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NFL Color vs. Color — Part III: A Modest Proposal

Color vs Color III splash

By Phil Hecken, with “THE Jeff” Provo

Back again today with THE Jeff as we take one (hopefully) final look at color vs. color in the NFL. The first article of the series looked at past teams who’ve played in color vs. color, while the second article looked at possible future uses of color vs. color for teams wearing their current uniform selections.

With Nike taking over the NFL uniform contract beginning in April 2012, we would assume there might be some uniform changes in the works (although, unlike the colleges, swooshie will hold far less sway over possible changes). With the recent reaffirmation that the NFL does allow color vs. color games (with the permission of the Commissioner), THE Jeff, who is the major proponent of color vs. color on Uni Watch, wanted to further explore the possibilies.

Now, while I do support a very limited use of color vs. color, I’m not sure I’m in total agreement with what you’re about to see. The reason is it would require the creation of new jersey colors. However, I would certainly look upon this proposal more favorably if it were to be enacted along the lines of what THE Jeff has proposed — that is — for teams whose *official* colors clearly don’t include white, allow them to substitute a light colored jersey in place of their current white one. This way, no new jerseys are needed — simply a swap of the current *mandatory* white jersey for an acceptably light-colored alternative.

Here’s THE Jeff:

As the resident color-on-color advocate, I thought I should say something for today’s post – but there’s really not much left to say. I think both the pros and cons of color vs color have been addressed fairly well over the past couple weeks, and at this point you’re either with me or you’re with the terrorists not. Essentially what today’s concepts represent is the idea of “no team forced to wear white” taken to its ultimate conclusion. Last week we tried to limit the teams to using jerseys that actually existed, and while there were many combinations that work – there are some that don’t. No one wants to see black vs navy or red vs orange.

Today’s concepts introduce a whole batch of new alternates using lighter colors to replace white. Basically these serve 2 possible purposes — either as a solution to those unplayable matchups, or as simply a different way to approach color vs color. As an example, last week featured a red vs black 49ers/Raiders matchup. With today’s ideas, that game could be played as red vs silver or black vs gold instead.

Now then… on to the pictures!

Thank you THE. Between us, we identified about half the teams in the league as candidates for “light” jerseys. This is not to say that all, or even a handful, could or should adopt them. We’re simply saying that as the Rams, the Saints and the Patriots have already shown, the contrast between the two jerseys is more than sufficient.

With this in mind, we’ve prepared the following “possibilities” for your consideration. Some would work much better than others — some are probably awful — some are pretty good. Keep in mind, there is historical precedent for some of these. Not only have the Packers worn monochrome green in their past, they’ve also gone gold-monochrome, as well as mixing tops and bottoms. Granted, this was long ago and probably didn’t look great (unless it was green over gold), but it has happened.

We’ve identified the candidates for a “light” jersey to replace the white by breaking them down into two categories: gold/yellow and silver/gray. Clearly, some will be “more palatable” than others; some might look terrible if the team only has one pair of colored pants (causing the dreaded monochrome look). In such cases, we’ve altered the pants to give two perspectives.


Rams: One obvious candidate. They could use their current vegas gold and pair it with either the white or the navy pants. They could also bring back their old school yellow, which they resurrected for the 1994 75th Anniversary games, which would work very well.

Steelers: The first of the “one color pants” teams. Giving them a gold jersey probably won’t fly with the gold pants. That would likely necessitate the addition of black pants in order to make the combo palatable. However, the Steelers are black and gold, no?

Packers: Another team for whom one set of pants is all they have (or need). But, a gold/yellow jersey does look right. Logistically, however, and historical precedent notwithstanding, a monochrome gold outfit is just too much gold. Adding green pants is an option. You do run the risk of turning the Packers into the Edmonton Eskimos with that however.

Chiefs: I don’t really consider the Chiefs a “red and gold” team (not in the way the Pack is green and gold or the Steelers are black and gold), but they do have gold in their color scheme. Still, you’d have to at least consider the Chiefs with a gold jersey in THE Jeff’s world (or at least against the Raiders).

Redskins: Unlike the Chiefs, the Redskins already have a pair of gold (and white, and burgundy) pants, so the Redskins in Gold is not a terrible option.

Vikings: OK, moving from the ridiculous to the sublime here, but how much worse could the Vikings look if you took away their white jersey and substituted a gold one? The answer: even worse than you feared.

Chargers: The bolts definitely have yellow in their color scheme. THE Jeff thinks either gold or powder blue are viable alternatives to white (of course that shows them with a blue helmet). They’d definitely need to ditch their current helmet if they were to make the gold jersey work.

Saints: Easily a team for whom the light jersey could work (as they proved in 2002 when they wore gold for one game against the Vikings). In fact, aside from the Rams, I would say the Saints could make the gold jersey a signature look. THE Jeff even likes the monochrome gold.

