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Tim E. Takes on…the NHL


By Phil Hecken

With no new Amateur Pacifist uniforms on tap for the college game this weekend, the NFL finally devoid of pink, and with the greatest sport in the world having concluded with the Cards capturing their 11th World Series title, I thought it might be nice to take a look at some of the other major sports. Mercifully Unfortunately, with the NBA in a lockout, there’s no major sports playing. However, there is still hockey — or at least someone told me the season started, so I’ll just take it on faith that the pucksters are back at it. (I kid of course, and for years, a long time ago in a galaxy far away, I LOVED hockey…not so much anymore). But I digress.

So to get us into the spirit of the fastest game on ice, I’m pleased to bring you my buddy, Tim E. O’Brien, master of the tweak, to give us his idea of how some of the current teams might look if he were the uniform designer to the NHL. Here’s Tim:


Tweaking the NHL
by Tim E. O’Brien

While the NBA is away, the NHL will play – and I for one couldn’t be happier. I love the NHL and the broad canvas with which a uniform designer has to work with, plus the wonderful uni quirks (like shoulder yokes and non-matching home and road unis) a hockey sweater allows you.

With that in mind, over the past few weeks I have taken to redesigning some of the NHL teams in desperate need of a makeover and some classics who just need some tweaks:

Anaheim DucksHome | Road | Third – For the Ducks, I return the fantastic and unique color scheme of the “mighty” era but keep the logos and crest of the modern era. While the Ducks unis have always had stripes at weird angles, I straighten out the stripes on this set.

For the third, I take inspiration from the movie that started it all but place it on the striping pattern of the other Ducks unis. I also added the modern wordmark.

Boston BruinsHome | Road | Third – The most recent cup champions don’t need too much work. In fact, the home uni is almost unchanged and on the road uni I basically only change the shoulder yoke to yellow.

Where I take this set to a new place is on the third, which isn’t a throwback it’s just a yellow alternate in this set’s template, but definitely is influenced by jerseys of the Bruins’ past, including the Winter Classic uni.

Chicago BlackhawksHome | Road | Third – The home and road unis are unchanged but the third harkens back to the barber-pole jerseys while staying in the current uni template (five colored stripes at the elbow and waist, with some edits).

Columbus Blue JacketsHome | Road | Third – I don’t like the current logos the Stars Blue Jackets are currently throwing about. The Blue Jackets need less stars.

Instead of stars, I use an edited version hat from their current shoulder patches and turn that into their crest, sans-star. The new shoulder patch is also their main logo, which is made of two players holding sticks based on some long-time Columbi Blue Jackets (can you guess who they are?).

The Stick-less player is based on this Union soldier as a tribute to the young men who lost their lives defending freedom and the Union. The red circles with white outlines are references to the Ohio state flag, which is otherwise absent from the uniform.

The home and road uniforms are a basic mashup of of the BJs original unis and their current ones. My third is a solid blue uni with sleeve designs evoking military garb of the Civil War era.

Dallas StarsHome | Road | Third – With the Stars, I tried to combine elements of the North Stars and the Dallas Stars. Many of the design elements of the jerseys can be traced back to North Stars uniforms. Black breezers solidify that black is still in the color pallet while the home features black outlined numbers and the road has “DALLAS” written in black.

Finally, the third jersey is black in homage to the current uni set and I return the Dallas script but remove the front uni number (which I hate) and replace it with the Dallas star logo.

Los Angeles KingsHome | Road | Third – The home and road are pretty straight forward and the third is basically a fauxback to the earliest days of the Kings. The logo and crest, however, are edits of the great work of raysox over at CCSLC and his brilliant Yzermanize thread.

Minnesota WildHome | Road | Third – I keep the Wild as a primarily red team, with green remaining secondary. On the home jersey, I basically move the current chest crest to the shoulders for two reasons: To get rid of that ugly shoulder patch and because the circle Wild logo works much better there than replacing that great Wild crest.

While the road jersey is just a variation of the home uni, on the third jersey, I go back to the earliest days of the Wild and bring back a great looking green jersey that isn’t a third different striping template nor a silly fauxback.

Nashville PredatorsHome | Road | Third – This set is basically just a replication and edit to my template of a Preds concept I did a while back. Both the crest and shoulder patch are different than their current real-world counterparts, but I think both are improved and the jersey are simplified and made better by a blue Third with a yellow lid.

New York RangersHome | Road | Third – The Rangers have some of the best unis in the NHL, plus great tradition to back them up. Once again, I don’t change much on the Home or Road unis, but I did make a few tweaks and I added a fauxback (read: added sleeve numbers and number outlines) to their original Stanley Cup winning team.

