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And Then There Were Three


Sorry to kick off the day with a non-uni item, but we’ve had a major, major development on the Candela front and I’m all super-excited about it, so you’re just gonna have to bear with me.

As those of you who’ve followed the Candela project may recall, one of the big mysteries we’ve never been able to solve is that there were three structures produced for the 1964 World’s Fair but only two of them remain (further details on that here). Despite considerable research on a variety of fronts, Kirsten and I were never able to find out why the third one was removed or what happened to it.

Now, thanks to an unlikely chain of events, I’m happy to report that the third structure is alive and well up in the Adirondacks, where it has spent the past 40-plus years serving as a rather eccentric summer cabin for an upstate family. That family recently became aware of our web site and contacted us. We’re still piecing together the full story (the family member who acquired the structure back in the 1960s is no longer living, so some details are a little murky), but the short version is that the family won the structure at an auction held after the Fair’s conclusion. It’s not yet clear why the structure was auctioned off, or why the other two structures were kept on the site, but we hope to connect as many of those dots as possible as we continue to communicate with the family. We also hope to visit the structure in person.

We are SO excited about all of this! After spending the better part of a year researching and working on the exhibit, and then having more than another year go by without solving any of the lingering mysteries about the structures, it is SUPER-satisfying to have a major breakthrough like this. I don’t usually type “Hooray!” in a non-ironic context, but I’m gonna do it this time: Hooray!

More details soon.


(Doubleplusthanks to Kirsten for the animation.)

+ + + + +

Another non-uni item: It isn’t often that you throw a party for a bathroom fixture. But the porcelain urinals in the men’s room at Old Town — one of Manhattan’s most venerable watering holes — are no ordinary piss pots. Monolithic, majestic, seemingly eternal, they’re among the most magnificent rest stops in the city, a place where you can actually admire the setting while relieving your bladder. And on Monday night the urinals — or the Hinsdales, as they’re often called, after their manufacturer — turned exactly 100 years old.

The Old Town crowd wasn’t about to let a urinal centennial go by without a party. And so plans were made, posters were printed, and articles were written, all of which was perfectly in keeping with the enormity of the occasion.

Some friends and I went down partake of the festivities, and it was about the best party for a pair of urinals you ever saw. Nobody should have to work on their birthday, so the Hinsdales were given the night off (everyone had to use the facilities on the second floor) and the men’s room was gussied up so people could look in and pay their respects. That included the many women in attendance, who were given a rare peek at the shrine of porcelain privilege.

A few people made speeches (including former Sports Illustrated scribe Steve Rushin, whose recent novel, Pint Man, is about a fictional bar very much like Old Town), but the best part was when Old Town owner Gerard Meagher and a few of his cohorts read a list of famous people who’d bellied up to the Hinsdales over the years. It was an impressive litany, even if the solemnity of the moment was briefly broken when people hissed at the mention of Rudy Giuliani’s name.

I first got acquainted with Old Town back in 1987. I’d just moved to NYC and gotten my first job — an entry-level publishing gig in Manhattan — and was looking for a decent place to get a burger for lunch. I randomly walked a block east from our offices, and say, what have we here? A battered neon sign, a tile floor, and a long dark-wood bar — my kinda place. The burger was swell, but what really impressed me on that very first day, I kid you not, were the Hinsdales. “They don’t make ’em like that anymore,” I said to my girlfriend later that evening when I got home. The place soon became one of my regular hangouts.

I  just loved this sign

Twenty-three years later, Old Town has barely changed at all, which is as it should be. As for the urinals, I assume they’ve been worn down a micron or two by the incessant stream of ammonia-laden excretions (I’ve certainly contributed my share over the years), but they appear to be as indestructible and timeless as ever. That’s as it should be too. Here’s to the next 100 years.

+ + + + +

Yet another non-uni item: Back in July, an acquaintance of mine named Ken Kurson posted this Facebook item about an ice cream shop next door to a jerk chicken/pork joint in Paterson, New Jersey (I took a screen shot of it because I know some of you can’t access Facebook at work). “I am hoping that Paul Lukas will visit this dual operation and write about it because no one else could do it justice,” he wrote.

