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Old Time Hockey

Bill Durnan

By Phil Hecken

In yesterday’s comments section, long-time reader Jet, who we will hear from shortly, posted an amazing video along with this comment:

WOW! A 1947 film on hockey in Montreal, shows kid hockey all the way up to the pros!

Some notable scenes ”“ closeup of the Montreal goalie in the dressing room ”“ with two catching gloves! No “waffle” blocker glove! Also game footage against Toronto shows both teams in dark jerseys! And every time there’s a scrum, sticks are WAY high in the air!

However, before I even read Jet’s comments, I clicked on the film, and it was amazing. Check it out, and after the jump, we’ll hear from Jet:

How great is that? Now, for those of you who read the comments section, you’ll know that Jet is a HUGE hockey fan, so I contacted him and asked him if he’d like to describe the amazing uni-goodness (and there is so much) that is contained in that film.

Turns out that “Jet” does have a name, (It’s Pete M.) — and I’m almost positive he goes by that monicker in honor of the Golden Jet — if you need to look that one up, then maybe hockey’s not your cuppa. Anyway, here’s Jet describing the film we just saw:

“Iced Lightning is a 10-minute film from 1947 highlighting the hockey experience in Montreal, from youth pickup games up to the NHL Canadiens. For a more archeological review of the film, I refer you to this blog.

“As always, we will focus on the more uni-related aspects of the film. Being in the signs/lettering profession, I was loving the hand-lettered opening title screens, replete with flashy illustration. The opening sequence shows players from McGill University taking the ice for a practice on an outdoor rink, and they’re wearing white and dark jerseys with numbers. From there we see young boys playing pickup on a snow-covered street, and a few have Toronto Maple Leaf jerseys replete with crests. Anyone who’s played as a child will relate to the scene of the boy deftly demonstrating how to stuff a schoolbook inside his striped hockey sock for padding.

“Next we see pee-wee teams on an outdoor rink, and they’re wearing light and dark jerseys with numbers. The boards are wooden and snow is piled so high beyond the boards that spectators and players are standing at a height greater than the skaters on the ice! There are dozens of boys with sticks on the sidelines and I don’t know if they’re extra players for the teams on the ice, or waiting for the next game to begin. After that is a short segment on women’s hockey with the McGill team playing in skirts and numbered sweaters, and a fascinating look at an all-black team from the Canadian Legion, a subject which merits further investigation when time allows. Their jerseys have a contrasting shoulder bar so broad that the number on the back encroaches onto it.

“Finally, we see the NHL Canadiens enter the dressing room in suit/tie/suspenders as their jerseys hang invitingly on the wall, numbers showing. No individual cubicles! Most fascinating is the close-up of goalie Bill Durnan’s gloves – he uses two catching gloves; no blocker! He’s apparently ambidextrous as the practice sequence that follows shows him holding the stick with either hand – imagine a goalie attempting that today! On to game action against the Leafs, and both teams are in their dark jerseys, yet the narrator points out that Toronto “is in the dark jerseys”. Since this was prior to televised games, is it possible that the teams were requested to both wear dark for the purpose of the film, or was there no hard rule on light vs. dark jersey usage? Also, in every scrum in the brief game footage, all of the players’ sticks are in the air and waving around, and sometimes they come down with a chop! No helmets, minimal padding, and sticks waving above shoulder level – anyone doubt the toughness of ‘old time hockey?'”

Great job with that! I have to say, after watching that film, I actually surfed around the tee-vee set and found an NHL game — the first one (other than the Winter Classic) I watched all year — and began to remember why I used to love hockey so much. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the game was the Blackhawks at the Red Wings, two teams which feature some of the best uniforms in the game today. It was a spirited matchup, with the Wings taking a 2-0 lead, only to have the Hawks come back to tie it at 2 in the final minute and send it to overtime. New school hockey…old time hockey.

Thanks again Jet.


colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

While we have only three colorizers this week (I’ll give you a guess at two of the), they have been busy. Very busy. And the third has completed a master work.

So, lets get right into today’s G&G show.

Up first is Gary Chanko:

In 1946, Alfred Eisenstaedt photographed Howard University students for a LIFE magazine photo essay. Among the photos appearing in the November 18, 1946, issue was this image of sophomore Bill Toles (center) and other members of the Howard University football team. You can view the original B&W picture (scroll to page 114) and the entire magazine here: LIFE Magazine, Nov 18, 1946 issue.

