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Let’s Fix the Seabirds…

Seattle Seahawks Concept 1

By Phil Hecken, with Tim E.

As Tim says below, “Football is back!” With the NFL lockout over and camps just beginning, we’ll be having plenty of football news soon enough. One thing you may have missed, or perhaps not, is that Nike is taking over the NFL clothing contract after this year. Many have speculated they’ll go “crazy” and outfit everyone in Oregon-esque Pro Combat toy soldier combinations. I (along with Paul and others) disagree. I think they’ll pretty much do what the individual teams tell them to do.

And what team (aside from the Bills, who Rbk already got to fix this season) is most in need of an overhaul? That’s right — the first team Nike will get to fix.

I’m joined today by Tim E. O’Brien and we decided we’d whip up a little contest, if you will. It’s not quite your father’s weekend tweaks, but it’s not a full-fledged “contest” with a known prize. But I have something pretty cool in mind. The contest idea? Lets see if we can’t go about remaking the Seahawks uniform before Nike does. And, with that “pro combat” template floating around (Tim links to it below), lets see if we can see how many GOOD looks we can come up with for the Northwest Birds. OK? OK — I’ll let Tim take it from here, and then I’ll be back with my own submission. Here’s Tim:


Football is back.

There is so much right with football. The competition, the excitement, the action, the video games, and — of course — the uniforms.

But unfortunately, one team in particular has decided to besmirch the good name of NFL uniform design over, and over, and over

Let’s look at the Seahawks’ individual uniforms:

HOME — Wow that’s a lot of… um, blue? I guess… The neon piping and the even darker blue (seriously? blue on blue?) on the sleeves does nothing for me. The helmet, pants and socks are fine as far as I’m concerned, but they could be so much better. I just wish they wouldn’t be so monochrome.

ROAD — This isn’t the worst thing in the world either, but the white on white doesn’t work for me with the blue helmet. The obnoxious area-of-color sleeve “stripe” is even more off putting on the roadie and the neon looks even more out of place. What’s really sad is how much better the Seahawks look when they wear their dark pants with the white top, but they almost never go with that combo.

ALTERNATE — If I have to explain what’s wrong with this uniform, I’ll never be able to convince you it’s hideous. But it is. And it needs to burned from the annals of NFL history. And human history. Forever.

Ok, so the home and road unis aren’t that bad, but they could be a whole lot better. And with the Bills moving back to a more traditional look, the Seahawks (in this author’s humble opinion) are inching ever closer to the worst uniforms in the NFL.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

In 2012, Nike will once again make NFL uniforms (in fact, all of them this time) and will certainly redesign at least a few teams. With their former college head coach, a fanbase that has an inordinate affection for neon booger green and their physical proximity to Nike HQ, it would seem likely that the Seahawks are going to start anew from at least a uniform perspective (plus there’s this…).

A while back, few of my Seahawks uniform concepts from my personal site, made the rounds over at some Seahawks fan sites and blogs (this is where I discovered the, “inordinate affection for neon booger green.” You’re the ‘Emerald City’. We get it. Stop.).

HOME — I go with white helmets and keep the Seahawks current colors but echo the logo in the sleeve, pants and sock stripes. I threw in some emerald to assuage the fans but don’t expect to see too much of it.

ROAD — If you wanted an all white roadie, this is how to do it — namely, with a white helmet.

ALTERNATE — No neon. Just the darker blue from the logo, a nice darker alternate that evokes BFBS but stays within the current color scheme.

People seemed to enjoy some of what I did — though, bringing back the old silver helmets and pants seemed popular with Seattleites.

But still many fans have said that mine were too tame, or too lame. What a shame. So, Phil and I have decided to set up a challenge to all you tweakers out there to come up with some ideas of your own.

First, find a template or use the Frasier Davidson template I used (or, hell, just draw one and scan it), and then come up with your own ideas for the Seahawks.

Even though I stayed with the same logos and colors, feel free to rename, rebrand or recolorize. Go faux-back or throwback. Go modern or classic. Go Pepsi or Coke. No matter what you come up with, Phil and I want to see it.

