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THE Jeff … and his Helmet Concepts — AFC Version (or…’When the Inmate runs the Asylum’)


By Phil Hecken

I had really hoped to bring you the twice promised NCAA Bowl Pool contest (and in fact, this may still happen, but not today). For that I apologize. The UWer with whom I had planned on bringing you that contest had been working on the parameters of said contest for a year, and I know he’s devoted a lot of hours to it already. However, as of 1:30 am last night, when I put this post to bed, it wasn’t finished.

Therefore, we have today’s main article, which features one of UW’s most prolific posters. I had been holding this off for a quieter time, but it’s going to suffice for today. And I have to say, quite a bit of time and energy went into what you’re about to see.

It’s been a while since I allowed THE anywhere near the boards we had the strange, bizarre, and sometimes incredibly brilliant concepts from “The Jeff” Provo. However, I couldn’t delay running these any longer, so now he’s back with a boatload of new designs for the helmets of the NFL. Today, we’ll look at the AFC. There’s not much to say, and what there is to say…well, THE will say it below. So, without further ado, here’s THE:


AFC Helmet Concepts
By Jeff Provo

Hey Phil. Remember when I said I was going to flood you with helmet images? Well, here’s the flood – there’s 81 helmets total. I split them up into AFC and NFC – my (brief) descriptions are below.

…and for the record, I don’t think all of these are improvements. For example I think the Bengals and Rams helmets are perfect as they are, but I felt that I had to do something for each team.

AFC North

1 – Tiger head on orange helmet
2 – Full tiger body on white helmet
3 – The B logo on a black helmet

Browns (I really hate blank helmets)
1 – The Browns wordmark
2 – The Bulldog logo
3 – A CB in a brown oval – probably a bit too similar to the 49ers
4 – The Brownie logo on a white helmet
5 – The team is named after Paul Brown, right?
6 – A brown helmet with player numbers on the side

1 – I decided to put just the hypocycloid things on the helmet instead of the entire Steelmark logo.
2 – This one is meant to immitate the way the steel logo is often stamped into many steel items.

1 – I just took the B off of the bird, as many others have done before me.
2 – A Jaguars-style black-to-purple helmet and the front facing bird head.
3 – “Retro” helmet with the B logo and traditional striping.


AFC East

1 – Slight modifications to their current helmet. If they’re going to use navy trim, then they should use it in a way that’s actually visable.
2 – …and what I wish they’d have switched to instead of the white helmet, again making the navy trim actually apparent.

1 – This was sorta inspired by the “bowling ball” UCLA helmet. No, it shouldn’t ever be worn.
2 – I simply took the helmet off of the dolphin.
3 – Since the dolphin doesn’t need the helmet, the team can use it instead.

1 – Green helmet with a white facemask. This is what they should be wearing when they use the green pants, if only NFL rules allowed it.
2 – Replaced the current logo with the alternate NY logo that never seems to actually get used anywhere.
3 – What if they never changed from their Titans colors?
4 – What if they never changed from their Titans colors, part 2.
5 – Imagine if they’d truly gone BFBS in 1990 instead of just adding trim.

1 – I’ve always thought the original 1960 logo was the best thing they had before Elvis, so I thought I’d try it on a silver helmet.
2 – This is obviously based on the 1776 American flag. The B is for Boston, but you could also use player numbers or just remove it entirely.


AFC West

1 – What if the Broncos had never switched to blue helmets?
2 – Remember the interview on the XFL logos and subsequent argument about whether or not the Broncos’ D was poorly designed? I said then that they should have used just the D – here’s how that looks.

1 – Added helmet numbers to the 1974 helmet.
2 – Powder blue helmets, because why not?
3 – Lightning bolt down the middle instead of on the sides, with the Charger Horse/shield logo. Probably too similar to the Raiders to try today, but it could have worked in 1960.

1 – I thought I’d try a Dallas Texans style logo – so it’s Missouri with a star on it.

1 – I wanted to eliminate the white from the Raiders helmets. The text is silver, the swords have bronze handles and silver blades, and the pirate’s face is a flesh tone. I’m not really sure if I like it or not.
2 – Inspired by the AL sticker – I replaced AL with player numbers, and again no white on the helmet.
3 – What if Oakland had never changed their colors? (Well, I probably wouldn’t be a Raiders fan, ick.)


