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The Difference Was Like Night & Day

Night & Day

By Phil Hecken, with Rick Pearson and Jim Vilk

Two throwback games. Two cities. And the differences couldn’t have been greater if they were played in different decades.

Screen Shot 2012-07-01 at 12.00.30 AM

You’re all probably aware the Minnesota Twins (playing as the Minneapolis Millers) and the Kansas City Royals (playing as the KC Blues) hooked up in a minor league throwback yesterday, in beautiful Target Field in Minnesota. Concurrently, the Tampa Bay Rays (playing as the ‘1979’ Tampa Rays, a team which did not exist) played the Detroit Tigers (playing as, well, the 1979 Tigers), in cold, dank, and anticeptic Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. One game, outdoors in the sun, the way baseball should be played — the other, inside a sterile dome. The beautiful throwbacks of the Millers and Blues contrasted with the garish “created” uniform of the Rays; and then there were the Tigers, playing along (hopefully without laughing and pointing).

Actually, I jest about the St. Pete game. The Rays did go out of their way to give it a 70’s vibe.

Tigers Rays Baseball

Unfortunately for me, both games were “Fox Game of the Week” games, so I saw neither (I did get to see Johan Santana and the Mets shut out the Dodgers for the second straight night).

Fortunately for me, two of UW’s stalwarts — Rick Pearson and Jim Vilk each watched one of the games (Rick the Twins/Royals and Jim the Rays/Tigers). And fortunately for you, they’ve each filed reports for our enjoyment. Vilk will be doing his corresponding live from St. Pete Akron, Ohio.

So, recognizing that age trumps beauty, we’ll begin with Ricko, reporting live from somewhere in Minnesota:


An endless parade of all of the fathers and all of the sons
By Rick Pearson

Well, that was fun.

Kansas City Blues at Minneapolis Millers of 1951. Ah, 1951, the year of Willie Mays’ short and wondrous time as a Miller. Like a kind of baseball comet, Mays flashed through here and then was gone. So spectacular was he that the Giants took out a full page in the Minneapolis newspaper apologizing/explaining his call-up to local baseball fans.

Screen Shot 2012-06-30 at 11.59.44 PM

Okay, regarding the unis. Hat logos were bigger than the originals, but otherwise they were accurate and almost universally worn to show the stirrups. Yes, I know, no wool flannel. Seriously, anyone expected that? It’s not an historic re-creation, it’s a ballgame that asks, “What if the uni designs were the same as 1951?” Not, “What if we wore exactly what these teams wore in 1951?”

Twins helmets were repainted black and re-lettered to match, Royals were not. That meant the game looked better when the Twins were hitting because Royals’ royal headgear didn’t match the Blues’ navy.

Likewise for the Royals’ blue cleats and extras such as batting gloves, wristbands, et al. They were royal, too, and looked a bit off.

Personally, was great to see the Millers uni I remember from kidhood, back from the decade from 1947 to 1957 when they were the New York Giants’ AAA affiliate and worn unis styled after the big club. Twins were selling their merchandise, too. Likewise for the Blues, who were a Yankees farm team.

Screen Shot 2012-07-01 at 12.02.22 AM

Without getting into the cream vs. white discussion again, I will tell you the Twins’ Millers unis probably should have been the same slight cream as the current Giants. The ”˜50s Giants were one of the teams back then that didn’t adopt the new whiter-white flannel that was coming in. They kept with the slight cream, and that trickled down to their Minneapolis farm club.

Okay, now I’ll throw in a few memories here, if I may. The last Giants’ Millers team (Minneapolis became a Red Sox farm in ’58 because the Giants had usurped a Red Sox AAA team by moving to San Francisco) provided something like five or six position players to those first Bay Area Giants. Bob Schmidt (C), Orlando Cepeda (1b), Eddie Bressoud (SS), and Jim Davenport (3b) all started for the ’58 Giants after spending ’57 in Minneapolis. Former Miller Willie Kirkland (OF) was on the ’58 Giants, too. And Felipe Alou also spent time with the Millers in ’57. Actually, the entire ’57 Millers infield started in the Majors on Opening Day of 1958. Wayne Terwilliger (2b) was owned outright by the local team, and was sold the Kansas City Athletics during the off-season. Not a lot of times a kid in a minor league town sees his entire infield start in the Majors the next year.

Nicollet Park, where the Millers played before Met Stadium opened in 1956 was a little bandbox in the middle of a neighborhood at 31st and Nicollet in South Minneapolis. There’s a bank there now, and I’m always struck by what a tiny plot of land the park encompassed. Right field was short, and even though the fence was high, it didn’t stop home runs from breaking windows in the café across Nicollet Avenue. Lighting wasn’t exactly the same as in ballparks today, either.


My first recollection of what Jackie Robinson’s arrival had meant to baseball and America came in my dad’s recollections of Ray Dandridge, an aging, bowlegged Miller third baseman (now in the Hall of Fame) who is credited with mentoring Willie Mays during that 1951 season. Dandridge, Dad informed me, never got the Major League shot he deserved because when he was in his prime, blacks weren’t allowed to play.

So, yeah, the game made me think about my dad. And that in turn made remember a beautiful observation made by, I believe, baseball writer-historian Donald Honig. “Baseball is, after all, nothing more than an endless parade of all of the fathers and all of the sons.”


Thanks, Rick. By the way, Ricko’s weekday Senior Softball League takes its team names from the 1946 American Association, so he has recently played for both the Millers and the Blues. Daylife was pretty wonky last night, so it was tough to grab good pics. Hopefully it’s working today — you can go here for more photos, as well as good old ESPN.


We now move on to Jim Vilk, who has his own unique take on the Rays/Tigers:

For all the Children of the Me Generation
By Jim Vilk

Screen Shot 2012-06-30 at 11.24.31 PM

If you’re a fellow child of the ’70s, last night’s Tigers/Rays game should have made you smile. Older readers were probably cringing and younger readers were probably laughing (at us, not with us), but that’s alright. For one night, we got a ballgame that took us back to our childhood – a time when we believed in better living through plastic and polyester. On the fake grass of Tropicana Field, Detroit and Tampa Bay sported some happening V-neck pullovers with some very ’70s-inspired styles.

The Tigers were reunited with their ’79 unis, and it felt so good. They pretty much nailed it, too, right down to the white-outlined orange D on the caps. The only thing they didn’t wear were the striped stirrups of that era, but then again, only a few guys showed off their socks. Before we get on their cases, though, let’s remember that ’70s ballplayers weren’t exactly the poster children for conformity, either.

