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There’s No Service Like Wire Service, Vol. 34

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Lots of Pirates shots this time around, along with some other stuff. This latest batch comes from Paul Wiederecht, Bruce Menard, Jerry Wolper, Brendan Slattery, Mike Hersh, and Mako Mameli. My thanks to all of them.

• Here’s what passed for a new uniform unveiling in 1957. Sorry about the fuzzy caption, which contains one key nugget of info: It says the uniform is “made from a lightweight flannel and Dacron blend. That’s an earlier use of Dacron on the big league level than I had been aware of.

• The problem with the elastic waistband pants is that they could give you a muffin-top effect even when you didn’t have any muffin-top overspill. That’s Gene Clines in 1971.

• You know how the brim of a baseball cap has lots of lines of stitching in it? Don’t think I’ve ever seen so much stitching as in the cap on the left.

• Here’s Mr. Mendoza Line himself. Damn, those pinstripes were really something. Also, note the micro-thin stirrups.

• Ever notice the odd lower stripe on the Pirates’ 1941 stirrups? Here’s a great close-up view of that design.

• Good to see that the AP was on top of Dave Parker’s mask situation back in 1978. (For newcomers, I wrote a fairly exhaustive treatment of Parker’s masks a few years ago.)

• One last Pirates shot: Always thought the bumblebee designs looked a little undignified on the elder members of the coaching staff.

• Man cannot live by Pirates alone, so check out the bizarro stencil job on the Mick’s 1964 spring training helmet. Was it a really bad job, or were they trying to make it look all skull-and-bones?

• Hmmm, why didn’t they just put “Ching Chong” on the poster while they were at it?

• Man, you can almost feel the textured chain-stitching in this 1937 shot of Leo the Lip.

• Not often that you get to see an old roller hockey shot. The empty seats don’t quite match up with the scene that’s described in the caption.

• Here’s a great shot of the Twins unveiling their inaugural uniforms.

• Love this awesome sweater being worn by Northern High (Detroit) track star Marshall Dill.

• What the hell was Joe Montana doing in an Eagles helmet?

Screen shot 2011-09-15 at 3.46.21 PM.png

• I think we may have seen this sweater before, but it’s definitely worth another look. That’s Pete Desjardins, the 1928 Olympic diving champion.

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I can work 80 hours a week, why can’t you? For those of you who like to keep tabs on what I’m up to:

• I wrote a piece on the Killebrew/MLB logo issue for the current issue of Print magazine. (The theme of this issue is “Identity,” so the Killebrew topic was a very good fit.)

• Etsy recently asked me and a few others writers to share our thoughts on the subject of pencils.

• There’s new content today on Permanent Record and the Butcher’s Case.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: Double-decker FNOB alert! That’s Mickey Johnson (duh), who played for the Bucks in the early 1980s. “They also had Marques Johnson,” says Matt Beahan. … Here’s a weird hybrid: a Jets jersey with Ravens numbering (from Gary Streeting). … Bill Schaefer notes that Brandon Marshall appears to be risking a footwear fine. … Pats will be distributing “MHK” pins this weekend (thanks, Brinke). … Here’s an unusual sight: an entire baseball team wearing quilted pants. That style was more common for football back in the day (nice find by Neil Robinson). … The Hurricanes are adding a memorial patch for Josef Vasicek (from Jeff Czuba). … Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: Here’s how the Islanders’ 40th-anniversary patch looks in a rookie game (from John Muir). … Here’s a list of this year’s top EPL kits (from Stephen Wong). ”¦ Here’s a frightening thought: Nike may be interested in acquiring Under Armour, which would essentially create a Death Star of collegiate design. ”¦ Penn State has told a high school to stop poaching its logo (from William Yurasko). ”¦ A youth baseball team in Texas wore special 9/11 jerseys (from Dave Sorter). … Michigan’s players are getting to keep last week’s retro jerseys, although some folks think that’s a bad idea (from Ben Fortney). … Does the world really need bedsheets made from moisture-wicking performance fabrics? Could be a hit in the porn biz, I suppose, but otherwise I have my doubts. … Can never have too many shots of the Braves in white satin (big thanks to Bruce Menard). … Any serious Michigan fan really needs this (blame Rob Waynick). ”¦ Longtime Toronto sports reporter Howard Berger has been posting lots of cool old memorabilia and trinkets on his blog (from Chris Mayberry). ”¦ The Warrriors are retiring Chris Mullin’s number (thanks, Brinke). ”¦ Interesting observation by Sean Patton, who writes: “The 36-yardline harshmarks on Mississippi State’s field are black. Did they have a player with that number pass away since last season, or is this something I’ve missed in years past?” ”¦ Remember the infamous Amarillo Sox mascot-with-a-boner? The costume is being auctioned off for charity. Further details here (from Daren Landers). ”¦ Blues goalie Jaroslav Halak will be honoring his former Slovakian teammate Pavol Demitra on the backplate of his new mask (from Bruce Klostermann). ”¦ “Sorry I’m a week late on this, but I was strolling the parking lot at Lambeau last Thursday afternoon and saw some hosiery you might like,” says Jeff Vanden Langenberg (now that would make for a great NOB!). “Actually saw another woman wearing close to the same thing but couldn’t get the camera out in time.” ”¦ Matty Ice, who has a shoe deal with Nike, did a rather half-assed cover-up job on his cap’s Reebok logo the other day (screen shot by Matthew Hiett). ”¦ Lots of Chargers tattoos on display here (from Brady Phelps). ”¦ This is pretty great: The Sabres are holding a “Slug Appreciation Day” promotion. Kudos to them for being able to laugh at their own mistake.