AFC South

1 – Blue facemask, a double stripe to match the rest of the uniform, and player numbers inside the horseshoe.
2 – The old kicking colt logo, minus the helmet.

1 – The Jags original prototype uniforms had silver helmets, so why not try the current logo on a silver helmet?

1 – Red helmet.
2 – Another Dallas Texans style helmet, with the star moved appropriately.
3 – Oilers colors

1 – A lot of people seem to hate the “flying thumbtack” and the short stripes… so here’s the T/Sword logo and traditional striping.
2 – Light blue helmet and the flames have been extinguished.
3 – A white version of helmet 2.

Oilers (why not?)
1 – Titans colors
2 – Texans colors


Thanks, THE. Like a lot of your concepts, I find you to be a blind squirrel — every so often you’ll find a nut. And I mean that as a compliment — there were really a couple of very, very good ideas in this batch. Interestingly enough, more than two years ago, I embarked on a similar helmet concept design spree. I see we have some similar ideas (and mine are really crappy quailty-wise). But there are definitely some where we are thinking alike. Just having fun, though. Of course, all of mine would have gray facemasks, and I don’t mind a blank helmet (although none of the concepts were blanks).

I especially liked your adding TV numbers to a couple of the concepts. This is an idea that needs to return to the NFL. Stat.

Readers? Let him have it…


colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Back with a full slate of colorizations today, after a week hiatus. Let’s get right to it.

First up is Gary Chanko:

We all remember Vince Banonis, University of Detroit two time All American, eleven year NFL veteran, member College Football HOF. Well, I’m pretty certain most of you probably don’t!

I discovered Vince while searching the Library of Congress photo collection for vintage football images. In this 1941 photo, the helmet with the “D” logo is what caught my eye.

The University of Detroit abandoned collegiate football in the Sixties. Basketball fans will recall Dickie V as the Titans head coach in the mid Seventies.

University of Detroit school colors are red, white and blue, but I was unable to find information about the unis fielded back in the day. So I had to guess the color scheme depicted in the colorization.

More about Vince’s career here.



If you recall, a couple of weeks ago, during the last “Colorize This!” segment, Gary took on the BYU team who wore orange(!). There was still some question as to the correctness of the uniform, however (Gary had thought the pants may have been blue), so, like any good Uni Watcher, he did his due diligence:


Here’s the revised version the 1941 BYU team based on new research information. Somehow the pants and helmet colors just don’t seem correct but that’s what the research shows.

Hopefully we’ll get further feedback to determine if the new colorization hits the target.


Thanks Gary. Your work and dedication to the cause are always deeply appreciated!


Next up is Louis J. Chirillo, who is new to UW colorizations, and who wanted to start off with a “bang.” As he himself will acknowledge, I’m not sure whether these are just “wrong” or “awesome.” Maybe a little of both:

Hi Phil,

I’m a Uni Watch fan, and seeing all these great colorizations made me want to give it a try. I used Photoshop Elements 7.

Not only did I want to try my hand at colorizing, but I thought it would be fun to create a “sacrilege” series.

1) Babe Ruth in 1977 Seattle Mariners colors.

2) Maurice Rocket Richard. If he had been on the team, the Thrashers never would have left Atlanta.

3) Bill Russell. What would Red Auerbach say about his star playing jumping to the Vancouver Grizzlies?

Louis Chirillo

Um…wow? No seriously, great job, I just don’t know whether seeing any of those players on those teams (and in those colors) is wonderful…or horrible. Keep them coming though.


Next up is Ryan Dowgin, who burst onto the Colorize This! scene last time with some great first efforts for Colgate. He’s back with some more, and he’s been studying under the tutelage of Gary Chanko — so feast your eyes on this:

Hey Phil,

I have been in contact with Gary Chanko since Sunday and he has been helping (read: holding my hand) with my latest project. His tips and guidance have been invaluable. That said, this photo is of Andy Kerr observing practice at Colgate. The player (he may have been coach at this point since I am not sure of the exact year of the photo) with the maroon shoulders is John Orsi. Both Kerr and Orsi are College Football Hall of Famers. I will have to start hunting around for my next project, but do not expect that one until next week.

Here’s the colorized photo.


