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Like Father, Like Son


On Friday I noted that Robert Griffin III is wearing the Roman numeral as part of his NOB and asked if any NFL, MLB, NBA, or NHL players had ever worn a Roman numeral. The answer to that question appears to be no (although it’s worth noting that Acie Law IV did something clever while he was with the Hawks, using his uni number to stand in for the Roman numeral).

I also asked if anyone could come up with an example of a professional player who’d worn an NOB that included “Jr.” or “Sr.” (This is another case of something that shows up semi-regularly in the college ranks but to my knowledge has never happened in the pros.) That prompted several readers to send me e-mails claiming that Ken Griffey Jr. wore the generational suffix while playing alongside his father with the Mariners in 1990 and ’91. Hmmm — I don’t remember it that way, so I did some photo research. All the 1990 and ’91 photos of Junior Griffey that I found show him wearing “Griffey,” and that includes two photos showing father and son together. So until I see visual evidence to the contrary, my position is that Junior never wore “Jr.”

As long as we’re talking fathers and sons, there are two other cases worth mentioning, both involving the Orioles:

• I am fairly certain that Cal Ripken Sr. and Jr. both wore “Ripken” during the period when they both wore O’s uniforms. That was certainly the case for at least part of their time together.

• Tim Raines Sr. and Jr. were teammates in Baltimore for a few days at the end of the 2001 season. Unfortunately, I don’t recall their NOBs, and I haven’t been able to find any rear-view photos. If anyone knows more about that situation, please fill us in.

In any case, even if no professional player has ever worn “Jr.” in the Big Four, that’s about to change, because Roy Helu Jr. of the Redskins will be wearing “Jr.” this season. Helu wore “Jr.” at Nebraska but not during his rookie season with the ’Skins. According to that article, he’ll now be allowed to add the “Jr.” due to an NFL rule change. I’m trying to find out the specifics of that rule, especially since I’m wondering if it also pertains to Griffin’s Roman numeral.

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Screen shot 2012-05-20 at 9.46.44 PM.png

Shin-anigans: Marlins pitcher Randy Choate has been switching back and forth between stirrups and pajama pants for a while now. But he upped the ante yesterday, as he took the mound wearing stirrups with orange sannies. Has he ever done this before? If so, I wasn’t aware of it.

First let’s get the historical markers out of the way: Throwback games notwithstanding, Choate is the first non-Oakland player to wear colored sannies since the ’84 Padres, and the first to wear orange sannies since the 1980 Giants. So this is a pretty big deal.

Phil, who brought this one to my attention, says Choate is now his new favorite ballplayer. Me, I’m a bit more conflicted, because Choate has essentially created a new uniform element out of thin air here, and that’s kinda fucked up. It’s bad enough that some players can go high-cuffed while others wear pajama pants, and that some of the high-cuffers wear stirrups while others wear solid socks. Now there’s no rule for what the stirrup-clad players wear under their stirrups? It’s just the latest example of why MLB needs some sort of lower-leg regulations. It’s chaos out there, Mr. Selig. Pure chaos.

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Screen shot 2012-05-18 at 9.14.49 PM.png

Cubee update: Friday’s post about how to make NFL Cubees was such a hit that we overloaded and crashed Justin Hinds’s NFL Cubeemaker site. He’s now arranged for it to be hosted by another provider, so if it didn’t work for you on Friday, try it now.

