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What’s a Ute?


By Phil Hecken

I get a pretty decent amount of uniform concepts (logo concepts, cap concepts, helmet concepts, etc.) sent my way (THANK YOU and keep ’em coming!), and occasionally the Uni Watch faithful send their concepts on to Paul, who then forwards them to me. Sometimes he’ll make a comment or two with the submission, but most times it’s simply a courtesy forward (thank you Paul). But the one you’re about to see today carried the message, “Jesus, you could do a whole weekend entry on this guy’s proposed updates the Utes’ helmet… Or you could ignore the whole thing. Your call.”

I don’t usually ignore any submissions (good, bad or indifferent) and I try to show every concept sent to me or forwarded to me by Paul. And there was no way in hell I was going to let this one be missed.

The concepts you’re about to see come from reader **CORRECTION** Ben Hatfield Justin Dahl (at first I thought they were from frequent submitter Brent Hatfield). Most concepters send me an idea or three, complete with approximately 50 words per submission. Ben is a man of very few words — but some fairly impressive ideas — well, sort of.

**I was contacted by Justin a short while ago, who indicated that it was he, and not Ben, who designed the helmets seen here today. I’ll have a follow-up on this tomorrow.

You see, when I saw the helmet pictured in the today’s splash, I immediately thought of the ‘famous’ Chiefs helmet concept by Todd Asselin (featured in this great story researched and written by Paul):

Chief concept helmet by Todd Asselin


Now, I have no idea whether Ben knows (knew) of this helmet when he concepted what is below. I can only say that there are similarities.

If you’ve been reading Uni Watch over the past several months, you know that both Paul and I have made our views on teams using Native American imagery quite plain — and I do not plan on rehashing any of those arguments today. Paul’s position (and mine is still evolving on this) is that teams that use native iconography with the blessing of the tribe should be permitted to do so, so long as there is some kind of recompense for the tribe. So for the moment, lets assume this is my position as well — the Utah Utes, the helmets depicted here today, are one of four NCAA teams who have received clearance to continue their use of both name and imagery, since they are doing so with permission from their respective tribes*. Those four are the Florida State University Seminoles, the Central Michigan Chippewas, the Illinois Illini (or “Fighting Illini,” and used Chief Illiniwek, portrayed by a live actor) and the Utah Utes. A good (if biased) article on the NCAA regs and the controversy can be found here.

* According to Wikipedia,

“For more than two decades, Chief Illiniwek has been the center of a controversy. At the root of the controversy is the view of several American Indian groups, as well as other people, both of color, and white, that the symbol/mascot was a misappropriation of indigenous cultural figures and rituals and that it perpetuated stereotypes about American Indian peoples. As a result of this controversy, the NCAA termed Chief Illiniwek a ‘hostile or abusive’ mascot and image in August 2005 and banned the university from hosting postseason activities as long as it continued to use the mascot and symbol.”


“The Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma are the closest living descendants of the Illiniwek Confederacy, having been relocated to Oklahoma in the 19th century. The position of the tribal leadership has evolved over the years. In a television interview with WICD-TV in 1995, Don Giles, then Chief of the Peoria Tribe, said, ‘To say that we are anything but proud to have these portrayals would be completely wrong. We are proud. We’re proud that the University of Illinois, the flagship university of the state, a seat of learning, is drawing on that background of our having been there. And what more honor could they pay us?’ Supporting Chief Giles was another tribal elder, Ron Froman, who stated that the protesters ‘don’t speak for all Native Americans, and certainly not us’.”

Why is “Illini” OK?:

“On November 11, 2005, the NCAA, stating that it had ‘found no new information relative to the mascot, known as “Chief Illiniwek” or the logo mark used by some athletics teams that depicts an American Indian in feathered headdress,’ upheld the ban on the University of Illinois. However, it did allow the continued use of the nicknames ‘Illini’ and ‘Fighting Illini’ by the University because they are based on the name of the state and not of American Indian descent. The university appealed the decision again on January 30, 2006, mere days before the deadline. While the NCAA Executive Committee granted an extension to April 28, the committee’s next meeting, to other schools affected by the ban, the University of Illinois requested a longer stay until May 15, the end of the current semester. The Executive Committee ignored the request for a longer stay and denied the university’s second appeal while indicating that no further appeals would be entertained. … On February 16, 2007, Lawrence Eppley, chair of the board of trustees issued a unilateral ruling retiring Chief Illiniwek.”

The full Wikipedia entry on that is here

Whew. So, “Illini” is OK because the ‘offensive’ part has been removed, and there is no actual “Illini” tribe after whom the University is basing their name, and the Peoria tribe (the closest living descendants of the Illiniwek confederacy) are ok with it.

So, what’s a Ute, then?

According to the Utah Utes website, “A Ute is member of the Indian tribe believed to have originally settled Utah. Two of the more common definitions of Ute are ‘top of the mountains’ and ‘people of the mountains.’ Other references have Ute defined as ‘land of the sun.’ The Utes refer to themselves as Noochew, meaning ‘the People’.” The school nickname was actually the “Redskins” until 1972, when it was changed (well ahead of the curve) and they use the name with the permission of Ute Tribal Council.

All of that was to give some history into the background of the four current universities who are permitted to use ‘native’ nicknames.

So, I’m cool with what follows, dig?


As I mentioned above, Ben is a man of few words, so I’ll just post his concepts with the little bit of commentary he provided. Assuming he didn’t “steal” the idea for the native headdress helmets from the design of Todd Asselin, and assuming the Ute Tribal Council would be accepting of them — I gotta say, they’re pretty cool. (Click on each image to enlarge) Here goes:



Here is Currently what Utah uses:

Here’s what an update to the Drum and feather would look like:


I would love to see them do something like this:




Or the earlier version:



Here are some options with a single block U:



redwhite redblack



They could also bring back the interlocking “U’s”:


uusblack uusblackwhite

blackuured blackuuredwhite


Here are some others:



Thanks, Ben.

Well readers? What say you?


Screen Shot 2012-06-24 at 10.32.36 PM

But he still hasn’t explained what exactly he was doing at the Pedicure Palace…

7-14-12 d-kinda cute

Click to enlarge


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

Like the colorizations, I’m going to run these as inline pics — click on each one to enlarge.

You folks heard the call for concepts, and you’ve responded with vigor — three offerings today.

