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Monday Morning Uni Watch

Roddy White Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons 7twyGtzBihVx

By Phil Hecken

Phil here, filling in for Paul on this first Monday of October (which means the month of pink can’t be far away). Not too much big or interesting happened uni-wise in the NFL, but I’m sure a lot of us are grateful for at least one thing. Yep, the replacements weren’t getting any of that after the game. And while there were no travesties of justice like that which took place on Monday night, it’s good that the *real* refs made sure they hit the weight room during their forced hiatus. Speaking of refs, here’s a nice tidbit of information on the ref’s unis (thanks to Mark E. Kluczynski).

All joking aside, it’s good to have the regular referees back. Meanwhile, lets see what happened during week 4 of the league…where they play…for pay:

• The Atlanta Falcons wore their beautiful throwbacks against the Panthers yesterday. Rowdy Roddy White engaged in a bit of sock-shenanigans, somewhat marring the beauty of that uni. Much like the 1965 Houston Astros original unis, this was one team that got it right (uni wise) the first time, and never should have strayed from that beauty. And I realize this is a “quarterback” cut (and it’s been discussed before), but why is it possible for some teams to have full loops going around their sleeves? Clearly it can be done. (More pics here.)

That was it for the “special” unis for Week 4 — lets take a quick trip around the league to see what else was up yesterday:

• On Thursday night, the Browns and Ravens hooked up and the Ravens broke out the purple tops over black pants, a look which has actually grown on me. And while I detest the pants and undersocks being the same color (giving teams the tights look), it actually somewhat mitigates the awfulness of the bicycle pants. (More.)

• The Bills and Pats hooked up in a little internecine battle in the AFC East — the good news is the Bills will apparently not wear blue pants this year. The bad news is that as good as the Bills look, the Colombian Necktie stupid two-color Nikelace ruins the look. Also always interesting to see Ryan Fitzpatrick with his wedding band on. And I know some of you love the Pats unis, but this is a shitty looking uniform. Sorry. (More.)

• The Vikes & Lions hooked up in the Silverdome Ford Field, and nothing much of uni-interest took place there. I’m not sure if they’re any different from last year, but somehow the Vikes look a little different — it’s a terrible uni, of course, but somehow the Nike treatment seems to work — and I finally get the design element (the “horn” sorta repeats on the sleeve and pants leg). One too many bumperstickers, of course, but at least now it makes a little bit of sense. (More.)

• The current team to call Houston home hooked up with the former team to call Houston home. And the new Houston team is pretty good. But, I gotta say, I sure do love it when the former team goes white over Columbia. That is one of the most underrated neo-classic unis in the game today. Just beautiful. (More.)

• After two weeks of wearing white trou with their white tops (a goregous look), the Chargers went back to wearing navy pants for their game against the Chiefs in Arrowhead. (More.)

• The NFC runner-up 49ers came into the New Meadowlands and showed the Jets why they’re a force this year. The looked better too. It’s hard to tell in this photo, but the Jets single shoulder “stripe” is a different color green (the jersey is more olive) than the jersey itself. And the sweatboxes really show up against that dark color. Jet Bart Scott had a ripped decal (thanks to Gordon Cromer). (More.)

• It’s not often the Seahawks are going the be the better looking team on the gridiron this year. But thanks to the mono-blue clad Rams, they were. The birds went with their gray pants yesterday, which is actually a pretty good look. Wish they’d wear those pants with the blue tops more. And, surprisingly, I don’t hate the neon gloves and shoes as much as I thought I would. (More.)

• After wearing their black jerseys last week, the Cardinals returned to their cardinal jerseys, taking on the Dolphins. And, in what is (I believe) a rarity, the Dolphins wore white over white on the road (a look they usually reserve for home games). That’s a great look, except, of course, for the Nikelace. Ugh. (More.)

• The Broncos, in their orange tops (a beautiful shade of orange it is) used a second half surge to destroy the Raiduhs. I actually think the Broncs are one of the few teams who look better in the new Nike unis than they did before, but the different color belt tunnel really gets annoying, ruining the completely unnecessary fat blue panel running from armpit to knee. (More.)

• Normally, a game between the Jaguars and Bengals would be almost uni-unwatchable. But yesterday was different, the Jags wore teal, the Bengals white, and it looked aight. Sadly, this is likely our last look at the teal (at least if everything we’re hearing is correct) for the Jags this year. One other team I think looks better with the new Nike treatment is the Bengals (at least when they go white over white). Unfortunately, the teal makes the sweatboxes even more apparent. (More.)

• The uni-gods saw to it that the Packers (one of the few teams to eschew the ‘modern’ Nike cuts) eked one out over the Bounty-Boys ballet-pantsed Saints (shout out Hofstra’s Marques Colston!). Don’t the Saints realize that their only proper pants are gold? And how is it this guy doesn’t have a shampoo commercial yet? (More.)

