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50 Years Ago…This Week

61 Wk 4

By Phil Hecken

You may have noticed, if you read the comments section, that I was noticeably absent this past week — that’s not because I don’t love Uni Watch or don’t want to interact with the great readership, it’s because I’ve been extremely busy with work, grad school, and life in general. But last weekend Rick “Ricko” Pearson posted something in the comments I thought was great (it was one of his famous “kid cards”), and I had actually planned on having him post one a weekend, of his College Football “uniform tracking.” Primitive though it may have been, it was still a fantastic addition to the historical record, and one for which we should all be grateful.

Instead of just one a week, I asked Ricko, since I’ve been short on time for UW, if he wouldn’t mind doing a writeup of some of his kid cards. I know you’ll enjoy this, and I’m hoping he’ll grace us with one new kid card per weekend for the remainder of the season. In fact, I’m planning on it.

So, tip of the cap to Ricko for helping me out in a pinch. Sit back and enjoy.


50 Years Ago — This Weekend
By Rick Pearson

Well, seeing I did Kid Cards based on ABC’s College Football Game of the Week in 1961, I’ll be happy to pinch hit on a college football Saturday.

BTW, this is NOT an “I walked five miles to school, uphill, both ways” piece. No, sir (or ma’am). It’s more like, “OMG, it’s so much more fun now, with so many games to watch…and learn from.”

Short and sweet, back then you got one football a week to watch. In black and white. Other than that, you relied on whatever photos turned up in your local newspaper or on the film highlight shows, usually the following Saturday morning, those also brought to you in living black and white. No color in Sports Illustrated or anywhere else, unless from perhaps weeks or months (or years) before, owing to the lead time both for processing color film and the prep for color printing (the world hasn’t always been digital). It was a good idea to tune in early; that’s when the announcers would describe the unis…if they bothered with it at all.

There may have been a few weekends with the network offered two games, one for the east and one for the west. I honestly don’t know when that began. But you still only got one game. No schools had their own local or regional telecasts, the NCAA controlled everything. This was, after all, still the era where television was seen as a direct threat for ticket sales (something about “free milk” and “cows,” I think).

Anyway, I’d watch the game and make a card, picking players I liked from one reason or another. We had a “duplicating machine” at home (not a mimeograph, but similar), and I used a template I drew based on a Sports Illustrated drawing of Jim Brown and ran off a mess of two-sided 3×5 cards.

Enough background, right? Here’s what we’ll call “50 Years Ago This Weekend…so far.” Now imagine this one game was all there was to your college football viewing every Saturday.

Grrr… For uni watching was frustrating to say the least.

Sept. 16, 1961Pittsburgh at Miami: Yes, the Panthers in navy and cheddar (athletic gold, but I’ll call it Cheddar so as not to start “:Yellow Wars, Chapter 832”)…Miami in kelly and cheddar…Fred Cox, too, who went on to kick for the Vikings and invent the Nerf football…Bill Miller started for the Raiders in SBII.

Sept. 23, 1961Arkansas at Mississippi: Man, B&W could fool you. I’d seen Ole Miss in a red jersey somewhere along the line, and their Air Force Blue helmets looked so light on TV they figured to be light blue with red jerseys. Later, of course, between learning the helmet’s true color and seeing B&W photos from the game, I now know the helmets were lighter-than-royal-but-not-powder (think Orange Crush Broncos), and the jerseys were navy…Lance Alworth, later to become “Bambi,” and one of the first players I noticed who always wore those shoes with three white stripes. A photo from the game. Arkansas helmets could be same color as Rebels’ jerseys, very confounding.

Sept. 30, 1961Oklahoma at Notre Dame: Uh-oh, a screw up…Assumed that, like so many other teams, Irish would adjust the shamrock color to match their color scheme (and had never seen a color photo), so I made the thing navy. Obviously, never heard an announcer note it was green…Hard to imagine a better name for a Notre Dame running back than Angelo Dabiero…Oklahoma briefly word those Ohio State style helmets with the exterior padding.

