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We Can Still Call it The Jake, Part I

Cleveland Spider

By Phil Hecken

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for. The first part of our “Rename the Cleveland Baseball/Washington Football Team” contest, complete with new names, logos and uniforms. We have a LOT to get to (35 individual participants alone in the Cleveland contest), so lets keep this intro short. Today we’ll be taking a look at the first half of the Cleveland Baseball submissions.

As with each progressive contest, I’m struck by the quality of the submissions — you guys have really outdone yourselves again! There were many different individual names suggested for the team (ranging from Chironomids to Midges), but by far the most popular suggestion was “Spiders.” Still, there were several submissions for “Municipals” and “Barons.”

Like other contests, I’m going to be showing the participants in alpha-order, along with a thumbnail of the main submission (in some cases, there were several different images sent individually, other times a single image contained multiple uniforms and logos). I’ll also include each writeup with each entry. After all the entries have been displayed, I want to narrow it town to the ten best, which will then move on to fan voting — so in the comments (or shoot me an email if you don’t want to post), lobby for your favorite submission, and those comments will be given strong consideration for the final 10. As far as prize(s), still haven’t decided, but trust me, I’ll take care of the winner. We’ll run the first half of the contestants today. OK? OK.

Here we go…click on all thumbnails for larger version(s). Writeup will appear in the submitter’s name:


Jeff Bahry:

Bahry, Jeff - Cleveland Rockers

Bahry, Jeff - Rockers_Home Uni

Bahry, Jeff - Rockers_Away UniBahry, Jeff - Rockers_Alt Uni

Submission Description


Brent Becker:

Becker, Brent - cleveland spiders

Submission Description


Tom Bierbaum:

Bierbaum, Tom - uni_4-12_cleve_barons

Submission Description


Joe Bozek:

Bozek, Joe - Cleveland Colts

Submission Description


Rob Bratney

Bratney, Rob - Cleveland Blues

Submission Description


Liam Burkholder:

Burkholder, Liam - Resubmit

Burkholder, Liam - Resubmit
Burkholder, Liam - ResubmitBurkholder, Liam - Resubmit
Submission Description


Ian Carr:

Carr, Ian - Cleveland Grays

Submission Description


Shawn Crull:

Crull, Shawn - Barons Hat

Crull, Shawn - Barons Home
Crull, Shawn - Barons AwayCrull, Shawn - Barons Alt
Submission Description


Patrick Ebner:

Ebner, Patrick - Cleveland Spiders

Ebner, Patrick - Spiders HomeEbner, Patrick - Spiders Road
Submission Description


Matt Egeler:

Egeler, Matt - Cleveland Lakers Logo

Egeler, Matt - ClevelandLakersHome
Egeler, Matt - ClevelandLakersRoadEgeler, Matt - ClevelandLakersAlternate
Submission Description


David Firestone:

Firestone, David - Cleveland Moses

Submission Description


Ron G. (who asked I withhold his last name)

G., Ron - RG_Primary_Logo

G., Ron - RG_Secondary_Logo
G., Ron - RG_HatG., Ron - RG_Uniform
Submission Description


John Hall:

Hall, John - CleveLogo

Hall, John - Spiderhome1
Submission Description


Hungry Hungry Hipster:

Hipster, Hungry Hungry - ClevelandCoastersPrimaryLogoByHHH

Hipster, Hungry Hungry - ClevelandCoastersAlternateLogoByHHH
Hipster, Hungry Hungry - FlagOfCleveland
Hipster, Hungry Hungry - ClevelandCoastersHomeUniByHHHHipster, Hungry Hungry - ClevelandCoastersAwayUniByHHH
Submission Description


Daniel Irwin:

Irwin, Daniel - 01_BlueSocks_Identity_Sheet

Irwin, Daniel - 02_BlueSocks_Logo

..Irwin, Daniel - 03_BlueSocks_Logo_Secondary..Irwin, Daniel - 04_BlueSocks_Home_Primary..Irwin, Daniel - 08_BlueSocks_Road_Primary..Irwin, Daniel - 05_BlueSocks_Home_Alternate..Irwin, Daniel - 07_BlueSocks_Road_Alternate
Submission Description


Joshua: (who did not provide a last name)

Joshua - Brown Sox Home

..Joshua - Brown Sox Away
Joshua - Brown Sox Atonement Alt
Submission Description


Larry Kamenec:

Kamenec, Larry - Home & Away

..Kamenec, Larry - Alts & Logo
Submission Description


Douglas King:

King, Douglas - Logo

..King, Douglas - Sleeve Badge..King, Douglas - Wordmark
King, Douglas - Home..King, Douglas - Away
King, Douglas - Home Alternate..King, Douglas - Away Alternate
Submission Description


And that, folks, is the end of day one of the “Rename the Cleveland Baseball Team” contest. Take heed, take notes…and make sure you lobby for those designs you like. We’ll take the best 10 (and not necessarily 5 from each of the two day unveilings) and next weekend, you can vote for your top 3. We’ll have the finals after that. OK? OK.

Back tomorrow with Part II of the contest.


Benchies Header


by Rick Pearson


A moment waiting to happen. And waiting. And waiting…

4-21-12 d-music

Click to enlarge


And Finally…

Putting together today’s post took forever, so I don’t have much else for today.

The Red Sox and Yankees threw back 100 years yesterday, approximating the uniforms from a century ago.

I didn’t catch but the final inning of the game, but from what I saw, it was pretty good. In an effort at authenticity, both teams wore no numbers on their uniforms. This must have been Jim Vilk’s worst nightmare.

Obviously, there were some concessions to the modern game: Helmets … modern catchers gearlogoed-up cleatsblack players. Pop quiz: who is Pumpsie Green and why is he significant?

The Yankees wore striped stirrups (which were very hard to see — fortunately the lovely Heather Scott snapped this screen grab showing the beautiful stripage). The Red Sox wore white socks with red stripes. Both were pretty authentic to 1912.

In order to counterbalance not having numbers on the retro unis, the Red Sox made up for it by inviting all their living greats back and making sure to ruin the authenticity by putting names on the backs of the repros. Of course, the Sox have never worn NOB at home throughout their history, so it was interesting the custom jerseys would include them.


That’s it for today kiddies. Make sure you check out each and every uniform contest submission, and to give your critiques and shout outs for your favorites. I’ll be back tomorrow with the second half, and next weekend we’ll vote on the finalists. Everyone have a great Saturday.


