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Monday Morning Uni Watch

I spent most of the weekend washing and installing storm windows at a friend’s old house in the Hudson Valley but managed to sneak a peek at some football action here and there. Among the highlights:

• Sweetest NFL look of the day: The Redskins in gold pants and white jerseys. First time this . . . → Read More: Monday Morning Uni Watch

NFL Color vs. Color - Part I

By Phil Hecken (with tremendous assistance from Tim Brulia)

During the past week or so, there has been some discussion in the comments section regarding the NFL’s official rules for team colors as they relate to jerseys. After The Jeff’s contribution to last Sunday’s post, the conversation ratcheted up to whether or not color . . . → Read More: NFL Color vs. Color – Part I

Wrigley Rules! er...Wrigley Rules?

By Phil Hecken, with additional commentary by James Huening

Just in case you hadn’t yet heard, there will be a football game played today at historic Wrigley Field — the first football game at Wrigley since 1970, when the Bears last played there, and the first time in more than seventy years that Wrigley . . . → Read More: Wrigley Rules! er…Wrigley Rules?

I Bet This Never Happened to Peter Jennings

That’s Dan Jennings — not Jeninngs — of West Virginia, whose NOB was misspelled in yesterday’s game against Davidson. I suppose the lettering could have been done by a local stitcher, but I prefer to blame the manufacturer.

New ESPN column today. It mostly covers stuff that steady readers of the blog already know . . . → Read More: I Bet This Never Happened to Peter Jennings