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A Really B1G Shoe…er…Ax


By Phil Hecken

When I first started following Uni Watch, I really didn’t much care for college football — part of this of course was due to the fact that I attended a small, upstate New York institution which played in the Division III “NESCAC” (New England Small College Athletic Conference), and part of it is due to living on Long Island, where professional sports are king. In fact, about the closest I came to caring about a college program is when my pop took me to a game at his alma mater. Still, though, I never really caught the jones. Other than the Bowl games, of which there really only should be four (Rose, Sugar, Cotton and Orange), I didn’t care.

Until I started following Uni Watch, that is.

Since that time, I’ve really come to appreciate the college game, and on any given weekend, I probably watch more college ball than pro. I’ve learned a lot about the game and its history, but the one thing that’s always struck me have been the rivalries. Over the past few years, with the help of some of the Uni Watch faithful, I’ve examined a few of the rivalry games, including the Civil War and the Backyard Brawl. This year, I plan on a tremendous look at what is simply known as “The Game” (whereupon I’ll be joined by Robert Marshall, who has something really special planned…I mean really special. Mr. Marshall lives and dies with the “BigTen” [B1G], which kicks off play this weekend).

Today, I’m joined by Tim E. O’Brien, who is here to give us a look at some of the bigger rivalries of the B1G — since Nike has been dressing many of its teams in pro combat costumes, Tim will show us how he’d dress the teams for their big games if he ruled the universe. This way, we can look back in 50 years and say, “what the hell were they thinking”? Either that or, “Wow — those would have been great uniforms.” I’ll let you be the judge. So on that note, here’s Tim E.:


BigTen Rivalry Uniforms
By Tim E. O’Brien

This weekend, BigTen conference football returns and so do BigTen rivalry games. In honor of the conference season kickoff, I decided to create what I referred to as a ‘Rivalry Series’ (although inspiration credit goes to this guy here). What follows are six rivalry games, their special uniforms and descriptions.

(Before we get to the designs, just note that I do not think these teams should wear these every day, these are just my NikeProCombat/One-Off concept ideas. My every day B1G ideas are these.)

The Bucket GameIU vs PU

Indiana: I bring back my much beloved candy-striped pants but pair them with (a variation of) their actual 2011 jersey. The helmet matches their current lid and features the iconic interlocking ‘IU’ while the socks and compression shirt echo the candy stripe theme.

Purdue: As this years visitors, Purdue comes to The Rock wearing all old gold. The ‘P’ logos; helmet, shoulder and pants stripes; and numbers all sink up to match: Black trimming White. The numbers are a modern variation of classic varsity block. Finally, the compression shirt and socks are Boiler black.

The Land of Lincoln GameU of I vs NU

Illinois: The Illini host this year’s Sweet Sioux Tomahawk game Land of Lincoln game, and they come onto Memorial Stadium wearing fauxbacks. Three simple stripes grace the shoulders and pants. A rounded version of the state name appears on the helmet (as opposed to “Illini” which has appeared on the lid in the past).

Northwestern: The Wildcats are also donning a fauxback of sorts. The white helmet is inspired by this helmet from NU history. The jersey is basically their current road uni with the addition of the ‘N-Cat’ logo while the pants have a purple double stripe that give the ‘Cats a sleek, clean look.

The Heroes GameNU vs UI — There isn’t much history in this ‘rivalry’ game so I manufacture some from the uniforms:

Nebraska: As the home team, Nebraska comes out in a uniform that honors many of their best teams from their long, storied history. While the helmet design is the same as the one’s they’ve worn since 1970, the red facemask harkens back to 1982. The jersey focuses on both those eras as well. The shoulder numbers are from the 1970 unis while the sleeve ‘N’s are from the 1983 team. While the pants are from both eras, the red belt screams 1983.

Iowa: The Hawkeyes come into Memorial Stadium wearing fauxbacks to their 1958 National Championship team. While Iowa has worn fauxbacks to this era before, they’ve never worn the road version of these before. That’s a shame, because those were some beautious unis. The moving of the stripes from the sleeves to the shoulders is just for player continuity (no lost stripes due to lack of undershirt).

Also, the facemask is unapologetically black.