Really? 40 bucks for a plain white hat? Because I’m sure this white hat is so much better than a plain white hat I just looked up on for 16 bucks. — Phil Pereira

Comments (224)

    Dan Irwin, Y U NO Pick a different name? That entire uniform set and mascot are awesome… but I just can’t support the idea of a 3rd team with Socks/Sox in their name. Red and White are enough.

    Jeff Bahrey’s Rockers looks pretty good too, but then we need to rename Colorado.

    I like HHH’s Coasters logo, but that uniform is just No.

    I’m glad you like my Coasters logo, The Jeff! Thanks man! The uniforms may not appeal to you but I actually think they look pretty conservative compared to the types of uniforms I usually design, LOL!

    Since right now the Coasters’ alternate logo is positioned before the primary logo, I just wanted to point out that the team’s primary logo is the one on the right (the one with the “CLEVELAND COASTERS” text encircling it).

    Just to clarify, here is the primary logo:

    And here is the alternate logo:

    The Coasters entry is easily my favorite. Number two is the green Spiders. It would be number one, but it doesn’t appear to have a road uniform and I never want to see them in pinstripes.

    Why are the two teams with blue in the name primarily red?

    Hi Jeff – – I chose the name because it respects over 140 years of pro baseball in Cleveland – rather than tries to hide from it.

    It was a name that can still link to Louis Sockalexis – and the pro teams of Cleveland’s past.

    I get that there are already a lot of teams named after their uni colors – Including the Reds – but at least this set of “Socks” have some meaning behind their name.

    My compliments to all who made submissions. Nice work everyone!

    The, don’t pick on Dan. I was going to submit a Blue Sox entry as well. This is America – if we have Red Sox and White Sox, we should have Blue Sox as well. Otherwise, what are we…Canada?

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that, Teebz…

    I was thinking of the Cleveland Blues, too. One, it’s from their past, two, Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Blues would be a great Ohio matchup.

    While I probably won’t be voting for his submission – so many good ones to choose from! – I think Ron G took the right real-world approach for the Tribe. Basically, just keep the “alt” unis, keep the C cap(s), and phase out both Chief Wahoo and the cursive script. At that point, you can put anything on the home uni in block letters – a new name, Cleveland, a block C on the right chest. And then take a page from the Browns and either make the cap the team logo, or just make the cap logo the team logo, with no other words or elements. Keep it simple, and the simplicity itself will say “Cleveland” in a sports context.

    Re the Cleveland Rockers entry, I’d be all over that if the caps didn’t say “CR.” Another team already wears a “CR” cap, and that’s one too many in a league where no team plays in Cedar Rapids. Other than the cap, though, I really dig that one, especially the colors.

    At the moment, though, I think I’m leaning toward Irwin’s Blue Socks. Even spells “Socks” right! Nice balance of novelty and heritage, clean design and whimsy.

    “I think Ron G took the right real-world approach for the Tribe.”

    Indeed. Would love to see his concept with these stirrups…

    I assume the undersleeves are navy (why did so many of the designs not include the undersleeves, btw?)

    I really liked the Blue Socks entry. I like the colors, mascot and the name. That was my favorite of the day.

    My runner up is the green and black Spiders set.

    I really like the idea of Cleveland adopting the name “Tribe”. It’s a clever way to extricate the team from a embarassing logo (name), without throwing away the past completely. My daughters school uses the term tribes, it’s an “in” word. It fits Cleveland. So from a practical standpoint, big thumbs up to D.King’s submission.

    From a pure design – I like Liam’s Spider creations, especially the home whites.

    Cleveland Steamers to remind people of the city’s proud heritage of industry and location on the edge of Lake Erie.

    I don’t know how to draw with my computer and my brown magic marker is all dried up.

    On a non uni related point, while I did not see the ceremony , and saw the hi-lights only, does anyone else think – that when the most played hi-light of the 100 anniversary of Fenway , is a drunk non – entity like Kevin Millar and Pedro Martinez , acting very drunk, carry on like a pair of tag-team heals, something has gone wrong?

    They were attempting some of world-record “toast” (most participants). That was planned.

    As to why Millar and Martinez, who knows.

    With regard to it being undignified, I thought that at first, too. Then I also thought, “What the hell, they’re celebrating 100 years of a ballpark, not dedicating the cemetery at Gettysburg.”

    Nor was it the “final game” at Fenway, so indeed, I thought Millar and Martinez having fun on the dugout was appropriate. That was what Boston baseball was all about in 2004 when they were here.

    Yep, hear what you’re saying Ricko, I wrestled with that before posting, but I’m thinking if I’m one of the all time great Sox, and I see they pick some utility player to do the toast, it doesn’t seem right. But if it works for the city, because of Millar’s being part of the World Series team – then I guess that what should count most. Millar looks like one of these guys that hasn’t stopped partying since.

    “Millar looks like one of these guys that hasn’t stopped partying since.”

    Much like a number of those in attendance. ;)

    Didn’t understand why they brought up Kareem Garcia. He was a minor footnote during the mid-2000s.

    My vote goes for the Tribe submission, as a Cleveland fan I would have no problem with that change.

    Pumpsie Green was the first African-American player for the Boston Red Sox, which was the LAST major league team to integrate, 12 years after Jackie Robinson and Larry Doby (I don’t have to tell a bunch of Cleveland fans why Doby is significant, right?).

    I like the green-and-black Spiders look — a color scheme that no one else in the majors is using, and a really inventive way of incorporating the team nickname into the logo. The Blue Socks is just WAY too busy — too many colors, too many details — enough spiders to make the uni look like an old Muni dugout. Or worse, like the late 1970’s Padres.

    Okay now, without doing any research…What was the second-last team to add a black player, and who was the player?

    Or this…

    One player broke the color barrier for TWO teams. Can you name him and the teams involved?

    And no googling, etc.

    Ricko, the next-to-lasst team to integrate was the Tigers, and they did it with Ozzie Virgil the Elder.

    Hank Thompson broke the color line for two teams, the Browns and the Giants, though he did it concurrently with the pride of Orange, NJ, Monte Irvin.

    Interesting that it took the Giants only two years to embrace change, but the Yankees eight.

    Even as a kid, I remember wondering what the deal was with that.

    I should clarify that Thompson did it concurrently with Irvin on the Giants, not the Browns.

    I was wondering at first why the names were in the back of the former Sox players. I thought maybe it was for people like me.

    During the ceremony where ALL living former Red Sox players who ever wore the uniform were invited, (but maybe not Clemens but that’s a different post) there was no public address announcer calling them out. Now I am a Dodger fan but I have a great respect for the histories of all the other franchises. But I would not recognized most if their alumni. So I gave them a pass.

