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Sunday Morning Uni Watch


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By Phil Hecken

America. Fuck Yeah!

That was Rutgers’ salute to the troops, or their Captain America lids … or something. Whatever it was, it looked awful. Today is Veterans’ Day — lets all take a moment to thank those who served the USA. My late father was a Veteran — served in the Army in the Korean Conflict. And I’m happy teams want to celebrate Veterans’ Day. But not with clownish helmet graphics.

That’s not how you do a helmet tribute.

This is:


That is all.

Here’s Terry with your…

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Sunday Morning Uni Watch
By Terry Duroncelet

PONIES ARE BACK!!! Yes, season three aired yesterday, but I’m sure you guys aren’t here to listen to me talk about how the Crystal Empire was a 17 year-old’s wet dream, you’re here to read what happened during week 11 of the NCAA football season, the accompanying Saturday of which landing on the Marines’ birthday (which my Dad was quite happy about [this was when he was 19]). And boy, some teams took that opportunity to shout “‘MURICA!”. One at a time… *Ahem*

• A rare Tuesday game was played earlier in the week between Ball State and Toledo. With this matchup being on Election Day, this was an almost partisan color-vs.-color game with Ball State in red-over-white, and Toledo in all-blue (with those retro-ish helmets).

• On Wednesday, after suiting up in all-green last week (which I like), Ohio goes all-black against BGSU this week (which I don’t like). At least they had black helmets, so the balance is there.

• Moving on to Saturday, I noticed the MICHIGAN wordmark on the Wolverines’ collars that I haven’t seen before until yesterday.

• Florida wore their orange jerseys on Saturday against Louisiana Lafayette.

‘Murica. That’s what Rutgers wore against Army. It stunk like the week-old rotten cabbage that was boiled with a ham hock on a plate next to month-old fish. Seriously. I think my vision wrecked my vision more than it already is, and I have really bad vision. Also of note: we had the Scarlet Knights hosting the Black Knights. When was the last time that this type of team name pairing matchup happened?

‘Murica. That’s what New Mexico wore against Wyoming. It stunk like three week-old rotten cabbage that was boiled with a ham hock on a plate next to month-old fish. Also, note Wyoming’s Washington-esque helmets. That logo was only on one side, however. The usual logo was on the other side. More pics here, if you dare. Thanks to Andrew Seagraves for the link to the gallery.

• Iowa wore a new uniform for Veterans Day (which is Nov. 11th, but yesterday was the closet day to Veterans Day that landed on a Saturday). It kinda reminds you of what it would look like if Iowa gene-spliced with the Oakland Raiders. Not a bad look… until you get to the right side of the helmet. Yikes ‘Murica.

• Texas changed their main helmet decals to include “DKR”, which are the initials of Darrell K. Royal, the Longhorns’ coach from 1957-1976, who passed away this past Wednesday. Here’s a pic of him in uniform in 1949 with his son. Also, his initials were added to the midfield logo. An absolutely class move by Texas.

• Oklahoma State wore mono-grey with black helmets against West Virginia. During the first quarter, Dave said that the Cowboys players didn’t know what their uniform was going to look like until an hour before kickoff (the game was on ABC). Kelly asked Dave “Do you like the choice?”. My name isn’t Dave, but I would’ve preferred orange or black tops.

• Texas A&M wore all-black last week against Mississippi State. They moved to the other end of the spectrum this week by wearing all-white against Alabama. I think that this was the debut of aTm’s white helmets.

• Baylor wore black pants with white helmets and jerseys for I believe the first time ever against Oklahoma.

• Troy changed some things up this weekend. From Ben Whitehead: “We had a few Uni tidbits from this weekend. We don’t tend to change our uniforms here at Troy, but with Navy coming to town on the Marines’ birthday, we decided to change things up a bit. The first thing I noticed was that we were wearing a patch of the Marines logo. We also had a black, white and gray camo pattern for the helmet stripe instead of our usual gray sword stripe. Also, the shield logo on the helmet was black and white instead of the usual color version.”

• Houston wore mono-gray uniforms with an interesting helmet that had a T.V. number on one side, and a logo that I can’t really make out on the other, and a big grey tapered helmet stripe. In that same game, Tulsa wore white helmets with their usual gold helmet decals, instead of the decals that are usually worn with the white lid.

• Southern Miss. wore their throwback helmets with their current uniforms against SMU.

• Last, but not least, Washington State wore their anthracite uniforms at home against UCLA. Now that’s how you do grey at home. Also, the Bruins were wearing some pretty cool-looking sideline capes. It’s hard to see because of my T.V., but the gold arch is embroidered with the word “BRUINS”.