Comments (185)

    The Brandon Marshall footwear fine link doesn’t work, I believe.

    Was that double decker FNOB the standard for teams that had two players with the same last name and similar first names during that time, or were other teams smart enough to use the first two letters of the first name?

    I’m pretty sure the Bucks were the only NBA team to use such a treatment. The only other pro team I’ve seen using DDFNOB were the LA Rams, for Jack & Jim Youngblood, although I’m sure there were others…

    A quick google search reveals that Montana was born in New Eagle, Pennsylvania. Must be a joke? It is training camp after all.

    Well the caption says Nov. 26 and ©1992 and on 11/29/92 the 49ers played the Eagles and Steve Young started, so I’m guessing Montana was running the scout team, doing his best Randall Cunningham impersonation.

    I was going to suggest the same thing since the caption stated that Steve Young was the starting QB.

    I grew up in the Philly suburbs. I remember this picture in color in our local paper. Yes, Montana was running the scout team. The picture did spawn a bunch of funny headlines and jokes about Montana as an eagle.

    For those too young to remember, Army in the early 1960s had a defensive unit called the “Chinese Bandits.” The shot shows a typical rivalry ploy by Navy. The Middies also wore Chinese characters on their helmets to tweak Army when the two teams played.

    Try that today, and you’ve got a lawsuit.

    Sorry, don’t mean to be “that guy”, but the Chinese Bandits were link, not West Point. Can’t remember where I read the full story, but basically there were stricter substitution rules in those days and still many two-way players, so the subs who came in to play only defense were innovative. As a motivational tool they got the nickname which, IIRC, came from a comic strip of the time “Terry and the Pirates”.

    Coach Paul Dietzel returned to coach Army after leaving LSU and brought his “Chinese Bandits” defense with him.

    Memorable — if retrospectively distasteful — moments when West Point cadets wore Chinese coolie hats to the games.

    Nice shot of Roger the Dodger.

    On PTI yesterday the guys were discussing college football and tradition. Wilbon felt that schools with tradition shouldn’t be wearing these new costumes. They gave Maryland a pass for their lack of tradition, but Wilbon said specifically that Georgia needs to quit wearing this “junk” and stick to their traditional stuff.

    Kinda late to bother adding tOSU since they’ve worn them every year since Nike started doing it.

    Honestly I just kinda wish Nike & the schools would stop making them one-game uniforms. If they really want to redesign LSU or tOSU or Navy or whoever, then just do it. Stop fracking around with this single game crap and just change their uniforms permanently.

    Love that roller hockey shot. Any idea as to the exact location? I see some kind of stamp on the caption, but I can’t make it out.

    My guess is the Chicago Coliseum (where the WHA Cougars used to play). One of the teams playing in the photo has “Blue Island” on their jerseys, and Blue Island is a suburb of Chicago: link

    The Cougars played at the International Amphitheater not the Coliseum…,

    The Bulls played their first year at the Coliseum.

    Right church, wrong pew :-)

    The photo WAS taken at the Coliseum, though (regardless of which teams did or did not play there).

