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Bury My Heart at FedEx Field

Washington Redesign Header Day 1

By Phil Hecken

Having now finished with the rename & redesign the Cleveland Baseball team contest, we move on to our next redesign contest — this one to redesign the Washington Football team. A total of 33 entries were received for this one, and like the Cleveland contest, we’ll have reader voting. However, unlike the Cleveland contest, every entry will be eligible to move on to the (semi)final 10, rather than a somewhat arbitrary system of selecting the top 10 or 12 semi-finalists based on reader comments. I’ll reveal 11 entries per day over the course of this weekend and next, and then next Sunday, you’ll be able to vote on every design, with the top 10 moving onto the finals. From there, we’ll select ONE winner from the final group of 10 (so the second round of voting will constitute the final). Everyone will now be a semi-finalist. This is probably the most fair way to select a contest winner — and this way, we won’t have any entrants feel they’ve been slighted.


One other slight change from the Cleveland contest — instead of linking to a screengrab of the contest submission, I’ll post the entrant writeup along with the submission — this way, anyone who has provided a link within their descripton will be able to have readers taken directly to that link.

And so, alphabetically as always, here are your first 11 entrants (click on each image to enlarge):


Brent Becker:

Becker, Brent - Federals

Descripton: I’ve made the attached design in response to the uni-watch redesign for Washington. With apologies to Chester Gould, the concept driving this new image is based in the heyday of Gangsters and G-men – including a very urbane “government agent” pallet and graphics inspired by WPA/NRA propaganda, armored vehicles, and pinstriped suits. The early 20th century motif is also a nod to the city itself – many federal buildings were constructed at this time. I hoped to present a redesign that shows federal prowess but with a campy touch.


Tom Bierbaum:

Bierbaum, Tom - Americans Home

Bierbaum, Tom - Americans Away

Description: I went with the Washington Americans for my design. I actually created a fictitious team as a 7-year-old called the Wilmington (Del.) Americans and came up with this basic uniform design when I was 11. It seemed like an appropriate entry in this contest so I got to work with the old colored pencils. Opposing teams are fairly radical concepts for the Buccaneers and Cowboys. I’ve posted more details at


Joe Bozek:

Bozek, Joe - Warriors

Description: My goal was to keep Washington Redskins Tradition Alive.


Liam Burkholder:

Burkholder, Liam - Federals Logo

__Burkholder, Liam - Federals Home

Burkholder, Liam - Federals Away__Burkholder - Federals Home Alt

Description: I chose to work with the Federals nickname because it was the top choice in your contest. I found a stock font called Colona, which reminded me of the many columns seen around the capitol and other federal buildings. I altered the F to look even more column like. Color choices were based on the traditional colors for the US with an added a matte gold. The deep red and gold together is a nod to their current pro football team. The challenge was using those patriotic colors in a way that wasn’t derivative of other pro teams.


Leo Chomiak:

Chomiak, Leo - Justice Logo 1

Chomiak, Leo - Justice Logo 2Chomiak, Leo - Justice Socks

Chomiak, Leo - Justice RedChomiak, Leo - Justice WhiteChomiak, Leo - Justice Blue

Description: For the contest I decided to change the name from the Washington Redskin to the Washington Justice. The D.C. motto is “justice for all” so I don’t think there could be a more appropriate team name than the Justice, spreading justice one victory at a time. The logo is a combination of the sword and balancing scale “lady justice” holds. The colors are pure american and are simply Red, White, and Blue. Both the sleeves and hips feature a laurel wreath that surrounds each individual player’s number. There is a two-stripe design I used on the sleeves, pants that I feel has a great balance between having a modern look and still having class. The helmet stays consistent with the sleeve and pants design with two stripes. the stripes cut off before the end of the helmet where the players number is. The socks also feature two stripes. The blue based ones are to be worn with the white and blue jerseys and the red based ones are to be word with the red jersey. The Justice word logo is a combination of the sword-scale logo and the DC flag. This design would also be used for the endzone paint.


Ryan Connelly:

Connelly, Ryan - original sketch

__Connelly, Ryan - primary logo

Connelly, Ryan - primary helmetConnelly, Ryan - alt/”throwback” helmet

Connelly, Ryan - throwback/dark/white jersey set

Descripton: Colors are Maroon & Gold, just like the current Redskins identity. My thought was to keep the jerseys/helmets/pants/socks patterns pretty much unchanged. This may seem lazy as it looks like I just slapped the new logos on the current jersey set, but I wasn’t using Photoshop. I actually drew, traced, and hatched everything into AutoCAD (traced the unis from JohnnySeoul’s template. He’s the man that updates Wikipedia’s football uniform info). I figured that a rebrand of such a historic team’s identity would go over much more smooth for the fans if they still have the same classic unis to root for. Hail to the Bulldogs!