One thing you can say about the Rays: they didn’t mess up their throwbacks one bit. How could they, when the team wasn’t around in 1979? I’m not usually a gimmicky guy when it comes to baseball, but in this case I thought it was a great idea. It seemed even better once I saw those groovy unis in action. I absolutely loved them. Sure, they looked like a different-colored version of the ’70s Padres, but I liked those, too. Double blue has always been a favorite combo of mine, and I especially loved the Little Tikes font they used for the numbers. You may call it minor league-ish, but I call it playful…and isn’t that what the ’70s were, after all? I also loved that the numbers and NOB were in yellow. It really made for a nice contrast with the blues. Even the traditionalists had something to enjoy, as everyone I saw wore blue stirrups with yellow sanitary socks.

Screen Shot 2012-06-30 at 11.23.52 PM

The Tigers ended up being the sultans of swing, winning 6-2, but they had to hold the line as the Rays made a valiant attempt at a comeback in the ninth. Between the action on the field and the uniforms, I really enjoyed watching this game. Thankfully, the Rays plan to wear these unis next year. Hopefully their opponents play along again and we’ll have some more good times.


And, thank you Jim. I think.

While I’m not really a *fan* of the Rays unis from yesterday, I get what they are going for, and I do appreciate their efforts. Personally, I think what they wore was one of those “so bad it’s good” type things. It was really bad — and it was fun, quirky, and fits in with the Rays whole style. I’m not so sure I’d ever want to see them again (kind of like those Turn Ahead The Clock uniforms). Fun once…and now lets lock those away and bury them in the ocean.

More photos of the game can be seen here and here.


colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

I have a real nice set, with a great variety, of colorizations today.

And we welcome a newcomer to the Colorize This! segment. Let me introduce him to you now:

Daniel Fisher

Shad Fishing Potomac - 1920

Shad-Fishing-Potomac---1920 - Daniel Fisher


I have been doing colorizations for some time now and want to share a new project with the readers. It may be a stretch to some to suggest that hunting is a sport, but I have been fascinated with old photos showing individuals enjoying the sport and doing so in their “uniforms.” Attached today is a young boy fishing for Shad in the Potomac circa 1920. Original photo is attached. Hope everyone enjoys this image as I do!

Dan Fisher

Nice job Dan! Welcome aboard.


Next up is a man who needs no introduction. George Chilvers, who has a pair for us today:

Latics for Tony Topping

Latics for Tony Topping colour - George Chilvers


You might have seen this on my Facebook page, but I’ll share it with the UW community.

It’s my team again – Wigan Athletic – this time in a 1973/1974 training session. I enjoyed this because it gives the opportunity to be a bit more free-ranging with kit worn – for training sessions everyone doesn’t have to be “uniform”.

Third from the right at the back row is Micky Worswick, who wrote on my Facebook wall “George I am not sure if we have met, but what a great job you have done with the latics pic.Is there any chance you could restore Albert Jackson & JK to their real height? Regards Mick.” It’s nice to get feedback from someone in a picture I do.

The allusion about Albert Jackson and JK (Johnny King) is to the two jokers fourth and fifth from the left at the back who are crouching down – possibly to Micky’s height!


And the second:

Joe Egan 1946 colour - George Chilvers

Hi Phil

This is another Wigan legend, but in the other sport that is well-known as being played in Wigan – rugby league.

This chap is Joe Egan who played for Wigan RLFC in the 1940s and 1950s.

Here he is wearing his Great Britain jersey and cap. While many will know, I am not sure if all your readers are aware that when players in various sports are picked for international duty (football, rugby etc) they are presented with a cap. The phrase is used “X has won 45 caps for England”. To reach 100 caps in any sport is considered a great achievement.


Beautiful George, as always.


And we have one from the prolific John Turney:


Kenny Washington 44 - John Turney


Kenny Washington on an end run in the LA Coliseum. Colorized and then filtered to simulate a Fall day in LA

John Turney

Great stuff John.


And we conclude today with one from Larry Bodnovich:

Result7sadb_edited-9 - Larry Bodnovich


Colorized 1934 Iowa football players

Dick Crayne is the back getting the ball from QB Russ Fisher. Iowa with the classic friction strips many teams had in the late 1920’s to mid 30’s.

Larry Bodnovich

Thanks Larry — wonderful!


And that will do it for this round of Colorize This! Back with more next time.


Screen Shot 2012-06-24 at 10.32.36 PM

Apparently, they believe if you DON”T work out you’ll feel the burn…

7-1-12 s-MIB

Click to enlarge


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

Like the colorizations, I’m going to run these as inline pics — click on each one to enlarge.

You folks heard the call for concepts, and you’ve responded with vigor — one huge set today, and one for Canuckistan Day.

And so, lets begin:


We have my buddy, and our NCAA Football correspondent, Terry “TJ” Duroncelet, who brings us the first batch of (a pretty huge set) on NFL uni concepts:

I heard that the concepts have been slowing down as of late, so I thought now would be a good time to share some of the designs that I’ve been doing since last August. Here’s the first batch:


Jaguars - Terry Duroncelet


This was my very first attempt using the GUD template. The general idea was to A) Go back the uniform that the Jaguars should’ve never left, and B) Accent specific colors more, so that each look has more balance between team colors. The home and roads have striped socks that serve different purposes: The gold striped socks w/teal featheredging adds more gold to the home uni, while the inverse version of the socks shown at the right of the tweak adds more teal to the road, which BTW, goes back to the teal numbers last seen in 2003.

Raiders - Terry Duroncelet



I kept the home and roads fairly untouched, except I gave them black shoes (which is what they should be wearing, as they’re called the Silver and BLACK). I added a throwback uniform replicating the unis worn by the original Oakland Raiders. I liked their AFL unis from 2009, but silver numbers on the road aside, there was no real difference. I prefer throwbacks to look at least somewhat radically different than their current unis.

Chargers - Terry Duroncelet



Basically what they have now, but with significantly less navy in the powder blue home (as it was intended) and white road unis, with the face-full-of-navy uni being reserved for alternate use. I know, no helmet numbers, but I feel that they should only be regulated to throwbacks. As you can see, I have black cleats for the home and roads, but white for the alt. Reason being is because I wanted balance between the navy facemask and everything else (with the NFL’s recent rule [assuming that it’s true] of allowing team-colored cleats, we can pretend that they’re navy), but the navy uni allows me to use white cleats for that particular uni. Goodell probably wouldn’t allow it, but it’s still worth a shot.

