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Simply the Best (Dressed)

Best Dressed

By Phil Hecken, with Rick Pearson

After a few weeks of contentiousness (in a good way, I think) in the comments section, due to such topics as the renaming of the Cleveland baseball and Washington football teams (more on that contest below), civic versus corporate in terms of team ‘responsibilties,’, advertising on sidewalks and uniforms, and other topics on which we agree to disagree, I thought I’d bring Uni Watch’s sage sexagenarian aboard today to discuss an issue on which we all agree — who is the best dressed player in the Major League today.


OK, so it’s not a cut and dried issue, by any means, as each of us will have our own prejudices and preferences — maybe even a bit of homerism — on who we think is the best dressed player in the game. When Rick and I bantered this topic about, I had wanted to pick three or four guys who were exemplars of uni-perfection, but Rick insisted we settle on just one. Then I wanted to pick one player from present day and one from the past, but that too, was met with a terse rejoinder of “no.” And Rick had a good reason — let’s see how, if it’s even possible, you can pick the player you feel is the most nattily attired in the bigs; the one player who not only looks great in a uniform, but who does so with a flair and a panache that places him just above everyone else. Think it’s easy? Well it’s not.

When all was said and done, Rick and I agreed we’d pick our sharp dressed man, but defend one runner up (which he’s done, below). I had a very difficult time with mine, and I’ll explain how I settled upon my choice after we hear from Rick. So, Mr. Pearson, who is the one player who is a cut above the rest, when it comes to his appearance on the diamond?


For me, it was tough to choose between Curtis Granderson and Juan Pierre, but it came down to a personal thing and, yes, it’s picky, but Pierre’s pants might (I say “might”) be just a little too baggy.

Also, because stirrups seem to be extremely rare these days, Granderson best represents how to make it work with non-stirrups. Plus, he’s smart enough to wear lowcuts, not some shit-kicker clodhoppers.So I’ll go with Granderson because my reaction when I see him is always the same, “Damn, that’s a good look, just a nice combination of yesterday and today.”


Thanks, Rick. I thought this would be an easy “assignment.” Just go with a high-pantsed guy who’s not wearing his cap askew, or flat-brimmed, or with a jersey that’s 3 sizes too big. While there are more than a couple of players who fit that description, I had to really look long and hard, and I’m still not 100% certain on my choice. I love the guy pictured to the right, in the “Catch of the Day,” Nyjer Morgan, but since he left the Bucs, he’s gone a tad baggier, and he likes to wear his cap askew and a few sizes too big. I do like the aforementioned Juan Pierre, since I believe he models his uni style after Jackie, and always looks like a player. But…I don’t like the cap under helmet look, his jersey is just a bit too baggy, and he doesn’t blouse. I also love Stephen Strasburg, and no one blouses his pants as well. There are others, too, but I promised Rick I’d only pick one “runner up.” (Although, if Derek Jeter ever went to low-cuts and could pull up his pants, he just might be the best looking ballplayer in the show.)

So, after much consideration, I have to pick David Wright, of my hometown Mets (oh, there will be a lot of Mets today), but with a bullet. Wright fits almost all of my categories, from perfect blousing to a perfectly fitting jersey. As a bonus, he sports an orange undershirt (albeit one with the MOTB). But…he fails to be 100% perfect in one critical area: he goes long-pantsed at night. Yes, this should usually be more than enough to disqualify him consideration, but this daytime look (when all baseball should be played, you know) outweighs the negatives. To me anyway. But picking Wright over others was no easy chore.


So, what about you, dear readers — who out there today represents your ideal of the best dressed fella in the game today? What would be your qualifications for choosing him, and can you even do so? Is it stirrups? A classic old school body, look and style of play? Maybe you prefer a lot of hair or a perhaps a guy who is more casual. Maybe you think high-tops and socks can work, you just need to work it right. Whatever it is, what causes you to say, “damn, that is what a ballplayer looks like”?

The floor is open.


Benchies Header


by Rick Pearson


Formidable, to say the least…

4-14-12 d-lefthander

Click to enlarge


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

And so, lets begin:


We start with Jonah Henderson, who has a new concept for Portland:


This is a Portland Trail Blazers Alternate Uniform concept that I designed thinking it could be similar the Miami Heat’s Black and White Alternate.

Jonah Henderson


Shortly thereafter, I received a second e-mail from Jonah, who had some new ideas for da Raidahs:


These are two Oakland Raiders Uniforms that I designed. On the first design, I featured a black helmet, with a black logo, and a dark gray jersey with black and silver trim. The pants are silver with a black stripe running down the side. The second design however, is a classic yet modern look which features a black helmet with a silver stripe and logo. The jersey features a black uniform with silver and dark grey trim. The pants again are the classic silver with a black stripe on the side, and a raiders logo. Enjoy!

Jonah Henderson, Salem, OR


We close today with Brian Sanford, who has some pretty interesting concepts for Spanish NBA jerseys:


I saw your post in UniWatch asking for tweaks/revisions. I mocked up a few ideas in Illustrator recently for Noche Latina as well as potential NBA Chinese New Year themed jerseys.

~ Brian F. Sanford
サンフォード • ブライアン


That’s it for today, kids. Back with more tomorrow.


colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

It’s been several weeks since we had a “Colorize This” but it’s back today — but without the G&G boys, both of whom are taking a sabbatical. But that doesn’t mean the new guys can’t step up to the plate. Today features several colorizations from John Turney and Pete Woychick, both of whom have sent in their efforts before.

Trying out a new format for the colorizations today, hope you like it.


First up is John, and I’ll just post several of them, with his writeups above each one. Click on each photo to view a larger version:

“This is from way back. I touched up the players, given them more natural skin tone. More of a match on the Giants blue jerseys. Then I colorized the crown. Then I added and Alien Skin Exposure Ecktachrome filter to brighten it up.”

Giants vs. Steelers - John Turney


“I colorized this photo but was not sure if it was his college, or if this was the set of Knute Rockne, All-American. I assumed it was the latter, but was not sure if Notre Dame wore green or blue then. So, I did both and added an Alien Skin Polychome filter in Photoshop.”

Knute Rockne - John Turney

Knute Rockne - John Turney


This next one is full-size, so no need to enlarge:

“I’ve never seen a good shot of the 1969 Saints black helmets. This shot is used to illustrate them, so I colorized it. It’s not a high resolution photo so there is little to work with, but I added the Saint’s Old Gold to this.”