Now, Ken didn’t know this, but I speak fairly fluent Paterson. That’s the same town where I go bowling (and not because of the joint’s name, although that’s a nice bonus), plus it’s home to Hinchliffe Stadium, the crumbling Negro Leagues ballpark that I wrote about a few months back.

But in all my meanderings around Paterson, I’d never come across this ice cream shop. So last Friday I grabbed Kirsten and headed Paterson-ward.

It’s always fun to start with dessert, so our first stop was Guernsey Crest Ice Cream. It turned out to be housed in an utterly nondescript building with two gorgeous old signs plus a very cool-looking flavor rundown. Inside, the operative word was bulletproof, although the staff was plenty friendly. I got a butter pecan cone, and I wish I could say it was great, but honestly it was just OK. Still, it was ice cream, so how bad could it be?

While ordering our ice cream, we’d noticed a flier for the jerk chicken place on the wall. But when we went to the appointed address, it was a beauty salon, not a restaurant. So we sort of peered around the nearby buildings until we finally spotted it: a back-yard setup with a homemade sign.

Nobody was around, so I called the number and got someone whose first language clearly was not English — that went nowhere. Frustrated but determined, we went back to Guernsey Crest and said, “What’s the deal with the jerk chicken place?” Everyone laughed, and then the owner — a great guy named Kevin, who later told us he’s the grandson of Guernsey Crest’s founder — got on the phone, yelled a few things into the receiver, and then told us “He’ll be out in a little bit. You can wait here if you want.”

A little while later, a Jamaican guy walked over with an aluminum tray. Inside was a serving of jerk chicken and festival. We began eating in my car and had just about finished it when the guy came back with a second portion. He asked for $12, which seemed like a very fair price. Then he said we should come back next week, when he’d have some some goat’s head soup. We said we’d be sure to stop by. Then he tried to sell me “some very good white rum, mon.” I told him we’d wait until we could pair it with the soup. Then we finished our chicken and headed off on our way.

On the way to Guernsey Crest, we’d passed a hot dog joint in a part of town I hadn’t seen before. We were totally stuffed with ice cream and chicken, but I wanted to take a peek inside anyway. Once I saw this sign on the wall, it became impossible not to order a dog, so I got one Texas hot, all the way. While I struggled to finish it, Kirsten indulged her fascination with this sign.

Our next stop was supposed to be Paul’s Bar & Bowling, but there was also a candy shop we wanted to check out, and we realized that it might soon be closing for the day, so off we went to Krause’s candy, where the house specialty is chocolate-covered strawberries. We also got a bunch of other stuff but I was too full to eat most of it until the next day.

Never did get to bowl (by the time we were ready, league night had started), and my usual post-Paterson hot dog at Rutt’s Hut was out of the question, but it was still a really fun day of foodventuring.