    I submitted that question regarding this to Paul last night. Thanks for the link and info. I remember hearing about Nick Bell now.

    State is also wearing the “Nick Bell 36” patches on their jerseys this year (left side, below the SEC patch).

    Regarding Vonta Leach’s orange “B”…

    The “standard” “B” on the Ravens black pants is gold, not white.


    So I’d say its a trick of the lighting on the ball carrier’s pants.

    Most definitely. Even though it’s what we might consider a “home” look, the Pirates were playing in Three Rivers by the time that uni appeared, and Three Rivers certainly didn’t have ivy over brick in the outfield.

    Naive (ignorant?) question of the week…

    How does one pronounce Jerry Reuss’ last name? “Royce”? “Reese”? “Russ”? I have no valid explanation as to why being unable to say it bugs me.

    sorry for the late reply…been busy as hell with work today…

    it’s pronounced “royce” (like rolls royce)…

    The Bucs thankfully retired those black pinstripe Sunday uniforms this season, and I’d like to see gold pinstripes as the replacement with a current hat. These proposed gold pinstripes would lose the banding at the waist and sleeves, and have a black “P” on the left chest.

    Nah. The Pirates aren’t a pinstripe team. The 1977-79 stripes are funky (I agree with Cort below who says they’re too thick to be “pinstripes”), but they never quite felt right.

    The all-gold accessories game at Wrigley was May 29, 1977. That’s the only time I’ve seen that combination.

    Thanks, Burghfan. It’d be great to see a database with a list of when the Pirates wore the various combos in those years.

    i remember hearing an announcer say that those stripey uniforms — they’re way too thick to be called a pinstripe — were a “celebration of the Pirate’s rich heritage. Until Okkonnen’s book came out, I thought they were a throwback.

    In 1984, a couple of us were driving from New York to Utah. We took in a Pirates game along the way. There was an ad in the scorecard magazine — it may have been for a hospital — that featured artists’ renditions of several Pirate greats, Honus Wagner, Kiner, the Waner Brothers, Clemente. They were wearing different uniforms, but every single iteration was Black and Gold. It was a shock to discover that the Pirates were Blue and Red, or Blue and White for a long, long time.

    Uniform research has really improved over the last 25 or 30 years…

    Cort, the Bucs wore red and blue for most of their history before 1948. Briefly, they also had a blue and gold hat around 1910.

    BurghFan, you’re historically correct about the Pirates not being a pinstripe team.In this case, I like the uniqueness factor of the gold pinstripes. For me, this style is different, without crossing the line into Oregon Duck football territory.

    Yeah, that’s my point: it underscores the significance of the Okkonnen book — until it came out, there was no place to learn that kind of stuff.

    RE: Joe Montana in Eagles helmet….this was easy to figure out, the 49ers were playing the Eagles the following Sunday. Joe was QB-ing the scout team.

    RE: Here’s a weird hybrid: a Jets jersey with Ravens numbering (from Gary Streeting)
    I was the purchaser of this jersey. I know its just screen printed, but it has Ray Rice’s number on the front, Mark Sanchez’s on the sleeves, and Matt Hasselbeck’s #8 on the back in Seahawks styling. I’ll post pictures when I receive it.

    Are they all connected somehow? It’s definitely an unique jersey- you’ll get a lot of questions about it if you wear it out in the public for sure, haha. But for $14.95, why not.

    Mmm that makes me want to buy a Rams jersey with 13 as the tv number, Panthers font number 17 in the front and McNabb’s 5 on the back with the nameplate to honor all the QBs who lost to the Patriots in the SB, heh. Would’ve liked to plaster Eli’s jersey somewhere on there but I suppose it’s not to be.

    If you notice, in the item description it says “Note: This is a misprinted jersey.” I couldn’t help but laugh at that.

    Maybe the baseball team with the quilted pants stole em from the local football team. They were the Crooks ,after all.


    Craig D

    I first heard this on PTI yesterday – didn’t bother passing it on, because it seemed like something that would be lead story material around here this past week:


    I agree with Saban – but then again, there are few times when we Bama fans don’t. But as much as I think the PTI guys are often wrong (and Wilbon especially hates Saban, must have been tough for him to agree)… they were mostly right on this one. What Saban said is expected for big-name schools. Alabama, Michigan, Penn State have absolutely NO reason to change the uniforms. Ever. The only reason the Marylands of the world do it is for attention, as we’ve clearly seen. Maybe the possibility of picking up one or two extra recruits that are attracted to the “shiny objects”. This is just all common sense stuff, and I’m not even sure why Saban commented on it or why the national media picked up the story.