Of course, this stuff is addictive (as long as you have the time), so Ryan was able to complete another and even has a colorization candidate for the next round of Colorize This!:

Hey Phil,

Here is the pic I have been working on this week. It is another one of Andy Kerr and John Orsi on the Colgate practice field, and my best guess on the year is 1931.

I also included a picture that was able to give me some perspective on the structure behind them (the caption on the pic says “Colgate Scrimmage Machine”). That might be my next pic to colorize but I haven’t decided yet.


Thanks Ryan! Keep it up (and it’s great you’re able to work with Gary on these).


Our penultimate colorization today comes from John Turney, who actually sent what follows to Paul without a writeup. The subject needs no introduction, but I immediately recognize this as Tom Terrific from 1966, who spent one season with the Jacksonville Suns of the International League, before joining the Mets in 1967.:

Tom Seaver

Thanks, John.


We conclude the actual colorizations with, who else, George Chilvers, the other half of the “G&G Boys,” who is back from holiday with a picture, and a history lesson:

Hi Phil

Well I’m back from the sunny climes of Arabia, but still haven’t really got back into gear colourising. I’ve a couple on the go at the moment but incomplete so I’ll just send you this to be going on with from the stocks. I don’t think I’ve sent it to you before :)

Must tell you though that I went to a couple of football games when I was out there. Best thing? Entry to games is free :) Anyway on to the colourisation:

The English Football League consists of 92 clubs in 4 divisions, clubs outside the 92 are called “non-League”. Nowadays the bottom two League clubs drop out and are automatically replaced by the two top non-League teams. But back in 1971 when this picture comes from, things were different. “The 92” was a closed-shop, and only if they elected to boot out an existing member and allow in an outsider could entry be gained.

In 1971 Wigan Athletic were a top non-League club, and in the FA Cup they were drawn away to First Division Manchester City, winners of the FA Cup in 1969 and the European Cup-Winners Cup in 1970. Wigan were deemed to have no chance, but played a magnificent game only losing 1-0 to an unlucky goal. This picture shows the striped shirted City’s Francis Lee heading goalwards during the game. Plaudits were heaped on the team, and it was considered by many that they would stand a good chance of getting elected to the League. But they didn’t. And the tale is that they didn’t because the club Chairman gave each of the voting clubs a Parker pen – and they viewed this as an attempt at bribery!

Wigan however were elected in 1979, and 40 years later from 1971 are in their 7th season in the top division, now called the Premier League. Forty years ago if you had said that to anyone in the world of football, including the most die-hard Latics fan, you would have been roundly ridiculed and sent off to see a psychiatrist. Strange how things work out.

Best wishes,


Thanks George. Great to have you back.


As far as future colorization suggestions, I received the following e-mails from Chris Bisbee, the first one was the 1937 Rose Bowl:


A colorizing candidate maybe?

Chris Bisbee

Many of us remember Jackie Robinson for a certain achievement on April 15, 1947, but we often forget he was a multi-sport star at UCLA:


J Robinson UCLA

And finally, who can forget how great those LA Rams looked with in their gold jerseys?


LA Rams 1955


I also heard from UW’s Pacific Rim correspondent, Jeremy Brahm, who sent this one in:


Check out this shot of the New Haven Eagles. May want to contact the site before using it though.

From here.



And there you have it. A FINE week of colorizations from everyone! Thanks to all who contributed, and to our newest colorizers, keep it up! If you want to send in a colorization, or have a great B&W photo you think would make for a good color photo, drop me a line.

Back next time with more!


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

And so, lets begin:


We start with Bruce Genther, with a bunch of NFL concepts:


Attached are uniform changes/tweaks for the Redskins, Lions and Chargers for all to enjoy and comment on.

Redskins new home and road (2 illustrations)

Lions new home and road (1 illustration)

Chargers new home and road multiple uniform options (3 illustrations)

Titans new home and road multiple uniform options (5 illustrations)


Bruce Genther


Next up is Ronnie Poore, who had a different tweak on the Titans:

Hey Phil,

I’ve got a Tennessee Titans tweak. I took the Oilers throwback they wore a couple of years back and just changed the helmet logo. This would be a cool uniform (attached)

Ronnie Poore


And our final concepter today is my old buddy, and one of UW’s finest graphic artists, “Pretty Boy Paulie” Paul Soto, with some Marlins concepts — you may recall, Paul was all over the “Miami” Marlins in a bunch of concepts he did for us way back in March of 2009. Here’s his latest:

Good day Phil!