+ + + + +

Actual uni-related content, imagine that: The Blazers are adding a memorial patch for Maurice Lucas. ”¦ I just bought this very nice varsity jacket. More photos when I receive it from the seller. ”¦ New Kansas women’s hoops uniforms have drop-down NOBs (as noted by Matt Strauss). ”¦ “This is the best custom lacrosse helmet I’ve ever seen,” says Jeff Brunelle. ”¦ Maybe the Brewers and others would kick the untucked habit if their equipment managers followed this advice (great find by Hugh McBride). ”¦ Ben Isaacs reports that FIFA is launching its own clothing line. ”¦ Here’s a rare sight: a Packer wearing white at Lambeau (cool find by Tom Farley). ”¦ New hoops uniforms for Rhode Island (with thanks to Tim O’Brien). ”¦ Nike’s Amateur Tranquility program is apparently headed north of the border. That news comes from Moe Khan, who writes: “Over the weekend, I was doing CIS (Canadian University Football) colour commentary of the Concordia/Laval game. After the match, I was talking to one of the Rouge et Or players. He told me Nike was going to unveil a Combat uniform for the school this season but will now delay the process until next season.” ”¦ Here’s another example of a baseball jersey witih UCLA stripes. That’s Jordon Banfield‘s traveling team. I vastly prefer their white design — very nice (but would it kill those kids to smile?). ”¦ Another wrinkle to the Wounded Warrior Project: Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville will be wearing combat boots on the sideline this weekend. Details and a photo here (with thanks to Scott Fitzgerald). ”¦ Yesterday I suggested that the Giants should wear this uniform next season. Turns out Andrew Dailey had already created a Facebook page devoted to that very idea. ”¦ Matt Aballi recently started a blog about baseball caps. ”¦ If you live in Quebec, you can enter a contest to design Carey Price’s mask (with thanks to Adrian Newman). ”¦ A lot of us like the Pats’ red throwbacks. But a bunch of folks say, “Yeah, but that doesn’t make any sense, because the Brits wore red during the Revolutionary War!” So Phil came up with this, which I think is a serious winner. And then he figured that if the Pats had originally blue instead of red, how about if the Bills had been red instead of blue? … Scott Turner has dawn my attention to this book about 1970s baseball and its accompanying blog. Only problem: that goddamn apostrophe catastrophe on the cover. ”¦ Reprinted from last night’s comments: Thornton Township High in Illinois has the weirdest shoulder “stripes” I’ve ever seen. Like, are those continuous UCLA stripes interrupted by a yoke, or are they separate little ornamentations, or what? … There are some really good vintage Durene jerseys, varsity jackets, letterman sweaters, and so on — all of it ridiculously overpriced, to the point where I was literally laughing out loud — at this East Village shop. You can’t afford any of this stuff (or if you can, you should be taking me out to dinner more often), but it’s still a worthwhile stop if you treat it like a tiny museum or gallery where you get to fondle the art. Recommended. … Check out this jersey. If you click on the second photo, you’ll there are two rather large initials where the NOB would normally be. That’s a new one on me. ”¦ And while we’re at it, look at this — TV letters instead of numbers! ”¦ Here’s a major find: a genuine Hollywood Stars uni. Not quite as cool as the one with the shorts, but still. ”¦ New basketball uniforms for Notre Dame (with thanks to Jack Quinn). … Awesome job by The Jeff, who colorized one of the wire photos from yesterday. I think that may be the best colorization job we’ve had on the site so far. … Hey Terry Proctor, ever seen this tag design? ”¦ Here’s something you don’t often see: a chain-stitched depiction of a bike rack. ”¦ Lots of rumors about Iowa State supposedly going with a gold alternate jersey this weekend. That’s just a mock-up, not the real deal, and it also isn’t clear whether they’d actually wear gold pants with the gold jersey. ”¦ Here’s a first: a rodeo-style hockey jersey (with thanks to Craig Balogh). ”¦ Why do color vs. color when you can go all the way and do monochrome vs. monochrome? That’s Mater Dei and Servite, both from California (with thanks to Terry Duroncelet). … More and more runners are running barefoot.

Looking ahead: I’ll be dealing with some family stuff today, so be nice to Phil while I’m gone. Meanwhile, I have something really great lined up for tomorrow, and I promise it has nothing to do with urinals or ice cream. Thanks for your indulgence.

Comments (140)

    It is official now, the guys at Hatch Show Print have made posters for everyone and everything on the planet with this one for those urinals.

    Paul and everyone else, if y’all are ever in Nashville you must go by Hatch (right downtown on Broadway, down the block from World Famous Tootsie’s and Robert’s Western).

    That poster was the first thing I noticed too. “Has to be a Hatch Show Print design!” I told myself. I was there this past July while in town for a convention. Amazing place, Paul really should visit and see if they can give him a tour as a journalist. I ended up buying two prints while I was there. link

    “Meanwhile, I have something really great lined up for tomorrow, and I promise it has nothing to do with urinals or ice cream. Thanks for your indulgence.”