    Found this explanation in the comments section of that Saban article.

    bennbham September 14, 2011 at 9:04PM

    Guess you have to be old like me to remember, but Bear brought out the white helmets when we were visitors to other teams who were red/crimson/maroon and white. We would be in all white with red numbers and a red stripe on the helmet. Made it easier to pick out our guys from theirs.

    And then I read on and saw this comment.

    bamasurfer September 14, 2011 at 9:22PM

    Actually, as I remember it, the white helmets were strategically worn, when they contrasted the opponent’s colors, so that the QB could more easily locate his receivers (thus white helmets at home games). By the way, Sly Croom brought that to MSU when he was there.

    Absolutely LOVE the link nickname for a team!

    It reminds me of my grandfather, who played for a local coal town team way back in the day called the Gangbusters, also a personal favorite.

    totally agree with JTB on the crooks name! makes me think of an old crook named red, and also reminds me of efra’s winning “basestealers” entry for the clink room:


    that blog (chamuco’s), by the way, is an easy way to spend a few hours during the day!

    Actually, Crooks is the name of the town. I don’t know the history, but it could be related to the family of Mr. Catching-Without-a-Mask in the back row.

    I used to run a softball team called “Goon Squad”. We were a pretty good co-ed team. To be honest, we weren’t all that bad, but we regularly beat up on a lot of teams in our league.

    Teebz, have an almost bizarro world opposite story. Used to play for a team called “Misfits”. We were a pretty BAD co-ed team that got beat up pretty bad regularly!

    I always laugh at softball leagues as an umpire. There’s almost a 100% guarantee that some team is called “Master Batters” and they are horrible. I do like the name “Misfits”, Kek, because it leaves you wondering if they are really good or really bad. ;o)

    I’ll see if I can pull out the old jersey this weekend. I know I have it somewhere. It was black with white glacier twill lettering and numbers – the same twill that the Avalanche and Penguins used.

    Thankfully, we played a lot of night games. The games at 6:30pm in the summer would see us sweat a lot. LOL

    I’ve seen a lot of great softball jerseys in my time. I played as a Funk Llama (Hawaiian jerseys and tie-dyed jerseys) and an Incredible (the red Incredibles t-shirts and we were endorsed by the local Disney Store) in my “career” as well.

    Marrying this to the “Ching Chong” discussion, sorta…

    Once played softball against a team called the
    “Honoruru Babees”.

    They, too, wore Hawaiian shirts.

    The rules of narrative convention say the Misfits are only allowed to be good if they’re a rag-tag bunch. If they’re misfits that aren’t internally mismatched, then they’re just another themed team for the actual heroes to beat on their way up.

    I can’t remember any of our softball team names, though the day after Harry Chapin died, our pitcher, who was a fan, convinced us to wear black armbands in mourning. We had no black armbands, so we used black dress socks.

    Also, I was on a bowling team in college, called Little Cortie and the Disciples of Bowl, an homoage to Little Steven’s band, the Disciples of Soul. We were going to have shirts made, nice King Louie shirts, but we never did.

    Well he (the seller) identified the Redskins and Saints (the stuff he added) but didn’t know that the base uniform orange and blue belonged to the Broncos? I’m guessing this guy isn’t exactly the most knowledgeable NFL fan, but then I guess the whole concept is kinda the antithesis of that, anyway.

    The post about the moisture wicking sheets has more to do with athletics than described.

    Michelle Marciniak, one of the owners, is a former star hoopster for the Tennessee Lady Vols and WNBA’er.

    On a side note, she also scored 26 points on me in 8th grade when she played for the boys team.

    Anyone who questions the necessity of moisture wicking sheets has never slept through a night in the South, in the summer, in a building with 100 year old windows. AC and ceiling fans can only do so much.

    Paul, as a Mullins myself, I feel that I should let you know that it is Chris Mullin, so the possessive would just be “Mullin’s”… You’ve got an extra “s” in there I do believe!

    Same Coleman as usual here, but I figured I would put my last name up there due to the content of the comment.

    Notice the weird script element in this Pirates uni?
    The extender into the lower case “i” should not be touching the capital “P”.

