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Views from Elysian Fields: What if I take my problem to the United Nations?


By Morris Levin

“Views from Elysian Fields: What if I take my problem to the United Nations?”

The International Judo Federation and the Saudi Arabia Olympic Committee reached an agreement this past week by which judoka Wojdan Shaherkani, representing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, may cover her hair during her Women’s Judo +78kg Olympic match this morning at ExCel London.

Shaherkani is one of two women competing at London as Saudi Arabia’s first-ever female Olympic athletes. The picture above is Shaherkani marching in the Opening Ceremony.

Shaherkani’s presence in London is significant. Saudi Arabia’s ruling House of Sa’ud has long blocked participation of female athletes in the games based upon the monarchy’s understanding of women’s role in civic society, as interpreted through the monarchy’s Salafi branch of Sunni Islam.

At these Games, Qatar and Brunei are joining Saudi Arabia in sending female athletes to compete for the first time. Muslim women have competed in previous games wearing the hijab. Ruqaya Al Ghasara, Shaimaa El Gammal, Homa Hosseini, and Robina Muqimyar were among multiple Muslim women who covered their hair in Beijing in 2008.

The hijab is a public visual signifier and expression for Muslim women, of a more complex philosophy regarding modesty as a paradigm of behaviors, manners, speech, and public appearance. This notion of modesty is a total package, with dress being one part of it, and shares many philosophical similarities with practices and understandings of modesty as an all encompassing mode of living in other traditions.

While Jocelyn Cesari warned on Wednesday that we not misinterpret Shaherkani’s participation as a sign of any liberalizing of Saudi Arabia’s civic disenfranchisement of women, I am glad to see the IOC and IJF come to permit Shaherkani to wear the hijab. I wrote on this site last year, “allowing athletes who wish to cover more of their skin ”“ when it does not serve to improve physical performance ”“ should be allowed.”

Were the Olympics exclusively about the elite athletes, we would not have an under-23 soccer tournament, and we would do away with the host nation being granted automatic qualifiers to every tournament. (I’m thinking of you, 2004 Greece baseball team.) It is in this spirit, that despite my agreement with Cesari’s critique, I see Shaherkani’s presence itself to be significant, and the IJF’s permission of the hijab all the more welcoming.

. . . . .

Morris Levin is an independent small business consultant in Philadelphia. He serves as Esteemed Consigliere to Little Baby’s Ice Cream which opens its World Headquarters in Philadelphia this afternoon at 5pm, with music, beer, and 16% butterfat ice cream. He is a member of Athletic Base Ball Club of Philadelphia, a member of SABR’s Philadelphia-Connie Mack Chapter, a supporter of the Philadelphia Stars West Parkside commemoration project, and editor of William F. Henderson’s “Game Worn MLB Jersey Guide”.


Thanks, Morris. Great follow-up to last week’s (and last year’s) piece. I could really go for a cone right about now. Morris will be back next Friday with more wonderful insights and writings.


mexico switzerland

Friday Morning Football:

Our resident Brit, uni watcher, and colourizer extraordinaire George Chilvers has prepared for our edification a another review of the uniforms kits in the third (and final) group games of the men’s soccer football at the Olympics.

Here ’tis:

. . . . .

And so to the final group of games. I don’t know if you know but in football tournaments the final games in each group are always played at the same time to avoid the same scenario occurring as happened at the badminton. This followed on from a World Cup game many years ago when Germany and Austria, because another group game had already been played, knew that they needed a draw for both to qualify, and spent 90 minutes kicking the ball aimlessly around the middle of the park. Mind you, Wigan do that every week.

Group A
GB safely but uninspiringly saw themselves through with a win over Uruguay. GB again wore their blue flag kit, while Uruguay avoided a blue-on-blue by changing to all white with a “celeste” stripe. In the other game Sengal reverted to their first choice all white (sorry Connie), while UAE again wore all red. The official programme confirms that the UAE’s first strip is all white, but they didn’t wear that once.

Group B
Mexico and South Korea both qualified. Mexico wore their usual all green against the Swiss who changed to all white At Wembley Korea had red over blue, while Gabon deemed the blue shorts to represent a clash, so changed their whole kit to all white.

Group C
Brazil powered on to the quarter finals with a win over the New Zealand “All Whites”. To avoid a clash of socks Brazil wore blue socks. I notice that the men’s and women’s Brazilian teams are wearing differently styled shirts. No reason why they should wear the same ”“ but they don’t. Egypt made their way to a QF at Old Trafford against Japan on Saturday (yes, I’ll be there) with a win over Belarus. Egypt had their regular red shirts and black socks, but changed shorts from white to black. Belarus wore all white as a change kit for the first time in the tournament.

Group D
Japan in their usual ensemble of blue with the red stripe (the ladies have a pink stripe ”“ nice!) beat Honduras who changed to all white. Meanwhile in the game I went to, pre-tournament favourites Spain crashed out of the tournament in disgrace without scoring a single goal. They wore their classic red shirts and blue shorts, while Morocco changed to white shirts and shorts with green socks. Some 0-0 games stick in the memory ”“ this one won’t.

So guys, I’m off to OT on Saturday ”“ I’ll be back next week with a report of what the fashionable quarter-finalist is wearing this year.

. . . . .

Thanks (again) George! Bloody good reporting.



More Olympics:

This section will feature updates, lesser news, and reader submissions from the XXXth Olympiad — keep the Olympic news coming in! (Usually in the order in which I receive them — think of it as an “Olympics Ticker”.)

. . . . .

