles) trucker-style & multi-color crown caps. I know dark monochrome has its fans on here but it looks so early 20th century. It doesn’t look good in hockey or football & I can’t get behind it in baseball.

    If I had to rank, softball top over white is much better than softball top over gray. But both still look very Spring Training / batting practice & off. But we’ve seen navy vs navy softball top; etc & the pants were the only thing with the noticeable difference.

    I used to be anti-powder blue but I would rather have that over red monochrome & softball tops. White, various shades of gray, powder blue & cream should suffice. We also need to get that gray faux flannel thing going ASAP. It would also help if players wore their jerseys & pants that actually fit so it didn’t show so much white & gray material that completely obliterates the marks & stripes.

    Poor quality but various Pirates monochrome: link

    Some of those are really hard to look at. Softball tops = puke

    Now come on, the Pirates don’t look bad wearing their gray pants with the black jerseys when on the road. (The black jerseys are paired with the white pants at home.) There have been a few occasions when the Pirates wore their white jerseys on the road in the Bumblebee era. I’d like to see them wear the road grays at home. I finally got to see their road grays in person last June when I saw them play the Indians in Cleveland, albeit they only wore them for the Sunday afternoon game. The other two games they wore the black jerseys.

    Joseph, everybody looks bad in softball tops.

    The Pirates have such a great, classic home & road set, I don’t know why they ever want to wear those ugly, horrible alternates from the pinstripe sleeveless, the black alt with the too many outlined “P” and the worst red alternate top ever.

    “Joseph, everybody looks bad in softball tops.”


    Agree…and disagree.

    With everyone now having a softball top, yes, it ruins it for everyone, and that’s bad. But I, for one, loved the Oakland A’s in the early-mid ’70’s in their gold and green tops (and white tops for Sunday home games); but that was great because it was (somewhat) unique. Now that only 3 teams don’t have an alt uni (and all but a few have a softball top), it’s not fun or special anymore, and it looks like a Saturday afternoon beer league meetup.

    Some “softball” tops, when paired with white pants and colorful stirrups (and sometimes colored sanis) also looked good in the day. Now, they’re just sixteen sizes too big paired with pajama pants, and the whole thing looks slovenly

    So, all but a couple teams with a properly fitting uniform, and colorful stirrups, can pull off a RARE softball top look. The rest just need to go back to a properly fitting uniform with proper hosiery.

    Maybe I’ll be proven wrong but I find it inconceivable that a team would eschew gray jerseys altogether in this day and age. Even if they start wearing red more often, there’s no reason not to at least have the option.

    The Angels have used navy blue in the past. I could see them using that as an alternate road jersey if they don’t decide to keep the grays. Like I said, there’s countless examples of teams wearing something other than gray as their primary road uniform–heck, even the Yankees considered an all-blue road uniform when George Steinbrenner first bought the team. IDK if its because of tradition or what, but every team inevitably went back to road grays at some point.

    Yeah, I’d presume they’d wear the greys when playing a home team wearing red or something similar (like the Orioles in orange).

    So, the Angels are essentially doing what the Astros did from about 2007 until 2011, when the brick alternates more or less became their road jerseys, except for the above-mentioned instances when the home team wears red?

    And no player has worn a softball top in the All-Star Game since 1997, I think, when Ken Caminiti donned his blue Padres jersey. Even the Astros during their brick red road days would wear road grays in the All Star Games in AL parks. So it’s highly doubtful that the Angels would be able to just eliminate their road gray jerseys.

    I had several of those NHL posters on my bedroom wall.

    For the uniform/logo geeks of the world at the time, something like that comes along and it’s like a gift from above. Exquisite illustrations, embracing negative space, and a massive rendering of the logo…on a 2×3 foot poster for a couple of bucks.

    Like the NFL posters of the same period, the marriage of fine art and sports. Nice memory.

    The Angels have to have another road jersey. It’s the home team’s call as far as what jersey they want to wear and you better believe that they won’t let a visiting team come into their stadium and dictate what is being worn.

    Exactly. This isn’t the 1980s when the Cubs could go an entire reason wearing a blue jersey on the road.

    But they should. Blue isn’t as loud as red and looks just fine as a road jersey. I say let the Cubs wear their blue jerseys every game on the road and never at home.

    Seattle ‘Kings’ would have been kind of interesting because Seattle is located in King County, Washington.

    The alt Stones logo showing the tongue and a pair of dentures, soaking in a glass, well, that made me laugh.