Ottawa SenatorsHome | Road | Third – The Sens new ‘Heritage’ Third jersey is the best uni the current incarnation of the Senators has ever worn. That being said, I made that the template for all three unis – with some modifications and no vintage white.

First, I made all of the stripes equal length, the bottom red stripe on the ‘Heritage’ Third is a bit smaller than the others while the middle black stripe is bigger. Now, they’re all equal. Next I added stripes and a logo to the pants. That’s a strong logo, and I didn’t want to lose the French and English crests, so I added it to the pants and helmet.

Philadelphia FlyersHome | Road | Third – Philly made a good move by going back to a more traditional design in recent years and while some people detest the conflicting-color nameplates, I love ’em. When I bring back a black third into the set, I keep the conflicting-color nameplate and make the helmet orange.

Pittsburgh PenguinsHome | Road | Third – Pittsburgh has great uni tradition in both gold and yellow, but Penguins are yellow, not gold, so I return the Pens to a more traditional set and more traditional color.

While I was tempted to go with a yellow alt, I decided to go with yet another throwback for the Pens. However, their last throwback was sub-par, so I choose to throwback to 1973-74, which is similar to the 70-71 throwbacks but doesn’t include the circle logo and is a little more blue and a little less powder (oh, and NNOB).

Saint Louis BluesHome | Road | Third – The Blues need to give up the Bettman-induced charade. I give a more traditional, throwback look to the Blues.

Tampa Bay LightningHome | Road | Third – The home and road unis are ALMOST unchanged. I change the pants to black to assuage fan requests for more black and I also removed “Tampa Bay” wordmark from the road uni.

For the third jersey, I changed the torso color to black but maintained blue on the sleeves and hem. I added the victory stripes, again because the fans love them, onto the sleeves and I added the “Tampa Bay” wordmark onto the chest. finally, the socks are blue on top, unlike the sleeves, so that they clash better with the pants.

Washington CapitalsHome | Road | Third – Everybody loved the WC throwback so maybe a fauxback would be popular. Less stars, current socks and current logos and font.

Winnipeg JetsHome | Road | Third – The newest team in the NHL got a pretty good look for year one, but I still believe their logo, crest and identity could be improved upon. Above, you can see my logo edits where I remove the maple leaf from both logos and drop the ultra-crappy wordmark in favor of a red jet that echoes the maple leaf on the original roundel, rather than imitate it.

While some have argued that the Jet on the pants looks like it’s crashing, I would argue that since the shorts end well above ice level, the expert pilot has plenty of time to pull out of this controlled dive maneuver and not harm himself. Also, it’s a design element and the plane isn’t real, get over it.

Winter ClassicRangers vs. Flyers – OK, so I’m not the biggest vintage white fan in the world but I have reasons for doing this this time. First, with the Rangers, their WC logo is in vintage white, so I assume that their unis will be too. I used the colors from that logo but Washington, last year, proved that white white can look amazing with a nice red and blue.

For the Flyers explanation, it’s basically this: I wanted to make this uniform a throwback to the Flyers’ history, but there just isn’t much to go from, so the vintage white just contrasts with the regular uniform that much better.

Now both unis throwback to the earliest versions of both of these classic sweaters (though, the TV numbers on the Rangers are from the second iteration of their white uni) and both are NNOB.


Thanks, Timmah!


50 Years Ago This Week

50 Years Ago…This Weekend

Back again with Rick Pearson who is here to bring us his look at the featured ABC television college football matchup from 50 years ago. As always, Rick documented the game via his “kid cards”. Here’s Rick to tell us about it.


Nov. 4, 1961–Michigan State at Minnesota

Wk 8 61 Card

ABC Game of the Week: Gophers won, 13-0…Yes, Minnesota once was a perennial Big Ten contender, won or shared national championships, and was deemed worthy of being only college game on TV this weekend…Home uni had been Gophers’ basic look since ’57 or so…HB Bill Munsey, older brother of Chuck Muncie of Chargers and Saints (different spellings correct)… As with Wisconsin last week, a single stripe on Gophers’ crew socks worn over stirrups…Spartans in their then-traditional unis…Sherman Lewis in the home set…Both teams in their cold-weather high socks…Not counting striped high crew socks such as Notre Dame’s in the Montana era, it’s been a while since a major college team had socks with stripes as a regular uni option…As to the players shown, Tom Hall played for three NFL teams, but had his best years as a Viking WR …Matt Snorton (certainly a last name maybe better suited to things a couple decades later), was drafted by Detroit and Denver, lasting only part of one season as a Bronco TE.


