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We Can Still Call It The Jake, Part II

Day 2 Hed

By Phil Hecken

We’re back today with the second set of the “Rename (and logo/uni) the Cleveland Baseball Team” submissions. If you missed Part I, click here. Lots of fantastic submissions yesterday, and more great ones today.

Like yesterday, I’m going to be showing the participants in alpha-order, along with a thumbnail of the main submission (in some cases, there were several different images sent individually, other times a single image contained multiple uniforms and logos). I’ll also include each writeup with each entry. After all the entries have been displayed, I want to narrow it town to the ten best, which will then move on to fan voting ”” so in the comments (or shoot me an email if you don’t want to post), lobby for your favorite submission, and those comments will be given strong consideration for the final 10. As far as prize(s), still haven’t decided, but trust me, I’ll take care of the winner. The second set are below.

Here we go”¦click on all thumbnails for larger version(s). Writeup will appear in the “submission description” that follows the graphics:


Eeth Koth:

Koth, Eeth - midges

Koth, Eeth - midgesroad
Koth, Eeth - midgesalt
Submission Description


Antonio Losada:

Losada, Antonio ClevelandDeers

Submission Description


Ed McVey:

McVey, Ed - ClevelandSPIDERSlogo8

McVey, Ed - unidesignSPIDERS3rdJERSEY
McVey, Ed - unidesignSPIDERSHOME&AWAY
Submission Description


Bryan Molloy:

Molloy, Bryan - Cleveland Chironomids

Submission Description


Timothy Moore:

Moore, Timothy - munislogo

Moore, Timothy - munisunis
Moore, Timothy - munishome..Moore, Timothy - munisroad..Moore, Timothy - munis alt
Submission Description


Justin Myslinsky:

Myslinsky, Justin - municipals

Submission Description


Tim E. O’Brien:

O'Brien, Tim - Cuyahogas_Logo_4a

..O'Brien, Tim - Cuyahogas_Logo_3a
O'Brien, Tim - Cuyahogas_Display_1..O'Brien, Tim - Home Alt - 3D - Cuyahogas_MLB_PSDT_H_2a
O'Brien, Tim - Home - Cuyahogas_BUT_H_1a..O'Brien, Tim - Road - Cuyahogas_BUT_R_1a..O'Brien, Tim - Road Softball - Cuyahogas_BUT_R_2a..O'Brien, Tim - Home Alt - Cuyahogas_BUT_H_2a..O'Brien, Tim - Road Alt - Cuyahogas_BUT_R_3a
Submission Description


Joseph Obermaier:

Obermaier, Joseph - Cleveland Founders

Submission Description


Shaun Ploenzke:

Ploenzke, Shaun - Cleveland Spiders

Submission Description


Jeff Provo:

Provo, Jeff - Cleveland Bulldogs

Submission Description


Nate Schimelpfenig:

Schimelpfenig, Nate - Cleveland Spiders

Submission Description


Prashant Tamaskar:

Tamaskar, Prashant - Cleveland Logo

Tamaskar, Prashant - Cleveland Alternate
Tamaskar, Prashant - Cleveland HomeTamaskar, Prashant - Cleveland Road
Submission Description


George Teaford:

Teaford, George - Cover Sheet

Teaford, George - Logos
Teaford, George - 2D UniformsTeaford, George - 3D Uniforms
Submission Description


Lee Traylor:

Traylor, Lee - Muncs Uniform Simple Page

Submission Description


Marcus Wagner:

Wagner, Marcus - Cleveland Rock Stars

Submission Description


Eve Wilderman:

Wilderman, Eve - Cleveland Barons

Submission Description


John Woods:

Woods, John - barons jaypeg

Woods, John - Barons white uniformWoods, John - Barons grey uniform
Submission Description


And that, folks, is the end of day two of the “Rename the Cleveland Baseball Team” contest. Take heed, take notes…and make sure you lobby for those designs you like. We’ll take the best 10 (and not necessarily 5 from each of the two day unveilings) and next weekend, you can vote for your top 3. We’ll have the finals after that. OK? OK.