    I hope it’s that kitty thing.

    Love the comment on the poster on the door: “a ‘can’t-miss’ event.” Fer Shure.

    Great stuff Paul(as usual)! Regarding the urinals, I remember similar monuments residing at McSorleys Old Ale house, or the 23rd Street Bar & grille (both in NYC). I recommend you go have a few brews at each (send me the bill & I’ll reimburse you)and report back! Hope all is well sir –

    Is it safe to assume that the county food inspector has NOT checked out the jerk chicken…ummm tent?

    Seriously though…what a foodventure that was. No chance of something like that in Columbus. Unless you count the White Castle – Dairy Queen – Tim Horton’s trifecta. And I don’t. Well done Paul. Love the photos. Old signs, especially ones still in use, can be just as artistic as anything in a museum.


    It took me forever to notice what you were talking about there. I was far more distracted by everyone looking stupid with the sunglasses on top of their hats.

    “I vastly prefer their white design – very nice (but would it kill those kids to smile?).”

    Back in the 80s, it was common to see even the pro football players smiling in team photos. Now it appears to be frowned upon to smile. Gotta look tough, and all that nonsense. Isn’t sports supposed to be fun?

    I do like those stripes, though.

    Oh, and thanks for the kind words on my colorized picture, but flattery will get you nowhere. ;)

    The blue version of the Patriots throwback uni is nice, but the Bills wore an almost identical uniform back in 1963: link

    Already read Big Hair and Plastic Grass – great anecdotes about the 70’s baseball. The required who best who in how many games each year is a little dry but can be skimmed quickly. Now reading a book about the the baseball card industry, Mint Condition. Including some stories about the designers of the cards of my youth. I love me a good public library.

    I reviewed the book for the Times. While Epstein writes well and gives a nice overview, the book had at least four major major errors in it, including Jose Feliciano singing the National Anthem at the 1971 All Star Game and Willie Stargell hitting a game-winning home run in the 1979 NLCS off his Pirate teammate (and outfielder) Matt Alexander. For obsessive misfits like myself and you other Uniwatchers, these mistakes were sloppy and unforgiveable.

    First ever comment! I have never liked the monochrome football look, but Mater Dei has got a great look for a monochrome team.

    I did wear that! Played football for Mater Dei 2004-2007. Pretty cool to see your high school mentioned on here. MD goes monochrome most of the time, white on white or red on red, but we do occasionally switch it up and go red on white or white on red.
    Servite sticks with the black pants all the time, and I believe their current away jerseys are all white. A few years back they were white with a black yoke. Also experimented with white jersey, black ucla stripes, and white numbers with a black outline, but that only lasted one year I believe.

    Oh man, I thought about sending in Mater Dei-Servite pics but flaked. I’m glad that somebody was more diligent than me.

    “And then he figured that if the Pats had originally blue instead of red, how about if the Bills had been red instead of blue?”


    So the Bills in red throwbacks would look an awful lot like this:


    It’s not a bad look, but I would have made the sleeve stripes blue, or at least had some blue trim in there.

    here’s the original photo

    i may still tweak it, (i didn’t do enough of a color swap on the sleeve stripes), but this was sort of a Q & D

    personally, i think the sleeve stripes should look more like the socks, but that’s not a straight swap…maybe if i have time tonight, unless THE wants to do it now

    You’re on your own for this one Phil. I’ve seen enough zoomed in pixels for a while. That Cubs photo took me about 6 hours. I’m taking today off.

    Phil- Great job on the Pat’s uni. I’m going to show that one to my dad who has been complaining about the “Redcoats” thing forever. All the best.

    Phil-What would be your take on the road jersey if that were to be the home? Also how would the red ceremonial jackets the Pat’s HOFers wear look in blue?

    In the picture of the women’s Kansas basketball team, there are seven players pictured, but none of them are standing on their feet. I feel like it’s one of those SI for Kids images and readers are supposed to submit their funny caption.