Paul Bunyan’s Ax GameUW vs Minn

Wisconsin: The home team in 2011 comes out wearing something like nothing you’ve ever seen take the field at Camp Randall. The helmet is a variation of the current helmet that rids the flying W of it’s unnecessary drop shaddow. This harkens back to most of Wisconsin’s history, when the helmets were only white and red.

The shoulders are adorned with stripes that will quickly remind any UW fan of Bucky Badger. While the pants are almost identical to their current set, the socks pick up on the Bucky Badger theme and run with it all the way to victory.

Minnesota: The Golden Gophers have a tough task winning in Camp Randall. This Fauxback set calls upon the predecessors of this Minnesota football squad to lead them back to the path of victory and BigTen supremacy. The undershirt features Goldy Gopher’s double stripe (just like my other concepts) and gold become predominant to remind the team of their victorious and glorious past.

The Land Grant GamePSU vs MSU

Penn State: The home team for this game will march into Happy Valley with a uniform that will be very recognizable to it’s fans and opponents. While there are some design changes (many of them have a fauxback feel) the biggest difference may be the color on the uniform.

The Blue on these unis are more royal blue than the current navy blue unis the Nittany Lions currently wear. Combine that with helmet numbers, the return of white jersey accents and a singular, thin blue stripe on the pants and Penn State has a modern update of a classic uniform.

Michigan State: The shoulders of jersey pop thanks to a green field that adorns them which flows nicely into the optional green compression with an updated version of MSU’s ‘S’ logo. While the jersey numbers revert to a more traditional font, the university mark is updated to match the ‘S’ logo font. Thick white stripes grace both the helmet, pants and socks and help unify this uniform. No ‘bronze’ here (I’m looking at you, Nike).

The Big GameUM vs OSU

Michigan: As a BigTen alumnus, it’s very hard for me to conceive Michigan wearing anything but their normal helmets, blue jerseys and maze pants at The Big House. I actually liked the fauxback they wore against Notre Dame, but I didn’t want to re-tread the ground Adidas already walked. Instead, I made minor changes to the current home uni and left one of the best lids in all of sports untouched.

The jersey gets an ‘M’ logo sewn onto the shoulder as sort of a ‘pride-patch’. While a player’s name and number are usually the only thing to grace a Wolverine uni, I wanted the ‘M’ to be on there to remind the players that the glory of the game should go to Michigan.

While I added a blue belt to the pants, I removed the ‘M’ logo from them just to simplify the uni even more. The shoes and compression shirt are team colors but I’m not sure how much even I am digging the maze sleeves.

Ohio State: The Buckeyes are Nike Pro Combat veterans at this point. With the theme of most of their NPC unis being ‘fauxback’ I continue this trend with a look back to the late ’60s (just on the cusp of one of their greatest eras like hopefully this will be).

While I could not find the exact specifics of the road uniform that matches this helmet, these jerseys, pants and socks probably approximate the jersey pretty well. The differing color TV numbers are a signature part of OSU’s look from this era and the Northwestern stripes that adorn the helmet, jersey, pants and socks unify this set as a world class Ohio State uniform.

Well, that about wraps that up. You may have noticed the two new templates I was using. I’m proud to say that I created both of them and the one that features both the front and back of the uni has been improved even since I created these B1G concepts.

Happy tweakin’ and Go Hoosiers and ‘Cats.


Thank you Tim.


Benchies Header


by Rick Pearson


“He also hears voices from OnStar…”

10-1-11 d-CC

And of course, the full-size.


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks

We have another new set of tweaks today.

If you have a tweak, change or concept for any sport, send them my way.

Remember, if possible, try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per tweak. You guys have been great at keeping to that, and it’s much appreciated!

And so, lets begin:


We start with George Scordo, who has tweaked the Broncos. The Denver Broncos:

I’m trying to clean up and simplify the Broncos’ look without completely trampling the history of the team, both past and present. They are switching to orange home uni’s as their primaries next season.

Here’s my take:

*bring back the late 80’s stripes on the shoulders and match them to the pants (matches that earlier Elway photo) striping
*no more swoosh effect (I know, with Nike doing the design, fat chance) – ’cause it seems antiquated now
*no jersey-side coloring
*no 2nd color on the uni-numbers or TV-numbers. Just a one color number (I HATE shadowing & unnecessary piping)
*helmets look good. Leave ’em alone (leave the “orange mane” striping too. I like it. – matches the logo)
*Keep the font and front wordmark – too team specific to dump
*on the road, go white with blue numbers (no orange outline), and the same striping pattern. At least consider the orange pants, I mean, it works for Clemson, why not the Broncos?