More observations from Uni Watch faithful, and more…

* “From your Olympic update Wednesday: ‘Pau has ”˜Gasol’ on his back while bro Marc (who he was traded for, a few years back) is the only one on Espana with FNOB. (Pete Clark)’ — Actually, Spain basketball is more maddening than that:

–> Rudy Fernandez has “Rudy” on the back of his jersey; Felipe Reyes, despite being the only Reyes on the team, has “F. Reyes” on his jersey (from an earlier tournament); Sergio Rodriguez, despite being the only Rodriguez on the team, has “S. Rodriguez” on his jersey; In past tournaments, Ricky Rubio has used “Ricky.” Everyone else seems to be using their last name. How can you have a team with 2 FNOBs, 2 FIOBs (first initial on backs), and 8 LNOBs? Also, and there are many more pictures out there, but Spain has been this inconsistent in name-uniformity for years.” (Jonathan Nussbaum)

* “The swimmers Flag issue is mainly based on the fact that this year’s Olympics rules stated that the flag and name can only be on one side of the cap. (Phelps was not pleased) this has most likely lead to some swimmer putting their cap on “backwards”. The correct way to wear the cap per the Flag Code is to have the flag on the left side.” (Matthew Solly)

* “A slightly one-sided view.” From Team GB’s Elvis outfits to Russia’s psychedelic tracksuits… which countries are the winners and losers in the styl-ympics? (George Chilvers)

* Breaking tweet from Reed Kessler: “Olympic buttons for my red coat and USA patch for my blazer!!!!

* “To repeat a question I asked yesterday, does anybody know when the ball for volleyball (the indoor kind) change? The last time I played competitive volleyball was in high school in 1982 and we used the all-white ball. It seems to me that the new ball would significantly change the game by helping the receiving team pick up the spin off the serve. With the old ball, when I played if you could disguise the spin you had a HUGE advantage serving. Is this advantage gone now.” (Mike Styczen)

* “Paint it Black! And Red! And Put a Flag on It! An Ode to the Olympic Fencing Mask.” (R. Scott)

* “Have you noticed that the ‘USA’ on the men’s basketball jerseys looks like a stealth bomber outline? It’s the first thing that came to mind for me and I really dislike it. What do you think?” (Andrew Wiesner)

* “Ok here’s my issue — why aren’t all of the USA swimmers wearing at least the same color suits and caps? Surely Speedo, Arena, Mizuno and Tyr have navy blue suits to put the kids in for the Olympics!? And can’t we all also wear the same color cap – white for prelim and semis, navy blue for finals? This is how we did it in college. We shouldn’t have a kaleidoscope of colors – Soni in pink!? Ick.” (Dick Dawson)


Screen Shot 2012-06-24 at 10.32.36 PM

“Benchies” first appeared at U-W in 2008, and has been a Saturday & Sunday feature here for the past two years.

. . . . .

Now THIS is maximizing your team’s “Costume Night”…

8-3-12 d-fast

Click to enlarge



#NoUniAds Campaign…Day 15

This will be a regular feature on Uni Watch until the NBA rescinds its incredibly offensive and stupid proposal to place corporate advertising on uniforms.

And now, a personal note from Paul:

It’s important that we keep making our voices heard: Call the NBA’s publicly listed phone number (212-407-8000), ask for Adam Silver’s and/or David Stern’s office), e-mail deputy commissioner Adam Silver at his his publicly listed address (, and tweet to @NBA with the hashtag #NoUniAds. Do it now.


More of your letters to the NBA & rebuttals to their form response:

Ryan Mallon:

Thank you for your response, but allow me to rebut.

The concept that has been proposed is not “jersey sponsorship.” Sponsorship implies that the sponsor helps to defray the cost of either the jerseys themselves, or to ensure the continued survival of the sponsored entity. The NBA needs no such sponsorship, and as far as has been reported the money coming to the teams/league from the sale of advertising space on jerseys will be used for profit, not sponsorship. Please refrain from using the misleading term “jersey sponsorship” and kindly stick with “selling of ad space on our players,” as it is much more apropos.

Secondly, you mention that “the NBA also realizes that we, along with the rest of the world, need to change and adapt in order to remain competitive in a global marketplace.” This is fallacy. There has been no indication that the NBA has either failed to remain profitable in the global marketplace it has entered. As such, there is no need to “change and adapt” from what has been phenomenally successful. The urgency to change is entirely fabricated by the league itself as a straw man argument, in order to dupe the public in to accepting the first step down a tasteless road.

Finally, you compare the NBA to other North American sporting entities. Again, this argument is specious at very best. Let us look at the examples. You mention the WNBA and NBA Development League. Clearly these leagues have been used as “trial balloons” by the NBA in this regard, as they are owned by the NBA itself. Further, neither of those subsidiary leagues enjoys the popularity, tradition or fan base of the NBA. In short, they are not in your league. Similar can be said for North American pro soccer. North American pro soccer leagues do not enjoy the strong financial standing of the NBA, nor the sheer volume of fans in this region. Soccer outside of North America is presented commercial free for an extended time frame on television. Advertisements on European soccer jerseys are used in place of the myriad commercial breaks that the NBA enjoys during its games. Finally you mention NASCAR and professional golf. These are individual sports. Yes, I know that NASCAR drivers have a large team supporting them, but fans do not “root” for the crew chief. They are fans of the individual drivers or golfers. I, for example, am a fan of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. When he changed teams, cars, numbers, colors… everything… I continued to be a fan of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. This is in stark contrast to the way fans enjoy the NBA. In the NBA, I am a Cleveland Cavaliers fan… and I think you can see where I am going with this. When Lebron James left the Cavs, I stopped caring about Lebron, the same as with every former player for “my team.” In North American team sports, like the NBA, we root for the shirt. The jersey and its colors are the flag that fans fly to show who they are as NBA fans. Just as you would not sew a Volkswagen logo on the American flag, neither should you consider a Budweiser patch on my Cavs jersey. The jersey IS your brand. It IS your product. Do not dilute your product. Do not sell advertising space on our jerseys.

