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Monday Morning Uni Watch

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We already knew Vikings punter Chris Kluwe was in favor of gay rights. Turns out he’s also in favor of Guy rights, at least judging by the “Vote Ray Guy” message that he taped over his Hall of Fame patch yesterday. Yeah, he’ll get fined, but whatever — pretty funny stuff, despite the somewhat sloppy execution. (The cover-up patch isn’t the first time Kluwe has tried to make the case for Guy’s induction, incidentally. Here’s a slightly more detailed piece of advocacy from last month.)

In other developments from yesterday’s NFL action:

• Most teams wore the Hall of Fame patch on the upper-left chest. But teams that already wear a patch in that spot moved the Hall patch over to the right side. Those teams were the Jets, Ravens, Steelers, and Chiefs. (The Texans will presumably do likewise when they play tonight, because they already have a 10th-anniversary patch at upper-left.) Oddly enough, three of these teams — the Jets, Steelers, and Ravens — don’t normally wear captaincy patches, so they didn’t have to worry about a patch overload on the right side. As for the Chiefs, I believe they solved the problem by simply not bothering with captaincy patches yesterday.

• Speaking of the Jets’ upper-left team logo patch, several players were missing theirs, including Tim Tebow, LaRon Landry, and Eric Smith. I believe running back Joe McKnight’s team patch was also AWOL, but I can’t find a photo of him.

• Still with the Jets: Offensive lineman Nick Mangold’s left-sleeve swoosh was facing the wrong way.

• Lots of jersey issues for Tony Romo: First his Hall of Fame patch was peeling off and then was gone altogether, and then he suffered a torn uni number.

• For the second consecutive week, an NFL death went unmemorialized. This time it was the Cowboys’ Jerry Brown, who was killed on Saturday when teammate Josh Brent crashed his car while allegedly driving drunk. No patch or decal yesterday for Brown.

• What Brandon Marshall did to his beautiful striped socks is a crying shame.

• The Bills wore white throwbacks at home. You can see lots of good shots from their locker room here.

• The Bengals wore their orange alts.

• Frank Gore of the 49ers showed up for yesterday’s game against the Dolphins wearing a rather unique sweatshirt.

Meanwhile, in case you missed yesterday, there was a good recap of the Army/Navy game in yesterday’s entry. For what it’s worth, several readers told me they had trouble reading Army’s map-patterned uni numbers during that game. “Looks good up close but not so good from a distance” was the general consensus.

(My thanks to all contributors, including David Bremer, Timothy Burke, Tim Fitzpatrick, Jason Greening, Matt Harris, John Turney, Tony Vendittelli, and Brinke.)

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nordiques jersey_t.jpg

Fleur de lis update: Last week’s installment of Question Time included a query about whether the the Nordiques had included the fleur de lis on their jersey because they’d cut a deal with the Quebec government (which was separatist at the time) to promote the province in return for tax breaks. I said I’d never heard that rumor before. Now reader Jean-Frédérick Legendre has checked in with some additional info:

I now live in Montreal but was born and raised in Quebec City (therefore a Nordiques fan and still a Habs-hater). Please excuse any language mistakes, I’m a franco!

The true story is that the fleur de lis was added to the Nordiques jersey for the 1974-75 season after a sponsorship was given by the Quebec Tourism department. That was, in fact, two years before the province of Québec elected its first sovereigntist government.

For that season, they just kept the same jerseys from the previous season but added fleurs de lis on both shoulders. It was only a year later, in the 1975-76 season, that they started to wear the design with the eight fleurs de lis. This was still one year before the sovereigntist Parti Québécois took office.

I have no clue how much money was given by the Tourism Department, for how many years the “sponsorship” lasted and if they were responsible for the 1975-76 version of the jersey. I seriously doubt that the Nordiques received money from the government up through 1995, though (it probably lasted only for a few seasons, maximum). But the fleur de lis just became an integral part of the Nordiques’ identity and was even to be kept on the shoulders of the prototype that was planned for 1996-97 (but never worn, as we all know). If the franchise is ever revived — which I’m hopeful and confident for! — I can’t see how the new team management could not make the fleur de lis part of the team’s brand, even if Quebec nationalism is unfortunately not rating that high right now.