49ers: Once again, we have a team with pants in only one color. So adding a gold jersey without adding new pants yields the dreaded monochrome beast. Still, adding red pants isn’t really an option, is it?


Moving onto the gray/silver teams, there are a few viable options, and some probably not so much.

Patriots: They’ve already showed their silver alt will work. Personally, I hate the current uniform and don’t think the silver improves it any. However, in THE Jeff’s world, it would be just fine.

Raiders: Moving on to THE Jeff’s favorite team, he’d prefer to keep the black and silver, well, in black and silver, especially for those intradivisional rivalries. I’d agree that those are certainly Raider colors, but black pants, something not an option in the Raider uniform locker, are probably necessary.

Lions: They probably don’t need a silver alt, but here’s one anyway.

Cowboys: They’d never wear one, since white jerseys are their identity, but it would at least give them the excuse they need to fix the different hues of blue/green/silver that don’t match. That wouldn’t be bad, right?

Panthers: Although they currently have two pairs of pants, silver and white, neither would look good with a silver jersey would they? I didn’t think so. But THE Jeff’s made a pretty convincing case with that mock. Personally, I’d rather they ditch the silver altogether and stick with the white/white, and go with their “Carolina” blue over white pants the rest of the time.

Giants: Yeah, right. Well, just for shits & giggles, with blue socks or with red socks, it doesn’t work.


This concludes the “color vs. color” series. Unlike THE Jeff, I don’t terribly mind white jerseys, although I will admit that a few of the teams (like the Rams, Saints and possibly the Raiders) could pull off the “white for color” swap.

If the NFL were to permit more color vs. color, I’d prefer they do it the way it was explored last week — by simply allowing teams to wear their “standard” color jersey against another standard color jersey, so long as the contrast is sufficient. I’d also only like it in very limited instances. THE Jeff, well, he’d pretty much like to have every game color vs. color and eliminate all white jerseys entirely.

I would be on board for the two or three teams who could probably pull off the color swap for doing it — but I’m totally opposed to having teams, even those like the Steelers and Packers who probably don’t belong in white, but whose uniforms are total NFL classics now, from introducing a light colored jersey to replace the white.

What say you all? Does THE Jeff’s “white swap” idea have merit? Or would the “regular” color vs. color be more viable. Of course, there will always be those who will always want one team in white tops, and that’s fine too. We’re just exploring some options. The floor is yours.


colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

Last weekend, reader Paul Bielewicz provided four great photos — Powell (1961), Musial (1941), Redwings (1932), and Mize (1933), all shots of the Rochester Red Wings of varying years.

I wasn’t certain what kind of response I’d get, but it was great.

George Chilvers wrote, “Hello chaps. Greetings from a very cold England (again). Hope you like these.” and sent along these colorizations of Boog Powell and Johnny Mize.

Michael Ferry checked in with this:

Hi Phil,

As always, many thanks — with the holidays was a bit busy, but wanted to get at least these two to you. I saw in today’s post that you’ve got other submissions, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing them.

If I can make some time, I’ll try to work on the other two as well.


Michael Ferry

Michael colorized Boog Powell and Stan Musial. (He also checked back in with Johnny Mize and the 1932 Red Wings, and that was a difficult one due to the quality of the newsprint.)

Chris Bieniek was kind enough to respond as well:

Hi, Phil:

I enjoy reading the Uni Watch blog and I wanted to do something to give back. Here’s my attempt at colorizing Boog Powell. Hope you like

– Chris Bieniek
Chicago, IL

Chris took on Boog Powell as well.

• Finally, Dylan Buell answered the call with these:

Hey Phil. Here’s the Red Wings recolors.


I couldn’t finish the last one due to its poor picture quality.

Speaking of colorizing, check this out.

Simply amazing. My family just bought the version on Blue Ray. Can’t wait to get back home to watch.


Dylan Buell

Great job fellows. And finally, I got one late Bronko Nagurski submission (which was from the week previous to last) from Ian Carr. Ian didn’t realize I’d be taking the Friday post, so, better late than never, here is his Bronko Nagruski effort.


Really nice effort on all fronts. I particularly enjoyed the Boog Powell shots. Speaking of that b&w, Paul Bilewicz actually sent me a follow up note on that:


Thanks for posting those Red Wings images on Uni Watch! Terry Proctor pointed out one minor inaccuracy in my color description — in the Boog Powell photo (1961), the batting helmet should be navy with a red brim. My original note said it was all navy. I don’t know if it’s too late to make that correction, but I figured I’d give it a try. Thanks again!

— Paul

Since I didn’t know ahead of time who’d be participating, I didn’t get to any of the colorizers before they sent in their pics. I don’t know how easy it would be to make those corrections, but if anyone wants to resubmit the Powell (or if anyone else wants to take a shot at it), please feel free to do so. All submissions can be sent to me. Please indicate somewhere in the subject line: “colorization”. Thanks.


