Gear up for the 2020 MLB Season with new gear from Nike

Ada Outtakes

My article + video about the making of the Super Bowl footballs in Ada, Ohio, is up now on ESPN. For today’s blog entry, I wanted to show you a few things that didn’t make it into that ESPN article, including the really charming movie theater in Ada. Here’s how it looks at night . . . → Read More: Ada Outtakes

Two for the Price of One: The NHL & NFL All Stars Play Today!

By Phil Hecken

Last Sunday we had the greatest day in the NFL — the Conference Championships — and next Sunday brings us the biggest spectacle: the Super Bowl. So, how do we fill the hours on the weekend between the Championships and the Bowl? Why, with the NHL All Star Game and the . . . → Read More: Two for the Price of One: The NHL & NFL All Stars Play Today!

Beerfest of Champions

By Phil Hecken

Although DIY isn’t my cuppa, there are many of you fine Uni Watchers out there who do love to create your own jerseys, uniforms, and assorted paraphernalia which accompanies your creations. Michael Malinowski (who posts as “MEMAL”) is one of those guys. And what he has created for this DIY segment . . . → Read More: Beerfest of Champions

The Latest All-Star Experiment

Most NBA players these days wear a compression tank top under their jersey. So why not just skip the jersey and wear the compression undergarment function as the uniform top?

That’s an idea that the NBA has decided to test-drive in the upcoming all-star game. The league will announce today that all players in . . . → Read More: The Latest All-Star Experiment