Among those who managed to access Justin’s site before it crashed, at least two readers wasted no time in creating their own Cubees. Mikhail Herrera is a Raiders fan, so he made himself this excellent Tommy Kelly Cubee. And Jeff Worthington likes the Bills, so he made himself a Cubee version of Fred Jackson. Keep those photos coming.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: Very thoughtful of MLB and New Era to consolidate the worst aspects of two miserable design tropes in one convenient package. Efficient! ”¦ Cyclist David Zabriskie wore a Captain America helmet during the Tour of California last week. “Maybe there are some other Avengers cycling out there,” says Carlos Ahmed Jalife Ruz. … More alternate uniforms in the works for Michigan football. … Judd Allan reports that there’s a football team in Israel that has the star of David on its helmets, but of course that’s been done before. … Someone on Kickstarter has raised a ton of money for his “baseball horror graphic novel,” whatever that means (from Joshua Pryor). ”¦ Tim Frederick asks a good question: How are uniform numbers assigned to MLB umps, NBA refs, and NFL/NHL zebras? Like, is there any rhyme or reason to it? Is there a protocol based on seniority or something like that? In the NFL, do the various officials have specific number ranges, same as the players? If anyone knows, do tell. ”¦ Here are some good shots of the Nats’ new bat knob decals. ”¦ New kits for Valencia and Queens Park Rangers (from Jon Forbes). ”¦ The Packers played a charity basketball game the other day, and James Jones wore argyle socks for the occasion (from Jon Meerdink). ”¦ Whoa, look at this awesome Rangers sweater (big thanks to Jon Springer). ”¦ UGA softball has been wearing striped white stirrups over black sannies. I like it, although the effect is ruined when viewed from the front, for sadly predictable reasons (from Greg Trandel). ”¦ There was a delay before the 2nd inning of Friday night’s Mets/Jays game. Why? The umpires’ equipment hadn’t arrived in time for the game, so the umps had begun the game wearing borrowed pants. But their gear arrived during the 1st inning, so they went in and changed after that. According to’s Adam Rubin, “There are extra umpire uniforms at each major league stadium, but ump Wally Bell had to borrow black cleats from the Mets.” ”¦ Check out J. Edgar Hoover in an FBI baseball cap (from Bruce Menard). ”¦ Also from Bruce: A satin uni — with a satin cap to match! ”¦ Robert Griffin III attended some sort of function the other day and wore a Reebok ’Skins jersey (from Eric Arnold). ”¦ Here’s an oddity: FNOB with a mix of all-caps and upper/lower. That’s the South Korean women’s volleyball team (from Jeremy Brahm). ”¦ Check out the Thousand Oaks High School football team — the defensive team in this photo. As you can see, some players are wearing white helmets and others are wearing dark green. “The green helmets are awarded for the best defensive players,” explains Dom Lewis. ”¦ “As a gift to her, I digitized a number of her family photo albums (a gesture that frankly means more to me than her),” says Andrew Levitt. “This photograph was taken in Atlantic City in 1921. There are several family members in the photo, but we have no idea who the gentlemen in the ‘DC’ uniforms are. If anyone in the Uni Watch community has any insights regarding the sport or club, I would appreciate knowing more, just as a nugget of family history.” ”¦ Jake Hurley, who’s been lobbying the Rockies to wear stirrups, got some exposure on Friday’s postgame show. “My biggest success of the night came after the game, when I was able to get Josh Outman’s attention when he was walking off the field,” says Jake. “I threw him a folded-up card [like the one he’s holding in the postgame screen shot] and gave me a smile and thumbs-up when he saw the picture of himself. Even though this project is completely quixotic, I really think some of these pictures sum up what it is to be a uniform nerd. Most people gave me strange looks at first, but then they liked the idea after they asked me about it.” ”¦ Aussie rules footy news from Leo Strawn, who writes: “The Richmond Tigers and Essendon Bombers played at the ’G (MCG), as is customary during the AFL’s Indigenous Round. For the second year in a row, Richmond had a special jumper for the occasion. Also, both clubs wore commemorative patches, but each patch was different. (No idea why, can’t find any info on this.) Here’s Richmond’s patch and here’s Essendon’s.” ”¦ Mystics center Ashley Robinson, who normally wears No. 43, took a shot in the face during Saturday night’s game and had to switch to a blood jersey that was No. 00 on the front and blank on the back (big thanks to Stewart Small). … Speaking of the WNBA, the Lynx got their championship rings yesterday. You can see the design here (from Kevin Brown). ”¦ The U. of Michigan golf course uses these tee box markers (from Britton Thomas). … Excellent site devoted to old ballparks here. Well worth investigating (big thanks to Chad Todd). ”¦ Austin Berry of the Chicago Fire suffered a torn jersey during yesterday’s match against the Portland Timbers (Jeremy Brahm again). ”¦ Can anyone identify the logo on this hockey jersey? It’s part of Jack Schendorf’s collection, but he has no idea what team it’s from. … Everyone knows Mariano Rivera is the last 42er — at least in MLB. But did you know there’s also been a 42er in the minors? You can read his fascinating story here. Highly recommended reading (big thanks to James Ashby). ”¦ Here’s a bunch of NFL rookies singing and dancing in their new uniforms (from Thomas Filip).

Comments (182)

    John terry changing into his kit to accept the champions league trophy on saturday (since he was suspended for the game) is ripe for an article from paul.

    Especially, if the rumors are true and he put on his shinguards too.

    looks like swooshie did a pretty decent job on the colts shoulder *loops* … although it’s tough to tell, since it looked like the closeup was just on luck…need to see it on the linemen with pads

    Nope. Not until they bring it down to the pits will it look any better. Until then, just do away with them all together. Blech.

    “Can anyone identify the logo on this hockey jersey? It’s part of Jack Schendorf’s collection, but he has no idea what team it’s from”

    i remember howard university using a logo like that in the 90s

    I’d say it’s HL for the High Line, lower Manhattan’s hottest new amenity / tourist attraction. Some of your deep-pocketed TriBeca/Chelsea boys rent rink time at Chelsea Piers and face off against squads from Park Slope, Red Hook, Loisaida, and Hell’s Kitchen.


