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If The SEC Went Pro (Combat) …

Tweakin' The SEC

By Phil Hecken

As you know, I get many tweaks sent my way, and I try to get every single one of them put down below in the “Uni Tweaks” section. However, every once in a while I get sent a set so well done that it really deserves more than just a mere entry in the tweaks. Today is one of those days. In fact, many of the concepts I’ve been sent recently have been excellent — and it all seemed to start when those Nike Pro Combat concepts went viral*.

*See the full set of NFL concepts following the main article.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago I received a set of tweaks, done in Nike Pro Combat style, for the entire SEC. Our concepter, Lance Hall, really put a lot of time and energy into the following tweaks, complete with full writeups. Let’s take a look at what he sent me:


SEC Tweaks
By Lance Hall

Okay, so tweaking SEC uniforms is just a study in futility because most of them haven’t changed in 100 years and never will change. However, I came across this SWEET Nike Pro Combat uni design template before the season this year and started playing with it… Well, now this template is infamous for the fake Nike NFL unis… So, I thought you might be interested. What I liked about the template in the beginning was it treated the under-sleeve as a uniform element which made adding sleeve stripes and numbers very easy. I keep seeing the under sleeve design stuff pop up here and there and so I’ve tried to utilize it as much as possible in these tweaks. I’ve included the current uni and my tweaked one beside it for comparison. Some are small changes, some are complete overhauls… hope you enjoy!


1. Florida — Okay, so right off the bat I’m losing most people with this one. White helmet with the mascot instead of words… BUT, if you ignore my crazy helmet idea, the uni itself is basically the same, with the stripes moved down to the under sleeve. I’m not a big fan of words on the chest, but I like it if it’s a mascot name and that mascot is very unique. No one cares if you see “Tigers” on a uni, but if Richmond puts “SPIDERS” across their chests, everyone loves it. I’ve also lost the gator mascot logo on the chest since it moved to the helmet… The only other change is reversing the leg stripe colors. And honestly, I think the current Florida helmet is the one most in need of a redesign. It screams 80s high school to me.

2. Georgia — This one is closer to the kind of “tweak” I was going for. I refrained from the temptation to redesign the classic helmet, and only changed the face mask to black. The main change here is adding Herschel Walker era sleeve stripes to the under sleeve and taking out the black outline around the numbers.

3. Kentucky — I applaud the Wildcats for getting rid of the piping from a couple of years ago, but unfortunately they’re still going monochrome. At least their helmets match when they go all color, unlike some other schools who *almost* do monochrome. (Looking at you South Carolina!) For the tweak I started by losing the “UK” logo that is so similar to the “UH” of Houston that it’s almost distracting. I don’t know who had it first, but it’s like showing up at the prom in the same dress as some freshman girl. Anyway, I brought back the block “K” which to me is more traditional and I made the “Kentucky” chest logo smaller. I’d love to lose the words on the chest all together, but lets face it, Kentucky still needs to let people know who they are.

4. South Carolina — The Gamecock uniforms suck. They are my team and my alma-mater, but they struggle mightily in the uni department. I hate piping in general and the South Carolina unis have more piping than a Columbia sewer. It’s all over the place! There’s an identity problem with the Gamecocks, you can’t call them USC because everyone thinks Trojans, and you can’t call them Carolina because everyone thinks Tarheel basketball. So… I opted for the rarely used “Gamecocks” chest logo. I’ve also changed the helmets to garnet just in case Spurrier decides to go all garnet, it will actually be all garnet!

5. Tennessee — This is by far the craziest of the designs. One, I wanted to play with pulling a design from the shoulder to the undersleeve… and two, I think the Tennessee unis are some of the worst in the league. I tried to incorporate more black trim just to breathe some life into the colors. Don’t get me wrong, I like the simple and classic design of the current UT unis, but the colors just don’t contrast enough.

6. Vanderbilt — The current Vandy unis are a complete mess. Piping and *almost* monochrome when they wear the black pants. I based the tweak around the best part of the Vandy look, their helmets. I also added “Vanderbilt” across the chest even though I’m not a huge fan of chest words. I guess I felt the design was a little too close to a classic Georgia Tech look that there needed to be something with an Identity beyond the helmet logo.