    My brother lives in Seoul. He can get you “authentic” anything, for about $20 a jersey: ebbets Field Flannels retros, made of 100% polyester; a Bills Jim Kelly jersey, with NY Giants sleeve stripes; Boston Celtics tank tops, in a green not known to nature. I’m guessing that Red Wings sweater was sewn by an old lady in South Korea, who had never seen a hockey game in her life.

    The auction says the Red Wings logo is silk screened. Upside down logos are not completely unheard of & misplaced logos do happen. My guess it was the first shirt pressed & somebody laid it down the wrong way. But the fact they don’t show you the collar tagging is very suspicious. Most of these look like cheap replicas (and the price is way too low even for that) but this one totally tips off as counterfeit: link

    It’s rather sad to see one franchise, whose history dates back nine decades to the semi-pro Rochester Royals of the 1920s, a team that predates both the BAA and NBL, give all that up to take on the abandoned identity of a 1967 NBA expansion team.


    I wonder if they’ll also assign all of the original Sonics records and stats to the newly created Sonics, like the NFL did with the Browns….

    Check the OKC Thunder media guide. If it includes the Sonics’ history and stats, then the answer is probably no; I don’t recall the Thunder leaving the history and stats behind when they moved, as the Ravens did for the Browns. Could the NBA now, ex post facto, take the Sonics history and stats away from the OKC franchise and bestow it upon the “new” Sonics, and at the same time strip that franchise of the Kings/Royals history and thereby end it?

    The “new” Winnipeg Jets didn’t do that; the “old” Jets’ history/stats remain with the Phoenix Coyotes, and the “new” Jets carry the Atlanta Thrashers history/stats with them. I would expect the Kings/Sonics/Thunder situation will be the same. Ditto the Charlotte Bobcats if they are renamed the Hornets after the New Orleans team becomes the Pelicans.

    What the Browns/Ravens did (leaving history and statistics behind for a new team to adopt later) was, AFAIK, unprecedented in sports history, and it hasn’t been done since either. Every other team that has relocated has taken its history and statistics with it to the new city, and while the old city may have ways to honor or acknowledge that history (such as by leaving championship banners up in the new team’s home stadium/arena), only the current Cleveland Browns franchise has had another franchise’s history bestowed upon it as its own.

    If we’re talking about the Rolling Stones and who else needs a dentures logo, then yes, “The Who” is funny.

    If we’re on a site with links to new jerseys for Binghamton basketball, Hofstra lacrosse, Japanese soccer and even women’s sevens rugby…then sarcastically answering “San Jose Earthquakes” with “The who?” isn’t funny.

    Lighten up, Francis.

    If you’re personally offended by my actually not knowing who the San Jose Earthquakes are, or implying that the analysis I wrote previously was meant to refer to the four “major” sports leagues only, or the concomitant implication that MLS is not as important or significant, historically or otherwise, as the NFL, MBA, MLB and the NHL, then I’m sorry to have offended you.

    But, you know, sheesh.

    I find the concept of any one team re-assuming the team of another to be pretty strange no matter what, but I think your logic in assessing the situation of these two in particular is a little off. The Seattle Sonics may have technically been around for a lot shorter, but they had a longer stretch of consistency than the Rochester Royals/Cincinnati Royals/Kansas City-Omaha Kings/Kansas City Kings/Sacramento Kings have ever had.

    True enough.

    Still, the Kings have 28 years in Sacramento alone. Sure, they never enjoyed the level of success they had in Rochester or Cincinnati, only making the conference finals once (2002, which may have been the point Shaq referred to them as the “Queens”)…

    … of course, with the NBA looking into the whole “Bobcats->Hornets->Pelicans” nonsense, should we be surprised that they’d go this route as well?

    On a side note, the first professional sports game I ever attended was at the Silverdome for a Pistons-Kings game, eight days shy of 28 years ago, when the Kings were still in Kansas City. The Pistons won, 120-116, then several weeks later the roof was damaged, forcing the Pistons to finish the season splitting games between Cobo and Joe Louis Arena.

    (And the dome was damaged again yesterday, though it was already deflated, as the current owners plan to build a new dome over the stadium.)

    All of the Royals records earned in Rochester should now revert back here! If there was an NBA trophy back in 1951 it should be on display at the Rochester Community War Memorial (I refuse to use the arena’s douchebag corporate moniker. Hey, I was at the building’s opening on Oct. 18, 1955 and can call it anything I like!)

