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Tricks and Treats: A Uni Watch Compendium for All Hallows’ Eve

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[Editor’s Note: Today we have a guest entry from Gregory Koch, who’s compiled a bunch of uni-related tidbits relating to today’s date on the calendar. Enjoy. ”” PL]

By Gregory Koch

Today is Halloween, so I thought I’d put together some items that are appropriate for the occasion:

• The teams at Ichabod Crane High School, in Valatie, New York, are nicknamed the “Riders”, and both parts of the name come from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The football team’s logo features a headless horseman carrying a football.

• On the same note, the teams at Sleepy Hollow High School in New York are nicknamed the Horsemen. They apparently even have a headless live mascot. (What do they do for bobblehead night?) You can see the logo on their basketball court, too.

• The Odessa Jackelopes of the CHL wore this Halloween jersey at some point, but I can’t find a year.

• The San Jose Sharks wore Halloween-themed practice jerseys in 2007.

• The Richmond Renegades of the ECHL wore this Halloween jersey design in 1999.

• Brook Lopez of the Nets wore black and orange shoes for Halloween in 2010.

• And in one of the greatest Halloween moves ever, Packers lineman Ken Ruettgers turned his helmet into a jack-o-lantern for a Monday-night throwback game that took place on Oct. 31, 1994.

+ + + + +

Screen shot 2012-10-23 at 8.12.49 AM.png

Fun with pumpkins, final edition: With Halloween now upon us, today is the last day of our pumpkin showcase. Here are the final submissions:

• Clever move by Jamey LaFleur, who used a green glow stick to create the neon snot lighting for this Seahawks pumpkin.

• “My boyfriend, Aaron, a Uni Watch member, carved this pumpkin of the scariest pitch in baseball, the knuckleball,” says Elizabeth Trotta.

• Chris Bentz carved a pumpkin in honor of his alma mater, Northern Illinois.

• Here’s a nicely executed Duke logo pumpkin by Jaryd Marquez.

• “This is why carving pumpkins with power tools is so much fun!” says Alison Brock. “You get to make your team proud — go Dawgs!

• “I made this pumpkin in honor of Miami’s win over previously unbeaten Ohio,” says Kevin Phillips.

• “My son John is the baseball and strength/conditioning coach at Jefferson Community College in Watertown, New York,” says Dave Northrop. “He carved this pumpkin to enter in a college contest with all proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research. At least there’s no pink anywhere on this gourd!”

• James Stapleton did two pumpkins: one for the San Francisco Dons and one to mark the Giants’ World Series championship.

• “My pumpkin-carving skills aren’t good enough for me to try the Twins’ TC logo,” says Tim McCabe, “so I settled for their M logo.”

•  Jason Kravec is our second reader this season to make an Oriole Bird pumpkin.

•  From Curtis Hall, a white A’s pumpkin — “in honor of the team’s white shoes,” he says.

• “Best pumpkin ever,” says the very modest Jose Armas, referring to his Dolphins carving.

• Mike Rowinski says he makes a 49ers pumpkin each year. Here’s this year’s model.

• And our final submission of the year comes from the Rev. Chris Lewis, who made this Louisville jack.

Big thanks to the many dozens of you who sent in your pumpkin pics. Here’s a slideshow featuring all of this year’s carvings:

+ + + + +

Screen shot 2009-10-04 at 10.07.15 PM.png

Culinary Corner: There’s nothing like a hurricane to bring on a craving for comfort food. On Monday, as Sandy was bearing down on us, I teamed up with my upstairs neighbors, Sam and Emily, to have a hurricane pot-luck. They made chili, and I figured I’d make a little roast — ideally a pork loin or maybe a rib end.

Unfortunately, my supermarket didn’t have any pork loins or rib ends left, so I had to buy a big-ass pork shoulder. It was a little over eight pounds — way bigger than I wanted — but pork shoulder is cheap, so it only cost ten bucks. I didn’t take a photo of it, but it looked very much like this:

Screen shot 2012-10-30 at 10.38.55 AM.png

My plan was to remove the bone, cut the resulting deboned shoulder into two pieces, and then roll and tie the two pieces into a pair of little roasts — one to cook and one to toss in the freezer for another day (or another hurricane).