The story is available, in French, here.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: You know what football players don’t wear? A cup! Highly entertaining reading, and I’m a little pissed off that I never thought to write my own article on that topic. ”¦ Fairly uncommonly seen Orioles logo shown on this 1965 preseason series program cover (from Ray Barrington). … The Texans have gone old-school and ordered themselves a set of varsity-style jackets. … When Ray Lewis returns to the Ravens in Week 15, he’ll have a new facemask. … Here’s something you won’t often see: color photos from a 1960 Packers/Lions game (from Don Schauf). ”¦ Mark Coale spotted this MLB cap ad in a 1970 comic book. “Note that it has the Pilots, not the Brewers,” he adds. ”¦ “I just picked up this book Barely Audible: A History of the Denver Broncos, which was written in 1975,” says Broncos scholar Tom Jacobsen. “It has photos of the team in a look I’d never seen before: the 1962-64 orange style, but with no decals on the helmets. No credits or captions with the photos, unfortunately.” Hmmm — preseason, perhaps? ”¦ Tim Burke spotted a guy wearing a jersey that was half Mike Alstott, half Kordell Stewart. Slash, indeed! ”¦ New Hispanic alternate jersey for the Reds. “Couldn’t hate it more,” says Cincy’s own David Sonny. “Take an ugly softball top in solid red, replace the classic wishbone-C with a generic chest-wide wordmark completely devoid of any ties to the Reds history, and you get the ugliest uniform the Reds have had since the vests with black sleeves.” … Here’s everything you need to know about why “New Orleans Pelicans” is an awesome team name. ”¦ New logo for the University of California (from Jen McGovern). ”¦ Jeff Seals notes that Liz Brenner of the Oregon women’s volleyball team had an upside-down 9 on the front of her jersey, instead of a proper 6, while playing against Nebraska at the NCAA Tournament Regional Final. You can see the correct 6 on her sleeve. ”¦ Here’s some great color footage of a 1940 Duke/UNC football game (from Jeff Flynn, Jr.). ”¦ Ansonia High School in Connecticut added a rather massive memorial decal for former coach Jack Hunt, who passed away on Thanksgiving. I’m told that the ribbon is a “Stand up to cancer” gesture (from Matthew Edwards). ”¦ Dennis Healy is sick of hearing people say NIU doesn’t belong in the Orange Bowl, so he made this graphic. ”¦ New alternate uniform for George Washington hoops. “First time I’ve ever seen a logo on their chest, instead of the script of the university name,” says Richard Howard. ”¦ In a related item, have you ever noticed that the negative space in the “W” of that GW logo is shaped like the Washington Monument? ”¦ Utah State basketball wore “12” patches on Saturday night in honor of freshman guard Danny Berger, who collapsed due to a heart condition during practice last Tuesday and had to be revived by an assistant trainer. Nice gesture, but that looks disturbingly close to a memorial patch, no? ”¦ The trend toward gray has now spread to big-time boxing, as Manny Pacquiao wore gray trunks and gray shoes for Saturday night’s bout against Juan Manuel Marquez. ”¦ Pretty funny EPL T-shirt here (from Max Weintraub). ”¦ Steve Santillo notes that the Ohio State hockey team sure does like that “Columbus Stripe” pattern. ”¦ Look at Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry — both then assistant coaches with the Giants — wearing completely different “NY” logos (from Fran Fried). ”¦ Saturday Night Live used a really old Michigan State logo the other night. “The top ‘head’ part is correct, but the bottom part hasn’t been used since before 2001,” says Kyle Munro. ”¦ Paul Deaver notes that all three of this year’s Heisman finalists wore single-digit uni numbers. Has that ever happened before? ”¦ Also from Paul: The Monmouth basketball team has one of history’s more unique annoying uni number fonts. ”¦ I’m not sure where you can get this T-shirt, but it’s perfect for your next Bills tailgate (from Tony Caliguiri). ”¦ For reasons that aren’t entirely clear to me, Jason Kidd was clowning around in a Rangers helmet (from Chris Flinn). ”¦ The Royals just traded pitching prospect Mike Montgomery to the Rays, where he’s expected to split time between AA and AAA. The Rays’ AA club is the Montgomery Biscuits, so at some point we’ll probably have Montgomery playing for Montgomery. Unfortunately, the Biscuits don’t have a jersey with their city name on the front (understandable, given that “Biscuits” is one of the best words in the English language), so we won’t have a jersey situation akin to Curtis Pride playing for the Nashua Pride. ”¦ New logo for the Korean Baseball Organization (from Dan Kurtz). ”¦ New G.I. Joe uniforms for the College of Southern Idaho (from Ryan Arave).