Rams - Terry Duroncelet



I really like the Rams’ current template, and while I like the current colors, I miss the old royal and yellow that I remember seeing for most of the first 8 years of my life. So I simply used old colors and socks on the current template. Yes, I kept the white pants, and I understand that some people don’t like them, but on the bright side: no blue pants!

Cowboys - Terry Duroncelet



I did a ‘Boys concept before, but I wasn’t really happy with it, so I gave it a second go. In a nutshell, it’s their 1971 uni (the year they won their first Super Bowl), but with the current “COWBOYS” wordmark on the front and white cleats. I really like the second attempt: the blue is not too navy, and not too royal (lest we piss off Giants and Cowboys fans equally). Just right. And you can’t go wrong with the Turkey Day uni =3

Redskins - Terry Duroncelet



Now, before a giant discussion starts about this, please note that I did this concept on Sep. 27th, 2011 (about half a year before the Native American imagery discussion on Uni Watch started), I chose not to enter the Washington Football re-brand contest, and I’m more than willing to rename it a Washington Warriors or a Washington Redhawks uni (can somebody tell me what font is used for this ‘Skins wordmark and where I can download it for free? Please and thank you nevermind, I found it). I used the “Lombardi” stripes from the socks of the 20022003 uni, the feather helmet and true burgundy and gold from the 19581964 unis, the current chest wordmarks, and had a little fun with making a pant stripe out of the aforementioned feather.

Eagles - Terry Duroncelet



The modern wings are the only small tweak on these 1960 NFL Champion-inspired unis.

Vikings - Terry Duroncelet



I remember THE saying something about almost every Vikings concept being — more or less — a throwback. I wanted to do something that was classy, but not just another fauxback. I tried to my best ability to mimic a Norseman’s braid, with offsetting white lines. I could’ve added sleeve-matching stripes to the socks, but that would be kinda predictable. Not every uniform needs striped socks, and striped socks would actually downgrade specific uniforms a bit *coughyankeescough*.

Patriots - Terry Duroncelet



While my main goal for this concept was to bring back the Pats’ 1960s look, I didn’t want to repeat their early mistake of sticking Patriots in Redcoat colors on a regular basis. I kept Flying Elvis to preserve the special feeling that is Pat Patriot’s occasional appearance, and added a navy jersey top with navy socks. I have four looks: blue primary home, blue primary road, and the red tops, belts, and gear will be reserved for Monday Night Football games (modern 60s Pats with red tops, red belts, and red socks at home, modern 60s Pats with white tops, red belts, and red socks on the road).


Canada Day Tweak -  Shane Schubbe

And one from Shane Schubbe, in honour of Canada Day…


Monday’s article discussing the Canada Day jersey for the Blue Jays got me inspired. I figured I’d give my hand at a little tweaking, myself. I feel the use of colored raglan sleeves with a white body, and red in between evokes the feel of the Canadian flag, same with using a white panel on the red hat. An all red jersey is so bland. The Blue Jays organization could have done so much more with this concept, but what they made just seems lazy, and a waste of what I fell is one of the best uniform designs in the league. In 20 minutes, I managed to create a mock up for something that I feel is exponentially better than what they’re doing.

Thank you,

Shane Schubbe


Thanks TJ and Shane. That’s it for today. Back with more next time.



…And Finally…

We’re not quite done with the made up jerseys, as today the Milwaukee Brewers will be wearing the jersey you see on your right — according to this website, “the Brewers will honor Italian heritage during their game against the Arizona Diamondbacks, again changing their name for one game. The Brewers will become the ‘Birrai,’ the Italian translation of Milwaukee’s nickname, and the red, green and white colors of the Italian flag will become Milwaukee’s colors.”

Not content to let the Brewers Birrai have all the fun, the D-Backs will become i D-Backs as well. If you thought the Rays fake uniforms were bad, today’s game promises to be the worst looking game of the entire season. It isn’t often we get the two worst looking games in the same weekend. But at least the Rays’ unis were done in fun — this is just stupid.

We’ll also get to see another one-shot deal today, although it has a history (which Paul covered this past Monday). Yes, Canada Day has arrived, and the Jays will be donning the red tops. I agree with Paul’s assessment that most of the Canada Day jerseys in the past have sucked, but I kind of like this one. I’m not sure it’s really necessary, but for a one-time deal, it’s fine. Unlike the Brewers, who in a few years will have created a jersey for every ethnic holiday (and probably some there aren’t), at least the only Canadian team is celebrating its own national holiday. Good on them.


That’s all folks. I’m going to be taking next weekend off, although I do have a special article that was going to run today (but the special uni’s bumped it) — and which Paul will run this week (hopefully tomorrow) — a really great piece authored by Jason Bernard featuring hockey sweaters, baseball jerseys…and meat. Stay tuned.

For those of you who are soccer football fans, someone said there’s kind of an important game today?

Everyone have a great week, 4th of July (for all of us Americans), a great Canada D’eh for you folks in the Great White North…and I’ll catch you in a couple weeks.


–Nick V.

Comments (174)

    With this whole fake throwback thing, I suppose there’s a whole slew of concepts to be made. While the ’79 Rays looked like blue Padres ripoffs, what were the ’79 Rockies or Marlins wearing?

    In the NFL, there’s the ’79 Panthers, Jaguars, Ravens or Titans to ponder. (Obviously the ’79 Texans were the Oilers, since they both played in Houston… but then there’s also the Houston Texans of the WFL… ow, my brain…)

    Or how about the ’79 Sharks or Ducks in the NHL?

    Get on it, uni-concept makers.

    Or y’know what would be, like, really cool?
    What if Abe Lincoln had been a vampire hunter?

    Somebody should make a movie about that.
    Would be AWESOME.

    Saw it last night, not a bad flick. The 1800s Washington DC cityscapes were done incredibly well.

    Oh, you mean Abe really DID hunt bloodsuckers.
    Well, yeah, because 140 year after the fact someone said it did.

    Okay, if that was real, then maybe we should do costumes that answer the burning question, “What if Star Trek had been a wagon train?”

    “Set a course for over yonder, Mr. Sulu.”

    And of course history is boring, and requires a certain penchant for accuracy, especially if we don’t like the result. Ergo we need to make it more fun by changing it. Or inventing it.

    I realize that’s the convenient and supposed ultimate dismissive line, but it kinda goes to the core of the problem. The fact is that we don’t have the right to be someone else’s property if they don’t want us there.

    No matter how much it suits us, or how wrong it seems because it doesn’t suit us.

    “What? Sometimes there are rules we need to follow?”