And that will do it for this week. Everyone have a great Veterans Day.

. . .

Thanks, TJ!

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Screen Shot 2012-06-24 at 10.32.36 PM

“Benchies” first appeared at U-W in 2008, and has been a Saturday & Sunday feature here for the past two years.

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This is the kind of knowledge that passes from father to son…

11-11-12 s-Anomaly

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all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

Like the colorizations, I’m going to run these as inline pics — click on each one to enlarge.

And so, lets begin:


First up is Matt Malinoski — who sent me this AL Central concept a while back — and I thought sure I had run, but I guess I had overlooked it. So with apologies to Matt, here ’tis:

Hi, Phil:

astros - Matt Malinoski

I saw that there were a few requests for an orange version of my Astros concept, an so I added an orange alternate. I also added outlines to the stars on the jackets as well as an outline on the patch on the orange jacket.

Here are my AL Central concepts:

indians - Matt Malinoski

Indians: 1946”“49 uniforms with current Chief Wahoo with the skin tone of the original Wahoo. Road script is more arched than the last one I sent in.

royals - Matt Malinoski

Royals: 1969”“72 uniforms with current script.

tigers - Matt Malinoski

Tigers: Current home uniform with 1954 road uniform with current road cap. Made the numerals a little smaller.

twins - Matt Malinoski

Twins: 1961”“71 uniforms with 1948”“60 Senators stirrups. Changed sleeve patch to look more like the old Minnesota-shaped logo.

white sox - Matt Malinoski

White Sox: Buttoned and black version of 1972 home uniforms with grayscale version of 1959 World Series stirrups. Road script in reverse color scheme. Sock patch for home and away. Connected the cursive “C” and “h”.

Matt Malinoski

. . .

Last up today is Adam Hainsfurther with some new ideas for teams in the great Northwest:

Hey Phil,

So I saw in the news that Seattle is finalizing a deal to build a new NBA/NHL arena in an attempt to get the Sonics back and/or lure an NHL team from say a certain desert city. So I thought what I great opportunity to design a “New Sonics” uniform and some jerseys and logos for a modern incarnation of the Metropolitans.

Adam Hainsfurther Sonics Uni

For the Sonics, I wanted to try to merge old and new by keeping the original color scheme with a more modern look. The space needle in the team name I took from the Shawn Kemp era branding while the Em-City Green and Sonic Gold as I call them come from the teams initial uni set. I added in some Seattle Gray to try to give it a sharper and more modern feel. The shorts logo acts as the main team mark, while the space needle/basketball logo is the teams secondary mark. The final logo is hard to see but its the new stylized S in a basketball, an updated take on the last logo that was worn in the Rashard Lewis/Kevin Durant years. The shorts (which I admit aren’t the best quality) feature a green waistband and border trim with a thick gold stripe across the waistband and gold piping at home and a gold waistband and border trim with a thick gray stripe across the waistband and gray piping on the road. In both cases the “Seattle” is prominently printed across the waistband stripe.

PuckDrawn_Hockey_Jersey - Adam Hainsfurther

For the Metropolitans I wanted to update the original green and orange color scheme with some sharp accent colors. The new team colors are Em-City Green, Metro Orange, Seattle Gray, and Rainier Charcoal. I opted for a shield logo because it’s something different than what we’re seeing out of team branding in hockey today. The team’s secondary mark is the team’s “M” logo from the shield with “Seattle” printed across the middle on a green bar with a black outline.

Hope you like them.


And that’s it for today. Back with more next time.

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Duck Tracker 2012

2012 Duck Tracker

The tenth game of the Ducks 2012 season featured them at Cal, in a late game not starting till after 10:30 pm on the East Coast. Ducks decided to fold up the uni-tent early, going with a very blah green/white/black. After a stellar week (last weekend — more on that below), this was not one for the Duck-ages.


Our 2012 Duck Tracker is Tim E. O’Brien, and here he is to tell you about it:

. . .

*Groan* Ducks, at least where green pants with this lack luster set. I don’t even want to talk about my other tracker teams…

In other news GO BEARS!

. . .

As a bonus, since the Duck Tracker was also on hiatus last week, here’s the beautiful all-white look you may have missed from Week 9:


Here’s Tim’s review of last week’s costume:

The Ducks looked great as Stormtroopers, but they always do. The new helmet looks fantastic and this uniform set might be the cleanest one they have.

