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Sunday Morning Uni Watch

UMd vs WVU 9-22-12

By Phil Hecken

Quite the interesting day yesterday on the college scene, as we had a bunch of stormtrooping teams and a couple of gray for gray sake teams…and the smattering of BFBS. Didn’t seem like much was happening, but my man, our SMUW quarterback, Terry Duroncelet has it all covered. Lets get right into it as TJ takes us through the…

. . .

Sunday Morning Uni Watch
By Terry Duroncelet

Mother. Of. Celestia. Autumn is here. Yesh. The time of falling leaves of various hues, pumpkin treats galore, and the dusting off of your coon-skin hat to get ready for the highest level of excitement for college football besides the opening Saturday. But some teams look more like they’re ready for some Winter snow games, because at least three teams not named LSU or Georgia Tech wore white at home the last couple of days. Also, there was Maryland on the road. More on them in a few moments, but first:

• The first game was Friday’s game between visiting Baylor and hosts Louisiana-Monroe. No photos, but the Warhawks’ uniforms looked kinda pinkish at times. Maybe because it’s an older uniform that’s starting to show its age, or it’s from sweat and the maroon gear they were wearing underneath was showing through easier, or it was the lighting, or whatever. I’m pretty sure those of you who were watching the game will know what I’m talking about. BTW, Baylor wore this. Gross.

• The second game was between Virginia Tech and Bowling Green. Oh my gosh! Kill it with– actually, that’s not too bad. I’ve definitely seen worse.

• The third game was between Tulane and Mississippi. Did I ever tell you how much I frickin’ love Tulane’s colors? Tulane also had the number 18 on the left side of their helmets. From Yahoo! Sports: “Tulane football players wear the number 18 on their helmets honoring Tulane safety Devon Walker, who fractured his spine against Tulsa on Sept. 8, before the start of their NCAA college football game against Mississippi in New Orleans, Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012.” Other tributes to Walker can be found here, here, and here.

• TCU wore their anthracite jerseys with purple pants. I actually don’t hate that look.

• Cornell wore these uniforms Saturday against Yale. They use the Nike Speed Machine/Pro Combat v3.0 template, and we’re not sure if this is a throwback uniform or some new uniforms that arrived at Cornell’s doorstep late in the season. Here are their usual uniforms. I was actually watching that game, but didn’t think of the unis as anything but new (my thanks to James Comfort for that).

• What happens when you cross Power Rangers, Star Wars, and Division 1 college football together? You get the Putty Patrol hosting the Stormtroopers. That’s West Virginia in their new grey unis (which I really like) with that awesome helmet. They had a rather exciting game against the Maryland Terps, who wore something called a “White Ops” uniform, complete with an HGI-designed helmet. In my opinion, this was actually one of Maryland’s greater uniform successes in recent years, and white is technically one of their colors, so it’s not like they were wearing some “Hot Pink Ops” getup. Shit, I think I just gave a D-1 program an idea for next month. Also, the flag pattern was sublimated into the stretchy section of the back of the pants, although it’s kinda hard to see. That pattern was also on the shoulders. Let’s go back to the first White Ops pic for a moment. The quadrant-specific patterns on the helmet and jersey shoulders still match, instead of staggering like the flag depicts. That doesn’t boast well with me, because they’re supposed to bring back their “Pride” uniforms this year, and if they haven’t fixed the shoulder pattern issue, then it’ll suck just as much as last year.

• Arkansas wore their white helmets against Rutgers. I think this the first time that they’ve done so this season.

• Utah State wore mono-grey against Colorado State.

This time, Michigan State was wearing their alternate green tops. Also from that same game: nice ‘E’ socks on Eastern Michigan. Similar to what the Michigan Wolverines wore last year.

• I didn’t know that Vanderbilt still had their gold lids! This was definitely a great-looking game.

• Utah wore their black helmets, but these had white decals, not the red ones that were shown in the promo vid from earlier this week. Also, DAT CAPTION XD (big thanks to Jim Vilk for the heads-up)

• Also, this was a thing. Yeah.

. . .

Great job as usual, TJ — what the hell is this “Celestia” shit though? No more brony (I think that’s what it is) stuff please ;). All kidding aside, as always, a stellar effort — thanks for taking us through all the recaps!