    While their names weren’t announced on the PA, they were displayed on one of the many message boards above the outfield, as they were shown on the large HD screen.

    I don’t think Carl Beane would have been able to keep up, the final tally was 212 players.

    The list of players in attendance yesterday was ridiculously long and included players that I, a diehard Red Sox fan, wouldn’t be able to pick out of a line-up if he was holding a sign saying “I played two games for the Res Sox in 2001.” There was a player invited who had all of TWO at-bats in his major league career (former prospect Steve Lomasney).

    The point is, with so many players there it would have been totally impossible to pick them all out without names. There wasn’t enough time to announce all the players because there were so many there.

    Exactly. Not to mention the fact that there were major duplicate numbers on the field. While it apparently annoyed some (including me at first) it turned out to be the smart decision when there were over 200 former Sox attending. It simply made common sense.

    Save the no NOB jerseys for when team or legend specific events occur (ie: anniversary of 1967 Impossible Dream team).

    Also not mentioned in the write-up was the fact that the players wore era-specific jerseys which looked pretty cool when they were all huddled in the middle of the infield…

    They invited EVERY former sox player and manager to come see the Yankees cream them. About the best possible result, in this Yankee fan’s opinion.

    a rule for everyone when creating baseball uniforms, the letter on the hat should never be the first letter of the team nickname. The letter and logo should represent the city. Do you see the Yankees w/ a Y on their hat? or the Dodgers w/ a D? How bout the Tigers w/ a T? The only exception to this rule is the A’s, for historical reasons.
    Look at the teams that have done that. Remember Toronto’s J hat? awful. The D-Backs D hat? Shite.

    Another (not to be contentious, but just to flesh out the list) is the “TC” on the Twins hats. Technically, it’s a graphic representing that “Twins” is in reference to the Twin Cities.

    I had them and Chief Wahoo in there at first, but he’s talking the letter on the hat.

    the green and black Cleveland Spiders look evokes the look the Colorado Springs Sky Sox took on after the Indians left and they became the Rockies AAA affiliate

    And I really liked how the ceremonies at Fenway had no commentary and the players walked out without PA announcers. The toast was what it was, I understand Pedro, who had one of the loudest ovations and was genuinely having a good time throughout the entire thing. He was a superstar on those teams. Millar is whatever. He may have been a clubhouse leader, but that toast was more uncomfortable than the one from Bridesmaids.

    Also, do you think Jason Varitek will have a C sewn into the lapel of the suit they put on him at his funeral?

    “… Millar is whatever. He may have been a clubhouse leader, but that toast was more uncomfortable than the one from Bridesmaids.

    Also, do you think Jason Varitek will have a C sewn into the lapel of the suit they put on him at his funeral?…”


    Great work across the board, but I gotta admit the visual element that struck me the most was the “C” with the spider web strung in the middle — particularly John Hall’s take on it. Can’t really get behind another “Sox” team, but I respect the work that went into those entries, too.

    Why do major league baseball teams hardly ever go all out and get batting helmets made to match the caps for throwback games? The Red Sox in all white batting helmets would’ve been an interesting look, as well as the Yankees in gray-with-navy-blue-brim helmets. I understand that helmets weren’t worn in the year they were throwing back to, but at least make the helmets look like the throwback caps. That would make much more sense than wearing the current style batting helmet with a throwback uniform, which makes absolutely zero sense.

    Do teams do this because it would be too much of a hassle to switch out all the current helmets with different ones just for one game? Or is ballplayer superstition more of a factor? Maybe a combination of both?

    I think helmets looking different from the caps is really unprofessional and half-assed. I’m pretty sure the Red Sox and Yankees can afford new helmets for one game. That’s like an NFL team having the proper-looking throwback helmets for only the defense, while the offense is still wearing the current helmet.

    well, since they (obviously, i hope) didn’t wear helmets in 1912, they’d be creating a helmet which never existed…which kind of defeats the purpose

    that being said, wearing the current helmets also takes away from the throwback experience as well

    all in all, kind of a lose/lose situation, since, other than going lid-less (not gonna happen) anything they wear would be anachronistic

    Not to split hairs, but these throwback games aren’t really about recreating the game as it was. It’s a real game, one that counts. Not creating an “historic tableau,” not theater, not filming a movie about baseball in 1912. Just the unis. What if the unis had never changed.

    Under that appropriate umbrella, equipment changes/evolution remain intact.

    Things such as bagginess or stirrup height are individual preference issues, and not about the uni’s design and decoration.

    My guess is cost, color & decal matching, hassle. It’s just much easier to use the current helmet which only gets used a few minutes per game by players. If the throwback is used more than once / a few times in a season, then it’s more likely to get a matching helmet.

    I have to wonder if William & Mary might have a problem with the “Cleveland Tribe”?

    I don’t think W&M should have an issue. I’m positive that there are other schools out there that use the Tribe nickname.

    Ron G., Daniel Irwin, and Douglas King have the best ones. I really like D. King, as there’s the obvious connection to the current team while losing Chief Wahoo. The point is to lose the offensiveness, not destroy history. I also like how the other 2 I mentioned use the spider in the proper historical context. Drop the yellow jersey in D. Irwin’s entry, and I’m sold.

    I really like D. King, as there’s the obvious connection to the current team…

    That may actually be the problem with it, really. It’s not a bad concept, but given that plenty of Cleveland fans already call the team by the Tribe nickname, it means you’d still have fans wearing the Indian costumes and facepaint & other stuff that Paul & Phil are opposed to.

    I understand where you’re coming from, but sadly, the facepaint and Indian stuff is going to be around no matter what. Plus a well-done marketing campaign should be able to resuscitate the name “Tribe” from the Native American connotations.

    “you’d still have fans wearing the Indian costumes and facepaint & other stuff that Paul & Phil are opposed to.”


    yes, because only paul & i are opposed to that

    Sorry, let me try that again.

    …stuff that Paul, Phil and everyone else who happens to be opposed to or offended by the Indians name and imagery for any of the various reasons they may have, are opposed to.


    Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. That’s beside the point.

    It’s your contest and Paul’s site. I figured those factors were sufficient for me to mention your names as being opposed and leave it at that. I wasn’t attempting to imply that you were the only ones on that side. But since you had to point it out…

    That’s why I tried to connect the name with the city and its sports teams exclusively. No logos aside from letters (the CT logo) and city imagery, the name will now be refer the city and its union with the fans and its sports teams.

    With the Badge (worn on the left sleeve of all the jerseys) I not only used the City’s seal but I included the Cleveland Browns and Cavalier’s colors alongside the Tribe’s colors encircling it.