SaintsKen2 -  John Turney


There are actually a couple more John has sent me, but I’ll hold off on those for another time. The next submission is from Pete, who also wanted to weigh in on the Colorize This! segment:

“Hi Phil””
This one was a little more involved, as it required some “reconstructive surgery.” I was just going for believability rather than perfection; if you look closely, you can probably tell where the assorted parts and pieces were copy-pasted from in order to recreate the missing torso.

It was interesting to read the comments surrounding the colorization “controversy” last week. Nobody asked, but my two cents are as follows: Making these is an enjoyable creative pastime””challenging enough to be interesting, but not so challenging as to become frustrating. It’s something I will probably continue to do, whether I have an “audience” or not. Submitting them to UniWatch is my way of contributing in a small way to the community here. Others may write guest columns, submit ticker links, or actively participate in the comments suggestion; to each his own. I have been receiving praise for various creative efforts virtually my entire life, so one compliment less, or more, is not going to significantly alter my self-esteem. That said, I firmly believe each of us performs best when we know that our efforts are appreciated, when we are “given our due.” The occasional word of thanks, praise, or encouragement remains a powerful motivation.



1926_porch_baseball_after - Pete Woychick


Pete also sent me another, but I’ll hold off on that one as well, since this section has gotten pretty big. Hope you like the new format, and I welcome all colorizers to send me their work. If you guys do like this format, I’ll continue to use it from now on.



Contest reminder… I’m currently running a contest to redesign and rename the Cleveland baseball and Washington football teams. Full details here. I’ve already received dozens of entries, with a few coming in each day. Contest is open for just two more days, until April 15th (JRR day, dontcha know), so if you have started a concept, you’d best be putting on your finishing touches. If you haven’t begun and want to join, best get crackin NOW. Depending on how my week goes, I will probably begin showing some of the entries next weekend, but it may be two weeks, since I have a couple of columns that were supposed to run this weekend and will now (likely) run next weekend. Stay tuned.


Maybe the best lookin’ road uni in the bigs???

OK — I hope everyone who had the MLB Preview at least took a look at the Amazin’s and the Phillies last night, because if you did, what you saw was pure beauty:

RA Dickey

Oh. My. God. Yeah, they’re my team, but Goddam, how great did those Mets look last night? And it wasn’t just the Mets — their sparring partners, the Phillies, looked great (as usual). It was a gorgeous matchup. In fact, if Jim Mothervilker were doing a “5 & 1,” this game would have been the “good 1.” I mean look at this (and just imagine if that weren’t cropped, and you could see both players lower leg stylings). You can see lots more photos here.

But why did the Mets look so good I needed to put on a new pair of pants? Well, unless you’ve been living in a cave, last year you were likely to see them dressed like this or worse, like this on the road. The “hybrid” cap and black drop shadow had been a bane of Mets gray roadies for more than a decade (since 1998, in fact).

The difference is as clear as night and day.

While the difference is most apparent in the blue accessories (cap, socks, sleeves), just the mere removal of the black dropshadow takes one of the worst looking unis and turns it into one of the best (the homes too, but especially the roads). Without all that awful dropshadow, the NEW YORK is crisp and clear. So much better.

And while last night’s game was outstanding (for both teams), it will be even better today when the Phillies wear their cream alts (at least I think they will — it’s a 4:05 start), and who knows what will be in store when they meet up Sunday at 1:35, for Jackie Robinson day. Could be magic, if both teams are NNOB, right?


And finally…

What the hell is this?

Screen Shot 2012-04-14 at 12.41.52 AM

Click to enlarge

Are those the “rejected” Nike designs for the NFL? Well, not quite. But they are hilarious. Those come from “Dave’s Art Locker” who had described them thusly:

“Nike just released their uniform redesigns for the NFL. Outside some fabric changes, and the noteable exception of the Seahawks, none of the uniform designs changed much. The seahawks somehow were made worse. Just bring back the freaking neon green jerseys and everyone will be happy. I know I will be, the Neon jerseys had a definite identity which was loads better than the weird blue they wear nowadays. Blue is so distinct, that’s why half the league wears some variation of it.”

Some of the concepts are actually better than what the teams currently wear, which is a bit scary. I mean, look at the Jags — Jim Vilk would wear that.

You can read the whole article and check out all the designs here. (h/t to TimE)


And that will do it for today, everyone. Let us know your best dressed MLBer, tell me if you like the new “Colorize This” format, give me shit for posting so much Mets, whatever. It’s all good.

Lots of good stuff on tap today, including the who gives a shit much-anticipated release of the new Mizzou football unis. Back with more good stuff tomorrow, but until that time…enjoy your Saturday.


I don’t know why the University of Houston would want to highlight “UH” anyways. I look at it and say, “Uhhh.” Why does the U have to be in there at all? Saying U-H out loud rolls right off the tongue and onto the floor.

— Alex Parisi

Comments (214)

    Hi guys! Really like the new format for the Colorize This.

    Although seeming to be taking a rest I actually have a few on the go and will get them to Phil when I can. But in the meantime it’s great to see the posts.

    Yes, this format is much better.

    Nice work, John and Pete! Looking forward to the return of the G&G boys, too.

    It looks great. I don’t normally check out any of the colorized pictures, but it’s nice to see a couple of them on the main page – especially when they’re as gorgeous as these.

    Hurray Colorize This is back for today. Thanks John and Pete.
    I know when I have done old Notre Dame unis it is hard to tell if they wore blue or green. I had seen this movie poster for Knute Rockne with the Gipper in blue jersey.


    I don’t know how the Mets traditional grays can be any better than what most teams wear on the road. It looks fine, but so does every team when they don’t wear softball tops.

    I just think it looks lazy. Like they couldn’t bother to change into their real uniforms for the game. I remember seeing the Ryne Sandberg-era Cubs in those blue tops and cringing. Especially compared with the road pins, those just looked like a t-shirt I could buy at Wal-Mart.

    That the sense I get with the Marlins, who wants to wear these formal greys, when we can a t-shirt instead.

    NY Mets best looking away uniform ……….ah No. I’ve always thought it looks a little washed out, prefer many others. Toronto BlueJays may have the best current greys.

    Does Jeff think that if a basketball team came onto the court wearing a dark jersey and light colored shorts that the players would look good? That’s the comparison I would make with my feelings toward baseball teams wearing dark colored tops and white or gray pants.