Back next weekend with the semi-final voting.


Benchies Header


by Rick Pearson


He also thinks the Electoral College is in the Big East…

4-22-12 s-Mitt son

Click to enlarge


colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

I’ve actually received a boatload of colorizations from John Turney, so I wanted to run a couple today, along with one or two non-John efforts. Because of John’s prolific output, this will be a regular feature again, until I can get him caught up.

Based on the positive comments to the new format, I will again be running the photos in this way — click to enlarge all of the photos below.


John’s first effort was this wonderful old AFL shot:

I colorized the photo in Photoshop and then put a Alien Skin Exposure Kodachrome 25 filter over it, also in Photoshop.. I had to guess at the colors of the ref’s uniform and the color of the buildings and stadium.

Raiders v. Chiefs - John Turney


This next one is just regular size (no need to click to enlarge, as it’s full-size on the screen). You think the Bears will be wearing orange pants this season? According to our friends at the Gridiron Uniform Database, they did in 1937, 1938 and 1949. It’s possible what is below is from ’49 (and the players, Johnny Lujack & Sid Luckman fit that time frame).

As the saying goes, garbage in garbage out. This was not a high resolution photo, but it looked to me to be the navy/orange Bears combo. So I colorized it with the Bears red/orange color.

Chicago Bears - John Turney


The last one from John for this installment is entitled, “Bob Nowaskey of the Colts upends Dons runningback, George Taliaferro,” and again, no need to click to enlarge. John describes it thusly:

Again, not too high of a resolution. But it gives a colorized look at the AAFC Colts and Dons. I also put a Alien Skin film filter over it to deepen the colors and simulate the fim used of that era.

Bob Nowaskey of the Colts upends Dons runningback, George Taliaferro - John Turney


Next up is Pete Woychick, who has two sets of colorizations today. One of which Paul will absolutely love, while its possible “alternate” colorset he may have to just avert. Click each photo to enlarge. Here’s Pete:

Hi Phil —

Two more colorizations, from the Mears Auctions hockey photos the other day.

HOF’er Marty “Goal-a-Game” Barry. The photo required extensive repairs, but a pretty basic color job in the Bruins’ original brown and yellow.


__boston_bruins_marty_barry_1930_after- Pete Woychick


Norm Johnson: Only 61 games in “The Show,” but another prolific scorer””better than a point per game over 14 minor league seasons. Pure guesswork on the color scheme””I went with an LA Kings royal purple and gold look due to the Regals name. And because I know that probably pains Paul, a bonus green and gold UniWatch version. (Even zoomed-in, I can’t make out what’s written on the back of his gloves, so I prefer to imagine he’s named his fists à la Ron Burgundy: “If you want to throw down fisticuffs, fine. I’ve got Jack Johnson and Tom O’Leary waiting for ya, right here.” Old-time hockey!)


__brandon-regina_regals_norman_johnson_1956_after2 - Pete Woychick__brandon-regina_regals_norman_johnson_1956_after1- Pete Woychick



We close down today with one half of the G&G Boys, George Chilvers, who’s back from his sabbatical with one that certainly Conn Nugent will love (and he may have actually played on the squad):

Hi Phil

One for next time you run Colorize This – I will probably get another one or two to you before then anyway.

This is another of those classic 1930s high level shots that to me here in the UK epitomised American football when I was growing up, as they were the only pictures I had seen (NOT that I grew up in the 1930s, but old books always had these pictures).

This is 1934 Harvard v Holy Cross, and perhaps showcases well a point I made a few weeks back that when you look at a monochrome picture like this you see a mass of bodies – when you colourise you have to identify which arm etc belongs to whom. Found it intersting that crimson and purple end up quite similar, and so the identification for spectators maybe wasn’t as easy as I would have thought.



__Harvard Holy Cross 1934 colour - George Chilvers


That’s all for today. Back with more next weekend, as John has sent me a bunch more, and if more of you fine colorizers send them my way, then there will be more of those as well.