    Yes, there are.

    Yeah, sorry.

    I know you were, and should have made that clear before I started in on dissecting a remark that gets used far too often and is, when used with venom, nothing more than an attempt to shift the blame.

    There was an actual King Macbeth of Scotland. Didn’t deal with any witches and he killed Duncan in battle, not while he was asleep in the guest room. We should probably tear up all copies of the Scottish Play; don’t want to infringe on history by changing it, and Shakespeare didn’t have the right to make someone his own property.


    But he didn’t change the setting to Bali and replace kilts with sarongs just because he thought it would make the wardrobe more interesting.

    I think next year’s candidate should be the 1979 road White Sox: monochrome navy v navy softball tops & powder blue pants. Now THAT would REALLY look like absolute & total shit.

    One of the fascinating things about that uni is the austerity of the design. No striping on jersey or pants.

    Saw that one in person at the old Met. So different from everyone else in MLB, and such an odd mix of past and present when it was intro’d for the Bicentennial, that is just…worked.

    At least the floppy collars were subtle on the navy road jersey, which stuck out like a sore thumb on the homes. Still one of the most bizarre uni things I have ever heard of.

    I agree 100% with Phil, the late ’70s White Sox in shorts were awful, but those all-navy road uniforms were a thing of beauty — very close to my all-time favorite baseball uniform. And I agree with Ricko, the timing of their introduction in 1976, coinciding with the country’s Bicentennial and the NL Centennial was perfect.

    I remember the prior May paging through old Sports Illustrateds in the college library and really longing for the old White Sox of the 1960s when they wore navy blue. I believe this was the time when Chicago almost lost the team altogether and to have them be saved at the 11th hour and then come back the next season in navy blue and in a uniform that so directly recreated key touches from the team’s early 20th-century look, all at a time when both the country as a whole and baseball in particular were celebrating their history and heritage, it all just blew me away. Truly one of may all-time favorite designs.

    If I were better at concepts, I’d be all over this. ’79 Rockies, aping some sort of powder blue rainbow guts/Nuggets skyline hybrid. Aw yeah.

    Technically, wouldn’t the ’79 Titans be the Oilers and would’t the ’79 Ravens be the Browns?!?

    Speaking of 1979, from a uniform standpoint, it’s a shame the AFC and NFC Championship Games didn’t turn out the other way; I would’ve loved to see the creamsicle Bucs vs the Luv Ya Blue Oilers in the Super Bowl.

    The Tigers ’79 throw-ups, er throwbacks, looked like the originals from 300 ft away.

    But upon closer inspection, the neck taping wasn’t right, the lettering and numerals on the back weren’t right, not to mention the pajama pants. I mean, Majestic tried to do it right, but dammit…they failed. I give them a C-.




    Failure earns a C- these days?

    No wonder everybody is getting into college.

    I thought all the Rays concept was missing was more yellow if you’re going to go there, go there!). And then bam! The name, number on back were in that very color: Exactly what it needed.

    Those ’79 Tigers unis reminded me of something that always stood out to me at the time, which is the Tigers wore those sansbelt pullovers on the road, and belts and buttons at home. As far as I know, they were the only baseball team whose home/road sets were structurally different. I think the Gretzky Rangers also had a V neck white jersey, and a laced blue jersey. Excluding alts or throwbacks, are there other examples of teams wearing structurally different home/road uni sets?

    I was trying to come up with another example of a team that did this as well.

    It is funny how the Tigers stayed with their traditional home unis that were essentially unchanged since the mid-30s (well, if you link.) but they went full-on 70s for their road unis.

    Thanks for the great shot of the Tigers script home uniforms. The Tiger uniform should never change but I do think those uniforms are a really good looking uniform…just not for the Detroit Tigers.

    Agree 100%. I love that uniform…just not on the Detroit Tigers. But the concept looks good on their Class A affiliate, the Lakeland Flying Tigers:


    The 1981 Oakland A’s had both a button-down jersey and belted pants for a home uniform set while keeping pullover jerseys and elasic waistbands on the road.

    Good example, but those weren’t their *only* home unis at the time. They also wore pullovers/sansabelts.

    According to Tim & Bill’s research, the Rams only wore the painted rams on the blue leather helmet in 1948, and according to pro-football-reference, Kenny Washington only played 1946-48 and in ’46 and ’47 we have no horn on the Rams helmet, so this pic must be from 1948.

    If this colorization was indeed from Dec. 12, 1948 (the Rams’ 1948 home game against Pittsburgh, then either the Rams’ pants should be white, or we need to add yellow-over-white pants combo to the ’48 Rams in the GUD.

    From 1944-72, Tim & Bill have that the Rams wore white pants exclusively in all years except for 1948 & 49, when their research shows they wore only yellow pants.


    I don’t mean to point this out for the sake of saying it was colorized the wrong color, I just want to verify the accuracy of what we have in the database, and see what everyone thinks they should be… Of course, it is very hard to tell white from yellow in B&W pictures, so your interpretation of the pants being white may very well be correct.

    If I may point out, in the B/W original, notice the contrast between Kenny Washington’s pants versus those of the referee in the background. The referee’s pants are definitely white. The difference between the two equates to the difference between yellow pants and white pants on a sunny SoCal day.

    Not to mention also the lack of difference between Washington’s pants and those of the Steeler whose right knee is also in the sunlight.

    I sues GUD a lot and they are a great srouce, but I myself and sent they at least 4-5 corrections in least couple of months of uniform combos they didn’t have and one more that has not yet been added. So, it’s possible that teams worse uniforms not yet listed.

    As far as Kenny Washington. I have two versions of it, one with yellow pants and one without. Just be be on safe side. But there is evidence my my personaly library (and I have a big one) that Rams may have worn white pants in 1947, 1948, and 1949. I don’t want to send the GUB database a much of stuff at one time since they need to vet it, double check it themselves, and come to a decision and that takes time.

    But if anyomne has issues they are welcome to email be link. I do quite a bit of my own independent research and have a reasonable understanding of things. It’s just my view are not always in 100% with GUD of Pro Football Reference (who I’ve sent a few small corrections to where sometimes they act and simetimes not).

    I was just someone would enjoy the colorization of one of the two first African-American players to reintegrate the NFL. I wasn’t making a statement.


    Then there is this that throws sand in the gears. I contacted Helmet hut about the 1949 Red Helmet and got now reply. I showed the excellent work by sending a link from Gridiron Uniform Database, still nothing.

    They did insist this version of the helmet was right, but offered no documentation and didn’t seem to want questiosn.