[Two uni notes from the Packer game: An interesting observation from Scott Lederer, who notes, “Watching the Packers/Saints game. Graham Harrell came into the game for one play when Aaron Rodgers was momentarily injured. A close up of his helmet seems to show that the stripe is wider as it passes over one of the vents at the back of his helmet. The stripe still looks normal because the part that appears to be wider is clear. I guess this is to prevent the stripe tape from partly being on the shell of the helmet and partly being over the hole? Maybe it’s easier to damage the stripe in that scenario? Not sure, just speculating.” Also from that game (and possibly almost the same moment) comes this observation from Dave Rakowski: “Here are three photos showing Packers Cedric Benson’s face shield with an old-fashioned Packer/Wisconsin logo.”]

• The penultimate game of the day featured the Washington team against the Bucs. The Washington team went with white pants down in Tampa, and RGIII offered up an ode to Tebow (or, maybe not). I’ve never been a fan of the Bucs pewter color — although it’s certainly unique — maybe because I loved their creamsickle outfits so much more. (More.)

• The SNF matchup feature the G-men and Iggles wearing white over gray and midnight over white respectively. Nothing to see here. Two teams solidly in the middle of the pack uni-wise. Since the Giants were one of the teams to wear the “super-stretchies” last year, they have benefited immensely from the Nike makeover. The Eagles stuck with their “old” cuts and still look pretty good. (More.)