And so, lets begin:


First up is Ryan Crisman who has some Astros concepts that missed Paul’s contest:

Astros New - Ryan Crisman

Astrows new home - Ryan Crisman Astrows New road - Ryan Crisman

Hey Phil,

Even though i missed the contest this is my concept for an astros re design. Since the astros have such a rich uni, and logo history i tried to bring that into my design with the color choice from the 70’s into the 90’s as well as using the shooting star from the 71 to 74 “astros” wordmark. I choose to stick with the current wordmark because i feel that with the fresh colors it could really turn into a classic. The cream color on the home jersey as well as the piping also gives you that classic feel as well.

Thanks, Ryan


Next up is Adam McClary, Steeler fan:

Steeler Tweak 1 - Adam McClary

Hello Phil ”“

I’m a Steeler fan who unapologetically believes that the Steelers wear one of the finest uniforms in all of sport. Having said that, I fiddled a little with their uniforms and felt like some modest touch-ups could improve them without taking away anything that has made them so great.

-A change back to classic block numbers

-Adaptation of sock stripes that match the stripes on the jersey sleeve

-The helmet logo would obviously remain the same but an altered Steeler logo containing the uni number of the wearer to be placed on the hip (just the right or both sides)

Note: I think losing the TV numbers would be a good idea but I left helmet numbers off as well to see how it’d look.


Adam M.


And we conclude today with Gregory Koch, who has a set of tweaks for the UConn teams:

SAS vintage

uconn new baseball -  Gregory Koch

new uconn football - Gregory Koch uconn new basketball - Gregory Koch


Using the Ripon thing that was linked today, I made concepts for UConn in various sports. I have attached them.

Some notes:

I’m not a big fan of red on UConn jerseys, so I eliminated all of it. I remember the fiasco where they gave these t-shirts to the student section at the Notre Dame game. Some swore they looked Orange – the dreaded Syracuse colors, but I say they’re red, which is what they were supposed to be. Either way, they’re terrible. Red should not be on our jerseys, it looks terrible.

The “blackout” football jersey would be worn for one nationally televised night game a year. This year that’s Pitt. If we have no nationally televised night games, but have a nationally televised day game, I would do a “BlueOut” instead, and combine the Blue home jersey with the blue away pants – I didn’t make that special. (of course both of these would be accompanied by encouraging fans to wear that color). If we have no nationally televised games at all (unlikely), we would have no special jersey that year.

I made a number of alternates in baseball, including a cream one, which I suppose could be worn home or away if the opponent was wearing dark (or in conference foe Seton Hall’s case, the blue tequilla sunrise) There’s also the blue alt, which could be worn home or away. The “SAS Aggies” throwback is a reference to the school’s earliest years (and the early days of UConn baseball) where we were Storrs Agricultural School and our nickname was the Aggies. We would wear them for the home game closest to April 21, the day UConn was founded back in 1881. I’d embellish them a little for special anniversaries like 2016 (225th anniversary) or 2031 (250th anniversary), but we’ve got a while to go so I didn’t do them. Perhaps for those games, wear jerseys designed like the original SAS ones, although I’d have to find a picture. I’ve seen one before in a book, so I know they (the pictures) exist, but I don’t have access to it at the moment. Actually, I just found one. It’s attached as well. I’ll send it along to Paul as well in case he’s interested in putting it up on the site by itself.



And that’s it for today. Back with more next time.


No Joe

No Mo Joe I Feel Freeh…

Continuing on the college football theme a bit, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have no doubt heard that the “Freeh Report” has been released. What is the Freeh report (for those of you not paying attention)? Well, it is a a 267-page report by former FBI director Louis Freeh. (SI has a pretty good story on that here.) In a nutshell, Louis Freeh (and his law firm) were hired by Penn State University to conduct an investigation into PSU, JoePa, Jerry Sundusky, and all the pretty nasty things that have been transpiring there for the past several decades. It’s pretty damning, and Joe Paterno (may he rest in peace) was treated pretty harshly.

Now, I don’t want to get into the ins and outs of the report or its ramifications, since they’re not particularly uni-related, but it’s still a big enough story that it should send shockwaves throughout the entire college football watching world. We haven’t heard of any NCAA sanctions or actions (yet) or any possible penalties PSU would have to face (although a clever reader, who goes by the psudonym “Feit Can Write” suggested that PSU football players should have a “Prevent Child Abuse” ribbon affixed to their otherwise barren helmets) like so:


You can read Feit’s thoughts on a punishment here.

Also suggested in yesterday was a comment by “Walter” to conduct a poll (and as of the writing of this passage at midnight, eastern, my pollster — James T. Huening — hadn’t responded to my request to produce such a poll. Maybe tomorrow.) which would consist of the following question and four choices for answers:

Question: “(What will) The 2012 Nittany Lions will wear?”

A. A commemorative patch for Coach Paterno.
B. A black armband.
C. No recognition for Paterno.
D. There will be no 2012 Penn State football.

A few readers, including myself, responded (I went with “D”), and all responses were either “C” or “D”. I’d like to know what you guys think — if you want to answer in the comments, feel free — if you just want to wait for a poll (which should be up either later today or tomorrow), you can do that too.

My feelings on the matter are thus (reprinted from yesterday’s comments):

“I know what I’m about to say would be considered heresy in many parts of this country, but would it really be that bad if there were no football at PSU for a single season?

“Living in the northeast, I cannot begin to fathom just how much football means to people in other parts of the country, so I won’t pretend to understand just how important it is ”” but losing a single season at PSU just might be the right tonic in this situation ”” as much as that would hurt (directly) a few hundred people and (indirectly) thousands, if not millions.

“Quick aside: a co-worker had a son who went to PSU ”” she knows NOTHING about professional or college sports ”” NOTHING ”” but she went to a game at Happy Valley…for two weeks she couldn’t shut up about how much fun the experience was, how great it was being in a stadium with 107,000 people, all with one shared goal (presumably) ”” to see PSU win.

“That alone shows me the power college football has over many, many people, which is precisely why losing one single season might just be the best thing that could happen, not just to PSU, but to the entire college football nation.

“Remember how bad the 1994 baseball strike was, and how we’ll never forget it ”” it took that single stupid event to prove to A LOT of people that baseball wasn’t the single most important thing in the world, and you know what? The earth didn’t spin off its axis (and the sun still rose in the east), and we moved on (as far as how Selig and the powers-that-be handled things afterwards, we won’t go there) ”” but baseball is back and while it’s an ugly stain on our collective, it did prove that life goes on.