    I don’t know, I guess it’s just a weird double standard personal preference thing.

    Mismatched uniforms in the NBA are just wrong. But I like them for the NFL, MLB and NHL.

    A couple of teams could do it, but yeah, it’s different for the NBA. Maybe because they don’t have much of a uni compared to other sports.

    “So, everyone basically looks the same, but “softball tops” to provide more variety are a bad thing?”


    coming from someone who only wears black, that’s rich

    I do not only wear black. Maybe 80% of the time, but not always.

    I’m also not a professional sports league, so my own personal fashion choices are not typically on display for the entire world to see.

    Anybody else notice The Ozzie Guillen led White Sox wore black tops more often than the Ventura edition and even with him suspended, Miami is sporting black almost daily?

    No, no, no! Oakland A’s road uniforms: Drab.
    The basic uniform is ok, but they follow the obnoxious trend of having a ‘road’ cap, which turns away from the sharp green with yellow brim and bright white “A” to a dull all-green cap with yellow letter. Maybe it’s just my perception from seeing them on TV, but to me both colors of the road cap are duller than the colors of the home uni.

    I subscribe to the theory put forth by some others: Every team, sooner or later, finds the perfect look that can (and should) be associated with them, and they should stick with it. I’m generally a traditionalist when it comes to baseball uniforms – a Mets fan who’s thrilled the black is gone this year, no fan of the Yankees but I like and respect how they don’t mess with their look on the field – but the Oakland A’s look best in the green, yellow and white “Swingin’ A’s” unis of the ’70’s. They pioneered it, they should stay with it… It’s them!

    No no no no! It’s Wright number 1, the Strassiah runner-up, and Ryan Zimmerman honorable mention but only at home on days he wears his pants up. If he showed his socks all the time, he’d be the most looks-like-a-classic-ballplayer guy in baseball.

    Great “Colorize This” submissions this week!
    I’ve got some material on the back-burner I’ll be sending soon. Cheers! ~B

    Best dressed MLB’er? Francisco Cervelli. He’s old school in every way. Hi-cuffed, lowtop spikes, no batting gloves, well-fitting jersey. And as an added bonus, he wears an old-school catcher’s mask…no hockey goalie nonsense. Plus he has the enthusiasm of a little-leaguer.


    Except he is in the minor leagues. Granderson isn’t even the best looking Yankee. That honor goes to Dave Robertson. Look how perfect he blouses those pinstripes:


    Can’t really argue with Robertson, but I give Cervie the edge (assuming he gets back to the bigs) based on the fact that he is a catcher. He has more opportunities than a pitcher to look bad (while hitting, while wearing his equipment), and he consistently looks good.

    And I know there’s been some discussion on batting gloves today. I can’t argue with their function, and I have no idea how guys like Posada hit for years without gloves. His hands must have been like rocks. To me, not wearing batting gloves just looks better than wearing them. It just seems more pure. Baseball unis and equipment should be simple and to me, old school is more pure.

    1. Juan Pierre – I actually like the cap under the helmet look. It is his and his alone.

    2. Ubaldo Jimenez- He looked sharp in Colorado (when he wasn’t in the black vest) link

    He looks even better now that he’s in my Indians’ uniforms link

    I was just coming here to post how good Ubaldo looks in a tribe uni. Of course I’m biased.

    I also loved how Thome wore his uni, especially in the late 90s when in honor of Thome’s birthday the whole team went with properly bloused pants.

    Seeing Jamie Moyer the other day wearing his stirrups reminded me just how a ballplayer should look. Bud Selig take note. Start an Organized Baseball Uniform Police and make the players obey the rules such as bloused pants and stirrups, no faux ‘rups, and no oversized and half-unbuttoned jerseys. Look like a real ballplayer for a change.

    I’ve been saying this for years! The other sports leagues have uniform conveniently threw theirs out. Even managers look sloppy..nobody wears a uniform on the bench in some cases.

    I am a fellow Met fan thrilled with the absence of the black uni stuff- however, didn’t they keep one BFBS alternate and the “hybrid” hat? Isn’t it conceivable in Met-dom that they would break that out for JRR game? Fingers crossed they won’t be that dumb.


    You are right…they kept a balck alt for the road…but the hybid cap is apparently gone…they will wear an all black cap with it. I agree they will probably wear gray for JRR…so they could very well wear the black and spoil today’s game.

    I cannot wait for the annual inter-league matches in Yankee stadium. The Mets with the vast improved roadies combined with the awesomeness that are the Yankee pin-stripes. It will be beautiful.

    Personally, I’ve never thought the Yankees unis were all that. Their blue is so muddled and dark that I’ve met lifelong Yankees fans who think they wear black. The logos don’t match, and the differences are not rational or based on the different needs of the different surface types. The monochrome color scheme, which has lately induced the Yanks to use gray to make themselves more interesting (!) is exactly the kind of thing that gets nailed by uni-watchers when any other team does it today. It’s a mediocre uniform that’s beloved purely because it hasn’t changed nearly 100 years, but the passage of time doesn’t actually make mediocre less mediocre. You go back to 1912, when the Yankees jumped on the pinstripe bandwagon, and they were maybe the 5th best pinstriped uni in baseball. Haven’t actually improved since then.

    The sans-black Mets, on the other hand, do everything right that the Yankees do wrong. So the great thing about interleague will be that a New York team with basically perfect unis will be playing at Yankee Stadium. For once.

    That’s not the Giants/Browns, it’s the Jints/Stillers. Cleveland has never worn numerals without serifs on them.

    Agree that the Giants-Steelers colorization is beautiful. To me, that’s how a pro football game is supposed to look.

    Like Jonah’s idea for the Raiders logo on the side hip area, wish more college and pro teams would do this. The Chiefs, Cowboys, and Colts would benefit from this idea. Would like to see Indy return to the early 80s style with using this approach.

    1) Mr. Turney, please know how appreciative I am of that work, especially the Giants/Brown shot. Beautiful stuff.

    2) My best dressed road teams in baseball are as follows:

    a)The Yankees – Simple, clean and distinguished. Bonus points for never wearing softball tops.

    b)The Tigers – for some reason, I’ve always liked that the roads include a color not present on the home uniforms.

    c)The Cardinals — I know certain people on this site loathe the navy caps, but growing up in that area, that screamed old school Cardinals, and I loved the return to it. Of course, I can remember George Hendrick wearing powder blues with elastic snap waistbands ( link ) so maybe it’s just a childhood trauma.

    d) The Mets – I will hand it to them, this current site is very nice.