The first task was removing the bone, which took about ten minutes of work with a boning knife (click to enlarge):


Then I cut the meat in half cross-wise, creating two roughly equivalent hunks that were about three-and-a-half pounds apiece. You can’t see it in that last photo, but the other side of the meat was completely covered in skin, which presented a choice for the roasts I was about to roll and tie: skin on or skin off? I decided to leave the skin on one of them and remove the skin for the other, leaving me with a nice sheet of skin that I could later use to make chicharones (i.e., cracklin’s).

Here’s how everything looked after I removed the skin from one piece of the shoulder and rolled and tied the roasts (click to enlarge):


I put the skin-on roast in the freezer, along with the skin. Next, I threw five cloves garlic into a food processor, along with some olive oil, salt, pepper, thyme, sage, and spices. A few pulses was enough to create a coarse paste, which I slathered onto the skinless roast. I then popped it into a 350 º oven for a little over an hour, until the internal temperature reached 145 º. I let it rest on the counter for another 10 minutes, during which time the temp increased to a little over 150 º.

Turned out very nicely, as you can see below (click to enlarge):

photo 3.JPG

photo 1-1.JPG

As you can see in that last photo, our meal included salad. Shameful, I know, but hurricanes sometimes lead us to do crazy things.

+ + + + +

Uni Watch News Ticker: With the NBA season tipping off last night, the Heat marked their championship by wearing an O’Brien Trophy patch and gold-outlined lettering. … Dolphins CEO Mike Dee has given another indication that a logo revision is in the works (from Jesse Agler). ”¦ Another day, another Astros leak. The twist this time is that MLB is blaming the leak on Hurricane Sandy, which is certainly a novel way of claiming that the dog ate your homework. … Excellent line from Michael Martin, who relayed the following comment from a friend’s wife who’s disgusted with the weekly uni changes exhibited by certain college football teams: “If you change uniforms every game, they’re not uniforms. They’re outfits.” Well put — we should all start using that one. … New alternate hoops uni for Indiana University of Pennsylvania. “I suppose since our mascot is the Crimson Hawks, our coaches felt it was appropriate to use the Atlanta Hawks template from the Adidas catalog,” says Tim Hipszer. … New rugby jersey for the British and Irish Lions (from Eric Bangeman). … G.I. Joe is out of control. … New uniforms for U.S. luge team, with some sort of comic book tie-in (from Kurt Esposito). ”¦ Some prep school in Oregon is getting custom shoes from Nike. “Ridiculous,” says Jay Francis). ”¦ Okay, this is weird: Beer in the Giants’ locker room following Sunday’s World Series win was placed in Tigers championship buckets (from Logan Rockmore). ”¦ In a related item, the goggles that the players wore during the champagne celebration had MLB logo creep (from Rick Fridel). ”¦ Kevin Zdancewicz notes that the program cover illustration for a preseason Bengals/Packers game a few months ago shows the Green Bay player wearing stirrups. ”¦ Look at this: a wishbone-O! (From Eric Trager.) ”¦ Rapper Kid Cudi is known for wearing Cleveland Indians caps, but he’s now working with New Era to change that. “Good to see popular music artists taking a stand against racist stereotypes being used as logos,” says Ryan Robey. ”¦ Professional poker player Greg Merson wore an ad-festooned Orioles jersey for last night’s World Series of Poker event (from Max Weintraub and Jason Christie). ”¦ Ball State football will wear black jerseys for the game against Ohio on Nov. 14. No photo yet, but the uni is mentioned in this article (from Kyle Shaner). …Kyle Mackie was watching ESPN’s Benji documentary and saw that Chicago’s Martin Luther King Jr. High School used nickNOBs on their warm-ups. ”¦ Brinke has spent this entire week watching video of the Giants’ World Series win over and over and over. And now he’s noticed something: As the on-field celebration started after the final out, a kid (maybe one of the batboys?) came out and picked up all the caps and gloves being throw into the air. “Always wondered who did that,” says Brinke. ”¦ Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier, who changed his uni number last weekend to honor a friend with muscular dystrophy, may make the number change permanent (from Tony Crespo). ”¦ The ’Skins will be wearing their throwbacks this weekend.