    A banner for the Royals’ 1950-51 NBA Championship already hangs in the rafters of the “War.” Bobby Davies’ Number 11 and Maurice “Big Mo” Stokes’ Number 12 jerseys should join the championship banner. We’ll keep the Rochester records. Let Cincinnati have their piece of the Royals’ records pie. When they left Cinci they stopped being the Royals.

    I thought I read the records, logos & name stayed in Seattle but the Thunder “share” the records.

    Pretty sure most people are not interested in preserving the Royals/Kings history given it doesn’t have much of one. The SuperSonics have a much better name, colors, lore (“Frasier”) & much more success. The Kings brand is just not a very strong one.

    Watch where you step there concealed78! WTF do you know about the Royals anyway? Probably nothing! FYI they have eight HOFers in Owner/Coach Les Harrison, Bobby Davies, Bobby Wanzer, Arnie Risen, Al Cervi, Red Holzman, Maurice Stokes and Jack Twyman. They also have a Pro Football HOFer in Otto (greatest QB ever) Graham and a Hollywood Walk of Famer in Chuck “The Rifleman” Connors. I personally knew Harrison, Davies, Wanzer and Cervi. Davies was the best point guard in basketball and did things that Cousy didn’t do until nearly a decade later. And Mo Stokes was Magic Johnson before Earvin was a gleam in his Daddy’s eye.

    Your Sonics have three HOFers but none of them earned their spurs in the Pacific Northwest. We have one NBA title, Sonics have one. A push.

    So as far as performance and players go it’s the Rochester Royals hands down. And your Sonics Green & Yellow colors remind me of a dandelion. A weed-like flower that is a PITA every spring. And I always thought “Frasier” was an obnoxious boob.

    And spare me the better coverage angle. The Royals played

    in the 1940s & 1950s. And they would play the Lakers in Rochester on Saturday night, throw on their warm-ups, a top-coat and boots and go to the Central Depot in Rochester to board a train for Minneapolis in order to play there on Sunday night. The Royals were a real team, a class act and one of the teams from the NBL who joined the BAA to save that league’s sorry ass. The Royal, Lakers and Pistons helped build the NBA to what it is today. Where are the Providence Steamrollers or the St. Louis Bombers.

    Yeah I get it, Terry. You’re the *one* Rochester Royals fan on the site. I know this. But seriously, the 1940s & 1950s is ancient history. I’m sure about 95% of NBA fans today didn’t know the Kings were in Rochester or Cincinnati.

    Nevermind that Frasier Crane was never a Sonics fan, but good ‘ol Marty was. I totally agree Frasier was an uptight, obnoxious & pretentious prick.

    Nevermind that I have actually been a Bulls fan since 1986. Count ’em: 6 Larry O’Brien trophies. One, two, three, four, five, six. That’s five more than one. But I will stay off your lawn because I don’t like people on my lawn either, sir.

    Stay angry!

    I won’t even mention Arnie wore his wife’s dresses & heels.


    Watch out for your blood pressure!!!

    Old men don’t have blood, Phil. It evolves to piss & vinegar.

    I don’t blame Terry for getting angry, tho. He probably thinks I’m some snot-nosed shithead tofu-eating kid with long hair & who’s into the American Idol, Madden, hair metal & iPhones with shit-for-brains. Trust me, nobody find’s today’s generation more annoying & worthless than me.

    I can’t believe they took the lead out of our gasoline. Idiots.

    Indeed, the Kings brand in the NBA has been lacking, dating back to Kansas City, so we’re talking about over four decades total. In Sacramento, it was usually struggle as well, and these factors played a role in the eventual relocation.

    When a team doesn’t have a winning tradition, complete with memorable players, it makes getting a new arena or stadium all the more difficult.

    concealed, I get a little worked up when people put down Rochester so don’t take it personally. You are right, most NBA fans today could give a rat’s ass about Rochester, Syracuse or Fort Wayne. But without those small cities the league’s foundation would never have been built. And for that matter the La-La Lakers should not get credit for the Minneapolis Lakers’ first five titles. Period.

    And those of us in Rochester and Syracuse realize we couldn’t support an NBA team today. But now that the Royals name is no more in the NBA I think the NBA should let us have the Royals’ legacy. And ditto for Philly not keeping the Syracuse Nats record. The Nats went to basketball heaven in ’63 when they left the Salt City.

    Just allow the small cities to enjoy their moment in the sun that they, not the big towns, earned.

    It’s depressing they can’t keep their teams in one place any more. What if you had another Irv Levin situation where he wanted to move the Celtics to San Diego? None of the owners would stop him, now.