Fantastic, as usual, Rick — thanks. Know what I liked best about this? The photo of Tom Hall & Bennie McRae — even 40+ years later, in black & white, you can instantly tell that’s the Vikes & Bears playing.


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks

We have another new set of tweaks today.

If you have a tweak, change or concept for any sport, send them my way.

Remember, if possible, try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per tweak. You guys have been great at keeping to that, and it’s much appreciated!

And so, lets begin:


We start with Jack Goodrich, who has a tweak for the KC Royals:


I’d love to see the script logo outlined in gold and with the black drop shadow. (Admittedly, the look is borrowed from the Mets)
Also, add a gold stripe to the pants. The blue and white is just too little color for me. The Dodgers have the red numeral on front; that always looked better than the Royals home jerseys.
No changes to the road grays or alternates.

So glad people care enough about sports uniforms to have the web site.


Next up is Richard Paine, with the future(?) LA football franchise…:

Hey Phil,

Thanks for posting my late Seahawks tweaks. Instead of being late for the dance this time, I thought I would be super early. I know you mentioned the next contest possibly being the relocation of a team to LA. Well, I have an idea for a Los Angeles franchise and it has been brewing in my minds since the mid 90s. I would like to share the relocation and extinction of the Jacksonville Jaguars and introduce a new pro color scheme with the Los Angeles Knights.

All the Best,


And we close today with Bruce Genther, who has a Husker tweak:


The University of Nebraska football uniforms need a major tweak…so here is my recommendation for 2012.

Bruce A. Genther


Thanks gentlemen. More to come tomorrow.


Benchies Header


by Rick Pearson


Everybody’s got an agenda…

11-5-11 d-dubuque

And the full-size.


That’s it for today folks. Enjoy the game of the century today. My heart says ‘bama but my *money* is on the LSU. GEAUX Tiggers!


“Really? Oopsie. It’s much smaller when Phil runs it!” — Paul Lukas

Comments (178)

    Outstanding work Tim! There are a number of ideas here(Kings, Wild, for example) that I wish the teams would take you up on. Also, I’m really glad you tweaked the WinniJets current identity instead of just going back to their past (as so many do). Great stuff!

    That was just what I was thinking. I like most all the changes, but the Wild were greatly improved. And I couldn’t even tell you exactly why. Thanks for the hard work!

    Tim-I see that you feel that the Hawks, Wings, Habs and my Leafs don’t need any “tweaks.” I agree except that the Blue & White should finally get rid of the much-despised “Ballard Leaf” and go with the multi-pointed version from the recent vintage White “third jersey.” The Leafs could use their current sweater striping pattern with the “pointed” leaf and the ’67 Cup Leaf on sets featuring the striping from that year. Both versions are winners, unlike Pal Hal’s “veg-head special.” GO LEAFS GO!, eh?

    Kings tweets are nice, I wish they would lose the banner on their current jerseys as well. Love your Jets third jersey tweet!

    Didn’t mind some of the Blue Jackets stuff, but the 3-man Union Army logo was a bit too close to The Crew’s outdated logo.

    Now, if these sweaters would make them win, I’m all for it!

    I kinda like the Nebraska tweak. Seems like a decent start to making them look less like the BadgerBadgerBadgers without going BFBS.

    Re: Nebraska tweak
    NO, NO, NO, NO. Not a chance in hell.
    Remember, Wisconsin looks like Nebraska not vice-versa. Barry Alvarez (Nebraska grad) wanted it that way.

    *sigh* I’m so not looking forward to this Alabama/LSU game, with my Dad being an LSU fan and my Mom being a ‘Bama fan. They’ve been egging each other on all week. Good day to stay in my room.

    Should be enjoy the “latest” Game of The Century. A phrase like game of the century is overused if it occurs more than once in…oh I don’t know… a century?

    Speaking of which what was the game of the last century in college football?

    1967 USC-UCLA? Or a game involving Notre Dame, perhaps? How about 1987 Miami-Penn State?

    I don’t know about that, but the Game of the Century for this century is actually going to be the 2057 National Championship game between Toledo and Boise State. :D

    But how are they gonna play for the national championship if they’re both in the reborn Southwest Conference in 2057?

    Let’s just say the playoff seeding was (will be) a bit odd that season. They change the tie breaker system the next year.

    These are the “games of the 20th century” according to wikipedia:

    1935 Notre Dame 18, Ohio State 13
    1946 Army 0, Notre Dame 0
    1966 Notre Dame 10, Michigan State 10
    1967 USC 21, UCLA 20
    1969 Texas 15, Arkansas 14
    1971 Nebraska 35, Oklahoma 31
    1987 Penn State 14, Miami FL 10
    1991 Miami FL 17, Florida State 16 (Wide Right I)
    1993 Notre Dame 31, Florida State 24

    I like the general change to the Blue Jackets’ uniforms. It definitely looks better than the mess they wear now. The kepi is also a better logo than the flag mashup they currently use, but it seems really awkward as a crest, especially for a team called the Blue Jackets.

