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Being Jim Mothervilker

being jim vilk

By Phil Hecken, with the one and only Jim Vilk

Every Sunday throughout the college football season, Uni Watch’s most fastidious, persnickety and seemingly achromatopsic uniform critic, Jim Vilk, brings us his “5 & 1,” a look at the “best” five (and one worst) uniform matchups of the week. Whether you agree or disagree with him, he does put in a tremendous effort, painstakingly reviewing photos from every NCAA FBS game played, in an attempt to find those matchups.

While the concept is, in and of itself, endearingly simple, we are sometimes left gape-jawed at his decisions. A team that scores the coveted Number One spot one week may not even garner a mention the following week, despite playing in what we feel is a very similar game or situation. Conversely, Jim will select a “worst” game many of us would feel “looks pretty damn good” while ignoring a seemingly horrendous matchup.

It’s begun to take on mythical proportions, this “mothervilker” of a game he plays. Unbeknownst to him (until now, of course), there is even a secret underground who will bet on his “best” pick, usually to be left headshakingly disappointed when the five games are ranked. Well … no more. I’ve asked Jim to let us into his kitchen for one day, to explore the depths of Vilk-land, to explain just exactly what the hell he’s thinking what criteria he uses to come up with this list. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…The Mothervilker:


“How could Vilk not pick (insert good-looking college football team here) vs. (insert another good-looking school here) for best matchup of the week?” That’s a question we sometimes see on the discussion boards, and I’m sure it’s been repeated often in the minds of other readers. It’s a good question, too. Some weeks there are lots of great uniform matchups — so many that it’s hard to whittle them down to a Top 5 list, let alone pick a best one. In cases like these, it’s the little things that make a difference for me. Other factors can come into play, such as lighting (sometimes I’m not fond of all-white unis on a sunny day) and weather (not a big fan of black, but it looks great in the snow). The biggest factor, though, is how the visiting team’s unis look compared to the home team’s. There may be a game with two great uniforms, but if they don’t look good next to each other, it’s not a great matchup.

What I’d like to do, then, is give you an idea of my thinking as I prepare the 5 & 1 lists. I’m not trying to convert anyone who disagrees with my picks, nor am I trying to establish a set of rules for anyone crazy enough to look through hundreds of game photos on a Saturday evening. I just want to give you a little peek into my mind (hip waders not needed — it’s pretty shallow in there), and if some of you come away saying, “Ah, now I understand why he picked those games,” well, that’s just gravy.

For an example, we only need to go back to last weekend. Two schools with two great uniforms, Texas and Nebraska, played each other. Texas previously made it to number one when they played Oklahoma, so they were a good bet to make it again, right? Well, not only did I leave the Longhorns and Huskers out of the number one position, I surprised a few people by not putting them in the Top 5 at all. What was the difference? The quick answer is, not enough contrast. After the quality of the uniforms, the next thing I look for in a matchup is proper contrast — not too much, not too little, but just right.

When Texas plays at Nebraska, there’s an awful lot of white going on there. All-white unis are fine, but when the opponent has white helmets and pants, the colored jersey is kind of isolated. Compare that to last season, when the Huskers visited the Longhorns. Now there is some great contrast! The white is broken up by Nebraska’s red pants and Texas’ orange jerseys. That matchup would have made the list last week.

For another example, let’s go back to that Texas/Oklahoma game. Texas was in all white again, but Oklahoma’s crimson helmets and jerseys contrasted more than Nebraska’s unis did. Last year, this game made the Top 5, but it wasn’t number one. Again, contrast was the reason. The crimson helmets and orange jerseys on the respective unis didn’t stand out as strongly for me.

At the other end of the list, contrast comes into play when picking my worst matchup as well. If faced with more than one choice, I go for the one with either too much or too little of it. The most memorable example is one Phil would like to forget — when I picked Portland State vs. Oregon over Boise State vs. Wyoming. Had the Cowboys worn their usual home unis, it would have been two unis I didn’t like vs. two more unis I didn’t like. Wyoming surprised me instead with the imperfect but improved alternates. Not only do I kind of like those, they provide a real color palette special compared to the green vs. green we got from the Vikings and Ducks. It wasn’t enough to put them anywhere near the Top 5, but at least it kept the Broncos and Cowboys out of the cellar.