    I’m pretty happy with the Nationals road unis but not so much with the cap – red brim makes them look too much like the Braves. However (and I probably read it here), the Braves’ move to solid navy road caps and the awful navy-on-navy softball tops has opened the door for the Nats to own the red-brimmed look.

    I would like to see the red crown/navy bill look. There is plenty of dark crown/light bill going on. I’d like to see the reverse.
    It looked good on Carlton Fisk.

    In my opinion, light crown/dark bill is never a good look. It makes the bill look invisible.

    No, solid navy is fine. Red crown, blue bill didn’t look good on the mid-1970s Red Sox and still doesn’t.

    Tigers need to change some things on their road uni before I can put them among the best.

    – Remove white outline on lettering/numbers

    – Change squatchee color from Orange to Midnight Blue

    – Change MLB logo on rear of cap from White to Orange

    – Add three Orange stripes to socks.

    As a die-hard Tigers fan, I wouldn’t have a problem with any of those changes. The striped on socks would only be seen on Brandon Inge (my vote for best dressed) and Don Kelly. I would LOVE for them to bring back the block “DETROIT” they wore in the 60’s, perhaps the most iconic Tigers roadie ever worn.

    Here’s another vote for the Cards’ navy road caps. I’m old enough to remember when they wore these through the ’64 World Series and I think it’s a good look. I’d *almost* prefer they go to navy at home as well but feel like their current red-at-home / navy-on-the-road pattern is a good balance.

    I understand why the navy grates for some and agree the Cards also look good with the red cap and road grays, but my preference is the current set-up.

    Have to agree with Ricko, it’s Granderson.

    And the Mets road uniform is…. perfect.

    And the new colorization format is much better. (Love that Giants photo! Nice work.)


    The Met road jersey is outstanding…immense improvement…maybe the best in baseball. But not perfect for me…perfect heaven would be if they used the Wilson Varsity font of the originals…the font is still in use today by the Braves.


    vilk…go put racing stripes on your pirates

    that dark period (uni wise) in mets history needs to forever remain locked away

    If they stopped using the Pirate font on the numbers, I’d gladly take racing stripes. That font is only good on the letters.

    yeah, i do

    first of all, racing stripes don’t belong on a baseball uni period, but they ESPECIALLY don’t belong on pins

    second of all, i detest pullovers, even though i will acknowledge there is no reason (in the practical sense) to have button downs anymore…but they just look like the cheap tee one got in little league, not big boy clothes

    the colors have always been great, and doc (speaking of wearing a uni well) always looked good (despite the too-high stirrups), and the 84-88 mets will always bring back good memories for me…but the unis? um, no

    Phil is just wrong on this. First, racing stripes can and do look great on pins. Of the three great racing stripe unis, two (Mets, Phillies) were on pinstripes. Second, the Mets looked great with the racing stripes. It’s an underused element on baseball unis, and there’s no reason it can’t work on a button-front uni (as it did for the Phillies and the Expos, the other great racing-stripe team).

    However, there is one objectively true rule here: racing stripes require raglan sleeves, pinstripes or no, but especially with pinstripes. But if Phil doesn’t want his Mets to look that good – and I understand that rooting for the Mets stunts a person’s self-esteem such that he may not feel his team deserves to look good – then I’d be thrilled to see the Nats bring Expos-style red/blue racing stripes back to the big leagues. Someone oughta.

    Good point that some really nice retro-ish uniforms sometimes fall down on the number fonts. The Phillies uniform is the best in the majors in my opinion but the number font may be the worst. And I think the Yanks numbers looked a lot better back in the late ’50s / early ’60s than they do today.

    And by the way, as a die-hard Phillies fan I have to admit the Metes uniforms are great and that road uniform may indeed be the best road set in the majors. I’d identified it as a great design back in the 1970s and have been dissatisfied with all the permutations the Mets have gone to in the decades since. Hope this change is permanent.

    Tenz…Yankee number fonts were inconsistent in the 50s and 60s to a degree…mostly they wore a standard block


    But I have also seen pics of other types, like the 1958 WS


    Since they went double knit (last of all teams) in 1973, they have never worn anything but single color Wilson Varsity at home, two color on road, except for a couple of instances wehere a jersey had the wrong font.

    Yeah, I don’t know the Yankee numbering specifics through that era, but I’d say what I’ve seen of about the ’63 and ’64 World Series look to me like the nicest #s the Yanks have had for my taste. I’ve never been crazy about the font they’ve used through their polyester years. It’s fine, but to my eye not as good as what guys like Mantle, Elston Howard and Tom Tresh were wearing back in the day.

    To me you can’t beat Jim Thome. He’s played in some classy, often underrated, looks and shows the kids how it’s done. Plus his build give him a more Ruthian era paunch which is more classic baseball than hyper athletic Granderson

    Lotta truth in that. But the thing is, in the days of baggy unis we sometimes didn’t even KNOW which guys had the hyper-athletic bodies. Couldn’t tell.

    If Granderson wore his pants as tight as, say, Alfonso Soriano, I wouldn’t have the same positive reaction to his personal style at all.

    Indeed. With the advent of batting helmets, that’s how most everyone wore them. Didn’t say everyone. Said most everyone.

    Change relatively quickly to helmet-only, but for a number of year that WAS the norm.

    Stargell always wore the cap.

    Trying to think of some non-Pirates who kept the look, but it’s early and my memory’s not at full speed yet.


    if everyone wears the whiffleball helmet, then yes, i can deal with the cap under lid…but now with the big huge giant padded helmets, that look is as much of an anachronism as mets racing stripes

    Doesn’t Juan Pierre wear his cap under his helmet because his head is just so damn tiny? I will admit, it looks a little Little League (four helmets for the whole team, but your mom is afraid of lice so you have to wear your own hat underneath), but if they can’t make a Juan Pierre-sized helmet, I guess it’s OK.

    David Wright? Bah. The long pants at night should have been an automatic DQ for you, Phil.

    Since a lot of folks in the comments are stuck in the 1940s-1960s, when pants were a little baggy, I’d think Juan Pierre would be the choice. Even though I grew up in the fitted polyester era (and I like that look), he might be my choice, too.