“Life (and football) will go on at PSU … but a one year, self-imposed year without football would do much for the collective and send a message that kids lives are FAR MORE IMPORTANT than football.”

Some readers defended the current student body and football players, saying they would be harmed by any sanctions (and were essentially not at fault), as would thousands of other supporters, fans and businesses in State College Station. Others felt PSU should lose football if not indefinitely, then for a period of 5 years. Obviously emotions and opinions on this run hot.

I’d like to see the one year suspension of football at the school — and any and all students on the team should be given one of two options — be free to transfer to any other college or university that will take them, and have their eligibility be at those schools — OR — give every student on the football team a full and free ride (room/board/tuition/books/meals, etc.) for the rest of the time it takes them to complete their PSU degree (because, after all, that’s why they’re going to PSU, isn’t it? to get a degree?).

But I understand I may not fully grasp the situation (or you may fully disagree with me). So readers, I’d love to have your thoughts. Fire away.

UPDATE: Today’s New York Times has some more information on JoePa & PSU.

Yeah, it’s not good.


And Finally…

Just a reminder for all you guys who love baseball — MLB’s semi-annual free preview of Extra Innings is now underway, so be sure to check out all the games — one of these days I just may buy the package…but for now, I’ll settle for the free preview. Free is good.

Also, tomorrow will be my last weekend post for a while — I’ll be taking over the weekdays for Paul (beginning on July 23), and while I’m not as busy as last year, I’m still pretty busy — so I’m going to again ask the great readership if you would like to work with me on an article, drop me a line and lets discuss. I have a bunch of Olympic Correspondents lined up, and I expect to welcome back Morris Levin for another batch of “Fridays with Morris” segments, but there is still a lot of uni-space still to fill. Even if you don’t want to actually work on a column, if you just have an idea or suggestion to I can do, please let me know. OK? OK! You guys are all aces!

Finally, remember the fake London 2012 logo Paul used for yesterday’s splash (it spells “SHIT”)? Well, Uni Watch is not the only medium using it (only this one probably wasn’t done intentionally). Funny shit that.

And that will do it for today. Catch you fine folks tomorrow.


“Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Penn State football: too big to fail.”
–Paul Lukas

Comments (144)

    UTE? I thought that was a crossword answer (along with OTO(E) and MEL OTT.

    I thought a “Ute” was a car-based pick-up truck (like our own Ford Ranchero) popular in Australia and New Zealand.

    Joe Pesci believes Utes to be a couple of youngsters who were wrongfully accused of robbing a gas station and shooting the clerk… Heh heh.

    D. Cancel the season. Maybe two. They protected football above all else. Justice requires destroying it.

    Yup, that’s my favorite version too. It looks fucking great. Tho I would redo the zigzags into a more feather taper.

    I’m digging the red one.

    Had a similar thought on refining the feathers. I’d be curious to see how a more minimalistic design would look, a little more allusion to Michigan’s “wings.”

    Agreed about the black. And about the badass.

    My favorite football helmets are always the ones that use the helmet as a canvass, not just a shell with a logo painted on the side. Rams, Vikings, Eagles … if the Redskins brought back the feather-Mohawk helmet, I’d be a fan, racist name and all. And while we’ve seen any number of variations on the helmet-as-headdress theme, this really is my favorite to date. Great work.

    The Iowa Barnstormer’s goggles on helmet was a great use of the entire helmet “canvas” and just a great out of the box idea.

    I prefer the black, then the white, and red as a third choice. But all look pretty effing sweet.

    As a former BYU student with U of U sensibilities, color me intrigued by the mad genius of Mr. Hatfield. Some of those designs are really great.

    B. They won’t nix the team this season. It’ll be more like the 2016 team that had nothing to do with the issues at hand. NCAA always punishes teams after the fact, thus making the point moot. Anyways, I think they’ll discreetly memorialize JoePa, if for no other reason than to appease the Nittany faithful.

    I like the “W” helmets. Oh wait, I mean the “Double U” helmets.

    First thing I thought of, being from Alabama and all. Great line from a great movie.

    Can I just say that that headdress helmet at the top looks fantastic? My goodness. That is a thing of beauty. If I was a member of the Utah athletic department and came across this while browsing the interwebs, I’d be on the phone with my superiors ASAP. It’s just gorgeous, and makes the helmet they currently wear look so plain.

    Also: while I have been on the record of not supporting the Astros returning to blue and orange, I LOVE the mock-up that Ryan Crisman sent in. That looks great. While I’ve never liked the colors the team currently uses, I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with that jersey design. The font is great. I’m sure it will be thrown away with the rebrand, however.

    Great stuff today. And I don’t even visit on the weekend that often…

    I never knew it was a DRUM and feather….on any team–Redskins, Utes, whomever.

    The more I think about it, the more I favor E) Treat Penn State football as a registered sex offender. For some period – five years or more – no person conducting Penn State football business may initiate contact with any minor and cannot be within 100 yards of any school, playground, or scheduled gathering of minor youths.

    Active recruiting would grind to a halt, of course, but students could still initiate contact and submit videos, letters of recommendation, and so forth, and Penn State could accept walk-on athletes. Probably wouldn’t win as many games for a good long while, but there would still be football for the fans and local businesses. As a bonus, PSU would be forced to field a team of actual student-athletes.

    And, by upholding society’s very strict lasting penalties for sexual crimes, we would hold an institution that made itself complicit in child rape to the same standards that we hold individuals who do the same. This is important to upholding the rule of law, especially in a country where institutional wrongdoing is increasingly not held to the same standards of justice as individuals, or even punished at all. (Corporations may be persons, but just try to put one in prison!)

    I’d have to say Hatfield’s Utah headdress helmet concept is an upgrade to Asselin’s design. Nothing wrong with the KC helmet, but he just pushed it to new heights. I think it’s a great piece of work. The trouble I foresee is when a player makes a great play or score is that they will jump around with a war cry or some other such silly gesture on the field.

    Now as far as the Chief Osceola and Illiniwek actors go, are theese people actually Natives? Kinda like Hollywood, just get an Italian/Greek to play the role.

    At Illinois, the ‘actor’ was usually some white frat boy dressed up in a stereotypical ‘Indian’ outfit dancing around. Not exactly honorable.

    In the late 70’s, Utah had a rider in in full “Indian” attire at home games. They made it clear that he was a member of the campus native american organization and his selection and appearance was done in conjunction with local tribal authorities.