    I’ll just quickly throw my vote in for Patrick Ebner’s idea. Love the colors.

    Rob’s Blues and Ron G.’s Spiders were the best. They stayed true to the history of Cleveland baseball and created contemporary, yet still classic, sets that Indians fans could switch over to without too much grief spent. Well done by all, though. I mean this when I say there wasn’t one bad concept. Some were better than others, obviously, but every single one was really, really good. So to all who entered, well done and congratulations.

    I greatly admire all the work and creativity that went into the Cleveland entries. Congrats to all. I don’t like the names though. Rockers=failed WNBA team. Barons=hockey team. Spiders=failed and historically bad baseball team. Lakers=LA basketball team. Colts=Indy/Balt football team. Coasters = a lazy guy. Grays = what the Cleveland weather looks like way too often.

    I’m sticking with Cleveland Indians.

    There can be more than two teams with the same name. Cleveland could turn the Spiders name around into a winner.

    Do you think the Kentucky Wildcats fret over Northwestern Wildcats?

    The Orioles being an example of that.

    Indians is problematic, especially attached to their current logo. Maybe you could get away from the logo without giving up the name, but honestly, a clean break from that legacy would be best IMO. Tribe is a neat compromise, but I like the idea of a historic name. Barons is neat, taking a good defunct name from another sport, though The Indians are descended from the Spiders, and going back to a historic name is cool.

    And even though it’s in that same history, I would avoid Blues (and Lakers)- IMO, it’s best to avoid duplicating names across pro sports whenever possible.

    Exceptions on that last one for names that originated in a different era of naming practices- NY Football and Baseball Giants, for example. Hell, the Rangers would have been the NY Hockey Giants, except for a pun by the newspapers that stuck (Tex’s [Tex Ricard, the owner] Rangers, for those unfamiliar with the story).

    But I’m not a fan of there being two Jets, for example or two Kings. The NBA team should have stuck with Royals…

    Yeah, there’s a conundrum there.

    Move to Kansas City, change your name to the Royals. You become the ….Kansas City Royals.

    Oh, wait…

    For nearly 30 years, we had two pro teams named the Cardinals here in St. Louis, so having two teams in the same country with the same name doesn’t bother me a great deal. To avoid confusion, people would simply refer to the football Cardinals as the Gridbirds or Big Red.

    Plus, consider this: how many fans of English football, in various levels, know or refer to their favorite club colloquially as “United?” I can think of three in the EPL right now.

    Jason, Cleveland already used the name Spiders. They still hold the record for worst record. Why would we want to resurrect a team that went 20-134? :-)

    Hey Patrick — It’s well known to baseball historians that the Spiders did field what’s considered the worst professional roster – -ever.

    BUT they weren’t always that bad – – and Cy Young started his career as a Spider.

    Besides, it was a lonnnnnng time ago. I think the “Spider stink” of 1899 has faded.

    The Lions once went 0-16. The Sixers once went 9-73. Did those teams go out and change names because of that? No. They got better.

    There’s no room for superstition in baseball, so there’s nothing wrong with resurrecting the Spiders name.

    Why would we want to name my favorite baseball team after a creature that looks bad and that people like to step on?

    But they eat flies, so they’re good.

    Don’t step on them…throw them outside and let them do their thing.

    “Do you think the Kentucky Wildcats fret over Northwestern Wildcats?”

    HEY! Do you think the Northwestern Wildcats football team frets over the Kentucky Wildcats football team?

    Yeah, goes both ways bucco.

    You know my love for my ‘Cats is unbridled.

    I grew up a ‘Cats fan, I went to college to become a Hoosier. NU is my football team and IU is my basketball team, which works pretty well given the state of IU football and NU basketball, haha.

    As a loyal reader of uni-watch and a lifelong Cleveland fan I have been waiting to see the submission for the “Re-name the Indians/Skins even though there is no chance in hell of it ever happening”
    It turned out to be exactly as I expected. A bunch of campy minor league selections, except for one. “The Tribe” selection is the only that respects the franchise and it’s history. Thanks to Douglas King.

    Obviously, you’re annoyed because we’re doing this to your team, but look at the teams that have changed names in reality: Were the Washington Bullets respecting their history when they changed, or did they pretty much toss it out the window when they became the Wizards? (yeah, they’ve since decided it was a bad idea and seem to be trying to make up for it now, not the point) What about the Braves to Clippers? Expos to Natinals? Thrashers to Jets? Burning everything down and starting fresh isn’t exactly uncommon with sports teams, especially if the name change just happens to coincide with new ownership.

    My next concept is going to be an NFL one called the Oakland Sissy Nannies. Maybe make their colors dark blue & maize.

    Moving and changing the name & staying in the same place & change the name – oranges and apples. The Tampa Bay Rays was one half-assed name change & they still kept the devil ray on the sleeve.

    Shouldn’t that be more like pink and lavender? Or maybe orange & magenta? The AFC West already has a blue & yellow team.

    Fine, Thrashers to Jets isn’t quite the same as Washington Bullets in red white & blue to Wizards in teal & black, but the point stands. It isn’t unheard of for teams to ignore their history when they rebrand themselves, even without changing names. How many different color schemes and logos have the White Sox had?

    You give examples of teams that have moved to other cities and a team that bowed to public pressure to change a sport franchise name because of a horrible police department and crime rate. But no….your points are valid. #derp.

    I’d like to see a uniform designed without reference to a nickname. Simply “Cleveland”. City name on the jerseys, block C on the hats. Keep the current color scheme. I know that’s a popular choice, but I like minimalism. I’m one of those people that love the Penn State uniforms (although I could do without the blue facemasks).

    I agree. Simplicity is good. No nickname is going a bit far, but some of these uniforms are a bit overdone.

    Eh. European soccer teams do it all the time. Granted, not a baseball practice, but it’s not unprecedented in sports.

    Yup. Like those lots. Would prefer it if they had the arching of the current home alts, but yes, I do like those.

    I like the coasters uniform; a bit busy, but well done. I also kind of like the idea of another Sox team. The Blue Socks idea is nice with it’s incorporation of so much history, but there is a lot going on for just one team. The Brown Sox Atonement alternates are a funny idea, with the shorts and the BS hat logo that may or not stand for Brown Sox.Why not make Cleveland atone for their sins by wearing terrible uniforms at least once a year? And the other Brown Sox uniforms and the logo are simple, but have a nice retro feel. I also like the Blues design, and most of the Spiders designs, although I hate the name Spiders.

    Forgot to add that I really like the Tribe uniforms, but I think Tribe walks keeps the team tied to closely to It’s offensive past.