Comments (92)

    For those wondering about where Frank Gore got his sweatshirt, I wrote a little piece about it on my blog. It’s from a company called Pink Dolphin


    Heh. The Orioles and Yankees will be making a lot more trips to Houston now. I think MLB will eventually do away with the NL-AL designations and go East-West like the NBA & NHL, with the DH in both leagues.

    I’m still waiting to see when the Seahawks will bust out the gray alts. Maybe this Sunday in Toronto?

    “I think MLB will eventually do away with the NL-AL designations and go East-West like the NBA & NHL, with the DH in both leagues.”

    The day my National League (since 1876!) is disbanded in favor of some silly “MLB East” (perhaps with an old-NHL-style “Selig Division”) is the day I stop following the game.

    (Off-topic question for MLB.TV app users: is there a way to stop showing results from the other league, or at least get the application to group results by league? They jumble all the games together regardles of league, unlike just about all newspapers both online and print. I have termemdous respsect for the American League, and they play great baseball, but they’re not the league my team is in, and so I don’t want to think about them. I suppose I could designate all 16 (15, whatever) NL teams as my “favorites”; maybe that would work.)

    Mark, the NL (as well as the AL) disbanded in 2000 when the respective league’s offices were consolidated into the MLB Commissioner’s office. They’re still around in name only–they serve as conferences for scheduling purposes. Plus, I think the 2000 World Series will prove that having two teams from completely different geographic areas would do better ratings. And I’m from an NL city, too. Inevitably, like maybe within the next 20-30 years, there will likely be a major realignment based on geography.

    The World Series is not an exercise in geographical balance! This isn’t the NCAA basketball tournament. If both teams happen to come from the West or East Coast or Midwest or South, that’s how it goes. The highest rating World Series ever? 1982 – St. Louis Cardinals vs Milwaukee Brewers.

    The only people who want the largest cities & both coasts represented is ESPN & FOX. That was the motivation behind the 2nd Wild Card: as a safety net for the largest markets (because the vast majority of playoff teams are in the Top 10 MLB team salaries). Who would have benefited from the 2nd Wild Card in the AL in 2008, 2010, 2011? Yankees, Red Sox, Red Sox.

    With no salary cap or floor in place for MLB, the largest markets will continue to spend the most, land the best players & ultimately achieve the best shot to make the playoffs. For all the bull Bud Selig talks about parity, he doesn’t do anything about it, and he would absolutely mortified if it a Kansas City / Pittsburgh or Tampa / San Diego World Series.

    Yeah, and the NFL will also be going to East-West designations so the Jets and Giants play every year. Get real.

    The NFL’s scheduling works because everyone plays everyone every fours years max. Plus preseason allows for the geographic rivalries, and, well, legally either the Bills, Lions, or Colts would have to be in a division with the Steelers, Browns, and Bengals if the NFL ever decided to do that–the latter three MUST be in the same division as part of any realignment proposals.

    I could see a realigned MLB going like this:

    MLB East

    Atlantic Division

    Boston Red Sox
    New York Mets
    New York Yankees
    Philadelphia Phillies
    Toronto Blue Jays

    Southeast Division

    Atlanta Braves
    Baltimore Orioles
    Miami Marlins
    Tampa Bay Rays
    Washington Nationals

    Central Division

    Cincinnati Reds
    Cleveland Indians
    Detroit Tigers
    Milwaukee Brewers
    Pittsburgh Pirates

    MLB West

    Midwest Division

    Chicago Cubs
    Chicago White Sox
    Kansas City Totals
    Minnesota Twins
    St. Louis Cardinals

    Southwest Division

    Arizona Diamondbacks
    Colorado Rockies
    Houston Astros
    Seattle Mariners
    Texas Rangers

    California Division

    Los Angeles Angels
    Los Angeles Dodgers
    Oakland A’s
    San Diego Padres
    San Francisco Giants

    Yeah, no thanks. That has been proposed before back in the 1990s and it was voted down. The separate leagues have been in place since 1901 and they are important.