SEC West

1. Alabama — How can you tweak one of the classic uniforms of all time? Very carefully. Building off the single white helmet stripe I added a stripe and logo to the shoulder. Even that would make Bama fans jump out of windows, but I had to do SOMETHING to it, right? Oh, and I sneaked a uni number in on the pants. Now all the pieces are numbered.

2. Arkansas — This is the only team I used the away jersey for the tweak. The shoulder design on Arky’s away shirts is the most interesting thing about their uni system at the moment. They still opted for the name up the thigh, which is so WAC. The tweak loses the white and wordy pants, changing them to red and not so wordy. I also changed “Arkansas” to “Razorbacks” on the chest because, well one is waaay cooler than the other. I moved around the branding and SEC logo to make them more symmetrical. Lopsided branding is a pet peeve. Finally, the under sleeve has now become part of the system with a number on it… Oh yeah, and I redid the helmet with an oversized logo (a la Boise St. NPC look) just for fun.

3. Auburn — The current Auburn unis are a close second to LSU for my favorite SEC look. They don’t need to be changed at all, although I did prefer their black socks/cleats last year to the whites of this year. I go back and forth on the great cleat debate, but Auburn definitely should return to the black shoes. My tweak basically incorporates all the rumors around the Auburn program about blue pants and a blue helmet. My only additions are extending the pants stripe onto the shirt, moving the shoulder stripe to the under sleeve so the TV number can be moved down to the shoulder and adding an orange outline to the numbers. In the end, this is my least favorite tweak. I should’ve kept the white pants.

4. LSU — I thought this was going to be the most difficult to tweak, but once I decided to go with purple pants, the rest fell into place. The pants tweak isn’t because I like purple more than yellow, but the only problem with LSU’s look is the pants and helmet are always a different shade of yellow… The Vikings have that problem with purples… So, the only solution was to make them contrasting, and I think changing the pants is a lot less end-of-the-world for LSU fans than changing their classic helmets. In this case, just having a contrasting color under sleeve was enough to make it part of the overall look.

5. Miss State — The Miss State unis are always boring and I think it’s because they basically have the same colors as Bama, Arky and SCar, the same mascot as UGA, and the same block letter logo (minus the “State”) as their arch rivals. They’re like the generic SEC team. What I tried to do with the tweak was pull in their second color (yeah they have one)… Gray. It’s not much, but it’s something! If you notice on their current unis there is a gray outline to the numbers. I ran with that, and used one of their mascot logos to make the helmet look a little more unique. The under sleeve stripes turned out great on this and would even better with matching long sock stripes… sadly long socks seem to have disappeared with under the arm stripes.

6. Ole Miss — Under the arm stripes! Heck yeah! Come on Nike, I know you can make a stripe go further down. Figure it out. My only problem with the Ole Miss look is the single red stripe on a navy background. I don’t like it on the Giants, and like it less on the Rebels. Red and Navy go together like peanuts and gum, so with a team designed after the colors of the Confederate Flag (come on, like we didn’t all know that) you MUST throw some white in there to mix it up. I do like their gray pants (another nod to the War of Northern Aggression?) and in my tweak and darkened them a shade or two. The under sleeve design here is probably the most realistic for how it would actually get implemented in real life.

Thanks for sticking with me through all of that!



Wow. Thanks Lance. I’m pretty amazed at those, and, even if none of them ever see the light of day, that was a tremendous effort. I particularly like how you even made the non-Nike teams work with the Nike template (and pretty well too!), and even the shoulder loops seem to work.

So what say you, Uni Watchers? How ’bout dem tweaks???


Ducks Lightning Jersey & Pants

More Combat Tweaks

Hate to make this an almost all-tweak day, but those new toy combat uniforms released this past week for Oregon, Florida, Boise State and Texas Christian (I’m still not sure why Nike hasn’t released a hi-res graphic of that one — if anyone has or finds one, please send me a link or post it in the comments below — thanks) — those new releases set the tweakers here ablaze, as I received three separate submissions for the Ducks. Rather than post them in the tweaks section, I’ll just run them here:

Evan Schreiber sent this one which really takes the neon out of the highlighter.