Oct. 7, 1961Iowa at Southern Cal: My colors a bit off on this. Iowa, of course, wore Cheddar, which is lighter that USC’s gold…My first experience with the notion of a team accommodating the heat. A number of Hawkeyes wore what looked a lot like half-sleeve practice jerseys instead of the 3/4 sleeve version with the wide tri-color black-gold-black striping.

So, let’s all sit back and enjoy that fact that today alone we probably have TV access to as many regular season games in one day as you’d see all season in 1961.

And, if anyone gives a rat’s ass, I’ll be happy to scan and post the relevant card every Saturday as ”50 Years Ago This Weekend” for the rest of the season.


Thank you Rick! And, I give a rat’s ass…so every Saturday for the remaine of the College season, I think we’ll be asking you for one “kid card” of your game of the week. Hard to believe you did that before most of the people who read this board were born. Great stuff!


2010-playoffs-alex rocklein

Tracking The 2011 MLB Playoffs

Alex Rocklein is back…so let’s put ’em in the books!

All four Divisional Series’ are complete, with two very attractive games last night.

In the first NLDS, the Brew Crew outlasted the Diamondbacks. It was a good looking game, and it took extra innings before the Beermakers emerged victorious in the tenth inning. Congrats Milwaukee…it’s been a pretty good week for you…well, all except for that visit from that Lukas fella…

In the second NLDS, the Phillies and Cardinals hooked up in another great looking game that ended up being a pitchers duel for the ages. In the end, the Cardinals lone first inning run was the difference, as the Redbirds eked out a 1-0 victory to take home the series.

I’m going out on a limb here by saying an NL Central team will represent the senior circuit in the Series.

So…now that we’re set up for the League Championship Series’, Alex has the updated 2011 MLB Playoff Tracker for Round 2.

Today, the Tigers take on the Texases for the AL Pennant. Back tomorrow with an updated tracker.


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks

We have another new set of tweaks today.

If you have a tweak, change or concept for any sport, send them my way.

Remember, if possible, try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per tweak. You guys have been great at keeping to that, and it’s much appreciated!

And so, lets begin:


We start with Derek Reese, who has a different take on the Miami Marlins:


Here’s something I put together that I believe is MILES ahead of the real 2012 Marlins logo. It’s more of a tweak of the Florida Marlins than the new Miami Marlins logo. It draws inspiration from both the old minor league Miami Marlins teams(script, cartoonish Marlin character) and the MLB Marlins(teal/black/sliver colors, original road script style, and cap logo design).

Derek Reese


Next up is Tanner Karp, who has some tweaks for the Beavers. And who hasn’t wanted to tweak a Beaver at one point or other?


Even though I like Oregon State’s current unis I still made some for fun. I switched to the newer OS logo and also added two alternates, a grey and a brown (yikes!).

-Tanner Karp


Closing down the show today is Nate Smith, who has an old new look for the Fathers:


Here’s my Padres redesign. The color scheme is from the 2011 camo cap; the jersey wordmarks and northwestern stripes on the stirrups are from old PCL unis; the NOB and lettering are similar to the taco bell jerseys from the 70’s and 80’s. I also got rid of the drop shadow on the SD and put a circle behind the swingin’ friar like the original logo.




That’s all for today. Back tomorrow with more.


colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

I may have to rename this segment the George and Gary show. And that would be fine, because their submissions are outstanding.

George Chilvers got to me first this week, so he leads off:


Hello Phil

This is another picture of my team, Wigan Athletic, back in 1981. It’s before a testimonial game. But (this week’s story) is at the left of the front row – world football legend, Bobby Charlton, in a Latics shirt!!

He was at the time a director of Wigan, so this is quite some picture. The original is here (bottom right hand of the array).


PS Did you see my e-mail about the “ovals” on football jerseys – is this a known fact, or is it a possibility that it was used some time and then became a fashion item?

Ah yes, George I did see your PS — and what was that PS for the readers? It’s awesome, that what:

Hi Phil

I don’t know if this is widely known among your readership (if so, apologies for stating the obvious), but I came across this in an online book Football Days by William H Edawrds 1916.

