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First the GUD, then a DUD…and now a BUD

BUD Splash

By Phil Hecken

One of the things I’m very grateful for as the Weekend Editor is the chance to bring you a look at projects being undertaken by Uni Watch readership. One of the projects of which I’m the most proud is the Gridiron Uniform Database — the joint project of Tim Brulia, Bill Schaefer and Rob Holecko. If you’re not familiar with that, you will be.

The Gridiron Uniform Database (GUD, for short) eventually morphed into the Diamond Uniform Database (DUD — a project still under construction)…both of these ambitious projects seek to document every uniform worn by the NFL and MLB since the inception of these leagues. The GUD, at first, didn’t have enough data for the “early” years, and the DUD is still lacking a satisfactory graphical element, but both are well underway to becoming the premier databases of their kind (not that anyone could ever outdo Marc Okkonen’s “Baseball Uniforms of the 20th Century”, but their project seeks a more complete documentation of uniforms). What is, or rather was, still lacking, was a similar basketball uniform database.

Shortly after I feature the launch of the DUD, Jim Vilk said something to the effect of “I’m waiting breathlessly for a Basketball database,” to which I sarcastically quipped, “Don’t hold your breath.” Little did I realize throwing down this sort of gauntlet was all the crazy guys at the GUD and DUD would need … so, today, they boys from over there have some huge updates and want to announce the beginning of their newest project. And on that note, and with enough of my yakking — I’ll now turn this over to Rob Holecko (with Bill Schaefer), who’ll clue you fine readers in on what they’ve been doing:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

New Developments with the GUD, DUD & BUD
By Rob Holecko, with Bill Schaefer

One year ago this week, we launched the Gridiron Uniform Database here in a column at Uni Watch. As you all have heard here many times, this site is the wonderful culmination of the collaboration of Tim Brulia and Bill Schaefer and features the most complete collection of NFL uniforms (presently all the way back to 1933) anywhere on the internet. While we have some news about some new research being added to our wonderful football site that many of you have been waiting for, which Bill and I will be telling you about in a moment, today’s column is about a new site that we are launching today. While Tim & Bill continue to hammer out the details on the earliest years of pro football uniform research, I have teamed up with Tim O’Brien, Jim Vilk and Matt Beahan on a new venture.

A little over a month ago, on April 28 here at Uni Watch, after a column in which we announced the creation of the Diamond Uniform Database, discussion in the forum turned towards the lack of a comparable site for basketball. I can’t say for sure how much impact the last comment there by Phil Hecken had to do with us getting this off the ground, but I can say that the fact that there were doubters towards whether this could be done did, for myself at least, steel my resolve to at least attempt it. Off-line discussions ensued, and for this project instead of a triumverate, like the GUD, a quartet emerged of O’Brien, Vilk, Beahan and myself.

We now present the Basketball Uniform Database. We faithfully present to you within this site the uniforms worn by every NBA team in every game of the 2011-12 season, and we are just now embarking on the 2010-11 season and beginning our quest which will take us all the way back to the 1946-47 season of the Basketball Association of America and the beginning of the modern era of professional basketball.

And this is where you can help. In the forum that we use with the football site you will now find a section dedicated to the new basketball site. If you have any dated pictures of past NBA uniforms in game action please post them in this forum. Over the coming months we will be undertaking research to add these older years to the site, and as many of you know basketball hasn’t always been the popular sport that it is now and photos and coverage of pro basketball in the 1940s, 50s and 60s didn’t parallel that of the other sports, so therefore finding basketball information from the 1940s is about as difficult as finding pro football information from the 1920s.

Speaking of 1920s pro football…. well, that in a moment… first I want to mention a little bit about our baseball site that David Taub and I launched in that April 28 column. It is still alive and kicking, we are still tracking the uniforms that have been worn in every game so far this year. Each team added Mother’s Day variations with a pink ribbon and Memorial Day variations with camouflage logos on the caps, and the Chicago White Sox are leading the pack with 14 uniform variations (as they twice added memorial patches this season) and the Minnesota Twins decided to pair the “M” cap with their various combos and are now up to 11 variations. The graphics I am currently using on that site are not meant to be permanent nor complete (nor even entirely correct — the beer-colored Brewers jersey should say “Cervacervos” instead of Brewers, and many of the jerseys do not have the correct patches) . Although I have tried to re-create a few of the throwbacks (with varying levels of success), I do not have the patience nor the talent to create these graphics, at least not at the level that I would like. I have seen many of the tweaks and concepts that members of the Uni Watch community regularly display on this site and I am convinced that the graphics guy that we need to complete our “triumvirate” is still out there waiting to be found. We had a few discusssions with people but they fell through. If you have the necessary graphics design talent and would like to make the uniforms for the Diamond Uniform Database, please get in touch with us.