For next week, I had originally thought about this pic of Johnny McNally, in honor of today’s Green Bay Packer throwback game, but it’s not terribly hi-res and I had partially colorized it myself. But if anyone wants to give that one a shot, feel free.

Instead, I found this tremendous shot of Al Bridwell & Jimmy Archer. That comes from Shorpy, and the description is as follows: “Al Bridwell and Jimmy Archer of the Chicago Cubs. July 21, 1913. View full size. 5×7 glass negative. George Grantham Bain Collection.” According to baseball uniform historian Marcus Okkonen, in 1913, the Cubs unis would have looked like this. So, what say we give this one a try for next weekend. OK? OK!

Thanks again to all the colorizers, and if you find a hi-res shot that’s just crying out for colorization, send me an E-mail and I’ll post it in the future.



Trackin’ the Ducks

UW #1 Seahawks Fan Michael Princip has been tracking the Oregon Ducks and all of their 2,456 possible uniform combinations this season. He’ll be updating it after each game.

12-0 — the perfect season and a trip to the BCS game in Glendale. It couldn’t end any better for the Ducks unless they win their 13th game. But that’s a month or so away, so today, Mike is just going to relish the beatdown delivered by the Ducks over the Beavers in yesterday’s Civil War. Here’s Mike:

Some observations from yesterday’s ‘Civil War’ game, both teams looked great in their Nike designed unique threads and gear. I really thought the Beavers looked pretty cool in their matte black lids, and bright orange kicks. The Ducks answered back with the neutral gray faux carbon silver kicks. As suspected, the white ‘O’ decal looks much better on the carbon helmets than the yellow ‘O’. Just a great game to watch uni wise. The Ducks prevailed and looked sharp winning the day, albeit no school colors in their ensemble, yet I could only imagine what they could have worn, so I took the liberty of coming up with some throwback mocks.

Now, if only the Seahawks could go back to using some silver in their uniforms…sigh.

Here is your 2010 Duck Tracker.


vilk 5 & 1-B

5 & 1

And now, the part of the post you’ve all been waiting for: The 5 & 1.

We had less than a full slate of games yesterday, so Jim had slimmer pickin’s than usual. Now, I never read his choices before I post them, so I’m not operating on any insider knowledge when I say what I’m about to say. Two predictions: One, despite being one of the greatest looking college games in recent memory, Jim won’t pick the Civil War as one of his top 5 games; Two, UCLA/USC will be #1.

Will I be right? Let’s find out. Here’s Jim:


5. Nevada/La. Tech — A lot of mono white vs. mono color this weekend, including this one.

4. Oklahoma/Nebraska — Gonna miss this rivalry as much as I miss the wishbone.

3. Florida State/Virginia Tech — Best all-white uni I saw yesterday.

2. Troy/Florida Atlantic — Sooooooooo close to putting this in the #1 spot…

1. USC/UCLA — …but even with the UCLA “stripes” this color palette special is a winner.

And the bad one: Utah State/Boise State — I pity this photographer.


See? You can never understand the Mothervilker, but with patience and practice, you can anticipate his moves with reasonable precision. Of course, your REAL #1 was this gorgeous game. I just hope my BCS Bowl prognostications are as good as today’s 5 & 1.


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks

Lots and lots of tweaks keep pouring in, so obviously this is a popular feature. A bunch new to get to today. If you have a tweak, change or concept for any sport, send them my way.

Remember, if possible, try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per tweak. You guys have been great a keeping to that, and it’s much appreciated!

Now, on to today’s tweaks:


Starting off the show is Matt Locatelli, who was so taken in by THE Jeff’s recent “2+2+2” concepts that he added one of his own:


I loved Jeff Provo’s NFL concepts.

Attached please find a demonstration of my lack of self-restraint, artistic ability and decent graphics software. It’s a little tweak to Jeff’s Broncos concept. The change should be obvious. Feel free to share, though I would certainly understand if you don’t.

Have a great weekend! Thanks for everything you guys do on the site.

Matt L.


Next up is David Browning, who has a Texasenators concept:

Since the Texas Rangers 40th Anniversiary is comming up (in 2012) I figured I would jump the gun and create a uniform that harkens back to our days as the Washington Senators. First, due to the similarity to the Senators script logo, I used the 1984-1993 Rangers script logo and re-colored using the Sens colorscheme. Secondly, I went NNOB with just a basic number font to give it that retro feel. Finally, I went with the same basic font for the “T” on the hat.

Also as you can see I have included a simple 40th Anniversiary patch instead of the Texas flag, Included here in the second picture I have done the patch along with a secondary anniversiary logo with the ballpark as the backdrop. Hope the rest of the rest of the Uni-Watchers approve seeing as this is my first mock-up.


And closing down the show today is Andrew Lobeck who has some conceptualizations for the Bengals and the Broncos:

Broncos — I took away the ugly streak that runs down the side of the jersey and also added more alternate jerseys which play off the 1968-1996 jersey.