And Finally… I got nothin’ more. Make sure you check out each and every uniform contest submission, and to give your critiques and shout outs for your favorites. I’ll be back next weekend when we vote on the finalists. Everyone have a great Sunday.


This is America ”“ if we have Red Sox and White Sox, we should have Blue Sox as well. Otherwise, what are we…Canada? — Jimmer Vilk

Comments (117)

    It was tempting… but seriously, as vocal as I am about the Browns needing a helmet logo, submitting a logoless concept would have made people’s heads explode. We don’t want that, do we?

    And yes, the AAFC Colts wore green and silver. They did during their brief life in the NFL, too. The blue and white came with moribund Dallas Texans franchise when the NFL sold off what was left of it to Baltimore investors. (As a preview of what was to come, the band had stayed together despite the lack of a team!)

    It’s not that I’m married to the Spiders name or anything, but the only designs I like happen to be Spiders. The Spidermen are using more interesting fonts is the main reason.

    Ed McVey…Shaun Ploenzke…George Teaford: take a bow.

    But none are as sharp as Patrick Ebner yesterday.

    Ploenzke gets bonus points for the end of his description, “…this uniform is 12% lighter and blah blah blah.”
    Nate’s the winner, though.

    Love how the red C on the spider makes it a black widow (blue widow?).

    And while I dig the spider on the pants stripe, that’s a bit of a logistical nightmare, what with players wearing pants at different lengths, and some players wearing different pants lengths from game to game. Perhaps put the spider on the belt loop at the top of the stripe?

    I was all set to say nothing but Spiders would be acceptable to this Cleveland Baseball Team fan, but hot damn that Cleveland Rockers design from yesterday was gorgeous. I don’t love the “CR” cap logo. (I didn’t like when the Rockies did it, either. If the cap logo is a letter, it should either be city initials or nickname initials, not both.) And I would have loved to see the guitar neck design on the front of the home jersey, but even to consider that name (which I hated when it showed up as a suggestion) is a testament to the quality of that design.

    I am loving what everyone is doing here, though. Sadly, I probably like what you all have done more than I would like whatever the team came up with if they ever decided to change.

    Agree. I LOVE the guitar pick sleeve patch as an option inthe hat with just a “C” inside it.

    I don’t think the R looks bad at all. If it was the Cuyahoga River Rockers, I would love the CR. It’s just the idea of using the city initial alongside the nickname initial I don’t like. In fact I considered leaving the Indians for the Rockies when they and the Marlins expanded in to the league. The CR cap logo was a major strike against them (along with the use of purple and metallic silver embroidery).

    For the Marlins, for the record, I couldn’t get past the fact that it should have been “Marlin.” Had either team had unis that were even “just OK” instead of completely hideous, I wouldn’t have to worry about being offensive while supporting my favorite team today.

    Nice stirrups in local high school baseball, the Osbourn High Eagles in Northern Virginia:


    Unfortunately, their cap logo is a Philadelphia Eagles ripoff logo recolored in blue and gray. But the ‘rups are sweet.

    I like the cuyahoga design and color choices with that jersey especially the numbers on the pants

    Something about the letter C, I suppose, but for so many of these entries, it’s the cap logo that I can’t get behind. A tough challenge, since the Cubs and Reds have circular and wishbone C’s pretty well owned. I think the post-Indians really are kind of locked into the block C the team is already using. On that score, I think Shaun wins the cap sweepstakes. Incorporating the spider web is a great idea, but it really has to contrast with the letter, so making it part of the outline is perfect. My only quibble is that Shaun’s execution is a bit too fine and detailed; it wouldn’t work well in real life. The web needs to be much simpler, with fewer, thicker lines, to “read” as a web at the scale of a cap logo.

    For me, this is a contest between Justin’s Municipals, but only if the alts become the primaries, Nate’s Spiders from today, and the spidery Blue Sox from yesterday.

    But there’s something I love in just about all of these entries. Even when my overall impression of one is “meh,” there always some element – color scheme, or script, or other detail – that blows me away. Kudos to everyone who entered!