+ + + + +

Pecan Sandies.jpg

Sandy update: It’s now clear that I was incredibly fortunate. For me, Monday was pretty much just another rainy, windy day. But many of my friends are still without power, and countless people in my city and surrounding region suffered significant property damage (not to mention the pain and suffering caused to Astros fans by MLB Advanced Media!). Although the subways still aren’t running and the city’s schools are still closed, neither of those things affects me, since I work from home and don’t have kids.

Seeing the TV reports showing all the damage, when I came through completely unscathed, is hard to process. It’s sort of like watching a movie. I wouldn’t say I have survivor’s guilt, but I’m definitely feeling a disconnect between what I experienced and what happened elsewhere in the city. It’s all a bit surreal.

My continued thanks to everyone who inquired and expressed concern about how I was doing — all greatly appreciated.

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    My parents have one like that! From Wisco myself, but that is cool to see on the Interwebs!

    Skipped right to the comments after seeing today’s pumpkins to say that thhe carvings section has genuinely been one of my favorite entries, day after day, of all my team reading this site, which is quite a while. Its absolutley amazing to see the skills and imagination of the fine readers here at UniWatch.

    Okay, back to the other content!

    Somewhere there is a picture of me as a kid when I did the Northwestern N-Cat logo on a pumpkin (in said photo I’m wearing my purple pullover NU Starter jacket, so that’s how long ago that was).

    It turned out well, so you may be asking, “Tim, why not do it this year?”

    Never again. Haha, the degree of difficulty was way to high. I’m sticking to faces and easier logos.

    Hey Paul,

    As a “survivor” of several big earthquakes while living in CA, and of multiple hurricanes since living in FL, I sort of know how you feel. It’s wierd to see/hear/read about all the devastation all around you when you are virtually unaffected.

    Dumb and lucky I guess.

    (dammit, I know I’ve just jinxed myself)

    Man, if of only the Redskins would throw a suitable new logo on that helmet, adopt the throwback full-time, and call themselves literally anything other than “Redskins.”

    The Redskins helmet is the best throwback component to date, even without any logo you’re suggesting. I absolutely love that leather treatment. I’m not disagreeing with you, I just wanted to point out how awesome that look is. The Packers need to adopt that style for their throwback and it would move into my top 5 unis in the NFL for sure.

    Totally agree – that’s an awesome helmet on its own. But the Browns own the concept of a logo-less helmet in the NFL, so a post-Redskins Redskins would need something on there. If it’s the Warriors, I’d say put a link on it. If the Pigskins, put boar tusks on the sides. But I’d even say keep the leather-style paint & pattern. Would be unique in the NFL, even if not a team color.

    Oh, definitely. I’m just saying if you’re looking at that helmet without any relation to ANY team it is the best looking piece of throwback aesthetics to date, that’s all.

    I’ve seen numerous people in the comments section previously rag on the ‘Skins throwback helmet. It’s nice to see that I’m not alone in liking it. A few friends of mine who are Redskins fans think it’s the best aspect of the uniform.

    The article refers to the McDonalds look- they’re right. Never looked at them like that.

    And carving an interlocking “SF” into a pumpkin is HARD.

    The brewery owns many pubs in the UK which they work to refurbish in a “traditional English” style. My favorite when I lived over there was link off Oxford St. which was decorated with gorgeous stained glass windows of some of the empire’s sporting champions.

    Some of the subjects included legendary cricketer link and my favorite window, tobogganer link

    Loved all the pumpkin carvings…but I gotta say the white A’s one is really awesome! Personally, I thought of the coaching staff white caps first, rather than the shoes.

    That’s a much better description. I had one of those hats when I was in high school. It must have been in the back of my mind when carving, because I decided to use a green glowstick to light it tonight.

    I actually like Nike letting that HS test out those cleats. Its a wun-win for both…until the dye bleeds into their socks I guess.

    Also, I’m really curious what a Dolphins logo tweak means for the aqua and orange.

    Last year, Nike outfitted Lake Oswego High School in Oregon with tester cleats too. They sent no players to the ducks, but won a state championship. It has nothing to do with that.

    Since that Odessa Jackalopes Halloween jersey is hosted on my blog (and Photobucket account), I can tell you that it was worn in 2007-08. :o)

    Lots more link.