    So, the Rams unis of 48-49 are still a hot button topic. Whatever the truth is, I certainly accept . . .but at this point I am not sure where to get the ful story.

    Too bad guys like Van Brocklin, Waterfield, Gherke, etc are not around to as first hand, or Mother Menefe, the long-time trainer.

    More food for thought .. . the yellow of the Rams shirt is different that the color of the pants, the Steelers, my guess is they had a husky yellow/type pants . . . Rams . . I just cannot be 100% sure. A case can be made either way.



    As it so happens, there still is no photographic proof offered as to yellow plants. I’ve seen lots of stills and nothing definitive. I say there still has not been definative proof of the 1949 Red Rams unis. But, as a researcher I would love to see that evidence someday. I’ve seen a lot of film and lots of photos from the 1945-50 era of the Rams, I have dozens of films and to data, I just have not seen it.

    I am not doubting it, or the yellow pants . . . sometimes things are very hard to discern in B&W photos. But it is also fair to give a tiny bit of creedence to other researchers work, as well. As we stand now, the 1947 Rams uniform had white pants. And the burden needs to be on those who thinj other wise.

    Myself, I am neutral. If they are white, fine, if they are canvas fine, if they are yellow, fine. Whatever the truth is. But as a researcher I owe it to myslef to use more than one source, even if the primary source GUD is excellent. I use Pro Football Reference A long and in the PFRA forum we find small errors on a regular basis on that one. I think it’s best if we work together, try and get most accurate info available.

    And I must say, I made two colorizations with Washington, one in white pants and the other in yellow. So, I am prepared if it goes either way.

    Here is some infromation that shows a different veiw.



    The ’48 uniform showcased here features some interesting changes from the 1945 uniform shown earlier. The blue shoulder yoke, which had graced Rams’ jerseys in previous years, has been dropped. But most importantly, look at the helmet and you’ll see the introduction of the infamous ‘Rams’ horns’ logo — which has been a Rams’ uniform staple right to the present day! Amazingly, the original design was done by Rams’ halfback Fred Gehrke — who studied art in college at Utah. It’s for this helmet that we chose to show this 1948 uniform — the painting of a team logo on the helmet began something that has added immeasurably to the game of football and fans enjoyment of the game — thanks Fred!

    A couple quick points:
    When the team moved to LA in 1946, team owner Dan Reeves signed Kenny Washington and Woody Strode, the first African-Americans to sign NFL contracts since 1932. Reeves also became the first owner to employ a full-time scouting staff, perhaps a main reason for the team’s success through the late 40’s and 50’s.

    Correcting a minor point: Ray Kemp played for the 1933 Pirates (Steelers).

    Yes. And others player before that. I guess I should have said the re-intigration of the NFL as it is often recognized. Many of us knwo the exceptions, and the tragedy that was segregation . . .

    The Tigers throwback looked fantastic to me. Better than what they wear now. It’s nice to see a little orange in the set. I almost misted up thinking back to my childhood. A++

    The Tigers have orange in their current road set. I don’t think it’s like the 1979 uniform has a whole lot more.

    Really? I don’t think it’s even close. Compare the link to the link.

    I’d say there’s more orange in *one* of those throwback sleeve stripes than there is on the whole uniform of today.

    There’s nothing *wrong* with the current Tigers’ road unis, but they’d look a whole lot more right if they ditched the script and replaced it with this link.

    Actually, if they’d just remove all the link from their current road jerseys, they’d improve them tremendously.

    This is one of those “depends on how old you were when…” things, I think.
    I grew up with the Tigers wearing a script “Detroit”…

    Doesn’t mean I love it. Doesn’t mean I hate it. Just that it doesn’t look foreign or wrong.

    Yeah, nothing wrong with it at all, but I think the white borders kind of ruin it. That’s probably why I like the throwback wordmark.

    Point of view, literally, is an interesting player in discussions like this. When Teebz and I were at that Tigers-Twins game I remembering thinking, “In person and from a bit of a distance, that white edge really looks pretty good. Those unis would be kinda gloomy without it.”

    Doesn’t come off quite the same when there’s a closeup lens acting as the middle man is what I’m saying.

    See, I think the orange gets swallowed up by the white.

    But I like orange. Not everyone does.

    Fair point. Without the white, the orange would “jump” forward more. Cuz it certainly looked okay on Al Kaline.

    Becomes a “six of one” discussion, I guess.

    You could make an argument for getting rid of the white trim, or the orange trim, or both! For a team with such a stark home uniform to have such a fancy road suit seems a bit dissonant.

    I agree 100% with the sentiment that the white border should be removed. I think it’s unnecessary and, additionally, it makes their NOBs quite bulky which is the most unsightly thing to me.

    Hilarious Benchies today, Ricko! Almost made me forget about this damn heat/no power fiasco.

    Ahh Sunday is generally my favorite day on UW, due to the awesome colorizations and today was a doozy. I want to thank all of our guys who take the time & effort to give us great vintage photos with a modern twist: George, Larry, Daniel & John. I like all of them but Daniel’s kid fisherman is great, especially finding out he’s caught a shad gives a great snapshot of the time. TL;DR I like Sunday’s colorized this.

    They’re selling that TB Rays throwback jersey online with a few throwback t-shirts but apparently they aren’t selling the throwback cap. Boo.

    Some of the Rays photos make the numbers on front look chain-stitched. Trick of the dungeonous Trop lighting, or the masterstroke that perfects the uni?

    “the dungeonous Trop lighting”

    Yeah, anyone else notice how surprisingly gloomy those Rays unis looked (including the way the look in the highlight packages, not just in stills)? I mean compared to how ’70s bright they’d have looked under a Florida sun?

    I thought it was just my TV (everything looks dark on it), but once I saw the photos they were still a little dark.

    Maybe they should have gone with jerseys like this?

    Or white pants, as they likely really would have in 1979 since powder was, at the time, seen as an alternative to gray for road unis…and a number of road teams would have come in wearing powder.

    Yeah…as Kyle said below, these would have been road unis. I wonder why the Jays throwback to their powder blues at home, too.

    The Birrai and D-Backi should take a look at Italy’s soccer team kit. They are called the azzuri, not i red and greeni. And when you do a Portuguese heritage day, please think of something else…

    A Random Country jersey design that works just as good (or bad) for every minority/majority that ever migrated to any city in america. Now that would be a fun competition… How would that work?