    If anything, the idea of Interleague Play is an failure & did not create rivalries (outside of the obvious intracity ones & even those aren’t as exciting anymore) like MLB hoped. Interleague Play has done irreparable damage to the All Star Game & the World Series. What really made those games great was those players & teams never saw each other in the regular season. Basically every year since Interleague Play was introduced in 1997, ratings for the ASG & World Series have been getting worse, not better.

    Rivalries don’t always happen just because of geography, they happen because of great teams.

    And did you notice that I kept a lot of those rivalries together division ranking?

    Look, a lot of experts are predicting that the Astros move to the AL is a trial run of the inevitability of realigning by geography. It’s possible to do it while maintaining major rivalries.

    What, Red Sox/Yankees, Cubs/Cardinals & Dodgers/Giants? That’s all I see & we have those now. I’m pretty sure Mets/Yankees & Cubs/Sox fans wouldn’t want to play each other 19 times a season.

    Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.

    I will say this much: I would like to see Pirates-Indians more often. Publicly, the Indians prefer having the Reds as their main Interleague rival because of the Ohio factor. (Seriously, a Cleveland-Columbus rivalry would make more sense. Cincinnati is a Kentucky city that happens to be in Ohio.) Privately, I think its because they don’t want another Pittsburgh invasion of Cleveland.

    In all seriousness, though, both teams tend to draw high attendance figures when the other is in town. The Pirates are doing better in attendence in general, but they practically sell out when its the Indians. (Only the Yankees and anytime the Buccos are running a SkyBlast promotion or Fireworks Night promotion do they draw more fans to PNC Park.) The Tribe don’t draw as well as they used to, but they have pretty decent turnouts when the Pirates are at the Jake. When you consider the proximity between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, plus transplants from both cities in the other city (Pittsburgh does have a decent amount of Cleveland natives living here.), its a win-win for both teams.

    Yeah, and the NFL will also be going to East-West designations so the Jets and Giants play every year. Get real.

    Exactly, Scott.

    Two leagues do East & West: NHL & NBA
    Two leagues do not: NFL & MLB

    Isn’t hard to figure out which group has the more popular leagues.

    Yeah, because the divisional alignment is the reason people prefer football over hockey.

    The NFL could realign alphabetically and still be the number 1 sport in the US.

    I think MLB will eventually do away with the NL-AL designations and go East-West like the NBA & NHL, with the DH in both leagues.

    Oh HELL no. League identity is important to MLB and realigning everything will only make it as bland as the NBA, and nobody wants that. Perfectly geographical divisions are a bunch of hooey, in fact divisions should be completely done away with for good & the NL & AL should go to a 1-15 (1-14 & 1-16, actually) ranking with the top 4 teams by record making the playoffs while playing a completely balanced league-only schedule. It’s the most fair & most sensible.

    Selig, the worst commissioner in sports, made a mockery of moving the Brewers to the NL as a quick cash-in tie to the Cubs, and they should had been forced to move back to the AL, not the Astros who had 50 years in the NL.

    I’m a fan of an AL team but the DH is absolute garbage. You don’t do your pitching staff any favors with it. What a horrible, lazy, greedy oversight the AL made in 1973 & had they known it would had become a huge salary burden that it has become, they would have never been in favor of it. The DH is not real baseball. I would rather see the DH eliminated with rosters expanded to 26 instead of implementing the DH in both leagues.

    Connie Sealed, my 34-year-old cousin (how’s Uncle Jimmy doing these day, CS?) is absolutely correct in every particular, anti-DH-ness included. Dan Okrent called it the “plague of inter-league games,” and he was right, too.

    Uncle Jimmy is fretting because somehow with the “brilliance” of 15-team balanced leagues, the schedule actually got MORE unbalanced:

    AL Central went up to 76 games (19 X 4) from 72 (18 X 4)
    AL West went up to 33 from 32
    AL East went down to 33 from 40
    Interleague Play went up to 20 from 18

    I’m sure we’re all just tickled silly that the first Interleague Plague series of the year goes to the Angels at Cincinnati Reds & the last is the Minnesota Twins at Miami.

