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A Gift For Eddie

Eddie Waitkus Night - Gary Chanko

By Phil Hecken

If you read Uni Watch on the weekends, and if you’re reading today, it likely means you do — you know that one of the recurring “features” on here is the colorizations. Usually, they occupy space in their own section, but occasionally they’re so good, they deserve the lede. Since I’ll be subbing for Paul beginning next Monday (July 23-August 22) during the weekdays, that means I probably won’t be running any “Colorize This!” segments for a while — not a promise, mind you, just those features are usually best served on the weekends. So today, we have the motherlode of colorizations from the “Big Three” (it used to be the “G&G Boys” — Gary & George — and they’re still here today, but John has joined their ranks for sure). So today, we’re treated to three ‘featurettes’ by the colorization trio of Gary Chanko, George Chilvers, and John Turney. They’re all great, and I’ll run them in the order in which I received them. As always, click on each photo to enlarge.


First up is John, who sent along three separate submissions:

Strong kicking

Strong kicking color - John Turney

This one is a quick and dirty one. I was not sure of the proper colors, so it may need to be corrected at some point.

Kicking the ball is Hall of Famer Ken Strong, but in this case it is for the 1936 AFL New York Yankees, not the NFL Giants who he is mostly associated with.

The Yankees’ colors were red, white, and blue, but there is no record I know of that says what the uniforms looked like, therefore they could be red jerseys, rather than blue.

I tried to use the shades of gray to determine and I think the jerseys were blue and the socks red with a blue stripe . . . but I am not sure.

The opponent, I believe is the Brooklyn Tigers whose colors were black and orange. I liked the way there was an orange helmet with orange stripes on the shirts and pants to go with the all-black uni.

I did a basic colorization and then filtered it to like like a 1930s era photograph.

If anyone knows what the Yankees unis looked like, let me know.


1934 Sneakers Game 2

1934 Sneakers Game 2 color-1 - John Turney

1934 Sneakers Game. Used Gridiron Uniform Database to choose colors for uniforms, Giants wore red that season. Not sure who ball carrier is (could be Nagurski), but #7 for Giants is HOFer Mel Hein and #56 for Bears is HOFer Bill Hewitt.


frankfurt female yellow jackets 1926 original

frankfurt female yellow jackets 1926 - John Turney

Acording to the book “Pro Football Chronicle” this is a 1926 shot of the Frankfurt Women’s Yellow Jackets. All I know about the Yellow Jackets was their color scheme was blue and gold.

So, I colorized this and put a filter over it to bring out colors . . . The original was blurry, but that’s what was normal for 1926 photoography.


Great stuff John!

Next up is Gary, who just has one ‘segment,’ but as always, a wonderful story to go with it:


“Was Shot, Almost Died, and All I Got was a Wayfarer”

It’s August 19,1949 and Eddie Waitkus Night at Shibe Park. The Phillies are honoring Eddie’s recovery from all that drama in the Edgewater Beach Hotel just nine weeks earlier.

If you don’t recognize the player, haven’t read Bernard Malamud’s novel, or didn’t see the movie The Natural, you can learn about Eddie, Ruth and the June 14 event, from this video summary.

Eddie was presented with a cart full of gifts and a brand new Dodge Wayfarer roadster (Victoria Ivory is the color). A local citizens committee sponsored the event as described in this newspaper article. Too bad the committee couldn’t persuade the Phillies treasury to cough up a few more bucks.

Eddie Waitkus Night - Gary Chanko

The Wayfarer was Dodge’s economy model that year. For a lousy $500 more (1949 dollars) they could have provided the top of the line Coronet!

Eddie T Shirt

If irreverent tee shirts were in fashion back then, I can imagine Waitkus fans sporting these in protest.

Although Eddie is in full uniform that night (the Phillies would change to pin stripes the next season), he didn’t return to the field until the following season earning Comeback Player of the Year honors as a member of the pennant winning Wiz Kids.

Photo original source here.


Wonderful job, and great background Gary!

And last (but not least), George also sent in three separate colorizations:


Whelley Old Boys about 1910

Whelley Old Boys about 1910 colour - George Chilvers

I’m sending you three of a kind here, Phil.

They are all old photos of football teams from my local Wigan area – just small teams of ordinary everyday lads.

The first one here is from around the turn of the century, Whelley Old Boys. My son played for Whelley Juniors FC, about 90 years later.

As can be seen the team are moderately successful as they have a fenced playing area, a refreshments hut (!) and required police presence (actually I suspect the bobby just was having a bit of a rest).

I have mentioned before about seeing things only when you colourise them. In this one in the original I couldn’t figure what the line across the top was, nor the diagonal scratches. I then realised the photo was taken in the goalmouth, with the bar above and the net behind.


Abram Parish Church 19131914

Abram Parish Church 19131914 colour - George Chilvers

Number 2 for you.

This picture was taken in 1913/1914 and is Abram Parish Church AFC. Poignant in that that season was the last before the horrors of the next four years. Abram was a mining community, so come the advent of War these lads would have had the choice of working down the pits with all the dangers that entailed, or going of to the killing fields of France and Belgium. Not a good choice to have to make.