See attached photo: David Bruton wears my concept, the rest of the players are wearing today’s alts. Good before & after effect.

George in Denver


Next up is Isaac Schemm with 2 playoff teams:


Two simple uni tweaks: a white “NEW YORK” uni for the Yankees, in case they ever play a neutral-site game as the home team (which will probably never happen), and some more interesting stirrups for the Brewers to match their current uniform set.

Isaac Schemm


And closing down the tweak show today is Matt Locatelli, who really has an interesting concept here:

Hi, Phil ””

This probably isn’t what you meant, but I thought I’d share.

A couple of years ago, the designers at had a what-if series, featuring hypothetical hockey uniforms from the major participants of World War II. (Good stuff.) It got me into a Last of the Mohicans mindset, so I redesigned France’s unis on the assumption that Montcalm was leading hockey players instead of soldiers against Fort William Henry.

For myself, I’m saddened by the events in Yaroslavl, Russia. At the very least, I hope my artwork lightens the mood at Uni Watch headquarters.

Keep up the great work!

”” Matt L.

Alrighty. Thanks gentlemen. Back with more tweaks tomrrow.


Antonio Garay

Garay Watch

If you’ve been reading Monday Morning Uni Watch the past several weeks, you’ll notice I’ve become fascinated by the hair and facial stylings of San Diego Chargers Defensive Tackle Antonio Garay.

Seems I’m not alone.

Even Sports Illustrated has also taken notice. In fact, they’ve got an entire gallery devoted to Mr. Garay’s looks.

Thanks to Mako Mameli for the tip!


uni tracking 2011

MLB Uni Tracking – 2011 Final Results

Now that the MLB regular season has ended (mercifully for some of us fans), all those who spent the season keeping track of your teams uniform machinations should now feel free to send in your final results.

Today we have two dutiful trackers whose teams, sadly, didn’t make it past “GO.” We’ll start with Mike Menner, who was a Twins tracker:

Hey Phil,

The season just ended for my Local Nine, the Twins. Here is my uni-tracking Excel sheet. With the home whites and home blue alts shelved since early May, the cream pins had their chance to shine–and look really good. Alas, they certainly didn’t help the Twins win much this year. In any event, I made a few comments about significant game action, where I sat for games attended, as well as my own personal Win Loss. Thanks to Bethany Heck’s awesome Eephus League scorebook, I also made sure to keep track of gametime temps for games I saw, thus that bit of minutiae.

Here’s hoping for a better 2012 in Minnesota.

Keep up the great work,



Also sending in his final tracking was Eric Smallman, who tracked the Mariners all season:

Hi Phil,

Here are the updated uniform stats for the 2011 Mariners.

A bit more variety this year, as the Mariners reinstated the “Northwest green” alt jersey from the mid-nineties, and moved the blue alt jersey to road alt status.

Please note that the games from the infamous “U2” Marlins series are listed here as being on the road, while (for one) shows those games as part of the Mariners’ home record. (Fun fact: when the Marlins took the field for the top of the first inning, the stadium PA played a U2 song. Friday’s was “Where the Streets Have No Name,” and Sunday’s was “Sunday Bloody Sunday.” I didn’t attend or listen to Saturday’s game, but I’m assuming it was done then as well.)


Eric Smallman


Thank you Eric & Mike. OK all you trackers — send me your final results and I’ll be sure to post them here.


2010-playoffs-alex rocklein

Tracking The Playoffs

Last year, Alex Rocklein showed off a really neat playoff tracker, in which he tracked playoff teams wins & losses, not only by their wins and losses, but also by uniform!

He tracked the teams through the World Series, which as everyone not named Brinke regrets, the Giants end up winning. He’ll be doing so again for us this year.

Just one game got played yesterday, with the Texas Texases giving a rather large bird to the uni gods by wearing their softball tops to open the playoffs and…they got their butts whooped by the properly attired Rays.

I’ll be back with Alex’ 2011 Playoff Tracker tomorrow, when we have a full slate of games under our belts.