Adam Lambert:

I am a 31 year old fan and I would like to voice my displeasure with the idea of putting corporate ads on NBA jerseys. I feel that it will ruin the integrity of the game. While there are ads on jerseys around the world, mainly soccer, the difference is that soccer games are commercial free. Does the NBA plan on stopping television commercials if they put ads on their jerseys? Not to mention, as least to myself, ads on jerseys automatically make me think of a struggling league. The MLS, struggles for fans, as does the WNBA, same with some minor league hockey teams. Is the NBA in that much financial trouble? If you continue with this plan, I can promise you that I will no longer follow, watch, or purchase anything NBA. And I have a feeling I am not alone. Thank you for your time.

Steven Puente: (who replied ‘inline’ with their response — NBA’s form reply underlined)

Dear Ms. Chelsea,

Let me spare you the trouble of sending me a reply. I’ve taken your auto-reply message and taken the liberty of making some comments…

Thank you for contacting the National Basketball Association to express your opposition to the idea of placing sponsor logos on jerseys. (You are welcome. I’ve never purchased a Authentic Game Jersey, but now you have me thinking about purchasing a retro Jersey. Is that your hook?)

We understand your strong (definitely – spot on) feelings on this issue and appreciate hearing from you. (You are welcome – glad to oblige) Our fans are extremely important to us (actually, you would not exist without us. May you never forget!), and we value what you have to say. (Is it OK that I don’t believe you? I have my doubts with all the recent labor disputes. We the fans weren’t even invited to the meetings, but I guess its my dollar that talks,right? Retro Jersey?)

The NBA and its teams continue to evaluate the opportunity to add corporate branding to game jerseys. (You mean to say, “The NBA will push to get more revenue by any means necessary”) Jersey sponsorship is a well-established practice in sports leagues around the world. (Don’t care about the rest of the world; you do realize that we’re talking about an American sport created in America. Hot button issue…) It is also not a new concept in American sports. NASCAR (what are the total sales on their leather jackets?), Major League Soccer (not really an American sport?), professional golf (Who cares about what golfers wear as a team? Do they have teams?), the WNBA (Do you remember the Olympics when the ladies wore spandex uniforms? that was bad!), and the NBA Development League all feature sponsored uniforms (good on all of these people ”“ But you’re not following their lead are you? Should we not lead them? Do you like the way the NASCAR uniform looks? Could be a bit more transparent? Why use the word sponsor? I think you mean revenue maker!).

The NBA is a global sports league; fans connect with our game in more than 200 countries and territories (Not sure about your point? People will connect with or without corporate logos on a jersey, don’t be silly!). As much as we value our traditions (again questionable?), the NBA also realizes that we, along with the rest of the world, need to change and adapt in order to remain competitive (don’t understand? Are we worried that we will not win Gold in London?) in a global marketplace.

Thank you again for sharing your feedback (you are welcome). We truly appreciate the passion you demonstrate for the NBA (you forgot the word tradition, NBA tradition or maybe just Retro NBA). Your feedback helps us as we work to enhance all aspects of our league. (Hearing and listening are two different things)

Well, Chelsea that was fun. I look forward to you reply.

Thanks for keeping the faith readers! We can stop the NBA if we can keep up the pressure.


Thanks to Tim E. O’Brien and Chris Giorgio for the image in the upper right of this section!


ticker 2

Uni Watch News Ticker: An event Wednesday offered a peek at what Air Force will be wearing this fall (thanks to Mike McLaughlin). SWEET! More gray!!! … I’m not hopping off the Mets bandwagon (there’s a bandwagon?), but I’m definitely not following them much lately. Case in point: Paul sent me this — “You’ve probably seen this, but just in case.” Nope. … Dwight Ternes writes, “Interesting shot of a bare Mizzou Arena court undergoing refurbishing via @mizzouhoops.” … Yancy Yeater noticed the Penguins showed this shot of one of their draft pics. He is wearing the old yellow color. “I don’t know if that is new for this year or if it designates him in some way. It clashes with the vegas gold, though,” says Yancy. … Jeff Kessinger writes, “These are allegedly Missouri State’s new football jerseys. The school just switched entirely to Adidas, so the Bears no longer wear a silly Nike template. I think they’re a step up, but I’m not entirely thrilled about the claw marks.” … Old news isn’t always bad. Richard Drummand is friends with a player, Dominic Shultz, on the University of Minnesota football team and on his Twitter he posted this. “I know they got new unis, so you might have already seen this, but I thought it was interesting since it’s from an actual player.” … Justin Kline went to high school with a guy who now plays for the Eugene Emeralds, a minor league affiliate of the Padres. “He just Instagrammed a picture of the jersey the Ems were going to wear last night as a tribute to the Grateful Dead.” I love the Jerry bear on the shoulder. Once in a while you can get shone the light. … Don’t make RyCo mad: “Check out the new disgusting form of ad placement,” says Ryan Connelly. “The windshield of celebrity cars ripe for paparazzi pics.” Who the hell is Katy Perry? … Hoosier Daddy Tim E. O’Brien informs us of new B1G logos added on Assembly Hall floor, plus Tom Crean’s justification and even more information on B1G advertising mandates in college sports. In related news, Brent Yarina advises, our readers are very passionate about this new logo that will be on all Big Ten basketball courts.” … “Roger Goodell: NFL not considering advertisements on uniforms” (YES!). Tod “AFL Fan” Hess sends in this an article from the Oakland (MI) Press. Roger Goodell was at Lions training camp today and addressed ads on NFL uniforms. … Robert Scott Rogers notes the Potomac Nationals wearing Alexandria Dukes throwbacks on Aug 10. … Anthony Hernandez apologizes for the “craptacular” pics, but noticed Alex Smith’s practice jersey has THREE FULL STRIPES, not have the usual strange 1 full stripe, followed by 2 inverted stripe thing-y that Reebok started a few years back. “It seems Nike only made the full classic 3 stripe look for only Smith and backup QB-Scott Tolzien. Is this something Nike is pushing to change or will they keep the inverted look for some players and adjusting for players who have their sleeves that go down the arm more?” … Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: But will he change their unis? “A partial owner of the hated Pittsburgh Steelers is buying the Browns.” So…we know Nebraska is wearing a special uniform against Wisconsin this fall. Looks like Wisconsin is upping the ante. They’ll unveil new unis August 6th. … New ball for NDFB? (thanks to Warren Junium). Small change for the SEC patch: Dan Wunderlich notes, “The Florida Gators held their media days today, and while they have the same jersey design (same jersey “tech”/cut as well), the SEC patch on the collar has changed from a flag to a circle.” … Mike Sullivan has some Buffalo Bills Training Camp pics. This time from Wednesday Night’s practice, #1, #2, #3, #5, #8 will be of most interest to uniform aficionados. … And a bit of a long one from Terry Duroncelet to close out the ticker today: “I completely forgot to send this in weeks ago, but Nike held their annual event called “The Opening”, a 7-on-7 tournament featuring the nation’s top prospects about three weeks ago. This year in particular was a little different, because the uniforms for this year (usually a fancy muscle shirt and some shorts [best shot I could find. Sorry.]) featured the team colors of some NFL teams. (Try to bear with me on the team names) We have team Alpha Talon (Bears), team Vapor Talon (Ravens), team Super Bad (Broncos), team Alpha Speed (Giants), team Land Sharks (Cowboys), and one that I think even Paul would give a nod to (minus the team name), the Field Generals (Packers). Here’s the green-topped look. Except for the fact that they all featured ridiculous Volt trim on the numbers, I enjoyed these uniforms. Here’s the full Facebook album if you’re interested.”