Bengals — I changed the sleeves on the current jerseys and also added a new alternate jersey which has a flat black helmet like Oregon.


–Andrew Lobeck

And that will do it for this week. Fear not, we’ll have more tweaks next weekend.


Wow. Big one today. In the league where they play for pay, three special uni’s will be worn — the Chargers will be breaking out their powder blues … the Buccaneers will be sporting their creamsickle orange, and in the biggun … the Packers will be donning their 1929 throwbacks. Sweet.


BCS Bowl Selection Predictions:

BCS Championship: Oregon vs. Auburn

Sugar Bowl: Arkansas vs. THE Ohio State University

Orange Bowl: Va Tech vs. Stanford

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Connecticut

Rose Bowl: Texas Christian vs. Wisconsin


Everyone have a fantastic Sunday.

Are you trying to figure out mothervilker again? Might as well try to push Mt. McKinley into the lower 48 states, as it would be easier. — Tod Hess

Comments (156)

    Hey, you forgot my completely unnecessary Eagles mockup.


    Honestly, I think the white probably works better with their current color scheme… and I’d rather see them in a lighter green anyway: link

    but still…

    “Now, if only the Seahawks could go back to using some silver in their uniforms…sigh.”

    Indeed: link

    …I don’t know why I do these things sometimes :(

    I totally agree on the Seahawks going back to silver. They looked so good in 1976 with the all-silver helmet (no logo) and the blue jersey and silver pants.

    One of the best uniforms in NFL history. I hated it in 1977 when they added the bird logo to their helmet.

    Yep. The only thing worse was when the Broncos changed the logos on their orange helmets from brown donkeys to white ones.

    Ha. There has never been photographic proof of the Broncos helmets. There are pictures of the Seahawks in an all-silver helmet. They looked beautiful.

    Umm, just where are these pictures of the Seahawks no-logo helmets? Here is a photo from their very first regular season game, I see logos.


    It’s a long running Topps football card caused thing.

    I’d be willing to bet that our scarlet canine friend wasn’t being entirely serious.

    The blank Seahawks helmet theory has been discredited. He’s just being a bad dog. **kicks the dog**

    I have a copy of the 1976 Seahawks NFL Films highlight program, Seattle always had the hawk on the helmet.


    Your link for the Edmonton Eskimos is the same picture as the link before and not the Eskimos

    Last night I was saying that I’m excited that we get a real national championship game this year. Two undefeated teams, definitely the best two in the nation this year. It’s going to be a great game. Unfortunately, the rest of the BCS games are going to suck. (At least according to the predictions.) Arkansas? UCONN? This is why we have the BCS system? These are good teams, not great teams. They have no business playing a week after New Years. And I know they’re a great team, but TCU in the Rose Bowl just seems like blasphemy to me.

    Sometimes it doesn’t seem right when the BCS messes with the Rose Bowl, but Texas/Michigan and Texas/USC were great matchups and great games. I think TCU/Wisconsin will be another. I’m looking forward to that one…although I’ll have to watch it on my computer.

    Forgot all about the bowl games switching to ESPN. The only ones I’ll get on regular TV are the Sun Bowl (actually my favorite, so that’s cool), the Outback Bowl and the Cotton Bowl.

    Anything that’s primarily the result of formulas and people’s opinions of teams isn’t a national championship, it’s just fun matchup.

    Basketball has a national championship. Football doesn’t.

    Yes, this is why we have the BCS. Because all it is really designed to do is:

    1) match 1 vs 2 (to the best of their ability, considering the vagaries of the BCS formula), and;

    2) give the BCS bowls that aren’t hosting the Championship game (this year, New Orleans, Miami, and Pasadena) the most TV-ratings-friendly matchups possible (with schools that bring lots of travelling fans getting preference).

    It’s not about getting “the best ten” teams in the country. If it were, you wouldn’t have the max of two schools per conference (which might be what keeps Ohio State out of one of those games).

    I hate dark helmet/light jersey/dark pants (unless the jersey is white). The darker helmet teams should wear white pants with the lighter jersey. The teams with lighter helmets, honestly, look better in monochrome. Not good, but better.

    I agree. It seems to be The Jeff doesn’t love color on color so much as hate white anywhere in the uniform. There’s just no need to put every team in colored pants.

    So, you want to add white pants for the Steelers, Packers, 49ers, Saints, Raiders, Lions,etc?

    Most of the teams that were posted today were already wearing colored pants. I suppose we could have done a couple teams in white pants instead of dark ones, but it was easier with the photoshopping to just leave them colored.

    No, I didn’t say everyone should have white pants. But the Chiefs, Steelers, Raiders, and 49’ers all wearing a light colored jersey with dark pants? They look like high school teams. If the 49’ers were to ever wear a gold jersey, it would look better with white pants.