As always, feel free to visit the full Duck Tracker site for more Duck-tastic info and any of the other Uni-Tracker sites.

. . .

Thanks Tim.

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Catherine 5 & 1 Animation

Catherine Ryan’s 5 & 1

The five and one has been a staple of Uni Watch for three years, usually ably administered by Jim Vilk. But he got old and tired, so we needed someone young and fresh. And we’ve found that someone in this year’s new 5 & 1 decider…Catherine Ryan.

Catherine and the 5 & 1 are back this weekend after a one-week hiatus mandated by yours truly. I didn’t get to watch a lot of the games yesterday (in fact, mostly highlights myself, except for a the top ranked teams). But I’m sure Catherine did and she’s ready to hit the ground running after also taking it on the chin from Hurricane Sandy. So, now, coming off the Sunday team bye-week, here’s Ms. Ryan:

. . .

Happy Sunday, UniWatchers! I hope everyone who was affected by Sandy has been staying safe. My family in NJ just got power back today after 12 days in the dark! It was great to meet a bunch of you last week at the get-together. I hope I don’t spoil any of my good impressions…

5. Montana State vs. Portland State:
This was obviously a minor match-up but a decent all-white/all-color game. Portland State isn’t anything too exciting but I think Montana State looks great.

4. UNLV vs. Colorado State: This game was played on a rock-hard layer of frost I think UNLV looks great in gray pants on the road and, although Colorado’s helmets lack originality, I think green/gold is underutilized.

3. Central Michigan vs. Eastern Michigan: We have a little color-on-color action here to spice up the countdwn. Color-on-color games sometimes look like a foosball table but I really liked the way this game looked. The Chipps’ were glowing and I love Eastern Michigan’s all-greens.

2. Wisconsin vs. Indiana: Wisconsin gave Indiana a beat down and they looked great doing it. Wisconsin put on a clinic and I hope some of you were able to enjoy this game live!

1. Penn State vs. Nebraska: This game wasn’t going to be beat. I love the simplicity of the uniforms and I think they really compliment each other when on the same field.

And the bad one:

Tulsa vs. Houston: Why?

I look forward to hearing what you all think! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

. . .

Thanks Catherine! Glad you were able to join us at last weekend’s gathering … I know you *feared* for your life, but I told you they’d all be sweethearts. Glad you survived Sandy (relatively) unscathed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That will do it for this Veterans’ Day. Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone still being affected by the after-effects of Sandy, with an extra prayer to someone whose best friend died in his arms yesterday.

Screen Shot 2012-11-10 at 11.49.44 PM


. . .

“It’s these types of Saturdays that make me drink…”
–Tim E. O’Brien

Comments (97)

    On the Houston greys, two interesting points: first, the TV number on the helmets was actually a tribute to DJ Hayden, who suffered a near-fatal injury in practice last week, and remains in critical condition. Every player wore “2” — Hayden’s number — in his helmet.


    Second, the UH official Twitter feed referred to the grey unis as “our Thundercats look,” a reference to their new, cartoonish logo. I can’t decide which is worse, the notion that they’re proud of the cartoonishness, or the notion that they are deeply ashamed of it, and still sent the team out dressed that way.

    Been watching Houston football since the late 60s. Those homecoming ‘special’ unis yesterday were atrocious, the worst we’ve ever worn. After the gorgeous throwback used at last year’s homecoming these were a huge whiff.
    It was a nice touch to put DJ Hayden’s number on them, probably should have used them on both sides. The ‘thundercat’ was indistinguishable from just a few feet away (which may have been a blessing).

    I look at Matt Malinoski’s concept for the Astros and it is perfect. Now compare Matt’s concept with what the Astros have actually decided to go with for their debut AL season and it makes one want to cry. How stupid and dumb can that organization be? Who’s in charge there?
    Paul and Phil, it’s time to start a campaign, ala the no ads on NBA uniforms, to get the Astros to adopt Matt’s concept. It can’t be too late for them to change, can it?

    Agreed. For his White Sox one, I might make the gray uniform slightly darker (so the white lettering stands out more) and add a wing to the sock in the “Diamond Sock” logo, but those are very minor quibbles.

    Yes, definitely a darker gray & totally agree with the finer strip trim. I really like that old script & the current one is boring & too thin. Tho I don’t think the diamond-sock patch should go on the homes & I might actually replace the gray with white.

    For the Astros dugout jackets I would make the star & wordmarks white & use single trim. Color-on-color with 2 trim colors looks muddy.