    Now those were the days. The U sold season football tickets 2 for 1, for $35.

    That Utah headdress helmet concept is a ripoff of an Illinos headdress helmet that was done earlier this year. link

    Meh, we’ve seen at least 4 different headdress helmet variations on this site in the past couple years. In addition to the Chiefs helmet and the image you posted, I specifically remember a variant used for a Redskins concept. It’s not really a ripoff, it’s just a different take on a fairly obvious idea.

    Besides, just because someone does something first, it doesn’t mean their version is the best.

    See, this is why The and I fight so good..because sometimes we totally agree.

    Jeez, if we trace all such style megagraphics back far enough, I suppose we could say it all started when the Eagles added wings, “ripping off” the original Rams’ horns.

    Or were the Rams horns actually just a steal from the Princeton/Michigan look?

    Ben took an idea that’s out there, noodled it and applied it to Utah State. Doesn’t make him an “idea thief”.

    “Or were the Rams horns actually just a steal from the Princeton/Michigan look?”

    which were actually stolen from ohio state, who were the first EVER to wear wings on helmets…this pic is from november 8, 1930 v navy…(not that anyone at uniwatch seems to think this is newsworthy, since i’ve sent at least two emails out, with two different photos, about osu having these helmets as early as 1930, earlier than michigan, princeton, even msu)…


    I second that – not a ripoff, just another take on a theme. If it’s a ripoff than you can say they are all a ripoff of Pang’s goalie mask when with the Blackhawks in the 80s (earliest example of a warbonnet/native headdress helmet or mask I can think of off hand).


    Bob’s helmets are gorgeous, especially the white ones. I generally don’t like when helmets seem two-toned, so given that the front of the helmet is mostly white from the feathers, the back should be white too. It almost makes the red tips of the feathers pop.

    Along with needing tribal permission and a lack of epithets, I think American, non-Indian run sports teams should only be used if they have historical accuracy. So I looked up online if Ute Indians actually wore headdresses. While I couldn’t find anything definitive, it seems like headdresses originate from Sioux and other Plains Indian cultures and only spread to other tribes due to tourism. So wearing a headdress type helmet is probably something that should be done after consultation with Ute tribal historians to see if it is an appropriate homage. It appears that on reservations, tribes (particularly ones forced to go to Oklahoma) adopted headdress culture, so even if headdresses were not historically part of Ute culture, they may be now.

    That said, I do think that headdresses make a great college football helmet, aesthetically. Native Americans earn feathers for brave deeds, just like college football players. So like the Buckeyes, the Utah Ute players could start with no feathers (or maybe a single feather like the old Redskins helmet) and then add feathers as they go through their career.

    The current Penn State football team should not be made to pay for the sins of Joe Paterno and others. But the name of Joe Paterno should be made to disappear at Penn State. No statues, no memorials…nothing more than an historical reference, when necessary. And any staff or personnel even remotely connected to the cover up should be dismissed.

    Most importantly, Penn State needs to guard against something like this ever happeneing again…even if it means reducing the power of coaches and the chances of championships. Penn State has to walk the walk…

    There is a whole world full of illegal activities that are not the NCAA’s to judge. However, when people in a member institution take steps to cover up those illegal activities to protect an athletic program, that would seem to be squarely in the NCAA view finder.

    That behavior would be theirs to punish, I’d think.

    So I wouldn’t be surprised if the NCAA comes down rather hard on Penn State football, if for no other reason than to send a message to all its members. “Don’t you DARE ever look the other way.”

    Most importantly, Penn State needs to guard against something like this ever happeneing again…even if it means reducing the power of coaches and the chances of championships…

    Which is a good reason to support some sort of punishment (i.e., shutting down) of the football program. Look… I’m a HUGE college football fan and know that it would hurt a lot of people to see their team taken away. Are they being insensitive to the victims by feeling that way? No, I don’t think so. The fans, nor 99.9% of the people involved with the Penn State school/program had nothing to do with the scandal. I know they want the victims to be justified to the fullest extent possible, and for everybody to be able to get back to living their lives without this horrible event overshadowing things.

    But while the chances of a scandal like this happening again in major college football is not great, the NCAA has to do something to show they aren’t taking this laying down. They have to show that coaches (and especially FORMER coaches) can’t be allowed to treat the athletic facilities as their own retirement country club that they can use as they please to do whatever unspeakable acts they please. And by God, coaches and university officials need to realize there will be hell to pay if someone is caught doing something like this and they don’t report and prosecute that individual IMMEDIATELY, regardless of whose record or legacy or image in might impact.

    I don’t like arguing these kind of things. I don’t like punishing innocents for the sins of others. But this is a situation unique in this history of sports, really. It deserves a punishment that is outside the box. In real life, if the death penalty (in theory, forget your personal convictions) is supposed to be a deterrent to people committing the most heinous crimes, then it absolutely needs to be used in this scenario. Shut the PSU program down, let them get their house in order, and then and only then allow them to come back.

    It’s harsh, and I’m not even going to say that I would feel the same way if it was MY school. But it’s how I feel right now, as a totally impartial observer with no otherwise ill feelings towards Penn State.

    Chris, briefly, I agree that punishment is in order. But Paterno and others who conspired in the coverup are gone. Not to diminish the gravity of the offense, but I don’t think it’s fair to punish the current team, and the many fans, by killing the entire football program right now. I tend to think Penn State has gotten the message…I’d bet it’s already hurting their recruiting, for example. Penn State has a whole lot of rehabilitating to do…perhaps they should be fined, put on probabtion and closely monitored by the NCAA.

    You could say exactly the same for any individual who’s accused of any crime, no matter how heinous. Sure, the old man raped children, but the publicity has already dragged his reputation through the gutter. He’ll probably never be able to hold down a good job ever again, and sending him to prison would deprive his innocent family of a husband and father. Why needlessly punish his wife and orphan his children?

    On the upside, if we accept this logic for Penn State, then we can empty our prisons, shut down the criminal courts, and save a lot of money.

    The “current team” benefitted from, and according to the Freeh report, at several levels actively colluded in, the child-rape cover-up. The aiding and abetting of sexual assault continued even after the allegations became public. So we really don’t need to worry about avoiding harm to the poor, poor innocent bystanders in the Penn State football program.