And that will do it for this week. You guys have a great weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday.


“I’d argue that a national Olympic team qualifies as a ‘patriotic organization,’ which under the Flag Code would permit the wearing of the flag on the uniform. But it is never, ever appropriate to wrap oneself in the flag like a cape, not even if you just won a gold medal.”

Arr Scott

Comments (155)

    Fun Fact: All of the team names in the Nike Opening 7-7 tournament come from a Nike cleat model

    Different Andy, again. I think I’m just going to change my name to avoid this confusion in the future.

    RE: Penguins draft pick

    That’s a practice jersey, in one of the many available colors. Most of the time they’re in a team color, but not always.

    Pens practice – link

    Pens baby blue – link

    Isles practice –

    I haven’t been reading the anti uniform ad things (lol like they are going change based on the opinion of a few uni geeks), but are they any that don’t disparage soccer? Maybe the letter writers should actually see a soccer game before spouting out nonsense. The MLS is probably the 3rd or 4th most popular soccer league in the US and the stands are seemingly always packed. Seattle out draws the Mariners by a lot

    How many soccer leagues does the US have?

    I don’t think it is disparaging MSL to say that it is not in the same class as the Big Three (Sorry NHL, when your finals are on NBCSports Channel, you can’t be a big four). Saying the Seattle MLS team outdraws the Mariners is not an argument for MLS as much as it is an indictment of the Mariners. Besides, a lot of the letters point out the very important fact that soccer runs largely commercial free and cannot be compared to a sport that has frequent commercial breaks.

    The poster was not comparing MLS to other American soccer leagues, but to leagues in England, Spain, Mexico, etc.

    No, Ryan. Jason’s right. The Stanley Cup Finals games are always shown on the network and not the cable outlet. All of the finals games were and will continue to be on NBC.

    “The Stanley Cup Finals games are always shown on the network and not the cable outlet.”

    You clearly haven’t watched the Stanley Cup Final ever. NBC has had the TV rights since 2006, and every single year has put two of the games on OLN/Versus/NBCSN. Every single year.

    Yeah, I remember now. I think it’s the games during the week that go on cable (NBCSN). And the weekend games are on NBC. Something stupid like that.
    You’re right, Ryan. At least some of them are on cable.

    “The Stanley Cup Finals games are always shown on the network and not the cable outlet.”

    It’s called the CBC.

    In recent years (but not this year I think) games 1 and 2 were on the cable channel, and games 3 thru 7 were on regular TV.

    “Besides, a lot of the letters point out the very important fact that soccer runs largely commercial free and cannot be compared to a sport that has frequent commercial breaks.”

    I think I’d be okay with uniform ads if that meant no/much shorter commercial breaks. Baseball games would be even faster, and imagine getting an NFL game in well under 2 hours!

    Too bad the leagues/teams would never use the ad revenue to shorten commercial breaks, since they can instead just pocket the cash and get richer.

    …and imagine getting an NFL game in well under 2 hours!

    NFL games are still around 2 hours even with commercials cut out, and that’s basically cheating since most of the commercials occur during normal play stoppage anyway. An NFL game with uni ads and no commercials is still going to take at least 2 & a half hours if not the the full 3 that we normally see. The clock stopping on possession changes and incomplete passes adds a lot more time to the game than you might think.

    If the NFL adopted the ‘time rules’ of the CFL the game would take less time.

    @The Jeff (since I can’t reply directly under):

    I’d forgotten about the play clock. I was just thinking 60 minutes of game time, and getting players on and off the field couldn’t take that much time, could it?

    There’s about 130 total plays that take place in an average game (120-150, depending on who’s playing). So, let’s say, worst-case scenario, each team takes a full 40 seconds between each play, plus another 7 seconds to actually execute the play. (130 * 47)/60 = 101m50s (or 1h41m50s). And, again, that’s worst case, basically waiting until the play clock expires to snap the ball.

    And, if there weren’t commercial breaks between changes in possession, I suspect a team could get on the field in under those 40 seconds if they had to. Each team gets about 12 possessions per game, so you’re looking at 24 additional minutes if you give them a minute (not counting the 40 seconds before the offense snaps the ball); add that to the previous number, and you’re at just over 2 hours with each team taking forever to run plays.

    I suppose the only factor I’m forgetting is halftime, but I still think you can get a game in around 2 hours.