    I’m going with Howard U, the colors are right. I’m pretty sure there was a whole set of historically black college hockey jerseys in the early/mid 90s when they were hot as hip-hop attire.

    It’s way too stylized to be the High Line.


    Thanks for running my photo, I did it again on Sunday afternoon.


    I also made what I think is a HUGE breakthrough. Jamie Moyer was nice enough to walk around Batting Practice on Sunday afternoon and hand out little business cards describing “The Rockies Stirrup Project” to all his teammates.


    The cards had a mission statement on one side, and on the other was the photo of me on teevee and the following image I made just a half hour before leaving for the game.



    I also met two Uni Watch readers. I’m embarrassed to say that I forgot their names but it was still a very special moment. People also have begun to refer to me as “the stirrup guy”

    Jake Hurley

    There has got to be a way the UW community could use Kickstarter to help Jake further this most important of uni-crusades.

    That is BEYOND awesome. I think I would have gotten a bit choked up if I saw Moyer handing those cards out to his teammates…


    Thanks for the responses guys! I really do think there is a way that the fine folks who read Uni Watch can help me.

    My most recent idea is that if the Rockies are coming to your town, make a fool of yourself, stirrup style. Find my team’s TV crew and just stand behind them with a sign, they’re nice guys. Let them know that you know “the stirrup guy” and that it’s not just him that wants stirrups back, but that it’s baseball fans everywhere.

    I’m considering adding a Uni Watch logo to my sign. Paul, your thoughts?


    You should go to Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, and any other nearby MILB affiliate (though I think the rest are far away). Get the idea in their heads before they even get to Coors. I can try and infest Asheville for you. I live about 2 hrs away, but want to take the kids up there sometime. Plus they’ll be near home when they play in Kannapolis, which is where the family & I normally go. There aren’t many Big Mean Men in single A. We go to lots of minor league games all over the southeast, and every time I see a kid wearing the stirrups I make sure to tell him to keep up the good work. Congrats and good luck to you Jake.

    I was about to comment that my wife and I met you at yesterday’s game. Checked out the comments on your blog just a little bit ago re: Jamie Moyer, hope it gains traction! :) Very cool!

    I also met Alex White, who help in his own way. Paul wrote about him having the number 6 and being a pitcher last week.


    Ahhhh, that’s right, it was Glenn and his wife that I met. The first and only Uni Watch readers I have seen in person!!!

    Thanks again everyone!

    Jake – congrats man. That’s really cool. One thing for you to check out… on the link with all the players wearing stirrups…I think the Jackie Robinson photo is actually Duke Snider. I could be wrong, but if not… just a heads up. Congrats again on Moyer, that’s rad.

    Oh no! I just did a quick google search 30 mins before I left and grabbed the best on I saw that showed his rups. But since then I have been in contact with BJsmile on tumblr who runs the fantastic Jackie Robinson page, I’ll be sure to have photos that actually are him next time around. The Rox are on the road until next week so I’ll have some time to catch my breath. I’m looking forward to Randy Choate pitching. I wish it were here and I could beg the TV crew to just mention it for s second!


    Jake Hurley —


    As it happens, I coach my daughter’s t-ball team and we’re the Rockies. Robert Marshall hooked me up with a batch of black/purple/gray stirrups.

    Unfortunately, the fine folks at TCK made the stirrups way too long so they go well past the knee on the kids.

    On the bright side, because they’re so long, I can wear the extra pair that we ended up with. As a matter of fact, I’m link (we’ve got a game tonight).

    JTH –

    MY MAN!!! This makes me so happy! Those look beautiful too, I’m starting to wish I hadn’t ordered 24 of the “standard” design. I’m really diggin’ the northwestern stripe! Do you have any left over, or possibly someone I could barter with for a pair?

    I’m wearing my brand new pair of CU gold stirrups that I received in the mail from a Uni Watch reader in Chicago. I’ll be sending him a pair in both colors when mine arrive. He knows who he is and can reveal himself if he chooses to.


    Ha. No, I live in Chicago. I let my daughter pick the team (we had a choice of any current MLB team). She picked the Rockies because purple is her favorite color.

    I don’t have an extra pair right now, but when the season is over, I can probably help you out.

    And I’m pretty sure I know who your mystery CU rups benefactor is.

    Is someone talking about little old me?! Keep up the great work, Jake. And James, those ones you have are outstanding! Are they 7 inch? We may need a stirrup trading community…

    i would bet dimes to doughnuts it’s “shaggy”. he speaks softly but carries a big stick in 16″ softball, great fellow. tck originally messed that order up too. pfft.

    and shag, if you do see this, i will be back in a few weeks, so maybe i will call a game or two of yours this summer.

    It would be great to see you, Robert! I told Jake that in the future he could contact you to place his orders and save a few bucks. Any new designs on the horizon? (7 inch please?!)