    If a man steals a diamond ring and gives it to his unsuspecting fiancé, she is innocent of any wrongdoing, but she still has to give the ring back when the crime is discovered. To let Penn State off easy is to say that institutions are above the law. Which is perverse: since we know that people are more likely to do and abet wrong when acting as part of a group than when acting individually, institutions must be held to higher standards, not lower, than individual persons.

    Simply put, there are no easy answers as far as the punishment goes (in my eyes at least). There are painful decisions to be made, one way or the other. And people will likely suffer from whatever is decided. Of course, the pain to come could be the loss of an activity for three hours on Saturday or perhaps an economic loss, but really… those of us who have never been abused can in no way grasp how insignificant those are, I’m sure, in comparision to the pain the victims suffered and still suffer.

    I just don’t think we can look at this through the goggles of a typical recruiting scandal-turned NCAA investigation. I’m not claiming that shutting down the Penn State program is the ONLY answer or even the best answer… but it’s just hard to see any other punishment that fits this crime. I just don’t know, man.

    I do know, if I were a PSU fan, I’d be sick at my stomach every day over this.

    Doesn’t the “whole team” (and student body, fans, etc) pay for someone else’s sins when a small minority of coaches and/or players break NCAA rules in any other case? I know how painful it might be to lose a season, but it was far more painful for the young men who were raped because the University, the Athletic Department, and Paterno failed to act when they should have.

    They should get at least one year… but if there were justice in the world, it would be a year for each boy that Sandusky raped after Penn State was made aware of his activities.

    sure the student body “suffers” from other NCAA violations penalties but not to the extent that they have the sport taken away from them for a year or longer.

    Good grief…

    One more example of putting on a pedestal someone who’s just a garden variety operator looking out only for his own self-interest. Winning hundreds of football games doesn’t make someone a great person…contrary to contemporary values.

    An excellent reminder of why no living person should ever be put on a pedestal. By which I mean both figuratively and literally: When you build a bronze idol of a living person, his actual feet of clay will kick you in the ass every time.

    ESPN’s Rick Reilly shares this quote from a Penn State professor who called him in 1986, when Reilly was in the area doing research for the Sportsman of the Year story on Paterno.

    The professor called Reilly at his hotel, and said the following, “You’re going to be just like the rest, aren’t you? You’re going to make Paterno out to be a saint. You don’t know him, he’ll do anything to win. What you and the media are doing is dangerous”


    This is why you have to suspend the program for a few years, IMO.

    It’s not just the people who hid the truth, it’s the people who allowed this culture – this sick cult of personality – to form and when strange things start happening, no ones there to ask questions.

    Like the janitors’ story:

    “The janitor who observed it says it’s the worst thing he ever saw,” Freeh said, outlining the explosive findings of his 267-page review, which found a complete failure of the university leadership to stop Sandusky. “He’s a Korean War veteran. … He spoke to the other janitors. They were awed and shocked by it. But, what did they do? They said they can’t report this because they’d be fired. They were afraid to take on the football program. They said the university would circle around it. It was like going against the president of United States.

    “If that’s the culture on the bottom, God help the culture at the top.”

    They weren’t afraid of JoPa, they were afraid of taking on the program. Think of all the hate mail and death threats they would’ve received. Remember those stupid, immature, distasteful riots after JoPa’s firing. Those weren’t Spanier and Paterno, those were people associated with the program.

    The whole football program needs a break to reevaluate what’s really important at that school. It’s going to hurt, but it’s what’s best for Penn State.

    The headdress helmet is neat looking, but according to the documentary “Real Injun,” native people in the Americas never wore headbands. These were introduced by Hollywood Westerns (to make sure wigs wouldn’t fall off during action sequences apparently). The headdress is also a Great Plains indian piece of clothing worn by the Sioux, not any mountain dwelling Native Americans.

    I like how Adam’s Steeler redesign used the logo on the pants, but I would have gone further. Lose the white circle with the player number, and just enlarge the hypocycloids on each hip.

    Had an idea for a futuristic Steelers helmet, which would be black with a gray facemask and no stripe down the middle. This helmet would also delete the white circle encasing the logo, and replace with huge hypocycloids on each side of the helmet. The name Steelers would appear in gold on the back of the helmet, since there would be no room on the sides.

    Best suggestion I’ve heard about the JoePa statue was on Twitter the other day: Turn the damned thing around so he looks the other way. An elegant solution that would be a permanent reminder of shameful inaction. Of course, that’s the LAST thing Penn State would do.

    Bonus: Penn State’s great bronze idol would spend eternity gazing at all those Nike swooshes on the player sculptures.

    I say D. A harsh penalty is needed here. I know that the rest of the program and the current players would be negatively affected, but so be it.

    When a local university here (in Canada) cancelled their football season two years ago after a number of players – nine- failed drug tests, they gave all their players the opportunity to transfer to another school without any penalty. Perhaps the NCAA can step in and say the one-year penalty for transferring schools will be removed in this case.

    I can’t imagine it being a very healthy atmosphere at PSU next year of they do play, so by canceling the year and allowing the players to move without penalty, perhaps it would actually help them.

    If the basketball players at Baylor were allowed to transfer without penalty, you’d like to think the same would be allowed to Penn State players.

    I vote D.

    They put football above all else. The only fair punishment is to force the exact opposite.

    Let the players transfer to another school without any restrictions.

    From their Facebook page, Under Armour is “proud to be the official outfitter of the Gotham Rogues.” Now we’ve gone beyond athletic companies competing for real teams, now the bidding for fake teams has begun!


    Ricko, Utah State and University of Utah are two different schools. USU is in Logan. They’re the Aggies, and their colors are blue and white.

    The one thing they have in common is a deep and abiding hatred of all things BYU.

    I know. I corrected my error within five minutes or so, the moment I re-read what I’d posted (as you can see). I know the difference, fingers just went wild on me, I guess.

    Lee Grosscup was a Ute.
    Merlin Olsen was an Aggie.

    (That’s to show how long I’ve known the difference.)

    Just wanted to clarify your mention of Central Michigan University (I’m a student there) but I’m 99% sure that while the university has the blessing of the Saginaw/Chippewa Indian Tribe for use of the Chippewa name, it was with the stipulation that the school no longer use native american imagery or iconography, thus why the school’s primary logo is the “Flying C.” Back in the 70’s the school had helmets similar to what Florida State wears.

    As a person who will be attending the U of U next year, I love these concepts. I think the old interlocking U’s look great on a helmet.