Catherine Ryan 5 & 1 (scaled animation)

Catherine Ryan’s 5 & 1

The five and one has been a staple of Uni Watch for three years, usually ably administered by Jim Vilk. But he got old and tired, so we needed someone young and fresh. And we’ve found that someone in this year’s new 5 & 1 decider…Catherine Ryan.

Catherine did a fantastic job two weeks ago in her first solo 5 & 1. However, a number of you took issue with her effort last week — so lets see how this week stacks up:

. . .

I made a lot of enemies last week with my selections! I spent my entire Saturday this week watching ESPN Goal Line and had to make some tough choices (which says as much about my social life as it does about my dedication to this column). Enjoy!

5. Villanova vs. UPenn: Finally get to give my alma mater, Villanova, some love! I love that they wear dark pants on the road and Penn always looks solid. Also, any game looks better when played in Franklin Field.

4. Maryland vs. West Virginia: I went back and forth on this game trying to decide if I loved or hated it. I think West Virginia actually pulled off the all-gray look. Maryland came out in an all-white alternate with a shadow pattern on the helmet.

3. Oregon State vs. UCLA: Oregon State got the upset against the Bruins but I loved UCLA’s darker tops.

2. Marshall vs. Rice: These Marshall away uniforms are gorgeous. Rice rocked the navy jerseys/white pants combo. All in all, a great match-up!

1. Louisiana Tech vs. Illinois: Illinois was upended by a feisty squad from Louisiana Tech. I love the helmet logo and the red/blue combo.

And the bad one…

+1 Mizzou vs. South Carolina: South Carolina rocked the blood-clot unis while Mizzou just looked terrible.

+1 Honorable Mention(s): Virginia Tech’s unis were disappointing this weekend and ODU and UNH looked like they were wearing identical helmets!

. . .

Thanks Catherine! I think you’ve acquitted yourself quite nicely this week, although I do disagree with your #1 (good) game — but hey, it’s all opinion anyway. Well readers, how do you think she did?


Duck Tracker 2012

2012 Duck Tracker

The fourth game of the 2012 Ducks season featured, um…black carbon(?) over green over black for their PAC-12 matchup with the stormtrooping Wildcats of Arizona. In my opinion, thus far, Oregon’s worst look for the season.


Our 2012 Duck Tracker is Tim E. O’Brien, and here he is to tell you about it:

. . .

Continuing a trend, The Ducks looked worse this week than they did last week. Given that they started with one of their best looks ever, that might not be saying much, but there is just so much “meh” in this uni set.

Let’s take it item by item.

With the helmet the Ducks brought back their crappy Rose Bowl helmet but added a yellow ‘O’ decal on the back. With the addition of Oregon’s other winged helmets, the lack of contrast between the wings and the helmet is even more obvious.

While the dark green/Rose Bowl jersey is fine, there is something disappointing about it when you know these gems are sitting in the locker room.

Finally, the pants are black. That’s it. They’d go better with a bolder jersey, a black helmet or sitting in a garbage can.

I’m disappointed in you, Oregon. Week one you got my hopes up and you’ve only dashed them since.

As always, see more photos and information over at the Duck Tracker, and feel free to stop by the NUni Tracker and all the other uni tracker sites (no Hoosier game this week [mercifully]).

. . .

Thanks Tim.


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

Like the colorizations, I’m going to run these as inline pics — click on each one to enlarge.

And so, lets begin:


First up is Marcus Hall, with some Balmer lovin’:

Baltimore Ravens Fauxback Unis - Marcus Hall


Kinda playing around with the Ravens; inspired by the Tampa Bay Rays fauxback. I went with the gray facemask cuz that just seems retro to me. I don’t think there would have been a “fancy” B on the pants, nor do I think there would have been that silly black drop shadow. No Alt black either. And yes, they would have gone with a bright helmet with the purple jerseys.


. . .

Next (and last) is Michael Pappas with a neat idea — combining rugby and CFL unis:

CFL_rugby - Michael Pappas


Since both American and Canadian football games are derived from rugby and nobody cares about the Canadian variety, what if they reverted back to rugby as a true alternative?

