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Rooting for Laundry

By John Ekdahl

We’ve all heard it before, and while it’s generally true that your allegiance to a team supersedes that of any one player, it doesn’t make it any easier when you lose a hometown favorite. It seems we’ve had to adopt this philosophy more and more during the era of free agency . . . → Read More: Rooting for Laundry

Stand Up to Pink

By John Ekdahl

The Harvard Business Review has found that using the color pink in breast cancer awareness campaigns is actually counterproductive. From the study:

Stefano Puntoni ran a battery of experiments in which he primed women with gender cues by, for example, showing them ads dominated by the color pink or asking them . . . → Read More: Stand Up to Pink

Fridays with Morris

[Editor’s Note: Morris Levin will be contributing an article each Friday while Paul takes his break. Enjoy! ”” Phil Hecken]

Religious Modesty and Competitive Sports By Morris Levin

The qualifying rounds for next summer’s Olympic soccer tournament are underway. For international women’s soccer, the two highest-profile international competitions are the World Cup, and the . . . → Read More: Fridays with Morris

The Joy of Sox

By Phil Hecken

Two days ago, my buddy Mike Styczen put together a really neat post on the MLB panel cap phenomenon. It was a nice retrospective and Mike did a great job, but there was one image which piqued particular interest: Luis Tiant wearing a seldom-seen blue-red panel cap, which, according to Okkonen, . . . → Read More: The Joy of Sox