What we are looking for is someone who can create nice, simple 2-D recreations of the uniforms using a template similar to that used by Justin Myslinsky in the Cleveland Indians rebranding contest. What we don’t want is to be another Dressed To The Nines, while it is a great site showing the year-to-year baseball graphics, the 3-D templates they use which depict the uniform as draped on a batter holding a bat generally have too many folds and undulations, we’re shooting for a baseball version of the GUD and BUD with a nice clean, crisp depiction of the uniforms taking front stage.

And now finally, the news you’ve been waiting for… the Gridiron Uniform Database is proud to finally announce a timetable for the release of the 1920-32 NFL uniform designs. While they are certainly not exhaustive nor complete, they are the most complete collection of this information you will find in one place on the internet. Our Tim Brulia went to the Pro Football Hall of Fame last month for research, and we are now ready to present what we can of these earliest years of pro football history. On Tuesday, June 12, our exact one year anniversary date, we will be releasing the 1920 NFL uniform designs, and throughout the summer on successive Wednesdays, we will be releasing additional years in chronological order, so on June 19th, we will release 1921 and so forth. We hope you will make Wednesdays your day to check in with us each week and see the latest research as together we pass the summer waiting for the new season to kickoff in September.

Now here’s Bill Schaefer to tell us a little more about the GUD’s 1920-32 project:

“As we roll out the first offerings from the 1920s, I need to go through a few ground rules that Tim & I have set for these earliest thirteen years. Despite variations in the pants during this time, we are (no pun intended) uniformly sticking with one model. We are sticking with the black belts even though we have observed nearly as many brown belts in extremely close-up photos. Sanitary socks have been noticed as early as 1925, however, they didn’t become a regular part of the wardrobe until 1932 so they will not be included any earlier. Many shades of khaki/canvas for pants and helmets are based on whether they appeared darker or lighter than other clearly shown aspects of the uniform.

“What I’d like to see is the Uni Watch / GUD universe pull together and help us fill in the remaining blanks. We’ve all but exhausted Google newspapers searches, and Tim has dug through the Library of Congress and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. However, there is still a lot that is missing. Readers and contributors, especially those of you who are in the northeast and midwest, dig into your local newspaper archives and locate traces of those teams and the seasons that we are lacking. Post some dated photos in the forum. Let’s finish this project at the back end so we are no longer fighting the battle on two fronts.”

Thanks, Bill. Well there you have it, if you live near Rochester, Muncie, Akron, Hammond, Dayton, Providence or any other city that had a 1920s pro football team, hit those local newspaper archives and help the GUD’s quest.

We hope you enjoyed the first year of the Gridiron Uniform Database, we hope you will continue to enjoy it as we enter our second. We also hope you will enjoy our new baseball and basketball websites, and as always your input is welcome and your enthusiasm is appreciated.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks Rob (and Bill, Tim B., Matt, Jim, David … and Tim E — who himself said, “I learned some things about the 2012 season while working on BUD, waa waa wee woo”). And this is why TimE had no time for timeobrien.

Now that the NBA is (mercifully) heading towards its inevitable conclusion, I may end up watching. As much as I goof on hockey and basketball (due to my woeful lack of current knowledge of the sports), I used to be fond of both leagues back in the day — and I know there is many a Uni Watcher for whom hockey and basketball are their favorite sports. With the launch of the BUD, I may really get back into it now. Plus, I gotta bone up for the Olympics, right? Right!


Benchies Header


by Rick Pearson


“You got, like, three feet of air on that”…N.Dynamite

6-9-12 d-flip

Click to enlarge


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

Like the colorizations, I’m going to run these as inline pics — click on each one to enlarge.