    The correct way to render that “i” should be similar to the “w” in the inaugural Twins uni shown:



    A script/cursive P shouldn’t even be joined to the next letter.

    The i looks rather weird anyway – the dot placement looks as though the i was supposed to be slanted rather than being almost perfectly vertical.

    Re: Montana’s helmet:

    I found link which contains the line, “Montana is now quarterback of the Niners’ scout team. He donned an Eagles helmet a couple of weeks ago, trying to be funny, if not necessarily ha-ha funny.”

    Also, if you go to link the top of the page shows part of an entry from the Sacramento Bee: “Joe Montana hasn’t been traded but he did don a Philadelphia Eagles helmet for Wednesday’s practice session.”

    “Montana is now quarterback of the Niners’ scout team …”

    That sentence right there brought back memories of a very confusing time.

    Man, that ’41 Pirates uni is so nice. I would love to see the Buccos throwback to that look, even if they would do a striped sock rather than a stirrup.

    Paul, you’re so right about the elder members of the coaching staff during the mix-and-match era. I always thought Harvey Haddix look ridiculous in that look!



    Rumblings of new Iowa State road uniform abound. Could be used tonight on east coast against UConn. May be a pipe dream from someone, especially the white helmet idea.

    For one thing, Nike wouldn’t render the swoosh in outline form, even if it weren’t always embroidered on and thus always solid.

    Exactly… corporate identity is VERY strict. Often 10+ pages on what you’re not allowed to do with a logo.

    “…Man, you can almost feel the textured chain-stitching in this 1937 shot of Leo the Lip..”

    It does not get better than Durocher in a late-’30s Cardinals uni. Colorizers?

    That shot is from one Charles Conlon — arguably the best baseball photographer of that era. If you don’t have link, I can’t endorse it loudly enough for any uni fan. The pic of Durocher is a typical example of nearly 200 pages of b/w goodness.

    I agree with you, but I suspect it’s the retail tail wagging the on-field dog; you didn’t see many vests in the stands earlier this decade.

    The pinstriped vest didn’t do much for me, either (per the brief discussion above). The red was a couple orders of magnitude worse, though.

    After the mild discussion about Nike trying to buy Under Armour, I asked my antitrust professor about it. He said it would definitely be investigated, but would probably be allowed based on what little effect Reedidas had and how easily UA was able to enter the market in the first place. Basically, the restraint on trade created by such a large business would be substantial, but not unreasonable since it isn’t difficult for a new firm to enter the market.

    He did also say he didn’t think it would happen based on the logistics of the merger and enmity between the companies though, and the SEC would prevent a hostile takeover by Nike.

    Granted, it’s the SportsPickle, just a humor satire site, but with all the Nike & Under Armour exploits, this is definitely relevant.


    “When we finally returned to football, I remember wanting to do something to honor the victims and first responders. I was wearing an Adidas shoe at the time, and I painted the stripes so they were red, white and blue. It turned out that was on my very first football card, the picture is of me kicking with that shoe, which makes me proud.” -Jay Feely

    From ESPN the Magazine. See, some players are actually genuine when they don on the red/white/blue in support of the victims, however you like it or not.

    How is that “genuine”? Heck, the first responders are employees of a city. If you want to “honor” them maybe blue and orange might be more appropriate (the colors of the NYC flag.) Or just a “FDNY” script somewhere.

    I don’t think Jay consulted a manual when he wanted to honor the first responders. He did what he thought was appropriate and that is absolutely enough. That is being genuine- not doing this to garner attention on himself solely to elevate himself in the public’s eye. He knew he was going to be on television and thus did what HE thought was appropriate for the victims.

    And maybe he didn’t want to honor just the fire department. There are many others who perished as well. Finance analysts from New Jersey, insurance reps from Connecticut, janitors, etc. You’d be narrow-sighted to honor just New York.

    So it would be okay if another player wrote…
    “Down with U.S. Aggression” on his cleats?

    I’m just trying to see where the line is between what’s appropriate and what’s not, and maybe how you imagine the league would decide which sentiments were worthy of being expressed? By individual players, that is.

    I’m suggesting it could get to be a slippery slope, that’s all. So maybe better to tell players to say what they choose to say, just not display it.

    Players do have a right to speak their mind. No question about it. But unis (and such) are the property of their employer.