For the colorized version I found little reference material concerning the football team. The team colors today are blue, white, and red. So for the colorization blue was selected as the primary color. Hopefully Uni-Watch readers may know something more about this team and can identify the other players in the picture.

Eisenstaedt took several other photos of the football team, none of which were incorporated in the photo essay. They can be found, however, in the Life photo archive hosted by Google.

If you not familiar with the legendary photo journalist Alfred Eisenstaedt, you might recognize his work, notably the iconic photo VJ Day Kiss among others.



A few weeks ago you posted an image submitted by a friend, Douggie Keklak, the Beaverdale [High] Beavers of 1923. I thought the image, with the great fog shrouded background, was a good candidate for colorization after some clean up and repair of the original scan. The colorization was a bit tedious (unless you like colorizing twenty-five Waldos)!, but I believe the final product turned out well.

For background research I was dependent on the information link you provided to establish the primary uniform color, red. The balance of the colorization was educated guess work. One oddity in the players’ uniforms is location of the “B” on the jersey front. All the players appear to have the B positioned on the left side, except for one where it’s centered. There are also a few variations in the sock design. This is the type of minutia that evolves during these colorizations!

So now that the image is complete, I’ve become curious about a few things. Perhaps friend Douggie can help with answers:

• Is this actually the High School team? The background information notes the Beaverdale school class size was only three for the year 1920! Three years later the school grew large enough to field an entire football team. Several of the players look too old for high school age, but maybe I’m just deceived by the image.

• What is the source of the image and what, if any, importance does it hold for Douggie.

• Names of any of the individuals in the photo?

• Plans for the completed colorization



And finally, a great ending(?) for a colorized photo:

Thought I’d share this with fellow colonizers wondering what to do with their work.

Some weeks ago (Nov 13th 2011 edition Uni Watch) I completed a colorization of Sonny Jurgensen during his college days. It turned out well and made a great print. So I sent copies to Mr. Jurgensen; one he promptly autographed for me.


How awesome is that? Great stuff Gary!


The other half of the G&G boys is, of course, George Chilvers who was also busy busy busy…

Hi Phil

This one, for next week, is a proof-of-concept following my ice skater Xmas message.

One of the earliest cinematographic records of Manchester United is from this 1902 short — in a game against Burnley.

I have taken a frame from this and colourised it. Obviously it is nothing like a standard colourisation, due to the very poor quality of the original, so has had to be a bit more ethereal and Impressionist – best viewed at a bit of a distance. A difficult one to do actually.

I’d be very interested to know if UW readers think it works or not.


Hi Phil (again)

Here’s another one for next week. A fairly standard portrait, this time it’s Dennis Hodgetts who played for Aston Villa, this picture dating from 1886.

I like this picture for two reasons: one is that the colours are good with the club badge. In fact it’s no longer the team badge but as was common at the time the arms of the city of Birmingham.

Secondly, I just think it’s a good portrait, considering it’s 125 years old. Dennis, if he was alive now, would be 148 years old. A very modern looking picture I think.

Best wishes,



George also had an “admonishment” for would-be colourizers:

Not one of mine ;)

I came across this picture of the British 4000 metre cycle pursuit team from the 1932 Olympics in LA.

It has clearly been colourised – either tinted at the time or maybe colourised since. But I see the colouriser has fallen for the “pale tone must be red and the dark tone blue” trap. Because look at the Union Jack!!

Best wishes,



and finally,

War Risk Insurance Basketball team 1919. Not bad for 110-year-olds :)

Original is here.


I don’t want to give the impression that these are easy to do and can be churned out on a production line, but this little guy from Friday’s Wire Service yelled out to me across a hundred years to be colourised, so I’ve spent the last few hours just working on this. And doesn’t he look as though he will go home to his iPhone and computer games and microwave meal?


(Sorry for sendimg so many this week!)

George, please don’t be silly — I love all your work!


And finally, we have our Colgate colorizer, Ryan Dowgin, who has finished the work he showed 2 weeks ago:

Hey Phil,

Finished the picture of the Colgate ‘Scrimmage Machine’. At least I think I hit everything. Hope everyone enjoys it.



Great work Gary, George and Ryan! Back next time with more colorizations. If you have a picture you think would make for a good colorization, or want to send me one of your own, drop me a line.