Please send all your submissions to Phil directly.

You’ve seen mine, now I wanna see yours. Good luck and happy tweaking.


And here’s mine:

HOME: (and here’s how I described it back when I concepted the NFL a few months back).

ROAD: (and here’s the road writeup.

What we’d like you to do is to send in your Seahawks concepts to me and describe, in ~50 words or so, your creation. I’ll run the entries at some point down the road. And there will be a nice prize, but I can’t announce what it will be just yet. I’ll set a deadline for the contest of SEPTEMBER 5, 2011 (that’s Labor Day), right when the league where they play for pay will be just about for the 2011 season. Good luck!

Remember, send your submissions to me (Phil) or give me a shout if you have any questions. OK? OK! Happy connecting!


uni tracking 2011

Uni Tracking

I will occasionally be featuring the uni-tracking that our various readers undertake throughout the season. Today we have Walter Young, who tracks the Amazin’s.

Walter doesn’t provide a description with his submissions, but the attachments are pretty self-explanatory.

Here is the Mets uniform breakdown for the month of July.

And here is the July calendar, which offers a nice breakdown of the Mets daily uniform choices.

Thanks Walt.

If anyone else is doing the tracking thing, please be sure drop me a line and I’ll share your uni tracking with the UW community.


Benchies Beginning logo

Benchies from the Beginning

By Rick Pearson

For nearly three years, “Benchies” has been appearing most weekends at Uni Watch. While Bench Coach Phil fills in for Paul Monday through Friday during August, we present a retrospective. New strips will continue to appear on weekends. For further background, here’s the “Benchies” backstory and bios on the regular Boys of “Benchies.” This week, more or less, we focus on Ol’ Eddie.

8-3-11 d-musial

And here is the full-size version.


ticker 2

Uni Watch News Ticker (compiled by John Ekdahl): Looks like Rex Ryan is sportin’ some new ink. He’s such a “player’s coach”, isn’t he? Also, insert your own foot joke here (Paul). … The University of Maryland will be removing player names from their football uniforms and adding “Maryland” instead (Ryan Rearick). [Update: It looks like I misread this. “Maryland” will be more prominently displayed on the front of the jersey, not the back] Maryland, incidentally, was the first collegiate football program to put surnames on the backs of their jerseys. (Andrew Hoenig). … Jonathon Binet noticed that Auburn has added two stars (for their two championships) above the bottom left tag, much like World Cup teams often do. This could just be for the replica jerseys, though. … Matthew Moon stumbled upon this website that has a lot of information on international soccer kits. … Winnipegger John K. Samson weighs in on the new Jets logos (Jeremy Fallis). … If you haven’t seen it yet, the Kansas City Royals have unveiled their 2012 All-Star Game logo (Paul). … Matt Lesser screen grabbed this shot of Michael Oher getting ice cream after a training camp session and he seems to have some interesting award patches on his jersey. Anyone know anything about this?


“The players looked like reasonably skilled players, wearing something that looked like a cross between French prostitute gear and the trussing for a large rump roast. There was a desultory air about the whole thing — the games appear to be played in the same junior high school gym that my 1978 Police Athletic League team called home, with roughly the same number of spectators.” — Cort McMurray

Comments (137)

    Well this should be fun… what’s the deadline for this contest thing?

    …and really Tim, white helmets? Doesn’t the league have enough of those already?

    I love white as much as anybody, but his idea that white-over-white needs a white helmet is…interesting. If not obssessive.

    Seahawks aren’t a team I notice much, but their white-over-white looks good to me. Just wear dark-over-white at home (whatever the hell that color is called) and no changes necessary.

    I don’t know, to me I just feel like, if you have a dark helmet, your road pants should match it. Though, that doesn’t always work (the Browns).

    I thought the orange helmet and pants worked pretty well for the Sipe era Browns.

    Since they are going white over white at home now, maybe a return to the white over orange would be a good road look. It would give them two separate looks so they don’t go 16 games looking exactly the same.