Matt Egeler:

Egeler, Matt - Federals Logo

__Egeler, Matt - Federals Away

Egeler, Matt - Federals AwayAlt__Egeler, Matt - Federals

Egeler, Matt - Federals Alt__Egeler, Matt - Federals Alt2

Description: I decided just to base my design of of the name that got the most votes, rather than create a new name. That being said, I still think that “Washington Federals” was the most fitting choice. I tried to create a uniform that sort of captured what the city represents, and I think I did a pretty god job.The colors came naturally with the name, and so did much of the design. I like the idea of keeping the helmet simple, especially since the jersey is a little busy. It ended up turning out a little Capitals-y, but I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing; I can live with some cross-sport branding, especially in a city like D.C.


David Firestone:

Firestone, David - Insiders

Description: I created a new name and uniform for the Washington Redskins that better suits their home turf…the Washington Insiders.


Bruce Genther:

Genther, Bruce - Warriors -  1

Genther, Bruce - Warriors - 2

Description: Here is my proposed Washington Redskins, oops!, Washington Warriors uniforms.


Chris Giorgio:

Giorgio, Chris - Wild Hogs

Description: Inspired by the lovable nickname for the offensive line of the ’80’s “The Hogs”, I decided to rebrand the team as the Washington Wild Hogs. I kept the classic burgundy & gold identity that fits Washington football. The uniform is classic with a slightly updated feel yet honors tradition. I stuck with the Patriots’ theme of no white pants and never mixing and matching the two (i.e. unitard look).


Gary Glib:

Glib, Gary - Federals

Description: Here’s my redesign for Washington. I kept the same colors as they have now but made it more modern. I wanted to give the new team an urban-retro feel that could appeal to the DC area’s diverse population. Also I didn’t want to do the same old red-white-blue thing just cause it’s DC.


Phew. That’s the first set of designs. I’ll have the second set tomorrow and the final grouping next Saturday. We’ll vote on Sunday — now I realize it’s Memorial Day Weekend when the voting takes place, so if you don’t get a chance to check out the You-Dub then, make sure you check back during the week. We’ll keep the poll open all week.


Benchies Header


by Rick Pearson


What, we’ve often heard asked, is in a name?…

5-19-12 d-earl

Click to enlarge


colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Today, we have a special Colorize This! in that every photo is the same. “Say What?” you say…well, that’s because last week I put up a very special request from my buddy, Ben Traxel to have the colorizers take a shot at his grandpappy, Charles Benjamin Walker (after whom Ben was named):

CBW Georgia Tech

Well, I expected maybe one or two of the colorizers to take a shot at this, but I didn’t expect the response I received. So, here are the various attempts. As always, click on the image for the full-size).


Up first is John Turney, who actually did four colorizations, each one attempting a slightly different look for the uniform. I’ll post all four, with the different descriptions below.

Charles Benjamin Walker - John Turney

.Charles Benjamin Walker - John Turney

Charles Benjamin Walker - John Turney.Charles Benjamin Walker 4 - John Turney

First Submission (Top Left): I just guesses that the Ga. Tech colors were gold and black. Made the bricks reddish brown and made the rock work granite with a greenish tint like the Stone mountain. There was not a ton of detail to it. I colorized it then added a Kodachrome filter to brighten it. I would be proud of that grandpa.

Second Submission (Top Right): I made the uniform with a gold hue . . . not sure it was possible then . . . for a second version it looks nice. Wish there was more detail in the shot, I did “burn” the shoes and socks to make them darker.

Third Submission (Bottom Left): I went in and tried to enhance the pinstripes (with mixed success, IMO) but with the lightness of them it was difficult.

Fourth Submission (Bottom Right): Made this one more of Ga Tech blue rather than black, with a blue hue and navy pinstripes.


Next up is the first half of the “G&G” Boys (or is it the second half?), Gary Chanko, with his own take on the B&W photo:

CBWalker_Georgia Tech - Gary Chanko

This is a difficult image because of the low resolution. If Ben has access to the original and can prepare a much higher resolution scan, it should be possible to achieve better results..

The attachment is in TIFF format (easily converted to JPEG if file size reduction is needed) to provide the best possible file quality if the intent is to make a print copy. A passable 8″x10″ enlargement is possible.