    You don’t salad people. You meet people.

    That really doesn’t work when you have to spell out the words.

    Don’t know if they do anything special uni-wise, but Abington High School in PA’s sports teams are known as the Galloping Ghosts.

    Good call Ricko. That’s Kaukauna High School in Kaukauna, WI. (Just about 15 min south of Green Bay) They are also the Galloping Ghosts.

    You know what’s even better than that statue though? Kaukauna’s water tower that can be seen right from the busy Hwy. 41.

    One of my College buddies went to Abington. My first reaction was “Your High School mascot was a Klansman?”

    Paul, since the new Astros stuff is being officially unveiled on Friday night, are you going to do your usual write-up on it on Monday’s post, or will you have something special go up on Saturday?

    Phil has this weekend off (has nothing to do with the hurricane, was planned ages ago), so I’ll be handling Saturday’s and Sunday’s posts. Which means I’ll cover the Astros news on Saturday.

    Been away for awhile so 2 things:
    * Now I remember why I put on 15lbs. damn that looks tasty

    * Oh boy. Throwback Astros = more blue MLB. Sigh.

    Hey guys. Speaking of Hallowe’enish Jerseys, Hockey Division: I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring up the last AHL team to play in New Haven — the Beast of New Haven, 1997-99, joint affiliate of the ex-Whalers and the Panthers. Spent quite a few nights with the New Haven punk contingent in the seats halfway up behind the goal in sections 9-10 of the late New Haven Coliseum. Every night there was Hallowe’en with these polyester sweaters — if my memory serves me right, drawn and designed by the owner’s wife.

    Here’s a link to the photo: link

    And one to the website from whence it came: link

    “Rapper Kid Cudi is known for wearing Cleveland Indians caps, but he’s now working with New Era to change that. “Good to see popular music artists taking a stand against racist stereotypes being used as logos,” says Ryan Robey.”

    He does usually wear the block C Indians cap though.

    Does it look like there is a “R” or “TM” on the bottom right of the Astros logo on their cap?

    Those high school shooting shirts with nickNOB look absolutely hideous. I know that these are personal items but c’mon, show some respect for your school and more importantly for yourself. Use your real name. You’re not dressing for a costume party.

    So just because it was done before in the NBA with Maravich, the point is disproved?

    I don’t necessarily agree with Terry, but that is a pretty silly argument in my opinion.

    How about because it’s a freakin practice shirt in High School. Isn’t it still supposed to be about fun at that level? So they’ve got nicknames on their shirts – A: who cares? and B: how is that disrespectful to anything, especially themselves?

    Apparently I’m disrespecting myself right now by posting as The Jeff instead of Jeff Provo. I have no idea how I should feel about that.

    Actually, it’s a warm-up, not a practice shirt, which is not the same thing. (Practice shirts aren’t seen by the public; warm-ups are.) I’m not saying it’s the same thing as a game jersey, but you should at least keep your categories straight.

    At the risk of putting words in Terry’s mouth, I think what he meant was that this is a “Look at me!” move, and he diaapproves of that. Many people disapproved of Maravich’s nickNOB for precisely the same reason.

    And yes, some people probably think of your screen name in similar terms. That doesn’t make them right and you wrong, of course.

    Considering it was King High School – (back in the 80’s they’d give some Div 1 colleges a beat-down), showboating was their thing. Landon Cox was the coach and believe me, they were showy, but they backed it up.

    Awesome article Gregory, I just wonder if Ken Ruettgers got a fine from the league.

    And Paul I’m glad you’re OK. You should have seen how much of a big deal it was over here, seriously people were stocking up on supplies—in Pittsburgh. REALLY? People around here do love to ignore that the Appalachian Mountains exist and do provide some sort of barrier from this kind of stuff. All we had over here was some flooding–which happens every time we get a bad thunderstorm, or when snow melts too fast.

    LOVE seeing IUP make the ticker, even if the link are a bit underwhelming. The link are also a move (back) in the right direction. Thanks for sharing, Tim Hipszer!