    Oh I certainly don’t think players should send out messages through their uniforms (such as making a cross, even though I am a Christian myself) but there are extraordinary events when players should express themselves freely. 9/11 was a shocking event and I don’t think a simple NFL uniform protocol should’ve prevented players from making modest displays. I do believe you have to show some restraint with your feelings but the argument here this week is how much restraint should be allowed. I feel colored shoes and gloves are fine for one game. Last week, I thought it was absolutely appropriate for the players to show their respect however they want, to a certain extent.

    I’m with you with the freedom to say whatever but the uniform modification is longer lasting. Fans remember them more profoundly and sometimes actions speak louder than words.

    But these are special circumstances. This week until the end of the season- I hope we’re sticking to regular uniform protocols.

    Whether we approve on not, that’s league-sanctioned, which is what they turned the 9/11 personal expressions into by permitting them.

    But, see, that part IS their call. Because, as I noted, they own the “product” and can control it. The players’ right to speak their minds on non-NFL subjects, no.

    I wonder, what have been the courts’ rulings? Is company attire considered “speech”, or only personal clothing? Or has it been addressed at all?

    Free speech doesn’t come into play. The NFL is a private organization and only government actors can infringe Constitutional rights, with the exception of the right against indenture.

    There ya go.

    Anyone who rails about an employer infringing on their right to free speech—or their privacy for that matter—doesn’t understand that any of your personal rights to such things are with regard to the GOVERNMENT not being able to infringe upon them.

    Your boss can look through your desk just about time he wants.

    Conceptually speaking. Right, jdreyfuss?

    It depends on the state, but in general, states include certain basic privacy rights in their employment laws. As long as the practices aren’t considered unfair or discriminatory, employment policies are governed by the available market and not law.

    Detroit, Chicago, and Vancouver also have them and are not hurting for cash in any way. Amway presents the Detroit Red Wings!

    Seems to me to be a “take the money and run” move by these teams.

    I can’t help but think of Nelson Muntz “Smell ya later” everytime I read the sponsor name…..

    As much as I am against this whole idea of ads on jerseys, I agree with the spirit of this line:

    “The happy medium between ads on practice gear and on game gear is the third jersey – a whorish money-grab in its own right, and therefore the friendliest conditions on which the fungus of uniform advertising can grow.”

    I disagree. If that was a problem, every single sport on the planet is affected by TJD (third jersey disease). Advertising on uniforms in Europe is widely accepted. Here, it is blasphemous considering that the chest is reserved for either the team name, logo, or a number.

    At least someone at MLSE sees it the Uni Watch way:

    “How much would it cost, say, a Bell or a Rogers or a TD Bank, to convince Toronto to remove the maple leaf from the jersey front?

    “‘That would be blasphemous,’ MLSE VP Tom Anselmi said yesterday, when the idea was put to him.

    “So you’d rule it out categorically?

    “Anselmi is that rare sort who thinks about questions before he answers them. He thought for a long while.

    “‘Yes,’ he said finally. ‘As long as I’m here.'”

    First, I’m kinda shocked that such a sensible and sane response was given by someone associated with MLSE.

    I agree with your disagreement (what?), and though I own two 3rds (I’m not immune to the phenomena), I see the point of that quote: if you’re going to whore for money, whore big and whore transparently.

    The shallowness and embarassment of having the announcement, “The Mutual of Omaha and Gillette Premium Razors proudly present the Anaheim Ducks 3rd jersey!” (purposefully random trio) could kill both cash grabs down the road. One could hope.

    Heh, that Jets jersey with Raven’s numbering was link. Mark Sanchez Jets jersey with Ray Rice’s front number and Matt Hasselbeck’s Seattle numbering. What a work of art [/sarcasm]

    I know it’s way too late for high school baseball, but I think I may have found a guy who PL would love.

    My friend at Fairfield Prep (Alma Mater 2011) plays varsity baseball, and he had this look to show during the season. He’s the guy in the center.


    During a press conference yesterday Sabres president Ted Black announced that the “Slug” has been removed from the score boards and that they have officially “de-slugged” the arena. He used the term slug throughout the press conference which was pretty funny.

    Just saw this – thought it was amusing. If it’s been posted before then I apologize for wasting everyone’s time…


    It wasn’t so much the Fighting Saints, but the multipurpose design of the St. Paul Civic Center. The seating for hockey went all the way down to the floor, but there was an approximately 10-foot aisle between the end of the seats and the boards on either side of the rink. Without clear boards, most of the lower level would have been useless since there was no visibility.