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

And so, lets begin:


We start with Clint Richardson, who has some Ole Miss concepts:

I was watching the LSU-Ole Miss game, and realized how blah and boring Ole Miss’s uni’s are. So I changed that. Added a stripe outline, a number outline, and even a third stripe on one of the jerseys, to match the grey alternate. Also created some new helmet, including the retro light blue Archie Manning helmet.


Next up is Paul Diker, who wants to fix the just fixed Jays:

Hello Phil,

I’m a fan of the site, and check it often. This is my first submission.

Like many, I love the new Jays set ”“ with a couple of disclaimers.

1.) The Maple Leaf is too big
2.) In the main mark, the stem of the leaf should line up with the outline of the baseball
3.) Was never a fan of the logo on the front of the jersey (I much prefer numbers there)

So, with that, I have tweaked the logo to include the above revisions, and provided a new uniform set (based on a Jose Bautista template I created).
As you can see, I switched out the logo for numbers, and placed the main mark on the sleeve. I think it classes it up a bit, and makes a great set even better. This is the Blue Jays as I’ve always wanted to see them, hope you like…

Feel free to run it if you choose…



And concluding the show today is Bill Schaefer with a new hue for the Lions:

How much bettter…

…would the Lions look if they used the same blue of their field logo and end zone script?

This is a quick mock-up done on spur of the moment using dark blue like the Lions used back in late 60s and into the 70s.



That’s is for this week. Back next time with more.


Benchies Header


by Rick Pearson


“Yeah, well…you’re wearing parquet shorts”…

1-15-12 s-bird ALT

And, as always, the full-size.


That’s all for today — sorry for the delayed opening, but we’re back in business now. Not sure why we can’t access (or at least I can’t) yesterday’s comments, but we’ll get that worked out. So, no final quote from a reader for today. Instead…


“He has Van Gogh’s ear for music.” — Billy Wilder

Comments (107)

    Ole Miss’ football uniforms are classic, thank you, and there is no need for anyone to add or subtract anything from the current uni. Thanks but NO THANKS!

    I’m a Manchester City supporter. I’m supposed to hate all things Red. But darn it, that colorized United-Burnley image is beautiful.

    Y U break the site? Not cool, yo.

    /How awesome is it that the Ravens are actually going purple on black today?

    i never would have thought the ratbirds would go purple over black…

    gonna stick with my call yesterday (taking the birds and giving the points), but man…i don’t like this combo nearly as much as the purple over white…

    all they need do to fix this is add pants stripes and different color socks…but the black tights on them looks as bad as the blue tights on the texans

    I had a feeling the Ravens would go purple/black… and for a split second I had hope the Texans would go white/white, but it didn’t happen.

    Glad the site is back up! I came around 3am here after an early wake-up call, it loaded up, tried to post a message, got an error message, then some blank screen with a “wp-comments-post.php/wp-admin/install.php” link. Thought I damn-done broke the thing.

    I still kinda like the originals. The white pants stripe and high white socks get away from the stupid “Flashdance” look.

    The Ravens looked like an Arena League team today. It’s one of the worst looks in the league.

    Also, to continue from yesterday’s gray facemask argument… I think I’ve figured out the problem. When concealed says neutral, he’s talking about a color’s ability to be nondescript. To blend in. To not draw attention to itself. In that sense, gray is neutral while black and white aren’t.

    When I say a color is neutral, I’m referring to it being, as Ricko put it, “universal” or maybe “complimentary”. Black, white and gray all work as background colors regardless of actual team colors – which is why we continue to see BFBS and lately in college basketball GFGS. You wouldn’t put a Raiders logo on a red t-shirt, but you can put a Chiefs logo on a black or gray shirt and it works just fine. I wish that wasn’t the case, but it is what it is. A gray facemask in this era is justified in exactly the same way as a black jersey – it’s neutral.


    Someone would put a Raiders logo(or a knock off of it) on a red shirt, but that doesn’t mean it’ll look good….

    All jokes aside, I agree with you.

    Man, watching that hockey video made me want to put on a sweater, lace up the skates & hit the ice! Of course me & my Jell-O ankles would have to learn how to skate first. A lot of retro charm in that video. Really captures the essence of hockey.

    Canadien red vs Maple Leaf blue? Oh my. The case against color vs. color.

    I think that Blue Jays concept may be the first-ever instance of a concept predating an actual new uni. As much as numbers make sense on the front, the logo on the front is technically a Blue Jays trademark, tho the 1975-93 Astros predates such a thing.