    If the Rochester Royals had to change their name to Kings when they moved to Kansas City to avoid confusion with the Royals, how come the Chicago Cardinals were allowed to remain the Cardinals when they moved to St. Louis? Especially considering the Stl Cardinals were more established than the Royals who were an expansion team.

    Is a hockey team more likely to be confused with a baseball team than a football team would be?

    “Missing the F in Hofstra…”


    Every time I get my new semester’s tuition bill, I add an extra “F” to Hofstra.

    Question: Is there a good solid reason that MLB can’t allow fans to watch old baseball games? Why can’t they create a database and allow us to go back and watch games from the 60s and 70s? Granted, I’m sure that not EVERY game was recorded, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could go on to MLB.TV or iTunes and just watch a game between the Pirates and Reds from 1977? Or see the Seattle Pilots in action? I’m sure there is some legal/technical/greedy reason this can’t happen, but I think it would certainly make MLB a lot of $$$.

    P.S. NBA and NFL could do this too!

    I think there are a lot of copyright issues with MLB. They don’t even allow actual game footage to be shown on YouTube.
    The bigger thing is that very few games exist from the 60’s and 70’s. I believe most of the games were just taped over and have been lost forever. A good amount of playoff games are still around, but there are not many regular season games. Most World Series games from the 60’s don’t exist.

    I wonder how big a market there is for these old games. I loved when MLB Network showed a 1970 games between the Pirates and Expos at Jarry Park, but I must have been one of the few. Instead, the network seems to package footage into various highlight films.

    I’m not sure about this one, although I have an uncle who used to work for MLB Video, so I’ll ask. 2 things I know for sure; you can buy complete World Series from the past on VHS/DVD.

    Also, at the Paley Center for Media in NYC (Formerly Museum of Television and Radio) they have an enormous archive of old broadcasts you can view. The one time I went there as kid I pulled up the ’55 series and some old Mantle highlights.

    …and here we go. No full seasons yet, but:’s Baseball’s Best


    In addition in late 2012 MLB just began to populate iTunes with programs such as bloopers, history docs, World series films, etc.
    A PR/promotional push alerting folks to the iTunes library will commence this spring.

    As suspected, it sounds like there are issues with games/specials produced by MLB (TWiB, World Series, bloopers, etc) and regular season games which are owned by the teams themselves.

    I stand corrected, MLB owns ALL internet rights for every team. They haven’t figured out what to do with archives (probably because it’s not cost effective to host all that video which would be watched so rarely.)

    I’ll stop now.

    Yay for This Week in Baseball! The only way at the time for me to see Indians’ and Padres’ highlights. But notice the Royals are wearing their own uniform pants. The middle stripe of the cummerbund is white and there’s no side piping.

    Hey Paul, if Howard asks you to take off your shirt, it’s ok if you say “No”.

    Sorry I missed the column yesterday to reply to your upcoming radio gig in a more timely manner

    I wonder what # each Royal was issued for that game (i.e.: did George Brett wear an ill-fitting Jamie Quirk #5 jersey or another one that may have fit better?)

    Meanwhile, it disgusts me that the ‘Skins have a less-than-twenty-year-old stadium they’re trying to get rid of, because they basically broke the thing with their ill-conceived cash-grab renovations.

    From what I’ve read, the Dodgers wouldn’t be against looking for a new stadium. They like Dodger Stadium, but they would like a newer place with much more revenue better.

    Or how about the Falcons 20-year old stadium & looking for a new one to host a Super Bowl?

    It won’t be long before they look at the Skydome and go “obsolete. Need a new one”. The crazy thing is, the Skydome is the 5th oldest stadium in the American League & 7th in MLB.

    Got me thinking about Detroit’s stadium situation.

    On the one hand, you have Joe Louis Arena. Built to early-to-mid-1970s standards, and even though the Red Wings have made the most of their time there under Ilitch family ownership, the place is still behind the times. The Wings want a new arena, and once vacated, the Joe would be absorbed into the Cobo Center (either by gutting and rebuilding, like Cobo Arena, or demolishing and building an all-new wing).

    On the other hand, you have the Palace of Auburn Hills. Modern and highly-rated when it opened, built and renovated entirely with private funds. The Pistons’ best years (and some of their worst) have come while playing here. Yet, there’s a growing movement to bring the team back to downtown Detroit (which includes Detroit mayor Dave Bing), likely to share a building with the Wings.

