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Before and After: A Mixed Grill

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I had a bunch of people over in my back yard yesterday, so I tossed a bunch of meat into the smoker. At top you can see the raw goods: four short ribs coated with Fette Sau’s dry rub; four chicken thighs with a jerk marinade; and a butterflied leg of lamb that I had the butcher shop roll and tie into a little roast, to which I then applied a paste of olive oil, garlic, rosemary, thyme, salt, and pepper. The lower photo shows how everything looked after about two hours in the smoker. Mmmmmm.

Over on the grill, we had a nice tri-tip steak and some gorgeous green onions:


Wish I’d gotten some pics of the onions after they’d been cooked — they looked sensational. Meanwhile, here’s how the lamb roast and the tri-tip looked on the carving board (lamb on the left, tri-tip on the right):


We also had clams, assorted sausages, a few pies, some nice salads, etc. A feast! Hope your Sunday was fun, too. Enjoy the holiday today. We’ll get back to uni-related content tomorrow. ”” Paul

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    Oh my god, the meat looks great. That looks like a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker at the top….is it?

    Tofu in a miso soup, or pad thai, awesome

    Tofu masquerading as meat is an abomination.

    So hungry now.
    Also, took notice that someone snapped off the beer can opener thing-a-majig. That is all.

    Damnit, I noticed that too! Only because I do the same thing with any can of pop or beer. Been doing it for probably 30 years, just a weird habit I have.

    Also, let’s not forget the Labour Day Classic on NBC Sports at 1pm Eastern, Argos at Ti-Cats. The last such game at old Ivor Wynne Stadium. Go Cats Go!

    CFL games are actually televised in the US? Heh… I wonder if I have that NBC Sports channel.

    Go Argos! …I guess. Tiger-Cats is just too redundant. It’d be like Raider-Pirates or Falcon-Birds or something. Tigers is fine, Cats is fine. Tiger-Cats is… wha?

    Checked the CFL website.

    Looks like they have another of the Classics on today @ NBC Sports – Edmonton at Calgary.

    NBC Sports is televising 9 regular season games this year plus the playoffs including the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto.

    [Apparently for those in the states, all CFL games are also being streamed live on]

    P.S. Tiger-Cats name came from the merger of 2 teams in the 1950s: Hamilton Tigers & Hamilton Wildcats

    It’s probably the best looking Labour Day Classic in the last 10 – 15 years.

    I’m so jealous right now. I had a tonsilectomy and a septoplasty at the beginning of the week, so solid food is but a dream for me at the moment. Then I have to see this first thing in the morning? For shame, man. FOR SHAME.

    Kudos, though. Especially with smoker choice. I’ve wanted a BGE for years, I just can’t afford it yet. Glad you had a wonderful weekend!

    Looks like quite the feast indeed! We had a number of friends over and enjoyed the pork shoulder that I spent all day Saturday smoking (sorry, no pictures this time).

    Happy Labor Day to all!

    I’m envious; I’m surrounded by people that believe that if it isn’t well done and dried out, it’s raw and therefore a case of food poisoning waiting to happen.

    For a second before I read the description, I thought the short ribs were brownies… “What the hell is he doing?”

    The Spanish have a thing called a parriada(sp?) which is an assortment of grilled meat & sausages piled on top of each other and kept warm by a charcoal warmer: beef, pork, rabbit, sausages, lamb, you name it. The lean cut are at the bottom so the get basted by the rendered fat dripping from above.

    Very super tasty, hardly a carbohydrate in sight.

    That article is utterly useless without a picture of the offending shirt. I mean… is it a red shirt that just says “Texans” making the “AFC” rather than “AFL” the issue, or does it actually say Houston Texans with the current logo and all that?

    Nice. I think I’d actually wear that just because of how horribly wrong it is. …and I really should have looked up the ’61 season before I posted. The Texans won it in ’62. I guess it’s nice that history has given us multiple ways to be confused – Houston Oilers/Dallas Texans/Houston Texans, NY Titans/Tennessee Titans, etc.