    Well, that film was wonderful. Joyful.

    Growing up in icy Minnesota (back when there were real winters there) and playing outdoor hockey at the local rink was a thrill. I was tall and skinny and couldn’t skate all that well–so they put me in goal and I LIKED it! A classic flopper. Street hockey, or driveway hockey, where one’s skating abilities didn’t matter, was a gas, too.

    What a great game. Thanks for that film. (And yeah, concealed is right, no place for color on color in hockey…unless you’re wearing the classic L.A. Kings gold)

    It might just be my crappy hotel room tv, but in the right sunlight it looks like the Texans pants have a purple sheen to them. Anyone else notice it?

    Regarding the Jet’s question: “Since this was prior to televised games, is it possible that the teams were requested to both wear dark for the purpose of the film, or was there no hard rule on light vs. dark jersey usage?”

    NHL Hockey teams weren’t required to have both a white an a color uniform until 1951. The NY Rangers, for example, only started wearing a white uni that year.


    In 1947, when the film was made and there were only six teams — Rangers, Canadiens, Maple Leafs, Red Wings, Bruins & Blackhawks — you’d only need a white jersey if the Wings were playing the Canadiens (Red v. Red), the Leafs v. the Rangers (Blue v. Blue) and so forth.

    Good point, Robert, I didn’t get a chance to check the NHL Uniform Database, but it does make sense that they only needed contrasting uniforms in certain matchups..


    Surprised to come in and not yet see comments on the Habs goalie wearing two catchers and no blockers. That’s Hall-of-Famer link, who won the Vezina Trophy in six seasons (including the first four) of his seven-year career. Durnan was ambidextrous and so chose to wear two catchers. He was the last NHL goalie to be named a captain until Roberto Luongo in 2008; the “Durnan Rule” was passed to prohibit goalies from acting as captain or alternate and from wearing the C or A on ice.

    Durnan is a great player for Rob Ullman to profile if e hasn’t done so already.

    “Surprised to come in and not yet see comments on the Habs goalie wearing two catchers and no blockers.”

    well, that’s probably because the damn site was down until about an hour ago…

    that was the first thing about the film that caught my eye too — i knew of his ambidextrousness, but had never seen any footage of him switching the stick from hand to hand … pure awesomeness

    Not to be confused with former Rangers goalie Dan Blackburn, who wore two blockers after suffering nerve damage in his hand, which left him unable to manipulate his catching glove properly:

    Thanks, hosts. I apologize if I restated the obvious as I missed the site hijinks and didn’t watch the video before identifying Durnan.

    Ah, Bill Durnan. The impetus for precluding goalies from captaining a team, as he routinely took the long skate out to meet the referee and give the Habs a free timeout.
    Gordie Howe was ambidextrous too–always shot right-handed “by default” and for hockey card poses, but he could flip himself around freely. Once beat Durnan on a breakaway, causing Habs coach Toe Blake to quip, “Never again are you gonna see an ambidextrous winger beat an ambidextrous goalie on a breakaway.”

    And never again are we going to have an awesome and original nickname in any sport. Toe Blake’s real name was Hector, but a young relative (sister? cousin? not sure) couldn’t pronounce “Hector,” so Toe stuck. Nowadays, nicknames are merely initials, truncations, and -ie and -er suffixes. You know it’s a dry spell for nicknames when you have to resort to viral videos, like Honey Badger…

    Surprised to come in and not yet see comments on the Habs goalie wearing two catchers and no blockers. That’s Hall-of-Famer link, who won the Vezina Trophy in six seasons (including the first four) of his seven-year career. Durnan was ambidextrous and so chose to wear two catchers. He was the last NHL goalie to be named a captain until Roberto Luongo in 2008; the “Durnan Rule” was passed to prohibit goalies from acting as captain or alternate and from wearing the C or A on ice.

    Durnan is a great player for Rob Ullman to profile if he hasn’t done so already.

    What a great day! I’ve always loved the Habs, so there’s no such thing as too much Montreal hockey imagery. And then the colorizers went totally blue-ribbon. Without slighting any of a really fine aggregate haul, I especially love Gary’s Howard gridders and George’s 1886 Aston Villa fellow.

    The NHL mandated that that all teams have color and white jerseys for the 1951-52 season. (Anticipating increase of televised games?)

    The Rangers were the last team to adopt a white jersey.

