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Closet Case, Vol. 5: Fit for a Tiger


Photo by Heather McCabe; click to enlarge

I recently picked up this tremendous basketball warm-up top for a mere nine bucks on eBay. As you can see above, it fits me near-perfectly. Let’s take a closer look at it, shall we?

The warm-up is made of black Durene — a cotton/rayon blend. The sleeve cuffs and waist trim are orange with white northwestern striping, and there’s white/orange V-shaped soutache across the chest (for all of these photos, you can click to enlarge):



The left sleeve has a sewn-on “4.” The numeral is just one layer — orange — but the white lockdown stitching creates the illusion of white outlining:


The back has the team name in vertically arched lettering. Again, the white stitching provides the illusion of white outlining on the letterforms:



Inside the collar is a very nice Rawlings label with the company’s old slogan, “the finest in the field” (all lowercase, interestingly):


And what about the sporting goods shop from which the warm-up was ordered? There’s no label for the shop up near the collar, but there’s a little loop of a label sewn into one of the inner seams:

Screen shot 2013-01-05 at 1.38.19 PM.png

As you can see, the shop was called Bailey and Himes, and it was located in Champaign, Illinois. I Googled the name of the shop and came up with this sporting goods catalog. Also, Bailey and Himes published a book about football way back in 1924! Intriguing. Anyone know more?


+ + + + +

NHL Logo 3.png

Research request: With the hockey season gearing up to start in a little over a week, I’m working on my annual NHL season-preview column. Just one catch: There are no new uniforms this season. Like, none. No new patches, either, at least that I’m aware of (although the Stars appear to have a 20th-anniversary logo at center ice, so maybe that’ll be a patch as well). In fact, the only uni changes I know of are that the Sabres and Panthers have scrapped their alternate uniforms. I’m assuming league honchos intentionally avoided slating any uni changes for this season because they knew a lockout was a strong possibility.

But I know hockey fans are hungry for any uni-related info they can get — and so am I. The Rangers, for example, have new practice jerseys. And here are some very interesting shots of the Jets logo being applied to the MTS Centre ice.

Granted, that ain’t much to work with, but the situation is what it is. I have calls in to the teams and the league, but they’re all kinda busy at the moment (go figure), so if you’re privy to any uni-related NHL info, no matter how trivial-seeming, please send it this-a-way. Thanks.

+ + + + +

Uni Watch News Ticker: Latest people to advocate a name change for the Redskins: a Washington Post columnist and Washington mayor Vincent Gray. Both of those pieces were then cited by a columnist for, who says he too agrees that the name should be changed. Slowly but surely, people. … Meanwhile, don’t forget that the National Museum of the American Indian is holding a symposium on “Racist Stereotypes and Cultural Appropriation in American Sports” on Feb. 7. … Buried deep within this Miami Herald column is the following: “We hear the Dolphins’ new logo will be different and more creative than the one circulating online” (from Bryant Grosso). ”¦ Here’s more about Peyton Manning wearing gloves. ”¦ “I was watching highlights of game between the Chiefs and the Vikings from Week One of the 1970 NFL season — the first game following the merger,” says Tom Nawrocki. “I noticed that while the refs were wearing the customary NFL zebra stripes, the chain gang was wearing the old AFL red-striped officiating unis. Nice to know those beautiful uniforms didn’t go straight to the scrap heap.” … Lots of Nike’s new college lacrosse jerseys are shown here (from Zack Kurland). … And while we’re at it, here’s new lacrosse gear for Towson, Michigan, Loyola, and Penn (from Jeff Brunelle). ”¦ Our currency could soon have a very amusing-looking signature. ”¦ Here’s a bona fide public service: How to eliminate Bleacher Report results from your Google searches. … Here’s another high school with a counterintuitive name and color scheme: The teams at Bowling Green High School in Kentucky are called the Purples (from Michael Kinney). … Great story about the Seattle Kings, which was the proposed NFL franchise for Seattle in the early 1970s (from Manzell Blakeley). … Have I mentioned recently how much I love Hamilton Nolan? ”¦ At the recently concluded World Junior Championships, Russian goalie Andrei Vasilevski had an odd NOB, with an abbreviation of his first name positioned after his surname. “Russia’s roster at the tournament did not list another Vasilevski on the squad,” says James Ashby. ”¦ Here’s Korea’s dugout jacket and cap for the World Baseball Classic. ”¦ Contestants on The Biggest Loser last night were wearing Cowboys jerseys — but one of them had a backwards mark of the beast (from Tyler Johnson). ”¦ No photos, but Illinois hoops player Brandon Paul, who normally wears No. 3, left during the first half of last night’s game against Minnesota after suffering a bloody nose. He soon returned wearing No. 12, and NNOB. In the second half, he was back to No. 3 with an NOB (from Gregory Dowell). ”¦ Here’s a video clip on Marc Andre Fleury’s new mask (from Ethan Sheets). ”¦ Richard Hill was shopping back on Black Friday at a New Orleans Target, where several staffers were wearing jerseys. “Apparently only the managers got to wear them,” says Richard. “I asked a cashier about it, and she told me she thought it ‘would’ve been nice’ if all the employees got them.” ”¦ Lots of Nike outfits for the Australian Open here. ”¦ About two-thirds of the way down on this page is the news that Arizona will have “some tweaks” to its football uniforms next season (from Kevin Wos). ”¦ Note to Seattle-ites: Membership card designer Scott M.X. Turner’s band, RebelMart, is playing tomorrow night at the Cafe Racer. “It’s a special acoustic show,” says Scott. “RebelMart with all of the blather intact — and you can hear the words!” Further info here.