    Agree- I thought those concepts were great. Strongly based on some of each team’s strongest uniforms with some tweaking and twists thrown in! Nice job!

    Oh, please. Nothing wrong with old school simplicity. Especially when the schools are actually wearing the university colors.

    Portland State at Montana State – now that shows a certain diligent to leave no stone uncovered. Next week McMaster at Acadia?

    I thought the Seattle Metrolopolitans colours were green and red? Interesting concept nonetheless.

    When the Seattle Metropolitans became the first U.S. team to win the Stanley Cup (‘Murica!) back in 1916-17, their sweaters were red, green, and white. So, I’m not sure where the green and orange came from for the concept. I would have preferred the Stanley Cup-era color instead of the mix he suggested.

    Two purple schools and neither wore the royalty color last night in the TCU KSU game. Their salute to our leader and his broken wing. link

    “we had the Scarlet Knights hosting the Black Knights. When was the last time that this type of team name pairing matchup happened?”
    Every year for (at least) the last thirty years.

    i was thinking the same thing when i was coding terry’s article late last night, but i’m thinking it was more of a question of something like “demon deacons vs blue demons” or “orange tigers vs. red tigers” or something

    i could be wrong

    These two usually match up every year, so annually you get the Rutgers Scarlet Knights vs. The Army Black Knights. Also for a while UCF was known at the Golden Knights, however the dropped the Golden in 2007. Rutgers and UCF met in the St. Petersburg bowl in 2009.

    Also, on March 21, 2005 you had the Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders take on the Texas Tech Red, but same concept

    Did anyone else think that there was a black scarf or cloth hanging from the longhorn’s logo?

    Enought of the bullshit G. I. Joe / Cammo shit! The only three teams who are entitled to wear it are Army, Navy and Air Force! And even they didn’t wear it!

    Did anybody check out Mike London from UVa yesterday in full battle dress? WTF?

    The SCARLET Knights also played the GOLDEN Knights(UCF) in the St Petersburg Bowl in 2009. But yea, they usually play Army every year

    A&M wore the white lids in 2009 against Arkansas (all white in that game too) but with maroon facemasks. The white lid with gray facemasks was last used before that in 1978.

    Notes on 5&1:
    – Please don’t refer to Colorado State (f/k/a Colorado A&M) as “Colorado”, while both are very down this year, they aren’t exactly chummy;
    link looked great;
    – great call on Tulsa/Houston.


    Nice call on Marshall @ UAB. I thought ECU looked good paired against the blazers as well.

    Great job with the 5&1 Catherine! I loved the IU/Wisconsin matchup. I am an IU fan so I always put them in my 5&1. It was great looking game as long as you like red.

    I can’t stand Penn State’s unis – too bland and an ugly match of colors with some kind of accent color to break up the monotony. But I can see why people would like the tradition of them.

    They don’t necessarily need an accent color – just some freakin stripes on the pants and a logo on the helmet.

    Raider-style single pant stripe and this: link on the helmet… and they go from lame to good.

    From that picture of New Mexico vs Wyoming, Wyoming was wearing a helmet they’ve never used before. That block W helmet wasn’t even announced at the beginning of the year.

    Troy did it the right way with the Marine Corps patch on their jersey. Very simple and classy. Rutgers-though I know they meant well-messed up big time. It’s one thing to wear those unis against another team, but they should have gone the subtle, respectable patch route against Army. Instead, Rutgers stole Army’s day in the spotlight with their “look at us” fashion. Besides, those unis should only be allowed on Flag Day

    Texas A&M fitted Adidas vs. Alabama fitted Nike has to be the NCAA uniform matchup of the season. Both teams looked superb, although A&M get the nod with those sweet old school vertical stripes and white helmet. Bravo Aggies!

    Matt’s concepts are great and his Astros one is spot on. Didn’t the 49ers change their logo back after one day(back in the 90’s) because of the public backlash? Maybe that needs to happen with Houston’s unis.

    Houston gets the award for worst new design this season. also, I thought Tulsa looked AMAZING. prib one of my favorite sets this CFB year.

    I thought they were nearly as ugly as Houston’s. It looked like a high school game. And Houston’s level of play didn’t help dispel that notion I’m afraid.

    I have been thinking a lot about what you and Paul say about the “patriotism” that teams in sports are starting to “show” in their uniforms, and you are both absolutely correct; Taste and fitting muted tributes have been thrown out the window in a bizarre atmosphere of “one upmanship”. A simple patch, or even just moment of silence would be far more fitting than having players play dress up. The veterans that are supposedly being paid tribute to deserve far better than players looking like Captains American and Canada. Keep up the good work pointing these travesties out.

    atmosphere of “one upmanship” – sort of like what’s happening on our beloved website. remember when we used to talk about how tacky these teams looked instead of accusing every other red-white-and-blue uni of jingoism?

    agree with me or i’ll call you a straw man!