    Baggy pants were mostly out of style by the early to mid 1960s and to my eye never looked quite right because I came along too late to appreciate them. The tailoring of through the 1960s looks just right to my eye, not quite as tight as the 1970s but not nearly as baggy as the ’40s and ’50s

    Tangent question –

    Most NFL fans in the Ithaca, NY, area pull for what team?

    P.S. If this shows up in italics, Vilk done broke the style sheet.

    Good question. It depends how old they are and what era they grew up in. I would say natives who are 30+ years of age are primarily Bills fans.

    Since the Bills have been awful the past decade and a half, the local networks are more likely to be showing the Jets or Patriots or Steelers as the AFC game, so I would guess the younger kids are fans of one of those teams.

    After further review(link), it looks as though Ithaca is within range to get all of the network Buffalo games. So the answer should be Buffalo Bills (AFC) or New York Giants (NFC)

    Most of upstate New York likes to cheer for NY in general. If we’re out of the regional zones for specific teams. Usually there is one good team to cheer for. It would be against our instinct to cheer for the Patriots or any team from the Boston area. Namely because of Yankees and Blue Jays fans in Western NY. There are a lot of Bills fans but the Giants have gained quite a bit of following in recent years.

    Re: Mets photos. Lots of RA Dickey pics. But thats cool. Wish the Ms woulda hung onto him. Good guy Ms need all the good publicity they can get.

    Well obviously the best dressed player in the Big’s was overlooked because he technically hasn’t played in a game yet this year, but it is clearly Manny….. I kid, I kid. It is clearly Johnny Damon. The guy just looks like a ball player. When he goes with the bloused pants no one looks better in my opinion. His pants are just the right fit, his jersey is the right cut, he wears a LEATHER belt, and not the elastic belt, which I HATE, and he wears low cut spikes. Minus those years in Boston, Damon is my model of what a baseball player looks like.

    I really like the new “Colorize This” format, let’s keep that please. So many times I find myself blowing through them when I really shouldn’t.

    Jonah, I really enjoyed your first Raiders concept and your description for it was spot on!

    I’ll agree that Juan Pierre is the best dressed MLB player and that the Mets looked FREAKING FANTASTIC! I hope this is a lesson to all owners who want to throw some unnecessary black into their uniform colors *coughDetroitLionscough*).

    Just a note for John Turney.
    It’s tough to tell from black & white photos, I know, but the black-helmet Saints’ numbers were all white, no gold trim.

    That was during the time when they had narrowed the sleeve striping some (making them more like the Packers) and gone to plain white numbers on the black jerseys.

    I agree that the Mets’ road unis look fabulous, but for the love of God, please stop calling their black-and-blue hats “hybrids”! They came A YEAR before the all-black hats, so “hybrid” makes no sense! It bothers me as much as the idea of “softball tops” bother many of you! Stop it already!!!


    “hybrid” (at least amongst mets fans) is the nomenclature for the black/blue abomination…it stays

    Are you applying an actual birthing definition of the word “hybrid”? It’s a cross between the two styles. Doesn’t have to be literal or chronological.

    I just feel like the term “hybrid” implies that it is a combination of two things that were already in existence, which was not the case with these Mets hats. Perhaps I’m being a bit picky, but hey, this is Uni Watch after all!

    Doesn’t “hybrid” also mean the offspring is, theoretically, superior to its forebears?

    Exactly, Ricko!!! And everyone here HATES the black hats, so what more of an argument do I need?

    As a Uni Watcher, I seem to remember that the Mets “hybrid” cap was simply the white ice cream man cap, but hybridized with modern-day all-the-rage BFBS just for shits and giggles. So the name works for me.
    Then you have one in-game (and occasional gift shop) example of an all-black cap (with the white drop-shadow) with an erroneous blue brim. That’s my favorite (aside from the true blues), because I’m a Yankee fan and that represents a Mets fuck-up.

    And to Ricko, no, not all hybrids are “better.” Imagine, hypothetically, a hybrid orange genetically engineered for a non-traditional orange juice-producing state. If the consensus is, “These oranges aren’t stellar, but they are actually able to grow here, and we just insist on local produce and products because we have too much neurotic state pride,” then that would be your counter-example. Probably a bit silly, since Tropicana is distributed nationally, but voilà.

    Good lord. Didn’t say they ALL turn out better.
    That’s why I said “theoretically.”
    Creating a hybrid generally is about improving something, to get something deemed superior…for whatever reason.

    Biologically, it just means heterozygous. A mule is a horse/donkey hybrid, for example.

    And depending on what you’re doing, naturally, but it’s difficult sell for me that a mule is “superior to its forebears”.

    See my reply to Ricko above. I was busy typing it when yours came up. But yes.
    Also, you know why most modern carrots are orange? Purely a cosmetic hybridization. Dutch botanical engineers took white carrots (not parsnips, but white carrots) and crossed them with something else to make them orange, as a tribute to the Duke of Orange. No improvement in taste, but the orange carrots obviously became super-popular, and then became the default carrot.

    IF you have a field to plow, a mule is superior to thoroughbred.

    Well, y’know, except for WAR HORSE.

    Point being, hybrids are created for a purpose, and the definition of “better” changes based on the purpose. But if you get what you need, then it’s better.

    For the purpose.

    Dobermans, for example. Thirty or forty years ago they were seen the way pit bulls are today. Through conscious effort, breeders have greatly changed the Doberman temperament.

    So which Doberman is better? Depends on need, and what you’re after.

    So, yeah, I guess the Mets black/royal hat is a hybrid.
    Because someone thought it would better.

    There just isn’t widespread agreement.

    Wow, I’m a bit disappointed. A uniform site that spends majority of its column space discussing how grown men wear their clothes, but when there is ACTUAL UNIFORM NEWS nobody is supposed to “give a shit” (see Paul’s last paragraph)?

    I understand this is a personal blog, meaning Paul (or whoever) can post whatever they want, but I used to check this site for actual news on new uniforms and logos, and it’s slowly turned into a very opinionated soapbox where the info I’m looking for is hidden in a sea of sometimes completely unrelated info (or I feel ridiculed for looking for it, like today).

    I’m also disappointed that readers are referred to as douche bags for buying licensed jerseys and supporting their team, yet Paul will proudly post pictures of his ratty, mothball smelling eBay “beauties” that often times prominently display advertising RIGHT ACROSS THE CHEST of the jersey.