Comments (129)

    Holy cow! Seattle Kings?! Paul, your next contest should be filling in the rest of that uni based on the helmet design and collateral.

    Since he hates Purple, I dont know ow far that would have gone. Seattle Kings would have looked like a Bengals-Browns inspired spin-off of the Vikings. Thank god for the other group emerging as owners.

    They could have gone with yellow-gold jerseys… that would’ve been unique for the time and kept them from looking like the Vikings.

    They probably would have cloned the University of Washington uniforms, since that is what most people could relate to around here, especially with the purple/mustard color.

    That Bleacher Report tip was fabulous. Almost missed it tucked away in the middle. Thank you for that.

    I’m still shaking my head that is switching next month from Sports Illustrated to Bleacher Report. Not a good move.

    Every time I get sucked into one of those Bleacher Report pieces, my first thought is, “Legally, can they employ a team of thirteen year olds to write this stuff?” My second thought is, “Where did they find this many concussed thirteen year olds? because writing like this doesn’t happen without some serious head trauma.”

    when you’re wearing the shirt it looks black, in the detail shots it looks navy blue. must be the Chicago Bears effect.

    I agree with a needed change in the Redskins name, but it is wrong that I mainly want to see how Skins fans react. Seeing them squirm is my #1 reason for making the change.

    There was a detailed and well thought-out contest on these very pages to create a new identity for the Redskins and the Indians. Noble sentiments, all, but I find myself in favor of a more subtle rebranding, these days. Rename the team “Washington Redshirts” and put the “R” from Joe Gibbs’ hat on the helmet. In so doing, you hand a laurel branch (peace pipe?) to the “I’m still calling ’em Redskins” crowd, while moving incrementally forward. Thoughts?

    That’s kind of why I’ve come around to favoring “Pigskins” over the various DC- or patriotic-themed alternatives that are usually bandied about. A lot of current fans will always call the team the Redskins, so a somewhat homophonic name will help, and Pigskins preserves the nickname ‘Skins. “Let ’em up easy,” as President Lincoln said of the defeated rebels.

    “Slowly but surely, people” Please, give me a break. Just report the uni news and quit making your little political jabs. If you want the Redskins to change their name, then buy the team and change it. Otherwise, just deal with it.

    Also, I for one, hope the Braves keep their proposed new BP hat. I am a diehard Mets fan, but plan on getting the Braves hat if they keep the throwback logo.

    Hey here is an idea, why not call them the RED STORM? or The RED? Or any of the other STUPID PC type names people have ruined over time. Face it, these names are a part of the game, and the history of our country, it is what MADE the US such a grand place… but no longer thanks to being all “PC”

    Face it, these names are a part of the game, and the history of our country, it is what MADE the US such a grand place…

    I love the smell of Manifest Destiny in the morning.