    Speaking of which; when the Cowboys first altered their uniforms in the early 80s, they considered a silver-blue jersey to match the helmet and white pants. Ultimately they decided the silver-blue pants were an iconic look for them.

    Regarding the Vikings, I believe that white is listed along with purple and gold as an official color. (I wouldn’t care for the gold jersey anyway.) I gave a quick look at the team’s website this morning, but I couldn’t find it. The page on the Vikings at Wikipedia lists white as an official color. (I know, Wikipedia sometimes has its problems.) But I used to have several of those NFL guide publications, and it seems to me that white was always listed.

    You may be right… and to be honest, the Vikings are one team I’d actually leave with a white option. The yellow jersey was just done for the hell of it.

    That being said, there’s a difference between the fan perception of team colors and the “official” team colors. Damn near everyone lists white, if for no other reason than the fact that every team has a white jersey. I don’t know anyone who would actually say that the Pittsburgh Steelers are “black gold and white”, but that’s what wiki has listed for them.

    I agree. What I like is that Chris colorized the crowd. The Red box seat railing at Red Wing Stadium is spot-on. But even I can’t remember if the dugouts were Red or Dark Green. I know they weren’t Blue. If Chris could make the visor on Boog’s batting helmet Red then the uniform would be perfect.

    According to Paul Bielewicz’s research project on the history of the uniforms the Red Wings wore the Cardinal-style uniform with the over-the-shoulder braid from 1946-64. They wore the Red Cardinal-style hose through 1960. In 1961, the year Boog played for the Wings and the first year as an Oriole affiliate the Wings changed their accessories from Red-base to Navy-base. They kept the basic uniform for four more years.

    Rochester baseball has been very lucky to have had only three parent teams since 1928. The St. Louis Cardinals 1928-60, the Baltimore Orioles 1961-2001 and now the Minnesota Twins 2002-present. Three, count ’em, three! Some cities change affiliates like you change the channels on your TV. We in the Rochester area have been spoiled.

    Wow. Big one today. In the league where they play for pay, three special uni’s will be worn … the Buccaneers will be sporting their creamsickle orange, and in the biggun … the Packers will be donning their 1929 throwbacks. Sweet.

    And I get the Bears vs. the Lions. Nice (not).

    I’m with you. It’s fun to play around with the notion of color on color, but honestly, I look at those concepts and they don’t look as good as the white jersey. They just don’t.

    I don’t understand The Jeff’s disdain.

    But I respect it.

    A few of those look good, but the only yellow-over-red mockup I liked was the Redskins. It’s jarring when the red is that bright under a bright colored shirt.

    Also, I think Okkonen might be wrong about how dark the Cubs’ blue was. The color values between the photo and the illustration are noticeably different.

    “You do run the risk of turning the Packers into the Edmonton Eskimos with that however.”

    Why not? The Eskimos were turned into the Packers for years and years…it’s time to return the favor.

    While I’m reading the rest of today’s post, I wanted to say if I were to make a 5&1 list of the all-time ever greatest looking pro games, this one would be in the Top 5:

    Great job with the Red Wings colorizing guys!
    The Boog versions looked great. It really helps to start with a large photo..and then scale it down.

    Get rid of the white Chargers helmets? I think even with yellow jerseys, you could keep them.

    But if you insist, hows about giving them a powder blue helmet?

    There’s just something kinda wrong with the yellow jersey and white helmet, but the yellow was just for the hell of it anyway.

    I think they should just switch to the powder blue alt as their normal uniform, which they could then wear for damn near every game, and just break out the navy jerseys for the occasional road game at Detroit or Tennessee.

    Love the GB throwbacks. The coaches varsity jackets rock. I’m also glad it’s 53 in SF here instead of 25 there.

    By the way, honestly, I was going to give the Civil Disobedience an honorable mention…MAYBE a #5 showing on the list…until I saw the total lack of school colors on the Ducks. The Beavers looked fantastic, and if the Ducks had gone green/white/yellow or yellow/white/green I would have given them props on a slow weekend.

    On top of the usual all-white teams, I noticed a lot of others who wear colored pants – Rutgers, Pitt, UConn…hmm…all Big East teams – went all-white, too. That cost Pitt a spot on the list. The black/red/white on Cincy is the least objectionable look, and if Pitt would have worn blue or gold pants that game would have looked great in the snow.

    It was in consideration. Not crazy about UCF’s wraparound striping, but they still almost made it.

    When I turned on the Civil War game yesterday, the first thing I thought was “hey, it’s the Oregon Raiders”. That’s not a good thing.

    At Lambeau Field, you will notice that the South half of the field is nice and green, and the North half is a little brown. This is a direct result of the testing the grounds crew are doing with the European heating lamps. I guess they work.

    Those Packer throwbacks and Harvard make me think there need to be more tan football pants.

    Now, when a team goes totally retro, are those new helmets?
    In other words, GB has two sets of helmets. Or do they strip the current ones and repaint, which seems like a ton of work.