    Oh how I wish the Twins would go back to navy with red trim numerals/wordmark like they used to wear in their original set! They nailed the look in 1961, and the tweak really just brings it back to how it used to be. The only use of red trimmed in navy numerals/wordmark I am happy with are the Dome era-present home set. (They won 2 WS in those unis!)

    Currently, the Twins are a real mess on the road. They got “Minnesota” right by having it be navy trimmed with red, just like the original 1961 design. But then they get all confused and use red numbers trimmed in navy everywhere else. (Just like the home set does, but the home set has a red/navy wordmark, so that makes perfect sense.) The fact that they wear those damned red bill caps just makes them look even more like some confused Atlanta Braves wannabes. Ugh.

    Definitely agree with Penn St. v. Nebraska being the nicest looking game. I also really liked Texas A&M v. Alabama + Michigan Northwestern (although I wish that Northwestern would embrace the purple a bit more & really get a shade of purple that POPS, often if the lighting is dim the purple just looks black…I also would like to see the purple helmet slightly matte).

    Houston v. Tulsa was disgusting. Why make a special uni if the finished product is objectively horrible? I understand that you have to push in order to produce something new and unique…but the Houston outfit is just terrible. The meeting of directional Michigans also looked horrid…color-on-color or not, it looked bad and the unis were ugly.

    Ohio’s green unis looked amazing. The black outfit looks like god turd. Is there a rule that states that all Russel apparel has to look like third rate bargain-wear? They finally produced something nice with the green get-up, then they ruin it with the black uni full of ugly panels.

    Similarly, when looking at Oklahoma St. and Oregon, unlike Paul, I don’t mind the 3-6 different helmets, or the 18 different jersey and pant colors…what bothers me is that the people that put them together are either blind or dressing them in the dark or picking uniform pieces out of a bin at random. When I look at Oregon, sometimes they come up with really, really solid Uni combos. The blackout jersey last year was amazing. The green and yellow (omg, actual school colors) earlier this year was fantastic, the all white vs USC was pretty cool. Then in other weeks they just come out with weird combos that don’t go together at all. They look thrown together just for the sake of putting things together. Oklahoma St. yesterday looked just like that.

    Florida should NEVER wear that uni combo again. I find it amazing that a team with such an incredible uni have found the need to switch it up as often as they have this season.

    “switch it up as often as they have”

    Are you talking about the Gators? They mix-and-match blue and white jerseys and pants, an occasionally wear an orange jersey against a non-conference team. With schools like Oregon, Oklahoma State and Arizona State hardly ever wearing a combo more than once, I don’t think Florida’s combos are excessive.

    I think they are in the perfect middle ground between the Oregons and Ok States that have too many combos and the boring traditional looking schools that only have a basic home and away look.

    “the boring traditional looking schools that only have a basic home and away look.”


    yeah, i hate turning on a game and being instantly able to tell who’s playing

    or looking at a twenty or thirty year old photo and know which teams are going at it

    those bastids

    They have one of the most solid looks in college football. If they wanna play Okie St., ok, no problem, but then don’t take the beautiful and classic base uniform and just throw around new pant, jersey, helmet combos. Design if you wanna design, but otherwise just leave the effing look alone. Not a gators fan, just LOVE their home unis.

    You can mix in a second pair of pants and a third jersey every now and then, and that’s a whole world different than the 18 different combos that Oregon wears.

    I don’t care if they are wearing blue-blue, blue-white, white-white or white-blue (or even orange-white) they still look like the Gators. At least they don’t come out in “carbon metallic”, “storm trooper”, “mondo state flag”, “nuclear camo” or “matte monochrome”. Even when they went Nike Pro Combat they still looked like the Gators.

    IMO, there’s nothing wrong with “mixing it up” a little. It’s when they wind up with a different outfit every week that they’ve gone too far.

    If every school was Oklahoma or Penn State, we wouldn’t have to “track” what teams wear, it’d be either “this” or “that” How boring is that?

    Carolina Panthers debuting black pants today vs. Denver…. Peyton Manning is 3-1 all-time against teams wearing black-over-black (’05 W vs BAL,’06 L vs JAX, ’07 wins vs JAX & BAL)… Only other time Panthers have worn “atypical” combo was also against Peyton Manning — 1998 Week 17 Carolina wore white-over-silver at Indianapolis. (Carolina won 27-19)

    Also, Bills not wearing blue pants at New England.