    Thank you for removing the flag elements though; there’s really only two places where that works: Texas, because it’s Texas, and Maryland (elements, not the whole set, like the way the Ravens use it), because that’s an awesome flag.

    I was going to guess the man in front was President Grant until you said he was a member of the team.

    The man in the middle is Nasher, Rick Nash. Only player worth noting on the team. I don’t know about the other fella. I do like the overall look here. I think the hat needs something more to make it more logo-like. And maybe bring the hem stripe down to contour the actual hem. The third jersey is very well done and makes a lot more sense that the generic powder/navy blue with the roundel logo that they use today.

    Thinking about it just now, what if they did want to use Civil War generals from Ohio? Who would they use? Grant, obviously, but the only other two I can think of off the top of my head are Sherman, Custer, and Hooker, and I don’t know if we really want to memorialize them in that way.

    I didn’t know Sheridan and McClellan were from Ohio. Thanks. Although do we really want George McClellan in there? I mean, I know Grant was a drunk and Sherman thought the only way to win a war was to burn the enemy’s territory to the ground, but at least they were effective.

    What’s wrong with the Ohio flag? Why is Texas’ flag ok to use but not Ohio’s? Both incorporate very similar elements. Not to mention Ohio is the only US State with a flag that is not a square or rectangle.

    That’s some good old texas bullshit right there.

    Seriously, the Columbus redo was bad. Their current uniforms and logos are much better. Seriously, that cap looks horrible on a uniform.

    Tim, one thing you need to pay attention to is logo contrast. Several of your concepts suffered from having logos that blended right into the color of the uniform. A logo needs to pop off the background to have any effect, and while outlines can sometimes achieve that, it’s usually insufficient. See what the Canucks are doing with the white and blue uniforms these days- it’s not the same logo colorwise. Your Ducks, preds, and jackets (and possibly others, but I didn’t leave the tabs open to go back and check) all suffered greatly from inattention to that point.

    I grew up in Ohio and lived/will return to Texas. I’m not saying the Ohio flag is unworthy or the Texas flag is particularly worthy. I’m saying that people in Texas are flag wavers of their state flag more than anyone else. Every professional sports team in the state incorporates it to some degree. I wouldn’t normally say any flag other than Maryland is good looking enough to be used like that, but the culture in Texas makes it that way.

    Even the Texas flag should only be used when it makes sense – I.e. texans.

    I hate it when Canadian teams throw a canadian flag on their uni to remind people they’re from another country and I hate it even more when a team not named after their state throws a useless non-theme flag on.

    You’re the Columbus Blue Jackets not the Ohio Stars.

    All I can say is it’s truly sad that Nike isn’t taking advantage of all the attention on this particular Game of the Century to put LSU and Alabama in uniforms we’ve never seen before and never will see again.

    I mean, how can they turn their back on current college football marketing tradition like that?

    Quite shameful, actually.

    Remember Ricko, it takes time to produce those fabulous one-off uniforms. They can’t just spontaneously create those things, you know. If you want your game to be special, you have to let them know a few months in advance.

    I’d say that photo could be a good candidate for colorization. Blue and white for yale, black and orange for Princeton…

    The Blue Jacket logo concept might be too suggestive of the Columbus Crew’s logo. I had thought about a stylized profile of a lone Union soldier (“Billy Yank”, the era’s counterpart to “Johnny Reb”), but that might be too derivative of the Blackhawks.

    And a “solid blue” third with non-blue pants? Worse yet, with Confederate gray pants?

    Yeah, Columbus’ identity is a pretty hard one to come up with a logo for… I guess that’s why they pooped out that star/flag a few years back.

    There’s some meaning behind the logo. The “swooping” flag is actually in the shape of a “C” for Columbus, and the star is supposed to represent Columbus as the capitol city of Ohio.

    I’ve always liked the idea of some sort of cannon for a logo. One of my favorite is on the front of this replica mask:


    And the hat is better? It can work as a shoulder patch, but it looks absolutely horrible as the main logo.

    I’m a big fan of the cannon identity (with some modification).

    Maybe something similar to Arsenal.

    I think the “Crew” logo looks too unbalanced with the right guy’s red dot hidden behind the center guy.