Full credit to’s shirtbuilder tool for the shirt samples.

Alec Pappas


And that’s it for today. Back with more next time.


Screen Shot 2012-06-24 at 10.32.36 PM

“Benchies” first appeared at U-W in 2008, and has been a Saturday & Sunday feature here for the past two years.

. . . . .

It’s not like he could blame it on replacement officials…

9-23-12 s-Bull

Click to enlarge


And that’s a wrap for today everyone. Thanks to Terry, Catherine, Tim, Ricko and the concepters! Everyone enjoy the pros today and have a great Sunday. I’ll catch you next week!


“This has been the best UniWatch day ever. WVU headlines AND wins their game. And yes, it was against Maryland, but a win is a win. Now I’m off to burn a couch.”
–Coleman Mullins

Comments (106)

    LOVE Micheal Pappas’ CFL Rugby shirts.

    NFL ought to go to school on that idea.

    Just watched UCLA’s highlights. Sigh, the powder blue is gone, and one of college football’s great looks is gone with it. Shame. Then again, who wouldn’t opt to look more like Tulsa. What should we call that new Bruin blue? I’m thinking “Tidy Bowl Blue.”

    Yes, I know. It’s pretty much Air Force Blue. But on video, the darker sweatboxes create a different effect. Make it look kind of jeweled. Or liquid. Hence, Tidy Bowl.

    Doesn’t matter what their shade of blue is; they need Adidas to fix their damn Techfit template so that it can actually accommodate UCLA stripes.

    I don’t know why they don’t just dye the stripes on. With all of the advancements in technology and fabric dying and everything… I mean, if a hockey team can wear this: link surely an NCAA team could have proper UCLA stripes printed on their jerseys.

    They also need to drop those horrible pants and go back to the more metallic look, as does ND. Of course UCLA’s don’t look as bad as ND’s because UCLA didn’t decide to go ultra shiny with their helmets to really show just how much of a contrast there can be.

    Jeff, you know those tuxedos jerseys are sublimated, right? You can’t sublimate a rugby jersey. The fabrics used are entirely different.

    Isn’t it called “True Blue?” Same color that the basketball team wears? In any event, it’s part of UCLA’s desire to standardize the color across all their teams.

    Wasn’t it originally called “Powder Keg Blue?”

    Since both American and Canadian football games are derived from rugby and nobody cares about the Canadian variety, what if they reverted back to rugby as a true alternative?

    Hey now…if I was forced to watch football and told I could pick one and only one version, it would be the Canadian game. Or paper football…

    Anyway, great looking shirts! The Roughriders one is the best (there’s only one Roughriders – the other one is the Rough Riders), followed by the Ti-Cats.

    LOL at the upside down Falcons on BGSU’s pants… what were they thinking on that one?

    …and for the love of Celestia, how the hell does the West Virginia/Maryland game make the 5&1 as anything other than the &1? Someone should be fired… or banished to the moon. Whichever.

    seriously, I was just telling my friend’s that was one of the worst color contrasts I’d ever seen on a football field

    Exactly – silver or gray can (and should) be used in place of white, but it shouldn’t be worn as a dark color against white. Ignoring how utterly ridiculous it is for WVU to wear gray in the first place, if they’re wearing gray, Maryland should be wearing red, black or gold(yellow), not white.

    Am I in an alternate universe? Agreeing with The?…

    I will say, as much as I absolutely hate the Mountaineers in anything other than gold and blue, it didn’t look half bad if you were actually there. And as Phil mentioned yesterday, (something like “why don’t they wait until it could be overcast or even snow?”) It rained off and on, and was overcast a great deal of the time.

    It didn’t look terrible, but they better not use it much.

    Wound up at a Terps bar yesterday trying to watch the Nats-Brewers game. (All praise the mighty Selig for the MLB At Bat app.) Heard several people call WVU’s unis Civil War or rebel grays. Had to cringe, since that’s pretty much an automatic F in American history.

    Was gonna say, “Well, West Virgina’s south of the Hewritt Dixon line, isn’t it?” but NOBODY remembers ol’ Hewritt…

    #2 was a good selection, and I can’t argue too much with the +1. But the rest, I was (again) surprised. There were so many great looking games to pick from this week (FSU-Clemson, LSU-Auburn, KState-OU). Vandy-UGA, Mich-ND, Temple-Penn St weren’t too bad either.