    Actually, the Rangers wore for at least a game or two in Chicago in the 1950-51 season. I bumped into that while researching the Bears and Cardinals uniforms on Chicago Tribune microfilm for the 1950 season. The Hawks wore their black barberpole jerseys.

    That term was born and should have died with John Facenda. Chris Berman (shockingly) used it for his own wacky stylings doing his highlight crap. Like ‘rumbling bumbling stumbling’ and ‘he…could….go…all…the…wayyyyy’, they have become silly and tired. Berman, like Madden before him, has become a caricature of himself. But he is the face of the mother ship and no one can tell him otherwise.

    Ok, I made the above Berman comments. I am NOT teenchy. Sorry teenchy, I have no idea how your name populated my reply fields. I am not Single White Female-ing my way into your uni world. Back to being me now.

    that happened to another poster earlier — thanks for pointing it out because it’s obviously one of the site glitches after the *upgrade*

    if this happens (or any new problems happen) please let us know, either by e-mail or in the comments, so we can get them fixed


    (btw, paul & i are also having problems with commenting, so it’s a site-wide issue)

    Not an issue. If it’s any consolation I do agree with your Berman observations and will wonder out loud whether Berman has had any influence on the (over?)popularity of the Chargers’ (a/k/a “the LIGHTNING BOLTS” in Bermanese) powder blues.

    Almost becoming a colloquialism, isn’t it.
    Sorta like “the friendly confines.”

    Pretty sure few think it’s always frozen.

    Yes, Boomer Berman still throws out 70’s and 80’s pop culturisms like they’re still relevant. I cringe every time I hear them and I have got to think that his co-panelists are required to chuckle still just to humor him.

    Trouble is, I have to think those “Hotel California” references are totally lost on 98% of his viewing audience who have yet to hit 40.

    As long as we’re at it, can we PLEASE retire the term “New York Football Giants” as well? It was cool the first time Berman said it and perhaps a short while after, but it’s time to hang it up.

    Oh yeah… and let’s sh!tcan “drink the Kool-Aid” as well.

    What? Berman didn’t invent that saying. That’s a phrase from back when the SF Giants were still in NY, and people said “New York Football Giants” to differentiate between the two teams.

    As a matter of fact, the team’s official name for business purposes is “New York Football Giants, Inc.”


    So, no, the term won’t be retired anytime soon.

    Love LOVE that colorized pic of the Howard U football players. I want to reach through my screen and actually feel the fabric, good job on bringing that to life!

    The Jays concept might actually be better than their new uni. I never liked the logo on the front of the jersey either.

    Yes, Ravens wearing purple over black and it looks terrible. Apparently their white pants were out to the laundry. But hey, at least they’re wearing purple!

    Ravens purple over black looks like a bruise. Hate it. Flacco looked like he was wearing yoga pants.

    Ok weird. I made the Berman comment above, but somehow teenchy’s name and URL defaulted into my stuff. I am not a stalker teenchy!! This is not Single White Female and I can only guess that the site’s goofiness today is responsible for that. Back to being me now.

    You’re correct Craig D. When I went to post my first comment today it auto-filled my name with none other then THE Jeff. I almost took advantage and posted something ridiculous but took the high road instead ;)

    Nice work colorizers. I was going to try that Howard U Life pic someday.

    Gary nice story about the Sonny Jurgenson print

    you colorizers ought to sell some of your work…or at least see if anyone is willing to pay you for your time

    I have done a couple for a fee. My basic rule is that if it’s for a commercial project (which these were) I will charge, and am also looking at advertising if people want old family pictures doing then I’ll charge.

    At the moment though if I am interested in doing a picture for fun, then I don’t think of payment.

    If someone wants my time then I will charge. Quite cheap actually :)

    I know my brother always pushes me to try and do that. I have done a few in exchange for items or services.

    Looks like Paula Abdul was cheering on the 49ers during the 81 NFC Championship game (appears 4 seconds into the video) link

    If Nike only does one thing with NFL uniforms next season I hope they get rid of the “dazzle” material.

    I knew something was weird when The Jeff apparently hijacked my computer for a brief second! LOL, thanks for not taking the time to hack anything! :-P

    It figures — I get my first writing assignment on UW and the site goes down, haha!

    Actually Phil, the “Jet” is for California Golden Seals winger Joey “Jet” Johnston, not Bobby Hull!! Seals were my favorite team…


    oh…jeez…and im pretty sure i knew that too

    sorry Jet!

    great assignment today!