    I like the NHL tweaks a lot, especially putting Tampa in black pants and getting Anaheim out of their generic awfulness and back to those great colors. Ottawa was awesome too.

    My one complaint is – why does every team have to have a 3rd jersey? When did that become an obsession. It’s a nice thing for a few teams here or there (the Rangers statue of liberty ones come to mind), but it waters things down so much for everyone to be doing it. It’s like you can never count on teams looking a certain way.

    Enough is enough with 3rd jerseys and special one game uniforms and all that.

    Well, duh… they’ve got twice as many games. If you can have 3 jerseys in an 80+ game season, of course you can have 4 or even 5 in a 160+ season. C’mon man.

    I honestly hate tampa in black pants. They don’t match the new uniforms at all.

    The fan reaction was one of shock. Hell, I had the same reaction, though it soon faded. Black pants are just really out of place on that uniform, and the brightness and continuity of the blue is necessary for the sleek, 50’s sci-fi ish look they have.

    I do, however, like the third. If you want black involved, you have to tie it in on the jersey, and that third does a great job of doing that. You could wear black pants with that, easily. Or blue.

    Thumbs up on the Wild (Away), Sens (Both) and Jets (both) – all of these suggestions would be significant upgrades.

    I’ve done a CFL vs. NFL uniform competition – I think it might be a closer competition, than one would think. I’m the first to admit that most CFL uniforms are cluttered messes, but here it goes

    1. Orange/Black category – BC Lions vs. Cincinnati, the nod has to go to the BC Lions – it’s one of the more restrained uniforms in the CFL, they don’t mix and match, and let’s face it the Bengals are hideous (CFL 1, NFL 0)

    2. Red/Black category – Atlanta vs. Calgary, both teams have great vintage uni’s , both teams have messes on their hands, unfortunately for those north of the border, the Stampeders mess, is bigger (CFL 1, NFL 1)

    3. Green/Gold (athletic gold) – Edmonton vs. Green Bay – both go for the yellow chapeau, would have been closer a few years back – but now, Edmonton too often rolls out their complete cucumber look (NFL 2, CFL 1)

    4. Green/Black – Saskatchewan vs. Philadelphia – both have gone a bit astray, Saskatchewan wears their beautiful throwbacks more often Riders win (NFL 2, CFL 2

    5. Deep Blue/Gold (Vegas/old) Winnipeg vs. Rams, Rams have a superior helmet, but does the mix and matches and miss too often. These uniforms are probably the closest alike – it’s a tie (2 – 2 -1)

    6. Double Blue category – Tennessee vs Toronto, Tennessee look to me is awful, Argos wins (CFL 3, NFL 2 One tie)

    7. Red , White and Blue – Montreal vs Buffalo, as Buffalo copied the Als away prior to their recent change, the Als would have won this last year, unfortunately this year – no contest Bills Win (Everything is turning around for the Bills) (3 – 3 – 1)

    8. Black and Gold – Pittsburgh vs. Hamilton – the two steel cities – if it was the 1960’s the Ticats would win – unfortunately it’s not, and the Steelers clearly win (NFL 4 CFL 3 and one tie)

    For all the canuckleheads, this means we need to campaign a team like th Stampeders to come to their senses to regain uniform superiority.

    But you’re “the Jeff” , the great uni-watch uniform contraist, you saying it’s one sided confirms it’s in fact a close competition.

    The only problem I have with the Columbus logo is that the soldier on the right appears to have been modeled on Confederate soldier Edwin Tennison/Jennison/Jemison, whose haunting portrait is often used to put a face on the “lost generation” of the Civil War. Probably not a good image to use for a team called the Blue Jackets. I like the use of the kepi on the other sweaters, though.

    Sorry, most of that was in the following paragraph. Still, Jemison wasn’t defending the Union…

    Of the NHL tweaks, the ones I liked most were the Senators and the Blues. Those Sens jerseys are classic, and they should adopt them right now.

    I, too, love the Blues tweaks. What bothered me, though, was that the Preds’ road & third unis scream “Blues!” at me.

    Great job on the NHL jerseys. Favorite one of the bunch was the Ducks, especially the third jersey.

    BTW, have you ever done any teams of yesteryear, like the Whalers?

    The Dallas Stars’ tweaks reminded me how unusual that team is. You’d think, especially with the Cowboys & Rangers located nearby, that a Texas team named the “Stars” would have red, white, and blue unis. But it’s nice that they’ve resisted the urge to change, first out of respect to the old North Stars, and second because there’s just too many teams in pro sports that use red and/or blue. It’s nice to have a little variety.

    Tim, I echo the sentiments of others, some great work on these tweaks.

