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Yesterday I took the subway out to to the U.S. Open in Queens, where I met up with’s tennis editor, Matt Wilansky, who’s soon going to be taking over the Playbook section (read: He’s my new boss). Quite a few people on the train were wearing U.S. Open shirts, U.S. Open caps, and . . . → Read More: Trainspotting

A Close Look at Ball Sacks (no, not that kind)

I’m a member of SABR — the Society for American Baseball Research — which means I subscribe to SABR-L, the organization’s listserv. Much of the info on SABR-L involves statistical number-crunching, historical esoterica, biographical info, and so on. Occasionally, though, uni- and equipment-related queries come up. Such was the case a few weeks . . . → Read More: A Close Look at Ball Sacks (no, not that kind)

What, No Turkey Gritting His Teeth?

My annual college football season-preview column is up now on ESPN. Of all the designs featured therein, the most intriguing one is this Virginia Tech “Fighting Gobblers” helmet, which the Hokies will wear on Sept. 8 against Austin Peay. It’s nobody’s idea of a good design, but it’s impressive to see a high-profile . . . → Read More: What, No Turkey Gritting His Teeth?

Uni Watch DIY Project: Turf-o-rific!

[Editor’s Note: Today we have a guest entry from Greg Allred, who’s going to tell us about a very unusual project he recently undertook. Enjoy. ”” PL]

By Greg Allred

I collect sports memorabilia but am really collector of sports history when I can find it and obtain it. I was lucky enough to . . . → Read More: Uni Watch DIY Project: Turf-o-rific!