    While I won’t dismiss the possibility of the Pistons leaving Michigan altogether, it seems highly unlikely to me that they’d move solely based on arena issues (again, the only drawback to the Palace is its far northern suburban location). As for the Wings, I couldn’t see the Ilitches moving them out of town at all. I could see them moving to the Palace themselves, even as a temporary measure (especially since they hired former Pistons exec Tom Wilson, who’s familiar with the Palace).

    Regarding Harbaugh pullover—-I answered my own question later in the day. It’s a special order made just for him and not avail anywhere.

    I was about to say, wasn’t this addressed by UniWatch? Catching up on the RSS feed from the week.

    Working with everything at GUD, I can think of 2 NFL situations that I don’t believe were touched on.

    The 1969 Jets had 6 jerseys stolen before the game against Cincinnati and those players donned white Bengals jerseys for the game.

    The 1949 Rams had their yellow jerseys burned in a locker room fire prior to their game in Detroit. Red jerseys were worn in the only game that season in which the Rams didn’t wear mono-yellow.

    I believe their are Forum threads at GUD concerning both of these events.

    Unfortunately, I’m at school, not home and don’t have links to the articles about these incidents.

    “The 1949 Rams had their yellow jerseys burned in a locker room fire prior to their game in Detroit.”


    On purpose?

    BTW & FWIW…that’s a great Rolling Stones logo piece—but the page crashed my Firefox browser 2x. Chrome is OK with it. Go figure.

    ” … More from Jeremy: Check out the progress bar animation for the French Athletic Federation’s web site. Pretty cool. …”

    Tres cool.

    get your facts right, the sale is not complete yet. it still has to be approved by the NBA. it most likely wont be, because david stern loves sacramento. we’ve jumped thru every hoop the NBA put in front of us. it’s not over, and has only just begun. check out, you’ll see fans have pledged over 18 million bucks in tickets, as long as the maloofs are no longer the owners. sacramento did NOTHING WRONG. the moron maloofs decided to screw sacramento over and they wont get their wish without a fight.

    why would i? this is a fight and the kings are the only game in town. they wont be stolen from us without a fight

    Unless Sacramento is willing to foot a new arena, they’re as good as gone. I’m pretty sure David Stern “loves” Seattle & its new arena plan more. How many NBA franchises have relocated in the past 35 years for better deals?

    You’re a bit worked up. This is a website. I never alluded to the fact that your cause wasn’t worthy….You just seem a bit out of sorts.

    You already lost said fight.

    You’re this guy: link
    They’re this guy: link

    Oh well, now instead of the 30 minutes it takes you to get to Sleep Train Arena (seriously?) you’ll have to drive an hour and a half to get to Oracle Arena In Oakland to go see an actually decent NBA team play. What a struggle that must be.

    I have never rooted against a city that lost its team. Not ever. Even though worse fates can befall a community, it seems a unique and very public tragedy.

    Ambiguity: The Devil’s Volleyball. I meant I have always pulled for fate to intercede and keep the team in its current location.

    I think you are delusional if you think this move won’t be approved by the NBA.

    They have wanted the Maloofs out for a while and are keen to get back into Seattle, especially with the backing of a key Microsoft executive.

    The sale has been finalized and the approval of the sale is now seen as a “formality”, according to Yahoo Sports.

    Interesting piece on the KKK. I enjoyed the part where the woman yells “racist” at the guy dressed in the KKK outfit. Yelling “racist” at someone in the KKK is like yelling “Democrat” at President Obama. A KKK member is proud to be a racist.

    Raises the question: If a person walks around in full KKK garb, but makes the sheets pink instead of white, does that make it OK because, you know, supporting breast cancer?

    Alternately, would a KKK hood be OK if it were camo instead of white because, you know, supporting the troops?

    There’s a really disturbing PSA in this: Pink robed dude looks into the camera, and says, “I’m a loving husband. I care about women’s health issues. And I have a swastika carved into my forehead. I am today’s Ku Klux Klan.”

    “Sub-zero temperatures in the Twin Cities prompted the Twins to put some sweaters on the statues outside their ballpark”

    No captions, but Carew was instantly identifiable; he would have been even with a snowsuit. It’s sometimes funny to me how we sports fans can recognize a guy by the way he stood forty years ago.

    In going deeper than the box score for the June 12, 1977 Brewers-Royals game, I assumed that the Brewers were the designated AL EAST crossover team (the team that got stuck playing AL WEST teams in June and September). I saw that there were many INTER divisional matchups throughout the month of June, which was typically not the case in the 1977 through 1993 American League. It seems the schedule makers spread the AL schedule out in this first year with 14 teams.

