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Sunday Morning Uni Watch

SMUW Rivalry Weekend Anim

By Phil Hecken

And what a rivalry weekend it was.

The *greatest* weekend in college football had its share of excitement, with many teams engaging their traditional cross-state or cross-border opponents in a good, old-fashioned smack-down. It’s a weekend when most teams wear their “Sunday Best,” if you will — or the uniform you’d recognize as “your” team decades from now…not some one-off costume designed to move merch. Most teams abide by this “unwritten” rule, but of course, there are always exceptions.

I’m sure Terry will have more on these below, but one team who broke from tradition, THE Ohio State University, busted out a new costume for THE Game against Michigan. We knew about these get-ups coming in, and all things considered, they didn’t look bad. They did suffer from typical Nike truncated-pants striping, had gray numbers, and extra-wide helmet & shoulder stripes.

All of these, with the exception of the truncated pants striping, were relatively minor tweaks (at least to me), and weren’t too much of a detriment to the traditional Buckeye uniform. But they did make one noticeable, and excellent tweak — the addition of bright green buckeye leaf pride stickers! I loved those, but I could have done without the black facemasks. Overall, a downgrade from their normal uni, but not as bad as it could have been.

Aside from the Buckeye costume, UCLA again wore their mono-navy suits, pissing off the uniform gods to no end, and promply got their asses handed to them by Stanford, who looked great. Those two teams will meet for the PAC-12 championship next weekend in Palo Alto, where one only can hope UCLA will look like UCLA should.

And…in a game that looked really great…but broke a LOT of hearts across the country, Notre Dame defeated USC to complete an undefeated regular season, and a berth in the Big Game down in Miami on January 7th. So, congrats to those Golden Domers. This could be the final proof that the Mayans were right…

There was lots more action on the gridiron, so I will now turn the rest of this over to Terry Duroncelet, where TJ will take us through the rest of our…

. . .

Sunday Morning Uni Watch
by Terry Duroncelet

Someone got an early Christmas present: a new T.V.! Which means no more annoying lines at the top and no more black void of death at the bottom (although it’s almost impossible to see here because my room was dark). Also, I wrote a new holiday song earlier this week for the band Periphery: Food Coma Was Yes v2.0. That was the scene at around 7pm this past Thursday after a successful Thanksgiving with family (BTW, that was my second plate, and yes, I ate all of that). Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving, and let’s get into the games of the 13th week of the 2012 NCAA football season.

• During the Toledo/Akron game on Tuesday, I caught Cassius McDowell’s slightly-mangled helmet number (he wears #19 for Toledo). From that same game: reason #22 why screenprint numbers are lame.

• It was Trample Other People For Cheap Goods Mere Hours After Being Thankful For What You Already Have Black Friday the day that Cincinnati and South Florida faced off, and the Bearcats dressed for the occasion (yes, that’s what they usually wear, but this kind of color tie-in doesn’t happen all the time). Look at the Bulls, totally not in the holiday spirit, with their all-white uniforms. Spoilsports. Does anyone know what the significance of the #63 decals on the Cincy helmets?

• Another team that didn’t get the Black Friday memo: Arizona. WOW, that’s a lot of red. At least Arizona State met with their end of the deal (albeit; two-thirds of the way through).

• Moving on to Saturday, Duke was a day late to the Black Friday festivities.

The Game. Michigan looked as normal as they could, while Ohio State’s new Nike uniforms made it a point to make a big deal about the Columbus Stripe. Like, a REALLY BIG DEAL. Seriously, look at the size of that thing. Also of note: the buckeye leaves were chrome.

• Virginia Tech wore their gobbler helmets again against UVA, but with their orange jerseys and solid-white pants. Speaking of pants, Virginia wore pants with a conventional stripe. Nothing special, except that they haven’t worn pants like that since 2009, and even so, look at how wide the orange stripe is compared to the pants that the Cavaliers wore on Saturday. The pants were probably derived from the throwbacks that they wore earlier in the season. Maybe coach Mike London got tired of looking at the dart pants every week.

• Northwestern wore their black helmets and jerseys for the second time this season against Illinois, and they broke out the purple pants for the first time this season! At least, to my knowledge. Nice!