    I’m with you there, Maggie. As offensive as Redskins is, its been the team’s name for too long at this point. Ask how many Washington fans want the Bullets name back. (You can actually argue that Wizards are more offensive than Bullets.) What I feel is more offensive is when fans participate in stuff link or link. I still think non-Native Americans make a bigger fuss than actual Natives. Over the last 40 years, various polls have been conducted with Native Americans, and the results are consistent: over 90% support the use of Native American nicknames. Let’s let it rest now.

    See, this right here is a big problem with discussions of this issue: “Offensive.” That’s not the issue. Bullets was never “offensive.” But many felt that, in the midst of a two-decade-long crime epidemic in which thousands of Washingtonians were gunned down, a team name that romanticized firearms was not appropriate. Imagine if today the NBA announced that the Sacramento Kings will move to Hartford, CT, and call themselves the Connecticut Shooters. Who would think that was an appropriate nickname for a sports team?

    The Bullets thing is debatable, of course – personally, I would have preferred the team to keep the name – but it’s not about anything being “offensive”, and those who advocate for the name change do so in good faith. Even with Indian nicknames and iconography, it’s not about whether it’s offensive. It’s about whether it’s appropriate. Much that is inoffensive is nonetheless inappropriate, and some things that offend are nonetheless appropriate.

    “You can actually argue that Wizards are more offensive than Bullets.”

    to whom…wiccans…?

    I think the Wiccans are probably ok with wizards… but there’s always the religious nutjobs who think that magic is EEEEVILLLLLLL…. and there’s the fact that the KKK uses Wizard among it’s rankings, but, yeah. If that’s what you think of when you hear Wizards, you have the problem, not the team. For most normal people, a name like Wizards conjures up images of Gandalf, Merlin or Star Swirl the Bearded, and isn’t offensive in any way at all.

    “As offensive as Redskins is, its been the team’s name for too long at this point.”


    (insert Sam Clemens quip here)

    Wizard’s owner Abe Pollin changed the name from Bullets after good friend Israeli P.M. Yitsak Rabin was assassinated by a gunman. Washington D.C. “ghetto” violence did not play as much of a part in that decision. I have to say though that while the term “Redskins” is offensive, you dont really see a lot of headresses, feathers and war paint in the stands. That puts Redskin fandom on a morally higher plane than, say, Fighting Illini fans. And I defer to living tribe members in the case of tribe-specific names like the Seminoles, Sioux, Black Hawk (Nation), Utes, et al.

    I really couldn’t care less about the political side of it, I really just want to see the way the fans react. I mean, I plan on selling “I still call them the Redskins” shirts to capitalize on the whole thing…and jab at Redskins fans in a non-direct kind of way. Really, it would make for a pretty interesting social experiment.

    also, I like the Braves BP hat as well. I won’t buy it, being a Phils fan and all, but I like it.

    “Slowly but surely, people” Please, give me a break. Just report the uni news and quit making your little political jabs.

    Actually, I *did* report the news, which is that there were several articles voicing support for the name change. “Slowly but surely” is a fairly straightforward, value-neutral assessment of a rather self-evident fact, namely that one side of this debate is gathering steam.

    If I had wanted to insert a personal angle on this, I could have said, “Slowly but surely, my side is winning”; if you wanted to do something similar, you could say, “Slowly but surely, my side is losing.” But the simple term “slowly but surely” has no particular point of view.

    Incidentally, “Maggie” (a troll who has also posted here as “Maria” and “Maria Jimenez”) is a white male living in Michigan. Coward.

    I’m just making a guess on the Tigers warm up, but Champaign and Urbana, IL are next to each other and the mascot of Urbana High is the Tigers and they wear black and orange. I’d venture to say it could be from there.

    That is a SWEET shirt! So no drunk dweebs came up to you and asked if you played ball at Princeton?

    Mase beat me to it but it most definately is an Urbana Tigers warm-up. Bailey and Himes was the local sporting goods shop in Champaign/Urbana back before ‘richards’ and the other big box stores took over. It was a special treat when my dad would take me there.

    My wife is the head cheerleading coach at Urbana High School. I showed her the post and she said it looked like the warmup jackets the school provided for the coaches to wear on a throwback night a couple of years ago. No pics, but I will see what I can do.

    For years I thought the soutache was the area around the buttons (the headspoon) the braid decorated, not the braid itself.

    Nice shirt Paul. I (and the Rawlings catalog) always refer to that “V” on the front as being “braid” or “knit braid.” In the trade we always called the piping around the placket or sleeve ends as “soutache.” A perfect example of old sporting goods semantics.