    IUP was in a football game that, to this day, is one of the greatest/most entertaining I’ve ever watched. It was the 1993 Division 2 Championship game between them and my eventual alma mater, North Alabama (and it also took place in my hometown). Just a fantastic game and a great finish that was one of the first uses of college overtime, if I’m not mistaken. Of course, as a UNA alum I may remember it more fondly than the IUP folks!

    As a ten year old who wasn’t fully up to speed on geography yet, that name sure gave me a headache.

    Ha, yes, I’m sure UNA fans remember that one more fondly.

    Indiana PA is my hometown, and although I didn’t go to IUP I still pull for them and remain interested in what they’re up to. I can see how the name might give you a headache. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this conversation, even with other Pennsylvanians:

    Stranger: “Where are you from?”
    Me: “Indiana.”
    Stranger: “Oh, then what are you doing way over here?”
    Me: “Huh?”
    Stranger: “You said you were from Indiana.”
    Me: “I am.”
    Stranger: “The state?”
    Me: “No, Indiana Pennsylvania.”
    Stranger: “Huh?”

    I can totally see that happening.

    Those football unis look really good. Crimson and silver make a great color combination.

    What happens when a League Cup match is 4-4 at the end of regulation? If you think you’ve won or you think that you’ll have a replay to decide the outcome, you might make this mistake. Hilarious.


    Saw this link on the local news here in Iowa about a company who makes the uniforms for the state’s college programs (Iowa, Iowa State and Northern Iowa), including the link Iowa wore earlier this year, as well as for teams across the country.

    I always wondered what Ichabod Crane’s logo was. They usually send their marching band up here for a parade every fall.

    So is the high school named after Ichabod Crane, the fictional character, or Ichabod Crane, the War of 1812 Army officer who is in no way related to Irving’s story?

    Just curious; nicknames directly drawn from fictional characters are rare enough – Iowa Hawkeyes, for example – but I’m unaware of actual schools themselves named for fictional characters. (Possible subset: schools named for pen names aliases, such as Fairfax County VA’s Mark Twain Middle School.)

    Schools named for aliases would have to include all the Pope John Paul II, Paul VI, John 23, etc. schools.

    Indeed. And then there’s a Catholic school near me that used to be John Paul II but is now John Paul the Great. Alias plus honorific!

    Yeah, they changed the name of the school when the Roman Catholic church beatified John Paul II. I presume they’ll change it again when he is canonized (becomes a saint).

    I’ve seen that photo of Ken Ruettgers’s helmet before. Did he get fined by the league for doing that? Also, I love the white throwbacks the Packers wore for the Halloween game against the Bears in 1994. In fact, both teams looked great in that game. For the dawn of the throwback era, those teams really did it right.

    Not sure if he was fined then, but would he even be able to PLAY nowadays? Probably not, in the No Fun League…

    Could be related to the Nike Missile sire that was located in nearby Pacific, Mo.

    There’s a few places around me that still maintain the Nike name due to the missile sites

    “The ’Skins will be wearing their throwbacks this weekend.”

    Don’t you mean harkbacks? You even said yourself when they were first unveiled that they weren’t throwbacks.

    Nothing specially uni-worthy @ today’s Parade Marathon in SF. Most players wore the new World Champions hoody- Romo wore a t-shirt that said ‘I only LOOK illegal.’

    Anyone else see the scary face in the picture of the pork shoulder after the bone was removed? And on Halloween, too, no less (though I realize it wasn’t cut on Halloween)…





    Please tell me you put the butter onto the side of your plate BEFORE you put it on to your bread. I would hate for a meticulously prepared meal like that to be spoiled because of poor table manners!

    11pm on October 31st, 2012. I’m calling it now. Harden/Lin in Houston, the Rockets have a major uni-change in less than 2 years. Mark it 10, Dude.

    For those who keep track of such things — color on color alert! Golden State (blue) at Phoenix (orange). Wonder if it’s a Halloween thing for the Suns. On a related note, the Giants picked an appropriate day (color wise) for their parade.

    Its my first time through the pumpkins and there’s some amazing work in there.

    One thing struck me – about Dave Northrop’s pumpkin – how much the Jefferson Community College logo looks like the old Calgary Cannons logo.



    That high school from Oregon that’s getting the custom shoes is the high school that Ducks’ star recruit Thomas Tyner plays at

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