• …I could, I would, and I should, but I’m not going to.

• Penn State added the number 42 to the left side of their helmets against Wisconsin in honor of Senior linebacker Michael Mauti, who injured his left knee last week against Indiana, and was not able to play against the Badgers.

Color vs. color game between Air Force and Fresno State.

• Wyoming looks to have gotten new brown jersey tops earlier in the week (here are the brown tops that they’ve been using this season), so they now match the gold tops. No new pants to my knowledge, but they had gold versions of the white decals from an earlier game against New Mexico. Brown/brown/gold looks good here.

• Got a note from Michael Cossey, which reads: “The ULM Warhawks were promised names on their jerseys if they earned the school’s first-ever bowl berth. With seven wins, that seems all but certain and they will have names on their jerseys when they play Florida International tonight.”

• Florida broke out the orange pants against Florida State.

• UCLA wore their all-navy uniforms for the second time this season against Stanford.

• Mississippi State wore their Egg Bowl uniforms in their game against Ole Miss.

• Last but not least, San Jose State wore mono-gold against Louisiana Tech.

Alright, everyone can go back to their food comas for the next week. I know I am.

. . .

Thanks TJ! And a Happy Thanksgiving to you.

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Screen Shot 2012-06-24 at 10.32.36 PM

“Benchies” first appeared at U-W in 2008, and has been a Saturday & Sunday feature here for the past two years.

. . . . .

Nothing like having a beer with a friend and discussing the really important stuff…

11-25-12 s-wash

Click to enlarge

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colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Had a nice batch yesterday — so nice, in fact, that Colorize This! is back again today for round two.

. . .

Yankees Football - John Turney

Up first is John Turney, who has a bunch for us (John’s not much for descriptions):

Yankees Football

. . .

bank mcfadden - clemson - John Turney

Bank McFadden, Clemson. Due to complaints I switched purple to blue.

. . .

WA_Redskins_1938_smalwl - John Turney

WA_Redskins_1938_small - John Turney

1938 Redskins. Two different looks.

. . .

Next up is Gary Chanko, who of course has great research to go along with his selection:

Gallaudet Univ Color - Gary Chanko


I discovered this 1920 vintage football photo in Shorpy a few days ago. The image demanded colorization plus it provided an interesting backstory.

Founded in 1864, Gallaudet University, Washington D.C., was the first school for the advanced education of the deaf and hard of hearing in the world – but you probably knew that! And, they’ve been playing football for more than a hundred years. But what you may not know is the Gallaudet football team invented the huddle. (There’s a minor argument about this and you can read about it here).

The four players (from left: Gripp, Mathew, Lahn, and Troske) reportedly starred for the Gallaudet University Blues, as they were commonly known in this era. The athletic teams are now known as the Bisons, a mascot the school started adopting in the late 1930s.

Why the blue jerseys in the colorized image? The long standing school colors are buff and blue, so the pale blue hue seemed to fit.


. . .

Next up is a reader submission, from John Trigg (coming to us from an undisclosed location), he’s hoping the colorizers will take a crack at (and it’s of his dad, so maybe we can get a couple):

Flying Trigg 49 (Large)a

Hi Phil:

Hello from Southwest Asia (sorry I can’t be more specific)! I work over here as a contractor with US Forces. Anyway…I’m a long-time UW reader and have a photo I’d like to submit for possible colorization. The main thing that got me thinking about this was your Father’s Day post…I lost my dad a couple of years ago and while it does get easier, every now and then…I still find myself thinking “I should ask Dad about this…”.

Anyway, the photo is of my father John W. Trigg…a 149 lb All-State guard for the 1949 Louisiana State Champion Byrd High School Yellowjackets. He always loved this photo…and told me that it was quite painful (apparently, he had to leap several times). Uniform colors were purple and gold (looks like metallic gold…probably more of the “old gold” variety) and the houses in the background are likely red brick.

Hopefully Paul won’t mind that the uniform colors are purple and gold? I’d love to see this done in color.


John Trigg ( جون تريج)
Southwest Asia

. . .

Thanks all! Great job, of course, by John & Gary. Back with more next time!