“Early in the fall of 1908 Haughton heard rumors that the Indians were equipping their backfield in a very peculiar fashion. Warner had had a piece of leather the color and shape of a football sewed on the jerseys of his backfield men, in such a position that when the arm was folded as if carrying the ball, it would appear as if each of the backfield players might have possession of the ball, and therefore disorganize somewhat the defense against the man who was actually carrying the ball. Instead of one runner each time, there appeared to be four.

Haughton studied the rules and found nothing to prevent Warner’s scheme. He wrote a friendly letter to Warner, stating that he did not think it for the best interest of the game to permit his players to appear in the Stadium equipped in this way, at the same time admitting that there was nothing in the rules against it. Taking no chances, however, Haughton worked out a scheme of his own. He discovered that there was no rule which prevented painting the ball red, so he had a ball painted the same color as the crimson jerseys. Had the Indians come on the field with the leather ruse sewed on their jerseys, Haughton would have insisted that the game be played with the crimson ball.”

Might this be the forerunner of those oval shapes that we’ve seen on a few old football photos (including on my Marines v Army colorization)?


You’d think George might be done, but of course, he has one more for us:

Hi Phil

Don’t think I’ve sent this one before – an example that even a simple picture with little to colourise can (in my opinion anyway) be enhanced and brought up-to-date by adding colour.

This is Joe Spence who played for Manchester United in the 1920s – this picture is 1927/28. Many of your uni-savvy readers will, even if they know little else about English football, be aware that Man U (or as we like to call them “Manure”) wear iconic red shirts and white shorts. But it was not always so, and in the 1920s they wore this simple, quite classy, white with red V. And if anyone wants to be a real soccer-nerd they can bore others that those colours are now worn by Airdrie United in the Scottish League. :)

Original is here.

Best wishes


And next up is Gary Chanko with another awesome entry:

Looking for a vintage football image and discovered this recent posting at Shorpy. The Catholic University’s player’s name is F. Murphy but there is no further information about his importance or accomplishments on the field.

The University’s colors were (still are) black and red but I’m not certain if they had yet adopted the nickname Cardinals by 1920. Interesting pants with the lacing for thigh pad and improvised elbow guard.



That’s all for today. Thanks (as always) to the G&G boys. Back next week with more.


uni tracking 2011

MLB Uni Tracking – 2011 Final Results

Now that the MLB regular season has ended (mercifully for some of us fans), all those who spent the season keeping track of your teams uniform machinations should now feel free to send in your final results.

Today we have Walter Young, who tracks the Mets. Here’s Walt:

In 2011 the New York Mets wore ten (10) separate uniform/cap combinations. I have chosen to not include the September 11th commemorative flag additions as a separate uniform combination.

Final 2011 Uniform Breakdown

Uniform Breakdown by Month

Home Uniforms:

Variations of the “official” Home White uniforms (snow whites) were worn 43 times (~53%)

White w/Blue caps (31)
White w/Hybrid caps (10)
White w/Stars & Stripes caps (2)

Pinstripe Alternates were worn 25 times (~31%)

Home Black Alternates were worn 10 times (~12%)

Blue jerseys were worn 3 times (~4%)

Los Mets w/Blue caps (2)
Batting Practice jersey was worn once (1) in a goat-fuck combination with the Black Alt cap


Road Uniforms:

The “official” Road Grey uniform (Grey w/Hybrid caps) was worn 36 times (~44%)

Variations of the Road Black Alternates were worn 45 times (~56%):

Black Alt w/Black caps (44)
Black Alt w/Stars & Stripes caps (1)

As can be seen, numbers show the Road Black Alternate uniform was in fact the primary road uniform for 2011.


Thanks Walt! Great job this year. If anyone else has been tracking and would like their efforts displayed here, you know what to do.


Benchies Header


by Rick Pearson


After all, he DID send them a letter suggesting it…

10-8-11 d-LFL

And here’s the full-size.