Let’s hope that most, if not in fact all, of them saw it through safely.


St Thomas_s AFC 19261927

St Thomas_s AFC 19261927 colour - George Chilvers

And last but by no means least, number 3 of the series for your delight and delectation.

We have now passed over the War Years, although we are heading towards economic decline.

This team, again focussed around the local church and its social life, are St Thomas’s AFC from 1926/1927. They proudly proclaim themselves as runners-up in the presumably prestigious Broughton Cup. So, they lost then?

I am really taken by the guy second from the left at the back, who thinks he is a gangster. He’s obviously been watching too many of those newfangled moving pictures.

Cheers to all – hope you’ve enjoyed this trilogy. I’ve enjoyed doing them as they have done what I hope to achieve in colourising – bringing life back into these old images.


And thank you George — another bang-up job!

Big round of applause, please, for our Colorize This! triumvirate! I’ll be back with them when I’m back on weekends, but I may throw in a few during the weekdays over the next month. Hope you all enjoyed this tremendous set today.



Did you say, “2 Utes”?

Yesterday I featured an article showcasing several new helmet concepts for the Utah Utes football squad. In that post, I inadvertently mis-identified the creator (although I later corrected it) — turns out, the helmet designs were the genius of Justin Dahl, not Ben Hatfield. Justin believes Ben may have sent the concepts to Paul, but they were not his work (he never took credit for them, I had just assumed they were his).

I received an e-mail yesterday from Justin:

Hey Phil,

I enjoyed your article about what is a Ute and the headdress helmet. I was actually the creator of the helmet. You can see my post here.

I hadn’t seen that Chiefs helmet before but I have had people send me the Illini helmets after I posted it.

I posted an idea I how I think Utah could use the helmets and give back to the tribe. Utah has a great relationship with the tribe and they go out of their way to make sure the Utes are well represented by the University.


Just wanted to make the correction and throw Justin a bone for his efforts. Great ideas! Sounds like the Utes and the University have a good working relationship — and one that even those of us who oppose some Native American iconography can really get behind. If you read the comments in the second linked article, you’ll notice that Justin mentions he “talked to the licensing people about it. They thought it was cool but wouldn’t happen.” Too bad. Perhaps some of the readers might want to contact the athletic department (their e-mail addresses are embedded in most of their names) and let them know about Justin’s design. Just a thought…


No Joe

Your Turn:

Also yesterday, I mentioned that reader “Walter” had suggested a question as to what Penn State might wear in the upcoming fall season (in the wake of the Paterno/Sandusky child rape mess). I also mentioned that at the time, my pollster, James T. Huening, hadn’t yet responded to my request for a reader poll — I knew it was only a matter of time, and sure enough, he has come through.

Please take a moment to let your thoughts be known (every day the details of this whole situation become more sickening and sordid). As of now, there are still plans to play football this fall in Happy Valley. So, if the Nits take the field … what will their unis look like?


Uni Tracking (2012)

MLB Uni Tracking – The 2012 Royals

I haven’t featured any uni tracking since last year (and I haven’t even done any myself this year, since the Mets have mercifully returned to their blue-dominate uniforms, with just three options — home pins & creams, and road grays; yes, they had a couple *special* unis like “Los Mets” but for the most part have kept it simple). But…

there are still trackers out there, and one of them, Mike Vamosi has been tracking the Royals for the past few years. He’s back today with a mid-season report:

Dear Phil,

I don’t know if you are still doing the MLB UniWatching I’ve been keeping track of what the Kansas City Royals have worn for the third straight year. I’ve attached the excel document that I’ve used to track like in seasons past. Knowing you like an explanation I’ll provide that before for you and the readers, thanks I continue to enjoy the site and a loyal member.

Yankee fans/East Coast media feel free to boo my Royals 2012 UniWatch. This is the third season in which I’ve followed what the Kansas City Royals have worn on a daily bases including keeping track of how they’ve fared record wise in certain threads. I’ve kept this real simple in terms of home games the cell is white, home day is as close of the powder blue I could find, gray with Royal blue for road games and Royal blue with white lettering for day road games. A couple times this season KC has gone with Kansas City Monarchs (Negro Leagues) or Kansas City Blues (American Association) which are noted by color or notes. I’ve also color coated the opponents in what their uniform would be home or away for if a difference existed, ex. Cardinals represented by navy when they played in KC but red when games played in STL. I also went with a All-Star themed color for the break with Royal blue and gold.



And here is Mike’s 2012 Kansas City Royals Uni Tracking.

If any of you fine readers out there are also uni tracking your teams, please feel free to send me your graphics/spreadsheets/notepad etchings, etc., and I’ll be happy to run them here.

Cool? Cool!


Screen Shot 2012-06-24 at 10.32.36 PM

Man, we can HEAR that outfit coming….

7-15-12 s-Dark

Click to enlarge


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

Like the colorizations, I’m going to run these as inline pics — click on each one to enlarge.