    Dan Dierdorf doing the Browns Dolphins game just said after a Packers highlight. Those may be the worst looking uniforms ever.

    Whenever teams wear very old throwbacks announcers think they must call them ugly or worst ever???

    haha Yep that was one that came to my mind when I posted that. Seems like all talking heads have to say how ugly those Eagles throwbacks were.

    OK, the thing is that Dierdorf’s right. They are ugly. In fact, all of the unis mentioned so far in this thread are ugly.

    HOWEVER, just because something’s ugly doesn’t necessarily make it bad. There is good ugly and there is bad ugly. These all fall into the “good” category.

    Huh? I consider all “ugly” as bad. You are welcome to prove me wrong, but I believe Bad and Ugly are interchangable when talking uniforms.

    Also, A good uni could be worn Bad thus making it Ugly. An Ugly uniform can’t be worn good. It’s just Ugly. That being said, the Pack looked good. And Dierdorf is a nimrod.

    George Chilvers. How long did it take you ot do that Boog Powel colorization? Great job doing the fans in the background is why I asked.

    I never get my stuff posted, so I have a mockup for the Panthers (link).

    I think that white pants for away isn’t a good idea, so I made them have gray/silver pants. Then, I added black pants. I tried it out for the home black jersey, and liked it (even though it may be BFBS). I don’t think black pants will work for the light blues though. Thoughts?

    i try to run the tweaks as they come in

    i just this second, in going back, realized i didn’t run any tweaks last sunday, although i had the section all prepared — your colts tweak was in that … shit

    in fact, i have written down that that set had mike andrews, dustin smith and kyle allenbach; i can’t believe i forgot to put that in last sunday’s post; good thing you said something or i would have totally spaced — will run that next weekend

    JimVilk. When I saw part of USC UCLA last night I guessed that would be #1. That is a great looking game. Too bad more colleges do not do the color on color.

    Bad thing about the USC UCLA game is that annoying as hell voiced Petros Papadakis. He is just too hard to listen to.

    ESPN Classic had the 1975 Ohio State-UCLA color on color regular season game the other night. I like seeing those old dungard style facemasks from that era, and not seeing spread offenses.

    I caught a bit of that too. And yes color on color. But Ohio State had those odd mesh or see through plain jerseys that the wore in hot weather games. Was never a fan of those.

    Hi guys.

    I if you haven’t already covered this previously, I hope you noticed that the OSU’s nike unis are utilizing that sleeve stripe solution you worked up all those months ago.


    that’s kinda cool. wouldn’t it be nice if some of that made it to the NFL?

    watching the 49ers Acme Packers game, a the thigh pads on a couple of the niners O-linemen are like nothing i’ve ever seen before, they seem to be like big padded donuts that they wear like garters. is this new? sorry i don’t have a screen cap.

    The shoulder stripes on the Colts DB #41 look like two little white slash marks on the very top of his pads. Gotta get a screen shot for PL.

    Count me as one that likes the color vs color but only on special occasions like the Thanksgiving games. That being said as a Falcons fan I love the current logo but hate the clown suits that have come with it. They did finally add black pants so that’s a plus but after decades of wearing shades of gray and silver in the uniform with it missing from the logo I was very disappointed to see along with the black pants they went in the direction of 2 different white pants instead of a silver or gray pair. But since it’s in their uniform history in the past and in the current logo what about the Falcons in a gray top/black pants look? Maybe something like New England’s? As long as it never sees the field. And it couldn’t look any worse than the Vikings in yellow.

    Regardless of how good the Bucs’ throwback uniforms look, I CANNOT STAND screenprinted graphics on a sports uniform. I don’t mind it on a T-shirt because your embellishment options are limited, and I know that the Buccaneers used screenprinted numbers on the genuine articles back in the day, but still, on a jersey, it’s just wrong.

    And BTW, doesn’t the NFL mandate tackle-twill numbers for all prmary home and road jerseys? Did Tampa Bay get special permission to use gawdy printed graphics, or is it a money issue, or what?

    I’m wondering the same. The look doesn’t bother me (at least for one game), but I thought it was against NFL rules?

    I know of no such tackle twill requirement. Frankly, given the endless push toward lighter/faster/etc., I think we may soon be seeing more printed or sublimated graphics on jerseys. Looks like shit, I agree, but that’s nobody’s priority these days except ours.

    I’m glad that the broadcaster (sp?) explained why VT brought ’em out, but another one of my uni-pet peeves (besides screenprinted graphics *cough, Buccaneers*) is when broadcasters say that teams are wearing special JERSEYS instead of special UNIFORMS.

    What, the pants/shorts, socks, ect. don’t count as part of the uniform?