I haven’t whipped up one of these in a while but after the Marlins unveiled their new threads I was compelled to tweak them. I loved the vision they had for their unis but I felt the execution was a little off. I actually like the black at home and orange on the road. Plus a more traditional looking number typeface.

Home Alt

Home Wordmark
Road Wordmark

Home Numbers
Road Numbers

— Paul Soto


Great job all. Back with more next time.


Benchies Header


by Rick Pearson


Seemed like a good time to ask…

12-18-11 s-sister

And, of course, your full-size.


Terrapin Tracker

Trackin’ The Terps…

Our multitalented Jim Vilk doesn’t just compile a few “bonus” 5 & 1 selections after the conclusion of the regular season in the NCAA, he was also fascinated by the Maryland Terrapins and their attempt to become the Oregon of College Park. He added it as a weekly addition to the normal 5 & 1, and just for today, Jim has taken the time to compile a “Terrapin Tracker” for the entire season — which will be followed by a new special, one-time-only post-season feature, the “all Maryland 5 & 1”.

Only a mothervilker could care this much…

Here’s Jim’s tracker:


vs. Miami

vs. WVU

vs. Temple

vs. Towson

at Georgia Tech

vs. Clemson

at Florida State

vs. Boston College

vs. Virginia

vs. Notre Dame

at Wake Forest

at NC State


Thanks Jim. Now. Let’s see how they ranked.


Vilk Terp 5 & 1

Jim Vilk’s 5 & 1
Terrapin Edition

Not content to give us *just* an entire season of Maryland Terrapin uniforms, via the now patented “Mothervilker Terp Tracker,” Jim just had to rank them too.

Ah, I can’t wait to see the Oregon 5 and 1…none. Here’s Jimmer:


Followers of the 5&1 noticed something different this year – the addition of the Terp Tracker. I started doing it just for kicks, but as the season ended I thought about making a 5&1 similar to what I do for Phil’s Ducks.

5. vs. Temple – The Owls really carried this matchup, though.

4. vs. Clemson – So did the Tigers, but the Terps look pretty good here.

3. at NC State – My favorite pants of the whole set.

2. at Florida State – My least favorite pants…but oh, those shelmets!

1. vs. Virginia – From the waist up, this could have been a regular Top Fiver.

And the bad one: vs. Miami – Actually, I liked the gradient-number uni even less, but Towson looks better than Miami.

Hmm…I should have done a Hokie Tracker instead…


Thanks J. You can still do a Hokie Tracker (or a Cowboy Tracker, or a Sparky Tracker or a…)


And that will do it for today. Enjoy your Sunday and the pro game. I still hope to have a UW Bowl Pool up and running and it’s possible that it will be ready today — if so, I’ll add it to the post. So check back a couple of times during the day to see if it’s ready. If not…well, I don’t know when we’ll have it.


“Would you honestly take any uniform advice from that slob Prince Fielder, or these clowns who wear their pants past their heels or a superstitious starting pitcher? About 97% of MLBers don’t even know how to look like a MLBer.” — Mark Peterson

Comments (122)

    I rarely agree with you, The, but the silver Pats helmet and the Raiders one with the player number are AWESOME.

    Original Bronco helmets great, let’s go with the orange uniforms as well.

    On a totally different topic, I saw the new Blue Jays uniforms on display yesterday at a store, those pointy fonts kill it for me. And I’m a Day One fan. If they were going to go retro they should have gone all the way.

    So true. Movie references and general smart-assery aside, going full retro is essentially admitting that you screwed up with a uniform change. Note that the Giants, Jets, 49ers & Bills have all went retro relatively recently, but none of them are full retro. The Giants have the lighter blue helmet, the Jets are darker green and an oval rather than a football shape, the 49ers kept the modernized logo and the Bills have the navy trim and tapered helmet stripe.

    People make mistakes, that’s why pencils have erasers. I have no problem with teams going full retro or near it if it fixes a vast injustice. Tho I think it’s virtually impossible to go “full” retro due to modern jersey cuts & materials.

    Couple gems in the helmet redesigns, like the idea of the Chargers using the bolt for the helmet stripe.