    I remember seeing ads for games in 30 Minutes, in which they showed you every play in 30 Minutes. As in there is enough down time between plays that you could cut out all the filler and show the gameplay in its entirety. I don’t know if it was the switch from DirecTV to Uverse or if they stopped that practice, because I haven’t seen those commercials in a while. Bottom line you can get every second of actual play in under 40 minutes easily.

    But there’s no way TV ads would be done away with if ads became more visible on any of the major sports fields. Heck soccer doesn’t simply rely on the sponsorship money, they have a wall of ads surrounding the entire field. This is a practice that can really only be replicated in Hockey (and ti is for the most part). Bringing sponsors to football wouldn’t do crap about cutting out ads because you only make 2 sponsors happy (it’s impractical, and not nearly as effective to put ads around the field like they do in soccer, so the only way you could add in advertisements would be to flash graphics on the field). The Super Bowl is famous for its commercials, 30 second spots cost millions of dollars do you really think that the NFL and the network broadcasting the game are going to give that money up just because they stuffed a few more ads onto the field/jerseys.

    Ads on unis won’t do anything but make the game uglier, and it doesn’t matter how small. Just look at how this relatively small Kroger ad messes with this uniform.


    And the difference here is the fact that the Gladiators are largely sponsored by Kroger, Minor League teams are like that, they need sponsors to survive, they have tons of promotions every game, and then have even bigger promotions to get more fans to come to see them during certain times throughout the season. The NBA doesn’t need that to stay afloat and even if ad revenue was not redistributed evenly (as in each team gets the amount of money they generate i.e. the Lakers would make a lot of money because of their exposure and popularity), it wouldn’t help the disparity in the league because the rich teams would just get more money cancelling out any extra revenue the smaller market teams would get.

    Its about nothing other than greed in this case, teams only expect to make about $3 million so its not like it will help the smaller teams with anything. I don’t watch much NBA because the disparity in the league about the only time I pay attention is during the playoffs, and I’m not alone in that. Those marginal fans will most definitely be turned off by this move, and for what? So a team can afford an additional off-the-bench guy. Not worth it.

    Um, yes. My entry most certainly put soccer in a good light. It was on here yesterday or the day before.

    I love soccer, but it is nonetheless true that soccer in the United States is a minor spectator sport. To say so is not to disparage soccer, but to state plain fact. In the United States, selling ads on uniforms is something that minor sports like soccer do and major sports like the NFL do not. So for the NBA to argue the necessity of selling uniform ads is to admit that the NBA is in reality a minor sport like soccer. And it’s the NBA, not objecting fans, who first made the soccer comparison.

    “I haven’t been reading the anti uniform ad things”
    Perhaps you should, to avoid making any more uninformed observations.

    Comparing attendance between the Mariners and some soccer team is pretty meaningless. I think a better comparison of the relative popularity of each would be their revenue streams.

    Certainly wasn’t my intention to “disparage” soccer. Soccer is great. I’ve been known to watch a TFC match or two. Mostly my intention was to point out the lack of regular commercials, but thought it also relevant to point out that the NBA is in a stronger financial position in North America.

    ….You’re serious though, you’ve really never heard of her? Do you even know who the guy in the photo is?

    Anybody else think that may have been a newly purchased Land Rover with the car info still on?

    And who the hell cares? I can understand outrage over some placement of logos etc. but should we really be up in arms saying how disgusting it is that Paparazzi are being used? You mean the guys that follow celebrities around with cameras with little regard for the people they try to capture? Sure its the price of fame and whatnot but I don’t think the kid being carried with her head buried into her father’s shoulder while hundreds of flashbulbs going off agreed to that condition. Besides if it means tabloids have to ask permission from Land Rover (or whatever ad is featured) before posting a pic then that’s even better.

    Anyone know what conference Missouri State plays in? Good gravy that is a big patch. Combined with the oversized adidas logo and Missouri on the chest, it is a mess. I think conference logos would look better on the sleeve or shoulder, where ever the tv number is not. Or, you know, not have it at all. And that goes for all conferences. Although the SEC on the point of the collar is at least not obnoxious.

    Kind of hard to tell for certain by the pics, but how convenient for adidas that there are 3 claw marks? Hopefully they’ll change the font for the school name on the uniforms across the board. When the school changed it’s name from Southwest MO State to MO State back in 2005, I remember the basketball team (about the only sports team I’d watch on a regular basis) used the same font that the school did on all its official mailings and what not. Evidently that changed within the past couple of years (they wore Nike through 2011-12), but the baseball team still rocks the crappy font:


    Happy Friday, boys!

    Re: Mr. Duroncelet’s links. Look at the 2nd Green Bay one, with the green jerseys…. Anyone else notice the giant D-bag in the background using his iPad as a camera?

    Sorry, I don’t know, but it just looks kinda dumb to me. I guess it looks worse in a photo since he’s “stuck” there. Probably not as bad when ya just aim, click, and get back to using it as normal.

    I agree with you, Coleman… well, I’m not sure about it being “d-baggish” but definitely really stupid.

    Indiana hasn’t been relavent in B1G basketball (sports) in years … And fans bellyache at adding the logo to the court as a display of unity across all schools? Oh, the irony. Get a grip Hoosier fans. You finished 5th in the league this spring.

    IU basketball is the pre season #1 this year and are one of two teams to beat the current national champs last season.

    Quit talking out your ass.

    While I get that people reacting strongly to such a small change may seem silly, the IU court design has changed about as much as Michigan’s helmet has over the past 50 years. People will get used to it (I already don’t care), but the shock value is still understandable.

    Wow. Preseason rankings. About as impressive as that display case in assembly celebrating the 5th place finish!

    Maybe they’ll do something really drastic at Assembly and add another Knothole Park for the kids to play, like they did at the football field.

    Lighten up. Then get a grip. Indiana is not above the rest of the conference. Dog me all you want, but inside you realize just how insignificant your favorite athletic department has become in relation to the rest of the schools that, you know, operate in the black.