    Don’t let us get you down, though, Catherine. If everyone had the same opinion, it would be a boring world.

    -“TCU wore their anthracite jerseys with purple pants. I actually don’t hate that look.”

    I hate it enough for both of us.

    It’s that “high school in a tough Pennsylvania coal-mining town” look…perfect for a team from Fort Worth.

    Ricko, I can’t tell if that was sarcasm. There is Fort Worth, and then there is TCU. I grew up there; the two bare little resemblance to each other.

    Blot clot!

    Nova with their Toronto Argos wannabe look.

    Catherine have you lost your mind? Yes, why yes you have.

    I’m compiling a list of things that look good in solid gray, and I’m stuck at “(1) Battleship.” A gray living room? A gray car? A gray birthday cake? No-No-No. … Gray does work when it’s used as an accent, when it’s used for contrast.

    If you like West Virginia’s unis, that’s cool, but in any write up about them, I’d like to see why you think they work, too.

    P.S. These are the Ducks best uni combo this season (and an excellent example of how to use gray, also!): link

    I, for one, am glad to see that “(2) A baseball road uniform” wasn’t part of your list of things that look good in gray.

    I’d also like to state that gray is also a perfectly fine color for a cat, or a wizard’s beard.

    If they made road baseball uniforms in a weave that has texture like the heather gray used in sweatshirts and t-shirts, I would include it. The current polyester road uni just looks to plastic to me. I did have a nice looking dark gray car, though light gray cars tend to blend in with the ubiquitous silver. I also have a nice gray suit. But, it is a gray plaid, and I wouldn’t wear it with a gray shirt.

    I painted my spare bedroom gray. I have accented it with reds and blacks. It looks great, so I can’t agree with your “No. No. No.”

    Nice job on that 5&1 Catherine! Yes I am biased, no I don’t care.

    Today’s Uni Watch feels like it was made just for me. Tons of positive WVU coverage, Mike rocking his black and gold adidas in no less than six Benchies panels, and Jeff cracking me up with his cat/wizard beard comment.

    Isn’t it great to see WVU coverage on Saturday AND Sunday?! Best weekend ever.

    I hope you enjoyed the game as much as I did, Bernard.

    I might’ve enjoyed it more had I been there in person. It stressed the hell out of me from the comfort of my couch!

    It stressed the hell out of me from the comfort of my couch!

    I thought you guys burned couches instead of sitting on them…

    It’s pretty obvious the Oregon thing has run its course. Now it’s just silly and embarrassing.

    Hopefully the “new uniforms every week” thing for everybody will stop in the next couple of years.

    Catherine– This is what a proper #1 (good) looks like, btw…



    a — it’s opinion — hers and hers alone, not yours and

    b — what THE said — put the tiggers in orange britches (a fantastic look, btw) and that one has top 5, possibly even top 1, potential … with orange/white/white? no

    That’s a nicely designed uniform, and it’s marginally better than dark green and black, but I just can’t get behind that color scheme.

    If the numbers are neon green (not the outline…the actual numbers) and those are your school colors, then a big yes.

    Yeah, there have to be at least half a dozen schools who have black and chartreuse as school colors that would look amazing in a uni like that. Wait, no? Ok then.

    Bold move, Terry. I don’t think I would’ve made a Pony drop off the top of the bat… then again, Phil, that’s what you get when you let a brony loose in the asylum!

    Put me in the category of those who think there’s just something fundamentally wrong about West Virginia dressing in grays. I did like Maryland’s all-whites, though, although I agree that the flag pattern should be switched on the jersey to make it more like the flag.

    Michigan-Notre Dame looked pretty good uni-wise… I would still prefer Michigan drop the random “maize” piping and stick with a more classic design on their white unis, but at least it’s not blue piping (and thus standing out much more). ND looked nice in their classic blues and shiny helmets… but, as a lifelong Michigan fan and Domer hater, I was disappointed with the outcome. C’mon, Denard, where’s that famous horsepower? Show me your speed!