    Careful with your “atone for their sins”. If we start punishing cities for their “misdeeds” then there are a few cities a little higher on the list than Cleveland.

    Who would be higher than Cleveland, regarding basebal uniforms? Chief Wahoo is way more offensive than other uni-related baseball logo. The Braves aren’t in the ballpark.

    I like it too, but only one uni, which I think would be the home uni. Where are the away and alternate uniforms? Also, I think it is a bit safe. Basically just substituted the Spiders name for The Indians name and added a spider web to the C. On the other hand, it works, so why re-invent the wheel?

    Love that one too, for essentially the same reasons. It might not be a rich history for the franchise, but it’s a long one. Bob Feller, Satchel Paige, Larry Doby, Super Joe Charbonneau, Bob Hope, Willie Mays Hayes… (I’m kidding about one or two, clearly.)
    A connection to 511 lifetime wins isn’t too shabby. Plus, the hidden C in the baseball seams is super-clever. Tweaked logos, similar uniforms, same colors…if we were to put this in real-life context, this would be a clear winner.
    (I mean, let’s be real. By “real-life,” I mean that, just as an example, HHH’s Coasters design is pretty interesting, and it might sell a few t-shirts, but the players *WILL* revolt against non-matching socks, guaranteed.)

    “the players *WILL* revolt against non-matching socks, guaranteed”


    for all two who actually show them, maybe

    but that would pretty much guarantee pajamas for all

    WOW, I am truly impressed by all of the submissions, they all look great! My favs are:

    Blues by Rob Bratney
    Grays by Ian Carr
    Spiders by Ron G.
    Tribe by Douglas King

    Patrick Ebner wins. Unique colors, the spider dotting the ‘i’ is too cool and that cap… would sell in the gazillions.

    All the submissions were great, but I love Ron G.’s Spiders uniform and logo. Spot on.

    I have no problem with the Red Sox putting names on the back of the alumni players. While it takes a little away from the traditional home uni, the players were were also MUCH easier to identify on TV and presumably in the stadium.

    I’m a slight arachnaphobe, but I’d like the Spiders nickname due to the history. Liam’s Spiders concept NAILS it! Cartoony enough spider not to give me the willies, but still with some aggression. Great unis too!

    Thank you kindly – I had to re-submit – somewhere along the way, my red showed up as black… Now that the “Venom” color is actually showing up, does it still ring your bell?

    This is my favorite as well. The green & orange is a color scheme that is overdue. Love the logo, cream, and even though I hate real spiders, it’s a perfect resorection of a historic name.

    I really love the design of “Cleveland Blues”, even though its predominant color is red. It reminds me of the Buffalo Bisons from the late 1980s, but that’s a good thing.

    The red and navy “Cleveland Spiders” with the webbed “C” on the cap draws in a lot of elements from Cleveland uniforms from the Bob Feller era — bold, simple colors, understated graphics. It’s terrific.

    Nothing is more representative of the Spirit of Uniwatch than submissions rendered in colored pencil.

    I could support “Cleveland Tribe”, so long as their mascot looked like Jerry Garcia, and tie-dye was involved.

    It’s nice to see designers using green, a sadly underutilized color.

    I agree with Connie: there are a lot of talented people submitting to this site!

    The haloed “A” on Angels caps has always been as much for Anaheim as for Angels: Orange County has never been comfortable living in LA’s shadow.

    I lived in Orange County. Never really thought much about LA while I was there. It was just another town, although with worse traffic.

    I live in Orange County and I’ve never considered this place in LA’s shadow at all. LA is two hours of nightmare traffic away. It’s like a different world.

    My favorite submission is HHH’s Coasters. It is bold, colorful, region specific, fun and original. I like the old-timey baseball font.

    The design’s got a little bit of everything but doesn’t seem too bloated or busy. The shoulder and sock treatment is inspired.

    My only complaint is that the cap logo seems a bit clunky–sorta reminds me of the ill-fated S the Mariners sported for a bit. Maybe that C without the drop shadow and borders might register better.

    Okkonen’s work suggests that the Red Sox wore 1912’s style, but all the pictures I have of that team at home show a pinstriped uniform with no wordmark.

    He also shows the Yankees on the road that year in a navy blue cap with white emblem,and no stripes on the socks.

    More attention to detail regarding the NY cap emblem might have been nice.

    Ohio State lacrosse team wearing throwbacks from the 80’s again.

    Question for the people who hate Nike and throwbacks. Is this a Nike money grab?

    “Question for the people who hate Nike and throwbacks. Is this a Nike money grab?”


    this is either a rhetorical or a trick question, isn’t it?

    I get that people use my templates, that’s why i make them available to people, but David Firestone, did you really have to steal my presentation too? haha, come on…

    In other news, It’s just a shame Tom Bierbaum never puts any thought into his designs, just another copy and paste job, #smh. [but seriously, great stuff Tom]

    Triple H, that Coasters logo is awesome!

    My favorite overall design from today has to be King’s Tribe, and that’s a surprise to me.

    Good stuff by errybody.

    Tim, I tried my design with several other templates, they all looked like crap, then I tried yours, and it worked. It’s too good of a presentation not to use!

    This may be just my impression, but it seems that Indians fans are much more vociferous in their defense of their Native American logos and imagery than Redskins fans. Is that the case?

    And on a side note, I know the name of the guy in the Indians logo is Chief Wahoo. Does the guy in the Redskins’ logo have a name?

    I think this might be because the Redskins name is almost completely indefensible, where people seem to think they can argue their way out of ‘Indians’ being offensive.

    (Though, ironically, Chief Wahoo is 1000x more offensive than the still-quite-offensive Redskins logo)

    I think its interesting that, with the recent absence of Chief Nockahoma, the Braves are never selected for criticism. Their jersey has a tomahawk on it. What more need be said.

    thought the Giants might go with the alt road SF today in NYC but no.

    Good weather today, but looks like a possible washout Sun and/or Mon.

    Nice work by all who sent in submissions.

    But I am still calling them Cleveland Indians.

    same here.

    none of them really stood out to me. only one i could see working is the Tribe design.

    i know the Cleveland had a baseball team named spiders at one point, but that name now just seems overly generic. like a team name that would be used in a movie that couldn’t get a MLB licensing deal

    wow those designs are just brutally bad, i feel sorry for the rubes who wasted time on them…

    You’re an ass and probably just jealous that you can’t put your ideas onto paper without it looking like Michal J. Fox drew them.


    Normally I would agree, people like Paul and Phil know not to take these idiots personally, but some of the concepters are new or are young and I know first hand that doing something you love can be shelved when you’re attacked and hurt by what ass clowns like this fuckhole when they say unnecessarily mean things to people who are just amateurs.