    Jim Harbaugh said that the reason why there are no captain patches for the team captains on the 49ers is because it’s a hockey thing. He says that hockey players have “C”s on the chest and he doesn’t associate that with football.

    I like Boise’s unis tonight. The only problem is, of course, the name running down the leg, but at least its low contrast against those pants.

    I don’t see any problem. Why don’t they wear this all the time?

    That combo would look great on the blue turf.

    Although jdreyfuss Beat me to it, I gotta put my input in as well:

    Boise State is wearing their Nike Pro Combat jersey tops from their game against Georgia, with their standard helmet and new orange pants with nothing on them but the team name going down the side of the pants.

    interesting look in the boise/toledo game…i think boise’s outfit may just have allowed it to avoid the dreaded “&1” of the mothervilker…in fact, i’d say toledo looks as bad as boise, but neither is bad enough to land in the basement…since the movi will enjoy the contrast — plus no butt stripes or file folders on boise

    god, toledo has awful number fonts tho…and their unis are pretty atrocious…so who knows, we may be witnessing the &1 as we speak

    Yeah, it violates the “rules” of some here about those three elements being different colors, but it is one of their better looks.

    Not to mention it being the combo they wore in that remarkable bowl game.

    it fucks with my OCD, and i wouldn’t want every (or any really, but there’s room for a lot of looks in college ball) team to wear three different color elements like that, but it’s a good look for them….sorta like the OTHER (pro) broncos owning the blue/white/orange look

    Iowa State *almost* chickened out on the Storm Trooper look…

    They’re wearing white pants with the white jerseys, but with the normal cardinal helmets.

    Sort of relating the comments on Boise State above, and really talking about details, but I still like this Iowa State look the best…

    Nothing particularly original about it, but that Cheddar over Red over White sure as heck made it easy to ID the Cyclones real quick.

    Forgive me if this has been previously discussed, but does anybody know what the round sticker on the back of UConn’s helmets is for?

    From my description:

    “Now, my image show that the compression shirt sleeves and the socks not matching, but that is because each individual player can either wear vertical or horizontal stripes (so long as they wear all matching). This allows for fun customization while still being ‘uniform’.”

    Which begins with my personal favorite opening line of any novel…
    “He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad.”
    (I think that’s carved above the library entrance at Princeton…or something/somewhere like that)

    Except,of course, for the opening line of my unfinished detective noir classic, which is…
    “Night, like a great black bear, sat on the city.”

    I’m gonna pull you in close, gonna wrap you up tight, gonna play with the braids that you came here with tonight

    I could swear I saw someone on the Boise sideline with a Liberty Bowl logo on his jacket a little while ago. Kinda odd when you consider they were in that game back in ’04

    I don’t know about the NCAA, but in the NFL they can issue a warning and then flag the bench for delay of game if the home team can’t control its crowd and it starts physically interfering with the game.

    Speaking of which, is there anything about excusing false starts that are induced by anything besides a defensive player?

    Sure do miss the (not so) sacred prep only Friday night in the fall. Do these games really make that much money for the networks?

    Gotta pass along my week…

    Monday: Get a call from youth soccer league president begging me to coach my boy’s team. Begrudgingly I agree. I’ll do it for my son, since they don’t have a coach and the games start next week.

    Tuesday: Get a call from youth soccer league president begging me to sponsor my kid’s team for $250. Begrudgingly I agree. Hell, it’s my kids team and it’s downright embarrassing to go through the season with no uniforms and being called TEAM #5.

    Wednesday: Get on the horn, call all players parents, schedule practice for Friday as first game is next week. Get hammered by several parents for scheduling practice on Friday night.

    Thursday: My son breaks his arm at school in PE and is told by the doctor he can’t play soccer this fall at all.

    Friday: I hold my first practice with “my” team, that I’m the sponsor, and I know none of the kids. Friggin Optimist Soccer League.

    ” Get hammered by several parents for scheduling practice on Friday night.”


    how come? religious reasons?

    That could actually be a problem. When I was in the marching band in high school, I had two friends (that were sisters) who were in the colorguard, yet they couldn’t do much of anything because they were practicing Seventh-day Adventists (they have service on Saturday, the original seventh day of the Judeo-Christian week), and as a result of not breaking their parents’ curfew, they couldn’t go to the Friday night games (sucks, because they were really good).

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