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Buckle Up

[Editor’s Note: A few days ago I asked webmaster John Ekdahl, who’s much more golf-knowledgeable than I am, if he wanted to write something about the U.S. Open. I also mentioned that Rory McIlroy’s Oakley belt buckles made it look like he was wearing a transistor radio on his belly. From such humble beginnings . . . → Read More: Buckle Up

Mining Diamonds in the Sky

Several years ago — I’m not sure exactly when, but I think 2003-ish — I had the window seat on an airplane. We were flying over a part of the Midwest that had lots of small towns packed fairly close together, like Ohio or Indiana, and we were at that altitude where you can make . . . → Read More: Mining Diamonds in the Sky

A New Ballgame in Omaha

[Editor’s note: Today Omaha native Bryan Redemske serves up his annual College World Series uni preview. Enjoy. ”” PL]

By Bryan Redemske

Each year, ESPN focuses its cameras on Omaha for the College World Series ”” the city’s annual moment in the sun. The coverage typically turns into a love letter to the area . . . → Read More: A New Ballgame in Omaha

Show Me State Shows Everyone within Three-Mile Radius

Paul here, giving Phil the day off. Remember that patch that the Cards and Royals were gonna wear during their interleague series to support relief efforts for twister-ravaged Joplin, Missouri? It’s turned out to be the biggest MLB sleeve patch in recent memory. Not only that, but the Royals were already wearing patches on . . . → Read More: Show Me State Shows Everyone within Three-Mile Radius