And that will do it for this fine first Saturday in October. Get ready for a month of pink accoutrements. Big day of college football today, what with the rivalry games breaking out all over, then a nice dose of NFL tomorrow — plus a ton of MLB playoffs. Oh yeah, it’s good to be a uni-fan these days. Tomorrow I’ll be back with your two Seahawks Uniform Redesign Contest finalists (with voting!) and the usual ton of Sunday fun. Have a great Saturday everybody.


“And though it eventually languished in slow inexorable oxidation, it had for a brief glorious moment, an identity of its own.” — Gordon Blau

Comments (160)

    To start to repay for this error, here are two options for UW in this uni set for the road (I already created these because these might be my favorite unis of the set):

    Red pants – link

    White pants – link

    I’ll try and do Minn at home today, though I may need some help from Ricko to make it accurate…

    For that era, the home jerseys were plain maroon with cheddar numbers. TVs on sleeves.

    This uni, just flip-flop the gold and white on the pants and helmet…

    I think a certain football player idolized Dennis Rodman a bit too much.

    Also, the Suckeyes should use a gray jersey if you’re going to put them in red pants.

    Kansas in throwback(I think) powder blues with white helmet/pants.

    Michigan is wearing the helmets they wore with against Notre Dame with the numbers on the sides, but with blue face masks.

    I thought the numbered helmets for Michigan was a one time thing against Notre Dame. Why did they wear then again I’m not complaining, I’m a fan of both looks.

    Another sub par entry by the journalism student. Seems like you’re not learning anything in those classes of yours.

    I fail to see what Tim’s write-up and uniform concepts have to do with Phil’s journalism classes or writing skills.

    Do you complain about the host at a comedy show if the comedian he introduced isn’t funny?

    Either you’re a journalist who hides behind a screen name because he’s a coward of being criticized, or your a journalism student as well who has nothing published on a nationally-read medium.

    Man up and tell us your name and show us some work, or you’re worse than Phil. At least Phil has the cojones to write and be read – something any author, writer, or journalist should not fear regardless of who likes his or her writing at all.

    You, Master, are the epitome of a classless, shitty writer.

    No mention of the Little Brown Jug?

    Arguably the best known of any of the rivalry games.
    Also about the most one-sided.
    Gophers have won it, like, four times in the past 40 years.

    And they’re playing for it today, too.

    No doubt the Jug has becomes no lo contendere practically, but it’s about the oldest of such “trophy” games…and largely the inspiration for the others.

    Besides, you covered Michigan and Minnesota in others, so not THAT big a deal.

    Yes, indeed, when the Gophers wore pretty much that uni in the mid- to late-’60s was the last time they won or shared a Big Ten title. I miss that uni. And the white helmet/white pants set (Rose Bowl teams) that preceded it.

    It’s a damn fine looking uni…

    I just realized that my photo showing the old Minn uniform in actuality is of a LBJ (Little Brown Jug) game. So there (sortof) was a mention of the LBJ (that was completely accidental).

    Most heated rivalry? The MSU-PSU was an incredibly forced “rivalry” at the end of the year. It was created as a byproduct of the schedule format in the Big Ten from 1993-2010. Each team played two other teams every year. Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State and Ohio State formed a little circle

    Michigan: MSU, OSU
    Michigan State: UM, PSU
    Ohio State: UM, PSU
    Penn State: MSU, OSU

    All of those are good rivalries…except for MSU-PSU. The rivalry was a joke as well as one sided. MSU finally won in Happy Valley for the first time since Penn State joined the Big Ten.

    And trophy is hilariously awful


    Yeah, MSU fans generally do NOT care about Penn State at all (I mean, they do, but not any more than they care about, say, Iowa or Purdue or Northwestern). It’s Michigan and Notre Dame, mainly.

    Hey, NESCAC football has one of the great rivalries in all of college sports, Amherst and Williams. I’d bet if you’d one to one of those institutions you’d have not so easily dismissed college football.

    pretty sure we beat those two (at least at home) in at least one of my years there…

    didn’t say it nescac didn’t produce rivalries — colgate used to kick the everlovingshit out of us every year…

    just didn’t get me into college ball, das all

    Phil, darlin’, you’re an old Colonial! Always liked the look (if not the calibre) of the Hamilton teams that visited Amherst to grapple with the mighty Lord Jeffs. I’m not an alum of either, but I came to really enjoy Div III football. Talk about love of the game.