    Now the orange helmet/white jersey/brown pants was a disaster.

    A silver helmet on top of white-on-white would bug the crap out of me. Darker colors like Green, Blue, Purple looks pretty good.


    Seattle’s colors fall into my color blindness vacuum. I’d try a navy blue jersey. Barring that, just go back to the Jim Zorn uniforms.

    I LOVE Tim’s reboot of the Steve Largent, Curt Warner era uniforms.

    I can’t wait to see the rest.

    By the way, check out the new golf shoes that Tiger will be breaking out. They are part of Nike’s Free line, based on barefoot running:


    Also check out this interesting auction:


    Just sent my submission in (just a heads up, it’s 68 words). This should be interesting…

    On another note, I wanted to talk about the apparent and obvious levels of apathy from MTV. Their 30th birthday was this past Monday (8-1-11), yet they were too preoccupied with their “groundbreaking programming” (link) to even give a damn. They had sister network VH1 Classic do it for them. I know I sound like I’m a million years late on this, but things have gotten to the point that I almost wish that MTV would go under harder than the Titanic and be put out of it’s (and our) misery.

    What if this spills over to our pro leagues? Imagine the NFL not giving two hot damns about their 100 Anniversary (which, if I’m not mistaken, is slated for 2020). Or a new NBA slogan: “The NBA: Where link Happens.”

    Also, I didn’t know you had a new email, Phil. I have a TON of new looks to submit, but I shouldn’t even be up right now, so I’m gonna catch two or three Z’s and send them later.

    You had it right the first time. “It’s” is a contraction of “it is.” “Its” is a possessive.

    Simply Moono’s self-correction is correct. It’s misery to see a misdeployed possessive, and I give SM props for putting that one out of its misery.

    Don’t worry Tim. I like to think most people enjoy your work. There’s just a few ignorants out there.

    Really? They’re ignorant just because they don’t like Tim E.’s tweaks? Some of his stuff is good, some of it not so much, and its not everyone’s taste.

    It’s ignorant to make a comment like that and be blatantly disrespectful for no reason. If you don’t like his work, that’s perfectly fine, just don’t make a point to try to humiliate him.

    It’s called feedback. Tim has his own website, he can showcase his concepts there. No need to bring it over to uniwatch as often as he has been doing in the past few weeks.

    My opinion is mine alone. You don’t have to agree with it. Sorry if you think it’s disrespectful but that was the first thing on my mind.

    I’ll try again.

    Darn it, another conceptual post. I was looking forward to a fun entry today that fits my preference. Guess it’s not my day!

    I appreciate people’s concern for my well being but some people don’t like me in real life, why should the internet be any different? haha

    Fred, this is more of a contest than me flaunting* my concepts but I understand that it’s still not going to be everyone’s cup’o’tea.

    *my word – not yours.

    I woulda stuck up for you, Timmo, but you dissed my neon green. You’re on your own, buddy. ;)

    If a designer came to me and said, “I can’t work with this color, it’s too hideous,” I’d find a new designer.

    Because designers don’t always get to make the rules.

    Oh, lorday, that’s not aimed at Tim E., just at any designer who’d claim that he/she couldn’t work with whatever was on the table.

    Ricko, I am a designer by trade (when not wasting time on the interwebs), and I have been doing it for almost 25 years (wow…I’m getting old).

    There is one thing I learned early on, that I contribute to my success…give the customer what they want, NOT what you want them to have.

    It actually takes me longer to sit with a client, brainstorm with them, and develop their ideas…then it would if I just said “I’ll take it from here”.

    Even if a client comes to us and says “You come up with some ideas, then we’ll look at them”…I say no. Because, whether we admit it, or not, everyone has an idea when it comes to design.

    But at the same time, a professional designer is a professional for a reason. He or she (should) know what looks good. A client rarely knows what looks good or why it looks good. I think it’s more a designer’s job to help the client understand why design choices are made and what makes them successful. Giving a client what they want is the easy way out, and often results in severely sub-par work. Imagine how bad some sports identities would be if Reebok or Nike gave the client what they wanted all the time.