    Ducks – best iteration of their unis I’ve seen. Their original colors may be out of fashion now but that was their original identity and it works really well with the webfoot logo.

    Blue Jackets – not happy with this. I like the full shoulder/arm yoke on the white because it’s a contrasting blue — but not on the home blues, I’d prefer a contrasting white yoke. Also the red waist stripe is too bold, I think it will run into the red pants and the middle of the players’ body will be a big patch of red. Also the Civil War cap seems like it should be a good logo… but at a glance the shape is almost like the cartoon duck from the original Ducks unis!

    Stars – excellent! Now this is better than anything they’ve worn since moving to Dallas. I would like, however, to see the colors reversed on the chest logo on the road whites, i.e. “STARS” in green, the outline of the star in green and the INSIDE of the star in yellow.

    Kings – having grown up on purple/gold, I never warmed to the black/silver changeover. However, this tweak is better than any of their black/silver unis! Even the third jersey is a homerun.

    Wild – this is pretty good, although I have an instant aversion to any jersey that does not have some kind of waist striping. Looks too much like a practice jersey. With the third jersey, again, if you’re going to have a full shoulder/arm yoke, then I would prefer to see it in a contrasting color.

    Predators – even though I hate their logo, again, this is better than anything I’ve seen them wear so far. Traditional sleeve and waist striping goes a long way in my book, as well as using brighter colors instead of the pukey shades teams have been resorting to in the modern era. All three unis look great here, you’ve managed to put together something I’d gladly wear despite the logo.

    Penguins – again, I grew up on powder blue so never got used to black/gold, but these look pretty damn good, much better than all their attempts to fiddle with things over the years. I think the whites need a bolder black waist stripe though

    Blues – too much is amiss with these. I’m not liking the two shades of blue. On the white jerseys, there’s too much yellow, especially at the waist and with the numbers. This team keeps fiddling and tweaking over the years but nothing they come up with beats their late 60’s/early 70’s sets.

    Lightning – these are nice but I still contend the team should have some black trim striping on the jerseys to distinguish them from looking too much like the Leafs.

    Caps – their original unis were great and these look good that you’re referring back to them, but I hate their new wordmark/logo, looks too weak. The blue third uni looks great, especially with the white shoulder yoke. That really elevates it.

    Jets – fantastic. You did what I had suggested when they unveiled their unis – omit the leaf from the logo. It was too confusing with the jet sitting atop the leaf. These look really good from a distance too. The shoulder and waist striping is perfection. I don’t know about the jet on the side of the pants though – is that how their pants really look? If the team does bad, people will say the plane is doing a nosedive and crashing.


    It’s a shame you didn’t take any time analyzing my work. haha

    Thanks a lot for the feedback, I love it.

    Bolts, there is some black around the numbers, but you’re not alone asking for more black.

    Blues, yeah that yellow rides a bit high and many people have said ditch the double blue, so I probably should.

    Caps, I love that logo. Diff’rent Strokes.

    Jets, I just like the pants stripe as a contrail and I can’t flip the stripe upside-down or else you’d never see the plane ’cause of the jersey overlapping.

    Thanks again.

    I like most of your designs Tim, but the first thought I had looking at your Nashville design was that it was the Islanders.

    Mad props on the Bruins back in gold for an alt, though. Love the gold sweaters they wore in the 50s and 60s.

    I liked the NHL tweeks, except for how the Stars sweater still looks… well, boring and drab, same as now. Can someone could explain why the Reebok templet couldn’t use the early 00’s model and Stars fans got screwed out of a great kit? (At least we weren’t subjected again to the humilation of the return of the Tom Hick’s enduced bull shit constilation sweater.)

    Agree – the Stars really need to try extra hard, because lets face it, it’s a boring name, with a much overused symbol – “a Star” – I mean how many teams have a Star in their logo – too many.

    The Minnesota North Stars – had an advantage, with the simple addition of the word “North”, all a sudden it’s not some over done boring bland thing, and they made good use of it for a while with the sharp green and gold jerseys.

    Was wondering what color he’d say that helmet is.

    I think I know, but The Jeff wouldn’t like it. ;)

    Oh….bah. Remember when the A’s brought out those *ahem* athletic gold jerseys, and we had players referring to them as “canary”? For all you know, he might be on my side.

    Oh, I was just figgerin’ maybe with his allegiance he’d be a “bleed purple and gold” advocate.

    Also, with notable exceptions such as Jerry Reuss, most players don’t know (or remember) dick.

    They were the ones who said the horsey was brown, remember. ;)

    Michigan so far looks like they have last years uniforms on, except maybe Devin Gardner who has the super stretchy

    Iowa’s wearing a red white and bue Hawkeye on the right side of their helmet, left side is blank

    Was gonna ask what that’s about.
    Or was in mentioned here this week and I missed it?