You folks heard the call for concepts, and you’ve responded with vigor — just one huge set today, part 2 of 3 from my buddy, Terry Duroncelet

And so, lets begin:


I heard that the concepts have been slowing down as of late, so I thought now would be a good time to share some of the designs that I’ve been doing since last August. Here’s the second batch:


Colts - Terry Duroncelet


This is more of a fun idea that I had: what if the NFL allowed multiple helmets (apart from throwbacks and the like) for each team during the season? As I said before, the hydra effect can be a great thing when used in moderation. I used the blue (19541955) and white (1956) versions of the “bucked up” helmets that they used back then. And of course, bring back those striped socks.


Dolphins - Terry Duroncelet


Some of my favorite uniforms are those that have subdued graphics/strips/etc. with bright colors. I cut down on the extra stuff in Miami’s unis and used what I consider to be the true Dolphins aqua color. The sleeve cuffs and belts play off of each other.


Bears - Terry Duroncelet


Not that Da Bears need any tweaking, but I just couldn’t say “no” to those ’36 shoulders. I handmade the striping on the blue jersey and orange jersey versions, and kept everything else basically the same.


Bengals - Terry Duroncelet


It’s not that the Bengals’ current unis are the worst, it just needs a little fine-tuning. No white side-panels, no giant “B” on the chest, more controlled “tiger sleeves”, and a more consistent pant stripe (although the Nikefied version of their 2012 pants makes the “stripe” look more like a tiger’s tail, so that’s an improvement).


Packers - Terry Duroncelet


A more classic Packers look with the return of the full five stripes on the home and roads, no striped collar on the green jersey, and a 1939 throwback (not that there’s anything wrong with their current ones).


Giants - Terry Duroncelet


The road uni’s sleeve cuffing comes from what they wore from 19701974, and has a higher level of blue, which is fine for Big Blue, but it does sorta remind me of the Cowboys (not that NY will be wearing their whites against Dallas very often anyway). Yes, the red jersey rears its head again, but with blue socks so it’s not too bloody ;)


Steelers - Terry Duroncelet


I did away with the italicized numbers on the home and roads, slimmed down the pant stripe, switched to black cleats, and did this weird (in a good way) mash-up uni. Socks~1933 (first year of the franchise); Pants~1959-1965/2007-2011; Helmet~2007-2011; Fonts/Left-side helmet decal~Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team. The mash-up is only a random idea, but I understand if people aren’t a fan of the ‘P’ on the left side. I don’t regret putting it there, but if given a second go, I’d probably leave it off.


Ravens - Terry Duroncelet


Striped socks, more gold added to the pant stripe, and if you look closely, you’ll see that I used a black-to-purple fade effect on the helmets, similar to the Jaguars.


Bills - Terry Duroncelet


Nothing ultra-fancy, just a more consistent collar, and I eliminated the navy in its entirety.


Thanks Terry!


And that will do it for this fine Sunday. Everyone have a great week — I’ll be handling the weekdays beginning July 23 (next Monday) — so if you have any ideas for posts, thoughts or suggestions, or would like to work with me on an article, drop me a line!

Thanks to the colorizers, the concepter (Terry D!), Ricko, any uni trackers out there, pollster James, and everyone else. Have a great week and I’ll catch ya for the weekdays next week.


“Sure, the old man raped children, but the publicity has already dragged his reputation through the gutter. He’ll probably never be able to hold down a good job ever again, and sending him to prison would deprive his innocent family of a husband and father. Why needlessly punish his wife and orphan his children?”
–R. Scott Rogers

Comments (80)

    Before anyone asks: “If that’s the Sneakers Game, where are the sneakers?”, the Giants changed into the sneakers at halftime. Clearly that pic is from the first half.

    If the “death penalty” ever made sense, which is questionable based on who gets punished by it, then it has to be applied to Penn State. Haven’t death penalties in the past been about repeated illegal payment to recruited players (one can argue while it may be illegal based on the rules of NCAA – it’s not overly morally wrong – considering the revenue the players generated) i.e. there an arguement players should be paid. Here, we’re talking innocent victims – it’s very disgusting.

    If they are to play, I would enforce they take that pristine helmet and wear a ribbon squarely in the middle that basically says – “we’re horribly sorry”, that ribbon would not be worn for just 1 year , but for the lifetimes of the victims.

    So you’re saying that the kids who signed up to play at Penn State, and are halfway through their degrees should be punished for the actions of a coach that never even coached them(Sandusky)?

    The death penalty is not the appropriate action. Jailtime for the people who allowed the crimes to happen is an appropriate reaction. Don’t punish hundreds of kids for the actions of 4 school officials.

    Also, the NCAA is a sports organization, let’s not confuse them with actual authorities who are no doubt putting together cases to throw those dispicable 4 (well the living 3, at least) in jail.

    And I’m assuming the ribbon statement is a joke.

    You should read my note more carefully – I question the logic of death penalty to begin with, but if you are going to apply – now’s the time.

    The ribbon would be a logo, not an actual ribbon, and no I’m not joking – a modern day much deserved scarlet letter. We had a similar case up here involving a Jr Hockey Coach, many of the players are dealing with the lifetime ramifications of the abuse

    Oakville, I still don’t think the Death Penalty is the correct punishment.