The original image was cropped to improve the composition. The uni colors are based on traditional GT gold and their current secondary color navy. I’m not positive navy was used in this time period, but the original image indicates a dark color for the socks and shirt sleeves. The stripes on the socks and sleeves might have been white, but given the neutral tones of the uniform and expansive concrete step background adding the gold color seemed a better choice.

Sorry it couldn’t have been better, but more pixels are needed!



Up next is Pete Woychick, who also provides his own unique take on the photo:

ga_tech_cbwalker_after - Pete Woychick

Hi Phil””

Attached is my take on the 1920s Georgia Tech ballplayer. (I haven’t done any research to support this version of the uniform, it’s purely “artistic license.”)



And finally we have the second half of the G&G Boys (or is it the first?), George Chilvers, with yet another vision:

George Benjamin Walker Georgia Tech 1920s colour - George Chilvers

Hi Phil

This is my attmept at the one requested last weekend.

Really nice to see an interest growing both in contributions and comments for Colorize This.

Best wishes from a very wet UK



Thank you gentlemen! Each one of those is wonderful, and it’s so interesting to see how each colorizer approaches a photo differently. I’m sure Ben will be extremely pleased with the results.

Back with some regular colorizations tomorrow!


Jeff Suppan #38 of the San Diego Padres

A (Inter)plague upon our houses, with some tacos on the side

And on that note…two last things. Most of the bigs participated in the first of the last *meaningful* interleague baseball series yesterday (since next year, thanks to the sheer genius that is Bud Selig and the powers-that-be, every series will have an interplague matchup, due to the Astros moving to the AL and making an uneven number of teams in each league). Fortunately for me, I was out of the loop yesterday, so I missed all sports, especially baseball. Unfortunately, I probably missed some stuff. Fortunately, I was tipped off to two uni-notable events.

The SF Giants had a rather unique (can something be rather unique?) patch yesterday — the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. Since that photo makes it almost impossible to discern, here’s a close-up. Apparently, it’s a pretty big deal, since there’s an entire website devoted to the 75th anniversary. If you’re interested, and you’re near the area, there is a pretty big celebration taking place on Sunday, May 27, as that is the date the bridge officially opened, way back in 1937. So it’s even older than Ricko.

Meanwhile, down the road in San Diego, the Padres went with their turn-back-the-clock uniforms (they appear to be throwing back to 1978, which they’ve done before, in 2008). Here’s how those 1978 unis looked — pretty good job by Majestic (again!). Perhaps the folks at Majestic have been reading Uni Watch, since they’ve done pretty well with their throwbacks this season. Too bad los Angels didn’t play along, but at least some of the Padres wore stirrups to complete the look. Personally, I feel that is one of the unis that doesn’t look completely horrible if worn with pajama pants (some throwbacks, particularly those rendered in powder blue, look horrendous when worn with baggy jerseys and in pajama style). Good job, Fathers, good job.

That’s all for today. Make sure you make notes on (and compliment or critique) the Washington contestants. I’ll have the second set of submissions tomorrow. Everyone have a good Saturday.


“Glad no white facemask on Browns helmet. I love the throwback, no frill look of gray. Love the Colts with the gray facemask too. Now, to get teams to stop with the dark colored pants. Unless your pants are yellow or silver, stick with white. Dark colors look awful.” — Randy Miller

Comments (94)

    Warriors = Wizards BORING

    I kind of like insiders, though it doesn’t lend itself well to a song. Warthogs would probably work.

    The team’s current fight song, “Hail To The Redskins”. Substituting “Warriors” doesn’t quite have the same ring.

    And, is it me, or are there a lot of “Federals” concepts here? Seems like more folks remember the old USFL than I thought…

    So write a new song. Limiting any new team name to 2 syllables so it can be easily subbed into the current fight song (Fight song? What is this, high school?) is just… ugh.

    Ugh. As a DC area native and worker, the name “Federals” is pretty bad.

    Liam wins this first group.
    Brent’s make me nervous. Love the logo concept with the G-Men, but….
    The Giants are the G-Men. And that G-Man is very Landryesque. Those colors are also too close to the hated Cowboys.

    Liam’s is interesting but the column font on the road numbers & helmet logo is/would be very hard to see.

    In their first week, the Washington post’s weekly humor contest the style invitationl ran a contest to find a less offensive name for the redskins. The winner was “Baltimore redskins. Dont move the team. Just make it baltimore ‘s problem”.

    I really dig Ryan Connelly’s. There are several really strong entries, but that was the one that just popped out to me. It keeps the colors and unis intact, but gets rid of the Native imagery. Hail to the Bulldogs!