    Don’t know what you and rpm are up to, but I’m scared. The Game? If that involves a school playing this afternoon in Easton, PA, I’m very scared, and want in.

    we were the um, Continentals, conn

    i’ll never forget the *slogan* in the old sage hockey rink: “GO YOU CONTS”

    i’d imagine that’s probably long gone now

    Could’ve sworn when you brought up Antonio Garay today you’d be bringing up this:


    Yep. thats his everyday car

    I am a Canadian who went to my Undergrad University on L.I., Stony Brook. So I never got the NCAA football fever either. but as SBU’s programmes started to grow (naturally after I graduated), I started following. But I still don’t get the whole, “Sports over academics” mentality that a lot of schools in the US have. I didn’t pick my masters or PhD programmes because the schools had good sports, I actually avoided the sports schools, even back in Canada. To me it’s the Pros and then college for mild amusement.

    “But I still don’t get the whole, “Sports over academics” mentality that a lot of schools in the US have.”

    More like $$$ over academics.

    Well done as usual, Tim E. I’m curious as to how you’d mock up a Backyard Brawl. I’ve been working on a retro-WVU look for a while now, but my PS skills don’t compare to yours. Any chance you could do a WVU-Pitt set in your “spare” time?

    I’ve got all sortsa bidness to deal with today (like a noon tee-off time…) but I might be able to work on that tonight. if not then, maybe tomorrow. I have other requests to catch up with too.

    Hey man, you do what you gotta do! I was seriously just saying if you have nothing else to do one night I’d love to see how you’d outfit the ‘Eers. Enjoy that time off today.

    Interesting concept for Puckdrawn. I had made two concepts for that WWII series, but since I only know how to use MSPaint, don’t own Illustrator or whatever is used these days, and cannot master Inkscape, my concepts were not accepted by them.

    Note that Garay never tried this *stuff* when he was a Bear. Either he was too busy not being good at football or the Virginia McCasky put the kibosh on it personally.

    And now for today’s completely useless piece of information – College Gameday just did an interview with Luke Fickell, with the old BigTen logo on the wall behind him

    hahahaha, and it’s not just that it’s the old logo, it’s compounded idiocy because it has the 11 in the negative space and they’re at a the inagural conference game for the 12th member.

    Fuckin’ idiots.

    I assume they’re honoring the team and not the Bluebonnet Bowl, because Kansas wore white jerseys in the game.
    Front and back of my Kid Card from the game…
    (No, there were no black stripes on the helmets, that’s just the raised centerstripe)

    That Kid Card is fantastic!

    I wish KU had sprung for the light blue helmets, I don’t know that we’ve ever worn white with numbers on the side.

    Oh, and thanks. Was remiss in not saying that.

    And it isn’t that I’m lousy at arithmetic…just the notion of half a century.

    But, I suppose on a day when the lead is what could be, a little “what was” (and drawn by hand, yet) ain’t all bad.

    By way of comparison (just looked at my cards), 50 years ago this weekend (Sept. 30, 1961) there was one–count ’em, one–college football game on TV. I made a card for every game that was on the tube.

    Notre Dame beat Oklahoma 19-6 at South Bend in ABC’s “NCAA College Football Game of the Week.”

    And nobody, I mean nobody, had their own local or regional telecasts. NCAA controlled everything.

    btw, that isn’t a “We walked five miles to school, uphill, both ways” observation.

    Quite the contrary.
    Meant that it’s so much better now.
    And that it was frustrating back then.
    Esp. for a uni watcher (lower case).

    Proving again that teams can wear plain basic actual throwbacks. Hear that Ohio State and Nike?

    But then how would anyone know who the jersey supplier was?

    I mean, if the Irish’s shoulder loops hadn’t been hanging from their ears we wouldn’t have so easily been able to see the Adidas thumbprint on the Michigan-Notre Dame game.

    Phil Tim,

    Nebraska wore gray facemasks before 1980. We have had red facemasks ever since.

    (fixed) ;)

    The IU logo on the helmet is in pink too today. I just saw it on ESPNU – and it’s terrible.