    In this instance, I was speaking specifically of team or corporate colors (though Keith S.’s observation regarding the totaliyy of things is entirely accurate).

    If Blue Cross wants a new logo, I’m guessing if your designs aren’t blue-centric, or blue-inclusive, they’re gonna ask the color of the sky in your world.

    Probably not necessary to write it in the ticker like so (tact was invented for situations like this), but there’s no rule that people have to like everything or everyone that contributes to the Uni Watch daily read. Tim E. just isn’t for everyone.

    Comments like this really aren’t necessary. Like this content or not, it still requires a substantial amount of effort and investment in time.

    Nike put a lot of time and effort into their Pro Combat uniform designs. So no negative comments about them are allowed.

    C’mon, I appreciate the effort you put into this website but just because I don’t like the content doesn’t mean I dislike you as a person or that all your work is for nothing. The comment box is here for a reason, for people to express their opinions.

    Fred, I honestly don’t give a f***, haha. I thought my first comment would diffuse any reaction to yours.

    It didn’t.

    Sorry you didn’t want to see this today but Phil and I thought this would be a fun post/contest to put up today.

    We’re good, though.

    I understand your “just because I say this, doesn’t mean that” equivocations, but you’re comparing a multinational corporation with a gigantic design and marketing team that seeks to influence every aspect of competitive sports with a freelance amateur who, while certainly talented, is just spitting out “what if” ideas for us in Paul’s absence.

    You don’t like his ideas? Fine. You’re entitled to your opinion. I was simply asking for a little tact in voicing your criticisms about a frequent commenter and contributor. It appears that’s a little too much to ask.

    I really don’t want to drag this out but since you said what you said, I feel I need to comment once again.

    It looks like pretty much that you’re upset about how I said my opinion. Fine. I’m sorry about the way I said it.

    However, is becoming a much more respective blog and is one of the major go-to source for uniform news and I visit everyday. I usually expect a high quality post everyday when I open up the website Monday to Friday and I usually get it. I’m saying, recently, I’ve been seeing more of Tim E.’s content around here and I don’t see the need for it since he has his own website that we can go to if we want to. That’s why he has a website. Here at uni-watch, I expect more than just mock-ups. This site has a wide readership and John, you need to develop some thick skin if you’re going to be a writer for a large audience. If this was a small time blog then I wouldn’t even say anything. Here in this case, I’m saying I think a freelance amateur (in your own words) is floating into a respectful blogosphere a little too often. Kinda brings down the credibility of this website if you ask me but if you’re cool with that, if Phil and Paul are too then that’s how it’ll be.

    Fred, we’ve been at this a while now. Our skin is plenty thick. If you want to do your drive-by criticisms with Paul, Phil or myself, have at it. We’re perfectly capable of defending ourselves.

    I was asking you politely to be respectful to a guest contributor as a favor to us because you frequent the site and comment here. I don’t think it was a particularly unreasonable request, but apparently the very thought of not being able to spout lazy belligerence at a well-meaning Uni Watch member sets you off.

    Speaking of which, have you counted up all the “I expect” and “I usually get” statements in that long-winded diatribe of ego-centrism you passed off as constructive web content criticism? It’s going to pain you to hear this, but the internet doesn’t wake up every morning and tailor its content to your delicate sensibilities.

    Since you are expecting so much of us, let me tell you what we expect from you: stop acting like such an entitled douchebag.

    John, did you see my apology for the way I said my comment, first off? Why are you still harping on my disrespect for a contributor?

    Quite frankly, I’m a little surprised that you are so offended of my expectations of this website. I said that I enjoy the high quality content on this website on a regular basis. There is a reason why Paul is writing for My whole point is that I didn’t want to see as many concepts on this website because in MY opinion, it’s bringing down its quality. Again, I apologize for the way I said it.

    Please don’t paint yourself as a tragic hero. “Woe is me! I work so hard for you and you still are upset about what I write! How selfish you are!” Drive-by criticism? I’m still here. I think that establishing a level of expectation is a good feedback. Apparently not so for you.