    That’s easy – just take the Astros “rainbow” jerseys and actually use the ROY G BIV rainbow color scheme on it, and make the numbers/team name black with metallic gold outlines. That should cover the colors of pretty much everyone.

    It’s great they will be doing this at a time when nobody who really cares about Italian heritage will be watching baseball.

    yes, because they knew about the euro 2012 final when they planned this

    The national teams of Italy wear blue because that was the color of the royal family. Their flag is red green and white.

    I guess people just don’t understand Milwaukee’s culture. Milwaukee is home to the largest ethnic festivals in the nation including festa italiana, Polish fest, Bastille days, German Fest, Irish Fest, and Mexican Fiesta. The Brewers are just reaching into the cities rich culture and showing their support for it.

    Now, do I think the jerseys are hella ugly, yes. But the idea is good.

    “But the idea is good.”


    no…it’s not

    i don’t know if, for example, new york city has larger ethnic festivals than milwaukee, but if it doesn’t, it’s pretty close

    there is no need to break out special jerseys to try to cater to every ethnic group in your city…it’s just a money grab — you want to have “ethnic nights” where certain groups are honored? absolutely — i have no problem with that — just don’t get into the cah-ching of putting out a “special” damn uniform every time you do

    No wonder we’re getting a storm here…I’m in complete agreement with you. Keep catering to everyone and soon your team will have been infected with the link

    Specialty jerseys should 1) be rare, and 2) be as good as (if not better than) your regular jerseys (see: Tampa Bay Rays).

    These two teams already wear my two least favorite MLB unis, and they went and made something even worse.

    I don’t recall the Tigers’ ‘D‘ being visible from satellite photos. The HUGE cap logo is a 2000s thing, I think.

    The Tigers unis are a good reminder that the great majority of 70s teams had tasteful uniforms. WHAT?! Next you’ll be telling me some 50s girls didn’t wear poodle skirts!

    Rays needed white shoes & high-cut stirrups, though.

    Because the internal spaces of a 2″ old English “D” are so small it really isn’t conducive to an outline.

    That road hat’s logo did come off looking like a blob.

    Or a fan cap.

    After watching the Rays-Tigers game yesterday, I came away with it with mixed feelings. From the perspective of the Rays, I get the fun and imaginative aspect of it all, and that franchise is desperate to get more fans into that terrible facility. But I’m thinking this would have been better executed between two teams who weren’t around in 1979, like the Rays and Marlins.

    Watching those ’79 Rays uniforms was like junk food, it was interesting short term, but lacked substance. Teams which have tradition(even the Padres), wore garish uniforms which are inevitably linked with great players, and/or World Championships.
    I’m not an Indians fan, but one of the memories of their multicolored era has to be Frank Robinson slugging a homer in his first game as the first black manager in MLB history.

    With zero tradition, there just isn’t any traction with those Rays wannabe throwbacks. And for a Rays fan, I’m guessing it almost becomes a fantasy, which seems a little depressing at some level. No generational support, which is a big minus as well.

    For those who love quirky baseball moments, check the highlights from the first game of yesterday’s Royals-Twins split doubleheader.

    Brian Dozier drives in a runner from second on a ball that lands five feet foul.

    If it doesn’t roll fair under its own power – before it reaches a base – it’s foul.

    “So, exactly how far does the ball need to travel before it’s officially foul?”



    Yeah, really. I haven’t followed baseball since I stopped playing little league 20 years ago, and how often does a ball start so blatantly foul and actually get back into play? I knew that a ball that crosses the base in fair territory is still fair if it bounces foul. This was an odd fluke play and it’s a legitimate question.

    I’ve known about that rule, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a situation where it actually applied. That is one of the strangest plays I’ve ever seen.

    Here’s another thing people don’t realize.
    There is no such umpire call as “Fair Ball.”
    They call only “Foul Ball” as soon as it’s determined.
    On a fair ball they just point toward fair territory. Or, in the instance of Dozier’s hit, do nothing because the issue is still undecided.

    So the way it works is, you don’t hear “Foul Ball” you keep running and, on defense, keep playing the ball.

    “Yeah, really.”


    well, pushbutton pretty much answered it above me, but basically the ball needs to either “die” or be touched in foul territory before it travels 90′ (or to the distance of either first or third base)

    that’s why you (if you follow baseball) will see catchers frequently try to grab a ball that might roll foul immediately in fair territory if there is a chance at getting the lead runner (usually on a bunt) and will immediately touch it (or swipe at it) as soon as it rolls foul if there is no chance at a play

    if i have a minute, i’ll look for one of the more famous plays in baseball lore, where a thirdbaseman (i believe, maybe lenny randle???) tries to blow a ball hugging the line into foul territory for just the reason described above — ricko probably knows what i’m talking about

    once a ball has cleared the first or third base ‘demarcation’ — like you mention — if it was fair and touched the ground after it passed the base, it’s fair, even if the ball rolls foul in the outfield

    if it hits the base, it’s fair, because the bags are in fair territory

    if it crosses (but does not touch the ground) a base in fair but lands foul, then it is a foul ball… if it hits the chalk, on the fly, then it’s a fair ball (unless your name is beltran)

    Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian brethren that frequent this fantastic site. Canada is looking pretty good for 145 years old! Now c’mon Leafs….go sign someone today!

    I should’ve had a drink out of my Tim Horton’s travel mug to celebrate. Happy Canada Day!

    I am a Tiger fan and was at the Game last night (whose been to half the ball parks). I expected a terrible field and equally terrible fan base.

    Instead I walked into a giant party, I had an absolute blast. They went full boar into 70’s mode. During the lineup announcement all the Rays came out in Disco Dance / Pimp suits wigs and hats, including Maddon. Carlos Pena had a blonde wig with side burns. They posed as well for the scoreboard images for their at bats. The best came when Matsui pinch hit – he had on a tight blue overalls dance outfit and brown afro.

    All the graphics and music were 70’s and they played 70’s commercials. Earth Wind and Fire played after and during set up Tropicana did a mini documentary on Disco Demolition Night. (pretty much everyone stayed for the concert)

    I enjoyed the dome, it was packed and the closed ceiling made for a more intimate experience where yells of support, heckles and the Rays cowbelled fans were easily heard.

    My two cents on the unis: Those Rays unis would have been ROAD uniforms, I liked the yellow socks but the stirrups should have been cut higher to accommodate. I really like the orange peel looking sun of the B on the logo. I feel it is a nod to Tropicana.

    I would have liked to have been there, too. Especially since Earth Wind & Fire is one of my favorite groups. Would not have enjoyed the Disco Demolition film, though. You can try to blow it up, but Disco still lives!