ticker 2

Uni Watch News Ticker: (Mostly compiled by Phil — added to by Paul) … “I wouldn’t think too many equipment managers have been honored with a statue at a stadium?” (from Jay Sullivan). … “First time I saw “Sr.” on an NFL jersey.” (Joe Bozek). … Wisconsin rip-off sighting: “Here is a pic of a local high school in Williamsport, PA. Even the coaching staff has taken the Wisconsin W.” (Art Savokinas). … “New Alabama Basketball Uniforms.” (Leo Thornton). … “I was watching “Ask the Huskers – Sept. 27th” on Youtube, which includes an interview with one of Nebraska’s equipment managers, Jay Terry. And couldn’t help but notice the obvious: a red (or perhaps maroon?) Nebraska helmet along side the alt black helmet and traditional cream helmet. GOD forbid: it almost looks like an Oklahoma helmet with the OU replaced by an N! (Gil Neumann). … “Burning couches is a pandemic in WV.” (Joshua Prior). … “I saw this Arkansas Coke box arrangement on Facebook.” (Rex Henry). … “As an avid and life long Browns fan (insert joke)…What I do find actually funny, is the “traditionalist” Browns fans, who act as if it’s an act of treason to ever manipulate the Browns uniform. You’ve probably seen these at some point over the years, but I’ve attached a picture which shows 3 different Otto Graham shots from long ago, clearly showing that the uniform we hold dear as the “traditional” Browns uni, isn’t really traditional at all. It’s more likely fans are really longing for the Era we wore in Jim Browns later years in the early 60s which is what more closely resembles our modern Uniforms.” (“Brian5580”). … “Not really uni-related, but I think you follow this — Interesting news in the Kobe beef world.” (Samuel Shipley). … In case you missed it, Tulsa unveiled a white helmet. (Joe Moore). … More Notre Dame news: “Prepping the ND Chicago Helmets; Chicago Game ND Captain Jersey (four stars from the Chicago flag in the neck); and, Skull Caps.” (Warren Junium). … “Has there ever been a NFL player whose name was the combination of two former NFL equipment manufacturers, and who subsequently wore equipment manufactured by a 3rd company who did not share his namesake? You need not look any further than Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks.” (Chris Jowdy). … “What if Stan Kroenke, Bill Bidwill and Shahid Khan got together, and after some proper monetary compensation and brand-name adjustment, at one stroke “corrected” the relocations of 1987, 1994 and expansion of 1995??? My personal hope would be that this is the result (sorry Jacksonville). St. Louis Rams -> Los Angeles Rams (NFC West). Arizona Cardinals -> St. Louis “Football” Cardinals (NFC West). Jacksonville Jaguars .-> Arizona Jaguars (AFC South).” (Villaroman Santos). … “In light of Nebraska’s alt uniform, er piece o crap, someone has done a look back at the Huskers uni history. I am not a fan of the one game uniform thing, but I guess to a 18 year old it works.” (Eric C. Leach). … “I just stumbled across this (1950s seat cover display) and for some reason I thought of Paul immediately. :).” (Greg Beaulieu). … “So this year Luis Suarez from Liverpool has had his wrist wrapped up. This picture is from a home game this year he has red wrap to match the jersey. On the second picture is from (yester)day when Liverpool was away at Norwitch. They are wearing their freaking awful Purple/Orange/White/Gray kits, freaking terrible! But as you can see his wrist wrap is purple today. Also he has black tape on his armband. Assuming that is a tribute to the 96 that died during the Hillsbourgh Incident.” (Nile Smith). … “I am on a mini vacation in Salamanca NY, and they have this poster of OJ wearing 36. I thought he only wore 32. Do you know anything about this?” (Scott Cummings). … “Is that one of those bat knob # decals on his shin guard?” (Brinke). … “Rivermen to Sport Fan-Made 3rd Jersey. Coolest part…it’s a fan-created design.” (John Muir). … “WV Captain Designation on Helmet. Hope this hasn’t already been discussed but haven’t seen or heard of this myself.” (Paul Deaver). … “No Reebok logo on Jags poster. Team just tweeted this. Reebok logo photoshopped out.” (Sam Lam). … “Bikini Basketball League team rips off the SuperSonics logo.” (Brinke, again). … “Interesting high school throwback uniforms: Quick backstory: In 1990, the two high schools in Warren, Ohio, were merged into one, taking the name of the older school & the mascot of the other one. The Warren G. Harding Panthers (est. 1920s) & the Warren Western Reserve Raiders (est 1960s) became the Warren G. Harding Raiders. This year, the football team is holding two throwback games, dressing as the Reserve Raiders for one & the Harding Panthers for the other. The throwback story itself is interesting, but I was particularly fascinated by the uniforms (specifically, the Reserve throwback).” (Hugh McBride). … “Just saw this video from the Rams’ recent Make-A-Wish event with the players still sporting their Reebok jerseys.” (Stephanie Suarez). … “As I was surfing the, searching for new things about my Houston Texans, I found a funny episode of “On the Nose by Shaun Cody” where he takes a tour of the equipment room. Although it is not supposed to really be that in depth, I did find it interesting that there is basically a full dry cleaning service on site.” (Matthew Casella). … “The AFL Grand Final was a colour on colour match-up between the Hawthorn Hawks (brown and yellow) and the Sydney Swans (red and white). It was a bird on bird contest as well; indeed the final four were all birds with the Hawks beating the Adelaide Crows and the Swans beating the Collingwood Magpies in the Preliminary Finals last week.” (Craig Snyder). … “Looks like the teams in the playoffs are wearing patches on the side of their hats starting with the first round of the playoffs, not just the world series”¦ interesting!” (Nick Schiavo). … “On July 16th, it was mentioned that Astros pitcher Enerio Del Rosario has a very odd NOB. That was on a grey jersey. It was later found out that it was a mistake and he would no longer wear that jersey. Well, tonight (Sept. 29), Del Rosario wore the same style on NOB against the Brewers, this time on a red jersey.” (Randy Allemann). … “Thought you’d enjoy this – its from the Calgary Hitmen a couple of nights ago. Instead of a giant flaming C at centre ice, it’s now a small Flames logo and a small Hitmen logo. First time they’ve ever done this (presumably because of the strike). Also note the flaming C’s in the centre line. Frozenfaceoff has the C’s in the centreline but not the Hitmen logo.” (Mike Styczen). … “I thought you guys would get a kick out of these uniforms worn Saturday as Appalachian State routed Coastal Carolina 55-14.” (Vance Gonzales). … “For the blooper files at Uni-Watch — Thought you guys would be interested in this, from Sunday.” (Al Yellon). also “Greinke NOB Failure.” (Timothy Burke). … “TCU Aggies? How bout them TCU Aggies?” (Justin Hale). “Utah State did the ‘White Out’ Saturday night against UNLV, Winnipeg Jets style.” (Benjamin Froehle). … “The Grand Final in the AFL was just Friday night, but already some Hawthorn Hawks jumpers (after switching from Puma to Adidas) for the 2013 season have leaked. Adidas is really pushing it here by altering the traditional look of the Hawks, not only creating a brown jumper to be worn (along with the traditional gold jumpers), but they are replacing the middle bar on the back of the jumper with an ‘Adidas stripe‘. On the gold jumper, however, it appears that the Adidas stripe will stop above the number.” (Leo Strawn, Jr.). … “Where does ESPN college game day get their football helmets from? Their ND shamrock series helmet they had yesterday was wrong. Here are the real helmets.” (James Laky). … (and here’s the remainder of the ticker, as compiled by Paul): UNC’s white helmet will make its on-field debut this Saturday (from Tom Arnel). … Louisiana-Lafayette is honoring its equipment manager with a statue — a rare honor for an equipment guy (from Jay Sullivan). ”¦ Here’s our first look at a Nike version of the Texans’ red jersey. The weird thing is that the numbers look gray. Definitely not like that in the style guide. We’ll learn more on Oct. 21, when the team is slated to wear red (from Daniel Barrera). ”¦ Contrary to what was in Friday’s Ticker, Tennessee kicker Derrick Brodus did not change his number in honor of Jackie Robinson. He took No. 42 simply because it was assigned to him (thanks to Josh Williams for the correction). ”¦ “The Grand Final in the AFL was just Friday night, but already some Hawthorn Hawks jumpers (after switching from Puma to Adidas) for the 2013 season have leaked,” reports Leo Strawn, Jr. ”¦ This is weird: When the Notre Dame uniform for the Shamrock Series game was first unveiled, the helmet was about two-thirds gold and one-third navy. But ESPN College Gameday had a helmet on their set the other day that showed those proportions reversed (from Eric Geyer).