    And as to the heavy contrasting stitching used to give tackle twill a multi-color effect that’s always been referred to as “swiss stitching” because of its resemblance to swiss embroidery stitching.

    That whole shirt, lettered in 1963 would have cost you around $15 retail. The “school price” (a 25% discount for quantity) would have brought it down to $11.25 each. That would be roughly $84.60 today. Such a deal you got!

    Such a deal you got!

    Don’t I know it. Pieces like this one usually bid higher — I was surprised by how little competition there was for this one.

    Interesting story on the Seattle Kings. I think Seahawks was a much better choice than Kings, seeing that it was being used in the NHL and NBA as it was.

    As far as the NBA’s Kings and the city of Seattle link

    Too bad the Kings/Royals line would come to an end. Don’t get me wrong…I’m glad the SuperSonics would be back, but I wish it wasn’t at the expense of the Kings.

    Hmmm, although I like the name Pelicans for New Orleans, it appears most people don’t. Perhaps they could call them the New Orleans Kings?

    Also Seahawks ties in nicely to NFL’s re-use of old pro football team names (whether NFL or not) in new markets, as seen with Texans and Titans. And it fits better in the NW than it did for Miami. Makes me wonder if the Steamroller, Stapletons or Dons might suit up again.

    I’ll second the Urbana tigers. Its the more intellectual skinny kid school in champaign-Urbana.

    No, University High (the former University of Illinois Lab School) is the intellectual kid school in the Champaign-Urbana area. Urbana High is just a regular ol’ public school–my two kids both went there, and my wife worked there.

    And a simple google search after my comment made me realize that too. These are the times I’m actually thankful for my giant Irish head, pretty much the only stock left is in my size. Can’t wait for payday.

    I know Target employees are supposed to wear red, but those jerseys look a little too much like the Atlanta falcons’

    Hamilton Nolan deserves a rap across the knuckles for needlessly adding a dollar sign to “100 Dollar PR.”

    Come on Paul, answer the most important question… what are you drinkin’ there? Looks like maybe a stout of some kind?

    Cool shirt. I wish I’d take the time to stake out some eBay deals like this.

    Thanks for the link to the article on “$100 Dollar PR”. Like $.99 logo design websites, it is another example of everyone’s job being moved to the cheapest bidder. Time for professional PR writers to look for another line of work, along with professional designers, and photographers, and illustrators… ugh. All part of the “four hour work week” crap.

    Sorry. No matter what side of what issue, simply declaring that Situation “X” has been the case for “X” years, therefore it must remain that way in perpetuity, does not a justification make.

    I too would focus on what of their current identity could remain the same to soften and expedite the process. I only ever refer to them as the “Skins” anyway. Nothing wrong with burgundy and gold either. My solution (after spending a grand total of 30 seconds thinking about it) would be to rename them the Pigskins. It has clear ties to the nickname for the ball/sport itself…tangential relationship to the “Hogs” era and allows for the shortened familiar nickname “Skins” to remain unchanged. Wear that leather textured throwback helmet (the whole uniform actually was great other than the logo on the sleeves). Done and done.


    Love the shirt…I have no research to back me up, but my experience is that Rawlings was a great supplier through the years…their MLB jerseys always seemed just right.

    How old do you believe your shirt is? I assume you believe it is not so fragile that you can’t wear it. How will you clean it if it gets dirty? Will you repair it if a seam separates or something else happens?

    One thing at a time:

    - The zipper pull is not missing. It’s just at a funny angle in one of the photos. The zipper is in perfect shape.

    - I only buy things like this if I can wear them.

    - I think it’s from the ’60s.

    - If it gets damaged, I’ll mend it (or have it mended, if I can’t do it myself), just like I’d do with any other piece of clothing I own.

    Dang it. I just googled the name Pigskins and found it everywhere…even a few progressive-minded newspapers already using it as the default name. I hate it when that happens. I never lean toward “great minds think alike” and instead imagine what a knob I must seem like for claiming “credit” for an already well-germinated idea.

    Like when you’re a kid and you meet someone on the playground who insists their dad invented the high five or something.

    In this case I’ll stand by it though. I think it totally works.