    I’m pretty sure that Terry said he’d be making Pony references back in week 1.

    Phil probably hasn’t even watched a single episode, and he’s just hating out of ignorance. Perhaps we need to give him the Clockwork Orange treatment…

    I was at the Cornell/Yale game, and the biggest difference I could see was that the numbers didn’t seem to be of uniform width. For example, 61 seemed much narrower than 62, with the 1 placed as close as possible to the 6, instead of evenly spaced. At least that’s how it appeared from the stands.

    Any Uniwatchers out there that bought the Bad News Bears stirrups from the stirrup club that would be interested in selling them? I’m putting together a Tanner Boyle costume for Halloween and could use a pair! If so, would you kindly PM me at waj97(AT)

    One problem with the CFL rugby shirts :

    The future Ottawa CFL football team will not be called the “Rough Riders” because,

    1) The Saskatchewan Roughriders will not allow any new Ottawa CFL team to be
    called “Rough Riders” and

    2) A Chicago based restaurant owner and prolifiic minor league sports team owner
    named Horn Chen,who briefly owned the Rough Riders in the mid 1990s,owns
    the name “Ottawa Rough Riders” and has demanded $100 000 from the CFL or
    any perspective owner of an Ottawa CFL team for the name. That is probably why the
    CFL has never made or marketed any Ottawa Rough Riders throwback clothing
    or material eg. The new Canada Post Grey Cup stamp series has no Ottawa
    football representation.

    Why the hell should the Saskatchewan team have any say at all over the name of any expansion team? Granted, the whole Roughriders/Rough Riders thing was incredibly silly and really shouldn’t be repeated, but how do they have any claim to the “Ottawa Rough Riders” name?

    the whole Roughriders/Rough Riders thing was incredibly silly and really shouldn’t absolutely should be repeated


    Again, Jeff, you’re aware that the two teams existed independently from one another before they both joined the CFL, right? Please say yes. Please.

    On the CFL rugby shirts. The template you used for Saskatchewan should have been used instead for the Argos. Those multi-hooped sleeves with the solid body would look great in the Double Blue and would be a tribute to the style of jersey worn by the 1950 “Mud Bowl” Grey Cup Champions. Go Argos! Pull Together!

    PS-How do you get that shirt creator to work?

    The template you used for Saskatchewan should have been used instead for the Argos.

    I *just* sent Ricko an email saying the same thing!

    Oh, and Luther, Horn Chen won’t live forever, so Ottawa will get the Rough Riders name back eventually.

    The lack of Ottawa (and to a lesser degree the former U.S. CFL teams) in Canada Post’s offering is a disappointment.

    Here’s the Canada Post’s ‘full pane of 9 stamps’ for the 100th anniversary of the Grey Cup (items also can be bought or ordered at any Canada Postal outlet):

    Here’s all the offerings for the 100th anniv. from Canada Post (including the $200 Ultimate Fan Set that has the mini Grey Cup):

    You guys (and girls) might find this interesting… I do a write-up about the Eagles uniforms each game for a Philadelphia sports blog: link. Admittedly silly (in terms of picking a winner), but probably in the wheelhouse of the readership. The comments are generally… not the most supportive (as a ridiculous understatement), but I still have fun doing it each week.

    I know it’s shameless self-promotion, but this is my third season doing it (and the 3rd format, if you were to look through the archives), and I haven’t ever posted about it here before.


    I was a fan of the old UCLA blue, but I love the current UCLA blue, which UCLA has been wearing for years now. It’s similiar to the evolution the Charges have made in their light blues.

    I did notice in this picture that the simpler trim of the numbers is on some jerseys but not others. I like the simpler trim, and of course they need to bring back the stripes like LSU still has to a large extent. But at least the pants are gold again, like Notre Dame’s, instead of that washed out tan.


    Oh, I know the true powder’s been gone for a while now. Haven’t been asleep.

    Just that late the game yesterday, the dark sweat panels (and maybe the game being played in bright sunshine) seemed to alter the way it looked…creating the Tidy Bowl effect.

    And while some like the standardization of the Bruins’ blue, I always thought the school’s use of multiple versions of the color was one of those little quirks that can make uni-watching interesting.