    Now we just need championship shirts for the ’58 Baltimore Ravens and ’99 Los Angeles Rams.

    No mistake – but the ’58 championship is the “greatest game ever played” while super bowl v is considered to be one of the sloppiest championship games ever played. Which shirt do you think would sell better?

    I get confused, The Jeff. But at least I can rest assured that the New York Dodgers won the ’69 Series. It was magical.

    OK my uni/logo tastes may lean much more towards the “modern” than most here and I may not have an interest in all of the various projects. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from all my years of reading here it’s that my life is not complete until I finally get myself a smoker. Great work on the food, Paul. Everything you make always looks fantastic!!!

    if there’s one thing I’ve learned from all my years of reading here it’s that my life is not complete until I finally get myself a smoker.

    I believe my work here is done.

    Not even close!!! I only have enough ideas to last the next few years. We will always need more!!!

    After hearing all the rumors I can’t wait to see GT tonight. I dread them rolling out that honeycomb looking helmet but if they really do have some sort of strange new uniform in the works it has me intrigued. It may suck but it’s not like what they’ve worn the last few years has been great either. They used to be a nice looking team so I can’t wait to see what they came up with.

    Celestia dammit, Adidas. Sock stripes are meant to go all the way around. This “stripes on one side, giant fucking ADIDAS logo on the other” thing is just ridiculous. Are we *trying* to make the players look stupid? I suppose they get a fraction of a point for the socks being in team colors rather than black, but still…

    Baylor looked great yesterday, but it would have been better with black hats and either green or gold BU!!!

    “Baylor looked great awful yesterday, but it would have been better with black hats and either green or gold BU!!!



    I call BS on that Phil. You have your opinion and I have mine. I love black and it is my favorite color.

    The Pirates’ humorless Twitter response:

    “In regards to Brock Holt’s jersey today, it was a mistake made by a human being and will be corrected.”

    Kind of goes with how the last month of the Buccos season has been. Oh well. I knew they were still a year or two away from something good. I’ll be happy with finishing over .500 this season.

    Looks absolutely delicious. We just did a standard burgers, brats, beers, and pasta feast yesterday.

    I have literally never cooked burgers on any grill of mine (and I only make hot dogs if there are kids on hand). I figure I can make burgers in the kitchen, or order them at a restaurant. But firing up the grill is a special occasion — or at least I like to treat it as such — so I prefer to make special food on it.

    The pants are terrible. The jerseys are…not good. I like the concept of gold sleeves and navy blue numbers, but not this execution. Unnecessary navy piping is a minus.

    The helmet is perfectly fine.

    The VT jerseys get points for their well-executed shoulder stripes
    I’d prefer a maroon jersey, but an orange one is not bad.

    I can’t say I like the GT unis but they certainly didn’t blow me away as I was hoping for. Not good at all but still better than the last few years. Then again they should be wearing these:


    Clemson should also still be wearing that same look as well, minus the drop shadow.

    The whole uni is a failure, but I’m lookingespecially at that blue “stripe” thing that connects the two gold pant stripes and goes across the lower back. It’s not even visible on a player whose jersey is hanging out, which is nearly all of them. So all you see is a tiny blue ‘scallop’ at the top of the gold pant stripes… Stupid GT uni is stupid.

    I don’t have a smoker but I picked up a “smoker box” for my grill over the weekend and broke it out tonight (I used hickory wood chips).

    Cooked two pork tenderloins — 1 drizzled with lime juice followed by a sage/nutmeg/cayenne rub, the other with a brown sugar rub and stuffed with an olive/sun-dried tomato/anchovy filling.

    Pretty damn tasty if I do say so myself.

    Paul – No judgement here, but your tri-tip looks on the rare side. Word on the street in California is that you usually cook a tri-tip to a more medium to (dare I say) medium well level over medium to lower heat. As long as you leave it alone, the juices stay inside. I did one last weekend, and it was a success. However, that all being said, I’d love to try a rare/medium rare tri-tip one of these days. How long did you have it on the grill?


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