Comments (140)

    1) O.J. wore 36 in pre-season link

    2) “Arizona Jaguars” is just wrong. “Jaguars” is a Jacksonville specific alliteration thing. I believe that name was thrown around when naming the USFL team, will try to find doc on that.

    I have a pic in one my books of OJ wearing #36, sitting next to James Harris. I’ll scan and send when I get home tonight.

    The Philadelphia Eagles should have left for the desert when Leonard Tose had the chance to sell off some interest in the franchise (to cover gambling losses).

    Staying put gave Philly what exactly? Norman Braman, then penthouse suites at the Vet, and ultimately Jeff Lurie’s midnight green eyesores.

    Curse you Bob Hurt!

    Arizona Jaguars is rather horrible, I agree. I think if the Cardinals stay in St Louis, the 1995 expansion probably ends up as Carolina and Baltimore. The Raiders still move back to Oakland and the Rams head for Tennessee. The Browns then go to Los Angeles to become the Bulldogs, and the Oilers go to Arizona as the Outlaws. The Browns are reborn in Cleveland and 2002 still gives us the Texans. Jacksonville never gets a team.

    I look for the Jaguars to move to London and form a sponsorship with Jaguar cars, since Ford doesn’t own them anymore and the acrimony isn’t there like it was back in the 90’s.

    I really don’t think that London would actually support an NFL team. These single games might draw fairly well, but that’s because it’s a novelty. To actually have a full time team there? No way. Not to mention the travel issues.

    I just hope that when the Jags move to Los Angeles, the NFL does another realignment and fixes some of the stupid shit we have now. I don’t care how “historic” or “traditional” the rivalries are, Dallas is not a freakin “East” city.

    I don’t think realignment is necessary, although having the Rams in the NFC North, the Lions in the East, and the Cowboys in the West would make sense.

    Legally, the only teams that have to be grouped in a division together are the Steelers, Browns, and Bengals. You can thank Art Modell for that one.

    Arizona Jaguars is rather horrible, I agree. I think if the Cardinals stay in St Louis, the 1995 expansion probably ends up as Carolina and Baltimore. The Raiders still move back to Oakland and the Rams head for Tennessee. The Browns then go to Los Angeles to become the Bulldogs, and the Oilers go to Arizona as the Outlaws. The Browns are reborn in Cleveland and 2002 still gives us the Texans. Jacksonville never gets a team.

    So then the Rams would have played themselves in the Super Bowl.

    When OJ joined the Bills, running back Gary McDermott from Tulsa was wearing number 32. After McDermott was cut, OJ took his now infamous #32.

    OJ Simpson wore 36 in the preseason of his rookie year (69) until the poor guy who had 32 was cut before the regular season started. OJ then took 32 in time for the regular season. OJ was featured on the cover of SI in August 69 wearing the 36 jersey.

    I had an OJ Simpson paperback book in the mid 1970s that had OJ wearing #36 in the preseason action photos – the book said he wore #36 for that one game because his #32 jersey was stolen from the locker room ….

    Not true.

    Simpson wore #36 because #32 was wore by veteran Bob Cappadonna.
    When Cappadonna was released, Simpson claimed the number.

    You could look it up.

    Ooops, oops, ooops…
    Cappadona’s involved but not the way I’m recalling.
    On second thought, Simpson got Cappadona’s number 36 because Cappadona had been let go after ’68. THAT’s his connection.

    There was another player named McDermott (or something like that) who had #32 in’68, and when HE was released after camp in ’69 Simpson got the number.

    Turns out the red/maroon Nebraska helmet was just something the equipment managers “taped up just for fun.” He said they also made up a silver Nebraska helmet… Come on guys–stick with tradition.

    The last time the NU staff had something “taped up just for fun” they ended up attacking Domino’s Pizza. That “maroon” lid is worrisome.

    Well it was compiled by two people today, without a lot of collaboration due to time constraints, so they did repeat each other a bit. When you get this much information thrown at you on a daily basis, sometimes it will be repeated. No big deal.

    “Rivermen to Sport Fan-Made 3rd Jersey. Coolest part…it’s a fan-created design. – JM”

    Way to start off with a Farnsworthian submission. Should’ve gotten more from my Hofstra education.

    //Oh my yes, 6000 hulls

    Chargers unis are horrible. Great helemets, but the rest is a mess. Particularly hate the white block on the leg that houses the bolt.