    And James, those ones you have are outstanding! Are they 7 inch? We may need a stirrup trading community…

    Thanks. No, they aren’t sevens, they’re fives. But some elastic sewn into the bottom of the loops would definitely do the trick on these if you wanted to extend them.

    that’s right shag, i will cut him a deal for sure if he is giving them away he can get them at cost.

    i will see what i can do about posting a board on my sight where people can look for styles be them my sold out stuff or something else entirely, something along the lines of…

    looking for scarlet hose with gold stripes, preferably ranger pattern. have stirrups for trade including 57 cubs, and a vintage little league in black and orange. my email is blankatwhateverdotcom

    ….or whatever. i can only afford to keep so much in stock without totally jacking prices and i don’t want to do that. maybe i could add that feature to twitter? i don’t know, i will look into this betwixt work, packing, and looking for a new place to live in the chi.

    and for those who don’t know, shaggy has a very interesting stirrup style, always 7 inch and up, mostly solid colours, and often with very odd sani and stirrup combos. the cat has a real unique stirrup look, it’s pretty great.

    I love this. I always wanted to get the attention of the Uni Watch Community in a unique way, I just may have found it.

    I would love to trade stirrups with other readers, although I’m a broke college kid that’s already knee high in debt. TCK just called today and said that my order is ready, but my dumb ass isn’t quite ready to pay for it yet, so now they’re holding it until I get the funds. But it should be soon, very very soon. But that means they’re done!!! I’ll ask them to send me a picture or two.

    Anyway my first 24 that are somewhat spoken for, mostly because I promised several people both on and off of Uni Watch a free pair, I need at least one of each to wear to games, and the rest are hopefully going to be worn in THE SHOW!!

    Although I only have one pair, thanks to Matthew Roberts, I am ready to start a collection!

    Matthew, I didn’t tell you yet but I assume you will see this. I gave the other pair of CU rups to the manager of my favorite local sports bar called The Dark Horse in Boulder, Colorado. They have agreed to become the “Official Bar of the Stirrup”. And at least one employee (the manager) has agreed to wear stirrups while he bar tends and tell and the drunken sports fans about the project and have a stack of my cards somewhere in the bar. After a few more games and hopefully some player signatures I plan to donate “the sign” to them. But that just means I get to make a better one!!


    It’s either the lighting or the shitty camera but you’re right. The purple stripes do look blue in these photos. But I assure you it’s purple.

    They actually look really good in person — far better than I was expecting. I’m sure there’s at least one person here who would disagree with that assessment.

    Just got home from an actual softball game and the team I was on actually won, 23-21!

    Robert – the umpire was a guy named Kevin, who actually “took your place” last season in the Stats League. He remembered me the second I closed my car door and walked to the field (Eckhart). I wore the purple 7 inch “Wildcats” design tonight, of course with white cleats. Went 2-4 with a double and 2 miraculous catches in the outfield. Why I was playing outfield is beyond me, but it was 12 inch softball, so I guess all bets are off when you have a glove.

    Jake – Yes, I read about your weekend adventures on your blog. Love that bar and I’m happy that you are able to find support in my second hometown.

    And yes, I have about 6 different color sanitaries – white, athletic gold, orange, green, light blue, maroon (Youppi!) and probably 10 different color stirrups in 7 or 9 inch ONLY, including personal favorites gray, teal, and WHITE. This of course is in addition to a few I’ve purchased through link (Plug!)

    Oh, and Paul and Phil are both getting a pair whether they (he) like purple or not. It’s totally fine if they end up in one of the UW headquarter clean up raffles at some point.

    But Paul already knows this.

    Paul, you’ve got it all wrong with that Indians cap. The camo-faced Chief Wahoo is accidentally the most empowering symbol of Indian resistance since the AIM flag. Camo Wahoo is coming to take his land back. Instead of pretending to honor Chief Sockalexis, that cap is actually honoring the Indians who wiped out General Braddock in the wilderness and Colonel Custer at Greasy Grass. The overtly militaristic recoloring strips the cartooniness off the logo for me, and gives it an aura of menace and power that completely undermines the whole sports-team-mascot vibe.

    On the other hand, the sheer gratuitousness of the Indians selling three – three! – “on-field” camo caps for a one-day event is pretty shocking. Puts the lie to any claim that these caps are about “honoring” anything or anyone. No, they’re about selling merchandise. First, last, and in-between.

    “the sheer gratuitousness of the Indians selling three — three! — “on-field” camo caps for a one-day event is pretty shocking.”


    aren’t these things also supposed to be worn on the fourth of july and *patriot* day?

    maybe that’s why there’s three of them?