    I’ve always enjoyed coming to this site to get logo and uni news, but it feels like some kind of hipster convention sometimes when the only time someone thinks a jersey actually looks good is when it mimics a style that was already produced in the past (i.e. all football jerseys should look like the bears or pack…)

    That’s just my opinion though. Hopefully we can get back to Uni news, if not I’ll be looking elsewhere to get my fix.

    I agree that this place is full of ironic hipsters, but I can deal with the hipsters. What I can’t deal with is whiny people like yourself. You’re the crybaby on the playground who “takes his ball and goes home”. Go ahead, get uniform news from elsewhere. Oh wait, good luck finding another daily blog for that.

    Lastly, Paul takes the weekends off, and the weekends are usually a reader-oriented sandbox. As far as I can remember, there’s NEVER been uniform news posted here on the weekends. Anyway, suck it up.

    I stopped reading this comment when the moron called Phil Paul.

    It’s a day that starts with ‘S’, that’s what we call a weekend and that’s when Phil, the Weekend Editor, takes over. Idiot.

    jesus h. christ, josh, the unis haven’t been unveiled yet — i will cover the new unis in some form or other tomorrow, or im sure you can keep checking back here in the comments (like larry b’s below) to see if any new news happens during the day

    and clearly the sarcasm tags are broken about the “noone gives a shit” … this is uni watch, we all give a shit in one form or another (unless it’s aboot hockey, of course)

    i posted pics of the mets roads today because well, they were unveiled on the field, for the first time yesterday…but they’ve already been covered by paul…guess i shouldn’t post on them?

    don’t worry, you’ll get your mizzou fix tomorrow

    “unless it’s aboot hockey, of course”

    Why you gitta say hurtful things? Me and Teebz are gunna take our puck and go home. Just because the Islanders are on the same level as the Charlestown Chiefs doesn’t mean hockey is unwatchable.

    Come on it’s the only major sport with awesome sleeve design!

    Jamie Moyer is the only player in baseball that actually looks the way a player should look..everybody else is a pretender. If you don’t wear stirrups, at least look like Granderson or Strasburg..the pants look good..neat blousing. Some of these guys look like they put their uniform on in the dark.

    Alan, your first sentence simply isn’t true because Moyer looks like a 50 year old because he is one. I want my baseball players to look a few decades younger.

    Your favorite team can field an AARP-qualified team if they want, but me and my team, we’ll stick to players in their prime.

    haha ;)

    Not Bad. Much better than I expected. A critique on a few minor issues: the black on black tv numbers on the white jersey doesn’t look right,the jerseys are a little cluttered with the conference logo, school logo, swoosh and school nickname all on the chest, and the large tiger logo on the alternate helmet looks like someone made it on their home computer. Overall though, a good look and a step up from the last uniform set.

    granderson, wright, thome, all great choices, but it is all about the hands, is jason kendall still playing? tarred scarred hands is where it is at. get some high cuff(right proper or not) and you gots the ball player of my wet ones.

    why do everyone hate baggy who is “old school”? flannel was baggy, baggy is comfy, i like comfy.

    i need to think about this whole thing, my mind is wrapped around it, and i don’t know the league’s players anymore. but baggy, dirty, tar smeared, beef eating, bourbon drinking, yet high cuffed slob maaaaaay be where i am leaning. or frenchy.
    superhero stuff was hyyyyyysterical. what a world, what a world.
    i miiiight have “broken” the nobody’s nook pitchers shins twice in one game on purpose. i know that sounds bad, but stay with me. he was throwing 25 foot high pitches to girls from 10 feet behind the rubber, and an ump wasn’t calling it. what kind of jerk does that? guys fine, we can do that to you too if that is how you want to play, but the gals, we could never be such ass-clowns. so i might have said quietly to a person i knew casually from games… the ump isn’t telling you, and i don’t want to raise a big stink and look like an ass, but man to man, you need to bring it down to the girls and maybe pitch from the rubber. and he might have said something like cram it with walnuts. and i might have said fair enough. and maybe that piece of crap who wanted to pretend he was a better fat athlete then a bunch of artist gals musicians who never threw a ball in their life walked away from a game knowing he shouldn’t have been such a *ick. maybe the 2X cracks of the 12″ softball off his shins were painful since he wasn’t able to move right proper quick. but he didn’t stop after the first one, kept throwing long high pitches to a bunch of sacks with a 20run lead in the 4th. maybe i came up again and winked, and maybe he said don’t you dare. hm, i have no power, but i can place it, i mean it’s softball for corn’s sake. you are up 20 in what apparently is an mlb game… pitch, defensive goalie stance, glove save? no! crack. #$%#&$^!!!! haaaa-haaa. nothing makes me concentrate on whatever “victory” is then a prick who won’t have fun. james, remember the the bald steroid ass who took out our girl second baseman he doesn’t get a hit game on the field with no lights and the big ass tree in left? it was a lot like that, but he was pitching in ping tom circa 2007 and looked like the nook guy.
    driving a 72 beetle to the royals game tonight, life could not be any sweeter.

    hugs kisses and motorhead to the link

    i loves you man…yeah, sorry i missed yer call…it’s too nice to be in front of the mac today…so, i’ll be oota here in a few


    “driving a 72 beetle”

    that’s effin sweet, man…my aunt had a 72 yellow (not gold) beetle convertible that would have been mine had not the floor literally fallen out of it (fortunately, not while in motion), but damn, that’s a great ride…rear engine, air cooled, no a/c, am radio…30 mpg on reglar gas

    and 0-60 measured in minutes

    wish i had that car

    had it lived in kc and not a place like ny or chicago it may have happened. my grandpa buzz sold them, quit his job at befffflum steel to do it. he had a columbia blue bad ass ride. he used to tease me as a kid that the beetle was faster then the batmoblile until i cried. but he was an adult, it must be true, my world, it is upside down, mooooooooom!!! ah the memories, what a jerk corn bless him.

    sorry, it is a 74, what a piece of crap. i kid, but my dick is super huge, super. friggin. huge. i can’t believe how lucky i am. kid gives me his season tickets for pineapple and me, lends me his bug, corn gosh, cooooooorn gosh am i on manic cloud niner. i think as a thank you i am going to give him my leather, it is one choice ass rawlings 10.5, irreplaceable. sound fair? i said it, i’m doing it.

    okay, i have to go make sure it is out front.