    I think you perceive me to be a douchebag is because you have a very skewed idea of what I am trying to say. If you want to add barbs to my wire, suit yourself. You’re the one getting upset at it. Goodness.

    Let’s be clear…we miss Paul. However, Phil (and John) do/does an amazing job year round.

    What I’ve really enjoyed is that Phil has incorporated readers articles while Paul is on vacation. It’s a nice change of pace, even if every write isn’t “my thing”.

    MTV no longer has any “M”.
    VH1 no longer has any “V”.
    NBA no langer has any “B”.

    1. Great contest, Phil and Tim. I am predictably ignorant as to how one goes about using that handy template, but if I could, I would try to emphasize blue-and-green instead of blue or green. (Tim gets the idea, certainly.) It’s the blue/green dynamic that sets the Seahawks apart.

    2. That soccer kit site recommended today by Matthew Moon is very impressive and dangerously absorbing.

    I totally agree with the blue/green dynamic. No one else has that color scheme and it is very much Seattle. I hope to get Photoshop on my laptop…I’ve been dying to do one of these tweaks.

    Just wondering…if and when the Supersonics ever come back (I know, the NBA has to come back first), you think they’ll hop on the blue/green wagon? I’d rather see that than those 90s unis.

    Of course, my first choice would be the Jack Sikma look.

    I could care less, as long as they don’t pick up that green that the Sounders wear as a third kit.

    I’m pretty sure the color is called “eye rape”.

    Are we sure about Maryland being the NOB on the new unis? The way I read that story is that they’re taking NOB off and also that MARYLAND will have a more prominent place on the uni (my guess, the front). It is poorly written to the uni fan though because it doesn’t specificially state this and just leads you to believe.

    My guess is that they’ll have no NOB and MARYLAND will be displayed across the chest.

    I guess we won’t know for sure until they unveil, but man, if a BCS Conference 1-A team goes school NOB, that’s weak. High School-ish

    “SEPTEMBER 5, 2011 (that’s Labor Day), right when the league where they *play for pay* will be just about for the 2011 season.”

    Doesn’t the NCAA start sooner than that???

    Are you kidding?! One of the greatest players, one of the greatest faces, one of the greatest names. Thanks for the heads-up, Roberto…

    The patches on Oher’s jersey siginify that he participated fully in offseason workouts. The patch was originally a flexing bicep, but then it became the Ravens shield with a sword and shovel behind it. What is too blurry to see in the picture is the year that the patch was earned. He has one from ’09 and ’10. I guess no one has an ’11. The shovel and sword is a reference to the biblical story of Nehemiah. If anyone cares, the can read more about it here, link

    Great surprise to see John K. Samson in the ticker. Be it music or editorial, I find him to be one of today’s truly excellent writers, and as a result, the Weakerthans are one of today’s truly excellent bands.


    I kid, but screenprint on a sports jersey is the devil in my book. Roger NO-Goodell did one thing right, and that was creating a tackle-twill mandate (the Bucs’ throwbacks notwithstanding) for all of the uniforms.

    not every team, mind you. but a few teams like the bucs, redskins, cowboys, dolphins. maybe the chargers. sometimes i just think NFL jerseys look TOO clean. meh, just my opinion.

    Of course, now you get those repli-thentic/whatever jersey which are one layer twill with fake stitching printed on..

    I hope the Auburn stars were driven by Under Armour and not Auburn. I think Auburn is the first Under Armour school to win a national championship in football, so I’m sure Under Armour is very proud of that.

    “Auburn is the first Under Armour school to win a national championship in football”

    Boy, does that statement show how far off the beam colleges have gone. This is not meant as a slam to Wade for the comment, but just the fact that the comment was made like this. Auburn is not an Under Armour school, but rather a school that has a contract with Under Armour to provide uniforms and equipment.

    I realize this complaint is old news, but it still bugs me.

    Saying it’s an Under Armour school doesn’t necessarily imply that Auburn is indentured to UA. Saying Auburn is a UA school is equivalent to saying I’m a Knob Creek man, because when I drink bourbon I drink Knob Creek. That Auburn’s exclusivity is contractually motivated doesn’t make it any less a statement of preference rather than ownership.