    Uh huh. Sure. They just happen to need to show their patriotism by selling exactly one of each of the team’s ball caps. What a lucky coincidence! Obviously the marketing tail is wagging the patriotism dog here; let’s not help these mooks make up their excuses.

    That’s Patriots’ Day. With an S. And only in Massachusetts and Maine. Just call it September 11.

    Should MLB also impose regulations on whether players wear long sleeves, no sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, etc.? I would look at lower-leg regulations in much the same way. It seems sort of neat that Ted Kluszewski was able to cut off his sleeves to make his uniform more comfortable; should he have been ordered not to do that? The mix of styles for how players wear their pants is exactly the same and, if it’s not, I’d need to know why it’s not.

    To me, the pajamapantsers are choosing to wear a different color than the rest of the team. Your sleeve length analogy would hold only if the short-pantsed players showed bare skin from ankle to knee.

    Uh… wouldn’t the sock showers be the ones wearing the different color, given that the vast majority of players wear the ankle length pants and the high cuff guys are the oddity?

    You have a weird definition of oddity.

    The point of the uniform is that all players are wearing the same thing, identifying them as a team. If 8 guys are wearing long pants and 1 guy is high cuffed, that one guy is the oddity, regardless of whether we think it looks better.

    Ted Kluszewski looked like a douche. And there’s nothing approaching a “mix” these days: almost universally, MLB baseball players are not wearing their baseball uniforms as designed, or as bearable to the human eye.

    Agree 100%. Klu wasn’t even that muscular he showed a lot of flab. The word uniform is self defining. All players should match. That’s why I prefer socks to stirrups. Players will strech their stirrups to differant hights, showing more white than others which is how all the trouble began back in the ’60s. Unbuttoned shirts are becoming a plague too. Only the top button should be allowed to be open.

    I can vouch for the fact that Art Silber really does use his #42 uniform to start conversations with kids at the ballpark and share his memories of Jackie Robinson. Seen it happen several times before and after games. A shame that Mo’s injury has put the kibosh on Mr. Silber’s quest to wear #42 into the sunset.

    Call me crazy, but I really have to question the authenticity of the 1945 Leo Durocher Brooklyn Dodgers satin uniform that’s up for auction at Lelands. First thing that struck me was Wilson made the Dodgers uniforms. Next was the size of Brooklyn on the front. It looks kinda small. Third was the piping on the sleeves. Look at all the other Dodgers satin photos and you’ll see it satin taping on the shoulders and sleeves. Fourth, there’s no logo on the hat. Finally, Durocher wore #2 in 1945. He never wore #1.

    “Now there’s no rule for what the stirrup-clad players wear under their stirrups? It’s just the latest example of why MLB needs some sort of lower-leg regulations. It’s chaos out there, Mr. Selig. Pure chaos.”

    Paul, this is baseball Satan Bud Selig we’re talking about here. You’re basically shouting at clouds.


    -Loved the story on Art Silber. Absolutely loved it.

    -Looks like the Giants gave the rookies some old Reebok link to wear for the photoshoot. I assume they’re Reebok because you can *barely* see the NFL Equipment patch on the left thigh, whereas the new pants have a swoosh in that area, and the padded belt tunnels are missing. Also, there was some funny-yet-broke-ass singing at the end there.

    “In any case, even if professional player has ever worn “Jr.” in the Big Four, that’s about to change, because Roy Helu Jr. of the Redskins will be wearing “Jr.” this season.”

    Shouldn’t there be an ‘a’ in between “if” and “professional”? And I’m not sure if that “ever” should or shouldn’t be “never”. I’m confused.

    Uniform numbers for officials in the NHL used to signify seniority in the old days. The lower the number, the more years the official has put in.

    However, it’s all a matter of personal choice nowadays. A linesman I know chose his number because it has significant meaning to him. It’s not a common number, but he wears it through his own choice as do all the other officials today.

    I always thought Kerry F was good as #2. and Koho should have changed to 12 (an even dozen). I miss the NHL Refs having thier names on back..because yelling “Hey 15 you suck.” just doesn’t have the same ring.

    Remember the Dave Elston cartoon where he comments on Fraser’s hair by putting a certain letter/number combination on the back of his jersey. After a short search, here’s the first pic of it I found:


    I guess it would make sense that a cyclist would want to represent the superhero that was created from science rather than based on natural abilities.

    In light of the Weekend ‘Rename the Cleveland Baseball Team’ series of posts, how long before No Mas puts out an ‘I’m calling them the Spiders’ t-shirt?

    Dunno, but if some future owner does change the name, “I’m calling them the Indians” tees will fill up the Cleveland streetscape.

    I had to chuckle when I read this, thinking how absurd it would sound to someone who doesn’t get it — “Choate is the first non-Oakland player to wear colored sannies since the ’84 Padres, and the first to wear orange sannies since the 1980 Giants. So this is a pretty big deal.”