Sean F. went the other direction and really went with a full on yellow uni.

Andrew Bushway used a different graphic, but thinks he found a way to better show off the neon.

Good stuff guys.

Of course, yours truly couldn’t leave well enough alone (in fact, Paul actually used a couple of my mocks on his ESPN piece this week). Except for the three designs above, here are a bunch of BCS uni concepts I came up with the day of the unveil.


But wait, there’s still MORE. Once it was announced Nike had won the NFL uniform contract for 2012, the various graphic artists on the net began having a field day with “concepts” for teams. So much so, of course, that many were duped into believing the concepts were what teams would be wearing. But there were even more tweaks released you probably haven’t seen — some are awful, but some are actually quite good. The “Ricko Compression Sleeve” idea seems to be quite popular and in the absence of actual jersey sleeves, it seems like such a logical appendage to the now vestigial sleeve. Anyway, if you have your sunglasses, have a look at some of those concepts, arranged by NFL division (yes, some of them are dupes, but they were culled from different sources and in some cases, the resolutions are different — I tried to grab the highest possible):

NFC East

NFC North

NFC South

NFC West

AFC East

AFC North

AFC South

AFC West

Like I said, some are awful, but some are fairly good. And a few of them are a lot better than what some teams are currently wearing. But I’ll let you be the judge of that.


vilk all oregon 5 & 1

Jim Vilk Grades The Ducks

What happens when we don’t have any real NCAA football for a week (excluding yesterday’s bowl games, of course)?

Jim gets antsy. Now, he had a whole mess of Div II & III playoffs to keep him occupied, but the 5 & 1 never takes a vacation.

So what’s he to do? Well, as a “favor” to me, he decided to compile a “5 & 1” for the Ducks, taking a look at each matchup throughout the Ducks undefeated (12-0) season. Of course, like most of his 5 & 1’s, he’ll be wrong — but I really would like to see how he grades them. I haven’t even peeked at what follows, but I’d imagine there won’t be too many matchups that don’t include school colors, meaning the sweet ninja’s and the carbon looks will be overlooked.

So, without further ado…let’s see what he selected:


It’s the holiday season, so in the spirit of “peace on Earth, goodwill to all,” I have a special present for the man who has given me the keys to the weekly 5&1 lists. Phil and I debate all college football season long, and usually our debate centers around the Oregon Ducks. He thinks they’re worthy of making the Top 5 and I know they aren’t, but that discussion is put on hold today.

Instead, I’ve agreed to be Santa’s little helper and grant Phil his Christmas wish. Sort of. After looking at photos of all their games, I put together a 5&1 list just for Oregon’s magical 12-0 season. Remember, it’s a matchup list so I’m not just rating the Ducks, but their opponents as well. Here we go…

5. Arizona/Oregon — My two least-favorite number fonts in the NCAA, but at least the colors are nice.

4. Stanford/Oregon — A little “mono a mono” action.

3. Oregon/Arizona State — No exorcist needed for this matchup.

2. Oregon/Cal — Can’t bring myself to say I’d wear that…but I’d watch that.

1. Oregon/Tennessee — Leave it to the SEC to salvage this list.

And the worst one: Portland State/Oregon — You thought I’d pick one with even less school colors, but it’s a matchup list and the Vikings were the Ducks’ worst-looking opponent.

Well, there you go, Phil. Thanks, Merry Christmas and all that. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go get some eye drops.


That’s actually not too bad, Jim. I’m shocked that two games on your list featured carbon pants, although one of those was your dreaded “1.” Why am I not surprised their two greatest looks were completely left off the list? But thanks for throwing us Duck supporters a bone, Mr. Vilk.

Merry Xmas to you too Jimmy. Did you get that neon kool aid I sent you yet?


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks

WHAT? You just spent 3/4ths of this article on tweaks and concepts, and you’re still posting more?

Yes, Virginia, I am — there are many still to get to, and I promise I won’t post any more tweaks until next year. OK? OK.

If you have a tweak, change or concept for any sport, send them my way.