    I get the idea that school x is a brand y school. But this idea of UA adding stars to the replica jerseys to celebrate the championships seems like they are claiming the championship.

    Granted, we dont know who’s idea the stars were, but IF that was a UA thing and not an AU thing, then it seems weird. Like Under Armour patting Auburn on the head and saying “thanks for winning that title for us”.

    It’s interesting that the UA monogram is in the place where championship stars usually go on a soccer jersey.

    So, when Auburn is forced to vacate its championship, will players and fans have to cover over one of the stars?

    The current Seahawks unis make me want to link

    Whatever you do, Seattle, please lose the suicide blue. You want to depict cloudy, rainy skies? There’s a color for that and it’s called gray.

    Silver would work as well, as we saw for the first 25 years of the franchise.

    I agree, bring back some silver/gray, although I disagree about the new blue, 653 C is a very nice tone. Plus, fan apparel looks great in that blue. To add, dark navy blue is our black.

    I don’t think the proposed seahawk home and alternate differ enough. I get the shades of blue being different, but they are too similar. I have zero photoshop skill so I’m not going to attempt to do my own mock up, but I’d suggest keeping the original home uni mock up, and then changing the alternate to have a silver helmet, and change the sock striping so its different other than just in color form.

    Too bad, I’d like to see the Seahawks use a neon helmet as an alternate. Teamed with a blue jersey.

    Another observation: Using the “nike combat” mock-up is fine, but I don’t see the point in using the short sleeved undershirt as a uni element. The NFL is never going to allow it (as far as aspects of the uni being relegated to the undershirt), and most lineman as well as a significant amount of other players don’t wear jersey sleeves at all, let alone under armour or nike combat under sleeves.

    “The NFL is never going to allow it (as far as aspects of the uni being relegated to the undershirt)”

    Unless they saw it as a marketable retail item. Add an NFL logo to the neck and makermark and team logo to the chest and you have a product…both hot weather (half-sleeve) and cold weather (long sleeve)…for joggers, fans, weekend touch football players, whatever.

    That’s the only reason I ever bothered with doing any mockups way back when…because there was a certain revenue-producing potential beyond the field

    But you’re right. Solely for the sake of the uni, not likely.

    Technically, they will be Pro Combat jerseys, at least presumably. Pro Combat is Nike’s top level football gear. What they won’t be is Nike’s hype machine Pro Combat designs.

    I actually like the Pro Combat system as a football uniform. Its construction template appears to be much better suited to traditional designs, like real sleeve stripes or UCLA stripes, than either of Reebok’s templates. The dreaded Colts commas will almost certainly disappear when Nike takes over.

    I should say, the Colts commas will almost certainly be resuscitated into real stripes or even loops, not disappear altogether.

    Ohdarn. It looks so nifty when the player’s name appears to be in quotation marks.

    Or is “COLLIE” his nickname? Y’know, like “Bambi”?

    The link to the Frasier Davidson template made my virus scan scream bloody murder…just saying.

    Same thing here. First time I’ve had the PC at work tell me it needed to re-boot to “cleanse” things.

    Isn’t that Nike template missing a player cape rippling in the breeze?

    And maybe the Nikemobile in the background?

    LOVE the Royals link. My favorite color, and one of my favorite design elements (the crown). This is one of my link in my collection.

    MLB does a really good job incorporating the host team into the ASG logos, and have been link.

    Nothing to do with unis, other than how we might relate them to overall cultural style, but this is kinda interesting…

    Don’t know about “favs”, but I’ve owned four or five of them, which makes me terribly typical, I suppose. lol.

    Lough-out-loud moment: The photo of the “Ford Escort GT.” I’m not sure whether that’s properly punctuated ¡Ford Escort GT! or Ford Escort GT?! There should be a federal law against putting a GT badge on an Escort. I mean, I drove my parents’ old beater Escort in high school, and for what amounted to America’s first disposable vehicle, it was actually a pretty good little car. Kept right on running after I crumpled the open rear door backwards, and the thing saved my life in an icy near-collision once. But there has never been anything grand or touring about an Escort.