    These people aren’t just making new designs, they’re expressing themselves and putting themselves out there, risking rejection and hoping for approval. These are just as personal to some as putting out a picture of themselves out there. People can be critical, but there is no need to be cruel (but when Aaron invokes cruelty, cruelty is what he’ll get in return).

    Everyone of these designs is great because of the effort and passion put into them and none of them deserve the casual dismissal of asshats like this.

    Great work by all the designers.

    My vote goes to Ron G’s Spiders. Beautiful simplicity.

    Second-best for me is HHH’s Coasters. A bit unorthodox with the different-colored shoulders but they remind me of the Expos’ caps!

    Props to Tom B’s Barons and Ian Carr’s Grays for impressive stirrups.


    Mike Leake on the mound for the Reds wearing some stirrups today. Too bad he’s not getting much run support.

    I kind of wish they were still called the “Redlegs”. Of course, that does nothing for the Red or White Sox these days.

    Although I would have preferred a buttoned jersey, as opposed to the pullover, my vote goes to Tom Bierbaum’s Cleveland Barons. It may sound like an oxymoron, but I found the design to be both simple and elegant at the same time.

    Many thanks, Skycat, and I should note I was just too lazy to draw in the buttoned front when I originally made the template I was working on (which dates back to the 1980s). I had trouble back then working around the separation when I’d try to draw in the buttoned front so I just sort of decided those details would be implied. When I did this design, it just slipped my mind and it actually wasn’t until I saw the artwork posted today that I became conscious of the fact that it looks like a pullover jersey. So for the record, I’m envisioning this design as a button-front jersey.

    My favorite of the bunch is Rob’s Blues concept, but I must ask, wouldn’t it be weird to have that much red in a logo for a team called the Blues?

    My greatest fear with this name is a marketing genius dressing some sort of cat in a fedora and wayfarers for a sideline mascot.

    A great idea! If the O’s hadn’t gone back to the oriole bird I would probably pick the white paneled one up (no New Era logo, but with the MLB logo on the back). Heck I’ve been thinking of picking up the away cap, I may go this route instead.

    If only the price wasn’t so damn high… I remember when I first started buying fitted caps (around 2001 or 2002), and they were $21.99, when I got a San Diego hat on a trip in 2005 they were like $25.99 or so, but when I got my Braves away cap in 2009 it had jumped to $33.99 (luckily the tickets we got from my dad’s boss had a $10 off coupon so I got it for less).

    I think the use of “Tribe” and any inclusion of Chief Wahoo COMPLETELY misses the point here. “Juuuuust a bit outside.”

    I like that the “Blues” design keeps the current colors, although the nickname leaves something to be desired (despite it being my personal favorite color). I do like “Coasters” as a nickname, although the Coasters design is a little too ABA/USFL for my taste.

    And “Spiders”…it just feels so minor league, a la Richmond.

    Rockers makes a lot of sense for Cleveland of course, but seems a little…high school.

    For this batch, I would stick “Coasters” (or Barons) onto the Blues design if I had my drothers!

    Overall great design work, y’all.

    Chief Wahoo is in none of the designs, and one of the definitions of tribe refers to people sharing a similar background, in this case its the love for Cleveland sports (or at the very least baseball in Cleveland).

    Right, I was referring to others’ comments about Chief Wahoo.

    With all due respect, I find your explanation for using “Tribe” a tad flimsy: just the same, you could say another definition for “Indians” is referring to people from India. To wit: “Tribe” is currently widely in use as shorthand for the team.

    That’s the point behind the name, it makes the transition easier to handle for the fans, it no longer refers to an Indian Tribe but rather the Tribe of Cleveland Sports. The city seal is used and the Browns’ and Cavaliers’ colors are included on the sleeve badge. I sure that the name made sense instead of just saying it was referring to another definition of Tribe.

    This is all in the submission description.

    My vote is for the BlueSocks. Great design all around and cool name. I would put the Rockers second (except, I agree with many others on here that the CR cannot be on the cap). Third, I like those Aranea Green Spiders.

    I know it won’t happen, but I wouldn’t mind the Yankees making those stripped stirrups part of their regular road uniform.

    I tried to leave my designs pretty simple. This is why I really like Ron G’s Spiders and the Blues design. Both are two of the simpler uniforms.

    Looks like Ohio State is sporting 200th anniversary patches for Columbus in the spring game. I wonder if we’ll see this in the regular season

    I saw that. Not sure I like the idea. Yes I know the university is in Columbus. But they are OHIO State. Representing the whole state.

    It is not that big of a deal but just saying.

    I thought the uniform designs were all great, but this contest really goes to show that naming a team isn’t so easy. When you don’t have the benefit of history (“Red Sox” would sound totally stupid if it was announced today), the nickname can sound sorta forced or hokey. I like almost all the designs, which are creative and inspired, but the nicknames leave something to be desired.

    Ron G’s Spiders are pretty awesome, as are Jeff’s Rockers and Bierbaum’s Barons.

    Favorite jersey: Bierbaum’s Barons

    Favorite hat: Ron’s Spiders

    Favorite logo: HHH’s Coasters

    Thanks to everyone! Looking forward to part II.

    NC States is using pink for breast cancer awareness during thier spring game. Also has red, black, and white. Creates a pretty cool color combo in my opinion.

    Great job by everyone who submitted their concepts. I think I have fallen for the Spiders name. All of the Spiders submissions are good – I can see all of them in use. I like the Coasters uniform but I doubt a MLB team would use the different colored sleeves. I would think a Minor League team would try a design like that.

    Anyway, my top 3 for now are:

    Liam Burkholder’s Spiders – love the green, love the pinstripes, think there should be a little more contrast in color between the jersey and the lettering

    Joshua’s Brown Sox – love the color schemes, would hope the shorts would never see the light of day.

    Ron G’s Spiders – love the hat and especially the logo on the sleeve – very sharp

    “Liam Burkholder’s Spiders — love the green, love the pinstripes, think there should be a little more contrast in color between the jersey and the lettering”


    see below (and now in the main) — the colors in the format he originally sent me were “off” — (i was wondering why there were orange sanis)…now the proper submissions have been added

    Yeah – the lacking contrast – not sure what happened, but what WAS black was supposed to be a red/orange (Venom) Phil has graciously re-uploaded with corrected graphics…

    Thanks for the props on my Brown Sox concept. Sounds like you are in the minority, but at least I’ve got one fan. I hope you read my comments explaining that the alternate with shorts was an atonement for the Wahoo years, and therefore was an intentionally bad design. Funny thing is, now that I look at it, I don’t hate it. It’s the most innovative of my three uni sets, and if you lost the shorts and made some minor tweaks, it might just work. Also, sorry to all that I included a word mark but no logo. I meant to come up with a cartoon sock to replace Chief Wahoo, but my limited artistic ability led me to scrap the idea. If anyone is up for taking a crack at it, you have my blessings.