    Anyone else feel Carolina’s black-over-black looks much better than most monochrome schemes because they are also wearing bright contrasting socks, thus eliminating the leotard look?

    I feel EXACTLY the same. I actually really like the black over black on them because of the bright blue socks and the stripe on the pants. Feel like they really pop today. Not really BFBS either, since black has been part of their color scheme since inception.

    yes. definitely agree. The saints and ravens look stupid. They look like they’re waering girl’s pleather leggings.

    Exactly. #SayNoToMonotard.


    And black is a team color, so no it’s not BFBS. Next, we’d like to see how the black pants would look with the Columbia blue jerseys.

    Nope. It looks so college / arena footballish. The only monochrome that works in football is white over white.

    Get rid of the white pants for good. Keep the black pants on the road and the silver ones at home and it’s not too bad of a look.
    My OCD still hates the different colored helmet, shoulder, and pants stripes for all the combos but that may just be because I hate the team so much it bugs me a lot more.

    I agree with you that it’s not a good look, and with everyone who says it would be even worse without the stripe and socks.

    After the way Charlotte got pantsed in today’s game, they may decide against wearing the black trou again – at least with the black jerseys. Agreed that the contrasting socks and the bright stripe alleviated the dreaded monotard effect.

    I’ll go into the camp that the Black over Black is a good look. The black accentuates the blue, kinda like the metallic blue stripe on Air Forces “Stealthtooth” helmets. The grey is also a nice accented touch.

    Love Catherine’s #1 this week. Great list. I have my own 5&1 on my Tumblog, with a little different results than Catherine’s. (Though we are lock step on one particular math-up)


    Awesome tweaks by Matt–particularly the orange ‘stros caps & sleeves. Absolutely gorgeous. It did make me think of one “problem,” though. I’ve never cared for the Tigers’ orange letter on their away caps. I think it’s a combination of the ‘D’ not being especially large, but also not having any sort of white background on it. Using my own team’s experience, the Cardinals’ away caps, I think, look a great deal better–the StL logo pops more–with a white border around the red letters, than if it were to simply be red on blue. I’m curious whether the Tigers, or any enterprising designers, have ever tried to tweak this portion of their road set.

    I love the number font on SMU’s jersey (is that Arizona’s font or Oregon’s font before Belotti or is it a mash up along with Morgan Poster or Morgan Avec) and the Northwestern Stripes on the shoulders have potential – they’re just ENORMOUS and remind me of dress uniform epaulettes right now. If they could round those like Louisiana Tech and make them not as wide it could work well!

    Just stumbled upon this picture on ESPN, that is Virgina’s Coach in the full Camo. Was this done elsewhere? I would say this is definitely going too far… link

    Did anybody else notice how Oregon’s helmets were matte black when you look at it straight on, but liquid thunder (the shiny green) at an angle? I thought that was pretty cool

    They weren’t “matte black” because that’s a specific finish of paint, but yes the color transfer is quite noticeable.

    For anyone wondering, it’s the same helmet as the Washington State and Tennessee Tech games (though the ‘O’ decal was grey against Wazzu).

    Saw it discussed here the past couple days. Apparently he’s a military brat, so he wanted to honor all branches.

    His father was an Army sergeant and he has been honoring all branches of the military for the last two weeks.

    James MCClean of Sunderland did not wear a poppy when they played over the weekend vs Everton.


    From what i understand, he is from the town in Northern Ireland where British soldiers killed civilians in the Bloody Sunday incident, so that could well be a part of it. /speculation

    Watching a little of tonight’s Sunday night game, a couple of quick observations:

    1. Where has all the mud gone?
    2. Those navy blue collars on the Texans uni, looks like a kid’s drawing, where the kids realizing the sides aren’t equal, adds to one side, then realizes the other side is less, so he adds some more, and so, truly horrendous.

    Yes the uniforms for the universtiy of houston were terrible. I was at the game do to the fact im in the band and the looked worse on the field. I was proud they put DJ’s number on the side as it was supposed to be the alternate logo on both sides. In related news the spirit of houston did get new uniforms!

    Matt Malinoski has some great taste in baseball uniform design. I love all those jersey s with the number-only backs! And the White Sox with the bigger-than-average number size. Just awesome.

    Did you design that Astros number font yourself, or has it been used somewhere?

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