    Not sure if Under Armor won with the Terrapins…all the uni combinations looked horrible, but the exposure probably helped. Hope they build on the shelmets though, that was a great design element that should be built upon going forward.

    To the extent that I can understand wanting a jersey that’s not in a team’s actual colors, I can see how those could work for someone who wants to wear a black version of their team’s jersey. For a team like the Steelers where black and white are so prominent to start with, it just looks ridiculous. (Or like a really bad job of washing.)

    What I really like:

    – Browns: white Brownie, brown with white numbers
    – Ravens side bird
    – Bills white
    – 1960 on silver – extremely eye-catching with excellent contrast and balance. Might make font match (IMO awful) uni font
    – Broncos orange retro blue-D bronco
    – Chargers center bolt with shield (probably the best original)
    – Both silver Raiders
    – Jaguars silver
    – Texans navy-red Texas helmet is interesting (maybe a slightly thicker white outline; or no outline might be more bold; Texas-state to more candy apple red than cherry red.)
    – Titans powder blue & white T-3 star circle logo

    General comments:
    – Browns wordmark – way, way too similar to original Bengals. Browns dog – white outline removed with orange in face changed to white.
    – No helmets with B’s – way too many teams with B as their city or mascot.
    – Steelers hypocyloid with no white outline / maybe blue lightened to Medium Blue for more contrast.
    – Ravens front-bird head lacks contrast / would get muddied
    – Dolphin losing helmet – logo becomes unbalanced. “M” helmet would work in a full retro stripped down set.
    – Jets green on green – too muddied / not enough contrast. I would ditch the white oval & enlarge the rest of the logo at least 50%
    – Colts horse logo is too low & too unbalanced to be a helmet logo
    – Titans sword helmet – T would get lost.

    I hope to God that bulldog logo goes away for the Browns. It was a stupid marketing ploy when the team came back in ’99 to cash in on the old Dawg Pound. The Dawg Pound is buried in Lake Erie with the rest of Municipal Stadium. What they have now is end zone seats that they labeled the Dawg Pound. It sucks. The actual Dawg Pound was an attitude that was born out of the antics of Frank Minnifield and Hanford Dixon. The fans fed off of that. It grew organically. It was beautiful! In it’s own ugly way. This bulldog logo is a rip of that Red Dog Beer logo anyway. Total corporate garbage.

    Colorization: I really like Louis Babe Ruth in the Mariners uni; especially since the cap & uni would be in wool. That gold Trident-M really pops.

    Concepts: I really like Ronnie’s Titans. What a vastly underrated color scheme and a great look!

    Agreed. I think the number wouldn’t fit because there’s not enough room & would add too much clutter.

    I figured I’d anger a few people with those…

    I really don’t like blank helmets, and on top of that it’s an ORANGE helmet on a team called the BROWNS. If it was a blank brown helmet, it wouldn’t bother me near as much.

    I’m a huge fan of the Browns plain helmet. One of my favorite things in football. But the brown helmet with white numbers is the first Browns concept I’ve ever seen that I like as much as, or maybe better than, their plain helmets. Great concept.

    Oddly enough, for me it was the Cincy concepts that made me say, “Leave the original alone!”

    Some other real gems in there, but the brown Browns with numbers was the best of the best to me.

    On second thought, tie: brown Browns helmet and sky blue Chargers. How is that not San Diego’s helmet already?

    Looks like the old alternate logo from the Islanders’ short-lived Gorton’s Fisherman/fishsticks era is being repourpsed by a youth hockey organization:


    I really like those helmet concepts…some are just outlandish, but others look like they could be used right now and it would be normal.

    Just one thing: Current Browns helmet with uni numbers would look great. And, oddly enough, the Browns don’t look like the Browns with a brown helmet.

    I couldn’t decide on brown numbers or white numbers… so I didn’t do either one (and I kinda figured 6 concepts was enough for one team). I’m not big on the font they actually used from ’57-’61 though, so I’d have to go with block numbers like I used on the brown helmet. Either would be an improvement on the nothing they have now, of course.

    Don’t you just hate it when a team’s way of being unique isn’t the same way everyone else is being unique.

    I hate when you put it that way Ricko, but yes apparently I do. The thing with the Browns is that they didn’t actually do anything to become unique. They ended up being unique due to their inaction. They aren’t unique because of any creativity, they’re unique because they were stubborn and/or lazy.