    The Escort was America’s first disposable vehicle?

    I think you’re forgetting the Chevette.

    Why does the Pacer always get left out of the “disposable vehicle” debate?! Show the Pacer some respect!

    Hey, my ’81 Chevette wasn’t disposable…it was tough.

    I was in the middle of a seven-car pileup leaving the Coliseum one night. The RV behind me was dented and the Caddy in front of me was crumpled. Of the seven cars, mine was the only one without a scratch. The officer told me they had enough witnesses, so I could take off.

    Another car cut in front of me one time, and my bumper had one tiny scuff, while that car had a nice deserving dent in the side. I miss that old car.

    I’m looking at the Seattle white-shirt-aqua-pants combination photo and getting distracted by the link. It looks much better and less intrusive than some of the huge NOBs that we see in other sports. If NFL jerseys have to have NOBs, I’d love to see this become the standard.

    The Descente jersey? Yeah. The funky black-gold-black pinstripes? Love ’em. Flat pillbox caps? Icing on the cake.

    But that massive NOB? GHAAAAAAAAA make it die! Die!

    About those pillbox hats, it always bothered me how often the rings did not match up properly in the back of those hats. Many Pirate players of that era did not wear hats with the rings connected in the back, the way newer replicas do now. Obviously, back then, uniforms and hats were not scrutinized the way they are today.

    Unless it’s red, are bright colors just not in right now? I don’t love the neon Seahawks jersey, but I don’t hate it either. It’s kind of neat to see something that loud in this sea of subdued hues.

    I think green is under used. It doesn’t need to be radioactive green, nor does it have to be dull forest green. I think a bright green, a shade or two lighter than the Jets and Pack, would be a great color for their home jersey.

    I’m thinking silver helmet, green jersey, silver pants…Better get my photoshop out later

    I wish the Eagles would bring back their old green. I saw some footage on TV the other day of one of their recent throwback uniforms, and man… it makes the dark green/black combo they currently use look AWFUL.

    I like the day-glow green as an accent color. That with a primary blue/silver combo could yield some good results. will try to whip something together if I can find the time.


    Was the Seahawks’ lime green jersey that same neon that Nike got Oregon football and Syracuse lacrosse to wear (the one with actual “neon” properties), or was it just bright lime green?

    Quite a difference, actually.

    I saw the Seahawks’ version in baseball cap form at MOA, and it wasn’t the neon variety.

    The Nike green was fluorescent, almost a yellow. The Seahawks’ green is much more of a true green, like someone took Kelly green and turned the saturation up to eleven.

    Yeah, that was my point. Not quite accurate to lump them together.

    The day-glo is a whole lot farther over the line.
    To my way of thinking, anyway.

    Besides, I still maintain that once a season—say on a November or December Sunday in Seattle—those lime green jerseys would be lot of fun. They wouldn’t need to go to the lengths of adding the navy pants, though.

    On a “brightness” scale, the lime green Seahawk baseball hat I saw was no brighter than Broncos orange or Packer gold. It’s just…different. And we apparently have a helluva time processing that.

    “like someone took Kelly green and turned the saturation up to eleven.”

    ‘Why don’t you just make ten louder and make ten be the top number and make that a little louder?’

    ‘[pause] These go to eleven.’

    “‘Why don’t you just make ten louder and make ten be the top number and make that a little louder?’

    ‘[pause] These go to eleven.’”

    The Seättle Seahaẅks everybody!

    “Why don’t you just make ten louder and make ten be the top number and make that a little louder?’

    ‘[pause] These go to eleven.’”


    it’s a good thing for you paul’s on blogcation

    I’m sure I missed the discussion on this topic, but I haven’t seen it in the past couple of days, so I thought I would throw it out there:

    Dallas Cowboys HC Jason Garrett takes the helmet stars off of the rookies helmets until they have “earned” the right to wear them.