    For some reason, your self-correction didn’t show up on my stupid iPhone until about 2 minutes ago. Sorry to correct something you’d already fixed, Ricko.

    The LDS Church, which is kinda influential in Utah, publishes a little inspirational guidebook for teens, called For The Strength Of Youth. I had this idea to market tshirts at U games, that said For The Strength Of UTE. Never did it, partly because I have no entrepreneurial spirit, and partly because I didnt think anyone in Utah would get it. Utah has no time for Pesciesque wordplay.

    Freeh says the most egregious aspect of the scandal is the complete disregard the PSU leadership showed for the victimized children. When you consider that the NCAA blew up SMU’s program over something as relatively trivial as recruiting violations, doesn’t it seem their failure to impose some penalty perpetuates that disregard?

    The school and it’s fans are in a tough place. The blue ribbon on the helmet is a nice, sincere gesture, but it could easily be interpreted as cynical and calculated, like the local dealer giving DARE shirts to the neighborhood kids.

    The bottom line is that no coach ought to enjoy the kind of job security and power that Paterno had. It’s a formula for crimes and misdemeanors.

    The sad irony about the Penn State scandal for me has been the realization that Joe Paterno, of all people, succumbed to the same pressures of big time college football just like countless others. Before this tragedy, if there was one coach, living or dead, who I would least expect to be involved it was Paterno.

    “You did what you had to do. Now it’s up to me to decide what we want to do.”

    These were Paterno’s words to the PSU assistant who reported the crime in the shower room in 2001. We now know Paterno was aware of the 1998 situation at the time. Unacceptable.

    Why I don’t care about college football or college sports; in a nutshell. It’s why I don’t like statues or idolizing people in general. Don’t put people on pedestals. It’s naive and dangerous.

    The fact that it was an institution of enablers that knew & allowed it to continue for YEARS with numerous victims makes it that much worse. Removing the football program “for a season” is hardly justice to the victims. So those assholes lose their precious football program for a measly season like it’s okay from there out. I don’t know how you can defend PSU. It seems like a tarnished name from here on out. Reading about link, people REALLY need to get a fucking grip on reality in life. I know for some people college is the best time of their lives but come on. It’s not THAT sacred.

    After reading this, I don’t know how anybody can defend Penn State football or on any level in general; ever. The whole university should be shut down permanently. Complete total reckless disregard for life.


    I love the Ute helmet concepts today, I just wish Ben had given them some options to choose from.

    But seriously, the headdress ones with the band in front are awesome. If a NA group would approve, I’d approve.

    Personally, I believe B. is the best option as far as this Penn State situation goes. Using a black armband is clean and classy, which is something that it seems like the coaching staff most certainly missed during this whole situation.

    Personally, I would also have a patch included for the victims saying “We Will Never Forget.” This is hypothetical of course, seeing as how we don’t know what kind of a punishment the NCAA will grant the program. If I was the NCAA, I would give them the choice of a one year self-imposed loss of program, and then have recruiting done by videos and phone calls only. Their only other option would be the death penalty. I also believe that Joe Paterno’s name should be removed permanently, along with Jerry Sandusky’s.

    I think B should be the option if they allow there to be a football season. However, I also outlined the two options I believe that the NCAA should offer them.

    **just a quick note to readers**

    Justin Dahl is actually the designer of the Ute’s alt helmets (just recently received an e-mail from him) — those designs were his and were actually sent to Paul by Ben.

    i’ll have an update on this tomorrow.

    You’re such a liar Phil, I hope the NCAA gives you the super death penalty – not to be confused with the Megadeth penalty.

    Anywho, Kudos to Justin for his excellent work. Your take on the headdress helmet idea is the best I’ve ever seen in both execution and design. I’d love to see you what you’d do with the Utes unis, as my Utes designs are pretty boring – link

    Getting kicked out for abusing substances more than the rest of your bandmates, at that. That’s accomplishing something.

    And, yet, I hear that he is born again. So, perhaps such a penalty would have a transformative effect.

    re PSU: B sorta

    How about a season (5 seasons?) of BFBS with all proceeds from merch, tickets, tv, bowl games, etc. going to an abused children’s charity.

    Every time they come out of the tunnel in black, instead of their traditional white, it will be noted exactly why they’re wearing it.

    I heard an opinion from a victim of child molestation on the radio yesterday who said it would be and affront to and a slap in the face of any and all victims to allow PSU to play next year – not just the Sandusky victims.

    His argument was how can you allow the program that allowed such horrible things to happen, celebrate themselves, celebrate football, tailgate and have fun.

    He also pointed out the sad and disturbing and TRUE fact that you know some idiot fans would bring JoPa signs and masks link and some asshole would bring a, “free the tickle monster,” shirt link

    You can’t allow that. You can’t let them move on and forget what happened and let them turn this into an us-vs-the-world situation. They have to realize the gravity of their actions and inactions. And the LAST thing you can allow is the martyrization of JoePa – and that’s precisely what will happen if they play football next year.

    “Every time they come out of the tunnel in black, instead of their traditional white…”


    except they wear navy at home anyway, so even if the were to go head-to-toe bfbs, it wouldn’t be like a cowboys or LSU-type thing

    someone down below suggested orange jumpsuits (lol)

    actually, i think about the worst thing to do in a situation like this would be to force them to change their uniforms…that is like giving swooshie the keys to the candy store

    no, a better situation would be to have the players dress up in “grass” colored outfits and to have the fans dress like empty seats — or, failing that, they just don’t field a team next fall

    I hope PSU’s football program burns–not in some sort of sick revenge of what happened with the whole Sandusky thing–but because all schools need to learn something: that when you have a crime like this on your hands, you can’t just cover it up, like every school is apt to do.

    But part of me says that they will never learn. At least I can watch the flames lick the sky from where my house is.

    the school could have a zero tolerance policy, where if anything like that happens in the stadium, the fan will be thrown out of the game and banded for X amount of time(maybe even for life).

    1) The TV station using the “SH.T” logo is hilarious! I wonder if this was a mistake or done for a prank?

    2) RE: Eastern Michigan, the former Hurons (now, Eagles, BLAH!) name was knee-jerked out when the whole Native American mascot criticism started back in the late 90s. If my understanding is right (from my EMU professors and others I’ve talked to), the Hurons were upset with the university for pulling the name without first asking them what they thought. I’d much rather, myself, be a Huron because how many teams are nicknamed the Eagles these days? It had a much more special meaning (and could’ve gone around it since the Huron River passes just across the street from campus!). I’d like to see that name come back.

