Gray Ridge a Whiteout?

By Phil Hecken

It’s week four of the NCAAFB season, so it’s about time for the uni-shenanigans, no? Sure it is.

Today, in a fairly un-well-kept secret, the West Virginia Mountaineers, they of blue and gold, will join the ranks of the “gray for gray’s sake” (GFGS) donning teams as they will sport this . . . → Read More: Gray Ridge Mountains…in a Whiteout?

Lime Time

Remember Atlantic High, the Florida high school that recently unveiled that two-tone football uni? It looked pretty crazy on that kid standing in a school hallway, but how did it look on the field?

Thanks to John Bennardo, whose video production company shoots Atlantic’s games, we now know. Note that some players wore . . . → Read More: Lime Time

Trouble in Paradise?

On Wednesday night I received a note from a reader who prefers to remain anonymous. It went like this:

Supposedly there is a major bitch session going on between NFL equipment managers and the league about the quality of the new Nike NFL jerseys. I learned this during a conversation with a seamstress for . . . → Read More: Trouble in Paradise?

Tigers, Tigers, Burning Bright

The uniform drawing you see above was done by a gentleman named Edward Deeds, who was born in 1908 and spent most of his life in a Missouri mental hospital. Note all the different sock colors! Deeds compiled nearly 300 of his drawings, including this one, into a hand-bound album that was given to . . . → Read More: Tigers, Tigers, Burning Bright