    Arr, you’re right about Mr. Myslinsky’s Municipals alternates. Make those the primaries and all is good. What a distinctive looking set that would be. Simple and clean, but not dull.

    Good work by all. One criticism… How many reproductions of the existing Indians uniforms can we take? Don’t get me wrong, many of them look great. They pay homage to history, and based on the comments I’ve read, they are popular with uni-watch fans. But a concept should be more than simply throwing a new name and some spider webs on am existing jersey. It seems like too many of these designs aim to change the name and leave everything else as is. That’s why I’d give mor points to Tim O’Brien (don’t really like the odd font, the name, or the uniforms, but at least it is a true original), than I would to Nate S’s design (uniform looks amazing, but it is more or less what the Indians wear now with a bit different font and striped stirrups). Not to pick on Nate. His design looks great. He just seems to have fallen I to the same trap of 5-6 other designs that feel very safe to me.

    Well, it seems like for most people the decision to use existing design elements and colors is more about doing something that actual fans of the current team would be able to accept. If it were a contest for a brand new team, or a team that’s changed cities, it would be a non-issue. If they were to actually change these teams, many fans would be completely against it to begin with. A 100% new design could be seen as a slap in the face. Better to go with something that feels familiar, yet has enough changes to still make it a new identity.

    At least, that was my thinking when coming up with my Washington entry.

    I think the designs by Tim, Nate (I love how the spider on the pants stripe makes it a web), and Justin (and yesterday’s entries from Rob and Douglas) had great balances of old and new elements.

    I also like the entries by Ed and Jeff P. (and Liam and Jeff B. yesterday). Overall, everyone’s really done a great job.

    I understand respecting history to help soften the blow to Indians fans but there is a difference respecting the past and duplicating it. In hindsight, Mate’s design isn’t the best examplenof what I am talking about. He at least added a few new elements. Ron G is probably the best example. Everyone responding seems to lo e his uni, and it does look great. But it is, by his own admission, basically the same thing Cleveland already wears with a new name. I like the Tim’s design because he kept the floors but gave the team a whole new identity. The two Sod entries from yesterday are good as well. The Blue Sod had all sorts of historical links to the past, but still feels fresh. Joshua’s Brown Sod concept kept the original colors, but made them complimentary, so the look feels new. Not a big fan of the name Brown Sox but the uniforms are stellar. Put the name Spiders on them, and they are top notch.

    Glad you at least like my uniforms. I didn’t realize their was such universal hatred for Sox related names. Why is that? Do they sound too dated in this day and age? Guess I should have gone with Spiders. I just never really liked insect/arachnid nicknames, although I think all the spider concepts here look splendid.

    You know, I want to like your concept TimE, but the split numbers make me think Pepsi. Perhaps you should try a different color scheme. Maybe swap the red for yellow to make the flame thing more apparent.

    Nate Schimelpfenig’s take on the spiders is my favorite so far, in spite of that creative/problematic spider leg stripe.

    That Cleveland Rockers design is also good, though.

    I love the Rockers from yesterday and I love both the Midges and the Deer concepts today. The coloring in all of them are original, well done and stand out. LOVE THEM.

    The colorizations today are awesome, and actually from what I can find Pete’s green and gold version of Norm Johnson is actually the correct colors. Norm Johnson played for the Brandon Regals of the WHL for two seasons and the only logo that I am able to find for them uses yellow/gold and green.

    My favorites are the Rockers (Bahey, from yesterday; I’d like to see the pick logo on their caps), Barons (Bierbaum, from yesterday), Spiders (Schimelpfenig, esp. the web leg stripe), and Spiders (Teaford). Honorable mentions are the Coasters and Blue Sox (most off the wall).

    Some really good stuff today. My favorites are, The Deers (not sure about the name, but I love the colors); Justin Myslinsky’s Municipals; THE Jeff’s Bulldogs (don’t care if it’s derivative); and George Teaford’s Spiders. Very impressive stuff.