And so, lets begin:


NewMexicoHome - Matt Egeler

We start off today with Matt Egeler who has some new looks for New Mexico State:

NewMexicoAwayA - Matt Egeler

NewMexicoHomeAlt - Matt Egeler NewMexicoAwayAlt2 - Matt Egeler

NewMexicoHomeAlt2 - Matt Egeler NewMexicoAwayAlt - Matt Egeler

So I’ve decided to start picking a random school and giving their unis a makeover. Luckily, the first school I picked happened to be New Mexico, whose uniforms are nothing to brag about to begin with. The design on the helmet and back of the jersey is from the state flag, and was modeled after their helmets in 1964 and ’65. Hope you like them, I’ll continue to do more.
–Matt Egeler

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

pistons Re-Design - Ray Cato

Next up is young Ray Cato, who comes from the MoVi/Engle school of design:

Im Ray, been checking out the blog since middle school (only 17) and I love it. This is my first submission (hopefully more to come) and I hope you guys like it. I was going for a Pistons re branding and this was my take on the old meets the new. Thanks.
–Ray Cato

Thanks gentlemen. Back with more tomorrow.


foggy olympics

London Calling…Olympics Uni Reporters…

As many of you are no doubt aware, the London Summer Games are about a month and a half away.

As many of you also know, Paul takes his UW hiatus towards the end of July (give or take, depending upon my availability to come off the bench to pinch hit for his weekdays). As fate would have it this year, both the Olympics and Paul’s hiatus will take place simultaneously.

So — I’m calling upon the Uni Watch faithful who have an interest in the sports of the XXXth Olympiad (scheduled to take place between the 27th of July and the 12th of August) and would like to serve as “uni correspondents” — please drop me a line. Specifically, I’m looking for those of you who’d like to take a look at the uniforms for a specific event — whether it be a team sport or an individual one. I’d love to do both breakdowns of what the current teams (if a team sport) will be wearing for the games AND what teams have worn in past Olympics. This can be for an entire sport (for example, basketball) or a historical look-back at uniforms worn by one nation throughout the 100+ years of the games.

I’ve already got a correspondent for men’s football (soccer) — one Mr. George Chilvers, who will be attending several matches (sorry Mr. Vilk — I have to give the hometown lad preference) and one Mr. Morris Levin, who’ll be looking back at baseball (no longer a sanctioned sport). But that leaves about fifty-cajillion other disciplines to be covered, including such favorites as basketball, synchronized swimming and sprint canoeing.

If you’re interested in covering a sport in an article to be featured during the games — or have an idea for an olympic angle — let me know. OK? OK!


And that will do it for today. Interplague is in full swoon, the French Open Women’s Final is probably already over this morning, and you’ve got the Belmont (sans triple crown chances) this afternoon. Perhaps “I’ll Have Another” is a more apropos name for his stud future now. Damn shame for the scratch — Belmont, like many horse race tracks around the country, is not doing so well, and not having a triple crown possibility will probably cut expected crowds from well over 100,000 to less than 70,000. I’ve probably been to about 8 or 9 Belmont Stakes in my life (I live less than ten miles from the track), and it’s waaaaaay more fun when there is a shot at the triple crown.

Everyone have a great Saturday and I’ll catch you tomorrow. If you’re interested in being an UW Olympic Correspondent, give me a shout.


“I’d be interested to know how you feel about transgender natural born males entering beauty pageants that had always only been open to thin, ‘conventionally attractive’, natural born women in the past.”
— the Hungry, Hungry non sequitur Hipster

Comments (90)

    In keeping with the GRIDIRON and DIAMOND Uniform Databases you should ditch the name Basketball Uniform Database in favor of HARDWOOD Uniform Database. It’s more consistent and sounds way cooler.

    I had actually thought of that, but I didn’t like the way that sounded. But if there is overwhelming agreement on that point, a name change wouldn’t be impossible.

    Meh… just combine all of them into one site and have a single Sports Uniform Database.

    /You are going to do hockey after you finish the MLB & NBA & ABA, right?

    //…and add the WFL & USFL to the GUD

    just combine all of them into one site and have a single Sports Uniform Database.