Remember, if possible, try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per tweak. You guys have been great a keeping to that, and it’s much appreciated!

So with that, your final set of uni tweaks for 2010. Lets go off on a good note:


Starting off the show is John Lemein. Like our featured artist today, John will be using the pro combat template for his submissions. However, they are also fantastic. No wonder, John is a graphic designer for the Chicago Sun-Times. Check these out:

Attached are some uni tweaks that I mocked up of the Chicago Bears, Northwestern and U of Chicago using the Combat template. I think, when used for good, the template can yield nice results. They all have a “faux-back” feel to them. And with the compression shirt, stripes have their proper place and prominence again.

Bears – Throwback helmet, retro brown pants

Northwestern – Big Northwestern stripes and less black than current unis

U of C – A classic, retro look fitting of a former Big Ten school

–John Lemain


Next up is Thad Ballsworth, who has a Niners home & away, and a whole mess of Pitt Panthers tweaks:

Hi Phil,

I have attached a set of tweaks to the 49ers using Teambuilder.

I have reverted to the 1980s set with a couple tweaks. I used the current logo but replaced all the black with gold. (The black in there always bugged me since it wasn’t used anywhere else). The jerseys go back to three sleeve stripes and I moved the TV numbers up the shoulder.

It also bugged me that gold was such a huge part of the set but didn’t show up on the jerseys. I fixed that by adding a gold outline to the numbers.

The socks were added in paint. They don’t look great on this program but at least it completes the concept.

Here’s a big set of tweaks to the Pittsburgh Panthers using Teambuilder.

In my opinion Pitt lost its identity when it went away from its Pitt script logo and changed its colors from royal blue and yellow to navy blue and gold. I changed back with this set.

I also added an option for white pants and a white helmet, creating eight different combinations (four home and road) but reverting back to the traditional looks for the standard home and road uniform. Seven of the sets are wearable in my opinion, and I included the eighth just for the sake of completeness.

I also added socks in paint, and yes, the adidas logo for the sake of authenticity. I know that Pitt is now a Nike school, but used adidas because in Teambuilder, the black shoes are only adidas.




Next up is W. Barrett, who has an idea for the Buccaneers:

Watching the Ravens play the Buccos in their Black unis made me wonder how Tampa would look in pewter tops with white pants.

I think it looks pretty cool! Thoughts?


That’s it for today — I realize is been a very tweaky day, and to those of you who aren’t into this sort of thing, I apologize. For those who are into it — well, you got a full fix today. Thanks to all who submitted. Back with more tweaks next year.


All right fellow Uni Watchers — thanks for your patience with me today. Had a rather rough personal day yesterday, so I really didn’t get a chance to do a main article — so Lance’s supremo stuff had to substitute. This will be my last weekend post of 2010, since next weekend is Christmas & Boxing Days, and we’ll have limited content. To all of you who celebrate, a very Merry Christmas to you all. I’ll probably have one weekday article sometime between Christmas and New Year’s Day, and of course, I’ll be back to open the 2011.

Thank you all for a fantastic year and for all your support. It hasn’t been the greatest of years, but I do have many things to be grateful and thankful for, and not the least of which is the wonderful Uni Watch community, and Paul for letting me bring you the weekend (and the occasional eighth month of the year) madness.



Call them the Toronto Buffaloes, the Toronto Multi-Colored Bills, the Toronto Bills”¦whatever. But the Toronto Argonauts are not for sale. — Mike Engle

Comments (70)

    Here’s a cutie.

    Werder Bremen did a logo tweak for their game with Kaiserslautern yesterday. They dropped the green diamond “W” badge for a Christmas tree “W.”


    Thanks for all the nice and even not-so-nice comments. I was thrilled to get back from a weekend in the mountains to discover my tweaks at the top of the page! I feel like I’ve finally made it to the big time! Thanks Phil. I love that there is a site for this kind of thing. Keep up the good work Uniwatch!

    Lance – you’re an idiot and a Gamecock traitor, sucking up on uniwatch. No real USC fan cares about Southern (“Not Going to A Bowl”) Cal or the University of Not Carolina. No real fan cares about Nike’s idiotic uniform fashions. Nike is on the way out, their world slave children are going to rise up and tie Phil Knight to a train using his ugly uniforms. University of Oregon is nothing more than one dimensional paper dolls for Phil Knight to dress up funny and everybody else to make fun of. This entire column is full of fail.