    I also noticed that the regular season did not start until Wednesday April 6. Was this: 1. the result of a compressed schedule (e.g. not to conflict with the Oscars or the NCAA tournament); 2. inclement weather in much of the country that postponed openers; or 3. a short term work stoppage (strike, lockout)?

    The Cubs are looking to do similar work (though on a much needed grander scale) to Wrigley Field. They are offering to spend $300 million without asking for $1 of taxpayer money. the catch – they want the city to ease restrictions on the stadiums landmark status (read: more advertising).

    I love Wrigley Field, wish it wouldn’t change, but I know there are three options: 1) Taxpayer payed updates without more ads; 2) Cubs-paid updates with more ads; 3) New stadium. I would ad 4) considerably higher ticket prices, but while fans would claim to be approving, would they pay when the time came? I’m willing to take more ads. The time has come. :(


    You left out the most likely scenario: Tax payers pay some of the bills but, in turn, Chicago gets some assurances that they want.

    As a Sox fan, even I want Wrigley updated. The places is falling apart and smells like piss, which is (or perhaps isn’t) surprising since they only have two bathrooms. Now the atmosphere is always great, but that place needs some serious face lift measures.

    “The places is falling apart and smells like piss…”


    Isn’t that part of its charm?

    How about a better scenario: the Cubs pay for it all themselves (since they certainly can afford it), everyone realizes the Cubs have no leverage (what are they going to do, move?) just deal with the circumstances they’re given (they have it a LOT better than many other teams; only 30 night games a season or not) & be content & grateful with the massive profits they’re already making. They can always charge more for tickets & squeeze in more precious ugly, ugly ads.

    The city & state is in massive, massive debt which the last thing in the world they should be doing is corporate welfare. I’m a taxpayer first & a sports fan second.

    (what are they going to do, move?)

    If they did move, I betcha the city of Chicago (well, the Northside at least) would whine like hell to keep the city name, colors and logo like Cleveland did.

    LOL. The Cubs have no place to go. Zero. Zilch. Where are they going to move? Addison, IL? Montreal? The Cubs have zero leverage.

    Trust me, the Cubs are never moving. Without Wrigley Field & Wrigleyville, they are just another Rockies or Royals. It’s a big part of the experience.

    Not surprisingly, the Cardinals have announced they will be wearing a Musial patch for the 2013 season.


    “The Cardinals are also considering many ways to memorialize and celebrate Musial in the coming season. The team will have a memorial Musial patch on all of their jerseys this coming season, an executive confirmed, though the team is still in the process of working with Major League Baseball on its design and placement.

    “Whether it’s something we physically put on our sleeve or not, I’m sure there will be something that will memorialize Mr. Musial,” Cardinals manager Mike Matheny said. “I believe any time you do that – whether it’s the Cardinal brand across your chest or anything else you stand for and believe in, I think it has an impact on how you go about it. We’ve had some tragedies where we’ve had guys’ initials on our arms. Every once in a while, it is good for perspective. I think it is good for motivation and realizing the brevity of what we have here. And how not to take one day for granted.””


    I don’t know if shoes count as part of the uniform, but this story makes me sick. MLKjr tribute shoes, which show nothing to do with the man, who would probably tell you to boycott Nike these days.

    A group of abolitionists in my hometown had t-shirts that read “Brewer Booer” for whenever Milwaukee’s MLB club came to town.

    Syracuse in a monorohrome orange. note the helmet stripes for the lineman and Jim Brown are different colors


    The one good thing about a kings name change is that it would hopefully stop all the tv stations confusing the nba kings with the nhl kings.

    I don’t know what point I’m trying to make by saying this, but I just find it a little weird to see non-African American basketball players wearing Black History Month sneakers (in January).


    You can blame Nike if you like, but the shoes that were released were called “Black History” tribute shoes, complete with their own “BHM” logo.


    So I have looked on the interwebs and have not been able to find any pictures of the Pro Bowl unis, anyone got them?

    Paul, it may be obvious to everybody already, but I’ll say it in case it isn’t: it’s not just the Royals batting helmets that show that the entire uniforms weren’t stolen; both players pictured are clearly wearing their Royals pants, which are a paler shade of blue and have blue-white-blue sansabelts.

    The TWiB DVD isn’t listed on MLB’s site; I get the feeling it’s some guys burning off copies from a VHS. If that’s the case, Selig & Co. will be shutting it down fairly soon.

    Thanks for the eBay link to that Bruins poster, I bought it as soon as I saw it and plan on framing that beaut!

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