    If I were around in the 1920’s, my motivation for trying to make the NHL would be just so I could own one of those freakin’ amazing wool sweaters like the Rangers one in auction!


    Yes, we’ve covered that — lots of college football and basketball players have worn Roman numerals and Jr. (I think there was even a college football player who fathered a child, gave the kid the same name as himself, and then had “Sr.” added to his NOB — or am I imagining that?)

    The question at hand is whether this has ever happened at the pro level.

    The Phillies have had a number of juniors put on their uniform since adopting NOB(Ozzie Virgil, John Mayberry, Ruben Amaro…heck even Pete Rose’s kid was a bat boy) and I’ve not seen one instance of “JrOB”.

    Zabriskie has been called Captain America for several years. He won several US time trial championships in a row and people started calling him that. So he kind of predates the movie

    yeah, this is the sixth time he’s been the us time trial champ and definitely not the first year he’s had the captain america logo on his time trial jersey.

    The thing I like about this link is how it illustrates how wrong I’d have been about its colorway if I was just looking at a black and white photo of it. I know Ricko has discussed this at length in the past, but still, I would’ve assumed the blue and red were reversed, and I would’ve been wrong.

    The other thing I like is the Satanic minimum bid.

    All season, the Detroit Free Press has been running a Cubee-type series where you can download and make “Paper Tiger” dolls for an ever-expanding roster of players.


    There are even accessories:


    Some people have even taken to submitting pictures of their dolls around town:


    Didn’t see it in the comments over the weekend, but the White Sox are wearing a small diamond-shaped memorial patch in honor of former reliever and BP pitcher Kevin Hickey, who passed away last week.


    It is the Moose Skowron patch. This weekend, the Sox commemorated Hickey by hanging his jersey in the dugout. They also held it up when they took a team picture with the Crosstown Cup (they retained possession of it by sweeping the Cubs and assuring themselves of a season split).

    “…… Here are some good shots of the Nats’ new bat knob decals. …”


    Good look. Except for that red shirt they wear sometimes, the Nationals (my new adopted team in my new adopted city) usually appear pretty, well, natty. And the curved W just does it for me.

    Re: Choate. Yup. I sure like colored sannies! I was actually wondering if there was some rule re: sannies and if someone would be bold enough to just do this. Personally, I was hoping Nyjer Morgan would wear some ‘beer’ sannies under the blue stirrups the next time the Brewers wore their ‘beer’ alternate.

    Here is the original photo that the Giants official twitter account sent out before Friday’s game:


    The Giants also wore this patch on their Orange alt (renamed International Orange in honor of the Golden Gate Bridge even though they aren’t that color) jerseys on Friday night:


    Former Drexel guard Gerald Colds went with “Colds Jr.” for his NOB for at least a couple seasons. This is the best photo of it I could find: link

    Drexel also just graduated a guy with extra NOB letters: Samme Givens, who went with “Sa. Givens” on his jersey. It started when he was a sophomore and his brother, Shannon, was a freshman on the team. (Shannon was “Sh. Givens”). The funny part is that Shannon transferred after his freshman year but his older brother kept the “Sa. Givens” for the rest of his career.

    Looking at the pictures of the Griifeys and Ripkens, I don’t think putting a first initial or Jr. on a jersey is necessary, that’s why we have numbers to identify players. Besides, when the Patriots signed Kyle Brady, do you think the marketing guys who run the leagues would let them change Tom Brady’s nameplate to “T. Brady”? All that merchandise… :)

    Looking at the pictures of the Griifeys and Ripkens, I don’t think putting a first initial or Jr. on a jersey is NOBs are necessary, that’s why we have numbers to identify players..


    To be fair, Paul, NOBs on back were still rare in my boyhood, and I remember never being able to tell who was who on TV. Perhaps I was innumerate, or was slow to develop facial-recognition skills, but I recall desperately wishing that more teams would use NOBs, and being highly relieved when they finally became the default.

    Yeah, I imagine NOBs are good for casual fans. I think the Red Sox/Yanks do it well where they keep the name off at home but put the NOB on the road for other fans to know who is who (or they could get a program obviously)

    At least with a no NOB you don’t run the risk of having an obsolete jersey

    I think the Red Sox/Yanks do it well where they keep the name off at home but put the NOB on the road

    I think you mean the Red Sox and the Giants. (The Yanks never use NOBs, even on the road.)

    At least with a no NOB you don’t run the risk of having an obsolete jersey

    Another way to avoid having an “obsolete jersey”: Don’t waste $200 on a polyester shirt.

    I think NOB’s should go the way of the 8 track player, they are not needed anymore, in this digital information age. Numbers are good enough.

    Regarding the “T. Brady” thing, that’s the specific case that caused the NFL to change the rule.