    Thanks Phil, and nice job setting up the story for the readers.

    Looking again at Durnan’s equipment reminds me of my youth hockey as a goalie, with those leather leg pads and gloves. There is nothing like the feel of having those pads. I would rub neatsfoot oil on them between games and sometimes just sit in my room with the gloves on my hands or the pads against my legs because they were just so awesome and made me feel invincible…



    If that’s what you’re talking about on the back of Aaron Rodgers’ helmet, between the stripe and the NFL shield, it just says “12 Rodgers”.

    The green dot lets the officials know who is wearing a helmet with a radio (the QB and starting this season whoever is calling the defensive signals–usually the MLB) in contact with the coach calling the plays from the sideline or the coaches’ box. There can be only one player with this communication tool for each team at a time–if there are two players on the same team with the green stickers, it is a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, and one of the offending players is sent off to get another helmet.

    For those of you who keep track of this sort of thing, there’s another new entrant in the “serious” shoe market – Skechers

    Meb Keflezighi signed with Skechers last fall, and yesterday won the U.S. Olympic marathon trials in Houston.



    Hey PL:
    What, if anything, do you know/are you allowed to say about this?
    (From Chris Creamer’s Twitter feed, I’ll send it to the UniWatch feed right away.)
    If it’s legit, here’s my take: Good enough, but completely unnecessary. Braves already have an amazing home jersey with a more distinctive headspoon pattern, and they really do NOT need to contribute another circular sleeve latch to the world of MLB. But hey, I’ll like it more if it eliminates a softball top.

    From yesterday, two things:

    1. As part of the Gunds’ deal to form the Sharks, they were going to get a bunch of players from Minnesota. When one of the North Stars took a penalty in the ’91 finals, the late great Vince Lascheid played a bit of “Do You Know the Way to San Jose?” on the Civic Arena organ.

    2. Ricko said: “I could go off on a long dissertation about the NHL, based on what we dealt with at the time, but it would piss people off.

    Even though it’d be accurate.”

    Some of us would like to read it. Those who don’t want to don’t have to.

    Ohio State vs Michigan in hockey at Jacobs Field or as they say Progressive Field. OSU in scarlet and Michigan in maize on Fox Ohio now. Big Ten network later.

    Some of us enjoy that 50 years apart we can tell instantly its the Packers vs. the Giants.

    Of course, if someone emerging from a 50 year coma today had been told the Houston Texans played the Baltimore Ravens earlier, they might have asked, “In what, minor league basketball?”

    Some things stay the same, some things change.
    Who wants it only one or the other.

    Yes, and that’s why the NFL tends to get it and the fly-by-night college teams don’t. The Alabama-LSU game looked like it would have years ago too.

    All the college teams want to wear all-black all the time, which is funny because they so want to be like the pros and the NFL does not do that. In the NFL you wear your colors and that’s that.

    As long as the Falcons, Saints, and Ravens have existed, they have had black as their colors. The Cardinals are the exception.

    They have painted a strip of the Lambeau turf a slightly darker shade of green right next to the white sidelines. I guess this is to accentuate the contrast, to better assess out-of-bounds replay situations.

    heather scott just said it best…so tip of the cap to her:


    I think it’s safe to say a few things…

    1. AllState isn’t likely to bring the “Good Hands People” campaign in order use the Packer receivers in the commercials.

    2. The careers of the QBs for the New York teams are headed in decidedly divergent directions.

    3. Aaron Rodgers had moments when he threw like Ebby Calvin outside a bar.

    Boy, the Giants just totally took it to the Pack. Pack looked outta synch all day- bad time for their worst performance of the year.

    See you in a week, Eli. And you can leave the parkas @ home..but bring the rain gear. 52 and rain next Sunday.

    I’m willing to bet that the Saints were wearing black pants because “they were winning in them”. They wear their gold pants, and lose in them…probably bringing back the black pants.

    I’m sick of the ninja Saint look. Oddly enough, I’m actually starting to enjoy the Ravens purple on black. Needs some striped socks…


    Uniwatch should join the SOPA blackout if not for general principle reasons then given the fact that most of the photos you link to are not original content and with your “tweaks/concepts” and “colorize this” weekend sections you explicitly encourage remixing.

    What a scary collection of intellectu-ally challenged candidates the Republican Party presents. It’s like something out of a B-movie except worse because it’s real! Heaven help the US and the rest of the world if any of these bozos acually get elected. link

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