And that’s going to do it for today, folks. Thanks again to Ricko for help with the lede, and all the other participants for their various contributions. Tomorrow…the Seahawks Redesign Contest Winner is revealed, plus all the usual extras. See ya then.


Didn’t the Yankees used to have class? That was an A-Rod move by Girardi, and the Yankees got an appropriately A-Rod result. — R. Scott Rogers

Comments (112)

    Sept. 30, 1961…Oklahoma at Notre Dame: Uh-oh, a screw up…Assumed that, like so many other teams, Irish would adjust the shamrock color to match their color scheme

    Something something brown something horse something… ;)

    As I noted, in the uni dynamics of the era the shamrock could well have been navy. And, of course, my Internet was down between 1955 and the mid-’90s.

    But even though I was a kid I should have figured it was kelly, it being a well-known, relatively universal symbol(something that can’t be said of a brown horse; there are black ones and gray ones and gold ones…).

    Within a few years of making that card I realized my mistake, but didn’t go back and change anything.

    Same situation with the UCLA-striped green jerseys the Irish wore two seasons later. Thought they were navy and had no evidence—visual or verbal—to the contrary. Didn’t see a color photo of that jersey until about a year ago.

    (Side point about usage of old color photos back then. The George Mira cover photo is from a 1963 Preseason Annual, but it’s from two years earlier, the 1961 Pitt-Miami game shown on the Kid Card. I have a Kid Card from their 1962 game, which was at Pitt and Miami wore white.)

    Speaking of that Mira photo, does anyone else think this would make a great throwback for the Hurricanes?

    Calm down Ricko, I’m just messing with you.

    Smartassery aside, things like Notre Dame’s helmet played a huge roll in the brown horse myth lasting so long.

    Oh, I knew you were. :)

    I just kick myself in the ass for not figuring the shamrock was green. A real “duh”. I was 15, I should have known better. But, shoot, at the time I didn’t even know about the upside-down shamrock business from earlier.

    As I said, so much nicer now, when we don’t have to wonder where the gaps in our information are, and how big they are. Was frustrating to sometimes see a color photo two years later and think, “Well, crap, wish I’d known that then.”

    Today, the Tigers Detroits take on the Texases for the AL Pennant.

    Fixed. Neither team wears its nickname on its home or road uniform. That “D” on the Tigers home uniform? It doesn’t stand for “Tigers.” So if we’re going to get all up in the Rangers’ business about that, we’ve gotta treat the Tigers, Yankees, and Nationals the same.

    You mean they all violate a “rule” for uni design?
    Shame on them. :)

    They did have “Tigers” on their HOMES for one year in the TV era, of course (1960)…

    In the 1930s, the Tigers also went away from the “D” as well, for a brief time, and there was the jersey in the 20s, with the Tigers head on the back.

    Still think the road jerseys would have looked better with the name Detroit in the same font style as the “D”. Rice University does it this way and it looks great.

    I’ve been thinking the same thing each night the Detroits played in New York. (Against the New Yorks, of course, whose “NY” doesn’t stand for “Yankees.”) That, or just transplant the home uni, as-is, to gray fabric. The Dodgers-style “Detroit” script just doesn’t work with the Old English D and the home uniform.

    The Marlins tweak looks better than the one the team came up with, but the biggest problem with both is the combination of the fish and the M. If it was just one or the other, both logos would look 1,000 times better.

    I’d like to wish an easy fast to all those who are today, and good and plentiful coming year to everyone.

    I agree that the M is terrific, even if it does have a rainbow outline. But I think the fish is unrecoverable. Even on its own, no M, it’s a terrible symbol. For one thing, it doesn’t look all that much like a marlin. I get that it’s supposed to be abstract and all, but even abstracted, it still needs to be recognizable as a marlin distinct from other kinds of fish. For me, it’s not. It’s just a fish. For another, it looks too much like the old link, and kind of the whole point of the Marlins rebranding is that they no longer play in that stadium. It’d be like the Expos moving to Washington and putting a fleur-de-lis on their caps.