    There is one other possibility – let us not forget that the Bills began their existence using silver helmets, so there’s also the chance of something more like this: link

    Now THAT’S the way you do a UCLA insert. Ah, the late, great Chicago Blitz of the USFL. Clearly that league’s best uniform.

    The Houston Gamblers had a sharp uniform, liked how the “G” on the helmet had the shape of the state of Texas.

    The San Antonio Gunslingers had the unusual blue/green color scheme with silver, which was underrated. Unlike the NFL Seahawks, the green was more prominent on the Gunslinger uniform.

    That was a great look, too bad they didn’t keep it when the team was traded to Arizona. The unis they wore when they got to AZ were also really sharp. I loved the flame leg stripes.

    BTW – are the 84 Wranglers the only team ever to go through a full season wearing only their white jersey?

    No Paul, I’m not familiar with that label from Toronto. But I like the lightning-bolt effect with the lettering. That company is long gone, but 241 Yonge St. is right across the street from the Eaton Center, the three-story shopping mall right in the heart of TO.

    Quick answer to the quite common commenting gaffes: Could we change the heading “LEAVE A REPLY” to “LEAVE A COMMENT”? And only when actually replying to someone’s comment can it say “LEAVE A REPLY”? Just a thought. I know things sometimes aren’t as easy as they seem.

    Do you know where that camp is in the Adirondacks? I just live in the ADKs and was wondering if it was anywhere near me.

    Wow! All is right in the world.

    The third Candela!!

    A company that manufactures bike racks is featured on a bowling shirt!
    (“What do you do?”
    “I’m in bike racks.”)

    Ancient urinals!

    The Guernsey Crest signs!

    And, last, but not least….


    What a day.

    (“What do you do?”
    “I’m in bike racks.”)

    man, i’m sure the ladies are all over him. just like telling someone you sell guardrail. not a turn on at all

    A couple of things from todays post got me to thinking…

    I wonder if the Krauses candy in NJ is related to the one I know from Albany, NY?, and I have always though a urinal would be a great thing to have in a house? Why are they only used in bars,stadiums,and dining establishments?

    Am I nuts on this one?

    Depends, I think, on gender of the people who live in your house.

    I’ve read about some men installing them in rec rooms, dens, and the like. Always struck me as a particularly aggressive “no girlz allowed” sign, myself.

    A friend of mine has thought about putting a urinal in a potential basement half-bath for years, but we’ve always come to the conclusion that he’ll just have to rip it out and install a traditional toilet when it comes time to sell the house.

    They did a tour of Penn Gilette’s home out in Vegas, and he has a mini urinal in his home office.

    I think a urinal in the basement would be a selling point, actually.

    And speaking of urinals and Vegas, there is always the urinal at the Main Street Station hotel downtown, which has a section of the Berlin Wall as the backing for its urinals…

    I agree, any red blooded man would love to have a urinal in his man cave. After I posted the original messge I e-mailed my wife about the idea of putting one in the house. She hasnt answered……….

    An old boss of mine had a urinal … in his garage. Yes, it worked.

    That’s a man’s man.

    Well they’re only used in retail establishments because they’re easier to maintain and it’s quicker for the patrons to use. My boss’s bro-in-law has one in his house but then again, he’s a certified master plumber. I recall the urinal trough at Tiger Stadium, nothing like standing hip-to-hip with strangers peeing. I suppose there’s at least one blog out there dedicated to urinals but I ain’t going there.

    The “Ruins of Detroit” website has a series of pictures and comments on Tiger Stadium, including a blurb on how someone tried to make off with an ENTIRE URINAL from the stadium bathroom after the last game!

    A 100-year old urinal is a pretty big deal. There are no 150-year old ones, as the urinal was patented in 1866. That also means Abraham Lincoln never used a urinal.

    After the Civil War Sesquicentennial ends in 2015, we can keep up all the bunting and celebrate the urinal sesquicentennial.