    The reason for my position is two-fold:
    1. These kids did nothing wrong, and transferring to a different school is NOT an easy process or transition. They shouldn’t have to suffer through that for something they didn’t even know about til 8 months ago (but should be allowed to if they want).

    2. It reminds me of the ‘Reparations’ idea from a decade ago where they were just going to tax all Anglos to “fix” the horrific atrocities of other white people from 200 years ago. You can’t punish people today for what other people did in the past, no matter how odious it was.

    Like I said earlier, Prison Time for those 4 in the Freeh report is the fairest course of action for everyone. Let’s be honest, if PSU football gets shut down, but they don’t go to jail, those 4 will be the only winners in the entire situation. Having a part of their former employer shut down isn’t a punishment for them, and to think it would be is laughable.

    It’s not about punishing the kids, is about punishing the institution which it DESERVES punishing.

    Yeah I more or less agree, but at the same time, those kids reacted violently when Joe Pa was removed, that have helpef support the environment that allows this to happen, I’m thinking the abuse hurled on the reporters who started to break this story, before it really broke. maybe it’s time everyone takes a timeout and puts things in perspective. i.e yes it’s the institution – but that’s a little too black and white.

    Wait, so Penn State can’t be punished because Think Of The Kids? Seriously?

    As Skott says, the “kids” are halfway through their degrees. That is, they are college students. They are not professional football players. Suspending the football program in no way prevents the “kids” in question from continuing their studies and completing their degrees.

    This objection to the death penalty only makes sense if we assume that the football players are at Penn State only to play football, and not to study. Which no doubt for most of them is true. But to the extent that the players are actual student-athletes, then losing the football program does not actually harm them. And to the extent that losing football would harm them, then they are not actually student-athletes, so their welfare is not a legitimate concern for a collegiate body like the NCAA.

    The NCAA’s death penalty is specifically for repeat offenses — you were put on probation, and you did the same thing again. Since Penn State has never been sanctioned by the NCAA for this matter before, the death penalty is not an option.

    People are thinking of the term “death penalty” as it applies to criminal law, i.e. some crimes are deemed serious enough to warrant a death sentence. That doesn’t apply here.

    I think you have to make an exception & example out of PSU. This is much, much worse than bribing recruits with money, parks & cars. It also went on for YEARS with multiple victims. If this isn’t a reason to revoke somebody’s football program, then I don’t know what is.

    Just so everyone knows, Penn State stopped employing Sandusky in ’99, just months after Paterno found out and reported it. So why do we need to punish PSU again? Because they USED to employ a rapist?

    On that note, let’s shut down the NFL for harboring murderers like Ray Carruth and OJ Simpson.

    Just so everyone knows, Penn State stopped employing Sandusky in ’99, just months after Paterno found out and reported it. So why do we need to punish PSU again? Because they USED to employ a rapist?

    Then Penn State gave him an emeritus status he wasn’t entitled to, secretly, and gave him free access to facilities that served as a honeypot to attract future victims. All the while, they never reported the first crime to the police. And were culpable for the subsequent victims, as they knew Sandusky was a pedophile and did nothing to stop him.

    Criminals, enablers like Penn State’s administrators, apologists like Skott…what a mess.

    Are you really that ignorant to what happened? He may not have been an employee, but they still allowed him to come onto campus WITH more boys throughout those years. C’mon.

    Yeah let’s compare the NCAA to the NFL. I don’t think so. Apples & oranges.

    OK, you all win. No jail time for the offenders. Just stop playing football in Happy Valley and all will be fixed. Good call.

    How about this: all the offenders go to jail for life, no more PSU football and you fix your crummy look-at-me-I’m-special! “K” in your name to a “C”. Now everybody wins.

    It is the ugliest scandal in the history of NCAA sports.It was about football and to protect the phony squeaky clean image. They sold this Success with Honor crap to recruits and the fans shoved it down all other fan bases.

    Urban Meyer is getting punished this year. Innocent Buckeyes like John Simon and other seniors are getting punished this year. Pete Caroll left for the NFL before USC got hit. USC players are being punished.

    The PSU scandal went on at least since 1998. And are we to believe that all of a sudden in 1998 Sandusky started to like young boys?

    I do not know if the NCAA will do a thing. But Penn State surely deserves punished.

    Somebody give LarryB a steak! He Gets Itâ„¢

    Skott, I don’t think ANY of us were implying that the offenders shouldn’t go to jail. I don’t know where you picked up that shit.

    From The Sporting News.

    “About 99.9 percent of the people there (Happy Valley) are as sickened by Sandusky as you are. Critics say they still need to be sent to timeout for loving their coach, donating their money and being slavishly loyal. Yes, they are guilty of being part of a runaway football culture. If that alone warrants the death penalty, there should be no games this fall in Tuscaloosa, Austin, Columbus and a lot of other places.”

    @Li Matt, you’re saying that since PSU has never been sanctioned before, the severest penalty doesn’t apply? So if a school is really good at covering up they get one free pass? If they can buy silence, stifle investigation and keep rapes a secret they can avoid the death penalty? Great.