    Speaking as a fan of the Indians’ chief rival in the mid-1990s, I think Cleveland would absolutely & relentlessly revolt.

    That used to be one massively intense rivalry. Just seeing a Cleveland Brown Sox concept shows how old I’m getting.

    just a note for everyone who is still reading — there has been a slight modification to liam burkholder’s designs — the format in which i received his submissions didn’t transpose properly — so they were resubmitted in jpg form and now the proper colors are in the main article

    much more red/orange in those “venom” areas

    please give this a second look

    Thank you so much, Phil – I’ve appreciated this contest and the opportunity to try out some new stuff!

    Great! I like the corrected version even more. Great color scheme.

    I vote for Patrick Ebner. It looks the most realistic for an actual MLB uniform. Love the spider dangling down the leg piping…unique detail! Also, great hat- using Cleveland Browns colors was a nice touch. Cleveland for life!

    I agree with Jesse. i think Patrick Ebner’s design is the cleanest look with the best hat. I’d also buy one like those guys said up higher!

    I’m going with Bierbaum’s Barons. Dig the monocled “Baron” in the logo… it makes him look very baron-like.

    Thanks, Wheels, and I should note I “borrowed” that Baron mascot from one of the earlier Barons hockey teams so can’t take credit for it. But it’s the kind of fun cartoon-ish emblem I’ve always loved.

    Ron G.’s Spiders take. Love the spiderweb C, and that the uniform is basically unchanged from the current alternate. A classic look.

    Really Fox Sports? A #rivalry bug on screen for the whole Red Sox-Yankee game? So dumb. They should change it to #blowout.

    It was either 9-0 or 9-1 when he posted that reply, a grand slam and a 3 run blast (both over the green monster) have cut the lead to 1.

    Any ideas as to the record for most unanswered runs in a single game? Or biggest-deficit-turned-to-biggest-win?

    three teams overcame 12-run deficits to win the game…the last time this happened was on August 5, 2001, when cleveland, trailing seattle 14-2 after 6 1/2 innings, rallied to win in the 11th, 15-14…here’s the box score

    the other two games were a while ago..i’ll quote the source directly:

    two teams in baseball history have managed to come back from 12-run deficits to win a game..on june 18, 1911, the detroit tigers found themselves being trounced by the visiting chicago white sox, 13-1…they managed to score four runs in the fifth and three in the sixth, but chicago countered with two runs of their own in the seventh…in the eighth, detroit used five singles and two walks to cut chicago’s lead to 15-13…they completed their comeback in the final frame when ty cobb plated the tying runs with a two-run single, his fifth hit of the day, and was driven in on a double by sam crawford

    connie mack’s philadelphia athletics also managed a 12-run comeback on june 15, 1925…down 15-3, philly scratched out only a single run in the seventh, but proceeded to clobber cleveland indians’ pitching for 13 runs in the eighth…cleveland manager tris speaker’s four pitchers, including ace george uhle, could not stem the tide, and the a’s went on to win 17-15

    from here

    The Brown Sox wouldn’t work. Phil and his politically correctness will somehow find that racist. I’m surprised he hasn’t found anything wrong with Red Sox and White Sox.

    Very much a moron, yes. The Brown Sox wouldn’t work because it’s a bad idea, not because there’s anything else wrong with it.

    MLB on Fox almost jinxed that perfect game, they flashed a graphic saying there had been 20 Perfect Games, when the game in progress would have been the 20th.

    the MLB Network is saying its the 21st on their scroll now… Are these networks counting the Armando Gallaraga game?

    another former met tossed that

    i think that’s like seven guys who’ve thrown no-no’s since leaving queens…and nolan himself threw seven of them

    second guy to toss a perfecto

    for those of you keeping score at home, that’s 7,982 games and counting since the mets came into MLB and not one player has ever tossed a no hitter for that team

    Weird to see someone I had classes with do something like that. I remember when Phil Humber was a question mark in Rice’s rotation.

    This is a painful statement for me to make, but damn do the Yankees unis look absolutely beautiful. I can’t stand either one of those teams, but to see all the players wearing their pants where they’re supposed to be… Awesome. I wish I could have seen that in person.

    Well, personally don’t want to see any team forced to change their name for political correctness….so, I viewed is from the mindset of Cleveland being awarded a new franchise. In this light, I think that the Cleveland rockers submission is heads and shoulders above the others…from concept to design, I LOVE it!

    I’m partial to the Spiders nickname, particularly Ron & Liam’s designs. Ron’s is cool because it borrows from the Indians’ past logos & colors, but I also like the green & orange in Liam’s design. Baseball needs more variety from the blue and red. Only thing that made me cringe about the latter were the away pinstripes. I did like the effort behind the “Blue Socks” design, but I, too, cannot support the idea of another team with a reference to hosiery in its name.

    I also liked Rob Bratney’s “Blues” submission, partially because it contrasts the Reds across the state in Cincinnati, and because it’s humorous when you consider fans of any Cleveland team haven’t had a whole lot to cheer about over the past sixty years or so. It does strike me as odd, though, that the chest insignia is in red, not blue. Otherwise, simple and classy, and not a radical departure from the current set.

    In an effort at authenticity, both teams wore no numbers on their uniforms. This must have been Jim Vilk’s worst nightmare.
    In my mind, I weighed no numbers vs. two teams in Bellotti Bold on a proverbial scale and don’tcha know, it was pretty much even.

    Now, I’ve watched some vintage base ball where there are no numbers. It was jarring at first, but I got over it because you’re so close to the action. When it comes to stadium baseball, though, I think numbers are another concession of the modern game they could have considered. But, the sun still rose in the morning, so it couldn’t have been all that bad.

    Agree or not, I’m still calling them Indians.

    That being said, I really like Daniel Irwin’s stirrups and spider, Hipster’s opposite color sleeves, Joshua’s collared alt, and Douglas King’s name (Tribe), but Ron G.’s overall kit takes the biscuit.

    I’m pretty amused by HHH’s Coasters concept. Not sold on the alternating red-blue bit on the sleeves and socks, but I like the logos for sure.