    The NHL has no jersey changes planned by design. The licensees are instructed not to create any new designs just in case a season is lost, as happened to the NHL in the lost season. Imagine the reaction to a new identity with no games to show it off nor sell at retail? A disaster! NBA did not introduce any new identities in the 1998-99 season either since they did not want to launch a “dud” that fans would reject due to labor strife! Fact.

    “No photos, but Illinois hoops player Brandon Paul, who normally wears No. 3, left during the first half of last night’s game against Minnesota after suffering a bloody nose. He soon returned wearing No. 12, and NNOB.”

    I remember something similar happening to Marcus Camby back in the day. There’s a blurb in this article about it:

    You’re basically saying anytime anyone is wearing horizontal stripes it’s a tequila sunrise jersey.

    “Latest people to advocate a name change for the Redskins: a Washington Post columnist and Washington mayor Vincent Gray. Both of those pieces were then cited by a columnist for, who says he too agrees that the name should be changed. Slowly but surely, people”
    “Fortunately, the folks at MLB have taken heroic steps to alleviate this tragic cap shortage before it reaches Irish Potato Famine-like proportions”


    It is obvious that your pseudo-indignation over “Native American” imagery in sports is nothing more than an affront (your compassionate tolerance is just so impressive…yawn). What I find disturbing however is the fact that you didn’t think twice about dropping a reference about a period in Irish history that killed over one million men, women, and children (and caused one of the largest diasporas in history) in relation to the ironic not-so-shortage of MLB bp caps. You aren’t a Native-American, you almost certainly don’t have friends who are Native-American, you have probably never met a Native-American however Paul I am Irish-American so, you guessed it, you have managed to really offend me. What’s worse is being slandered by someone who claims to be “tolerant” (quotations for emphasis) but whose writing and overall disdain for anyone who disagrees with his “ideology” (again quotes for emphasis) belies something entirely different. Your blogger making light of the Newtown shooting cost you many readers, I accepted his apology as it was written in the heat of the moment. Your comment today however, which for me is the cherry on top of your PC cake, will cost you this one. But I am glad you can pretend to take up the cause of one tragedy while making light of another.

    Stay Classy,


    Very poor analysis. Neither I nor anyone else has ever suggested that it’s inappropriate to refer to Native Americans (or to their slaughter). Refer to them all you like! What I and many others feel is that it’s inappropriate to use their imagery as the basis for a sports team’s branding identity and marketing efforts.

    Now, if you have an explanation of how the reference from yesterday’s entry bears even the slightest resemblance to a sports team’s branding identity and marketing efforts, I’m sure we’ll all be eager to hear it. Please take your time; I suspect you’ll need it.

    Oh, and about this:

    Your blogger making light of the Newtown shooting cost you many readers

    Actually, according to our traffic numbers, it cost us approximately zero readers. In any case, maximizing our traffic numbers has never been my goal. If that were the case, I’d run more photos of naked girls and fewer rants about purple. I honestly don’t care if the site has 10 readers or 10,000. The only reader whose reaction I can control is me, and the only one you can control is you. If you prefer not to read Uni Watch anymore, that’s certainly your prerogative.

    As a fellow Irishmen, I am offended by Chris being offended. I hereby will henceforth, notwithstanding, onomatopoeia, no longer read anything by the great and honorable Mr. Chris MrMet2007 any longer.

    Also, being a fullblooded Irishmen, it is within our bylaws to extended membership to those deserving of being called “Irish” and thusly extend said membership to Mr. Paul Lukas, who may now make fun of the Irish in anyway he seems fit and will now be able to use the ‘self-deprecation’ defense as well as the pronoun, “we,” when referring to the the peoples of the Irish Isle.

    Also, Fuck Notre Dame. Their Irish Membership has been revoked. They’re now the Fighting “Whatever Religion is best at Football”s.*

    *”Fightin’ “Whatever Religion is best at Football”s” is an acceptable alternative.

    Look at the tough guy writing “fuck Notre Dame” on the Uniwatch comment board. Hey, travel to South Bend, go to the Linebacker, climb on a table and shout, “fuck Notre Dame”, and then report back and let us know how it all turns out.

    I’d say a good 75% of the problem with the Redskins’ name is the fact that it’s a slur. If they changed the name to the name of a tribe that had its historical roots in the area, that would go a long way towards making the name better. If they want to stick with the Native American imagery, at least use a name that isn’t meant to denigrate right from the outset. Take Atlanta, for example. “Braves” may be stereotypical but at least it’s not a slur.