    Agreed. The Chargers uni is a Red Hot Mess. Could easily be solved by ditching the Nany pants, using less detail and trim on the numerals, stripes and bolts. Perhaps bring back the Yellow/Gold pants for wearing with the White jerseys AND sometimes with the Light Blue jerseys.

    The use of both Light Blue and Navy for numeral and bolt details wreck the sharpness and simplicity of a uni that could be amongst the very best in the NFL. The Chargers should essentially style the uni in Navy, Yellow Gold and White, and then comform the Light Blue alternate jersey to work with the base uniform. A set of Yellow Gold pants gould be fitted and styled the same way.

    That wouls set the Chargers up to e a top 5 NFL uni.

    Also, ditch the Nike “Count Floyd”(SCTV) Collar ….

    Howsabout giving 17 a navy helmet with a yellow mask and a navy “block on the leg that houses the bolt” (sort of like they wore in ’84…a fine set indeed)?

    Well, old photoshop is old so I’m not going to mess with it anymore… but I’m not opposed to that concept. My thought was to use a white lightning panel with the white jersey and a blue one with the blue jersey, so they’d have 2 different sets of yellow pants.

    Sorry but I disagree. They need to disabuse themselves of always stitching the thunderbolt to a contrasting strip of fabric. I’m also not a fan of the fussy numerals or the white collar.

    That Texans red jersey appears to be a knockoff. The numbers are too shiny, thus giving it that gray impression.

    The drop-shadow numbers on the 1946 Browns’ jersey were a one-season wonder. The Orange numbers on Otto Graham’s jersey look like a 1950s colorization job. I don’t think the team ever wore those. Tim Brulia-Help!

    OK, Terry.

    Here’s the down-lo:

    1) Otto in orange numbered white jersey. TMK, never happened.

    2) Top illustration: legit. Browns wore white leather helmet from 1946-1951. Middle illustration: Otto in orange leather. Legit. Browns wore orange leather lid in 1950 and at least for College All-Star Game in 1951. Bottom illustration: Taken from pic of a preseason night game in either 1954 or 1955 (can’t remember which, off hand) where the Browns wore orange jerseys and was retouched to make the jersey brown and the sleeve stripes are reversed. Never happened.

    3) Definitely looks like artwork from an old Bowman football card. Browns had that southwestern orange drop shadow on the 1946 jersey. Legit.

    Hope this helps, Terry.

    Thanks, Tim. I knew about the helmets, the drop-shadow and that they wore an Orange jersey on occasion. I knew they never wore Orange numbers on the White jersey.

    Phil, honestly it doesn’t seem like there’s any team that you (or Paul) don’t think “got it right the first time,” as long as that team was founded in the ’60s or before.

    I’ve noticed this trend as well. Although, I do think that the Falcons should go back to this look with the new logo instead of the throwback logo. They should also incorporate that gold trim on the helmet into the rest of the uniform.

    Nevermind of course that the Falcons *didn’t* get it right the first time. The gold helmet stripes were stupid then and are still stupid now. They didn’t actually get it right until 1978.

    You’re forgetting that we have no idea when the Rays were actually founded. They’ve already thrown back to 1979, even though no one seems to remember that team… maybe next year they’ll throwback to 1908. We don’t really know.

    Most franchises in the big 4 sports were founded in the 60’s and before. Therefore it makes sense that many of the ones that got it right from the beginning would have been before 1970.

    Easy list of exceptions: Broncos, Raiders, Jets/Titans, Steelers pre-Batman jerseys, Packers’ blues . . .

    Phil and Paul have mentioned the Seahawks (established 1976) as a team that got it right the first time. (That phrase should be trademarked too).

    The Jets should:
    A) Find a way to better match the green on the stripe material to the green on the jersey, and
    B) Switch the stripe patterns on their uniforms so that it looks more like the old unis – there’s supposed to be two stripes, not a full UCLA three. The way it looks now just doesn’t look so good.

    Actually, if you look at their link they did use similar shoulder inserts (white-green-white on the green jersey, green-white-green on the white), as opposed to the link jerseys that looked like the sleeves were the same color as the rest of the jersey, with a thin stripe at the top, a wide stripe for the TV number, and another thin stripe at the bottom.

    That said, although I think Nike does a better job with the sleeves than Reebok did (the stripes are angled instead of vertical), I’ve always thought it would look better if the inserts were reversed, which would have the visual effect of moving the top stripe down even further.

    The Jets should:
    A)Find an occasion to throwback to the NY Sack Exchange-era uniforms.
    B)Switch to kelly green.

    I think we’ll see that eventually. That uniform went away only 14 years ago, 22 years ago if you count the black-trimmed version as a separate design. If the Bucs can throw back to the orange creamsicle/”fancy” pirate, the Jets can throw back to the Sack Exchange.