    3) RE: Astros conceptual jersey: I think that the home jerseys should have the nickname or a team letter logo (like the NY or Old English D) and the road jerseys should spell out the location name. Third jerseys are for whatever. Otherwise, a pretty solid jersey, in my opinion.

    I have lived in State College, PA for all twenty years of my life, but I have never been an avid Penn State fan (neither parent worked for the University, and while I had friends and relatives who were employees or students, Penn State football never was a big deal to me). I for one would like to see Penn State loose a season, take down Paterno’s statue, and not include any memorial whatsoever, but, I am in the very small minority of State College residents who do not bleed blue and white. There is no larger figure here than Joe Paterno, and support here has been unwavering despite how damning the Freeh Report may be. So, when it comes to the idea of not including a memorial of some sort for Joe Paterno when (or if?) the 2012 football season rolls around, I could see the diehards here in State College taking major offense to not having Joe Paterno, the demigod of Happy Valley, memorialized in some form. Oh, and I really would not like to see option D… the students rioted when Joe got fired, imagine what would happen if the entire team was disbanded… I really don’t feel like watching my hometown burn.

    Dan – As a Happy Valley resident whose not affiliated with PSU or a big fan of the program, I’d love to hear your opinion this:

    What do you think a “death penalty” for the program would do to local businesses – specifically hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. that (I assume) do really good business on those seven home Saturdays each year?

    Thanks in advance for your insights!

    First off, thanks for the reply.

    Most people know the cliche that State College becomes the 3rd largest city in Pennsylvania on a Penn State football Saturday when all the visitors come in for the games. Loosing the home football games would be devastating toward every business in town, because there literally thousands and thousands of people who would not regularly be in State College. On big games like Homecoming, Ohio State, Michigan, and just about any night game, Downtown State College is packed at all hours of the day, with bars and restaurants full of students and visitors alike. The largest sufferers would be any shop within walking distance of the stadium, as a primary source of income for these stores, restaurants, and bars are football weekends. From there, it expands to the surrounding stores and hotels across State College. Hotels charge more than triple their normal rate on Football weekends, which keeps most of these hotels running. Grocery stores suffer, as less people host parties and tailgates for the game. Retail stores will no longer sell anywhere near the same volume of Penn State merchandise. These are just a few examples, but on the whole, it is not just the university that would suffer, but every single business in State College and the surrounding areas would suffer gravely.

    While I feel strongly that those responsible for these acts should be held accountable, instilling a death penalty on the football team would do far more than just leave Beaver Stadium empty. It would leave hotels vacant, restaurants abandoned, and bars would be sparsely populated by the student population. While there are a few other events in town throughout the year, no event compares to a Penn State home game. To the outsider, it is just a football game, but to someone who has lived here, it is an entire weekend of students, visitors, residents stimulating the economy of State College. A death sentence on the football team would be a death sentence for dozens of State College businesses.

    Thank you for that insightful response. The question stemmed from a conversation in yesterday’s comments with Paul and Phil on the topic of how a death penalty for the football team would impact State College businesses. I expected you to say almost exactly what you said.

    I live in Lincoln, NE and 7 Saturdays a year the exact same thing happens here, except that the STADIUM becomes the third largest city in the state.

    Thanks again!

    As far as 2012 is concerned, option D would be inlikely to happen. The football program won’t be shut down until the NCAA forces them too. And, as it was pointed out earlier, that usually takes a couple years to happen. The school and athletic department wn’t be able to turn away from the money generated from tens of thousands of people coming in and spending dough. Perhaps they would deflect the issue and say that they don’t want to hurt the local businesses that depend on football weekends. I’m not opposed to option D, but I’m saying it won’t realisticly happen this season. Thus, I would say option C for this year.

    As far as the Ute helmet, I generally like the designs. I’m not too big on the headdress helmet, although I admit it does looks good. That was reinforced when someone suggested that some player(s) would likely dance around after a big play and look foolish. I could live without that.

    When I look at the interlocking “U”s, it makes me think of the “UH” on Houston Cougar helmets, especially with the red shell.

    Personally, I like the simple “U” on the helmet. I’m surprised at how much I like the ones without trim around them. However, if I was watching a game on TV, I would probably prefer that they have an outline on them.

    I’m with James, just give me the big block U. Although, the headdress is a nice design/concept, I believe it would look absolutely ridiculous on the field. Let alone, a bigger lambasting of the whole American schools donning the Native American symbols.

    I find Mr. Kline’s article that was linked today to be rather annoying. It does cover some very important details, but I lose journalist respect for someone that feels the need to use more than one exclamation point at the end of a sentence. The end of the article just degenerates into something that smacks of a older person trying to come across as hip to younger people(Like guys like me or older using emoticons).

    Or a more substantive issue, he glosses over the University of North Dakota issue. Perhaps he does so because they don’t generate national attention in basketball and football. However, they do generate money and respect in hockey. Granted, hockey may not be of any interest to Mr. Klein, but the money that comes in spends just the same. In addition, he fails to note that the state government was forcing the school to keep the nickname and that it was going to a referendum vote (worded as such since it appears that the article was written before the vote). Ignoring the deeper details in the North Dakota issue is a disservice to his article.

    Exclamation points, in journalism, are for grocery store ads, car dealer ads and 170 point headlines such as…WAR!!!

    That’s all.

    *sigh* The best way I can describe this whole Penn State situation is… well… it’s like REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALY bad diarrhea. Like, the kind of diarrhea that I wouldn’t wish on the Philadelphia Phillies. Just when you think the worst of it is gone down the crapper, here comes another soul-ravaging bowel movement.

    The Mets-Braves game looks really nice right now. You have the Mets in their perfect roadies, the Braves in their smart cream alts, and it’s a day game to boot. A nice summer afternoon watch. It’s always better watching a game when the uniforms look good.

    btw, if anyone blinked at today’s “Benchies” I had NO idea Penn State would be on the docket.

    Besides, I couldn’t very well have altered it to suit the subject.
    Although, “For a dirty old hetero, you’re kinda cute”
    IS sorta funny.

    And the Mets bullpen (a.k.a. “The Arson Squad”) goes up in flames again, adding another touch of color to the proceedings. Sickening loss for the Mets, about whom I have the sinking feeling are about to head into the depths for the rest of the year.