    I’m reminded of that scene from “C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America” that shows a Redskins clone playing against the “New York N**gers”.

    Paul, I know you get annoyed at us for not thinking harder when it comes to defining things like “hipster” but that lead photo today says one thing to me. Hipster.

    Also I see they have oysters on the menu, what kind of prices did they have yesterday? I see on their website they have half dozen for $12 which just makes me scream.

    Paul, I know you get annoyed at us for not thinking harder when it comes to defining things like “hipster” but that lead photo today says one thing to me. Hipster.

    You realize you’re basically proving my point, right? You still haven’t defined anything. All you’ve done is identified something (a photo of me) that you think meets your definition. But what is your definition? I don’t mean that rhetorically — I’m serious. What is your definition of the term (preferably stated without consulting the internet)?

    Citing Potter Stewart doesn’t count.


    It’s someone waxes poetic about things that are old not because they are inherently better, but just because they are old. Most of these fixations are youths (yoots) thinking things that were outdated by the time they were born are the bee’s knees. This is not to be confused with actual nostalgia.

    Their dress and personality are fairly uniform (no pun intended).

    They wear flannel and skinny jeans and scarves in inclement weather. Hats. Horn-rimmed glasses. Ray Bans.

    They are aloof, incapable of genuine emotion without at least a hint of irony to protect them from ever being vulnerable.

    They hate how things are but mostly just bitch about problems rather than working to solve them.

    But, alas, there are only 3 people in the world who fit all of this, the rest of us just exhibit characteristics. I have thick rimmed glasses (when I wear them…). I listen to bands popular with ‘hipsters’. I own Ray Ban Wayfarers (but that’s because I love the Blues Brothers).

    Paul, you *look* like what people think hipsters your age would look like, but a simple look into why you wear what you wear or like what you like shows that you are genuine in you passions and the reasoning is far better than “it’s old, so it’s good.”

    On the whole, you’re nothing like a hipster, but you sense of fashion – to the uniformed, untrained eye – coincides in some ways with people’s stereotype of a ‘hipster’.

    Listen, bros (DaveMatthewsBand, pink polo shirts, says, “dude, bro…” a lot) think I’m a hipster and hipsters think I’m a bro. I know I’m neither and that’s enough for me.

    That is not a definition. You’re describing things this person DOES, not who the person IS. You’re describing the bands this person listens to, but not who this person IS. You’re focusing on cultural baggage, not on who the person IS. There’s a big difference. The fact that you’re focusing on these cultural trappings shows just how meaningless the term has become, because you’re mostly describing a certain kind of consumerism, not an identity.

    Here, I’ll offer a legitimate, plausible definition of the term in question:

    Someone who (a) is fairly young; (b) is either a member of or closely associated with the creative class; and (c) uses irony as a lingua franca.

    Now, a generation or two ago, such a person would have been called a bohemian. And what is the difference between a bohemian and the term I hate so much? The difference is that corporate marketers had never figured out how to isolate bohemians as (a) a commercial segment to sell to and (b) a fashion model to emulate.

    That’s all.

    We can move on now. Thanks.

    (P.S. I also like R. Scott Rogers’s definition, once offered on this site: “a cool person whom you dislike.”)

    Cosmo Kramer was called a “hipster doofus,” which according to Wikipedia states: “His trademarks include his upright hairstyle and vintage wardrobe, the combination of which led to his categorization as a ‘hipster doofus'”

    I don’t really have a point, I just like Seinfeld and whenever I see the word hipster I think of Kramer

    I don’t know what the Oxford definition of “hipster” is but I think connotatively at least, the term isn’t associated with the “creative class.” When I see the word applied it’s usually with regard to someone who views the stylistic aspects of hipsterism an end unto themselves. Trying to be more unique within a very narrow constellation of vintage styles is the purpose! When said person does something more interesting and creative than getting dressed, riding an old bike, and sipping a HighLife, I think that person ceases getting referred to as a hipster. I’ve never heard the word used in a non-pejorative way. It’s kind of short-hand for saying “look at that worthless peacock who thinks (s)he’s so deep but is really just a shallow bum.” This being said, I don’t really like to use the word because if I’m going to dismiss someone I feel like I owe myself more than a euphemism as a rationale.