    Disagree about the new Marlins marlin. Everything need not be literal.

    If that abstract image became the Marlins cap logo, you would recognize it as a marlin. Sometimes it’s nice to look at an image and have to take a second, or third look (if it sits well on the cap, shirt, helmet, that is). Of course, some of my all-time favorite logos are the Canucks stick-in-rink (the ORIGINAL), the Golden Seals crest, the Cavaliers original, and the Coyotes so-called Picasso head coyote.

    What a great Saturday! Thanks, Phil, Ricko, and the mad colorizers. And special props to George Chilvers for that excerpt about the great Percy Haughton.

    Today is one of the more fun columns to read. I had seen Ricko’s pro football cards and enjoyed them. To do what he was doing in those years and have them today is amazing.

    Funny how Ricko says he would wait for the announcers to describe the unis if they did at all. But that is how it was.

    I hope to see more of the college kid cards all year.

    I forgot to mention how interesting the TV games of week list is. Seeing what game was on and seeing names of the past.

    Funny how things stick in our minds.
    Those lists were written with my old blue Cub Scouts fountain pen.
    Yes, a fountain pen…

    In fact, I think if I dig around, I may find I even still have the dang thing.


    Was a foot-and-a-half away from me, in a bunch of old pens and markers bundled by a rubber band…

    I have been meaning to buy a fountain pen, just because I liked using one as a kid. Not all the time but the memory of using one has stuck in my head.

    For you to still have one is really something. Did you keep some of the toys you had growing up?

    Well, it’s in with some of my Dad’s art tools that I’ve hung onto. A couple of the instruments (a triangle, a French curve) I sometimes use drawing “Benchies” were his.

    Not exactly “Wanna have a catch?” but still feels good.

    “Today is one of the more fun columns to read.”

    Hear, hear!

    Someone, please post the link to Ricko’s football cards Uniwatch writeup.

    Gary and George great job again. Glad to see that online football book too. I have to check that out more carefully.

    With the exception of Texas: the recipients of a satanic deal they made w/Pud Selig in 2010, can those of us with a functioning frontal lobe now agree money ain’t everything.Including whatever IS is second place this week. All that payroll didn’t get the Yanks & Phils past round 1. Only rotisserie is played on paper & even they have to wait for the real deal to happen first.

    And some of you need to stop taking every fucking human error somebody in the NYY organization makes in the heat of a huge game, as an op to to take a cheap shot. I’d give anything to take the Yankees revenue stream — starting with the gate $, out of MLB for one fiscal year. End of MLB. BTW please no “that’s ridiculous, because it can’t happen” bullshit. It’s a hypothetical to make a point. The Yankees winning isn’t only good for their fanbase.

    So, since my former agent is a Cardinals fan & the house I live in was paid for from some designing old Busch Stadium bucks — GO CARDS!

    Related point (somewhat). Getting rid of the face bandage wasn’t chicken shit, not if you know the rules of the game.

    The moment I saw it my first throught was, “That patch probably is illegal.”

    So any bitching should be about the rule, not about Girardi pointing it out.

    Getting rid of the face bandage wasn’t chicken shit, not if you know the rules of the game.

    Really? Which rule is that? link of Major League Baseball. Rule 1.11 would seem to be most applicable, and it contains not one word that even comes close to dealing with bandages on any player’s skin. (It does include section (a)(3), which states, “No player whose uniform does not conform to that of his teammates shall be permitted to participate in a game.” Which rule, if taken seriously, would require all players on a team to wear their socks similarly.)

    Unless I’m badly missing something (always a possibility!) the only actual rule that governs the Benoit situation is 9.01(c): “Each umpire has authority to rule on any point not specifically covered in these rules.” Which, if I’m reading it right, has two implications. First, Girardi was a punk for trying to get the ump to force Benoit to remove the bandage, and the ump was a tool for granting Girardi’s request.

    But maybe I’m missing something, and someone can point us to the text in the rulebook that says a pitcher can’t have a bandage but can have an open wound.

    Was more about the size of it, I imagine.