    Well… something along those lines is kinda sorta in the works….The Hockey Uniform Database is great (but like Okkonen he just tracks the unis on a yearly basis and doesn’t get down to the game-by game level)…

    …and as for the WFL & USFL, Tim & Bill are somewhat against adding those to the Gridiron Uniform Database, but that doesn’t mean those might not show up somewhere someday.

    Well, Tim and Bill are wrong. Gridiron doesn’t just mean “the NFL and the other leagues that were successful enough to scare them”, it means Football. All of the professional leagues ought to be included, even if they only have a single page each with less detailed information due to none of them playing more than 2 or 3 seasons. I suppose the game-by-game data might be a bit hard to find, but the general uniform info is already out there (at least for the big 4 – WFL, USFL, WLAF, XFL) it’d just need to be transcribed onto the GUD template. If I had the time I’d probably do it myself, but unfortunately I really don’t.

    Well, I know, discussions have gone back and forth on this, and at times it’s prudent to limit one’s scope for the greater overall good and having quality on concentrating on particular aspects (i.e. just the NFL & AFL / AAFC etc.).. heck we haven’t even added Pro Bowl & referees uniforms yet, something we would tackle before adding WFL, USFL, WLAF, XFL, etc…

    That being said, there’s no reason that in the meantime other extraneous leagues & Arena Football and other stuff wouldn’t fit under a larger umbrella site that would also include the GUD, DUD and BUD as well…

    All I can say is stay tuned this summer.

    If I had the time I’d probably do it myself, but unfortunately I really don’t.

    There you have it. The smidgen of research I’ve done for the GUD has taken a fair amount of time. Adding a whole league, even if just lasted a year, would be a serious undertaking. It’s easy to say that someone should invest that kind of time, and much harder to be the someone.

    If you have the time, go to the library and see what the microfilm has for the early Columbus NFL teams. (While you’re there, you can tell me what the Pirates wore for their 1977 and 1978 exhibitions with the Clippers.)

    Count me as a vote for Hardwood. Sure, HUD is also a federal agency nobody likes, but it is a pretty good Newman movie, and even the gummmit beaurocracy is a more positive association than Bud, the beer.

    The question is whether hockey should be the RUD for Rink or IUD for Ice. Actually, that one kind of answers itself once I put it down writing.

    HUD also Department of Housing & Urban Development.

    And a Paul Newman movie, the one where they shot all the cattle.

    “Maybe so. But BUD is a pretty…

    wait for it.

    …smokin’ name.”

    Dooooood! Oh man, bro, you like, took my mind and, like, blew it out my ass bro.

    That’s deep.

    …Do you have any Funyuns?

    “In keeping with the GRIDIRON and DIAMOND Uniform Databases you should ditch the name Basketball Uniform Database in favor of HARDWOOD Uniform Database. It’s more consistent and sounds way cooler.”

    My mind… you read it. But still an excellent project!

    Good luck on the BUD. The guys that work on the GUD sure do a lot of work. Work that I really appreciate.

    I just read about TimmyB’s Canton trip and saw his photos.

    And pretty soon there will be a CUD, as I’ve been in discussions with the GUD guys to start working on a college football section of their site. It’s a much better alternative to my work on Wikipedia.

    no, conn…i’ve been saying it for years, but it’s certainly not my *invention*

    how’s DC?

    Matt: I really like that uni concept! Original and I think it would look very interesting out on the field in a large number.

    Great Benchies! I love it when comics literally make me LOL!

    Benchies is easily one of the ten best comic strips being produced in the world right now. Shame that like most of the other nine, you won’t find it in your local newspaper, though honestly that may wind up being a good thing, since comic strips are likely to survive longer than local newspapers at this point. Anyway, point is that it’s a real service that UW does by bringing it to us.

    What with newspapers dying and all, maybe the next step for Benchies should be animation rather than syndication. Anyone have a connection with the creative team behind the Boondocks cartoon?

    I don’t think I could name 10 strips I currently like, and that’s with two Chicago newspaper subscriptions. It just hasn’t been the same since the Far Side, Calvin & Hobbes and Bloom County/Outland ended; basically all at the same time in early 1995.