    Oh. Sure enough:

    Most of you probably know this already, but just in case: Almost any movie released in January totally blows. The Oscar nominees are dominating the buzz and the box office, so the studios use January as a dumping ground for all their most misbegotten projects that they just want to clear off their shelves.

    For those of us that live in rural and even suburban america, january is when “oscar movies” released just in nyc and la for award cinsidetation sliwly make their way to cineplexes across the country.

    Sometimes, it takes weeks for indy pictures to make it to places like Delaware/suburban PA/NJ after they are released in limited numbers.

    For those of us that live in rural and even suburban america, january is when “oscar movies” released just in nyc and la for award cinsidetation sliwly make their way to cineplexes across the country.

    That’s pretty much what I just said — the Oscar movies dominate buzz and box office in January. But movies released in January (not previously released movies that just happen to arrive in your town in January) almost always suck.

    I think he’s saying that the *good* (a/k/a “Oscar worthy”) movies that we get to see here in November/December aren’t released into the sticks until January.

    Yes, that’s what I meant. apologies for a poorly-written post typed hastily at work on my phone.

    More often than not, limited release pictures, if they show up at all, can take a month or six weeks to get reasonably close (ie, within an hour drive). And, it can be longer for “oscar flicks” every year.

    For example, I think it took a month for Moonrise Kingdom to get close to me and that was something with good buzz and a decent indy film rollout.

    Negro Leagues Museum awards coming to an end.


    I found this kind of sad. Not exactly uni related, but I thought some of you might have an opinion on it.

    The Vikings/Chiefs game is at Metropolitan Staduim in Bloomington, MN . So I think the AFL officials uniforms were not used in an NFL/NFC venue.

    What I don’t understand about the DC Mayor’s comments, is why are they talking about moving back into DC, when they just built a new stadium.

    Is Dan Snyder already claiming a 15 year old, 85,000 seat stadium is inadequate? or are DC politicians tying to lure the team back?

    Anyone know the back story here?

    I had a stunned reaction too hearing about the inquiry to move the team back into DC. Apparently, though, all the renovations to the current stadium have fucked up the gameday experience for a lot of fans.

    If they decide to move back into Washington in a few years, will they retroactively change their 1999-2014 name to the Landover Redskins?

    I saw the “Seattle Kings” thing and thought of the basketball team. Forgive me, but was thire move to the Northwest discussed here at all yet?

    If the Sac Kings move to Seattle, do they keep the name and color scheme? Do they keep the name and revert to the Sonics color scheme? Do they go full Supersonics? Something new?

    Thoughts? (Another contest maybe…?)

    Actually, that was the first thing that crossed my mind. If the Kings were to move to Seattle I would prefer they adapt the Sonics’ color scheme, but I would rather have them use a new name. The Kings were originally known as the Royals so there is already precedent for a name change for that franchise.

    Nike founder Phil Knight is in attendance at the Arizona/Oregon basketball game this evening. ESPN’s Bill Walton described him as “the most important man in sports” and ended his description with, “Thank you for making dreams come true.”

    I know I’m late to the party of discussing demeaning team names for sports teams, but I’ve always bit my tongue on the topic. The recent happenings with the Redskins just has me shocked.

    The term Redskin may be offensive to some, but every day a person who is appalled by the name dies, and someone who will never associate hate with the word is born.

    It’s 2013. Most of the adult world associates Brave, Redskin, Warrior, etc. with sports, not racism. I understand these are terms rooted in hatred, but why should we preserve this? That seems more offensive. Why can’t we redefine the terms, like they kinda sorta already are?

    Ask 100 10 year olds who a Redskin is, I guarantee they say RG3, or something else very close that proves my point.

    If you wanna lock these words away, they will exist solely of what bred them, hatred.

    Allow a constantly evolving modern society to write a new definition for these terms and you completely stamp out what made them hurtful.

    As for the AFL refs in orange stripes…

    The 2009 AFL Legacy ref shirts were based on the 1960 shirts. From 1961-1964, the AFL shirts stayed orange, but the refs wore NO uni numbers. In 1965, the refs again wore numbers (black inside a white box), but it sure as heck looked to me like they switched to RED, and wore these red/white striped jerseys thru 1967. In 1968, the AFL officials adopted the NFL’s black/white ref outfits.

    If I am wrong about the 1965-67 colors, please let me know.

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