    (That said, I never really cared for that uniform, with or without the black trim. I thought it was a downgrade from the 1965-77 set. The jersey was too plain, the shoulder numerals too big (although this was fixed in 1990), and having a wordmark on the helmet instead of a logo is lame. It only got worse when they started wearing white at home in ’85.)

    Kelly green would be nice, but I’m OK with the forest/hunter green they’ve been using since ’98. The Army green they’re using now, however, has to go.

    I’d also like to see the primary logo be football-shaped like the 1965-77 version, rather than oval.

    Phil realizes that Ford Field is not a corporate re-branding of the Pontiac Silverdome, but a entirely new stadium in downtown Detroit, right?

    Seems like a fair exception to the “I’m Calling it….” movement.

    What should we call a stadium that has been corporate branded from the beginning… “I’m still calling it the building that replaced the Silverdome” is a mouthful.

    Technically that was a corporate name, too: ‘Pontiac Silverdome’ (Was the city named after the car, or the car named after the city?).

    Pretty sure the car was named after the city, which was named after a former local chief.

    “I’m calling it…” refers specifically to new stadiums with corporate names we’d rather not use. “I’m still calling it” is the one that refers to corporate re-brandings.

    I think I am missing the Captain sticker on the WVU helmet…..what am I looking for?

    It is a white C to the right of the logo. It looks like it was etched into the helmet but may just be the screen capture.

    After further review, the ruling in the Ticker is reversed: I now concur that it is, indeed, a chinstrap buckle. My thanks to those of you that went under the hood and got the call correct. None of you will be charged a time out.

    I don’t think it’s a C. It looks like to snap lock for his chin strap. You can see that part of the strap obscures the corner of the W.

    Suarez and all the other players in the Norwich City v Liverpool match at the weekend were wearing black armbands as a mark of respect to former Norwich City manager John Bond who passed away last week. Bond was the 2nd longest serving manager of the Canaries. He also managed Manchester City, Burnley, Swansea, Birmingham and Shrewsbury and he played for West Ham. link


    Is it my imagination, or do the Falcons’ throwbacks worn yesterday feature a very dark shade of Red for the helmet and striping trim much darker than any previous Red worn by the Falcons?

    I didn’t notice it being darker red. I did notice that it was beautifully non-metallic red on the helmets.

    That Tennessee Vols kicker Broadus is a VERY interesting story. In addition to being the first regular Black PK in the SEC, his debut is one for Ripley’s “Believe It or Not!”

    Last season Broadus was a non-scholarship walk-on that had practiced with the team but did not dress for games. He wasn’t even on the sidelines for home games. During the warmups for a game last season, something happened and Tennessee’s regular kicker was not able to play – due to injury or sickness immediately before the game. Tennessee Vols had no other kicker available – NONE. The coaches scrambled, frantically trying to find Broadus, and located Broadus at his house getting ready to watch the game at home, on TV. AS THE TEAM WAS WARMING UP FOR THE GAME, The coaches got the State Police to drive over to Broadus’ place to pick him up and wisk him to Neyland Stadium, where he was informed he’d be kicking that night and was then fitted with a Game Uniform for the very first time, and he proceeded to make many if not all of his kicks in that game – on minutes notice ….

    That is a story worth telling over and over every year at the holiday table ….

    That Texans Jersey was clearly a fake considering Nike does not sell authentic reds this for the Texans

    100% bootleg. The team did release a photo of C Chris Myers wearing the Battle Red uniform in the locker room the day after the big Nike unveiling. The numbers are white. The person at the team store I spoke to about the Battle Red jersey said the authentics will be on sale closer to the game date.

    My beloved New Orleans Saints wore their “Jackass Junior College” thugassedwannabee ten-years-too-late-trendy Black Leotard pants.

    They for the first time this year looked worse than they played ….

    I hurt when the Saints lose, too. But I would like the black pants if they had a pair of gold stripes on each side.

    Caught a moment of the Vikings game and saw a close-up shot of a player’s legs with his socks rolled down, revealing a pair of chrome-finish adidas shinguards before panning up. The weird part is that I’m pretty sure the player was Adrian Peterson, who has been one of Nike’s flagship football ambassadors in recent years. It’s not like Nike doesn’t make shinguards, right?

    I’m pretty sure the Falcons have only 1 loss in those throwbacks and that was last year to the Saints.

    I believe they are 6-1 in them now can someone confirm this?

    A lot of the wins have been nail-biters too.

    Also did the Falcons go with a different cut for the throwbacks? Obviously the simpler design allowed for the Falcons to use a Nike designed cut (not having to replicate their old design), but did they opt for that or was I just imagining things.

    I would love to see a white helmet Browns throwback. Especially one from the AAFC era. link

    Not saying the all white helmet could ever catch on, but just as a one-off it could be really really cool.