    While I don’t think the Redskins need any redesign but as a thought exercise I’d rename them the Washington Sentinels, like in the movie “The Replacements”. Those uniforms were sharp.


    Dig the Bulldogs and Wild Hogs unis, but I’d use “Boars” as a name/mascot.

    What’s so bad about continuous interleague play? Every other league does it and it’s much more fair to have equal numbers of teams per division.

    Although everyone did some good work, I think the best idea to get rid of the current Washington football team’s name is to keep as much of their identity the same while changing the name and logo. Ryan Connelly had the best concept in this regard and the best original logo, but in my mind’s eye I imagine Washington fans saying, “We don’t have anything to do with Bulldogs.” The Hogs by Chris Giorgio had the same feel and I like the Hogs concept, I wasn’t thrilled with the logo or saying “Wild” in the team name. Somewhere in the middle is a great concept that would win over the DC area.

    Great job with the Benchies today Rick! Earl “The Pearl” is on my favorite nicknames and to have you crush it’s meaning was high comedy!

    On a similar note, replace the Native American in the drum head er dream catcher(heh heh), with some generic comic book lookin’ Dick Tracy dude, and have the feather instead be his neck tie. Then, call them the Federals, or Insiders, or….. I know someone developed a similar logo for Tshirts they were selling, however I believe you could design it so it was a bit more flattering to the team name.

    My point is the fans didn’t do anything wrong and their pro football identity shouldn’t be destroyed because their owner named the team with the most derogatory Native American moniker. Say what you want about the colors and uniforms being identified with that name, but those symbols can be attributed to the new name with time….and winning.

    That FEDS guy in the fedora was kinda scary, like an IRS agent coming to my door to collect, or a man in black telling me to “Forget about that UFO you saw!”. But everyone did a great job on the re-designs. Everyone’s submission was imaginative!

    Good point. One has to ask, is this the kind of scary intimidating identity you want to be representative of your football team? Honestly, I would rather just stick to honoring the bravery and fight in the Redskins identity, albeit I would change the name back to Braves.

    I am a huge Skins fan and I have been for 20 years so I hope I can bring a valued opinion to the group. First the Redskins don’t need a change, but that’s beside the point. The only ones here that have merit are those that don’t change the burgundy and gold. Anything with three colors (one of which is not white/silver/grey) looks like an AFL team. Anything with red/white/blue and stars looks like a pro bowl jersey… Nuf Sed. So my two favorite are the Washington Warrior inputs. The one Bruce Genther submitted is best at paying homage to the original Skins and looking great!

    Sorry, but Firestone’s submission is an epic fail the first time a TV or radio color man says “Insider tight end.”

    As a Washington fan, I’m so torn on this. On the one hand, a rebranding is clearly needed. On the other hand, I want it to respect the history and the tradition of the franchise. Keeping the Burgundy and Gold is an absolute deal-breaker. “Warriors” is kind of boring, but it’s definitely the closest. I’ve played around in my head with some play on “Hogs,” but couldn’t quite come up with something that I felt okay with. Losing “Hail to the Redskins” would be sad, but I suppose the lyrics have been changed once already (“Fight for old Dixie” –> “Fight for old DC”).

    Astros went shooting star again last night on their Flashback Friday. I think the rainbow guts are up for the next Friday home game.


    That Rangers dropshadow really bugs the shit out of me. All that extra tackle twill weight for a lousy little sliver of black that does nothing but clutter up.

    That photo still looks wrong to me – it should be in late October, or both teams in BP jerseys in Spring Training. Bud Selig is the worst commissioner in all of sports. Traditionalist my ass.

    get used to it — you’re gonna be seeing stros/rangers a lot next year

    and lets hope the stros are wearing THAT exact uni

    Dear Fred Wilpon,

    Please return the Mets to black caps, black dropshadows & black uniform softball tops for every single day for the rest of their miserable existence….

    YOU get used to it! =P

    Fucking god damn Interleague Play. Turns wives against husbands, brothers against sisters, people against mailmen…

    “YOU get used to it! =P”


    um, i meant because they’ll be in the same league…same division, even

    i’m right there with you on interplague, or didn’t you notice that subheader

    the “solution” to the realignment problem is simply to add two teams to the AL and then have four four-team divisions (like teh NFL)

    no interplague/no DH & no wildcards

    but that’s an argument for another time

    I know you meant Houston Astros & the Texas Texas’ in the same division in ’13; was just complimenting one turd idea with another.