    The white and green HS football helmets are really intriguing. Some of the stranger helmets in that vein that I’ve seen:

    Tempe 1969: On the same pages of the yearbook (covering one single game), they used link and link. It was Tempe’s last white helmet for 42 years (one debuted in 2011) and its first blue helmet since 1960. The navy blue helmet would be in continuous use for the rest of the 1970s, plus 1981-86, 1989, and 1998-99 (with an added stripe). I am not sure on the 1969 use of the different colors, but they were used in the same game.

    McClintock is in the same school district, and its helmet history is very hard to decode. From 1965 to 1998, every single helmet McClintock used was two-sided. Some helmets in the 80s and early 90s had award decals that pictured an anthropomorphic horse, at first with the word “STUD” beside it.

    That Tim Raines Sr. comment reminded me of some research I did a while back. He only played 4 career games with the Orioles, so I wondered if there was ever a baseball card produced with him in an O’s uniform. I found one, the 2001 Fleer Platinum #308:


    Which makes me wonder: what is the fewest number of games someone has played with a team, and appeared on a card with that teams uniform?

    here’s another site that may be of interest to some – this one with custom made hockey cards – some made up for players that never had a card.


    Mel Angelstad played 2 games for the Washington Capitals. He has a 2004-05 SP Authentic card. Played some of his minor league days in my neck of the wood (Thunder Bay). Also, is the only NHL player to ever wear #69.


    Played in the preseason, never suited up with the Lightning in the regular season. In fact, she played in just one exhibition period in 1992 against St. Louis, surrendering two goals on nine shots, and played the full exhibition game in 1993 against Boston, surrendering three goals and taking the loss.

    Four periods of action in the preseason – does it really warrant a hockey card made regardless of her trailblazing ways?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if cards exist for players who never actually made the team they’re depicted with.

    I haven’t really bothered with card collecting since the mid-90s, but even then there were rookie cards for draft picks who hadn’t actually played a single down/inning/period yet.

    Exactly. During the baseball card boom, trying to be the first company to produce a rookie card for a player was a big deal. I remember plenty of players right out of the draft getting a card, in their MLB team’s uniform.

    Again, no one specific comes to mind… but during that irrational craze, there HAS to be a player with a card who bombed in the minors and never played a game in the majors.

    Ok, found an answer:

    Ty Griffin. Cubs first round pick, plenty of baseball cards in a Cubs uni.

    Never even sniffed the majors…


    Just to name a few, since 2000:

    Dusty Bergman, Angels
    Travis Chapman, Phillies
    Tim Christman, Rockies
    Steve Green, Angels
    Adam Greenberg, Cubs
    Lee Gronkiewicz, Blue Jays

    All only played one game for the team. As noted below, the baseball card industry’s (former) practice of creating rookie cards for players before they played in MLB is mainly responsible for this.

    The South Korean (caption says Japan, but I’m inclined to go with Korea as well) jerseys are probably mixed case as a result of the Korean naming conventions. The first name, in all caps, is the family name, and most personal names include a “generational name” that is the same for siblings and cousins, etc. Since nearly half of all Koreans have one of the 5 most common family names, the personal names are needed, even though they’re seen as less important – thus the non-caps.

    Did anyone else notice that the Reebok Redskins jersey RG3 was wearing, featured TV numbers on the shoulders? I wonder if this was some old Reebok prototype lying around Redskins Park or something?

    The Mystics blood jersey photo is proof positive that corporate sponsor ads don’t belong on professional sports uniforms. The team logo is smaller (not to mention less legible) than both the corporate sponsors’ and the uni manufacturer’s logos. Had I not read the cpation I’d have thought the name of the team was Inova.

    I was going to post the same thing. The team name / logo is incidental compared with all of the other crap (sorry, I mean LOGOS) on the jersey.

    I think the NFL should have kept that phantom rule that prevented players from having JrNOB’s and RNOB’s. It looks unprofessional. I mean, everyone will probably call Robert Griffin RG3 even without a Roman Numeral on his nameplate.

    I’m not so sure that it’s unprofessional to use your full name. It looks a little odd because you never see it anywhere, but he probably considers that III to be an important part of his identity.

    My father was “the 2nd” rather than “Junior”, and he always made a point of using that anywhere he could.

    I think we can be absolutely positive that “Robert” is also “an important part of his identity,” and yet “Robert” isn’t showing up on the back of his jersey. Validating the guy’s identity isn’t the purpose of putting letters above the number on the back. Making the player easier to identify is the purpose. To wit, a player’s surname is applied to his jersey. Jr, Sr, III, IV, The Elder, The Younger, The Second of His Name, and other such suffixes are not part of a person’s surname. Ergo, they do not belong on the jersey.