    I’ve long concluded that cartoonists should not adhere to a daily deadline & instead create when they’re inspired. Of course, it would mean the comics could be anywhere from zero strips to 35 in a given day in a paper. It’s one of those mediums I’ve spent so many hundreds of hours reading & researching, it’s shocking to think how much a part of my life it is. I see some strips and I go, “why are they [Amend] still doing this?” or “Oh look, Elly Patterson is yelling; again. Shocking.” or “Dennis pissed Mr. Wilson off; didn’t see that coming”.

    That said, I could never do what they do, and I tried, too. I couldn’t imagine being chained to the drawing board & forcing myself to come up with neatly planned & politely written stories & jokes on a daily basis. Of course it doesn’t help that the best I can draw is Peanuts-style.

    So kudos to Ricko. It isn’t easy writing in sports humor. I remember hanging on a-many epic Gil Thorp story lines only to be vastly disappointed.

    With there being very little hockey in July, HBIC will be following the field hockey event quite closely. Gotta gt my hockey fix somehow, so why not aim for the best hockey being played in the summer? ;o)

    Phil, not a huge deal, but the unis are actually for New Mexico, not New Mexico State. Thanks for running them, though!

    It’s University of New Mexico not New Mexico State in the Uni Concepts section. :)

    hmmm…after rereading my post, i believe it’s actually new mexico not new mexico state…now fixed


    gonna be off the grid for most of the rest of the day, so play nice (all three of you reading)

    and since it happened too late for me (preloaded this one early last night)…jim vilk approves of the uniforms of the latest team (and it was a team effort) to toss a nono

    Dodgers Mariners Baseball

    (click to enlarge if you care)

    *steps onto table with megaphone* “BUD SELIG IS WORSE THAN HITLER! HE RAN OVER YOUR DOG & SELLS DRUGS TO SCHOOL CHILDREN! FIGHT THE REAL ENEMY!” *tears up a picture of Selig*

    Actually, I have a more general comment. To me, horse racing (like boxing) seems like an older generational thing. I remember back in the late 1980s when Hawthorne Race Course (or Arlington Park, I don’t know) tried to get the public hooked on horse racing with free scratch-offs (I can’t remember how we got these; other than there was some required viewing on TV at a weird time) but it did not catch on.

    From what I hear, horse racing has a PED problem, too.

    The teal unis are gorgeous. The Mariners need to go back to wearing the teal billed caps for every home game, not just with the alternates. They wore them during their last no hitter in ’93, they wore them throughout the glory days of the mid-’90s, and they even wore them into the great 2001 season. Since the Marlins have changed their identity, the M’s need to continue to make teal their own. The next step to achieve this is by wearing the teal bills with the home whites.

    or how about drop the grey unis and make teal their full-time road uni (either mono-teal — maybe not — or with white pants ala the 1980s Cubs)

    And then a black vest with teal sleeve undershirts for an alt.

    NO. The Mariners have what many might call a modern-classic hybrid set, and thus the road gray isn’t going anywhere. Wearing the teal on the road would ruin the look, they did it in the ’90s and it looked terrible.

    Mono-teal? Come on dude.

    And I’m sure you know that the M’s are NAVY and teal, not BLACK and teal. If they were to return any vests to the playing field (which is highly unlikely), it would be one of the more traditional-looking white or gray ones they wore in the late ’90s.

    Yeah, I know, I meant navy not black, I just couldn’t resist tweaking all the BFBS-haters out there. And I was just kidding on the mono-teal (even I said maybe not on that one), but I just wanted to throw a bone out there to all those who hate the “softball top” look of non-matching pants.

    I liked the Cubs road blue over white pants look.

    Teal sucks. If they must wear that color, at least make it kelly green.

    Kelly green *and* teal? Make it so!

    Teal’s awesome. Time to buy the big-boy box of crayons, MLB.

    WTF is wrong with teal? Yeah, fine, it was trendy and overused in the 90’s, but come on, it’s just a color. Should we call it aqua, like the Miami Dolphins have for 40+ years? Does that make it better?

    Kelly green *and* teal? Make it so!

    Jim Vilk’s mother: “Jimmy,no!” *smack!* “You get ONE or the OTHER. Not both!”