    As for four 4-team divisions – no. Divisions are a fallacy & the smaller the division, the worse the bullshit. Like for example in the NFL, we don’t need link or link just because they happen to be the Best of the Worst in a random group. Go by leagues/conferences & take the top 4 teams by record (as you should) and call it a day.

    If you don’t like smaller divisions, concealed, add 2 teams and go to 2 8-team divisions in each league.

    I’d rather contract two teams than add two (really not feasible, either). Still don’t want 2 divisions in each league – the top teams are not always evenly distributed within divisions, that’s the problem. If the top 4 playoff teams happen to be on the East Coast or Time Zone, so be it. It’s not right to punish teams with better records over other division winners just because they’re in a stacked division.

    Contraction sucks. Less baseball would suck. How about we contract some lame NFL teams, too?

    That’s rich. We got multiple teams pushing decades removed from the playoffs & there’s probably at least 4 to 6 teams worth of guys that belong in AAA. It’s not like they would shorten the season (tho I would be in favor of going back to 154 & scheduled doubleheaders).

    I wouldn’t mind contracting some NFL, NBA & NHL teams either. Pruning these sports would improve the quality play & increase the importance of the regular season & playoffs. Less is more.

    I love the redesigns by everyone. Its always awesome to come on during redesigns and see everyone’s imagination coming out.

    I have to say I love Tom’s redesign of the Americans. I cannot express how much I love the stars around the tv numbers and the sock stripes.

    Can’t wait to see all of the rest upcoming.

    I agree with my fellow Washingtonians, it would be a very hard sell in DC to get rid of the team colors.

    Agree. Because exactly why would they make sweeping changes?

    The organization isn’t saying, and shouldn’t BE saying, “OMG, we’re SO sorry; everything we’ve ever done is wrong, we need to completely start over.”

    They’d just be changing the nickname.

    Same goes for the Indians, or anyone team that would change.

    Stanford, for example, didn’t feel the need to totally revamp its image. Just changed from Indians to Cardinal and moved ahead.

    The less gut-wrenching and angst-ridden they make it the better.

    Eh, you’d get over it. Teams switching colors isn’t unheard of. Look at Green Bay (blue to green), Tampa Bay or Seattle. Heck, your Redskins haven’t really been entirely consistent anyway, the shade of burgundy has varied and their “gold” started as metallic and changed to yellow.

    I meant from a PR position. There is NO need to change everything just because the nickname is changing. No reason for re-branding, no legitimate business logic for re-branding.

    Simply, the bigger deal YOU make of something the bigger deal everyone ELSE will make of it. The lower the profile of the change the better.

    And don’t give us a “fanspeak” reply, or about whether the fans would “get used to it.” I’m talking about the advisable way to handle the business of it.

    Better to stay in the world you’ve inhabited and make a few changes that appear ashamed of everything that gone, as if the slate needed to be wiped. Because, of course, it doesn’t.

    It would be a shame to change that color scheme. It’s really nice. It’s what the Diamondbacks should had been in the first place.

    Happy Armed Forces Day. This would seem to be the one day where it would be quite appropriate for MLB teams to give a nod to the servicemen and servicewomen.

    Ok, having had time to absorb all the entries today… I think the winners for the day are Chris Giorgio’s Wild Hogs (though I’d probably change it to Warthogs – Wild Hogs sounds too much like a bad Arena team) and Tom Bierbaum’s Americans (I’d change that to Federals – I hate names like Americans or Nationals).

    Bruce Genther’s concept is also nice, but I think he kinda missed the point of the contest. I thought the idea was to remove the name *and* the imagery. Warriors on it’s own is fine, but Warriors with a feather seems kinda borderline. Maybe call them something like War Hawks or Warbirds or Red Hawks if you want to use a feather.

    Cleveland already has the bulldog attached to their fans. Plus, it’s one of the most overused nicknames in all of sports.

    One strange anomaly I noticed during the Pads game last night…it looked like Alexi Amarista’s name was sewn directly onto the jersey, while the rest of the team had nameplates. They just traded for him last week, so it kinda makes sense if they had these jerseys made earlier in the year. Anyone else see that?

    Hideous uniforms but great scheme. The gold trim is just so loud and thick, the brown sleeves and shoulders & city name never worked. I don’t know why with that wordmark they never did brown with gold trim – seemed like the most obvious choice.

    I’m just a sucker for any iteration of their brown/gold uniforms…well maybe I draw the line at the all-mustard ones, but any brown/gold Padres uni trumps anything they’ve worn post-brown in the navy era.


