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I'm Expecting a Lot of Orange

. Whatever else you can say about the Astros, they’ve certainly had some of the game’s most notable uniforms over the past century. And as most of you know, they’ll have a new uni set next season. But before the new design is unveiled, I’ve decided to let Uni Watch readers try their hand . . . → Read More: I’m Expecting a Lot of Orange

What Can Brown Do for You? A Lot!

[Editor’s Note: Today we have a guest entry by Tim Newcomb, who has written an ode to what he feels is an underappreciated color. ”” PL]

By Tim Newcomb

Brown has never been the “new black” in uniforms. Never has been and, quite likely, never will be. Even teams that have brown in their . . . → Read More: What Can Brown Do for You? A Lot!


The fallout from last week’s ESPN column about Robert Griffin III’s RNOB and a brief history of nickNOBs continued over the weekend. One thing at a time:

• Reader James Nagasawa points out that Earl Thomas of the Seahawks has been wearing RNOB on his practice jersey, as you can see at right. That . . . → Read More: III-peat?

A Story Tailor-Made for Uni Watch

. I got a great submission the other day from reader Andrew Rader, as follows:

I went to a tailor’s shop in Philadelphia [shown above ”” PL] to get some pants hemmed. Turns out that the proprietor (who speaks broken English) and his wife — Pat and Anna Scioli — have been the . . . → Read More: A Story Tailor-Made for Uni Watch