    …still there. whew.

    by the way, same cat was helping me get a line on an orange 67 with a rebuilt engine for reasonable loonies that i was going to paint dark green and beige, next day kate tells me we are moving back to chicago, and i had to turn my back on my dream car, but some day, some. day. the only front moving was bitter sweet on is the beetle front. you know what they say about silver linings.

    sorry about the call other then the hugs and kisses, but i was amped in anticipation of picking that car up. hey CorC bet the house on the royals tonight, i’m on a roll.

    You know, Comrade, my pet project is my ’72 Bug sitting in my driveway right now. The thing is mechanically sound, but needs some work inside and out on account of the previous owner. Had it now for some six years, and it is the best summer car I’ve ever owned. If I wasn’t making a trek to Chi-town this summer, all of my vacation dough would be going into my Bug.

    I pulled out the heater because I don’t need to be wasting gas in the summer (VW Bugs still send gas to the heater even if it is off). I gotta get the brakes finished off when it stops raining and dries for a few days, and then it’s back to the interior. I gotta replace the interior lining on the roof, re-align the sunroof and find a proper crank for the thing, go search out some bucket seats to replace the barely-there front seats, and install the CD player inside the lockable glove box. But, and I stress this fact, the AM radio works AWESOME!

    Mine is banana cream-coloured. No yellow or gold here either. Long live the original Bugs!

    that’ll get the recruits. when is the whole bell curve of diminish returns kicking in?

    To me, an element that’s a big factor in how well a player wears a uniform is his tendency to wear the long undersleeves under his jersey, which I think adds a vital, desperately needed touch of color to the current uniforms. While he disqualifies himself by not showing his socks, Chase Utley of the Phils usually wears the long undersleeves and I think it really helps the look of the Phillies’ great uniform.


    the great teeboski brings up point here, in no particular order…
    1)bare handed batter
    3)high cuff, right proper if possible
    4)random tar on a sleeve, or resign on the hat
    5)flip shades, no blue blockers
    6)slightly askew hat, but no flat bill.
    7)low cut spikes
    8)slightly gabby uni, but not thugish, we can’t have that.

    pokey reese on negro league throwback night? that was sweet even though every tom dick and beeber cut didn’t like his hat. no wait, neon sanders might be the guy even if he does not play any more. olde school, but with a flair, he was baseball cool in 1776, er, 10 years or so ago. that whole big klu look, he had flair and respect even if nobody would see it. hated the guy as a football player, but whatever. best player from any era? would be interesting to compare and contras what we like and don’t like over the years and how what was good for one goose is not good for some gander.

    ~eddie “aces high” murray

    Please explain to me why the picture used at the top of the site to represent the best dressed players have the Yankee Spring Training abortion and not their home uni. Seriously you would think someone would have more sense in what looks good.

    Because the issue is how a player choses to wear the uniform, not the uniform itself. That, I would have thought, was fairly obvious.

    I guess not.

    Reminded me of this (Cher’s “Laverne” character for her TV show, which predated Laverne & Shirley, btw)…

    Maybe not having “Colorize This” around last weekend made this week a little more special, as all the work is great. But Pete’s work on the baseball team may just be my favorite of all time. I love the way not all the uniforms match (or the kids don’t play on the same teams), or that it reminded me what it’s like to be a kid…not sure, but that one really stood out to me.

    Great work, and glad to see it back.

    P.S. Phil, the new format is good too!

    I love the new format of the Colourize This as well. Way more engaging!

    Best dressed ballplayers, let me throw Rajai Davis into the mix. I think he’s got everything just about right, and bonus points for the stirrups.



    I’d love to give bonus points for the logo stirrups he wore while with the A’s but I don’t think that would be fair.

    I may be in a minority here….

    I actually prefer Juan Pierre’s style. Heck isn’t that THE original look? The uni a lil loose? Don’t get me wrong though, I think Granderson is rockin’ it the RIGHT way. But Pierre’s steez caters a lil more to me personally, plus cap under helmet tips the scale in his favor.

    So for me…
    1. Brim skewed, but crown perfect fitting
    2. 3/4 sleeve undershirt.
    3. Uniform a little loose, kinda In between Wright & Pierre.
    4. Cuffs high and bunched
    5. Stirrups low
    6. Low top cleats.

    I agree with RPM, and I’ll add this as well. Flip down shades. Brim
    A lil bent but not 100% flat.

    Rajai Davis is one sharp-dressed baseball player. Old school, slightly baggy pants, ‘rups, and an always-dirty uniform…can’t beat that

    From Mizzou (and Nike)…
    “A custom tiger print has been developed to enrich the overall identity package.”
    So I guess I can like to this again (cuz it, y’know, so “enriches the overall identity package”)…

    Fairly funny line from broadcast crew on Twins game today.
    “I would have traded for Jamie Moyer 24 years ago.”

    hey ricko…

    how old were you when you were older than the oldest player in beisbol?

    im guessing once satch paige retired, you were the oldest?

    (kidding, kinda)

    but jamie moyer keeps both paul & me in the “we’re not older than the oldest player” pool

    when that orsco stops his jesse, i have a feeling we will all go belly up in that pool.

    Never thought about that.
    Imagine would have been after 1986 or so.
    Have to think about who was 40 or so around then, and see how long they lasted.

    Phil Niekro last til ’87, so maybe when was he retired?

    Phil, you’re just a bit older than me – I’ve got Moyer and Vizquel keeping me young.

    Didn’t put much thought into this, but Nate Schierholtz was the first player I thought of (probably because I live in the Bay Area, and do the A’s EVER get any pub? Nah.)… Plus sometimes he goes sans-batting gloves


    give that bay bomber some sleeves and take off his afraid of pickles juice’s, and you gots a winner there.

    Why is going without batting gloves considered a good thing, looks-wise? Because it’s old school? Is there any other reason?

    it’s a moose thing

    he likes him a guy who pisses on his hands to build up the callouses, hasn’t showered or shaved in a week, wears his cap crooked cuz is balances out his equilibrium, not because it’s a fashion statement, and eats 4 squares of steak and eggs a day…probably drinks terbaccy juice too

    Yeah, there’s really no getting away from them being part of the game now. Like wristbands or makermarks on cleats. Don’t think they’re going away. To me, those just aren’t part of the equation when I look at how a guy wears the uni.