    The Padres just don’t look right in navy, and their current rendition of it is the most plain and shitty ever. The owners are idiots. The name of the team is the Padres, not the Navy Sailors.

    A lot of people thought C. Arnholt Smith was an idiot when he chose brown and gold over red, white and blue for the expansion Padres.

    The number of tasteful navy-based uniforms is far, far greater than the number of tasteful brown-based uniforms. The Padres’ very uni history is proof positive of that.

    Don’t like it? Then come up with an alternative that isn’t just an excuse in “wild for wild’s sake.” This is baseball, not fucking Project Runway.

    link link link

    Padres owners are still idiots. Red, white, blue & navy is not the only colors sports teams can be. If everyone was that it would be boring as hell. But this is Uni Watch. Asshole.

    Lots of interesting stuff here. Becker’s looks a bit like the Dallas Cowboys being coached by Dick Tracy, some look like the old New England Patriots, some of these have a real 1970s vibe to them & while I don’t like the name “Insiders” (reminds me too much of the tabloid show) I really like the cleanness & simplicity of the helmet logo & uniforms.

    Ryan Connelly’s is very nice but it looks very College and the gold is too yellow, which could be fixed like this:


    twas limited to AutoCAD colors, but your version of gold
    looks great! I’m still in the early stages of teaching myself Adobe Illustrator.

    I still pretty much use only MS Paint. The key is using clean templates, drawing at 200% to 1000% size & avoiding *.JPG. 24-bit BMP or PNG will do the job.

    mr. miller: i think the reason most people like the dark pants with white top is that it is what most people wear every day, so it is what they are used to seeing. but i agree teams like the bears should go white over white

    ben: noooice. all my great grandpappy and uncle pixtures in baseball and football uniforms are team pixtures. come to think of it same with my pops, and heck same with my brother and me even. guess we were not a family of photogs.

    contest: super swell that there are so many hand drawn enteries, really gives the contest some pizzaz. the same old tired video game templates and such are just that, tired.

    genther: um, i love the actual uni-design, i really do, but warriors with a feather on the helmet? why not keep redskins? if i make a veggie burger for some half-wit at a barby but i slather it in bacon grease to make it taste good, it ain’t a veggie burger any more. i probably shouldn’t use hippie references considering so many people erroneously think this whole venture pc thug nonsense, but that is what came to mind.

    cornmother: thank you again for the cartoon bird, white front hats, and no matter how temporary the first place standing. just when i think you are about nothing but forsaking you pull a rabbit out of the hat.

    “if i make a veggie burger for some half-wit at a barby but i slather it in bacon grease to make it taste good, it ain’t a veggie burger any more.”


    it was never a “burger” to begin with

    Good work on the colorizations. That was a tough picture to do for the guys. But the colorizations did improve it.

    What year was the picture from? I ask because I was thinking of the Ga Tech 222-0 win over Cumberland. From what I recall the story was that John Heisman was upset about a Cumberland win of the Yellow Jackets baseball team and part of the reason he poured it on.

    Ryan – I really like your design, but like was mention before, would an NFL team actual consider a bulldogs nickname, considering its association, albeit unofficial, with Cleveland?

    Also, I was watching “A League of Their Own” last night, and when they lined up for the National Anthem in Game 7, the teams lined up halfway betwixt the foul lines and the mound, instead of on the foul lines. Why did they do it that way? Is this historically accurate? Did other teams do this?

    I’d say it was part of the “V for Victory” movement, as the movie is set during the second world war.

    I dig the Wart Hogs concept. Traditional yet clever. While the ‘U.S.A.!’ designs are good, I just don’t see the feasibility considering the existence of the Patriots (a regional rival, if you will). Sure, the Bucs and the Raiders can pull it off, but they’re across the country from each other with different color schemes. With that in mind, the first Federals design is cool as it’s a departure from the Flag Colors, but then you have to consider it is a similar look to the Cowboys, a division rival.

    As an aside, I can’t help but wonder if the universe would divide by zero if the Americans played the Patriots in a Nationalistic Grudge Match… (in a MUD PIT!)

    Another aside, I like how a lot of these concepts are ‘white at home’ presumably to make the Cowboys wear their cursed jersey.

    It’s “Wild” Hogs & it reminds me of the Arkansas Warthogs. Overall it’s pretty good but the dark logo washes out on the dark helmet. A gold or white helmet would fix this contrast problem.

    “…it reminds me of the Arkansas Warthogs.”

    Do you mean Arkansas Razorbacks?