    “They aren’t unique because of any creativity, they’re unique because they were stubborn and/or lazy.”


    sounds like some people i know

    hey wait, that’s not very unique, then, is it?

    Love giving you grief, The. )

    Also, do we know it was the Browns being stubborn or lazy?
    Or maybe they looked around and realized with everyone going to helmet logos or graphics they could be unique by not following the trend, by staying “old school”?

    Is there any documentation—even of the anecdotal variety–either way?

    I always just assumed they didn’t think the logo was necessary. And functionally, it isn’t, at least in terms of identification. No one confuses them with any other team.

    I couldn’t either…how about brown with a white outline, or would that look too cluttered? Brown numbers would make sense, since they’re the Browns, but it’s either/or for the numbers.

    Well, the only story I’ve heard is pretty much that the NFL came up with the CB logo in ’65 and the Browns essentially said “fuck that” and the players tore the stickers off the helmets.

    I’d love to know what really happened, but it’s been so long that I don’t expect to ever hear anything more detailed.

    MoVi’s Terrapin Tracker did an excellent job of illustrating just how disastous EVERY SINGLE element of Maryland’s uniform set is. They don’t wear anything that looks good at all. I struggle to identify what I like the least. link? I nearly threw my laptop out the window. Maryland football fans have a lot to be embarrassed about. These deplorable uniforms are a visual representation of how polluted their whole program is.

    Agreed, but thanks to Jim V for putting it together, and he’s right that the gold pantss were the best uniform of the year, but that is not saying much. The problem with Maryland is that, by the use of so many uniforms and the emphasis on its secondary colors, it has lost its identity. They are not Iowa or UGa.; they’re Maryland.

    Interesting year. Notre Dame wears helmets that are giant gold golf balls, and Maryland plays in something that looks like the thighs of a woman with major cellulite problem (or the face of someone who’s been attacked by an octopus) and people think they look good.

    Go figure.

    Yes, nice work JimV. I did not care for Maryland unis. Of all the new multi combo unis, my favorite is ASU. One wonders with new coaches at places if they stick with that or not.

    Love the Ravens bird head OR the B. but not their current helmet logo that has both. The logo With the bird facing right is OK. Facing left is a FAIL.

    Really liked the style of Bruce’s twecepts, wonder if it’s pencils & scan or PS? Either way great job

    St. Louis Rams throwing back today… Make those unis permanent, move the team back to L.A., and all’s right with the world.

    And St. Louis gets screwed again. I understand being pro-L.A., but I really don’t see what problem everyone seems to have with St. Louis. They’ve had bad management at the Rams.

    Move the Jaguars to LA, rechristen them as the Southern California Sun, and bring back those unique WFL uniforms!

    I always thought that if you were going to use a collective team name in LA, it should be the Los Angeles Legion. That way it obviates the problem of what you call an individual player — Legionnaire, Legionary, take your pick.

    But I can think of a lot of drawbacks to that name, too….(the disease, being associated with movements that have appropriated that motif in the past…)

    But otherwise, no on collective names. Heat, Magic, Avalanche…can’t say I’ve liked any of those.

    If the Jags move to L.A., you gotta rechristen them as the L.A. Express and bring back those classy USFL-Steve Young era uniforms!

    If the Jags move to L.A., you gotta rechristen them as the L.A. Express and bring back those classy USFL-Steve Young era uniforms!

    Yeah…no. While the LA Express didn’t look bad, they did look far too similar to the Cowboys for another NFL team to adopt that look.

    If the Jags do move to LA, they need to either just keep their current scheme, or come up with something new.

    I like the blue whites. But what were the Cleveland Rams original colors? Red and black? I know they wore blue and yellow in mid 40s but I forget if they started with that.

    Of the helmet concepts, the one I liked best was the Texans with the Oilers colors. Otherwise, I’m in the camp where no modifications to the Browns’ helmets are needed. When it comes to the Titans, whatever gets rid of those weird helmet quasi-stripes, I’m for.

    Yea, and let’s add Carolina, Baltimore, and Denver to the list of “goat horn” helmet atrocities that need to go. Arguably these are the worst design concepts ever adopted in the history of the NFL.

    Ronnie’s tweak is one of the best I’ve seen.