    Freehawk…I would admit that as a former Clemson student, I love nothing better than South Carolina looking terrible, meaning I think the current uniforms are exactly what they need; however, as someone who has lived in South Carolina, North Carolina, Las Vegas, and New Orleans, I agree with Lance that once you get outside of my beloved home state, “Carolina” is North, “USC” and “SC” are in Los Angeles, and “Gamecocks” just gets a “what the heck is a gamecock” response. Until the football team has a few more seasons like this one, they just don’t have the national recognition that the “other” Carolina and USC do in ANY sport. Just because you went there doesn’t make them the “real” USC any more than someone going to Oregon State calling it the “real” OSU.

    Lighten up, y’all. This was just for fun, and I sure enjoyed looking at the designs.

    I wouldn’t recommend any of the SEC West teams going with these…except for Miss. State…maybe Ole Miss if you put them in a red jersey…but I really liked the SEC East ones.

    OK, maybe there’s a little too much black on the Tennessee uni, but I get where you’re going with that. Like the striping.

    Overall, great stuff!

    During the 90s Florida used to wear orange pants with their white jerseys. I always liked the look better than the blue or white pants. I’m also partial to the 1980s orange jerseys with white pants but given the success of the blue jerseys realize turning back the clock would be a horrible idea.

    Lance – Uniwatch is about real uniforms. Not dressing the best conference, the SEC, up in stupid Nike fashions. Protect this house.

    agreed jeff.

    lance was just having some fun freehawk, and says right in there that he doesn’t see the concepts happening. he was actually quite restrained in his designs too.

    as if my 2 cents matter lance, i will give them to you anyway. obviously we would all design things differently, but in my horchata you’re “yes” idea was bringing out the gray of MSU, while your biggest “no-no-no” idea, black on UT, nothing will make their shade of orange better, black just makes it worse. as far as any teams overall design, vandy was pretty cool, ole miss was a fail, nfl stripes kill that uni. anyway, it was a fun ‘what if,” nice job.

    I really like the “arsenal” stripe on the Tenn set. I thought it was interesting the year they did it, but it didn’t really work with their classic design of all white sleeves. It seems it would work great on a football team if they wore undersleeves. Good work!!

    I wish that Kentucky would go back to the white helmet. The blue ones looks like the gazing ball in my grandmother’s back yard.

    The Florida helmet is a definite improvement.

    LSU, Tennessee and Arkansas….no!, No!!, NO!!!

    The compression shirt stripes is just another thing for the college football player to fuck up and do something stupid that screams more of “Look at me!…Look at ME!!!”


    Go Bucs.

    Hey, I have a couple pro combats with this template! I did a Redskins, Seahawks, Vikings, and Bills. I also have 2D’s of them (the 3D “pro combat” stuff is really just a 3D representation of my 2D concepts/ tweaks for just everyday uniforms… but with a nike template). I think they are actually pretty good! How do I send them in?? Last time, nobody responded…

    see the spot in the “Uni Tweaks” section where it says “If you have a tweak, change or concept for any sport, send them my way“?

    that’s usually how people do it…sometimes people send them to paul (look under the CONTACT tab at the top of this page) who forwards them to me

    I can’t find any tweak I dislike. All so awesome. I like John Lemein’s update to the old Bears logo. The Bears should consider using an updated version of that.

    Also– since I’ve been away for a while and I can’t read all the comments from the last week– does anyone think that Nike chose the color for the Knighty Ducks of Oregon bowl unis because it’s somewhere between green AND gold?

    Thanks, that’s a good theory too (and possibly more correct). Not really digging the idea of Kobe wearing green shoes on Christmas. Those might work on the Bucks or Celtics… MAYBE.

    Lance, I need to find the program you used for these tweaks. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

    The Denver Broncos tweak with the white pants is a major upgrade from what they wear now. I would love for them to make the switch from blue to orange. I heard that McD was thinking about making that change but sadly don’t know the status of that now that he is gone.