    And while we’re on the topic of sesquicentennialarity, I wonder what MLB and/or the Cincy Reds will do in 2019 for the sesquicentennial of professional baseball. Once you’ve rolled out stars-and-stripes caps and camo jerseys, a simple sleeve patch isn’t gonna cut it anymore for any serious commemoration.

    The 100-year-old urinals are cool, but what’s the deal with that short stall door? I mean, not that men’s rooms are typically associated with privacy, but I’d want a little more, uh, “coverage” while I’m dropping a duece, you know.

    The uniforms are good. It will be interesting to see if the team really does only wear white at home and gray on the road. But the logo itself is sort of bland; its script is becoming all too common in minor league baseball.

    It’s solid, but a heck of a lot less fun than the previous Captains unis. One of my favorite link, that was.* Also, the new logo needs some yellow somewhere. I get that the tan shows that the ship’s wheel is wood, but the design sacrifices too much vibrancy in the name of representationalism. The fan is supposed to understand that the team’s colors are either blue and blue or blue and yellow, so a logo that’s mostly white and tan is a poor design.

    *Also, the model for my dream Washington Nationals alternate caps, with similarly styled upper-torso cartoons of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and TR wielding bats, balls, and gloves.

    If I had to pick one cap logo, it would be the C with the star/stripe captain’s insignia. Absolutely great logo.

    “That also means Abraham Lincoln never used a urinal.”

    i usually learn something new on UW on a daily basis

    this too, shall qualify

    99.9% of the time it’s germane to unis, however

    As a die-hard Iowa State fan, I’m really hoping that the gold uni rumors are true. I’ve never understood why we haven’t featured it more often, especially in basketball.

    I just hope we’re smart enough to rock the cardinal pants, instead of the all-gold. However, I’m not holding my breath on either issue.

    Now if only we could bring back our amazing gold helmets.

    In the category of things we’ll never see but would be fun if they happened, say the San Diego Chargers don’t get their new stadium and move to Los Angeles. It would hilarious if the new LA team is christened the Southern California Sun, bringing back those wild WFL uniforms. That would set the stage for the ultimate uniform contrast battle, when the Sun in the magenta jerseys and orange pants would host the Indianapolis Colts.

    Or better yet, the magenta & orange of the Sun in a color vs color game against the neon green of Seattle.

    Living in northern Jersey has it’s advantages. I am a frequent visiter to Rutt’s Hut, and have gone to many of the places Paul mentioned (althought I’m pack’n heat when in Paterson!).
    Is the Stirup Revolultion dead? What gives?

    Here’s another example of a baseball jersey witih UCLA stripes.

    Did we land on a new name for these? Louisiana stripes?

    Re: yesterday’s entry concerning the Giants and the ‘World Champions’ jersey, I think that would be the greatest throwback design in history. They MUST do it. Maybe for a three game home set against the Dodgers.

    Quick question here after look at the Kansas Women’s uni’s. Is the new NCAA system for women’s teams as well? I thought I remembered in the spec sheet that names had to be above numbers. Do they have a different spec sheet or are they not included. Thanks

    Looking back at the piece last week, the new authenticating mark program, which voluntary for D1 this year, applies equally to men’s and women’s teams. link

    The graphic shows the player name in the traditional place – above the number, but nothing in the text states it can only be there. link

    Paul —

    Love when you write about your ventures out to New Jersey. The most amazing takeaway from today’s post is that you had the onions to saunter through random backyards in the clean, safe and pleasant city of Paterson searching for a bootleg, tarpulin-roofed Jamaican restaurant. With a woman in tow. Stunning. I mean, the ice cream guys are behind bulletproof glass for a reason!

    Equally stunning — your infatuation with Rutt’s when, while at Krause’s, you were mere minutes away from better rippers at River View East in Elmwood Park. (In my overweight, born-and-raised-minutes-away opinion…)

    /surprised that a Google search for “Pelrys Kitchen” yields nothing…

    Those ARE sharp.