    Uh….isn’t “deers” with an “s” incorrect? Deer is plural as well as singular right?

    I thought that the name would look better by including the ‘s’. Nothing more.

    Anyways I did it based on this:
    noun, plural deer, ( occasionally ) deers.

    meh…the plural of “bison” is… bison, but i guess nobody told these guys

    certainly the team name should be considered (even if not grammatically correct), but it’s not like “deers” would be without precedent

    then you have the “maple leafs,” and shouldn’t the plural be “leaves” … and what is with the spelling of “sox” (instead of “socks”)?

    i don’t want to make any statements pro or con on this entry, but you should not eliminate it from consideration solely due to the name

    Seems like “Deers” does work better as a team name, kind of in the way “Maple Leafs” works better than “Maple Leaves.”

    That was my thought when reading it. Some improper plural forms sound better than the proper plural forms when used as a team name, which I think is the case with Maple Leafs and Bisons. Not so for Marlins and Deers, to my ear.

    If the “Sox” thing hadn’t existed for so long with Boston and Chicago, and a team chose to use it today for the first time, I’d hate it. But at least it would sound right, it just wouldn’t look right. Interestingly, I think “Deers” looks just fine, it just sounds wrong, if that makes sense.

    I love how you can change Chief Wahoo’s color from red to white and put a top hat on him, and he changes from offensive to non-offensive. And yes, a few weeks ago I saw Pauls justification that naming a team after white people is ok (Celtics, Fighting Irish, Vikings, etc) because those groups were not treated as poorly as the “Americans who had ancestors here before my ancestors got here”. And I dont agree with Paul on that issue. I have no problem with the Indians (or Braves) team name (Redskins is a different issue), on the other hand Chief Wahoo’s smile is goofy no matter what group he is representing.

    It finally hit me what irks me about that face – the triangular eyes. Other things bother me, but those eyes are just piercing…and not in a good way.

    I love Joseph Obermaier’s updating of the Chief Wahoo emblem into an Uncle Sam, a concept I’ve thought about myself. I happen to think Chief Wahoo is one of the best logo/emblems in sports and would love to see it adapted so it can live on if its current use is ever discontinued.

    Nate Schimelpfenig’s Spiders is far and away the best concept of today’s batch. Also liked Tim E’s Cuyahogas. Clever reuse of Chief Wahoo as Uncle Sam by Joseph Obermaier, too.

    Nate Schimelpfenig’s Spiders is far and away the best concept of today’s batch.

    Great job, Nate! There a quite a few concepts that I’d wear, but this is the first one that made me want to actually be a Cleveland Spiders fan.

    Agree. It is the best rebrand so far. I also live Malloy’s incorporation of an insect. Beautiful.

    By the quirks of the alphabet, I don’t prefer anything from today over yesterday’s batch. But I think The Jeff is a few tweaks away from something really cool.
    I would just suggest that one cap be used, and let it be an all-brown cap with an orange C (not quite pictured, but easy enough to imagine). White outline wouldn’t be required, but I wouldn’t forbid it. Then, I’d make an interlocking CB sleeve patch logo, just for shits and to be a wise-ass. “Hey, here’s the long-lost Cleveland CB logo in game action!” //snicker, snicker.

    Completely agree with the notes on The’s concept. Needs to be simpler, needs a single brown cap, and a strong CB secondary mark is key. Surprised we didn’t see more Browns-inspired concepts in the contest, but The represents the notion well enough we don’t really need a bunch of other variations on the theme.

    Why do many of the uniforms show a picture of Stephen Strasburg? Wishful thinking by Cleveland fans?

    Because Tim E turned that particular picture into a template as a baseball answer to the somewhat overused ProCombat football template.

    “… We close down today with one half of the G&G Boys, George Chilvers, who’s back from his sabbatical with one that certainly Conn Nugent will love (and he may have actually played on the squad)…”

    Love it I do, Phil. Great job. But George notes that the photo is from the 1934 Harvard-Holy Cross game, and so I’m sorry to report that I’m not pictured. I was the Crimson Co-Captain back in 1919, when I returned to Cambridge after serving in the Lafayette Escadrille from 1915 until the Armistice. Brought down more than a few aviateurs bosches, but that’s a story for another day.