    The Packers use this old logo on their duffel bags on road trips, name plate for their lockers on road trips, and on their equipment crates. Like Chance said, it was 2010 when they brought this logo back, and I damn glad they did.

    The BBC’s Match of the Day 3 did a “Fashion Police” overview of this season’s away kits in the Premier League — link

    AP has been with Nike until this year, its not official but he’s been wearing adidas since the start of the year so it looks like that relationship has ended which is crazy to me.

    You don’t say. I did a bit of extra research. I found photos from game one in which he was wearing black adidas (with visible three stripes in dark grey). They are similar if not the same as those worn by RGIII. More recent photos appear to show him wearing purple and black Nikes with tape blocking out the swoosh.

    I look forward to Paul’s and Phil’s (and other Brooklynite’s) take on the Brooklyn Nets look.

    Can–or should– the uniform be analyzed separate from the the baggage around the team’s move, the owners, the marketing, the well documented nefarious destruction of a neighborhood? What is it like to have a pro team in Brooklyn?

    Is the uniform striking and beautiful. Is the black and white bold and powerful? Or is it cloying and dull? Is it a brilliant, original uniform or is it lazy and unimaginative?

    I think this is a huge uniform story.

    I think most of whatever baggage there was has already dissipated. Memories are short.

    Don’t know what it’s like to have a team in our borough yet. But we’re already growing crazy. The gear is everywhere, billboards are all over and even people who aren’t basketball fans (like me) are buying tickets.

    And FWIW, I’d go with “striking and beautiful”, “bold and powerful” and if not “brilliant and original” it’s too good to ever be “lazy and unimaginative”.

    Proof that “ugly” and “awesome” are not mutually exclusive. Those are some uuuuuugly uniforms. But they are, indeed, pretty darn awesome, too.

    As opposed to the new Portland alts, which are perfectly attractive unis, but not only aren’t awesome, they don’t even appear anywhere on the awesome spectrum. They’re ignawesome.

    I like the color scheme and the idea, but having Nuggets spelled out across the bottom really clutters the look. Without the “Nuggets” it would have been a great compliment to the Spurs in what could become a logo based alt. trend.

    Lovely update of one of my favourite unis of all time. I’m not a fan of 3rd jerseys in general, but there’ve been some crackers so far with the Spurs & Nuggets.

    Just a shame Portland have cocked it all up with their overly-busy new alt…

    No…not quite right. If you’re going to bring back the rainbow, bring it back. This looks like a Marquette reject.

    Go with a six-color rainbow, on a navy uniform with athletic gold cuffs and waistband, white numbers and letters trimmed in gold. That’d be better.

    The new gold alts are fine, and a throwback to the skyline with the rainbow warriors look from the 80s……but only if they ditch the baby blue roads and make the navy alts the new regular road unis


    that was a leak of photos that i got from bigfooty website in oz…those photos have since been taken down from that site…apparently some good people in the uni manufacturing industry leaned on the admins of that site to pull those photos an issued some sort of a warning, which is odd because we have always looked for leaked photos on the design board for years, and it’s never been a problem until now…

    so, i don’t know what that means, whether those were just mock ups that adidas didn’t want anyone to know about yet, or if puma was throwing a fit (apparently puma’s contract isn’t up until the end of october)…

    so, sorry, no official word…no idea if the brown jumpers are away, or clash or whatever…there were also brown shorts in the photos, and the white clash appeared to be pretty similar to what they have now…the biggest difference (aside from the brown jumper) was the lack of a white number box and that stupid adidas stripe down the back and the hfc monogram on the arse of the brown tops…

    when i get further info on any afl kit changes, i’ll let paul and phil know…

    Wish the NFL would allow color vs. color (we don’t still watch on black-and-white TVs, do we?). The Raiders-Broncos would have looked amazing yesterday in orange and blue vs. black and silver. Wishful thinking.

    Once in a blue moon, they do. Wasn’t there a Thanksgiving Day game a couple of seasons ago where the Patriots wore their Pat Patriot red throwbacks against the Lions in their throwback darker shade of Honolulu blue?

    Yeah, also there was a Cowboys-Chiefs color vs. color game a couple years back that looked real good.

    All the NFL’s color vs. color matches since 1957 have either been:

    1.) 1957 Rams (treated yellow like white)
    2.) 2003-07 Patriots (treated silver like white)
    3.) 2002 Saints (treated gold like white)
    4.) 1994 Rams Throwbacks (treated yellow like white)
    5.) 2002-present Thanksgiving throwbacks

    So apparently the distinctions are not just two, color or white, but four: color, white, throwbacks, colors pretending to be white.

    The next time you see a Patriots or a Cowboys throwback, you can say, “That’s not a color jersey, that’s a throwback.”

    That Texan’s Nike red jersey looks like a fake to me. Gray numbers are usually indicative of a knock off.