    Skott, would it satisfy you if the sanctions started in 5 years so PSU’s players would know in advance that the football program was going to do some time? I hope the board of health doesn’t work that way with restaurants. “So that current employees aren’t inconvenienced we will be closing this restaurant for severe health code violations next year.”

    I don’t like the idea of a death penalty for Penn State.

    The NCAA is not intended to deal with criminal issues. As an athletic board, their rules only deal with athletic issues. There are no NCAA rules dealing with child rape, obstruction of justice, or even murder, kidnapping or arson.

    The only rules the NCAA could use to punish Penn State would be vague and broad rules dealing with vague terms like sportsmanship and integrity.

    The lack of specific rules would leave NCAA wide open to being sued for violating due process.

    Aside from that, removing Penn State football for a year or two seems more like a way for the rest of America to not have to deal with it. If Nittany Lion football exists, then we are forced to think about things we don’t want to think about. When Penn State plays a school, fans have to think about those icky topics and might even have to talk to their children about them.

    In a way, keeping the Nittany Lions on the field would be a weekly PSA educating and reminding a new set of fans.

    It would be similar to a celebrity doing public service instead of jail. Society gets much more benefit from the public service than from the jail time.

    If we just make Penn State football go away, then none of us have to think about it anymore and we get to pretend like it could never happen in our neighborhood.

    So it would be the games of shame? I think it’s more valuable that the leaders at all schools see that there are severe consequences. When they’re meeting behind closed doors, deciding to cover up rape “for the good of the program” they need to know that they’re actually killing that program.

    “When you raid a cathouse, you take the piano player too.” –
    Buford T. Justice

    My Dad had a ’49 Coronet. I thought that was one stodgy, proletariat vehicle. I’ve no idea why the sporty Wayfarer roadster cost less.

    Imagine how Eddie felt about it!

    It was all about the trim (link). Surprisingly, Dodge sold a bunch that year.

    Like I said yesterday:

    Simply Moono | July 14, 2012 at 4:09 pm |

    “*sigh* The best way I can describe this whole Penn State situation is… well… it’s like REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALY bad diarrhea. Like, the kind of diarrhea that I wouldn’t wish on the Philadelphia Phillies. Just when you think the worst of it is gone down the crapper, here comes another soul-ravaging bowel movement.”

    If anymore skeletons are found within the confines of the campus, then I don’t think all the cranberry juice in the world will cleanse their bodies of this whole ordeal. I’m slightly more on the side of suspending PSU football for a year (maybe two, if they don’t want to play a potentially augmented 2013 season, much like the 1988 SMU “squad”), although it looks unlikely that there will be a 2012 suspension, especially with the season so close to beginning.

    Maybe I’m speaking out of my ass here, but I just wanted to give my thoughts on this. One more thing before I get off for a couple of hours: as much as I understand Penn State’s reasoning behind distancing themselves from JoePa as much as possible, it’s gonna be as difficult as telling Raiders fans that the team is no longer silver and black.

    Yeah, just about everything and then some came crashing down on JoePa at the very end, and Penn State wants to get away from that, but he’s embedded in 61 years of the 157 that Penn State has been in existence. Yeah, that’s still 96 years without him, but I’m just saying that if they’re gonna try to wipe most of his memory/legacy from the Penn State memory banks (occasional necessary reference aside), it’s gonna be harder than any major bowl game ever dreams to be.

    two interesting (and opposite) takes on PSU:

    the ‘it’s not the kids’ fault’/no killing the season line of thought

    another standard ‘PSU needs the death penalty’ quip


    but it’s not really about the right thing to do (imho, shutting down the program for one year, letting the kids transfer without penalty OR give them free room/board/books/etc. for the duration of their term at PSU)…

    it’s all about the money

    huge, giant gobs of money

    welcome to college football, circa 2012

    as paul said the other day (geniusly) “Penn State: Too Big To Fail”

    Phil’s comment here needs to be bookmarked & linked to when any discussion breaks out about *anything* related to NCAA football.

    * PSU? It’s all about the money.
    * Bowl games or playoffs? It’s all about the money
    * Conference realignments? It’s all about the money

    Once you realize that it’s *always* all about the money, it’s like you’re Rowdy Roddy Piper after he put on those rockin’ shades in “They Live.” You may not like what you’re seeing, but you’re finally seeing what’s really in front of you.

    Terry Duroncelet, you’ve fixed the Bengals. Thank you. (Though I would go a coupla steps further and return to the more diginified standard block, non-outlined, numbers [a uniform design already characterised by cartoonish elements needs some balance]….and eliminate the orange alternate which makes me nauseous.)

    You’ve also fixed the Dolphins nicely. But what about the black in the helmet logo? My eye goes right to it–but not in a favorable way.

    Well, my small MS Paint skills limited me from turning the navy blue in the logo to the darker aqua that they used. I could’ve left the logo as is, but it looked out of place compared to the rest of the uniform. Also, thank you! =D

    Gotcha. Also, there is something very, very appealing about that Colts helmet. I love the logo, smaller, and off to the back like that. Very compeling. Works well with blue or white helmet.

    I saw an older Bengals jersey yesterday (Corey Dillon’s) and the Bengals would exponentially look better with block letters as opposed to the rounded Bears-esque numbers.