    Deadspin has the story (and pics!) of a Uni malfunction in women’s water polo from yesterday.

    Hate to burst your adolescent bubble, but “wardrobe malfunctions” in water polo happen very often by the nature of the sport.

    Indeed. Even though, in the men’s game, some competitors wear more than one suit. It gets “barbaric” down there, as Pierre McGuire said.

    A guy I play ball with was a pretty good water polo player. He represented Canada twice in junior tournaments before he quit. I asked him about how common this stuff is.

    No kidding on this: the reason he quit is because he “was tired of having dudes grab my junk and try to tear it off”.

    According to him, if you were a good player and you were having a good game, what goes on under the water is fair game because the officials don’t catch it as easily. He said he would leave the pool with scratches, bruises, and “finger marks” all over his body.

    And he tossed in this beauty on his email: “the women are worse than the men, and nudity to them is no big deal because it happens all the time. I was at one tournament where a girl had one of the straps of her one-piece torn during an exchange. She left the pool with one boob clearly visible and her hand covering her nipple.”

    Love the Alexandria Dukes throwback idea. I was a youngster when the Dukes hit the scene in NOVA. I still have a program from their first season. I thnk i sold my pennant though. :^(

    Are there any photos of players in those 1978 uniforms? The common images that show up online are all of the early 1980s Dukes teams, when they looked just like the Pittsburgh Pirates.

    Sadly, Dukes did not come up in a conversation I had with P-Nats owner Art Silber recently. The team is finalizing its plans to build a new ballpark (across the street from Chez Arr) in time for the 2014 season, and Mr. Silber says they’re going to treat the relo as if starting a new team. Total rebrand. Among the names he mentioned were Nats – not Nationals, but just Nats, or even “Pnats” – some animals, and a return to Cannons, but not Dukes.

    Bought my tickets to next Friday’s game, though. Looking forward to seeing the Dukes back in action.

    The Dukes seemed poised for a comeback sometime after the events portrayed in “Coming to America”:


    Cardinals wearing 82 home throwbacks on saturday and “victory blue” roads on sunday vs. Brewers:


    Victory Blue is their term not mine.

    I’m fuzzy on this one, but didn’t the Cardinals rock some blue uniforms at a TBTC (road) game a few years ago, and have the dreaded white outline around the lettering? I’m mindful of the fact the home team provides the suits for both teams.

    not sure if they’ve done others, but on june 18, 2005, they wore the powder blues in tampa…er, st. pete

    don’t know if they’ve worn them at home ever

    I believe they wore them against the Brewers in Milwaukee in 2007, when the Brewers were celebrating the 25th anniversary of the team going to the World Series in 1982.

    Cards wore powder blues in 2007 for sure. I was at the game. It was also the lead entry on Aug. 15, 2007 right here on UW.


    That was in Milwaukee. This could be a first as far as road blues in St. Louis.

    Also how many times has a team thrown back 2 days in a row?

    RyCo- the ad on the front of John Mayer’s car is what every car place in California does after you purchase a new car and you are waiting for the state to send you an license plate. They all put where you purchased the car on it. Below the top portion is the temporary registration.

    If you’ve been reading this blog for a few years now, you’re likely wondering about many discussed topics in this manner. Its obvious from looking at the picture that it isn’t an ad.

    I should say the topics here lately have taken more of an angry reactionary theme over stupid shit like the dealer sticker on the SUV, and that includes Paul as of late. Teebz’ field hockey entry yesterday was perfect: concise descriptions of each team with one link. This fifty links per paragraph shit is over the top. The writers must be getting tired of waiting for pajama pants in baseball to disappear.

    I’m for selling ad space on the forehead of every media whore that afflicts my field of vision. It would be an improvement.

    I agree that it’s a bit odd to see the US swimming team wearing different suits and in different colors.
    But I actually think Soni rocks the pink suit. You definitely know it’s her, that’s for sure.

    Volleyballs have been multicolored since 1998, when the FIVB switched to rally scoring (from side out scoring) and, at the same time, adopted the libero defensive position.

    1998 was my last year of junior olympic competition. It was quite a change for me, as I’d been playing since I was about 8. I still play a couple times a week now. I love the indoor blue and yellow international ball. It does help pick up spin on a 60-70mph jump serve. Oh, and by the way, not only is it different from the ‘classic’ white ball in that it is blue and yellow. It also has a completely new panel design. Plus it is dimpled like a golf ball!

    All of the rule changes have been made to help the defensive team. When you have a bunch of 6’10” guys who all touch 12 feet hitting on an 8′ net, you’ll take any ‘advantage’ you can get, trust me.

    Good answer, my guess was going to be ’99. I started playing libero in college in ’01 and new the switch happened towards the end of my JO career. When I play rec or sand and the ball is all white I’m pissed. And maybe it’s just me, but it seems the “new” ball has more substance to it, which makes it easier to control.

    Thanks for the reply!

    The jump serve was about the only thing I had going for me (until about 1985) so my “career” would have been over even sooner if not for the white ball.

    Shaherkani is only a Blue belt who has never competed internationally. Most of her opponents will be battle hardened judoka of varying Black belt rank. Her match will resemble the Tyson-Spinks bout.

    It did turn out that way, I’m afraid

    Is is just me, by the way, that has a targetted advert on the page inviting me to “meet Muslim women”? :S

    Eh. Better than most, not as good as KC2012. The good: No black. But the different treatment of the initial letters and the smallcaps just seems off to me.

    Still, I’ll be happy if the ASG logo is this good when the game comes to DC.

    I actually think the KC 2012 logo was overdesigned. I could take the logo, put it in MS Paint (oops, I have a Mac, so maybe not, but you get the point), crop out the left and right bit, and have a better logo.

    Agreed on the font…looks like the initial letters are similar to the Tuscan Font the Mets use on their road jersey…the other letters are a rounded varsity or something. The initial A and the other A’s are totally different. This does not seem to be proper font design.