    Are those the final Seahawks Redesign voting totals on last Saturday’s entry? I noticed when I showed a coworker the entry. He wanted to vote, but the voting box said voting was closed and it showed the vote totals. I’m surprised that no one else has mentioned it.

    yes…and the final vote will begin tomorrow…he can vote on the two finalists then

    /trying to keep this somewhat of a secret…maybe i’ll have JTH remove the results (we had said voting would close 9/30, and it did — interestingly, it was very close but the two finalists grabbed their leads last saturday and held them the entire week…)

    patience…tomorrow will be the reveal

    The Australian Rules Football Grand Final was yesterday. Collingwood’s colors (or colours, I suppose) are black and white, and Geelong is navy blue and white. Collingwood wears guernseys with vertical stripes, and Geelong wears hoops. So we had this rather confusing array of uniforms on display:

    Probably easier if you’re more familiar with the two clubs, but for an American tuned in at 1 AM local time it was sometimes a bit difficult to keep them straight.

    Even more difficult is distinguishing the coaches of Geelong and North Melbourne…

    Far too little variety in AFL guernseys/colors. 9 of 18 teams involve some sort of blue and 7 of 18 feature white.

    At least Fremantle came along and brought purple to the league in 1995. Next year, the Giants will become the first orange team. But still no green? I thought every good league had to have a green/yellow team.

    Anyone else care about the AFL? Anyone?

    If a Grand Final is played across the Pacific and likely fewer than a thousand Americans stayed up until 3:00am to watch it, how long will it take Nike to get the AFL to adopt Pro Combat uniforms?

    New uniforms for Air Force today. Less garish than last years!


    Benghurk, it’s not too confusing — look at the shorts. Collingwios wore black, Geelong white. IIRC, the home team wears colored shorts.

    Oh, sure, it’s manageable. It’s just when the colors are so similar, there’s not that instantaneous differentiation, and the fact that the patterns are also similar (albeit oriented differently) makes it a bit hard to follow sometimes, especially given the fast-paced nature of the AFL. Then again, I was also watching into the wee hours, so sleep deprivation may have added a bit of confusion.

    New alternate uniforms for the Ottawa Senators today. A neat look at the guy who designed it and his work with a hockey historian at link and then a video of the Daniel Alfredsson having promo shots taken here link

    Why are we talking small 10 football? That is like talking minor league baseball when the MLB playoffs are starting.

    SEC or Bust.

    The Small errr Big 10, and their fans, ARE F*CKING P*SSIES.

    Wait a minute.

    Michigan is now wearing numbers on the side of their helmet full-time? I feel so out of the loop.


    I hate the Wolverines but I like the look of the numbers on the helmet. Probably one of the small changes that could be made to the home uniform without causing an outrage.

    Kansas in throwback(I think) powder blues with white helmet/pants.

    Michigan is wearing the helmets they wore with against Notre Dame with the numbers on the sides: link

    but with blue face masks.

    Honest question:
    Don’t the two outer stripes extend farther down the back than their typical helmets, too?

    I ask because I know they were “truncated” (and converged on the centerstripe) for a while, and maybe I just didn’t notice when they restored them to full length.

    “Gophers playing a little like a team from that new football league in India.”

    HAHAHAHA Ya I saw a part of it and have no interest in watching Michigan roll the Gophers. I was going to tease you and say how about getting the Gophers to play a tad better

    I wonder if it has something to do with different helmet models.

    here it seems like they converge: link

    here on #44, they don’t converge and the stripes seem much thicker: link

    The other night on BTN show BTN live, they had a guy with a leather helmet and a 1920’s jersey. He had the friction strips on it. They were brown.

    It was pretty neat. He was a PSU fan from Virginia I think.

    Not sure if anyone else heard, but they said Michigan is going to wear the numbers on the side of their helmets for the rest of the year.

    Some personal obsevations today…Air Force’s uni looks matte, from the helmet all the way to the pants. Also note the “Values On Back” (Service, Freedom, etc) instead of NOB. And Navy’s wordmark on the front of the uni is HUGE!

    Michigan’s helmet number is redundant. There’s already a number just inches below on the shoulder. Kansas throwbacks have it right, number on helmet and no TV number. BTW, Kansas-TTech should get some love for 5&1.

    Toledo’s chest wordmark is huge also, damn I hate those things! Same goes double for merit stickers, it’s a team game.

    Michigan is keeping the numbers on their helmets for the rest of the season? Typical of a small 10 team.



    As a B1G fan and a Purdue grad, I like most of your concepts (even those hideous candy-striped pant/sock combos on the Hoosiers). Your PS skills are enviable.