    Have to admit, those ’34 Harvard unis look just terrible and the Crusaders look classy. Hard to root against Worcester Catholics in any case.

    I like all the colorizations. But old time football and especially college football is my favorite.

    Great work George, John,Pete

    Connie, what part of the country do you reside? I could buy you a beer and listen to your stories for hours! Football or otherwise.

    I think Liam Burkholder had the best with his spiders design.
    Top 5 would be
    1. Liam Burkholder
    2. Nate Schimelpfenig
    3. Antonio Losada
    4. Daniel Irwin
    5. Shaun Ploenzke

    Indeed it is. But it never said otherwise. That photo is only referred to as “this wonderful old AFL shot”. The stuff about the Bears is for the picture below it.

    Giants @ Mets rained out…traditional DH tomorrow.

    Good news is..Aubrey Huff cannot hurt the Giants today.


    Wait – what? Traditional DH? What does that mean? If they’re playing with a designated hitter, that’s pure blasphemy. Even as a Yankee fan, I am completely morally opposed to the DH.

    Thanks, bud. I feel pretty damn stupid now, but it’s still a relief. The Aubrey Huff part threw me, cos I remember him playing DH in the World Series for the Giants.

    hmmmm…maybe the mets will break out the batting practice smocks for the second game…

    John Turney’s colorisation of the Bears players shaking hands looks great. Based on that colorisation, I could support a navy over red/orange Bears unifrom.

    But alas, a uniform could not look like that today because it has, you know…SLEEVES. Too bad.

    “I could support a navy over red/orange Bears unifrom.”


    be careful what you wish for

    Having seen all of the designs, I’ll weigh in for the “Tribe” submission from yesterday. It pays homage to the history of the franchise, keeps a solid uni set solid and would be (I think) the most acceptable to long-time Cleveland fans.

    Some very nice work. Always surprised by the talent. My Midges submission was just for fun. Was going to do the space ducks but never had the time. Part of the fun for me was using that new color scheme on the MLB logo.

    I find it extremely offensive that you are trying to rename my favorite sports team. How insensitive!

    Once again a great bunch of Cleveland submissions. Several that I loved, including Eve Wilderman’s Barons, especially for the monochrome black uniform. Love the brown-and-orange colors of Jeff Provo’s Bulldogs, the updating of Chief Wahoo on Joseph Obermaier’s good-looking design for the Founders and the clean, traditional looks of the Spiders concepts of Shaun Ploenzke and George Teaford. But great work by all, yesterday and today.

    I really like Bryan Molloy’s concept a lot.

    The bug was drawn just right. But the C needs to be stronger or thicker or something and I think that the diamond should lose the bases–they clutter and distract from the very excellent insect.

    My favorite was TImothy Moore’s Cleveland Municipals…extremely sharp, classy, and a name that doesn’t sound like an NBA expansion. Second favorite was Justin Myslinsky’s Municipals design. Love the striped socks and traditional look as well.

    Me too. They are all good, but that one really stood out to me. If Cleveland won’t use it :), then there’s gotta be a MiLB team out there that would love it!

    Evan Longoria doing stirrups with the powder blue jerseys today. Man, those socks look SO much better with the stripes in baseball position, compared to the higher soccer position (also far better with stirrups than with the navy tubes).

    Don’t change Cleveland’s colors! People need to stop trying to turn the Indians into a Gayer version of the New Orleans Hornets.

    Oh Noes! I am giving you more bad ideas.

    Awwwwww….. does the wittle twoll want a tweat? You want the tweat? Huh? *throws it in a vat of molasses* Go get it, boy!

    (I know Uni Watch has a sign propped up somewhere that says “DO NOT FEED THE TROLL”, but nobody said that I couldn’t screw around with him ;) )

    My my my! Nate Schimelpfenig, Shaun Ploenzke, and Ed McVey, Great Spiders concepts all three of you!