    Here’s the breakdown of the Natural Rivals (2-game home & 2-game away series) and Interleague Plague “double dipping” (2-game home & 2-game away series):

    White Sox & Cubs / Mets
    Tigers & Pirates / Nationals
    Indians & Reds / Phillies
    Twins & Brewers / Marlins
    Royals & Cardinals / Braves

    Rangers & Diamondbacks / Brewers
    A’s & Giants / Reds
    Mariners & Padres / Pirates
    Astros & Rockies / Cardinals
    Angels & Dodgers / Cubs

    Orioles & Nationals / Padres
    Blue Jays & Braves / Giants
    Rays & Marlins / Diamondbacks
    Red Sox & Phillies / Rockies
    Yankees & Mets / Dodgers

    I’ll say one thing in favor of the DH: you get to see pitchers throw more complete games. I love seeing starters go all the way.

    But really the DH debate is (for me) much less important than my desire for fewer playoff teams, a more league/division-centric schedule (as opposed to playing the other league almost as often as you meet your division rivals), and a schedule where everyone in each division plays the exact same schedule as everyone else in that division, preferably with equal numbers of games against each rival team. The old NL setup with 18 (9 home, 9 road) against teams in your division and 12 (6, 6) against the other division, and a playoff with the other division’s winner, was a perfect balance between traditionalism and today’s hyperplayoffism.

    Sometimes when I get really cynical I think that what little balance remains in the schedule will eventually be dumped in favor of whatever matchups make the most money. Yankees and Red Sox, Cubs and Cardinals, Giants-Dodgers 40 times a year, to be played in whichever ballpark draws better and has better TV camera angles! (Think Selig won’t try it?)

    Counter argument: when you’re giving late inning specialists relievers & closers $5M to $12M, they have a job to do, plus complete games are a relic of a bygone era & usually very high pitch counts, and all that extra inning wear and tear for a single game is unnecessary. I don’t like pushing starters past 105 pitches. It wouldn’t be so bad if the strike zone wasn’t so small & batters didn’t have so many advantages. That’s another reason why games take so long these days, too. I remember watching a rain delay special of Rick Sutcliffe in 1984 pitching the NL East clincher at Three Rivers. I couldn’t believe the chest-high strikes being called & how quickly the Red Baron was working in the game or the narrow waists on the hitters. Pitch it, catch it, throw it back, pitch it right away – what a concept!

    Selig did have Red Sox/Yankees in his eyes when he went with the unbalanced schedule. Also as a fan, it’s boring to see division rivals come to your park 3 series a year each while you usually get 1 visit from the other two divisions. I much prefer everyone playing a balanced schedule of 12 or 13 times each in the league. The old uneven divisions & leagues, Interleague Play, different Natural Rivals & the Wild Card was just beyond a mess of unbalance. Evening the leagues & divisions did nothing to help balance things other than the NL Central & the AL West. The Interleague Play schedule is still completely different for teams in the division unlike in the NFL. 1998 expansion was a mistake IMO.

    That’s it right there: the 1998 expansion. Things were basically fine before that. Even the 7-team divisions that they had when the Rockies and Marlins first joined the league were workable. I think it was 13 games against your division and 12 against the other. Not perfect, because you had an uneven number of home and road games against each opponent, but it was still pretty good.

    The baseball caps include the “White Socks” and “Red Socks”. Hilaire!

    The cover of Barely Audible appears to combine the 1965-66 Bronco jersey with a later helmet. Odd that.

    The best one I’ve seen came while watching NOTTING HILL. Hugh Grant spills orange juice on Julia Roberts, and as he attempts to clean up the mess, his line is…
    “We’ll have you spic and span in no time.”

    The closed captioning said…
    “We’ll have you Hispanic and span in no time.”

    (Don’t yell at me; I’m only the messenger)

    Jason Kidd has taken a few shots to the head recently, including being hit by Lance Stephenson’s teeth. Seeing him in the hockey helmet reminds me of seeing Don Zimmer in the army helmet.

    re: COTD….

    I’ve always loved the pieman logo.

    1982-86. Harrisonburg, VA. Many after-gig meals under the orange roof.