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Duck Tracker 2012

2012 Duck Tracker

The twelfth game of the Ducks 2012 season featured them in Corvalis for the Civil War against Oregon State. And what a difference a week (and school colors) make. The Ducks looked incredible, back in their lightning yellow helmets and lightning yellow pants. And the score was nice too — the men from Eugene posted a 48-24 victory over the Beavers of Corvalis (who also looked great). As the Ducks took care of their own business, they had to sit and cheer for UCLA to take out Stanford so there would be another game in Eugene this year…unfortunately, the Ducks’ next game will likely be in Glendale.


Our 2012 Duck Tracker is Tim E. O’Brien, and here he is to tell you about it:

. . .

What an amazing game to watch… I mean, if you were one of the few people who could actually watch the game. While I missed out on some of the action while watching Northwestern break out their purple pants in their Illini-romp, the photos from the game are indisputable – a great color match up between to exciting schools from the great Northwest. Must be nice to be a football fan and/or uni watcher in Oregon.

And finally, as always, feel free to check out all of the college uniform tracker sites.

. . .

Thanks Tim.

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Catherine 5 & 1 animated

Catherine Ryan’s 5 & 1

The five and one has been a staple of Uni Watch for three years, usually ably administered by Jim Vilk. But he got old and tired, so we needed someone young and fresh. And we’ve found that someone in this year’s new 5 & 1 decider…Catherine Ryan.

With a whole host of rivalry games yesterday, and throughout the week, actually, there were so many good ones (and a few bad), I don’t think anyone can argue with what follows — it’s all opinion — and for every five I like, you may like five others. And maybe there are a few out there most of us hadn’t noticed because we (or I anyway) were focused on the “big” games. With that being said, here’s Catherine and her week 13 5 & 1:

. . .

Happy Sunday, UniWatchers! I hope everyone had a fun and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Rivalry week brought us some great match-ups this past weekend. I’m sure everyone caught a bunch of the games so I tried to find a couple of obscure ones. I mixed them in with some of the big games I liked!

5. Ohio vs. Kent State: I wanted to acknowledge Kent State in the 5 spot because they’ve had an incredible year. I caught a bit of this game and thought it looked great. I love Ohio in the green pants.

4. North Texas vs. Western Kentucky: Only after I put this countdown together did it occur to me that North Texas looks very similar to Ohio. I just love colored pants on the road!

3. Oregon vs. Oregon State: Hell has frozen over. I never thought I’d put the Ducks on here in anything but these. However, I didn’t hate (which is the standard for Oregon) what they wore against the Beavers on Saturday. Also, the Beavers looked great.

2. Michigan vs. Ohio State: I was expecting so much worse. I guess you can put me in the camp that didn’t mind the Buckeyes costume this week.

1. Nebraska vs. Iowa: I never thought red pants could make me swoon.

And the bad one…

+1 Southern Mississippi vs. Memphis: So much going on here.

I look forward to hearing what you all think! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

. . .

Thanks Catherine! Hell had to have frozen over when one of my 5 & 1 deciders picks OREGON for the good! YES! (But they did look good, no?). I might have to disagree with some of your top 5, but hey, that’s just MHO. YMMV. Readers, how’d she do?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That’s it for this fine last Sunday in November. Time for the colleges to wrap things up, and the NFL teams to start jockeying for post-season positioning.

Yes, I realize there was nothing in today’s post about The Grey Cup, and for that I apologize. If one of our Canadian friends coughmikestyczencough would like to do a review for next weekend, I’ll happily work with you on that. Since the game will be on The NBC Sports Network today, beginning at 6:00 pm, I plan on watching (since I didn’t get the ESPN3/NFL Network, which had hosted the game the past three years, I didn’t get to see it for a few years). If you fine readers haven’t ever watched the game played up north, do yourselves a favor and watch it for a few minutes. It’s very cool with many different rules from American Football. OK? OK!

. . .

“I can’t believe I’ll be rooting for Ala-fucking-bama”¦ I feel icky, thank god that game is so ridiculously removed from Jan. 1, it wont ruin the rest of my bowl season.”
–Tim E. O’Brien

Comments (84)

    Minnesota went gold over gold, too, vs. Michigan State in white over white. Was a good looking game…
    Don’t know if it’s been noted, but it says MINNESOTA above the number on the back of those jerseys.