    THE did some great work too, especially: both Steelers concepts, Chargers #2, Raiders #2 and the image at the top of the page.

    Don’t know if anyone else noticed during the ULL v SDSU game yesterday it ULL had two odd uni touches: front & back nos. were pretty big, on sleves had gradient white to red fleur de lis(es)

    Hey Ricko, I’m a little late since I wasn’t able to read yesterday’s post until just now today but wanted to say, like pretty much everyone here, love the kid cards. Do want to say though, that your mention of the Syracuse TV numbers are actually posterior to the ear holes, not anterior. In humans anterior is forward, belly side, and posterior is backside.

    oh, rats.

    Realized early yesterday a.m. that was assbackwards and hoped no one would notice.

    That’s what I get for cranking those things out, and for trying to use big words.

    “In back of” or “behind” would have been just fine. In fact, they might even have sufficed. :)

    haha, I think the reason it popped to me is because I just finished taking a human anatomy lab this semester and using correct terminology to describe positioning and stuff is stressed

    Ricko, I think in the movie “The Express,” Syracuse wore orange jerseys too. Any memory on that or has it always been blue and white jerseys?

    During the Jim Brown era (and the years before it) when Syracuse wore dark jerseys they wore orange…
    (I have no idea why the white stripe on Brown’s helmet, but I could believe he was saying, “Yeah, it’s me; come and get me.”)

    Around time of Ernie Davis’ arrival (or while he was there) they switched to navy. It may just be that in Davis’ early career there they never had occasion to wear dark.

    Davis wore navy at least twice that I know of. Once in the Liberty Bowl discussed yesterday, once earlier in a night game (also vs. Miami). Have a photo somewhere from that game. Hurricanes may have opted to wear white at home in that one, cuz I don’t know that the Orangemen played home games at night (did their field even have lights?), but Miami did for sure.

    didn’t the carrierdome always have lights?







    what? they didn’t always play indoors???

    Ernie Davis and Jim Brown just looked like football players, but those old Syracuse uniforms are classics, except for the all-orange.

    Nice job by the colorizers as usual. While not colorized that Pitt Washington Rose Bowl is a great picture. I imagine Pitt would have blue jerseys and gold pants.

    Ryan is getting busy I see.

    I know The Jeff hates plain helmets. But the Browns helmet just looks right without any logos.If anything the Brownie elf would be the best.

    The Jets in Titan colors is an idea.

    I’ve a small question about the Rams throwbacks. Can anyone tell if they are using the narrower horn width that they debuted this year on the navy and gold helmets or are the yellow horns wide like back in LA?

    Gary, nice job and some good info with the Detroit sites. I know you were not sure about the colors of the football uniform. I know red and blue are hard to guess from b&w pics too. I may guess it would be red but who am I to know for sure.

    I do have this color photo of Detroit and Marquette from 1955. Detroit is wearing white and red.


    You may be correct. Some further research turned up this reference to the “red and white.” [

    A little known fact is the University of Detroit actually started the alternate uniform trend back in the 40s. Next week I’ll have a copy of their primary red unis!

    Great job, THE JEFF, some of those are real beauts.

    Also kudos to Louis Chirillo for those JARRING colorizations! Wow!


    Rather than ramble on about the largely good helmet concepts/tweeks, I noticed that the uniforms on the New Haven Eagles look a lot like the New York/Brooklyn Americans of the NHL.

    Some of my favorites (with some small suggestions):

    link (I might’ve spelled that wrong, but I’m too lazy to look it up).

    link. I’d like it even more without the antennae and with link)

    link. If it works for Michigan State, it’ll work for the Jets.

    link. I’d ditch the silver, but really nice, overall.

    link. My favorite one yet.

    link Raiders link. Very cool, but in my opinion, their main problem uni-wise are their stupid white cleats.

    link. I’d slim down the helmet stripe to something like what the link have, but I actually like the helmet numbers inside the shoe.

    “-Jets, reverse of the current lid. If it works for Michigan State, it’ll work for the Jets.”

    And the Saskatchewan Roughriders…

    Hint for future design concepts featuring Kansas City teams … People on the Kansas side dislike people on the Missouri side. And vice versa. But both states root for the Chiefs. While the team is technically in Missouri, that would never fly, just the state of Missouri. Try putting the state of New Jersey on the Giants or Jets helmets. It would literally be more realistic to put a logo of a monkey humping a coconut on the side of the helmet. Poor effort I’m afraid.