    Likely interpreted under the section that got the “baseball” removed from the Phillies modern “P” chest logo…and the white numbers exorcised from the kelly undersleeves of KC A’s pitchers back in ’63 (position players continued to wear them).

    It’s been done over bling, too. Or a hole in the sleeve.

    All I know is, if I were Girardi I’d at least have asked the umps about it. Since when is the gamesmanship of screwing with a pitcher’s rhythm not part of baseball?

    We’ve asked umps to bother opposing softball pitchers who were wearing a wristband or a batting glove (if the time was right). It’s about getting inside their head. Been that way a lonnnnnng time.


    Otherwise, fantastic uni-tracking.

    Hybrid, Hybrid, Hybrid
    Call your doctor, and check on getting your prescriptions adjusted.

    Technically, it is a hybrid of the Mets “Good Humor Man” two-tone White & Blue cap, with the white crown simply replace with black, while retaining the blue w/orange border NY logo

    A fair point (although I hear they’re serving brewed decaf now); the term “hybrid” refers more to the wearing of the two-tone cap with the white jerseys, where they were not designed or originally intended to be worn together. The same applies to the road grays. Ironically, the two-tone black/blue cap was designed to be worn with the black jersey, which it hasn’t since 1998. They wore it with the pinstripes occasionally until 2 or 3 years ago, making it somewhat ironic that the only jersey the two-tone cap is never worn with is the one it was meant to be worn with in the first place.

    Personally, I’ll be glad to see the two-tone cap go away for good next year, if in fact the Mets intend to finally get the uniform right for the first time since 1997.

    George, I had read about the football like material on the jerseys but not the part about painting the football red.

    How crazy is that story of the ball and material.

    NFL Network is on it.

    Those who know him only as the cantankerous and apparently fading old owner of the Raiders really don’t understand what a force he was.

    More than any other single person, he may have led the AFL to succeed to the point where the NFL (and NFL has spun it own version of the story, to be sure) that it had no choice but to merge with the AFL.

    First, he refused to allow the Raider franchise to fail.
    Then he did the same for the whole league.

    I wonder what the succession plan will be for the Raiders moving forward. Al Davis was known in his prime as a great planner, so we don’t want to see this situation fall into chaos.

    Despite the last decade of futility, the Raiders are one of those elite sports franchises with a high ranking of world championships, along with great moments, and many hall of famers. There is the ongoing stadium issue in Oakland, along with the new developments in Los Angeles.

    “Al Davis was known in his prime as a great planner, so we don’t want to see this situation fall into chaos.”

    Hopefully, he had the succession planned out?

    To be honest, I thought someone was ‘Weekend at Burnie’s’-ing him for the past few years…

    [Too soon? It’s a joke, deal with it.]

    That joke’s been around for over a decade, though it all but stopped after that long press conference after Lane Kiffen’s firing.

    When you combine Al Davis’ death with Nike making the NFL’s uniforms next season, I think it’s pretty much guaranteed the Raiders will now get a uniform redesign/update/overhaul. I think they need it; they’ve had basically the same uniforms for nearly 50 years now.

    Therefore I think “Redesign The Raiders” would be excellent for the next Uni Watch design contest.

    Exactly, if you’re going to mess with the Raiders, then I’d say the Packers and Steelers will also be in for overhauls. It’s just not going to happen.

    The only thing I’d like to see on the Raiders is a slightly thicker helmet stripe. I know that sounds nit-picky, but it’s the only thing that’s always bothered me about their uniforms. Otherwise they’re pretty much what they should be.

    Doubtful. You can’t improve on perfection.

    The Steelers tried to in the late 1990’s. Now they have slanty numbers.

    “I think they need it; they’ve had basically the same uniforms for nearly 50 years now.”

    So? Another “rule”?

    Could say pretty much the same thing about the Dodgers, Yankees, Chiefs, Colts, Bears, Packers, Canadiens, Black Hawks, Red Wings, Lakers, football at Penn State, Southern Cal, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Auburn (to name a few). Some revisions here and there, an occasional “experiment” now and then, but same core designs for all.