    They’re just…there. Don’t even notice them in that context, unless blatantly the wrong color or something.

    That’s why I said Granderson (and certainly not only him) was a nice blend of yesterday and today. I mean, I don’t expect any player to ask, “Could you please make my uni out of flannel?”

    I don’t watch golf on TV – because I dont live in a dystopian horror world where TVs are present in every space and cannot be turned off, as in Max Headroom – but are there golfers who go barehanded anymore either? If I go four holes without gloves, I get blisters. Batting gloveless is actually harder for me than fielding gloveless when I play vintage base ball, on account of the blister issue.

    On the other hand, it’s high time umpires enforced the rules. When you’re at bat, you stand in the box. You’re free to step out to fiddle with your gloves, but the pitcher is free to deliver a pitch, and if he does and you’re not in the box, it’s a strike. Umpires should not grant batter timeouts unless the batter has suddenly developed an acute physical disability, or if the pitcher fails to deliver the ball in the prescribed number of seconds. If your gloves don’t stay tight for the 20 seconds between pitches, then it’s on you to buy better gloves; it’s not on the hundreds of thousands of people watching you to wait around while you compensate for the shitty equipment you bought.

    Yup. Huge difference between gear that helps prevent blisters over a six-month, 162-game season, plus spring training and all that batting practice…and “tackified” gloves for football that actually improve performance.

    Of course, as long as most everyone wears them in football it becomes a non-issue, I suppose.

    Which does beg an interesting question, though: If stickum is illegal, why are tacky gloves perfectly okay?

    Largely, I suspect, because stickum would sometimes end up on the football, usually to the irritation of centers and quarterbacks.

    New unis for football, basketball, volleyball and soccer at Mizzou. Not as bad as I expected, but when did anthracite become one of MU’s colors? I musta missed that in the alumnni magazine. The football white and gold jerseys are too, too busy, and the striping on the pants is silly. I’m not sure about the helmet with the big tiger, but given that I liked that kind of thing when Boise State did it, I can get used to it. I do like the helmet with the small tiger head. The whole football package doesn’t bring to mind a university with more than 170 years of tradition but feels more like an expansion team desperate for attention (which is what I guess Mizzou is, sadly, as it heads into the SEC). The other unis are okay, but I’m not sure how the grey tiger stripe pattern will look from the stands (or on TV). It’s telling when a new uni set comes out for a university one loves, and one’s first reaction is “You know, it could have been a lot worse.”

    You know, I did scan the comments, and I missed it. So hearty congratulations to you and a huge mea culpa from me. I hope being able to snark on me made your Saturday so much better.

    You know what GI Joe once told me? Knowing is half the battle. And now you know: Don’t scan, read the comments.

    Any snark was added on your end. Sorry if you ruind your Saturday night, the Blackhawks made mine.

    You don’t have to be a jerk. People make mistakes. Your comment is completely unnecessary.

    Maryland v Johns Hopkins lacrosse currently on ESPNU — phenomenal uni match-up as the Terps are wearing the black lacrosse version of the infamous Maryland state flag football uniforms from last fall and Hopkins is wearing throwbacks including helmets with graphics emulating the old 70s & 80s lace-up models. The Hopkins helmet sticker job includes “stitching” and the “laces” tied in the back.

    “The Hopkins helmet sticker job includes “stitching” and the “laces” tied in the back.”

    I think you mean “decal”, not “sticker” (assuming that’s not an HGI design job). Those awesome graphics look too high-quality to be slapped with the term “sticker”. But I agree on the matchup looking badass =)

    Hopkins gloves and armpads are also throwbacks with a faux natural leather look. The Maryland helmets have a full Maryland state flag on each side instead of the hemispheric look of the football helmets which had the Calvert quarter on one side and the Baltimore quarter on the other.

    The Braves are wearing their new cream alts. They’re nice, but unnecessary. The Braves are definitely a team that just stick with wearing two sets, their great home and away unis (with their red billed hat).

    Those are essentially the last Milwaukee and first Atlanta Braves unis. When the team moved to Atlanta all they did was change the letter on the hat.

    Kept the striped socks, too.

    I just looked those up on the Dressed to the Nines site, great socks. It also appears that they had a pretty offensive sleeve patch: link

    It wasn’t too many years ago that the Braves issued those beautiful striped socks to the few players who wanted to wear them. I want to say something like: less than ten years ago, you could spot one or two Braves players with the white and red stripes. Then suddenly, they were just blue.

    re: Patch. That’s why I said “essentially.”

    The striped socks were a great idea badly executed. Most of the player opted for the tube version…and the stripes were positioned too high on the socks…

    Better on the stirrup version, but still a bit too high relative to the top of the stirrup cutout…

    (Hope the links work; images weren’t easy to find.)

    LOVING the new for format for “Colorize This!”! =D My favorite one from today is… ah hell, I love ’em all! No, really, they’re all so good, that I just can’t pick a favorite from today *happy pony shrug*.

    Nice for those who were discussing red and cheddar (or gold) for an MLB team this week, though. Gives some idea of how it might look.

    Or red and Stadium Mustard. Hmm, that could be an idea for re-branding the Tribe. How ’bout the Cleveland Mustard Dogs?

    The reason why the Mets look so good now is that these are the unis that a lot of us grew up with. We can picture Tom Seaver or Jerry Koosman or Tug McGraw wearing the current unis, but not the the ones with the drop shadows or, even worse, the black shirts, hats and sweats. Hopefully, the front office is paying attention to how everyone is reacting to this. If there going to have alternate unis, let them be what the team wore in 1986!

    Pure redundancy IMO. Would have been cooler if the name and number fonts could have been ever so slightly different. Maybe make the numbers more rounded, as a tribute to the old Helvetica? Or VAL the NOB’s? No problems with the gold dropshadow at all…in fact, I’m not sure that leaving it off would have been enough for me. It just needs a little something else. Not extra, but else.

    Anyone who isn’t watching the NHL playoffs is stupid. There’s two months of THE most competitive, compelling and contested playoffs in the entire world.

    7/15 games have had overtimes. That’s 47% of games. And a one seed is losing 0-2 in their series to an eight!

    Too much good stuff.

    Atta boy, Tim!

    And if you missed the USA-Canada Women’s World Championship tonight, you missed another overtime beauty! Meghan Agosta – long-time UW muse – factored huge into the game for Canada!

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