    But the Chiefs tried to appeal to the region from the moment they got to Kansas City, if we go by the logo:


    A logo that includes a map of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

    And was that really a surprise?

    Only maybe two other teams in the NFL that can keep up the Patriots in that kind of shootout.

    Was only a matter of time before the Broncos’ attempt to play 1950s football (run a lot, pass a little and play defense) would get undone. Only question was when the bubble would burst.

    not a surprise, not at all

    but today may have been the first time in 20 years i rooted for the pats

    A whole lot of people absolutely DETESTED Joe Namath, too, y’know. Hated him, hated him, hated him. Bachelor. Mustache. White shoes. Just who does he think he is, anyway?

    Sanctimony has many faces. All depends on the minds of those being judgmental.

    “I would want Tebow on my team, that’s all I can say.”


    why’s that, chris?

    “but today may have been the first time in 20 years i rooted for the pats”

    Haven’t been around for twenty years, but I feel the exact same way. I actually cheered when the Giants won the Super Bowl against them.

    Because it rarely comes up, the Seattle Supersonics had a cheddar set for home use, too, like the Lakers and Warriors (gotta love those Bullets orange and blue, too)…

    Great work The Jeff! I like a lot of the concepts. I am a Colts fan and would love to see them put the numbers on the helmet.

    Unlike The Jeff, I despise the current Bengals helmet. Any of your 3 would be an improvement – the best is the “B”, the full length tiger might be a little over the top.

    Although they do have “Red” Skelton at QB, don’t they.

    Never mess with a streak (that general point well made by Crash Davis).

    The Chargers have the ugly style of yard-line number font on their field. I prefer the more traditional stencil.

    I hearken back to the day when the Chargers had the yard-line numbers in yellow inside of a powder blue diamond. Last seen in the early 70’s, I believe.

    The Bolts need to make their powder alternate their throwback…complete with helmet numbers. That powder jersey with navy facemask just doesn’t gel. White would be fine.

    I really don’t understand that rule. If the Cowboys/Steelers/Falcons/etc can have a 2nd helmet for 2 games because it’s a “throwback”, why the hell can’t a team use a 2nd helmet with an “alternate” uniform?

    Probably because the NFL regards the throwbacks as a parenthetical issue not relating to their overall branding. I mean, as we all knw, that they use the helmets as defacto logos for the teams, something they’ve been doing for close to 40 years now. And they’d rather not have more than one for each team.

    Yeah, but it’s still lame. If the Packers can wear hideously ugly brown helmets & blue jerseys, the Chargers should be allowed to have 2 white helmets – one with a navy mask and one with a powder mask.

    Flipping on a Packers/Bears game and seeing both teams wearing blue uniform elements is far worse on “branding” than a Chargers helmet with a different mask or a green Jets helmet.

    Brand standards are better off when just a bit rigid.
    Otherwise you’ve got more “noted exceptions” than viable guidelines.

    And I’ll make an argument that a team believing it needs two different color facemasks is so obscure if I were with the NFL I’d deny them without even listening to their points.

    Ah, but that’s part of the “But we really do care, honest” campaign they’re running…which is unbelievably transparent, corny, overblown and excessive…and therefore wildly successful.

    Still… if a team logo rendered in pink is acceptable for the brand, then a simple color swapped helmet should also be acceptable. Heck, isn’t the Ravens and Titans having multiple logos worse from a branding standpoint?

    Does anyone know anything about this logo? I’ve never seen anything like it before, and I don’t think it’s a Bronco’s logo.


    St Louis Stallions prototype, one of the 1993 NFL expansion contenders. We ended up with the Panthers & Jaguars instead.

    its hard to improve on many of the existing helmet designs without considering that what makes them effective is their simplicity. simplicity and originality are hard to resolve simultaneously. most of these helmets are not applicable, or effective, obviously… a few look like they would work for a high school or a tv movie about football, where someone selects a block typeface and assigns it to the end zone, the helmet, the jacket, the water bottles, etc.

    helmets are the crown of the wardrobe, its the TV money shot. it caps, literally, the uniform and therefore has to conform, or dictate, how the uniform is designed as a whole.
    on a positive, your Tennessee idea is an improvement on the actual helmet.

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