    Something something “Ochocinco” something…

    If he wants to be Griffin III, let him be Griffin III. As Paul posted earlier, NOBs aren’t really necessary anyway, so if we’re going to have them, why not let the player have a tiny bit of customization? Personally, I’d love to see the NFL follow the XFL’s lead and allow nicknames as NOBs for established players (In my mind – If you’re a starter for 5 years, you can pick your own NOB). Whenever I get around to buying another Raiders jersey, it’s going to be a #12 with “Snake” as the NOB.

    I’m with The Jeff here. Look at football! (soccer) You have players like Képler Laveran Lima Ferreira and Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite (Pepe and Kaka respectively) you need nicknames on the back. Its all up to the player, which is part of what I love about the sport.

    The Ripkens (Cal Sr., Cal Jr., and Billy) never had anything other than “RIPKEN” on the backs of their jerseys. The same goes for “RAINES” when they were together in Bawl’mer.

    The best I can figure regarding the link is that is some of a sculling or rowing crew. I scoured databases for a few hours trying to figure whether it’s a Washington DC team, or perhaps some area college that stars with ‘D’. Not that expected to find anything, but I still want to know….

    general uni question:

    anyone know if pro athletes get a new uni for each game? or do they get the unis washed and reuse them?

    no idea about other sports, but i can tell you that in afl (aussie football) they have a different jumper for each match, and these are ready before the season starts…(not certain how many years this has been the case now)…unused jumpers (if a player is injured for a time or whatever reason) are then auctioned off at season’s end (or at the end of special matches, like anzac day)…they are called “player issued” or “pi” jumpers…i have one from alan didak of the collingwood magpies…


    In years past in hockey, the players went through three sets of jerseys a season. First half, second half and then playoffs. There were seasons where you could see subtle differences on the mid-season jerseys. I know the 1988-89 Penguins started with the screened on numbers and the second half sweaters then went tackle twill. And the Islanders made some minute changes to their playoff set in the early 80’s.

    As for soccer, especially internationals, they definitely wear new shirts for each game.

    Idea for a reader write in contest- Who’s the best dressed MLB player? I vote for Ronny Cedeno – High cuffed, well fit uni and orange shoelaces on blue shoes. He always looks sharp.

    Thank, The. Was gonna dig up that link.

    Wasn’t really a poll/vote/debate. More like a survey.

    “Who’s the first player that comes to mind when you think of someone who’s well-dressed?”

    Zabriskie is a big comic book fan, and the national championship jersey he wears for winning the time trial obviously has the stars and stripes on it.

    He wore the shield helmet last year, too, though the design was a little different with a red tail on the shield.
    Le Tour de France
    USPRO Cycling Challenge in Colorado

    Interesting piece on Jordan and Barkley threatening not to take part in the ’92 Olympic Gold Medal ceremony because they’d have to wear Reebok gear.

    Jordan eventually used the American Flag to “cover up” his shame. Classy.

    Sorry to be wandering a bit off the reservation again, but I had a thought: Nobody seemed all that crazy about the two most likely New Orleans NBA nicknames – Angels and Spirit – and what I’m about to suggest is in every way a compromise. How about the New Orleans Seraphim?

    I was reading the Celtics encyclopedia and there’s a picture of Jerry West wearing football pads over his Lakers uniform as a joke in reference to how it was a battle playing the Celtics in the Finals.

    Is this a common picture that everyone knows about or should I scan it and post to the site?

    Many Michigan posters bashed or mocked Ohio State for caving to Nike as they said. When Ohio State wore procombat unis.

    And low and behold Michigan will wear have more changes this year. Last year they had a few.

    Not that it bothers me. But many fans laughed at Ohio State.

    And many of those same Michigan posters think it’s amazingly stupid how much we’re caving to Adidas with the amount of alternate stupidity we embraced last year, and will be embracing in the future.

    Stupid is stupid, and Michigan wearing six unique jersey designs, three unique helmets, and three different pairs of pants is certainly stupid.

    True. I read some of the comments on the linked article. Many are unhappy.

    As I said I do not mind changes once in a while. I prefer throwbacks only. Pure throwbacks. But Michigan has not had a lot of uniform changes or fancy old school uniforms.

    I don’t know if anybody mentioned this, but the link about Roy Helu Jr. on the Redskins website features Robert Griffin III on the right in the new Nike uni’s and Brian Orakpo on the left with the old Reebok uni’s. Just something that caught my eye.

    Re: RNOB. in the XFL, everyone remembers Rod Smart aka He Hate Me. two opposing linebackers changed their jersey names to Me Hate He and Me Hate He II. i do not recall the teams and I do not have a screen shot

    Don’t let this get out in public, but somewhere, in a bankers (banker’s/bankers’? whatever) box, I have a set of XFL trading cards. If I get a chance (which should be soon, as I have to clean for an upcoming party), I’ll look through the set.

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