    Here is a larger version of the Ray Lewis Facemask.

    Does anyone know what the patches are that he has on his jersey there?


    This is a random statement to make I know, but the picture of the Oregon volleyball player got me thinking – I love when colleges have a uniform, consistent look across its sports teams. For example, I love the fact that the Michigan hockey team has a helmet design similar to the football team’s (or at least they used to).

    Michigan hockey players still wear the winged helmet.

    Funny thing is, when Red Berenson introduced the design back in 1989 (at the start of the CCHA tournament), the players were utterly shocked that he’d messed with their helmets, but it didn’t take long for them to adjust to the change. I remember that some football traditionalists in the Wolverine community took great umbrage at the time, and I just thought that was dumb of them to complain.

    On the SNL/Michigan State logo … I didn’t see the episode, but looking at the context of the picture, could this be a “period” piece and the logo is actually appropriate for the skit? If so, kudos to SNL for (potentially) getting it right!

    I saw the skit; I don’t think it was a period piece but the time it took place was ambiguous (a “perpetual now” as 24 liked to call it)

    This is a recurring sketch that is supposed to be a MSU student production, and they’ve had that logo the 3 other times the sketch aired as well. I think they just found one that was a quick find.

    There’s an online petition to withdraw that modernized UC-Berkley logo. link I realize there needs to be an informal identity as opposed to a formal seal or coat of arms. But that modern logo is terrible, especially where the C fades into irrelevance. The C needs to be bold.

    About that link, JTH…

    That sign in the lower right, I have one saying the opposite hanging in my bedroom. Heh.

    Additional, additional demerits for not practicing proper flag etiquette when displaying the flag vertically.

    Signs, signs, everywhere (on the sidelines) signs. ARMY v. NAVY Game

    Paul—please comment.

    Both the Army and Navy sideline crew were using posterboard signs with cryptic images. I recall seeing one with Washington D.C. landmarks (Lincoln Memorial statue, Washington Monument, etc.). and another using fast food restaurant logos (Wendy’s, McDonald’s etc.)

    Does anyone have any additional information on this quirk of the game?

    It’s similar to what Oregon does on the sidelines — using pictures as a quick way to signal plays and formations.

    it’s not just oregon (although they may have pioneered it)…i’ve seen at least 3 or 4 schools using the 4/image placards this season

    Correct. Oregon came first to my mind; I know other schools do it, but couldn’t recall which ones.

    “… I’m not sure where you can get this T-shirt, but it’s perfect for your next Bills tailgate (from Tony Caliguiri). …”


    Almost as good, in fact, as the rip-you-a-new-one defense of New Orleans Pelicans.

    Did anyone see the ESPN 30 for 30 on Bo Jackson?

    They had a segment dedicated to the Bo Knows Nike campaign. Pretty interesting stuff. They said that Nike was #2 behind Reebok before the Bo Knows campaign.

    I must admit I really enjoyed that Pelicans piece on Deadspin. I remember seeing those bastards in City Park down in New Orleans dive-bomb the shit out of some fish.

    “During times of famine, it was said, the mother pelican would draw her own blood to feed her young, and the early church quickly adopted the pelican as a symbol for the Christ. Do you see anyone worshipping a seahawk? You do not.”

    I can understand these tactics, it’s a fuckin’ Pelican.

    New alternate jersey for the Reds: “Couldn’t hate it more,” says Cincy’s own David Sonny. “Take an ugly softball top in solid red, replace the classic wishbone-C with a generic chest-wide wordmark completely devoid of any ties to the Reds history, and you get the ugliest uniform the Reds have had since the vests with black sleeves.”

    You know what it looks like? A red road Dodgers jersey. Criminal.

    The NY Times story about the cup is pretty spot on.
    I played 4 years of high school football and I never wore a cup. A coworker of mine Played 4 years of Division one college football and he told me he (and most teammates) never wore a cup either.
    It is uncomfortable.
    Most guys just wear a jockstrap to hold in your package and hope for the best.

    Golic and them were talking about the same thing last week. He said he never wore a cup for football.
    Not much of a comparison, but neither did I for high school football. We were supposed to, but I couldn’t stand the damn thing.
    Never wore one for baseball, either.