    It’s Tebow Time!

    Great job, Lance. I usually skip over the tweaks, since I know what I like. Loved the huge Hog logo, and I agree that the current Gamecock unis suck. Loved the stripes on the undershirts, and how the undershirt color matched the pants. We’re not in complete agreement, but definitely the same page.

    Wow some of the SEC tweaks are great (Auburn, Georgia, Miss St, Ole Miss) but some are just horrible (Arkansas, LSU, Vandy, South Carolina). If you thought the current Arkansas unis screamed WAC then the tweaked unis scream Sun Belt! As an Arkansas alum and die hard fan, please don’t touch the helmet. I’m all for tweaks to the unis but our helmet is gorgeous! A red outline on a plain white helmet? I about shit my pants. And the LSU tweak makes them look like McNeese State and Vandy is now officially Georgia Tech. Good work but just a little over the top for my young taste.

    Not a Razorbacks fan (except in the Sugar Bowl), but I agree that the current helmet is fantastic. And I agree that the rest of the tweak is really good.

    Austin Collie is wearing a dark tinted visor in warm ups. I have not noticed this before. Especially strange because we are indoors and it is overcast in Indianapolis.

    While I liked a lot of Lance’s tweaks, I must register my main bone of contention.

    “My only problem with the Ole Miss look is the single red stripe on a navy background. I don’t like it on the Giants, and like it less on the Rebels. Red and Navy go together like peanuts and gum…”

    As a strong defender of the Giants’ uniform, I love the single red stripe going head on against the blue background. In the Giants’ case, the blue is not navy but royal. Even if it were navy, like with Ole Miss, the analogy strikes me as rather forced. There is absolutely nothing wrong with pairing red with navy.

    Loving that NU unitweak from Lemein! I can’t stand the black and we all love the Purple. I hope Adidas can do that for us!

    Fun entry today with lots of good ideas, twist on some favorites, etc., etc. But John Lemein really nailed it with that Northwestern set. Bingo. The Wildcats can’t change to that soon enough! Well done. link

    Redskins in the white pants today – they can’t get anything right. I’ve never liked the two stripe look, but what makes the Skins whites especially visually unappealing is that yellow stripe bordering directly with white. Not nearly enough contrast there. Switch to the yellow pants full time already!

    I was happy to see the ‘Skins back in white pants. That’s the way they are supposed to look when they’re playing in Dallas.

    FOX is doing this stupid Soundtrack crap after every freaking play in the Panthers-Cardinals game. They have managed to make an awful game even more unwatchable… They are actually drowning out the fans (those that are there) after scoring plays so we can hear their music that starts up the second the ball crosses the goalline or uprights.


    Those SEC tweaks were bomb! I especially love how you were able to switch out the Nike logo for Adidas or Under Armor on the schools where they weren’t Nike. It just made them look even more real.

    With the Northwestern Tweak, where can I get a psd of that template? I like the one posted above, but i’d also like to play with a larger helmet image.

    thanks if anyone can help..

    Newest Padre Orlando Hudson link, Facebook and personal website backgrounds to depict him in action as a Friar. However, in the hasty Photoshop-job, whoever altered it kept the Twins’ placket piping and merely changed the color from red to sand. The Padres do not have placket piping.
    Also, “O-Dawg” kept his personal logo which features the number 1. Everth Cabrera has worn 1 in San Diego for the past two seasons- I can only imagine that Everth will be wearing a new digit in 2011 (or, more likely, still wearing 1- only wearing it in Tuscon).

    Just amazing Eagles win today. I think that Vick is without question the front-runner for MVP. Deservedly so.