    I know, and I kind of liked the mix-and-match blues too. In fact, the football team had light blue at home and dark blue trim on the road. The same with the golds, sometimes in the same uniform (for instance, athletic gold for the numbers and old gold for helmets and pants). But we are in an age where everything is created by the machine now, and all must be standardized. Sigh.

    pre-emptive strike for jay braiman…

    jets in their olive jerseys today

    …wait, what?

    I find myself agreeing with most of what Terry and Catherine posted today. On the good and bad. I do not always agree with them. Today more so than other times. And yes also with Tim about the Ducks. These helmets are just too hard to deal with. Put the O back on the sides.

    I guess we have to wait 2 more weeks to see if the Bills roll out the blue pants? Home game next week so if they go all white at the 49ers I’m going to be really annoyed. Even more than usual at the all white look!!

    “I guess bet we have to wait 2 more weeks another season to see if the Bills roll out the blue pants.”



    According to one of the equipment manager we aren’t wearing blue pants this season. They’re in the 2012 NFL Style Guide, but the BILLS have not ordered them, which totally sucks!! :mad:

    He said Ralph Wilson likes the all-white … (I guess the majority of Buffalo fans who have been long clamoring for them don’t count.!!!)


    if this is true…YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

    The picture provided for the UCLA-Oregon State game in the Top 5 Countdown is from 2010, not from Saturday’s game. UCLA has removed the white outline and changed the number font this year.

    dear alec pappas,

    i watch cfl more than i do nfl…i have always lived south of the 49th…

    some people like faster games…our football here in the states is the slowest football code in the world…

    3 seconds of action every minute (or so)!!!


    Yeah, who wants to watch the best players in the world when you can just get immediate gratification from watching bad players fall down in coverage!

    Hooray division III athletic ability!

    They may be generally less skilled in the CFL and watching the bottom teams play each other sometime looks like the keystone cops, but at least many of the time rules in the CFL speed the game up (less time outs, less time between plays, etc.) There is potential for dramatic comebacks in the last minutes of a CFL game; unlike the NFL where you can always sit on a small lead and run out the clock.

    Having the best players in the world with rules that sometimes really drag the game out doesn’t always make the best game to watch.

    That being said these days I am only a casual football fan; I only watch a little of both leagues.

    In the UCLA-OSU game, defensive player Datone Jones (who wears 56) came in on offense. I guess when he plays offense, he wears #97. I’m not sure why, because there’s no #97 on the roster, but he does anyway. And he has no NOB on #97. Strange.

    Screenshot: link

    Maybe because instead of explicitly reporting as an eligible receiver (which always struck me as telegraphing “We’re throwing to Jumbo!”), it’s easier to throw him into an eligible number. (Yes, 97 would be an eligible receiver’s number, because it’s occasionally a kicker’s number in the university game.) As long as an eligible receiver catches the ball, and as long as there aren’t any duplicated numbers, I guess it’s all good!
    Pursuant to that, Joe McKnight was normally #4, but he would take #40 on special teams plays.

    Fun to see the Raiders game played with the dirt infield. Sort of throwback, reminds me of when the NFL was a second-rate citizen to baseball.

    The Chiefs wore their Red home uniforms on the road this week at New Orleans. I don’t have pics but I thought I would out it out there

    OK, someone tell me the deal. Broncos wearing Orange jerseys for second time at home this season. Did they make the Orange a primary jersey, or is it still the alternate? If still the alternate is the rule still just two wears during the regular season?

    This new 5 and 1 is just awful. It seriously has to go, the fact that neither Michigan vs. Notre Dame or Florida st. and Clemson didn’t get on it is really a joke. Gotta bring back the old guy

    Didn’t have time to read this yesterday, but I have to give props to Catherine for another good 5+1. Doen’t hurt she put my LA Tech Bulldogs on the list again. :-)

    Tulane alum here. The official colors are Olive Green and Sky Blue. As the Alma Mater says: (“where the grass is every greenest, where the sky is purest blue”).

    Everything works better when the sky blue is a significant part of the uniform, instead of a lot of green.

    If Baylor had black hats, then they would have looked better, but that black on black is awesome!!!!!

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