    The Rays seem to be making the best of a less-than-ideal situation. No, they don’t play outside, but you can still enjoy a game there, as you said.

    I haven’t been to an indoor baseball game, but I’m sure it wouldn’t bother me. Watching the game on TV (and watching old Astros games at the Astrodome), I got the same feeling: it’s a more intimate experience.

    I’ve been to Miller Park with the roof closed, Jim. It’s basically like watching baseball in a factory: the air is really dead to the point that it feels eerie, the slight yellow tint in the halogen lights, and it’s really dark in the corners & shadows. It just doesn’t feel like a baseball game & more like basketball & hockey, etc.

    I’m more of a hoops guy…maybe that’s why it doesn’t bother me too much.

    Safeco Field is on my list of places I want to see. I’m not a big proponent of retractable domes, but that one’s an exception since it’s not totally enclosed.

    I wonder what the cost comparison is between an enclosed dome (which runs the air conditioning all the time) vs. a typical retractable dome (which really…how many times do they have to play with the roof open to make it worth the cost?) that runs the AC when it’s closed.

    I just realized that I’ve never been to a baseball game with Astroturf & I probably never will. Maybe that’s why seeing grass & a full dirt infield in a dark closed roof stadium made it feel even more odd. Some randomness:

    Cost of opening, from the Marlins link:

    “It is estimated that opening and closing the roof costs approximately $10 or less in electricity.”

    SkyDome costs about link. Safeco does not use AC.

    Costs of building a retractable roof run anywhere from $75M to $250M+ to the overall cost.

    AC v opening/closing roof, that probably depends on climate, electricity rates, efficiency of roof & AC, etc, but I would imagine if you play in your retractable dome for decades, the cost would probably be much cheaper than running the AC all the time.

    A retractable roof in Houston, St. Pete, Miami or Phoenix is probably more of a luxury idea than anything when a dome would suffice.

    Ricko’s right about the Metrodome. My favorite stadium moment there was a game in the mid-1980s when a line of tornadoes blew right across the center of Minneapolis – a rare thing thanks to the urban heat island – and the top of the dome turned green and started bouncing like kids jumping on a feather bed. But I always described the Dome experience as being just like watching a game in your living room, only the seat is less comfortable and the view isn’t as good. But at least it still kind of felt like being in a normal room, not like being in a warehouse (the Trop) or a factory (Miller).

    “My favorite stadium moment there was a game in the mid-1980s when a line of tornadoes blew right across the center of Minneapolis”


    i always loved when katrina destroyed the superdome myself

    /sarcasm off

    My favorite stadium moment there was a game in the mid-1980s when a line of tornadoes blew right across the center of Minneapolis — a rare thing thanks to the urban heat island

    That’s basically a Meteorological myth. Tornadoes can strike anywhere including big cities. The reason you don’t see it more often is because of how small of an area tornadoes cover, unless it’s from a supercell.

    I’m withholding judgment, concealed, since my anecdotal experience growing up in the Twin Cities was that storm after storm would approach from the WSW headed straight at downtown (and straight for my suburban home in Eden Prairie) only to either lose strength or split into north-south cells just before reaching my town on what was then the southwest edge of the metro area. Observation biases and all, but still, as a boy I was always disappointed that the good storms never quite managed to reach me, and despite running in a straight line on the map for a hundred miles, always seemed to change course just before reaching Minneapolis.

    But I never understood what “heat island” had to do with anything, or how it would work as a mechanism.

    A retractable roof in Houston, St. Pete, Miami or Phoenix is probably more of a luxury idea than anything when a dome would suffice.

    Gotta say I agree with you there, Concealed. Seattle, Toronto…yes, a retractable roof makes sense.

    Although, that giant sail roof idea for the Rays sounded cool.
    I’m disappointed that didn’t happen. Maybe St Louis or KC should try that, as hot as it gets there.

    “It was really bad – and it was fun, quirky, and fits in with the Rays whole style.”

    See, that’s why I like them so much. It’s so ridiculous and over-the-top that only the Rays could pull it off.

    …except teams not-named-the-Rays actually did pull off that look back in the day already.

    Just like when the Texas Rangers did it in 1993 & 1996, I find it odd to wear a uniform that never existed. I realize the Rays are grasping at straws to lure fans in. It’s still a very ugly uniform.

    Please, just please, can we kill every concept of the Eagles modern wings/uniform with kelly green? It just never looks right.

    On the other hand, the royal and yellow Rams jersey looks sweet. I kinda hope the Rams ditch the navy and gold only because of the blue pants and that dumb pants stripe.

    I wanted to eliminate the black in the wings as shown in the example further down, but I don’t really have the skill to do that. But thank you for the comment on the Rams unis! ^_^

    The 147th consecutive Eagles concept in kelly green. If it’s this obvious to concept artists, why is it so lost on Eagles management? The 1 of 4 stubborn Philly teams that refuses a classic look.

    I think the current Eagles scheme is one of the worst in all of sports. It is just so dreary with a terrible font.

    That is the best Eagles helmet concept I’ve seen yet! It has the cartoon wings, but doesn’t look like shit!

    Also, in my experience as an Eagles fan, the Eagles never listen to fans. If they did, Andy Reid would have been gone in 2006, McNabb would have never been drafted, and Ricky Williams would be bemoaned as the Eagles worst draft choice ever. We’d also be on our fifth head coach in five years by now. So in many ways it’s good that no one listens to the fans.

    I just don’t want to see a straight “lets go back to the 1960’s” uniform to come back. I also don’t want to see another bastardization of the Eagles current uniform with past colors and details to actually come to life.

    Annnnd I disagree. The Eagles slim, Times New Roman-esque numerals actually work with a little drop shadow. It doesn’t look bulky like link.

    …should I get off your lawn, sir?

    Spanks. I think the Eagles need to go back to square one & use the very basics like block numbers & solid kelly unis & socks, or use Terry Duroncelet’s uniform concept paired with my helmet. The current helmet is just too busy with too much trim to work as old school.

    Unless you have a Geno’s or Pat’s Philly Cheesesteak (which I want to try them with each cheese option someday) then yes, get off the lawn ;)

    Hear, hear. Probably my #2 favorite helmet of all time, behind only the Pat Patriot helmet. Every photo I ever see of the Eagles helmet from the 1950s and ’60s looks great.

    Sweet Colorizations, gentlemen, all excellent. My personal faves are Joe Egan and those 1934 Hawkeyes.