    And Tom Coughlin? TOTALLY BUSH LEAGUE for chewing out the punter in front of the fans and on live TV, on the field. You want to yell at him in your office, go ahead. But to embarrass him like that and show him up that way—–classless. Period.

    you’d feel a bit differently if the g-men were your team

    i hope his locker was already cleaned out before he got to it

    i SAW the fumble (or what eagle fans call the “miracle at the meadowlands”) and this was an even WORSE defeat

    coughlin wasn’t classless … of course it wasn’t all dodge’s fault either…but that finish is the sort of shit that gets head coaches, special teams’ coaches, and punters fired…and rightly so

    i have never been more disgusted with the giants than i am today

    Sorry Phil, I disagree. The coach can be as mad as he wants, but don’t dress down someone like that on the field. That’s handled behind closed doors.

    disagree all you want brinke…we’ll differ on this one

    and there are cameras everywhere, all the time…someone would have caught coughlin giving him the riot act, whether it be on the field or the locker room

    i was watching this one with my pop — and before he even punted i said, i hope we win the toss (in OT — as there were 12 seconds, or perhaps 14, i believe they reset the clock), because there’s no way vick can score in one play…and in the same breath i said “as long as he kicks it out of bounds”

    you can be pretty sure the last instruction dodge got before he ran on the field was “kick it away from jackson” (or words to that effect)…he knew damn well that was ALL he was asked to do (other than not let the snap go over his head)

    whether it was inexperience, incompetence or just a bad kick…he didn’t follow instructions — and he deserved to be chewed out right then and there…hell, jim vilk could have kicked the ball out of bounds…in fact, i’d rather have him on the kicking squad next week before i want this fuckin guy back

    coughlin had every right to ball him out then and there…hell, if he’d pulled a woody hayes, i wouldn’t have blamed him…he probably cost himself, and coughlin, their jobs

    And to think Rex Ryan was supposed to be the classless New York coach. How about blaming your defense for the loss and not a punter.

    plenty of blame to go around yes

    but all dodge has to do is kick the fucking ball out of bounds

    you NEVER EVER kick directly to the most dangerous return man in all of football

    im still in disbelief even now

    You can kick directly to him — as long as you hang it up there and give your coverage team time to get into position. But I hear what you’re saying.

    The dude kicked a line drive. What’s the hang time on that? 2 seconds? Yeah, it was a high snap but there was still plenty of time to recover and get a good kick away.

    Hell, even a link in that situation would have been forgivable. Gift-wrapping one like that is not.

    you NEVER EVER kick directly to the most dangerous return man in all of football

    Since when does Devin Hester play for Philadelphia? But your point is well taken — Jackson is a brilliant returner, and should never have gotten a line drive kicked right to him.

    Very entertaining, Lance, best Uni-Watch post (to me) in a while.

    But Ole Miss patterned their school colors after Yale and Harvard (Navy and Crimson are the official colors), before the Civil War was fought. I know it’s easy to perpetuate stereotypes, and Ole Miss has always been an easy target for the ill-informed.

    Thank you for being a proponent of having the shoulder stripes go all the way around. LSU’s have gone only halfway for years, but it’s a relatively new phenomenon at Ole Miss, and it’s aggravating.

    Again, very fun article.

    AWESOME for ARKANSAS!!!! Send it to Jeff Long. My favorite is the White helmet with the BIG RED OUTLINE of the Hog. It never seemed to work as just a reverse. Also the RED pants which I normally hate are EXACTLY what the white helmet needs to make it pop. GREAT WORK

    This is the most comprehensive and well written material I have come across on this subject, You are provided an incredibly important service writingthese types of articles.

    Actually, Ole Miss didn’t choose their colors before the Civil War was fought. They chose them in 1893, when they fielded their first football team. But unless they just made up this story, Lance is wrong about the origin of the colors:

    “In 1893, when Ole Miss’ first football team was in training for a five-game season, Dr. A.L. Bondurant, organizer and manager-coach, later recalled that “The team had much discussion as to the colors that should be adopted, but it was finally suggested by the manager that the union of the Crimson of Harvard and the Navy Blue of Yale would be very harmonious, and that it was well to have the spirit of both of these good colleges.” These were adopted as the football colors, and have since been adopted by the University as its athletic colors. The PMS numbers for the Ole Miss red and blue are as follows: Red 199, Blue 280 or Reflex Blue.”

    I apologize for getting the Ole Miss color story wrong, and for furthering a misconception. I just assumed the colors were chosen to match the flag the Reb always held. Oh well, I promise I won’t make that mistake again. And thanks for the positive feedback on the designs, even though I totally screwed up the back story.

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