    For a more perfect red and blue, I’d swap Shaun’s C cap logo for Nate’s.

    Great job on all the Indians concepts. My favorite is the Tribe from yesterday and I think it is the only one that has an actual chance of being adopted. I would exactly replicate the jersey in this picture, and just change INDIANS to TRIBE and remove Chief Wahoo…maybe make it a vest.


    It’s been really fun looking through the submissions for the Cleveland re-naming. You guys have all done very good work!

    As for my favorite weekend indulgence, the colorizers did another spectacular job the week. John, LOVE the old AFL colorization! Certainly helps when you have a high res image to work with. Very well done!

    Great work by everybody but sorry I can’t put a vote in on any of them because… I’d still call them the Indians. And I’m still calling it Page 2.

    My 10 votes from yesterday and today:

    -Rob Bratney’s Cleveland Blues
    -Liam Burkholder’s Cleveland Spiders
    -Shawn Crull’s Cleveland Barons
    -Ron G’s Cleveland Spiders
    -Douglas King’s Cleveland Tribe
    -Antonio Losada’s Cleveland Deers
    -Justin Myslinsky’s Cleveland Municipals
    -Timmah’s Cleveland Cuyahogas
    -Shaun Ploenzke’s Cleveland Spiders
    -Nate Schimelpfenig’s Cleveland Spiders

    All of the submissions over the past two days have been wonderful, and I can’t wait to see the final 10! =D

    Seriously, Cleveland rockers doesn’t even make your top 10? WOW. Still number one for me (replace the CR on the hat with the guitar pick with just a C on it

    All these Spiders entries, especially the ones with webs, for some reason made me recall an old protype of a hockey jersey where in addition to having the web inside the logo and on the jersey, they used a spider web inside the numbers (San Francisco Spiders, IHL).

    Having numbers like that may be a bit much for a regular MLB jersey, but maybe someone might think of incorporating this idea into an alternate for their design.


    Justin’s Municipals design gets my vote. I could see those unis on a diamond right now. And the whole thing is branded beautifully

    I like the Bulldogs concept. Ive always liked how the city of Pittsburgh sports black and yellow for all it’s teams.. I think the concept does need a logo though.

    Great job by everyone who submitted. All of them have their good points.

    My top 3 from today are:

    Jeff Provo’s Bulldogs – I love the orange and brown.
    Justin Myslinsky’s Municipals – great use of color around the neck and the placket
    Antonio Losada’s Deers – great color scheme

    Really liked the colorizations across the board today. Good job, guys!

    As far as the redesigns for the Cleveland [Redacted] in today’s posts, my picks would be for:
    Ed McVey’s Cleveland Spiders (Love that name the best, and I think it’s the best design using that name).
    Joseph Obermaier’s Cleveland Founders (Love the tweak of Chief Wahoo especially if it’ll tick off some Yanks fans.)
    John Woods’ Cleveland Barons (Another good name to use and the best design for that name).

    Given the dead animal angle that appears on this page occasionally, here’s an article that’ll make some drool like Pavlov’s dog: link

    Traditional DH for Mets tomorrow, not a day-night? Somebody’s not maximizing profitability. Good thing they don’t have to answer to shareholders.

    1. Joshua’s Brown Sox
    2. Joshua’s Brown Sox
    3. Koth’s Midges
    4. Provo’s Bulldogs
    5. Schmielpfenig’s Spiders

    Any additional votes to Joshua’s Brown Sox.
    Honorable mention to O’Brien’s Cuyahogas.

    My favorite 2 designs are Nate Schimelpfenig’s Spiders design. I love the look of the uniform and the logo. The other is the Chiromonids. I’m big on the name but the logo, word mark, and uniforms look great.