    I also love the map-of-Michigan image on jersey and cap. But I wonder if there were any squeals about the omission of the Upper Peninsula. From a graphics perspective, I do think the Upper-Peninsula-less version looks better than the full jurisdictional rendering. From a Wisconsinophillic perspective, I think the time is long past for America’s Dairyland tp impose cartographic logic on the situation and annex the Upper Peninsula from the uncaring Lansing regime. A long-overdue Anschluss.

    Yeah I’m a sucker for using geographic shapes on uniforms, and including the UP in that chest logo wouldn’t have looked right. I’m all for Wisconsinizing it.

    In my Wisconsin college days, we used to talk about driving a truck full of New Glarus Spotted Cow Ale up to the UP and taking the whole place back for the motherland!

    Well that would get rid of that annoying UP Power chant at Ford Field for the High School Football finals

    You do know that the UP belonged to Ohio. It was given to Michigan for Michigan giving up the Toledo strip after the Michigan-Ohio war. It never belong to Wisconsin.

    the new york times finally caught on to the revival of barefoot running, eh?

    last weekend i was at a used gear sale at r.e.i. and there were tons of those link that had been returned almost unused. it seems like people are jumping off that trend as quick as they’re jumping on it.

    I go barefoot all the time at home, so when I go out in warm weather the Vibrams recreate the conditions nicely. Come wintertime here in Chicago, they’ll find their way to the closet.

    Why in the bloody hell would anyone *want* to run barefoot down city streets? Between the gravel and other small pieces of…whatever… ack. Just.. no! That is just not right at all.

    There’s a dude who wears those in my indoor fall ultimate league. He’s going to get stepped on eventually (everyone else wears cleats) and it’s not going to be a good situation.

    Actually, there’s very Reebok cleats. You see much more Nike, adidas and Puma on almost every type of athletic field nowadays.

    Man, those blue Patriot unis are AWESOME!!! They match up better with Pat’s coloration, too.

    “Reprinted from last night’s comments: Thornton Township High in Illinois has the weirdest shoulder “stripes” I’ve ever seen. Like, are those continuous UCLA stripes interrupted by a yoke, or are they separate little ornamentations, or what?”

    Those shoulder stripes look very similar to the ones LSU had on their Katrina Relief jersey that they wore back in 2007.



    Not a fan of Jetson’s-style plastic architecture, so I’ve not be nearly as enamored with your Candela quest as obviously you have, Paul. That said – and against all preconceived ideas – that structure looks gorgeous in its Adirondacks setting. Heck, I’d live there!

    Not that it matters…but is Kirsten Paul’s wife, girlfriend, or friend? She’s been mentioned many times, and we follow him on this blog, so I guess I just thought it would help to know the relationship.

    Does anyone know the requirements that are now being enforced in regards to NCAA hoops jerseys? I have heard rumors that Purdue will be changing their black numerals on black jerseys away uniforms due to this rule.

    It’s going to be awhile before their first away game, but I guess we’ll know for certain then.

    Their white homes must have already gone through the approval process because they are sporting the new patch and swoosh.

    I haven’t seen it myself, but I’ve been told uniforms must have contrasting numbers, so sadly, the sleek road unis will look a little less sleek. Probably good for TV, but not as great for seeing it in person.

    I have never wanted to pee so badly in a bathroom. What a beautiful room. How about the wooden door in the background? Is that original? That might even be a better story.

    Word is that Indiana will be sporting new unis tonight in their exhibition game. I’m guessing revolution 30, nba style?

    Looks like they’ve been tweaked slightly. link, maybe? Nothing that anyone should get worked up about.

    They’re “compliant” now. Like that was ever in doubt.

    And now that I actually look at the pics, they’ve definitely been tweaked. The number font is different. It’s easiest to tell by looking at the 5s (coincidentally, photo #5 in that gallery I linked). Last year, they were like the style that the football team uses — and the Packers do, too.

    It would be a lot cooler if Tubberville sported the Vietnam era jungle boot.
    And for pleat’s sake… get a different pair of pants.