    Alright, MLB, this is how it’s going down:

    Oakland A’s: forest to kelly green
    Seattle Mariners: teal *puke* to kelly green
    Chicago White Sox: black & silver to kelly green & white
    Miami Marlins: black to orange
    Houston Astros: coal, brick & sand to 1965-70 set
    San Diego Padres: boring navy & sand to brown & Athletic Gold
    Milwaukee Brewers: boring navy & metallic gold to royal & Athletic Gold w/ Barrelman
    Minnesota Twins: current mishmash to 1961-71 set
    Arizona Diamondbacks: Sedona Red, Black, Sonoran Sand to crimson & Athletic Gold.
    California Angels: cap’s red crown to navy
    all gray road uniforms to heathered gray link (found that one Googling the saved file name). link on it
    Scrap this silly regular season Interleague Play & save it for the World Series
    Bud Selig’s head on a stick

    WTF is wrong with teal? Yeah, fine, it was trendy and overused in the 90′s, but come on, it’s just a color.

    Why don’t you wear teal all the time if you think it’s so fuckinrific?

    If Paul can hate purple, then I can hate teal. Ugly, ugly color. Just like olive green or pink.

    Chicago White Sox: black & silver to kelly green & white

    Only on “Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day.”

    Only on “Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day.”

    Imagine being a Uni Watch fan & a White Sox fan for the past 25+ years/since I started watching baseball in 1987 & seeing a team known for changing uniforms every 5 years or so being stuck with the same boring trendy & colorless black & silver set for 22 frickin’ years. All the Sox gear I buy is either retro or kelly green. I have zero interest in wearing black caps & jerseys and especially such an ugly alternate with clunky double trim & dated fat stripes.

    Change it to kelly green (and why not? nobody else uses it & they’ve proven it looks great) or even go back to red, and at this point I might even welcome a powder blue road to go with it. Just… no more black & silver. It’s not Hammertime anymore & I need some color in my life.

    I’ve got twenty years of fandom on you. Green is a non-starter. Charles Comiskey was as Irish as they come, and neither he, nor his widow, nor his daughter or son ever saw fit to dress their team in green. Neither did Bill Veeck, who disposed of those abominable red uniforms and went back to dark blue as the primary color in 1976.

    (Now, if you prefer red to navy or black, I can appreciate that, as red has at least some history in White Sox uniforms prior to 1971)

    It’s like Reinsdorf said in 1990 when they unveiled the current set — it’s a uniform we want to wear for the next 50 years. There’s something to be said for longevity; do you think Tiger, Cardinal, Dodger, or Yankee fans bitch because they don’t have a faddish new look every time the fashion wind changes direction?

    I’d only make two changes: a wing on the diamond sock logo (and put it on all the jerseys), and actual white socks.

    I read what you’re saying, but I still don’t see why kelly green isn’t feasible (and I’m not Irish either, btw). I just link how these look and it looks so link and link I’m not saying put a shamrock on the jersey sleeves or anything (tho that wouldn’t suck) but I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that only the Celtics in all Big Four has kelly or even regular green as the primary color.

    But if the White Sox are thinking they’re permanently chained to their current unis & color scheme, well I will be vastly disappointed & will not invest in any team gear. I would not put them in the same class as the Yankees, Cardinals, Tiger homes or Dodgers as untouchables. They could certainly be improved & a color change should not be out of the question since they’re precedence in that. Red would be a vast improvement but kelly green is just sitting there for the taking. I don’t think when the A’s had it people called them “That Irish Team”.

    They also need to fix the Sox cap logo, it’s too wide & skewed. They need to flatten it back up. And lose the silver trim & sleeve stripes on the alternates.

    Simply put, green has no history with the White Sox, other than one night a year in mid-September. Black, navy, even red do have it.

    You posted your proposed changes. Here are mine:

    Athletics to Kelly green? I’ll buy that. I’d also change the “A’s” to the simple Old English “A” that they’ve worn since the Philly days.

    Mariners to Kelly? No, the green is supposed to represent the sea. What they have now is closer to sea green than Kelly would be.

    Padres to brown and athletic gold? Yes. I’d also consider metallic gold or tan. The away uniforms should be either tan or khaki.