    Tremendous thanks to those placing my Spiders concept among your top picks – and for the feedback so far! I’m honored to be considered within a fine field of submissions my first time out. Great work from all – looking forward to seeing the Washington redesigns soon!
    Yours, by Design,
    Liam (LB)

    Very cool designs! I’m an Indians fan and I do wish they’d adopt a new name. Maybe even one of these ones. My favorites (in no particular order) are: Justin Myslinsky’s Municipals, Antonio Losada’s Deer, George Teaford’s Spiders, Tom Bierbaum’s Barons, Rob Bratney’s Blues, and I love the logo for Hungry Hungry Hipster’s Coasters. Can’t wait to see what people did for the Redskins!

    My votes are for the following:

    -Justin Myslinsky (NICE Logo)
    -Joseph Obermaier (im not a fan of white Chief Wahoo, I thought the whole point of this was to get rid of him and the name)
    -John Woods

    Again, nice subissions by everyone!!!!

    I think the Cleveland Rockers and The Founders were the best two submissons and should make the top 10. I want a “Founders” Hat with Uncle Wahoo on it. That would be sweet!!!

    “Most MLBers have their own names printed on their gloves.”

    I believe the names are embroidered as opposed to being printed. Mariano also embroiders a bible verse:


    i’ve regularly read but never commented on this site… but i just had to leave my first comment as a vote for nate schimelpfenig’s spiders by far over everything else. i love the similarity to the current unis and the spider logo with the traditional C where the widowmark would typically be, and the spiders at the base of the pantlegs with their web as the pant stripe is BRILLIANT.

    What really pisses me off the most is that I am an Indians fan. I grew up during the great teams of the 90s and saw some amazing baseball. In America today we spend way too much trying not to offend people. The Indians have had the same name since 1901. Why does it honestly matter? Do irish people get mad because of the celtics. The Indians, Redskins, Warriors etc. where choosen because they were fierce and were supposed ton strike fear in people. 100 years ago that was kosher. Sure this is a more “PC” time, but that is exactly what is wrong. If we spent less time worrying about peoples feelings and more time worrying about the things that mattered we as a country would be better off.

    I finally had the chance to check out all the designs, and I’m amazed at the talent out there. We need to find some way for some of these people to replace the clowns at Nike et al. That being said, here are my favorites:

    1. Cleveland Chironomids – Bryan M.
    2. Cleveland Spiders – George T.
    3. Cleveland Blues – Rob B. (although I wish there had been more blue)
    4. Cleveland Municipals – Justin M.
    5. Cleveland Deers – Antonio L. (not the best name, but nice work)

    All I can say about the alternative uniforms is wow! We have some really talented people reading this blog.

    Out of these I like Nate Schimelplfenig’s Spiders. Very clever to have the spider as the dot in the I. Very subtle and clever. How he used the script that’s currently on the uniforms is nice. It has a classic feel but also keeps something familiar to fans.

    I also like the Chironomids and Bulldogs. Not sure about the brown though.

    Again great artists and ideas. Thank you all for sharing.

    I sat with my very reluctant 75 year old father and forced him to humor me and pick one. He and I both agreed that Nate Schimelpfenig’s Spiders entry is our favorite, out of several worthy options. We like how he kept the Indians colors so all three sports teams in Cleveland have distinct color schemes unlike our neighbors in Pittsburgh. I also am happy he kept the current road grays.

    The Founders was cool for kinda keeping Chief Wahoo in Face form anyway but this is still a joke and your not talking about the Cubs the Yankees or the Red Sox. Cleveland needs attendance and has cheap owners. No way can they afford to blow off Chief Wahoo. Remember Modell Tried to take the Browns name with him to Baltimore and we know how that turned out. This is Never happening! Great you Graphic Artists have a dream but dream on. Do you know the type of people that own sports teams? Old White guys and a few old Black guys and Art Moreano.THEY DON”T LIKE CHANGE! IT”S like surprising them with a new type of toilet paper. They Don’t like it. If you want to read my full thoughts on this subject go to part one. The Native Americans have tons of money from their Casinos and if they really cared enough they would buy the team and change the name and not care about losing money. Leave this alone!

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