    There used to be another amusement park in the Cleveland area, located at Geauga Lake in Aurora. For most of its history, the park was named after the lake, although from 2000-2003 it was a Six Flags location. Geauga Lake was also home to a Sea World (which was sold to Six Flags in 2001).

    Unfortunately, Six Flags sold the park to Cedar Fair (Cedar Point’s parent company) in early 2004. Cedar Fair shut down the former Sea World immediately, and built a new water park on that site (which remains open today). They eventually shut down the rest of Geauga Lake, though, thus eliminating competition for the park in Sandusky.

    So there’s this contest to redesign and rename the Cleveland baseball team because it’s deemed offensive. So someone has an idea to rename the team the Barons and has an iron cross for a logo. Nope, no one will think THAT’S offensive!
    (By the way, since about 75% of all elementary/middle/high schools along Lake Erie are named after Admiral Perry, I’m going with “Admirals”.

    I love how you can change Chief Wahoo’s color from red to white and put a top hat on him, and he changes from offensive to non-offensive. And yes, a few weeks ago I saw Pauls justification that naming a team after white people is ok (Celtics, Fighting Irish, Vikings, etc) because those groups were not treated as poorly as the “Americans who had ancestors here before my ancestors got here”. And I dont agree with Paul on that issue. I have no problem with the Indians (or Braves) team name (Redskins is a different issue), on the other hand Chief Wahoo’s smile is goofy no matter what group he is representing.

    Why again do we need to get rid of the Indians? Bc it’s offensive to certain people, even though they were named in honor of an actual American Indian? As someone who part Indian, I don’t find it offensive. As someone who is also part Irish, why can’t you stand up for that side of me. Also, I’m a dog fan, get rid of all the dog names that imply people should be worried about a dog.

    Ok, I’ll end my rant over the stupidity of this PC debate, and say this: some of your designs are really awesome! Good job, fellow readers

    This is a joke, the INDIANS have been around since 1901, that is 111+ years of TRADITION! The name Indians should not offend anyone! Does the name New York Yankees offend anyone here? Because the word “Yankee” is a slang word for white Americans. And if you think about it, it is pretty much the same thing. This is an 111+ year tradition that should NEVER be changed! #CheifWahoo!

    Thanks Dylan, finally someone who brought up the word Yankees. Does anyone realize that the term Yankee and the song Yankee Doodle Dandy was created by British soldiers to make fun of the Patriots?? Not to mention, confederate soldiers slandering union soldiers. Why are we not offended by that? Heaven forbid we change their name back to the Highlanders.

    As a Tribe fan, I never thought I wanted to change our name, but I love all of the designs! Well done everyone. I love the Rockers logos and uniforms. Only two things I would change: No CR on the hats, and I would change the name, so as not to reflect on a defunct WNBA team. I’m sure we could come up with another musical name. I love that it reflects not only our city’s past, but its present too!

    By the way, Cleveland is located in Cuyahoga county and I grew up in neighboring Geauga county. Ohio is a native american name that means “beautiful river.” Do we need to change those names too?????

    Lakers is my pick. Since LA already has a pro team by the same name, what about another name along the same theme? Captains? Freighters? Shippers?

    My second choice was the Coasters simply because of the logo with the roller coaster inside.

    Not a fan of an old Cleveland team name like the Spiders. Need to be forward thinking.

    For the record, I’m not proposing that the Indians change their name unless they move from Cleveland.

    Am I the only one who noticed that the Benchies gang pulled out the Black alts for today’s entry?

    I am TOTALLY against changing anything about WaHoo or Indians. PC has gotten out of control!! I have also heard numerous times that MOST native Americans have no problem with it, even wearing WaHoo proudly. I have no idea how true that is, but it sound right, considering the small number of protesters come out, and a good number of them are just left wingers that would protest anything and are anything but native Americans.If you must though, it would be Spiders.

    I like most of the Spiders stuff, but don’t know why they tended to go away from the red, white, and blue color scheme.

    Whoever picked black and gold (Patrick Ebner) just doesn’t know Cleveland at all. Send that design to Pittsburgh.

    The Cleveland Tribe one is very nice.

    So I vote for Douglas King, Ron G., and Brent Becker, in that order.

    This ia a great idea. All those who’ve sumbitted are amazing artists with great ideas. My vote is for the Spiders. It was the original name and I think would be honoring all the men who played under it.

    My votes are for Brent Beck and Liam Burkholder. I like those designs the best. I really like that Becker even came up with a mascot. Boris is fun cute and relateable from the start. The names I’d stay away from are names with Socks in them. Someone made a comment that there are too many teams with socks now. I agree I’d also stay away from The Tribe. That’s still a little too close to Indians for comfort. Isn’t that what we’re all trying to get away from? My vote is for those two gentlmen I mentioned but if they don’t make it to the next round I vote for anyone who does the Spiders. GO Spiders!!!!

    Did everyone forget Cleveland Baseball history? We had a team called to “Forest City’s” here. There is a National Park that runs though Cleveland you know. Also, this is a complete waste of time. Sorry but Chief Wahoo is a good Logo that why the current one has been around since 1951. That’s why the move “Major League” used this team. I think some of you forgot the HUGE throwback market. If you think the Chief is going away your kidding yourself. The only thing that needs to be done is bring BACK the big 3D Chief Wahoo from the “Major League”era for the home games. Bring back the mid 70’s Frank Robinson font C for the road cap and Jerseys. It’s such an original font everyone knows it. Finally bring BACK the red jersey.
    I have traveled all over the Americas and I have seen native Americas WEARING Chief Wahoo hats south of the U.S. When asked what it represents they tell me they don’t know but they know he’s a native and he actually gives them pride and identity. There are a few Natives with nothing better to do then stand outside the Home Opener and playoff games and make a fuss. If it was such a big deal why aren’t they there in huge numbers at EVERY game? It’s white man’s guilt as usual. So lame. Get off your soapbox. I just read they asked Nick Weglerz (SP?) who is half Native Canadian and in our farm system if the name bothers him and he says “NOT AT ALL.” LEAVE THE CHIEF ALONE! LEAVE BRITTNEY ALONE! This is a non issue. In fact, Native Americans shouldn’t be upset if you want to be literal they are the CLEVELAND INDIANS not the CLEVELAND NATIVE AMERICANS so the whole thing is a syntax error as my commadore 64 used to say. REDSKINS IS 1000% time more offensive of a word plus did you see that Atlanta brought back CHIEF Knockahoma back on Alt jerseys and the Astros are going to use the COLT .45’s Jerseys with smoke coming out of the gun like it was fired. If you want something to spend your time on take a trip to Haiti and help in the earthquake relief and stuff it about the Chief!

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