    I still think this is the secondary and not the primary with the “Mets” word mark being so prominent. Look at previous years, they don’t have a team word mark featured, it’s more of an MLB read first with team colors/stadium elements.

    It looks like the “G” in Game is falling off a cliff and I could have done without the Mets script over the skyline it makes it look too cluttered. Overall not bad and I like the t-shirt promoting the game being in Queens.

    That’s awesome that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Brunei have women competing in the Olympics for the first time, and they should certainly be allowed to wear any garb dictated by their religion. But those countries should not be celebrated for waiting until 2012 to remove the simplest bit of female oppression. They should be admonished for taking so long.

    Jason, Many share your view advocating admonishment. I included Cesari’s opinion piece to highlight the ongoing marginalized state women in the kingdom. It is precisely within this context that even the presence of a blue belt judoka is valuable. Two women representing Saudi Arabia? That’s a start, and I will applaud that. Morris

    “Competing”? That’s what you call it?

    I hope the Olympics aren’t becoming another agenda-driven Participation Award ceremony.


    “..both Saudi athletes were accepted under the Olympics’ “universality” clause. It allows athletes who didn’t meet qualifying times to compete when their participation is deemed important for reasons of equality. Brunei, which along with Qatar, and now Saudi Arabia, will be sending its first female athletes this year, also is using the universality condition”.

    C’mon man…

    Yeah, they have no chance of winning, but the fact that they’re being allowed to participate is a GOOD thing.


    The Olympics regularly makes exceptions to enable the participation of athletes for reasons beyond competing at the most elite level. The host nation receives automatic qualifiers which gives us teams of very poor quality, like the 2004 Greece baseball team. Olympic soccer is not the sport’s elite at all but an exhibition of under-23-year-olds plus Ryan Giggs. There are multiple agendas at the games, in addition to showcasing each sport’s very best.


    Adding people to a large field is not something to get upset about, now making it so a country like Qatar will be one of the 32 teams in the 2022 World Cup that’s something to complain about, considering their abysmal place in the FIFA rankings.

    Not sure if its been posted yet, but ravens players (at least QBs) are wearing red jerseys with flywire and new cuts from Nike. Haven’t seen any other team wearing these.

    Australia women’s water polo wearing green caps (instead of the conventional blue). This is now permitted by FINA rules (one team must wear white, both goalies must wear red, the other team may now wear any contrasting color).

    I really like those Air Force uniforms, especially with it appearing that they don’t have a white jersey.

    The gray trend is getting a bit annoying, but in this case I’m pretty sure it’s a team color, so it’s ok.

    Morris Levin is a terrific reporter, with a wide-angle view if things. Always glad to see his byline.

    And you’re right, George, my footie fave is indeed the yellow-green-yellow Senegal but white-with-trim looks fine on them.

    The Daily Mail piece is mostly irksome, but the idea of surveying the uni goods and bads of these Games is solid. Paul on ESPN?

    I think that yellow Senegal kit might just be my favorite of this years Olympic kits. Very nice.

    As follow up: Wodjan’s match was this morning. She covered her hair with a cap similar to the do-rags worn by some Major League ballplayers beneath their batting helmets. This is a link to a NYTimes article on the match and includes an image:

    How does a sixteen year old kid find the chutzpah to do this? This is Eddie the Eagle meets Rosa Parks — it’s improbable and on some level ill-advised, but really inspiring, too.

    And I’m pretty sure that using a Yiddish word to describe an Arab girl from Mecca counts as at least mildly ironic.

    Saw a guy in a Storm Chasers home jersey at Nationals Park last night. Surprisingly good-looking jersey in person.

    Go hang yourself. Incidentally my original comment was deleted. Is Al Qaeda coming for Uni Watch?

    Just tried to post this but I don’t see it so don’t know where it went. It looks as though the Polish flag on link has been swooshified.

    Great coverage and a thought-provoking contribution today!
    I remember Eddie “the Eagle”.
    His participation was also a historic first for Great Britain.
    But what ‘good’ did his participation serve, other than to have the IOC establish a ‘rule’ that requires Olympic hopefuls to compete and place in international events(the only reason Shaherkani didn’t break this rule was because there were fewer than 50 judo competitors?)?
    Demonstrated qualification and superior ability should matter more than mere circumstance and raw potential, and performing well is superior to(and more difficult a task than) feeing ‘good’.

    I didn’t see your comment before I posted.

    You’re operating under the misapprehension that the Olympics is purely about superior athletic performance.

    The Olympics is about advertising, jingoism, politics and personalities, and a little bit about sports.

    I’m old enough to remember when the phrase “Russian judge” was shorthand for “that guy’s going to cheat you.” I’m pretty sure that in the Soviet Union, the phrase was “American judge.” If the Olympics were about athletes, the IOC would not have such a hard time memorializing the Israeli athletes and coaches who were killed at the 1972 Games.

    Did Gabby Douglas outperform that little Russian girl who looks like Timmy Lupus’s sister last night? Perhaps, but it’s at least as likely that the Russians came across as cold and haughty, and Gabby is delightful, and that influenced judging.

    Think about it: A sixteen year old girl had the courage to stand up in a country where women can’t even drive cars, and said, “I want to compete in the Olympics.” And somehow, she managed to do it. Heck, even at her rather ungainly 173 pounds, if she’d said she wanted to do rhtythm gymnastics or beach volleyball, I would have applauded her.

    Who knows if 20 years from now, Saudi is lousy with world class judoists, because this girl blazed a trail?

    Siddius, Altius, Fortius, indeed.

    “Did Gabby Douglas outperform that little Russian girl who looks like Timmy Lupus’s sister last night?”


    you bet your sweet ass she did

    GO USA!!!

    america, fuck yeah…

    I felt sorry for the Timmy Lupus girl, even though I was happy for Gabby.