    The Utah helmets are great, but the headdress helmets are absolutely beautiful.

    Phil – many thanks for the shout-out and link today. Much appreciated.

    “Question: “(What will) The 2012 Nittany Lions will wear?”

    Make them wear orange uniforms like prison jump suits for the season. And fine them ALL proceeds from the games and use it for abuse awareness programs.

    i think u guys are pussies when it comes to the indian names for football teams or other sports names. changing the names is kinda like what the olympics, uh oh am i allowed to type that, is doing with that and logo police. man worrying about shit like that. we should have a pussy police for America, everyone’s worried about pansy ass things. i dont root for the skins or braves as a team but like that they are there and a team. hope they dont change names. man when will america stop acting like pussies and start acting like balls and a dick again. gotta go wife is calling….

    Those interlocking U’s might as well be put on the heads of University of Houston’s players. A lot of similarity to the Coogs’.

    if you go to the helmet project and (search pac 12) look at the utes, they actually had a “double u” on their helmets in 1966-67

    houston (conference USA) has had some form of interlocking UH since 1962, although it wasn’t until recently that it resembles the concepts here today

    Hey The Jeff:

    You have any kind of image program to resize these:

    See those wallpapers? Can U make them be 1440×900? I tried and they, uh, didn’t come out right.

    Two things about the Utes helmets…Jeff Hackett wore a mask designed like that while he was with the Chicago Blackhawks

    as did Cristobal Huet-

    And Jeff Gordon wore a helmet with that design during the 1990’s-

    as did Cristobal Huet

    And Jeff Gordon wore a helmet with that design during the 1990′s

    sorry about the links…

    As an avid college football fan(atic), I scoffed at the idea that PSU should receive a one year suspension. Then I really gave it some thought…

    And I changed my mind.

    I agree 100% with Phil on this issue. By allowing all active players to transfer to any school, or receive a full ride at PSU sans playing football, you would not be punishing the current players for the transgressions of the previous coaches.

    A message needs to be sent to PSU and the rest of the collegiate world. And a one year ban would certainly get that message across.

    If it were my school, I would be a jagged pill to swallow (as a fan), but I could understand the reasoning. And as Phil said, life would go on.

    And maybe, just maybe, the victims would feel a little joy in knowing that all that can be done to punish the facilitators of their pain, was done.

    As much as I feel there are so many good reasons to shut the program for a year, there are many more factors than just the football team. Penn State is the heart of my hometown, State College. A death penalty on Penn State football would take some of the largest weekends for business in State College, which would kill many businesses who are scratching along as is. For a lot of local business, life would not go on. The death penalty at Southern Methodist did not have nearly the same effect on Dallas as a Penn State death penalty would have on State College and the surrounding regions.

    so what would you do then dan?

    you’re the NCAA — and you’ve heard arguments on both sides — how do you provide some sense of fairness and justice for the victims with your concern for the businesses and (innocent) students/football players at PSU?

    what is fair?

    Phil, if I had a good idea for a punishment on Penn State put the victims, their families, and the community in a better place of peace, I would be more than happy to share it. But, there are so many variables that need to be addressed with any punishment. First off, I agree that every Board of Trustees member who was not elected after Sandusky’s arrest must resign. They are at fault in this matter, too. Next, the Paterno statue that needed to come down a week ago needs to be gone. After that, the legal processes need to go through. Spanier absolutely has to be indicted on perjury charges, while Curley and Schultz need go through their trials perjury (which I can not imagine would not end with a guilty verdict). Also, the lawsuits from the victims and their families need to go through, and they need to be properly compensated for their suffering and then some… and then some more. These families and their legal teams need to unleash everything on Penn State, and make the University pay mightily. After all of this, hopefully things can begin to go back to normal for the people who are most important here- the victims.

    Penn State football will be damaged without question. There will undoubtedly be a cut in the flow of recruits and donations seen by the program. Attendance at football games will also drop, leading to less income from games. For future seasons, larger schools from around the country would be less likely to want to put the Nittany Lions on their schedule. On top of this, if the NCAA steps in (which they need to), Penn State football should not be shut down, but should heavily penalized. No bowl games, no prime-time games on national television, and a drastic cut in scholarships for a number of years is a good place to start. Players who want to transfer should be aloud to without penalty. Damage must be done to Penn State football, but a death penalty is too harmful to the many others outside of Penn State.

    It will never be a fair deal for those kids who were abused by Jerry Sandusky and ignored and neglected by the Penn State “leadership”; the damage has already been done. But, State College is more than just the five despicable individuals at the top, and while the University is responsible, it is also the heart of the town, and football is one of the key chambers of the heart that keeps things alive here. Damage has to and will be done, but in a way that is not devastating to the community.

    In yet another case of forcing the change of a team mascot/nickname because some mouse roared about being “offended”:

    Anybody remember the Great Cal State-Los Angeles (yes, there is such a school) mascot meltdown in the early 1980’s? For many years, the CSULA sports teams were known as the “Diablos” (Spanish for “Devils”).

    But then came the “Egotistical Eighties” and the rise of the “Moral Majority” and it’s attempt to force Falwellian Christianity upon America as not only Holy Writ, but The Law Of The Nation.

    Enter the CSULA “Students For Jesus” club. In their eyes, the “Diablos” nickname & mascot had to go in order to “claim the campus for Christ.”
    They forced an on-campus vote and guess what? Out went the Diablos, in came the “safe” Golden Eagles–which remains the CSULA mascot and team nickname up to the present.

    Now, imagine this happening at Duke (Blue Devils), Wake Forest (Demon Deacons), and DePaul (Blue Demons)…if you can. Though I would not give a plugged nickle for the chance of that happening today, I learned to expect the unexpected.

    I have found many Indian/Native American logos used by our high school/college sports teams nothing more than imitations of the MLB Cleveland Indians “leering brave” one (which I feel is the worst one in the lot. If there is a logo that needs to go…that’s the puppy!

    The fact that Cleveland calls it’s AL team the Indians to honor Louis Sockalexis (the first Native American to play Major League Baseball) cuts no ice here. To have your memory “honored” with such a sleazeoid logo is no honor.

    Still, we need to be more resistant to the siren calls of every pressure group who takes offense at a team nickname. Today, it may be a school/sports team you have no interest in…then tomorrow, it’s your alma mater/favorite team getting their mascot shoved into the grind-all because it “offends” somebody, no matter how insignificant.

    Until next time.

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