    What if the NFL went color vs. Color for intra-divisional games? I’m thinking AFC west in my head, and all the games would be cool. Raiders almost always wear black, Chiefs in red, and Chargers in powders. Broncos can go orange for two of the three, and then wear blue against KC.

    just got in…long day mostly spent in the hospital with pop

    didn’t see one second of the packer game, although i did get to watch a decent amount of the giants game with my dad, and that was good enough for me…


    going thru the comments, i wanted to say, in no particular order…

    “bad dog” …

    the current BCS set up sucks; we’ll never know if tcu is better than oregon or auburn — i say we return to the way it was OR…we get a playoff…but it aint workin the way it is now…

    i don’t normally comment on the skill of the tweakers or colorizers, but George Chilvers with this and Chris Bieniek with this kicked some serious colorizing ass…

    i love the mothervilker, but he still doesn’t *get it* when it comes to oregon…in his quest to uphold seemingly contradictory, if not arbitrary, standards, he misses one of the best looking games of the year…

    dan dierdorf really needs to consider calling it a career…

    and finally, with regard to the “non white” jerseys, another reason, with the exception of the rams yellow, i avoided putting (or keeping) white pants on teams because THE jeff’s entire point was to eliminate white on unis

    i’ve actually (just screwing around), mocked up the steelers in white pants, the packers in white pants (as well as edmonton eskimo mono), as well as the giants in white pants and the cowpokes in white trou

    i have to honestly say, i’d rather see any of those teams go to white pants before they more to a color jersey

    the “nonwhite” jersey treatment today was more of a “this probably won’t work but lets just see how it might look” than anything else — kind of like the monochrome in baseball

    i hope everyone’s day was good


    Sorry about hearing about your pop in the hospital, and I missed the Packer throwback game too…

    PS: Packers with white pants/green mono looks good for them. Nice edit :]

    Almost looks like a throwback to the first season in Baltimore, the only year they wore black pants at home (consistently, at least).

    I turned on the TV and thought the Ravens were preparing for a performance of “Swan Lake.”

    But of course I was wrong. It’s December. They’re performing the Nutcracker. Big Ben had better watch out.

    OHHHH…one last thing — while watching the giants today, my dad (proving once again, where my UWing comes from), said “the redskins look stupid in those yellow pants” to which i said, “well you know they wore them for a long time 30 years ago”…he replied, “yes, but they look stupid with the white tops. they should wear them with the maroon (sic) tops, and their maroon pants with the white tops”

    i teared up today for many reasons, but that one was the best

    wiki says it better than i can:

    “Latin word meaning “thus,” “so,” “as such,” or “in such a manner.” It is used when writing quoted material to indicate that an incorrect or unusual spelling, phrase, punctuation or meaning in the quote has been reproduced verbatim from the original and is not a transcription error (i.e. it appeared thus in the original). It is normally placed within the quoted material, in square brackets and often italicized–[sic]. Alternatively it can appear after the quote in parentheses (round brackets)–(sic).[1] Where the quoted material is a known error, and the correct word or phrase is known, it may be included, preceded by recte, Latin for “rightly”; this is common in palaeography.”

    he meant to say burgundy…not “maroon” but i used his quote as he said it, even though its meaning was not technically correct

    OOOOHHHHHHHH… I get it, like:

    Broadcaster: “The Virginia Tech Men’s Basketball team is wearing special jerseys (sic) as a tribute to their Corp of Cadets.”

    The brodcaster (at least in my opinion) meant to say special UNIFORMS, instead of “jerseys”, because there’s more to a basketball uni than just the jersey ;)

    Not strictly uni-related, but…. Is anyone else puzzled by the use of “I Hate Myself for Loving You” as the template for Faith Hill’s Sunday Night Football theme song? (I’m also puzzled by the notion that Faith Hill is either talented or attractive, but that’s another story.)

    “I Hate Myself…” was a #8 hit for Joan Jett — in 1988. It’s not her signature song, or anything close to it, and it was from an album (Up Your Alley) that barely cracked the top 20. A hit, yes, but hardly iconic, and a lot of today’s young NFL fans weren’t even born yet when it was released.

    More to the point, its lyrical content is all about a guilty, self-loathing pleasure — it’s a dark song. Not dark like “Enter Sandman” or “Hell’s Bells,” but dark in that troubling, introspective way. And that is NOT the way sports leagues typically market themselves. If the NFL was gonna write itself a theme song, it would more likely be titled, “I *Love* Myself for Loving You.”

    I can’t stand “All My Rowdy Friends…,” but at least it MAKES FUCKING SENSE. I totally don’t get the use of “I Hate Myself…” Anyone else?

    You mean they still use that song?

    Don’t watch SNF anymore, but yeah, I was always slightly puzzled by the use of that melody. Didn’t they have Pink or someone else sing the theme song before Faith Hill?

    Oh come now…what’s wrong with the original MNF theme? That was awesome.
    The old CBS NFL Today music was cool, along with this:

    I am partial to “Autumn Wind” and I am not even a Raider fan.

    I am so partial to it that its my ring tone.