    Brewers to royal and gold? Nah…I kind of prefer what they have. The old minor league Brewers wore navy, didn’t they?

    Twins to the 61 set? It’s nice, but they spent a ton of money embedding the new logo and word mark all over Target Field.

    Marlins primary color orange? Indeed.

    Astros go back to the 64 set? Yes.

    Cardinals with red caps on the road? Sure.

    Angels with navy crowns? Yes. But they’re not the best candidate for heather gray roads. That would be the Yankees. And take the white trim off the Yankee roads, too.

    Put red trim on the Red Sox navy road lettering, and go back to the striped socks.

    All the lettering on the Cubs’ roads should be blue, trimmed in red, with “CHICAGO” slightly bigger.

    I don’t think when the A’s had it people called them “That Irish Team”.

    No, but why do you think a flamboyant Irishman like Charlie Finley chose it?

    No, but why do you think a flamboyant Irishman like Charlie Finley chose it?

    To stand out on color TV, of course. Navy & red wasn’t the way to stand out; not by a long shot. I suppose he could have picked orange, purple, teal, powder blue or pink. Given those choices, kelly & Athletic Gold really compliment each other well & was unprecedented. I do wonder if it was Irish-inspired.

    Brewers to royal and gold? Nah…I kind of prefer what they have. The old minor league Brewers wore navy, didn’t they?

    Yeah they did, and boy did they have some link unis. (funny, that blog’s name of Chance Michaels looks familiar!

    Wasn’t that script in link?

    I think royal & Athletic Gold looks better than navy & metallic gold & I find the current Brewers bland & too modern looking with that color scheme. Looks too Miller brand specific inspired as well.

    I’m with you on the green. If you’re going to wear green, it should be a vibrant shade like kelly green rather than the darker tones worn by the Jets and Eagles. The Celtics know how to do green.

    Agree on the teal bill caps – I always thought they looked great, and I never understood why the M’s dropped them. The teal jerseys were used a lot in 1994. I never liked them – they seemed to symbolize everything that was bad about that year.

    I’d like to see the “northwest green” cap bills at home. Also, I think the number and letter font used on the navy jerseys should be used on all of Seattle’s jerseys.

    i told ricko when he sent it to me earlier this week that i literally laughed out loud

    /best one in a long time

    Agreed. Literally laughed out loud this morning after reading it. Best Benchies ever.

    Is there a decent college football uniform database? I’m playing NCAA Football as LSU, and being a northwesterner I don’t have a good recall of when SEC teams changed up their uniforms. Plus, LSU wears white at home and I’d like to see when they’ve worn purple in the past. Maybe I just don’t try hard enough to find that kind of info but it doesn’t seem to be readily available on the interwebs.

    link This has some pretty good pics of former LSU unis in all sports. And some gold jerseys from the 90s link .

    There will be soon. I’m in the process of starting a college football companion to the GUD.

    Hey Phil, you didn’t have to include my “waa waa wee woo” in the final edition, haha. You (by not censoring me) make me look like a crazy person.

    jerk. ;)

    For New Mexico they used a white helemt last year, one with a throwback NM logo – link

    The other with the regular UNM logo.

    Also they went all-grey against NMSU who wore all-white, yeah… link

    Those hats all look like the insignias have grass stains on them The camo does not translate on such a small platform.

    I was gonna say the hat looks like it’s been handled by someone with newsprint all over their fingers, but your description is better.

    Best moodern day strip … Cul de Sac by.richardson thompson.

    There is also now a charity book (for parkinsons, which thompson has) just out with a bunch of cartoonists doing the books characters, including a painting by. Bill watterson.

    People seem to like Cul de Sac & it is in the #1 spot on the Chicago Sun-Times comic page.

    Personally it’s too kid imagination-heavy for my tastes & crudely drawn, tho that does mesh well with the theme.

    Anyone notice what Kent State is wearing vs. Oregon tonight?
    Are those their regular unis?

    ESPNU has the Kent vs. Oregon baseball game. Weird contrast of styles, Kent looks like 1920, while Oregon looks like 2020.

    Someone else can find the photos, but the Pirates and Royals wore Negro league unis tonight.

    Yep, and the Grays took down the Monarchs tonight to pull within one game of division leading Cincinnati.

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