    Life long ‘Skins fan here. Burgundy and fold must say. Ther cannot be any reference to any sort of Hog. The Hogs, Riggo et al were great! But that was 25 Years ago!! Those lameasses that continue to dress up as Hogettes are idiots. Let it go already.

    thanks for all the great feedback!

    also… thanks for not ripping my head off for “maroon” instead of “burgundy” haha was late in the day, but I should know better.

    honestly, I don’t think “bulldogs” is tied to Cleveland. also, it’s a classic team name that a) isn’t overly used in the big 4, and b) isn’t unique for uniques sake

    thanks for the contest, Phil! really fun entries

    Jeff doesn’t seem to understand that people were MLB fans before 1997, 1996, 1995 or 1994. Maybe the All Star Game & World Series actually meant more before Interleague Plague & the leagues had their own distinct style of play. IP was nothing but a cheap drawing card used in the post-Strike era because some turds wanted to see some cheap ‘roided up home runs by McGwire, Sosa or Bonds in their home park.

    One thing that owners never realized that these stupid IP games & unbalanced schedule take away high-drawing non-divisional opponents in the same league on the home schedule & that’s why many teams only come to town once a season. Nobody needs to see the Royals or Pirates 3 series in their home park.

    Just throwing it out there, I was 11 in the 2000 “Subway” World Series. All I could think about was, “If not for stupid Interleague, this would be the coolest thing ever.”
    //But hey, the Yankees still won, so it was still pretty cool.

    FTR, I don’t like it when the White Sox play the Cubs. The media makes it a much bigger deal than it needs to be & they act like it’s a civil war. We don’t care about them & they don’t care about us. Let the teams play in their own leagues & by their own rules.

    I think the NFL should get rid of Interconference scheduling too – didn’t the link only 3 games/5 weeks later in the Super Bowl in the 2007 season? I know they fixed the schedule so it’s divisional games late in the season but a Super Bowl preview really isn’t much fun. There’s more than enough conference teams to go around in the schedule & I don’t see any point to having 25% of your schedule dedicated to the opposite conference.

    I don’t get why you hate interleague play so much…


    i don’t find baseball boring

    it is a beautiful game that doesn’t need all kinds of shit to keep my attention…others can (and do) disagree

    there was something sacrosanct about 2 distinct leagues, with teams never to meet each other except in post season play…

    it was good and pure and all that was right in the world

    now? the powers-the-be have seen fit to keep tweaking the game to fight for the fan and the fan dollars (so, ya know, they can keep paying guys $20M per, because they’re so worth it)

    i’m constantly reminded that “well, the NFL is the true national pasttime now” (and maybe it is), but there was something special (and for me there still is) about the game…i can’t explain it other than to say it’s just (still, despite constant fucking with it) perfect

    i don’t need sausage races, t-shirt cannons, walkup music, scoreboard contests, waitress service, concessions every 20 feet, kids playgrounds (although i can accept those) and the 99 million other things they’ve added to *keep* my attention — i just like to watch a goddam game

    interplague is just one of many things that have happened since 1973 to ruin the game…

    the argument for it once was, well, fans in ______ get to see _____ play now…with television, you pretty much get the chance to see any team play, every night if you want to spend a couple hundy for the package…boo fuckin hoo if, as mark said, mcgwire, bonds and sosa don’t get to come to your stadium…

    people say MLB is boring, and to the video game generation, im sure it is…but they don’t need to fuck with the game to try to win a bunch of slackers who probably don’t care for the game anyway

    it’s not just interplague…but it’s up there among the things selig and his predecessors have done to screw shit up

    Also a lot of satisfying the Participation Trophy Generation, too, who just don’t think they ever should be denied anything.

    “You mean my team with NEVER play the Cardinals??? (or the Red Sox or whoever) That is just UNACCEPTABLE.”

    “now? the powers-the-be have seen fit to keep tweaking the game to fight for the fan and the fan dollars”


    Many people find golf boring as hell too, but you don’t see them refurbishing/destroying their sport to appeal to Johnny XBox. You either like it or you don’t.

    The problem is Bud Selig is only motivated by money. He will do anything and everything for a quick buck. For a traditionalist, he sure has a funny way of showing it. Every single thing he has done to the sport has been a slap in the face to purists & traditionalists. He sits around all day, thinking of ways to lure every last dollar out of Johnny Xbox and OOTD-Sally Youtube so the game is entertaining to THEM and only them, and to sell a bunch of ugly alternate jersey/gift shop rags to them.