    What I like about Terry Duroncelet’s concepts: less is more. Overdesigning a logo or uniform many times ruins it. Putting team names on the front of NFL jerseys looks so bush league. It’s like admitting your brand is so weak & unrecognizable that you need to put a “pssst! Hey we’re the Cowboys, just so you know!” reminder on there.

    I totally agree. And who do we talk to about getting that Dolphins design on the field? It needs to happen. That is a simply clean and beautiful.

    In my opinion, the death penalty (or some other harsh penalty for the football program) only makes sense when the current players bear some responsibility for breaking the rules (whether or not you agree with NCAA rules regarding the conduct and compensation (or lack thereof) of college athletes). Only when the players have broken the rules – a la accepting cash from boosters at SMU – is any punishment of the program rooted in fundamental notions of justice.

    Why? Because it is the players that will be hurt if the program is shut down, by being forced to transfer, losing eligibility, uprooting their college life and career, etc. — and they had nothing to do with this, even tangentially.

    Now PSU as an institution will also benefit by not having the program shut down, when it as whole does bear (a lot of ) blame. BUT…who really benefits when PSU benefits? Administrators and trustees, who bear blame, but also — and more so — alums and current students, who benefit from the money (or a least visibility) that the football program brings to the school…and who also aren’t to blame.

    So how do you send a message to PSU and other big time schools that sweeping illegal conduct under the rug can’t happen? Punish the people in the position to stop it, not the hundreds of thousands who aren’t, and who will be most hurt by a death penalty.

    Finally, a sensible point to this issue. I saw in yesterday’s comments that someone actually suggested shutting down the whole university. Absolutely ridiculous.

    You know it’s not like people can’t transfer. An inconvenience, yes but it’s not like PSU is the only school in the world. Hardly. The school HAS to be punished. To just take away a season of football or worse; not at all; is incredibly weak & lame. The people who run the university & the program were the ones responsible & just because it changed hands doesn’t wipe away the sins of the past. Heinous crimes were committed – for years & multiple times. To paint the students as victims & an excuse to avoid punishment is incredibly dense & preposterous. It’s like saying “oh we shouldn’t punish a whole Walmart store because an employee beat up a costumer in the Lawn & Garden department”. It still happened on Walmart grounds.

    I agree, to an extent. The school can’t get off scot-free, even though many more will be harmed by punishment than are actually to blame. There has to be some balance between strict notions of justice — punishment is justified only as against those who have committed the crime — and broader notions of justice (i.e., that this situation is so horrific that somehow the entire University must be censured, in part b/c even those who aren’t particularly blame-worthy in a strict sense play some part in allowing the power of the football program to spiral out of control). My broader point is that the punishment should be tempered; the death penalty isn’t appropriate.

    After Penn St pays all the lawsuits, it will not go “scot-free”.

    For those of you calling for the death penalty, why is it just football, and none of the other sports, since the former AD is one of the people responsible for the coverup.

    If we cancel Penn State’s football season, that leaves 12 other universities with one less football game on their schedule.

    There are small schools who use their games at Penn State as a fundraiser for their entire athletic department. Big schools pay as much as $1M for smaller colleges to visit.

    There are 4 or 5 schools who will lose revenue from a home game that is suddenly cancelled.

    Also, football revenue (at most schools) pays the bills for every other sport on campus. So, cancelling the football season would also threaten the non-revenue sports.

    Not sure if boys can file a Title-IX lawsuit, but eliminating 85 male scholarships could create an imbalance between male/female athletic opportunities that an eager attorney might bring the the school’s attention.

    Oh noes, not lose precious football!

    Football & sports are not important. Why should we care about these money-grubbing corporations universities? This will just give them another excuse to raise tuition even higher. Why should we care about some university not getting some big check from Penn State whom uses them solely to pad their football record?

    Stop defending Penn State, people. It’s sickening.

    Well thank god you aren’t making the decision then concealed78. Death penalty for football? yeah I can agree with that. also fire all of the board of trustees, and throw Curley, Spanier, Schultz, and Sandusky into jail for a long, long time. But punishing people like my buddy from high school who is studying law at PSU and had nothing to do with this scandal, has never even met any of the trustees or admin involved in the case, and like the thousands upon thousands of students that had no idea that this was going on? that’s so ridiculous. And no, I’m not painting the students as victims. That would be insensitive and wrong. But they aren’t guilty of any crimes either. So what is the reasoning behind punishing them?

    This would never happen, but just throwing out a “what if” scenario. What if the NCAA didn’t force Penn State to shut down the football program for the 2012 season, but gave them the following option:
    1. Play the 2012 season, but have accountants swoop in and force the school to give up a significant cut of their ticket sales, concessions, radio and TV revenue, etc. so that the school basically makes no money on the games. The money would go to charities and organizations around the country that deal with child molestation. You don’t punish the players (They still get to showcase for the scouts). The die-hard Nittany Lions fans likely won’t complain much because they’ll still get to watch football.
    2. If the school doesn’t like option 1, then their other option would be to shut it down for the year. This will show everyone that Penn State is only interested in the profit.