    (Maybe it’s for the “Occupy Dubuque” movement. Nah, not likely.)

    “With a red, white and blue Tigerhawk on his helmet for Veteran’s Day, Iowa quarterback James Vandenberg warms up before an NCAA college football game against Michigan, Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011, in Iowa City, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)”

    Um, that’s NEXT Friday, isn’t it? The actual day, that is (Nov. 11).

    Although I did think that might be what it was.

    Kevin, Michigan’s players have almost universally repudiated the stretchy Adidas uniforms. They look terrible, but this is a purely functional move; they find the new jerseys too easy to grab.

    This is the rare situation where a uniform fails in both form (UCLA anyone?) and function.

    Watching Arsenal v West Bromwich Albion. Arsenal are wearing the poppy on their shirts, WBA is not. And Jonas Olsson is wearing a shirt without a number after he got blood on it early in the game. Sorry no screenshots

    Tim, overall great work, the NHL would be in much better shape if you took over. But with that said there are some things that I take issue with.

    – The Blue Jackets: The whole concept needs a fresh start, the logo is too plain to go on the front of a jersey, the stripes don’t match, the alternate is just bad, and the jerseys are just flat out ugly. This is really the only team that I have 100% bad feedback about. Respectfully go back to the drawing boards with this one my friend.

    – The Stars: The home and road look great, just get rid of those black pants and you have a winner. And while I understand where the alternate is coming from some things should stay in the past, NO bad Tim, design a better alt!

    – The Wild: Overall nice set, but the road jersey needs less red, I’m mostly talking about the shoulder yolk, also the sleeve stripe. And the alternate needs to go onto the regular template, do that and you have a winner.

    – The Blues: Again good overall but there are a few things. On the dark blue jersey, why not have a lighter blue shoulder yolk so it matches the light blue jersey? Also the road needs blue numbers, I love yellow and white but there is just too much yellow and not enough blue for a team called the blues.

    And I guess this comment isn’t team specific but there are certain things that you are only putting in your concept because it is what the real team does (like the flyers NOBS). These are concepts man, go crazy! Don’t limit yourself by the mediocrity that the real team has set for you.

    Also I’m sorry if some of my comments have already been said, I haven’t read any of the comments yet as to get my real thoughts down before I saw what other people said.

    – Jake

    I like it on the orange. On the whites it’s a major peeve of mine.

    Why? Because the orgin of that is that for a while, they had nameplates on the white homes, but not on the orange roads. But for national TV games, they would put nameplates on wherever they were playing, which meant taking nameplates for the white jerseys and sewing them on the orange ones. Hence the white nameplate on the orange jerseys.

    But when you change the nameplates on the whites to contrasting black ones, then you lose the entire historical narrative of WHY those nameplates were ever like that in the first place. They’re borrowing from their own history without ever actually understanding their history. And that pisses me off.

    how so?

    do we have them seven days a week? or just a couple user submissions on the weekend and then every once in a while i highlight some great ones for the lede

    if people didn’t like them, i wouldn’t be getting submissions out the wazoo

    i realize they’re not everyone’s cuppa, but feel free to skip them — i’m not a big fan of collectors corner (since i’ll never buy anything off of e-bay) or the food stuff paul posts (since good food is wasted on me)…and the auction action is NEVER something i particularly care about

    but there is always something that someone likes, and if there is something you don’t like, then just, ya know…don’t read it


    Best part of that video? The chick who yells, “Your Awful.” at Corso. hahaha It’s just so heartfelt and it’s like the meanest thing she could think to yell.

    … Or maybe she’s just been watching a lot of College Gameday.

    So has it been determined if the numbers on the side of Michigan’s helmets are a permanent change, or just for this year?

    Looks like I hold the minority opinion, but I thought the Anaheim Ducks redesign was awful. I also didn’t like to see the modern LA Kings crown return. It has mostly disappeared this year, and let’s hope it stays away.

    My favorite in the set? The Capitals’ 3rd. I think that’s a great color choice.

    I thought the Ducks redesign was all over the place. Some elements were good, some were awful. I really can’t give an opinion about the whole at all, because there’s such a mix of incredibly polarized opinions about things in that set.

    I will say that if they rolled those out and played in them today, they would at least be in the bottom third of NHL uniforms.

    Yale vs Brown on YES right now…

    Yale uniforms are basically a better version of BYU. Brown’s are a worse version of Ohio State

    Nice work again, Tim.