    This was briefly discussed on ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption, and it was decided that while this tactic “works” in football, it seems “high schoolish”.

    I thought it was a pretty cool idea. Not every team would be able to pull this off (i.e. Jacksonville…”You have to earn the jaguar” doesn’t have the same impact I would think).


    Knee jerk reaction?
    Many veterans privately will roll their eyes.
    Most aspirants will be proud and relieved when they finally get that frickin’ star.

    If the team continues the practice, eventually no one will think twice about it, it will simply be The Cowboy Way.

    The first time out of the box, though, is gonna seem kinda dorky.

    Know what, though, the fact that more coaches seem to think this kind of thing is good says a lot about the personality of today’s athletes, doesn’t it. I mean the notion that they NEED something so apparently corny, that they need a “carrot” like that.

    “I see by your outfit that you are a cowboy,
    if you get an outfit, you can be a cowboy, too.”
    —The Smothers Brothers

    That’s what I meant, lol. The brown stripes. Just give ’em the white one to start…so they don’t look like total pumpkin heads.

    I realize no one cares (because no one cares about the WNBA), but the Minnesota Lynx are kind of being what many thought the Miami Heat would be in the NBA. Got the Big Three, so to speak, with Maya Moore, Seimone Augustus and Lindsay Whalen (and for character the league’s oldest player in Taj McWilliams-Franklin), and they are just clobbering people.

    Daughter is taking me to see them play San Antonio tomorrow night. Looking forward to it. Hey, they play the game below the rim, where most of US play it.

    Although, they did wear pink their last game at home. Hope that isn’t so again tomorrow night.

    Ah, looks like no pink. Daughter just called. She was at the last game, after which they jerseys were auctioned. Augustus’ fetched $3,700.

    “Looking forward to it. Hey, they play the game below the rim, where most of US play it.”

    That’s why I pay to watch 6’8″ freaks of nature play above the rim.

    Your point being that anyone who plays below the rim can’t possibly be any good? Or worth watching?

    Cuz that would include most boys high school players.

    And a healthy share of the mens’ collegiate players.

    Could Pete Maravich dunk? I honestly don’t know that he ever did.

    Or Elgin Baylor, for that matter?

    You need to have Photoshop or GIMP, it’s done in layers.

    If you’re an MSPainter, you may want to stick to a 2d template, like what gets used on the team pages on Wikipedia.

    I am no fan of monochrome uniforms, but the Seahawks are an exception because they commit and wear them every home game. The monochrome is their home look, unlike teams like the Redskins and Texans, who have worn monochrome as an alternate gimmick. There is even a success angle to their current look, because they went to the Super Bowl with their current look, and never had overwhelming success with their “classic” look (Stan Gelbaugh, anyone?) So if the uniforms aren’t a one time gimmick, and there’s been success while wearing them, why wouldn’t they stick with them?

    Yeah, and anyone who knows Seattle knows that uni is quite mindful of Puget Sound and the surrounding landscape many days.

    That’s not a diss on Seattle. Rather a compliment to the uni design, and the choice of mono dark at home. And the sort of “spritz” of lime green is an appropriate touch.

    For them, and that area, it works. For Tampa or Miami it would be ridiculous.

    Well, the Buffalo Bills were appropriate because they looked all drab, dreary, and just damn jarring to the eye and un-NFL-like…why the heck did they spring for new and improved uniforms?

    Love your look Tim. I love the lighter blue of the Seahawks so the more the better. As a Seahawks fan I do appreciate that you kept the green. I like the green but only in small amounts. But there is another thing I wanted to tell you guys. Right when the lockout ended comedian Rob Riggle went up to Seattle to see Pete Carroll. Pete on his twitter had some pictures up but in one in John Schneiders office in the background in his book case there is a metallic green modern Seahawks helmet. I just want to know what that is all about. Here is the photo link . What do you guys think it is.

    I know most people forgot the city existed, but the blue and grey combo shown above looks very similar to the Lions setup they have used in the past few years. Design tweak or design copy? whats really going on here…

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