    They’re all great, as always, but my favorite is our newcomer’s Potomac fishery photo. Great subject matter, Mr. Fisher! I’d love to see more coverage of outdoor sports here, and I’d happily settle for colorizations.

    My only possible critique would be, when was the Potomac ever blue? ;-)

    “The Tigers ended up being the sultans of swing, winning 6-2, but they had to hold the line as the Rays made a valiant attempt at a comeback in the ninth…Hopefully their opponents play along again and we’ll have some more good times.”

    Ahhh, Jim Vilk. What you did there…I see it.

    Wondering if anyone got the ’79 song references…

    There were four altogether.

    Special hats are being worn for the Yankees old-timer game: link. It looks interesting to see something different worn with the pinstripes.

    That must be a LOT of dead stock from the Red Sox game.
    //True story, plenty of them left at the Yankees Clubhouse store by Times Square, but none of those special one-off gray jerseys.
    //Wake me up if they ever go on sale.

    Gray jerseys from the Sox game are available at the Stadium, Mike, but unfortunately they have players’ numbers AND NOB. What the hell?

    At least the Brewers are wearing red belts in the matchup today. Maldonado (Brewer catcher) is also sporting red catching gear to match the jersey, which is a nice touch. It’s the top of the first, so I have not seen if the Crew will be wearing red batting helmets, but I won’t hold my breath.

    Red socks and red undershirts for the Crew. I guess it doesn’t look THAT bad. A lot better than what I was expecting.

    I was at Target Field last night for the game and Rick nailed the uniform stuff there were a few other quirks that probably didn’t show up on the broadcast. The grounds crew had special Millers jackets that they wore and they put the Millers’ M on the back of the mound. The ball boys on both teams had appropriate uniforms. TC (the Twins’ bear mascot) got in on the fun too. They played more organ than usual between innings. The biggest disappointment was only 4 Twins showed off their gorgeous stirrups: Mauer, Revere, De Vries, and Casilla. Meanwhile every Royal went high cuffed.

    Thanks for mentioning those things, and adding to the coverage.

    I noticed the Twins had black pullover bench jackets with the big orange “M”, too. Perhaps they were the same as the grounds crew?

    And, yeah, I didn’t realize early on that so few Twins who were in the game had opted to show stirrups. Many on the bench did, though.

    Mild malfunction note: When Ben Revere got picked off first, his right stirrup came out and was dangling behind his heel. He fixed it after he got back to the dugout.

    Did we ever catch this little goof?
    That’s Ray Whitney wearing a game EDGE jersey that is lacking the shield on the neckline.

    Link broken.

    Besides, I’m pretty sure he cuts it off. You know, comfort and all that.

    Great job by TJ on the football uni redesigns, especially the Chargers’ unis. That is how the Chargers should look. Navy would make for a great alternate jersey.

    As for the Rays — throwing back to something that did not exist. Artificial, yes, in keeping with their home.

    I can’t shake the feeling that whenever I see the Rays I think of a bunch of hipsters. “We’re cool because we do things different”

    Except they’re going right back to their snooze-fest unis. Make the 79s permanent, you “so cool we pick random years to make fun of but not cool enough to keep the Devil in our name” Rays.

    …I think of a bunch of hipsters. “We’re cool because we do things different”

    Are hipsters the only group guilty of this?

    No. No one has ever accused me of being a hipster. Different? Yes.

    And I agree…make those ’79 unis permanent! The pullovers are SO much better than seeing “RAAYS” on a buttoned jersey.

    Does anyone know where I can buy me one of them KC Blues hats? I know there are a few throwback hat companies, but I can’t find any hats like what they wore for the game. You’d think MLB and Majestic would be pimping the hell out of throwback merch, but I can scarcely find any.

    Following the Euro Championship it is so cool to see all these players holding their children with customized jerseys.

    Would have helped if you’d said that when I could have reached a bookies :)

    Wow those Rays uniforms were ugly! And even as a modernist I loved it. But only since it was a one time thing. I could’ve done without the similarity to the Padres but otherwise it’s a great idea.
    I wish others got into it as well. Arizona could’ve come up with something better than their fake look for today. I can see the Rockies doing the Broncos yellow and brown (with striped stirrups), Marlins pulling out an orange, yellow, blue/teal Tequilla Sunrise. I’d rather see them all come up with something more resembling an original idea but if they’re going to look like something that actually has existed I’d love to see these as a one time deal. And then I’d want to be the one to burn everything to ensure they never see daylight ever again.

    Hey… at least the Crew got red belts, red caps, and red catching gear for the occasion.

    I know I sound like a “homer”, but I really do like what the Brewers do every year with their “heritage days”. Milwaukee is a true melting pot of a city, and I think it is kind of cool that they recognize the many cultures in their city. A lot of people may not know, but at the Summerfest grounds every year, Milwaukee hosts close to week long heritage festivals of their own every year.

    In my opinion, I would like the Brewers to go all out, or pull it back. Having the nickname in a different language on the jersey is fine, but today was kind of insane. If you are going to do it, go all out. Have Italian music, special food, and really spend time on the uniforms.

    johnny, you do sound like a homer, and that’s why we love you

    and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with celebrating the [insert ethnic heritage] here…nothing at all

    there is absolutely NO REASON to keep trotting out new jerseys to “celebrate” said heritage…none at all…well, except for the $$$ aspect

    and that’s just wrong

    they don’t need to become the oregon ducks of baseball…

    and the “uniforms” they wore today (both teams) were probably the worst in baseball for the entire 2012 season, and that’s including the rays throwbacks last night

    sorry buddy, but what was on the field today made a mockery of the game

    celebrate the heritage all you want, i’m all for that

    just keep the unis out of it

    What about having the “normal” uniforms with just the different name on the front? Like the Brewers used to do with “Cerveceros”?

    The Brewers (and D-Backs) will be auctioning off the uniforms for charity, so I guess some good will come out of it.

    Damn, you guys doing the colorizing are doing an AMAZING job! Great work!

    Royals/Twins both in softball tops today after yesterday’s beauty. It’s like they couldn’t wait to look like shit again.

    Personally, I love the Rays idea for the uni’s they wore Saturday. That was pure brilliance. The Twins-as-Millers look, was downright awful. It looked so dull & predictable & formal & “adult” for a kids game played by millionaires. Of course, I’m one of those guys who still miss the old 70’s – early 80’s Padres uni’s & the nuclear orange Astros look. I’m sooooo glad the Orioles have the bird back too. It makes the game a bit fun instead of dull & bored looking. 3+ hour long game are hard enough without a little dressing up.

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