    @ silver creek doug…

    yep…that’s my second favorite

    i just need a john facenda overdub and all is (almost) right with the world

    Being born in 1991, I always assumed that it was SNF’s country-fied, half-assed (but up until now, original) theme song. Something always bothered me about that song, like it’s got this aura of smugness to it, if that makes any sense. That look on Faith Hill’s face doesn’t help, either.

    Yes, very dumb. To me the dummmmmest is that cowboy wrap band that does the ESPN gameday intro thing with the guy in the tophat and the other rediculous creatures in that premeditated pop country wrap totally fabricated mess of a band. Vommit on stage.

    I don’t think they use any of the actual lyrics from the Joan Jett song? Instead, they’ve replaced the lyrics with completely inane stupid lyrics pertaining to “Sunday Night Football on NBC……with Al and Chris….blah blah….” It’s really horrible how they polished a piece of turd with that theme song. For a good laugh, take a look at the spoof SNL and Jane Lynch did with that theme song.


    do the stillers have a linebacker playing center? (watching the game with the mute on)

    Not really uniform related, but Tiger put a new putter into his bag at the Australian Masters, used it this week, and looks like he will be using it for the long haul. His new flat stick is a Nike Method 003. Tiger had used a Scotty Cameron (Titleist) putter for almost his entire career.


    I think, the NFL should have a throwback weekend, where every team wears a throwback uniform, so I can see the kelly green Eagles face a team like the Redskins with gold pants, or the silver Seahawks in any game.

    It would make more sense than what they had today. The Bucs would have looked even more awesome if the Falcons played along, and the Packers would have looked less goofy playing an older franchise in equally old-looking unis.

    Has anyone explored the total meltdown of the UCLA stripes? There are several different mutated versions out there now. We have the original of course that looks great – old colts and UCLA, etc. There is the current truncated version that looks like total ass. Then there is the Chargers who used to have shoulder loops but now are much more horizontal that look about as good as any of them do these days. And finally there are the Panthers that always seem to have some kind of funny misdirection going on that is just as bad as truncation. link

    From what I gather it must be easier to master that Diff EQ class I had in college than to make a shoulder loop actually go all the way around.

    Oh, and the superstretchy hashmarks on the current colts blouse. Didn’t think it could get worse….but I stand corrected.

    Not sure if this has been mentioned already, but did anyone else notice the logo on Oregon’s helmets yesterday? Earlier this season the “O” was yellow, but yesterday it was white. Makes sense, since there is yellow nowhere else on that uniform, but still interesting.

    don’t think it was mentioned today, but when they first introduced the carbon helmet (waaaaaaayyyy back last season) they actually had a yellow “O” on one side and a white “O” on the other — so they simply swap out the decals depending on the look they want

    prior to yesterday, they’d only worn the carbon helmet once, and that was with the yellow O

    yesterday, the second time ever wearing the carbon, featured the white O

    I’m sitting here watching sunday night football and noticed that Pittsburgh DE Brett Keisel is wearing a riddell revolution speed helmet but he’s not using a riddell revolution speed face mask. Dose anyone else do this with the riddell speed helmet?



    I don’t understand why so many want to see the G-Men go back to white pants. The grey looks a lot more “smash mouth”… fact…I don’t think that grey jersey looks that bad…. I may even like it….

    I always liked the Taylor-Simms-Parcells vintage Giants uniforms, even the written logo and the darker helmets, though the color mismatch was disconcerting. I don’t hate the current unis, but I wouldn’t mind a move back to the old style.

    I have it on very good authority that Oregon will be wearing new yellow uniform in the National Championship… here is a link to what their uniform will look like:


    That can’t possibly be true!!! Are you honestly suggesting that the Ducks would actually wear their own team colors?!?

    From yesterday’s post – There appears to be only half a Duck in this photograph

    And LA Tech’s endzones have better-looking UCLA stripes than UCLA’s jerseys
    link (best pic I could find, but you get the idea)

    Hey THE Jeff, did you know that Carolina actually WAS thinking about going to a silver design at one point? They actually produced some some of them, and I picked up a silver #48 Stephen Davis. I think it had something to do with the whole Raiders uni lawsuit thing, but I haven’t been able to find out much information regarding them. If anyone knows anything else, let me know!

    Honestly, I love the color vs. color idea and the no-white-jersey idea. The Steelers look great in the gold over black set from the article so I can not complain there either. As much as Dallas has tried to make a white jersey “standard” for them I think the only need dark blue and silver as their choices. The 42 different colors that they claim as their “team colors” need to be paired down like the rest of the teams.
    History has already shown that there is really no reason to keep all the uniforms the same. Very few teams have kept the exact same look over the years. “Home” (dark color) uniforms can be kept rather close to how they are now and the “away” (light color) uniforms can be changed however they need to be.
    No one is complaining now about the major uniform changes that occurred with the Patriots and the Buccaneers all those years ago.

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