    Except for UCLA, yesterday seemed a return to sanity from the previous few weeks of players dressing like it’s Halloween. Alabama and Auburn, Notre Dame and Southern Cal, Penn State and Wisconsin, even Oregon and Oregon State, and a host of other schools looked great.

    I think Air Force/Fresno should have made the top 5.

    With a little bit of tweaking, the Buckeyes uniforms of yesterday would be an improvement over their normal look.

    The only thing I didn’t like about the Buckeye unis was the grey numbers and the black name – I’m not a huge fan of the truncated pant stripe, but I could like with it.

    ND vs. USC in the Coliseum is a classic and needs to be in the top 5 (preferably #1) and Southern Miss looked great and should have been enough for them not to be the bad one.(Catherine’s # 4 or 5 are better choices for the bad one, IMO)

    I appreciate the sentiment, but am I the only one who thinks putting a player’s number on the side of everybody’s helmet is a bit much? He’s injured, not dead.

    As Phil called them, “Get Well” stickers.


    And actually kind of childish, in the sense that they can’t handle that bad stuff happens in life. If college is about growing up, realizing that fact ought to be part of it.

    That was odd. I also got sick of the amount of camera time Mauti got especially in the last part of the game.

    Ohio State’s John Simon a very modest and hard working warrior was shown once at the beginning of the game.

    Personally LOVED the “chrome dome” the buckeyes wore yesterday. I would like to see that as the primary helmet going forward. Not a totally new look, just an updated look that really looked GREAT. I didnt think i wold like the wide stripe, but with the metalic finish it looked really nice. Also liked the chrome numbers, though did NOT like the arm stripes or lack name ontheback. I am all for the “chrome dome” becoming a new tradition!

    my mistake, i saw a couple other photos where shirts are black, not maroon. picture quality i guess.

    I know that most people at this blog seem to be against traditional powers changing up their looks, but I LOVED Ohio State’s uniforms. Still somewhat traditional, but with an exciting & modernish flair to them. They looked powerful without being too flashy. I really think these unis look way better than their normal unis, and they should consider a full-time shift for the Urban Meyer era.

    what was on the collar of the tOSU unis? it was right above the name plates. was it buckeye leaves or did it say something. i could never get a good look at it during the game

    I’m surprised that I didn’t hate the NOB treatment on those Buckeyes jerseys. (Traditional all-caps font, but just black, no outline, on a red background.) I will concede that it wasn’t very legible except for close-ups, but who cares? It’s the number that you need to see from afar anyway. As far as I care, NOB’s are just for merchandising purposes, so as long as you don’t go Harold Ballard, it’s all good to me.

    The Oregon – Oregon State game was an interesting contrast. Given their current uniform array, Oregon’s combo made them look reasonably close to their 1994 team. That squad won a trip to the Rose Bowl at Corvallis with a win over the Beavs in the Civil War. I would like to think Oregon figured out after last year that everyone likes a Civil War better when both teams actually wear their school colors.

    Oregon State is one of the few teams that can legitimately go all black to salute their actual school colors. When the Beavers began their rise in the late 90s, it was when they became the “Black Bandits of Benton County” and went all-black. Unfortunately, OSU has had an affinity for orange jerseys at home this year. The orange jersey/white pants combo is reminiscent of the awful Oregon State teams of the 80s.

    Supposedly, Nike is working on another revision of the Oregon State athletic look. How about the 1967 Giant Killer uniforms that were rolled out for the 2010 Civil War?

    The Buckeyes unis were fine. I was not crazy about the sleeves. That does prove they could easily put the old gray sleeves back on. The size of that stripe was big. And Nike does the stripe for Iowa that is basically like the gray sleeve pattern.

    Many complained about not having Buckeyes on. They did it and I had mixed feelings. I love Buckeyes on helmets but it did take away the chrome effect. Not being a sunny day made it hard to appreciate the chrome. Some liked the black face masks. They were ok. Maybe silver would have looked better. Or I wonder what red would have looked like.

    I am not a fan of the pants stripes. Meaning the truncated look. The stripes were fine.