    My high school football coaches would go crazy about us not wearing a cup, but eventually I realized it wasn’t about protection. They just thought it looked terrible when you could see the waistline of a guy’s boxers if his pants moved around. They made me run laps one afternoon because I forgot my jock and you could clearly see my red boxers.

    As far as comfort versus protection, I’ve nver really found a good alternative to a regular cup, except in hockey. I noticed some hockey pants have a pad that protects the lower abdomen down from the waistline to the crotch. Since it sits a little off the involved parties, when the pad gets hit by an errant stick, puck, etc., the pain feels more like being smothered with a pillow than blunt trauma on (without cup) or around (with cup) my crotch. I have yet to take a direct slap shot in the area though, and God willing it won’t happen regardless of the protection.

    TJ, I’m going to say this after experiencing the worst pain I have ever felt in my life: for the love of all things good, wear a damned cup!

    I was like you until midway through last season. Being a defenceman, I’m always looking for the best protection while not bulking up in armor too much, but an errant wrist shot while battling in front of the net caught me square in the marble bag, and I was in extreme pain.

    It ain’t worth the trouble, bro. Cup them up. The fallout of my experience for the few weeks that followed was not enjoyable.

    My football career consisted of two unhappy seasons on the Swiston’s Beef ‘n’ Keg Broncos, of the Tonawandas’ Football Clinic. Every practice and every game was preceded by an assistant coach gathering us together and saying, “Men, we don’t want any of you getting hurt out there, so we need to know that everyone’s wearing a cup.” We then commenced to rapping our knuckles against our groins, the resulting “thwack” indicating that we were properly equipped. The assistant coach then nodded, and said, “Good work. You’ll thank me for this one day.”

    Cup in football – mandatory in my high school, coach’s rules. His view was that none of us was good enough or fast enough that giving up the safety of the cup was worth a little bit more speed.

    Cup in baseball – always wore one as an infielder, never as an outfielder. The thought of playing third base, sometimes inside the bag, on some of the shitty fields we played on, WITHOUT A CUP, is making me cringe right now.

    ANYONE NOTICE? In the pic of the coin toss at Army-Navy, the Midshipmen players have removed their helmets… the Cadets helmets are firmly panted on their heads.

    While we’re on the Nordiques, can someone explain to me what the logo on the jersey was supposed to be?

    When I was a wee lad I always thought it looked like an elephant, which made zero sense. Hadn’t given it much thought until today’s piece. Igloo? Ski slope? Anyone?

    Combination of/marriage of a lower case “n” (tres ’70s) and an igloo.
    And, of course, a stick and puck.

    (At least that’s what they said at the time).

    Rick’s right.

    You’re looking at the link to make the loop of the lower-case “n”, and the stick and puck are tossed on there to help designate the sport.

    I am glad to see “Rojos”, and not “Los Reds” on the Reds’ Hispanic heritage jersey. (It would be better without the article of course, just like the Giants’ “Gigantes” jerseys.)

    I know that many people think that names should never be translated. But this is not true; there is nothing wrong with using translated versions of team names. In my experience, I have often heard Spanish speakers refer to the Cubs as “los Cachorros”, to the Cardinals as “los Cardenales”, and to the Angels as “los Serafines”.

    And we often use the English-language versions of the names of Latin American teams: we to refer to the Diablos Rojos de México as the “Mexico City Reds” (or sometimes “Red Devils”), to the Tigres del México as the “Mexico City Tigers”, to the Cangrejeros de Santurce as the “Santurce Crabbers”, to the Aguilas Cibaeñas as the “Cibao Eagles”, and to the Tigres de Licey as the “Licey Tigers”.

    But I agree with Dave Sonny that the Reds’ Hispanic jersey is stylistically uninspired and that it is devoid of any connection to Reds’ history. They could have done a version of the C-Reds wishbone-C logo with the word “Rojos” in place of “Reds”.

    Taking the Heisman single digit thing a step further. Marqise Lee and Braxton Miller, who finished 4th and 5th in the final tally respectively, also wear single digits.

    I have no idea how I stumbled on this….


    Michael Bolton’s knee brace is painted to blend with his pinstriped pants…

    For a season or so after Dean Smith’s retirement, the Tarheels wore “NC” instead of “North Carolina” on their jerseys.