    I wonder if someone–you–could come up with a design that totally disassociates the North Stars from this Dallas team? Keep the name, if you must, but drop the colors and that dull logo. All I ever see when I look at Dallas is a weak rendition of my team that was. No homage there.

    I think incorporating the actual Ohio flag as a crest for the Blue Jackets would be cool (maybe not legal, though…dunno)… link

    I think the black muddies up the new Lightning look. Black and dark blue? Bleak.

    I really like your Ducks concept, surprisingly. Those colors work here. Give them a decent, realistic flying duck crest and it’s a winner.

    For the most part, I loved Tim’s tweaks. The one tweak I’d like to see, though, is to the jersey template. I’m really nostalgic for the old sweater style (last I checked still present in college hockey), where there was a square bottom as opposed to the round flap. My major problem is with the jerseys that have the stripes on the bottom. To my eyes, they have an asymmetrical look to them.

    I’d wager that the average American is more likely to know what the Texas state flag looks like than what their own state flag looks like, with the possible exception of Maryland.

    I know (and love) what California’s State flag looks like. I even have a Cal State-inspired shirt. I know what the Texas flag looks like (duh), Maryland, and Alabama’s State flag (which is basically a Crimson Tide-colored stripped-down version of the Union Jack).

    I like how Colorado’s basically incorporates its postal code. I know it wasn’t originally intended for that, but the C is intentional, so I always see that sunburst as CO.

    Is there anyway the ‘game of the century’ could end in the disembowelment of both of these coaches and the dismanteling of their football programs? Because that’s what I’m rooting for.

    My parents are egging each other on as we speak (see above comment from this morning). Usually, games with this much hype end up being low-scoring affairs.

    It appears Bill Snyder is wearing a windbreaker from the 2002 Holiday Bowl tonight. The Pac Life logo is pretty prominent on the back of the jacket.

    This “game of the century already sux. Stop kicking 50 yard field goals, Saban. This isn’t the NFL – and you should know that because if it were, you woulda already quit by now.

    ASU going BFBS against UCLA:

    Southern (in the background) looking all kinds of awesome against Texas Southern:

    New Mexico in all silver against SDSU:
    Other than that Mizzou-ish piping…nice.

    On the highlight video you can see #80 is wearing a Blue undershirt (he’s the One who dove into the end zone late). A couple other players were wearing blue too. It was weird. No photos, sorry.

    OK, So I can only find #80 – k. Bell – with the blue but it’s there:


    I swear a couple of other players were wearing it too but I didn’t record the game. Oh, and while we’re on the topic of Neb undershirts, what the hell is this:


    I read something about one of the Nebraska players wearing the blue jersey underneath their uniform because they had a phenomenal camp or something wearing it, so the player (and I guess his NU peers) wear the blue jersey underneath the uniform for good luck.

    As far as link: probably some Adidas TechFit stuff.

    Bell, known for his signature big hair, is teased by his teammates about a grungy “blue” jersey he wears under his uniform.


    Musta seen wrong with the other Neb players. Good memory Terry, story sorta reminds me Space Jam:

    Michael Jordan: Whatever you do, don’t forget my North Carolina shorts.
    Daffy Duck: Your shorts? From college?
    Michael Jordan: I wore them under my Chicago Bulls uniform every game.
    Looney Tunes: Eeewwww!
    Michael Jordan: Hey! I washed them after every game!
    Sylvester: Sure…
    Michael Jordan: I did!

    I will always hate seeing the Penguins in blue. They’re Pittsburgh–Black and Gold. Not Blue and Powder. It doesn’t match what the ‘Guins are doing now, much like the Eagles (IMO beautiful) 1933 Throwbacks.

    oh, how youth is wasted on the young

    they weren’t always (or originally) black & gold

    and unlike the 1933 eagles, who only ricko saw play live, there are a good number of us old farts who well remember pittsburgh as a blue team…and they were for a long time

    13 years in blue, link

    and my concept isn’t powder, it’s bluer than that.

    But the Pens Powder blues from their first WC is one of the prettiest unis in all of sports ever.

    Yeah…I mean, if I had to pick which one I liked better, it would be the black & gold. It fits in with Pittsburgh better than Blue and blue. I mean, when you think of a Penguin, you don’t think of black & gold, but you also don’t think of “Wild” when you see Christmas colors.

    Although, my least favorite is the one that looks like it’s link. I know there’s history to it, I just don’t think it looks good.

    Also, I’m a Flyers fan. That probably doesn’t help either.

    I like the Blues set you made only I think I would keep the current third jerseys. Having the Arch in there is a really nice and unique touch… maybe you could eliminate the fauxback aspect and put the logo with the Arch on your third jersey?

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