    The U.S. Constitution’s been around for 220 years. That make it bad law?

    The US Constitution was last “tweaked” 19 years ago. And has been “tweaked” 27 times, the last 5 since the Raiders first took the to the field.

    “Some revisions here and there, an occasional ‘experiment’ now and then, but same core designs for all.”

    You did see that sentence, right? It immediately preceded the Constitution analogy. What are the chances it was intended to apply there, too?

    Thank you very much.
    I see your point now.
    If something is unchanged for 50 years we should assume it’s automatically bad and in need of being redone.

    And, btw, also thanks for letting me know about those amendements and such.

    Hadn’t heard about them.

    Just because you can change something, doesn’t mean you should. If any NFL team with a pirate mascot that needs an update/overhaul, it’s the Buccaneers.

    When Ricko mentioned duplicating machine and Not mimeograph, I immediately remembered the smell of mimeograph papers from grade school.

    One with Chris Schenkel, yes.
    There was a Big Ten Highlights show with Bill Flemming, too.
    And for a few years a weekly syndicated Notre Dame “replay”, which was oaches game films edited to half an hour. They’d crank out that one quickly. Aired Sunday mornings the day after the game.

    Schnenkel was the one who’d open every Saturday telecast with, “What better way to spend Autumn afternoon.”

    And I’d always think, “…unless you got a girlfriend.”

    An example of how B&W can mess with you.
    This is SMU around ’68…
    This is Mississppi around ’61…

    SMU jerseys royal, Ole Miss navy.
    Now you’d probably think maybe both helmets were red.
    SMU’s were…
    Ole Miss’ weren’t…

    Not a Raider fan- but I love the old NFL Films. I sent this audio to Phil, maybe he can post it.

    (John Fascenda:)

    Deep in the dark, dank bowls of the decrepit Oakland Mausoleum, an old woman is hunched over a rusting,
    manual Singer sewing machine.

    One lone light bulb flickering above her-sewing AL patches on each Raider jersey. In commemoration of glories past.

    The Autumn wind is a pirate
    Blustering in from sea
    With a rollicking song he sweeps along
    Swaggering boisterously.
    His face is weatherbeaten
    He wears a hooded sash
    With a silver hat about his head
    And a bristling black mustache
    He growls as he storms the country
    A villain big and bold
    And the trees all shake and quiver and quake
    As he robs them of their gold.
    The Autumn wind is a Raider
    Pillaging just for fun
    He’ll knock you ’round and upside down
    And laugh when he’s conquered and won.

    out east now, and believe it or not, the scotch-tape-and-glue computer i have out here has no audio…

    but i’m pretty sure i put that somewhere at about the 3:20 or so moment of this video (part of the packer super bowl history, if you want to watch the whole thing)

    It’s funny how the XXXI portion of the video reminded me of just how much I absolutely hated the Patriots back them… Bill Parcells, Drew Bledsoe, the “striped” unis…

    NFL Network is talking about Al Davis non-stop. They just interviewed Michael Lombardi, former Raiders personnel executive, and he said when Davis took over the Raiders in 1963 and they were redesigning their uniforms, Davis took silver from the Detroit Lions and black from Army. This explanation of the silver and black is not listed in the “Logos and Uniforms” section on the Oakland Raiders Wikipedia page. I think someone needs to add it.

    Oddly enough, I have a Kid Card sort of related to that. Being as the AFL was “minor league” an all, there was precious little coverage a kid in Minnesota had access to.

    So, when I first saw the new Raiders unis on TV in ’63, I figured Davis, given his background, had changed the athletic gold to old gold to create unis that looked like Army. And I made this card, which is wrong, of course. But it’s an interesting look to ponder, anyway.

    I always understood the rationale behind the Raider uniform to be essentially what Army was wearing at the time, but with silver in place of gold because Davis was color-blind. I don’t remember where I read that.

    So, is the OU-UT game gonna make the 5&1?

    And Ricko – I vote for more cards for our Saturdays!!!