    Ryan Grooms, the Notre Dame football equipment manager, tweeted a photo of their bowl game jerseys.

    Normal home jerseys, with bowl patch and player name in white added:


    When I arrived at the Univ. of MN as a student football manager, one of our defensive ends wore a cup. Why? He only had one testicle. Smart man.

    There was a really interesting article about Chris Kluwe in Sports Illustrated a couple months ago. Turns out the guy is a real character and totally not a typical pro athlete type of person. He’s a Dungeons & Dragons nerd and is such a hardcore World of Warcraft player that him and his crew of WoW buddies were ranked 3rd in the nation in dungeon takeovers (or something) at one point. He has the ultra rare combination of uber dork who just so happens to be athletic enough to play a sport professionally. Granted he’s a punter, and they are already kind of dorky anyway, but to be able to punt good enough that you can play in the NFL? Talk about an anomaly!

    Kinda reminds me of the time I was listening to an interview of Celtics player Dee Brown and he said if he wasn’t so good at basketball, he’d have a career doing something with computers, and that he was just as passionate about computers as he was about basketball. When I heard that I was like, wait a minute, the guy who invented the blind dunk is a computer nerd?! Say it ain’t so!

    And yeah, about Ray Guy: I’ve always assumed he’s been in the Hall of Fame since at least the early 90’s. You hear his name all the time if you’re a football fan, he’s generally considered the greatest punter of all time. So why the heck isn’t he in the Hall of Fame?! Way to go Kluwe for getting this “Guy” the attention he deserves! Can you say “Get Ray Guy in the Pro Football Hall of Fame” Facebook Page petition? I can!

    Cowboys did not wear a patch or decal, but they did memorialize their fallen teammate Jerry Brown… His [jersey was placed on the bench](link), and shown several times throughout the coverage of the game. Several Cowboys players went to sit next to it on the bench, and a few carried it around after the game.

    When I first started playing football I wore a cup but I quickly realized that the cups available at the time had many design flaws and were extremely uncomfortable to wear. Even at 14 or 15 I was imagining what a more comfortable cup would be like, because what I was being told to wear by coaches was just not ergonomically sound.

    For one it would chafe your thighs. Second of all like it said in the article, if it shifted out of position and you got hit, it would basically squash your junk like a vice. Yeah, you could wear spandex underneath the cup and that would prevent chafing, but then the cup would sit on top of your junk instead of surrounding it, and the vice-squashing problem was even worse. And I remember getting bruises on my inner thighs because the sides of the cup, albeit cushioned with foam rubber, had no give.

    You’d think something as sensitive and important as a man’s testicles would’ve inspired a team of freakin’ NASA scientists to design a more comfortable cup by now.

    About that Ansonia High memorial decal:


    See how the body of the horse is made out of the word “ANSONIA”? Is there a name for that style, where a word makes up the silhouette of an animal? It has a very 60’s vibe to it, was that style popular back then?

    The Texans letterman jacket is just awesome. Awesome. For whatever reason, maybe nostalgia, but that was the coolest thing in a long time.

    In the Texans article, it notes that the other ideas they had were “too nerdy to share”. They don’t know about us do they?

    A lot of modified uni’s in the NBA nowadays. The other night I decided to watch an NBA game instead of watching the fresh paint dry in my new foyer, watching paint is still more exciting..(I am a disgruntled NHL fan who loves NFL and already misses MLB)..but I do gotta say though that the NBA is looking alright ( that sounds desperate) but whatever.

    That Deadspin video of a pelican devouring a pigeon is nuts. My perception of pelicans is totally blown.

    I especially appreciated today’s photos of the 1960 Green Bay/Detroit game. For whatever reason I was drawn to the crowd in the background, and was struck by the nearly complete absence of Packers colors. This is not a comment on the Packers or their fans; I was just reminded that people used to look good at games in the days before body paint, plastic horns and foam cheese hats.

    Dennis Healy and his NIU Huskies can suck a dick! The composite record of their opponents was 62 – 94; if you leave out their lucky last game against Kent St. (big frickin’ whoopie), it would be 51 – 92. They don’t deserve to go anywhere that rewards them for playing such suck-ass teams all year!

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