    Make Penn State play all of their football games on the road for two years. All games scheduled for Beaver Stadium would be played at the visiting school or at a neutral site if the stadium is booked.

    Now that’s an idea. Split road revenues from the windfall to the hosting schools that the PSU “home games” are played with worthy charities. The players and coaches get to play, but the PSU sycophants that created this mess then get full punishment – and more – from the PSU community, but the innocent involved with the program are not needlessly put out of careers and jobs ….

    Justin – Loved the Utes concepts. As a season ticket holder at the U, I wouldn’t want to see drastic changes to the helmet but rather some small ones. I liked the darker shade that the Utes used under Urban Meyer. It was more of a darker crimson with a metallic finish vs. the more orangy gloss plastic that they use under Whitt. I would also LOVE to see a simple white stripe down the middle e.g. Alabama, Penn St., Stanford. I think it would give that classic college look and break up the red of the helmet a touch. One other small issue is the BFBS with the Utes. It’s bothered me for years that the marketing dept. and manufacturers have included lots of black in the designs. The official school colors are crimson and white. Hence, why I hate the home Black Out game every year.

    Glad today was a colorization and concepts day, they all look great and I love the NFL tweaks. I am looking to make some uni concepts of my own, for actual production, and so far I have been using my mspaint skills mostly. I just got GIMP and I have been using the colorization tutorial by LI Phil and the 2D templates from TimE. I have been looking for any other tutorials, especially about concepts specifically, and I was hoping someone might know where I could find something.

    compression that would allow for right proper stripes on teams like the steelers and packers and sock stripes aside, i really like the bears roadie a shit ton, especially considering modern jersey cuts.

    “penn state too big too fail” would make more sense if they failed financially, but we propped them up to keep them solvent, and i already know what would be said in response, i know they failed morally. but i think the analogy in this case is a poor apples and oranges because nobody in their right mind would argue they shouldn’t be severely punished even if they were not sent to the chair by reactionaries, many of whom are chomping at the bit on this one.

    let’s not forget, there are a shit ton more choices on how to punish psu, the choice does not have to be as simple as death penalty or no death penalty, it draws too much of a line in the sand. massive reductions in scholarships, and more importantly tv/revenue bans, etc all of which should last more then a year will hurt the program more then a reactionary stance like let’s not let them play for a year and if you don’t agree with me you are an apologist.

    psu needs to pay heavily for there misguided priorities, and lack of institutional control, but like today’s poll that provides 3 absurd choices and one penalty, the reality of what price penn state should pay is more complicated. psu football needs sanctions that severely cripples the program for allowing their athletics department to get the way it did, people beyond sandusky who committed crimes need to face jail time, and joe paterno’s name should be stripped from the university for being the hypocrite to honour that he proved to be. but not giving psu a death penalty does not mean you are necessarily arguing that they are too big to fail in any way shape or form, it just means that maybe you don’t support that particular punishment in favour of one that is equally harsh, maybe more so in the end. let them play football, and let nobody see it on tv, and let them not collect that revenue for 5 or more years, let them not be eligible for bowls, big championships, and let there scholarships be cut in half for the same time. nobody will go there, there program will be slowly gutted and destroyed in a slow numbing death that will take years and years to recover from after the sanctions, and proper priority will suddenly be thrust upon them in its wake, but football will still exist on campus, that isn’t the problem. that right there would cripple psu, and a hell of a lot more then a one year ban. i am sick of the throwing the baby out with the bathwater arguments against college athletics, let’s look at reform instead, and move in that direction, it is a much more realistic thing to shoot for then athletics have no place on campus. some seriously hard choices need to be made by the athletic departments of all schools/conferences, not just penn state.

    that’s my 2 cent. i am walking to the home depot now to buy some lumber to walk back to build some shelves today on my day off, so i will not be around for any robert you are daft comments, sorry.

    All the colorizations were excellent today, but I had to triple-take on Gary’s, only the face looks colorized, and only on the full version. Outstanding.

    All the colorizations were great, I definitely enjoyed seeing them to start my day.

    I can’t say that I’m a fan of the Chicago Bears shoulder stripes, but who knows, that could be a nice look later down the line.

    And as far as the Penn State situation goes, all of you can look at my post from yesterday pertaining to it.t

    still haven’t yet heard one argument that actually addresses the larger issue…

    college football is NOT a birthright … for anyone

    as paul said friday — “PSU: Too Big To Fail”

    until the 800 pound gorilla itself is addressed, all the other arguments on both sides are just that

    colleges are SUPPOSED to be institutions of higher learning

    clearly they’re not, but maybe it’s time to just stop the charade once and for all

    almost every argument (on both sides of the issue) either comes down to a monetary or an entitlement issue

    but either way it proves the point…college football (whether at PSU or anywhere else) is simply too big to fail

    George Will, Mary Matalin, Donna Brazille, and James Carville had an interesting debate about this on ABC’s “This Week” today. Carville and Matalin are big college football fans, and Will and Matalin are not, so you know how it went.