    Wonder if the New Brooklyn Nets will beat the basketball team from San Angeles. *being snarky*

    (Extra credit if you can name any of the movies referencing San Angeles.)

    Demolition Man is one of my favorite movie. I enjoy the Brave New World references a lot!

    Watching the beginning of “The Fortune Cookie”, Vikings punt to the Browns, then the Eagles are covering the kick (looks more like kickoff coverage), then the Vikings make the tackle. Never noticed that before.

    And here’s Portland’s new 3rd uni:


    Well, I like the wordmark… But the chest logo’s not needed, the new diagonal stripe design is too busy, and that ridiculous half-trim on the arms is an element that should never have made it off the drawing board.

    Sort of looks like “well, if we have to have an alt jersey..ehh. We’ll throw something together, Mr Stern.”

    interesting story on fox (sorry, espn) about zack greinke of the angels, and a misspelling of his nob, which he changed mid-game, and apparently pitched better in a jersey with the correct spelling than he had in the misspelled jersey…


    The West Virginia captaincy “C” on the helmet sure looks like the chinstrap buckle to me.

    I have to say, I just plain kinda like the Seahawks new uniforms when they wear the grey pants. The blue homes would look even better with the grey pants.

    And thanks to the Rams for ruining one fo the NFL’s best looks by dumping the awesome gold pants for the monochrome navy crap look.

    Saints also again ruin one of the NFL’s unis as well by wearing the black pants.

    Correct on all counts. Why in the name of Odin’s Ghost do these NFL teams insist upon dressing like Arena IX teams?

    Everybody wants to be (and beat) the Lakers.
    Hawks (link)

    Wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years we’d see yellow/gold jerseys from Miami, OKC, Utah or even Memphis (though less likely after Jerry West left).

    I was waiting in line for the ATM across the street from the Verizon Center in DC today and gazed up into the floor-to-ceiling window offices, and saw that I’m pretty sure is a John Wall Nationals jersey. Maybe one of the ones he’s worn to throw out a first pitch, maybe just a replica. Pretty cool.

    Check out this extreme closeup of Bill Belichek’s sweatshirt:


    How come there are only 3 stars in the NFL Shield?

    UNC should have popped that American Flag decal on the white helmet. It looks terrible on top of the lighter blue.

    And if anyone needs reminding, those Notre Dame helmets are just disgusting. Looks like something I would have drawn up in 5th grade. A mascot has no place on a college uniform or helmet, and uneven two-toning doesn’t help either.

    That’s a tough call. Those two, along with Michigan State’s Sparty, have a stoic, classic look, unlike cartoonish mascots like Notre Dame. They have also been around so long that they would look weird not on a helmet.

    I suppose I am for graphics similar to those above but against commercial mascot logos.

    St. Louis Post Dispatch website clued us in on this find. It’s from Missouri/Alabama in 1975. Check out Alabama qb Richard Todd’s Converse All-Stars!


    Random thoughts:

    The Falcons throwbacks are neat, but I prefer them with the red jerseys they wore from ’71 to ’89. Conversely, the best look I’ve seen for the Ravens was the black jerseys with the purple trim and white pants.

    As far as football jerseys go, there has been a battle between form and function and function appears to be the winner. Because of the limited space on sleeves, stripe placement is forced into an increasingly smaller area, especially if you account for swooshes and TV numbers. Even UCLA type shoulder stripes have been compromised to the point that they look colored bandaids. The jerseys without stripes look so much cleaner. Unless the jerseys go back to the cut that quarterbacks now wear, I say we eliminate the stripes altogether.

    Lastly, the term “Flywire” seems to be most appropriate on the Nikelace because they look so much like insect wings.

    RGIII is becoming more and more annoying every.

    Is it bad when I hope he turns into a Jeff Blake, Gino Torretta, Danny Wuerffel, or Andre Ware?

    The “Arkansas Coke box arrangement” is actually an ARKANSAS STATE Coke box arrangement. The face in those boxes belongs to a Red Wolf — not a Razorback.

    Could’ve been worse, I’m sure. It’s safe and boring. If the team does win a title within 3 years, or at least reach the Finals, you’ll get a lot of bandwagon/undecided NY fans liking and buying these jerseys. (After OKC became competitive, their jerseys all of the sudden looked less ugly to me. Fixing their collar design didn’t hurt.)

    Are NFL officials this season going to wear their white knickers? Or are those no longer part of their wardrobe like with college officials?

    Noticed a bit of a uni anomaly during tonight’s Chicago/Dallas MNF tilt. The Nike swoosh on new Dallas punter Brian Moorman’s right sleeve is facing the wrong direction–the hook is oriented towards his back instead of his chest. Haven’t noticed any other Cowboys with the same problem.

    the bears’ sideline place kicking holder is pink. the details of everything pink is crazy. the cowboys play calling cheat sheets for crying out loud

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