    Rutgers wearing black pants tonight against South Florida.. I’d wish they’d break em out at home with the red jerseys.. I’d be curious to see how it looks..

    Good idea, or black jerseys with red pants. So many teams have regular black pants, Rutgers should have red/white striping to look different. The current helmet with the “R”, always seemed stale to me, they’ve only worn it for several years, unlike a program like Nebraska with the “N”.

    Before this helmet, Rutgers had a better style with a sword plunging through the school name.

    Excellent non-uni post today Paul. I’m anxious to hear more about the candela story, like how did they move that entire structure upstate?! Piece by piece or did they move it all at once? That’s a great piece of history.

    Also admired the story about your trip to NJ, especially the neon/old fashioned signs. Getting to explore new places like that, you just can’t beat it and I hope you write about such things more often. I loved your piece a few months ago about your trip to Detroit and all the little towns you stopped in on the way. I’ll be in Pittsburgh next July and will try to drive non-interstate as much as I can and hopefully, will stay in a non-chain motel. My trip in 2009 was highlighted by driving the Lincoln Highway.

    The structures were modular and designed for (relatively) easy assembly and disassembly. In this case, the structure was taken apart after the family won it in the auction, the pieces were shipped upstate, and then the whole thing was reassembled.

    Being from Orange County CA (where both Servite and Mater Dei are), I’ve always found it fascinating that the Mater Dei helmets are essentially Michigan hemets sans wings, just the stripes. Also, Servite has an M inside their crest, not an S, which is strange.

    servite does have an S in the crest, just much smaller. the S and M stand for “servants of mary” i believe, which is the motto/theme of the servite order (a catholic order of priests/friars)

    also, if you ever talked to anyone about the Mater Dei helmet, they would be sure to tell you that our helmets are not just “Michigan without the wings.” The stripes are a huge deal to the team/school even.

    The kid from Thornton Township looked he was wearing “15”. His number looks like it’s in quotes!!

    The other team in the Picture of Thornton it Lincoln Way East. They have an excellent Griffin logo. The district has 4 schools with 4 Excellent and (I believe) original logos. link

    Not sure how I feel about Rutgers’ black pants (although since Rutgers does list Black as part of their “Primary Color Pallette,” so I guess it’s not technically BFBS). The black doesn’t look particularly BAD, but it feels unbalanced with the rest of the uni. Also, seem odd to anybody else to introduce an alternate, quasi-BFBS look on the road?

    have they ever worn the bfbs pants before? i thought i remember seeing them, but i could easily be wrong

    do they list black as a “school” color?

    i always figgered when your name was the SCARLET knights, you’d wear, i donno…SCARLET?


    The only other instance I can think of is in 2007 when they got destroyed by West Virginia while wearing a complete BFBS uniform. I agree with your point about the SCARLET knights, BFBS always seems worse when another color is in your nickname. Not sure about the “school” color question. I just looked at Rutgers’ most recent visual identity guide, which listed black as a primary color and showed a version of the “R” logo in black.

    Rutgers wore black on black two years ago against wvu and white over black earlier that season against cuse

    They just announced on the Red Wings game that Jimmy Howard MIGHT break out his new mask with a 67 cobra on it on Saturday. He has the mask just need to break in the foam. Also Calgary in throwbacks tonight. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

    Hey: Don’t know if anyone clarified this, but Steve Rushin is back writing as a columnist for Sports Illustrated (after a three-year hiatus). Mostly on, I believe. He writes great stuff.

    oddly shaped white pavillions, urinals, cooking lessons, and neon signs. cant wait to find out whats next for UNI watch…

    I’m pretty sure that my alma mater, Lewis and Clark High School in Spokane, WA, had a nice collection of Hinsdales in its men’s restrooms. The patent date stamp looks very familiar. Unfortunately, the school was renovated between 1999 and 2001, so the urinals are probably long gone.

    Here’s a link to the Mo Lucas memorial patch jersey. I assume it’ll appear on the black away jerseys and red alternates as well.


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