    I mean that Carville and Brazille are big college football fans (specifically LSU and the SEC), and Will and Matalin (Carville’s wife) are not.

    dang, chris, i would have liked to have seen that

    doesn’t surprise me about mary, but i would have figured for sure that will was a college football fan (or at least very knowledgeable about the subject), if only based on “men at work” (which i must have read 25 years ago) and which was outstanding…and very about brazille…would NOT have pegged her for a fan

    im not really trying to take sides on this issue, because i don’t know the answer (no one does) — and i am trying to find a balance — i think the best solution might be for PSU to actually ‘suspend’ itself for one year (and maybe avoid the NCAA dropping a worse hammer) and giving the football team the option of transferring without penalty (don’t know if they have that ability) or, like i said yesterday, giving each kid on the team a full free ride (room/board/books/meals/etc.) until each has a degree

    call me naive, but i always thought the students who attended PSU did so first and foremost to get a degree from PSU, not to play football as if it were their entire raison d’etre or their ticket to the NFL

    just a few minutes ago, dan rerko (last post in yesterday’s thread — just scroll to the bottom), a resident of state college (but not a PSU student or alum) made a good argument that kind of balances the arguments — it’s worth the read

    it’s amazing how a single town could have so much invested in an activity that isn’t even the primary activity at the school, and for which the loss of 6 or 7 saturdays in an entire year could literally ruin a whole town

    if that doesn’t tell you something is seriously fucked about the state of (or importance of) college football, then im not sure what does

    Another splendid NFL series by Terry D. I like the designs and the logical orderliness of the whole ensembles, with alternates. First rate all around.

    I definitely liked the colorizations today. The Eddie Waitkus picture was a pleasant surprise.

    For what’s it worth, according to Wikipedia two colleges’ programs were shut down (Division II soccer and Division III tennis) despite being first time offenders.


    Let me see if I can post the link again or if the parentheses prevents it from linking properly


    We went to the Packard museum in Warren, Ohio today. I had never been to it. The Packard brothers of Warren, Ohio came up with the car called a Packard. Anyhow one of the cars on display was the color of the one Gary did in his colorization. Or it sure seemed like it.Victoria Ivory huh.

    “The Packard brothers of Warren, Ohio came up with the car called a Packard.”


    heh…i know it wasn’t quite what you meant but that sentence reminded me of the old denis leary bit where he says (something to the effect of) “so lou gehrig died of lou gehrig’s disease…yeah, like you couldn’t see that one coming”


    I think this was the car and color. But the car was in the museum when we went.Anyhow the color was close.

    George – wonderful stuff. Especially the Whelley team shot. What says classic football better than claret and blue?

    I went for “no recognition” but here’s my thoughts (and yes I admit I’m a University of Pittsburgh fan so PSU is “the enemy” but even if it was the Panthers that did this I’d still say the same should be done no matter who the school in question is):
    The NCAA needs to inform the PSU players and the coaches that effective the day after the national championship game in January 2013 the program is shut down COMPLETELY for 2 years. Coaches can’t coach or recruit, players can’t play or have teem meetings/workouts until the day after the 2015 national championship game. Allow the coaches not involved with the scandal to move on from their contracts unpunished if they chose to or stay at the university to wait out the death penalty. Allow the current players not involved in the scandal that are in good academic standing one transfer to another school if they chose and be eligible to play immediately with no restrictions so as to not punish them (any transfers after that fall under normal NCAA rules). I don’t argue as an educational institution PSU is a great school so for the players that want to stay with the school mandate that PSU has to honor their athletic scholarship at any of the PSU campuses for as long as that scholarship would last if they were playing football and allow them to get their education and graduate from PSU.

    Once the day after the 2015 national championship comes around the coaches will be allowed to coach and recruit following NCAA rules just like any other program and the players that chose to stay will be allowed to carry on with the football related weight training and practices following along with NCAA guidelines as well. But when the 2015 team comes back that fall they’ll be on a 2 year TV ban, a 2-4 year Bowl ban, face extreme scholarship limitations that will gradually lighten over the next 2-4 years before the program can be “clear” from all sanctions against them. There will also be at least a 5-10 year probationary period they’ll be under once they come back in 2015 that will allow for further punishments for any wrongdoings or violations during that time span. And last but not least require them to come back in 2015 with a totally new look and not that plain same as they’ve had forever Joe Pa look. That last part may be a stretch but anybody that sees that look will automatically associate it with Paterno and thus this scandal.

    I just don’t see how they can’t give PSU the death penalty. If they don’t it’s like telling all the other programs around the country that it’s OK to commit major crimes and cover them up for over a decade to protect the image of your football program and nothing will be done to you. That to me is the definition of “Lack of Institutional Control”. If the NCAA is all about the “kids” and not the “money” these football teams bring in for them as they claim then shouldn’t they be protecting the kids that were victims and any potential future victims by coming down heavy to make an example and ensure that things like this don’t happen ever again?
    Then again if it was up to me that Paterno Statue would be taken down and recycled into new urinals for one of the Men’s rooms at Beaver Stadium along with the death penalty. So…

    What I love about the Royals is that they have consistent rules for their alternates. They only wear them during day games. Most teams seem to just wear them randomly.

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