    I still prefer the current unis and if you put the gray sleeve back I would be thrilled. But these looked good. I think actual throwbacks would be best. These are called alternates. It was easy to tell it was Ohio State.

    It did look like Braxton Miller had Virginia Tech undershirt on. Why they do that with different colors puzzles me. Like when they wore the 1942 unis. They should have worn red underneath to give the effect of the 1942 long sleeves. But they didn’t.

    Surprised to see colorizations 2 days in a row. I was wondering where they had been. Nice work John and Gary and yesterday too. The Garbo Ohio State one was nice.

    Good work by Terry as usual and Catherine. I enjoy Sunday morning UW.

    John Trigg. That is a great pic of your dad. Good to read some background on it and the pose. That was the thing those days to have those neat action poses or flying leaps. Looks like a sharp uniform too.

    It was a weird Saturday for me yesterday without being able to see one of the more underrated rivalry games being played. No Backyard Brawl. I can’t speak for WVa but as a Panther fan I’ll take being out of the Big Least after next week even if it means missing playing the game every year. Some of these other non conference ones can be fit into schedules so maybe someday it’ll come back.

    I don’t care what conference either of our teams are in, the Backyard Brawl needs to played. Too much history between the Mountaineers and Pitt to let this rivalry fall by the wayside.

    Exactly. If Florida and Florida State can make it work so I hope this one can find a way to come back too.

    The same with Aggie and Longhorn. I don’t want to see a rotation of Frog, Mountaineer, Bear and red raider on Turkey Day night

    True. Somehow it just wouldn’t be the same. Maybe if schools are punished for playing so many non-conference “cupcake” games these rivalry games can use that as the excuse to get back on the schedules. I’d rather see West Virginia every year instead of a 1-AA school that has the check in the bank before the whipping is even over.

    Sorry Phil – work has been stupid-busy lately.

    Here’s your Grey Cup preview:

    Calgary Stampeders keep finding a way to make the worst uniforms in football worse. Just when you thought they couldn’t get any worse, they get worse. They’ve added black road helmets. WHY? Seriously, there’s nothing redeeming about this set.




    The Argonauts, on the other hand, completely fixed their look with this year’s redesign. Great use of the double-blue, great sleeve stripes, traditional pants striping. SEE! Sleeve stripes are possible.




    Anyway, both teams are 2-seeds in their division and knocked off the #1 teams (BC, Montreal) on the road last week. Calgary had the far better regular season (12-6 vs 8-8). Toronto is the home team but their fans are so indifferent to the CFL I don’t think that matters. Calgary will win a close one, and tonight they’ll light the flame on the Calgary Tower to celebrate.


    The Argonauts, on the other hand, fixed the

    Calgary uniforms are getting worse. The Argonauts double blue is a good look.

    Made me wonder is there any other team anyplace that uses a double color other than blue? What would a double red look like? Or double green or whatever?

    Calgary did break out a good looking throwback that had a solid red jersey with white numerals. Too bad they don’t keep them (especially with the Red helmet and white horsey). The Argos and the TiCats had cream of the crop uniforms this year! (I’ll add the BC Lions in there too)

    When you have one of the best looking uniform in college football, why mess them up? Those UCLA suits would look okay on another team. Even a navy jersey would look passable once in a while with the gold helmet and pants. But the dress they wore yesterday deserved a loss.

    That shade of blue? Not likely; UCLA is standardizing their athletic color to “True Blue.” There is value to having all your school’s teams wearing the same shade of blue.

    The real problem is the terrible shoulder stripes on those Techfit jerseys.

    The one good thing about those unis is the Clarendon font. UCLA needs to return to using that as their standard number font. They also need to fix those stripes.

    Or if Adidas comes up with a jersey cut that better supports shoulder stripes. The Techfit certainly does not.

    I’m in your camp! the mono-midnight is a nice look. Adidas does a bad job on a lot of teams (except Wisconsin and Nebraska) and their shoulder stripes. One good example of this are the uniforms for the NMSU Aggies. Just BAD!

