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Sunday Morning Uni Watch

By Phil Hecken

Tough day for me personally, yesterday, as it was difficult to get a proper interwebs connection — so this will be a barebones post (well, as barebones as a weekend post of mine can be).

Lots of college action to get to with Terry D. So lets get right into it. . . . → Read More: Sunday Morning Uni Watch

Remember the Don Almo

By Phil Hecken

For the past couple weekends, I’d been telling you that one of the fantastic colorizers, Gary Chanko, had sent me a piece that is simply too good for the colorization section — and today you’ll see why. We’ll get into the wonderful world of college football in a minute, but for . . . → Read More: Remember the Don Almo


Last week I Ticker-linked to an interesting article about color-out shirts at Virginia Tech. That article was sent my way by reader Chris Sykes (who’s also quoted in the article). He has some personal experience in this area. Here’s a very interesting story he related to me:

In November of 2008, when I was . . . → Read More: Hokie-Doke

Uni Watch Profiles: Craig Rodia

About two years ago, I attended a media event at the NBA Shop in Manhattan. On my way out, I noticed some interesting T-shirts and sweatshirts — most of them with a retro-ish feel — from a company called ’47 Brand, which I’d never heard of before. Since I’m often behind the curve when . . . → Read More: Uni Watch Profiles: Craig Rodia