    So when I cheered, it was more like “U-S-aaaaay.” “U-S-aaaaay.” than “U-S-A!!!” “U-S-A!!!”

    New Browns owner Jim Haslam said that they will be having new unis in the near future during his introductory press conference

    Ah, yes, the old…

    “It’s MY team now; don’t want anyone to see them and think about anyone but ME…nothing that ever happened with the Browns before now compares to MY being here. To say otherwise is to say the Browns are bigger than ME.”

    Isn’t that kinda how it went down with the Eagles, too?

    And, I suppose, maybe with the Vikings.

    Hey, don’t knock it. That’s also how the Twins got their modern unis after the Pohlad purchase.

    I mean, look, everyone who’s ever bought a house has done exactly the same thing: You repaint some rooms, or you freshen up the exterior, or you strip out some carpets and go hardwood or whatever. Point is, you buy an asset someone else has owned for a while, and you want to put your own stamp on it. The results can be good or bad – there’s a reason so many people choose to live in HOAs that ban purple siding – but they’re good or bad on their own terms, not as a necessary result of a new owner seeking to put his own stamp on his new toy.

    I suppose, but not exactly apples and apples.

    A return toward a team’s more traditional look isn’t quite the same thing as casting aside the essential design the team has worn for its entire existence (not that he said he’d do that with the Browns, just sayin’).

    Yes, yes, I know, the helmets originally were white. And they had helmet TV numbers some seasons. And they wore orange pants for a while. And they messed around with a jersey change in…’84, was it? Blah, blah, blah. The fact is, the Browns’ fundamental design platform has remained largely unchanged, a common thread that goes back to the years right after WWII. Despite what relentless modernists may say, THAT is something few teams can say. And maybe something worth preserving.

    Oh, that’s right. That was a whole different century so who cares.

    This really isn’t his house though. Mess around with the concessions or the flipping fan experience, or even the goddamn cheerleaders uniforms, but get the fuck away from a classic piece of history. I can only speak to my opinion on the Vikings, and I’ve said it here before. Their uniforms suck. And now to be told it could have had something to do with the Wilf ownership, really bothers me. As Paul has said here before, teams are civic entities. Sort of like historic landmarks/homes. I’m pretty sure historic homes (depending on where it is), have covenants or restrictions, on what you can do to the exterior at least. You could argue that pro sports owners are stewards of a civic entity. The Wilfs blew it when they jacked up the old purple for that laffy taffy purple. In short, leave the Browns the way they are, and just enjoy your new toy. There’s nothing worse as a fan to see my team suck, and aesthetically look like shit while sucking. End of rant.

    And, if the point it to say, “We aren’t those old Browns”, then WTF was all the whining and crying regarding leaving the name, colors and the “tradition” behind when Modell headed off the Baltimore?

    Oh, wait, how silly of me.
    That was what everyone wanted THEN.
    What matters is what they want NOW.

    Didn’t their owner change the Eagles’ colors, uniforms, and logo at the behest of his wife, whom he later divorced?

    If I remember right, the Rockets’ awful pinstriped pajamas were the brainchild of Les Alexander’s now ex-wife, as was the outfitting of the Rockets Power Dancers in t-shirts that read something like “MEAT IS MURDER” (she was a die-hard vegan). And Bill Veeck’s wife came up with the untucked, faux-old timey jerseys of the late 70’s White Sox.

    Maybe the greatest public service team owners can do is to keep their wives, girlfriends, and mistresses away from the design board…

    The notion that sports teams are in part a public trust really doesn’t have all that much to do with the specifics of uniform design. The owner of the Browns doesn’t owe us, the fans, or Clevelandovites, the people, any particular uniform design. If the team’s management wants to change shades of brown or alter the stripe patterns, that’s their business. I’m not saying people have to like it, or can’t bitch about it, but the football team you root for does not owe you orange pants instead of brown.

    “Hey, don’t knock it. That’s also how the Twins got their modern unis after the Pohlad purchase.”


    if you’re referring to these things, with the particularly noxious road pins, then that’s a good reason NOT to rebrand the browns

    if pohlad switched them up some other time, then just ignore the above

    Didn’t say any owner owes anyone anything.

    Just don’t think much of it when their ego trumps a substantial team tradition for the sake of re-purposing things “in his own image”.

    here’s what was said

    Haslam on marketing side: “Will we have naming rights? Probably at some point. Will we change the uniforms? I don’t know.”

    from what i hear on the radio, it sounds like it wasn’t set in stone yet, but it will be considered

    even if Lerner didn’t sell the team this year they had plans on taking the patch off for the next season

    “What if every Olympic sport was photographed like beach volleyball?” An awesome bit of Olympix media criticism:


    The new circular SEC patch has been documented on this site a few times before, atleast twice by myself. We just havent seen pictures of the patch on the jerseys from Auburn, Alabama, LSU, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Tennessee, and Georgia. Florida has finally gotten off that list.

    Almost definitely just a Spring Training picture (so it barely counts, if at all), but have we ever recorded non-switch hitter Brandon Phillips wearing a double-flapped helmet?

    In recent years, world meets and championships in track and field have dispensed with numbered bibs for the competitors, and replaced them with their surnames. For the first time, in London, the Olympics adopt this practice.

    Looking again at George’s excellent report, doesn’t Team Mexico look about a thousand times better than El Tri has looked in a while?

    That green is a really nice shade, and they just look sharp.

    Mets and Padres wearing 1989 throwbacks… Mets going with stirups and blue squatchee on hats!

    Amen. If you can’t accept mustard and chocolate and if the Steve Garvey taco isn’t your thing, nobody can turn down a steak and carrot dinner.
    And even though Ricko and Phil would probably dislike R.A. Dickey’s stirrups for “being wrong,” I say, “good enough for the throwback spirit–well played.”
    ESPN gallery here

    The only thing I would change on those Padres unis is switching the orange outline to white & the blockshadow to orange. I’d keep everything else as is.

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