    Phil put a link to Grey Cup Central which has a lot of video, pictures, etc. of previous Grey Cups (including a very small video clip of the 1st Grey Cup in 1909)

    If you just want to quickly look at the team champion photos, rings, programs, tickets, etc. the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum has them nicely laid out in their Grey Cup Artifacts section: link

    Turner Classic Movies is showing a short featuring the 1933 Chicago Bears at 4:30 a.m. (Eastern time). I would imagine it’s DVR worthy.

    I love the TCM shorts. How did you know it will be on? I may have seen this one before either on there or on a dvd. It could be when they show the Bears practicing plays. From what i recall with white helmets? They show Red Grange swivel hips. Some comical stuff in it too if that is what it is.

    Is there a schedule for TCM shorts or was it on your guide? I would like to know for the other good shorts they have on.

    Sorry for the late response. I’m a big TCM fan so I’m always checking the cable guide TV schedule. You can also find it here:


    The wing could be a lot better if they made it larger. It looks like a Pop Warner league add-on.

    Yes and almost every college football team ever has repeat numbers. 50-79 are ineligible player numbers, leaving 1-49 and 80-99 for the vast majority of 85 man NCAA rosters. most frequently repeated numbers are #1-29 since players on both sides of the ball like those #s and they don’t ever appear on the field at the same time (if they do, it’s a penalty, like the one that went uncalled against Notre Dame in their overtime win against Pitt…link ).

    Charlie Batch’s sleeves were big. The sleeve stripe seemed to be gigantic. Anybody else notice?

    Perhaps I’m a bit partial as a Gators fan, but I thought the Florida-Florida State game was pretty gorgeous looking. I love it when Florida goes with the orange pants and lids on the road, and you can’t do a whole lot better than the ‘Noles home combination of gold and garnet.


    I agree, those orange pants look great for the Gators on the road. I’d replace the Ohio/Kent State matchup with UF/FSU on the 5 & 1. Those Kent State getups are pretty awful, what with the piping and faux-Nikelace.

    I thought all B1G schools had to have the new logo on their fields/courts, why doesn’t U of I have it on their court tonight vs Gardner Webb?

    My home state of Washington making strides towards getting rid of Native American imagery and mascots at the high school level.
    There are several just in the district in which my former high school is a part of. Chieftains, Chinooks(local tribe), Hyak(a Chinook word meaning very fast, their logo is a foot with wings), Warriors(they use a spear head with a feather as a logo), Chitwhins(they are located on a reservation and 90% of their students are Native American so they probably have clearance), Thunderbirds(use native imagery), and 2 schools with Indians.

    Yep, it’s embarassing. CFL and unfortunately most leagues, don’t really get strategy and image. A field that looks like that has “Distant Minor League” written all over it.

    Argos uniforms, others than the adds, is quite nice. Calgary, a city that simply doesn’t have a good uni design in any sports – except Flames retro, is awful.

    im gonna have to disagree — despite the fact that i don’t normally like yokes, i kinda like the stamps jerseys (ads aside)

    argos look good, really good (ads aside)

    if the stamps had red or black pants, that would be a solid B-B+ uni

    Scanned the comments above, not sure anyone mentioned this, but I’ll comment it , Seattle looked quite good today (dark blue jersey with white light grey pants), I know certain people can’t get passed the use of “neon” green, and the strategically placed Nike logo, but from the normal camera position – the uni looked significantly better than what the Seahwawks wore last year

    Haven’t they tamed down the yokes compared to years past? I just wish they would go back to their red helmet.

    holy crap — gordon lightfoot AND the biebs for the halftime show?

    i thought one was dead and the other … well, lets just say i had no idea he was born in london

    Re: Selecting Lightfoot, As it’s the 100th anniversary, they thought it was appropriate to get someone who played at the first half time show.

    sometimes…i think it’s a shame he didn’t play the *canadian national anthem*

    The UVA pants are the same ones they wore with their fauxbacks earlier this year against La Tech:

    Would love to see them introduce navy and orange versions similar to these as full-time options next year.

    I have to nominate the Wake Forest vs. Vanderbilt game for the And 1. Two teams with black and gold standards don’t wear a bit of gold and go overboard on the black.

    Gerald Hodges changed his number from 6 to 42 against Wisconsin as well. Hopefully you add that little piece of info soon.

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