    Contrary to popular belief, baseball didn’t have “sellout streaks” and to put his biggest nemesis the Tampa Rays dome: it is not completely of the norm to pack a stadium on a Wednesday afternoon or a Monday night. The only time baseball sold out stadiums was on Opening Day (the one & only REAL one that kicked off in Cincinnati) and the playoffs. The way Selig swindled taxpayers with new stadiums is nothing short of criminal. Interleague Play (as well as the shrinking strike zone & glorification of the home run & bandbox stadiums) is just another symptom of trying to sell a few more seats at the expense of the game.

    We now live in the Internet Age where people can watch any game they want (sans antiquated 1950s TV blackout rules) & basically everyone has cable & almost all 2430 games are broadcast on television. If you want to see Strasburg pitch against the Yankees, go play a video game or wait for the World Series when it really matters. And get rid of that stupid DH rule. That’s not real baseball. Frank Thomas a full-time DH at age 29 – give me a fucking break.

    I was at Wrigley on Thursday night to catch Roy Halladay pitch against the Cubbies. He was dominant, but the Cubbies rallied late before falling 8-7 (as I’m sure a lot of you caught on SportsCenter). Beauty game, and I’m satisfied with his effort on a chilly night at Wrigley. I got to sit in one of baseball’s most storied stadium while watching one of baseball’s best pitchers. Beauty night.

    The scoreboard in right field had a lot of stats portrayed on it all night, but the third inning threw everyone for a loop because the Halladay graphics in innings 1 and 2 were correct, yet inning 3 link. Does Wrigley always have these kings of problems with visiting teams?

    That scoreboard is new this year. I’m sure the folks are getting used to it. New-fangled technology at Wrigley….something we’re not used to!

    anyone see the pirates v tigers?

    was anyone besides fielder going pajama-pantsed?

    can’t that fat fuck hike blouse his pants like everyone else for a negro league tribute?

    I guess we should be thankful that fat fuck shows up at all. Nevermind that he’ll probably be in a diabetic-induced wheelchair on the final years of his contract.


    What a slob. Only the most comfortable shitty uniform for him.

    I’m on here a lot, but wow guys, that’s a lot of hate for a pair of pants.

    I’m pretty sure Fielder’s a vegetarian, work out freak, and has played 157, 158, 159, 162, 161, 162 games the past six seasons.

    Well, he is on my rival’s team. But there’s no excuse for a uniform THAT baggy. He does look like a slob. Legitimate beef & for years on here by many of us. He couldn’t show socks for one lousy game?

    He’s not a vegetarian:


    285 pounds is still pretty hefty for anyone & still a risk for Type-2 diabetes. And remember what John Kruk said: “Lady, I’m not an athlete. I’m a professional baseball player.”

    John, Gary, Pete, and George, oodles and scads of thanks to you all! Those colorizations look stupendous. Phil, thank you a ton too for running it for me. My only memory of my grandfather is seeing him in the hospital before I was even five years old. I may try to frame one of these to hang in my office.

    I’ll take a better look at them tomorrow. I’m recovering from an all day soccer tournament, running field to field watching/coaching about four teams! Worn out!

    “Phil, thank you a ton too for running it for me.”


    you know i love you man

    despite the fact that we pretty much disagree on everything (except our love of the uni and, of course, rups)

    What about keeping the same exact current uniform and logo, but using the name ‘Warriors’? Is the image itself of the native American considered offensive?

    I like Bruce’s Insiders design and Chris’s Wild Hogs design best. But the Insiders name stinks and I think the feather is too reminiscent of the current design. I definitely agree that burgundy and gold should remain the colors to keep as much continuity as possible, and I love how both these guys avoided white pants (my personal pet peeve). I would choose Bruce’s uni design but use Chris’s Wild Hogs name and logo on it.

    I liked some of the patriotic themed designs, particularly Tom’s Americans design. But ultimately all of these just look too much like the Patriots. I’m not afraid of cross-sport same city similarities, but I don’t think you should look too much like another team in your league. Besides, these designs abandon the burgundy and gold.

    I’m going to take a page of what I’ve been told (whether overtly or not) by people who don’t have the same hue color as me my entire life.

    If you aren’t Native American and have a problem with the Redskins, Get Over it.

    Seriously. Yes, I realize it was born in racism. But until someone who has more power than just the amount of force it takes to push keys on a keyboard down decides to do something about it, they will remain the Redskins. Which means people who have an issue will continue to lose breathe and b*tch over a name. And as a black man, I do charge anyone with the gusto to name a team N*ggers. Won’t offend me, I’m not one.

    That said… most of the uniforms are horrible, but I do like the Washington Warriors unis by Bozek… sans the White helmet.

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