    But cm’on, man, putting the Boilers in all Vegas Gold? You did this because you root for the Hoosiers, didn’t you? You knew how turrible it would look. You knew that it would make alumni blood pressures scream through the roof to see that despised jersey brought back! Can’t we just go black over black?

    That’s the matchup I called Nudists vs. Clown College.
    Because I give Tim E. shit from time to time. :)

    I just thought all white was too boring and all black wasn’t an option (road team). No one wants to see any Purdue student naked, especially your ‘girls’.

    I’m at work and can’t do full research, but apparently South Carolina’s special Wounded Warrior jerseys were deemed illegible and they had to switch to normal jerseys.

    it was apparently “USA” made to look like that weird code (you can actually see the crudely formed U’s S’s and A’s if you look at one of the hi-res pics from the press photo).

    Don’t remind me of such things.
    Was thinking today that the Gophers could probably lose their Spring Game.

    Mississippi State wore Marroon Helmets with a Matte Finish and white facemasks against ugag. I believe they were using the decals they wore in previous seasons for them as well (as opposed to the silverless ones they’ve worn so far this season).

    Also apparently Maryland denied Georgia Tech’s request to wear white at home… In all their endless supply of uniform combinations they elect to wear white on the road against a team that wears white at home. At least this means my eyes will be spared to an extent when I’m at Bobby Dodd Stadium at Historic Grant Field next Saturday. I wonder if Tech will be using their Gold jerseys first worn in 09 or if they have a set featuring the 3-color numbers going forward. This is what I’ve heard I have not been able to confirm that UMD denied the request.

    I imagined Tom Haverford saying that, its a lot funnier that way, unfortunately non Parks and Rec fans will probably not find it very amusing (or at the very least as amusing as say you or I did).

    Thanks, Doug. I should have labeled it: “Tom Haverford’s pitch to NIKE.” Hopefully, enough people have watched the show to appreciate the character’s POV.

    yes, that was a wonderful read. I can totally hear Tom saying all that, and always laugh at his views on topics. LIKE!

    I’m glad you guys enjoyed it. Thanks. I noticed a typo, so here’s the final tweak, if you want to link to it.


    ECU’s football uniforms could set higher education in North Carolina back 20 years.

    Meanwhile, the gravest injustice of the Butch Davis era appears to have been righted, as the Tar Heels are wearing Carolina blue pants instead of the navy (read: purple) monstrosities of the past few years. They still have nonsensical color patches on the top of the legs, but the main color, at least, is a victory for humanity.

    Stanford is wearing black… so I guess they need to mess with their look more than just once this season

    Oh God no. I hate the Sixers in blue.

    Although the jersey in the game looked nice, a lot of things in video games look nicer than they do in real life.

    I’m fairly certain the made the bowl jerseys their homes, and adopted the style for their orange and white uniforms as well. There were pictures circulating before the season of 3 uniforms, all of which were sans the piping they introduced a few years ago.

    Those are their new uniforms, they just happened to begin as pro combats designs.

    “He tracked the teams through the World Series, which as everyone not named Brinke regrets, the Giants end up winning. He’ll be doing so again for us this year.”

    Ah, my reputation precedes me.
    Honestly, I am OK with them not making it this year. Last year’s post-season nearly killed me.

    Just saw a Florida Gator player wearing a Reebok jersey instead of Nike. Anybody know what that’s all about?

    Did you put names on the back of the Penn State unis? And I thought we were friends, Timmo…

    And as others have said, PSU/MSU was a forced and incredibly lame “rivalry.” Penn State’s rival was Pitt. They don’t have one now.

    The Penn State NOB is more of a, “Tim O’Brien did these don’t steal,” typa thang.

    As for the MSU PSU rivalry errybody hates so much, I just wanted to pick 6 games to represent the 12 teams. There were certain matchups that had to be there:
    The big Game
    The Bucket game (only good PU and IU rivalries)
    The Land o linkin (only good UofI NU rivalries)

    That leaves four teams and only one decent rivalry, so msu psu lost out…

    the math up\ there is worn on account I forgot to write the minn UW rivaalry as a ‘had to be there’

    it’s 12:15 and I’ve been drinking, gimme a break.

    This year’s PSU/Nebraska game will probably have more meaning than all of the Land Grant Trophy games combined…

    Have one for me, Timmo.

    “Other than the Bowl games, of which there really only should be four (Rose, Sugar, Cotton and Orange)…”

    Um, you forgot one?

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