    Apropos of nothing, this years NLCS is a rematch of the 1982 World Series.



    Powder blues, artificial turf, day games, Dane Iorg, Busch vs. Miller. Seems like 100 years ago.

    Dunno, just saw highlights of Rutgers. That helmet looks sharp, and I can’t complain about the jerseys.

    Damn. Getting Utah-ASU on Fox Sports North.
    Utes in mono red, but ASU actually didn’t rat out and wear black socks. Almost looks like a throwback game.


    asu also had gold nose bumpers, which they didnt have against uc davis, when they last wore the gold lids
    gold bumpers:

    white bumpers:

    Central Michigan @ North Carolina State

    CMU having worn their gold pants for the first time and winning last week are wearing them on the road today.

    NC State is supporting Breast Cancer Awareness by wearing BFBS with pink numbers, an alternate red and white helmet and black, white and red pants. Essentially, they look horrible.

    …with pink numbers..

    Uh-oh, is this the first example of the cancer-pink going from an accessory to a main part of the uniform? I shudder to think what Saturdays or Sundays in October may look like in a few years if that trend goes on unchecked.

    Okay, that’s the kind of crap that’s normally reserved for minor-league teams on Valentine’s Day…

    It’s officially out of control. It’s out of control, and we’ll be lucky to live through it!

    Can someone tell me why the actual fuck is a team nicknamed the “SCARLET” Knights wearing all-black? And don’t sell me the “Black is an accent color for Rutgers” line, because I know that black’s an accent color for them, but their team name makes it hard (read: impossible) for them to wear anything other than Scarlet (road whites notwithstanding) without some backlash.

    Someone at Rutgers is standing, hands on hips, wearing their best neener-neener-neener face and saying, “Well, the RED RAIDERS do it.”

    Oh, well, I guess it’s okay then.

    Anyone know why Iowa has a day-glo sticker at the base of the stripe on the back of their helmets today?

    I’m having TERRIBLE luck finding games on TV. I have:

    -Oregon v. Cal
    -WKU v. MTSU
    -Boise State v. Fresno State
    -ASU v. Utah

    but I know I’m missing others, and I can’t get them on TV for one reason or another. If any of you have pics of uni-notable games, please send them to my Gmail: link, and make sure to include either your UW handle or real name so I can give you credit. Please and thank you =)

    UPDATE: I now have pics from:

    -ASU v. Utah
    -NC State v. Central Michigan
    -South Carolina v. Kentucky
    -Oklahoma State v. Kansas
    -Maryland v. GT
    but I’m still looking for:

    -IU v. Illinois
    -Rutgers v. Pitt

    @Simply, the ASU Utah game is the only live game. All the others were played earlier this week.

    Could also just be black shield with one of Davis’ sayings.
    Not Just win, baby.
    Not commitment to excellence.

    But he had another…


    So will the Raiders be wearing a black armband tomorrow? Or maybe they should have the Raider face on the helmet shedding a tear.

    Van berganen, #53 on Michigan is wearing last year’s jersey. Trying to get a screen shot.

    Other observations: looks like the throwback helmet numbers that made a second appearance last week are here to stay, as rumored. Also, NU’s goin’ mono black. Would be fine if it weren’t for the football Sin of screenprinted numbers.

    Portland State University wore white helmets with a green stripe and for their game against Montana State this afternoon.


    Hmm, phasing out the BFBS, since they made the “&1” twice in two years? One can hope…

    Denard Robinson had to put on last years jersey after his was ripped off in the 4th quarter.

    Northwestern wore black on black for the first time in school history tonight. not a terrible look but purple pants look better.

    But I think NU can retire those jerseys for the foreseeable future, blowing today’s 10 point lead and and last years U of I game are enough to put the black in the back of the closet.

    In other news, I was very disappointed in the new NUMB uniforms. Black bibbers (pants) were fine but the hats matched the 45 degree angle color split and the drum major lost his special British-Guard type hat for one that matched the style of the rest of the band and his uniform was split between white and silver. SFSS. Weak.

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