As I said before, I don’t expect everyone to agree with all my picks. The 5 & 1 is a subjective list, after all. At least now you have an idea of what to expect in future lists … assuming Phil doesn’t replace me for re-opening old wounds. Sorry, buddy.


Well, since you made the right pick for number one last weekend, I think I’ll keep you around, Jim. And pick Iowa State v. Texas for #1 today, if you want to stay around. Ahem.

Anyway, there you have it — a glimpse into the mind of Jim Vilk. Most of us certainly don’t agree with him all the time (or even some of the time), but at least we’ve learned a tiny bit about the method behind the madness. We’ll all be looking forward to seeing if Jim practices tomorrow what he preached today.


Neftali Feliz celebrates

 ¡Ah Día Feliz!

In what is fast becoming the feel good story for 2010, the Texas Texases Rangers dethroned the defending World Series Champion New York Yankees down in Arlington last evening. And in a particularly good move, they wore the beautiful home whites.

The Yanks managed to keep Wonderboy in the park (by not pitching to him), but they couldn’t keep him down, as Josh Hamilton (feel good story number two) took home ALCS MVP honors. They even gave him a ginger ale shower. Why ginger ale? Hamilton is a recovering addict and out of repect, they chose the kiddy beverages. (They also pulled out the G-ale upon clinching the ALDS over Tampa) Classy move, Texas! Awesome, in fact.

Of course, the victors get the standard crappy ALCS champs caps, but what is interesting is the Rangers also received red ALCS champs shirts. Not bad, but when you consider the team hasn’t won a single game in the post season while sporting red (at least the Express had the good sense to wear the blue cap), it seemed kind of odd seeing them in the apparently unlucky color. They weren’t bad looking shirts … certainly better than the ones Ron wanted. (I KID, I KID).

Congratulations Texas! Now, on to San Francisco.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has left the building.


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks

Catching up with the tweaks, but they keep coming in (which is good), so lots to get to today. If you have a tweak, change or concept for any sport, send them my way.

You guys have been pretty great keeping to the ~50 word limit per team tweak, and it’s greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Now, on to today’s tweaks:


Starting off the show is Matt Malinoski, who has some cool concepts for four MLB teams: A’s, Bravos, the team from Cleveland, and Pads:


I have attached tweaks for four baseball clubs.

Padres: Using brown and gold as the team colors, I brought back the “bell” cap. I put the swinging friar on the sleeve, changed his robe to brown and put a white cincture in place of what looks like a belt to me. I used double gold/brown/gold piping on soutache and sleeves, along with three gold stripes on the stirrups. The home jersey has the “Padres” script from the 1940s minus the tail, and the road jersey has a block “San Diego” arch. The road uniform has a brown tint to it.

Braves: I prefer the look of the Braves unis from the 1940s and 1950s, so I wanted to see how they would look with the current cap. I prefer the zipper front because the piping is a little further apart underneath the “Braves” wordmark, and the wordmark gets pushed over too far to the left with a button front. (Look for a 1952 photo of Eddie Mathews and you’ll see what I mean). I love the dark tomahawk too. I did three versions, one with the Boston/Milwaukee chief, one with the Milwaukee/Atlanta “laughing brave”, and one without a patch.

Indians: I like the Indians uniforms from the late forties. I wanted to see how they would look with the current version of Chief Wahoo. I did a couple versions: one with the wishbone “C” cap with Wahoo on the sleeve, and one with Wahoo on the cap with a plain sleeve. I also tried making Wahoo’s skin tone like the original Wahoo, so that his skin wasn’t red. I have also done versions of these with Wahoo with a red skin tone.

Athletics: Took the 1951 unis, replaced the blue with kelly green. Also made a green and gold version with striped stirrups.


Matt Malinoski


Next up is Daniel DiGiovanni, who has a tweak for the Dallas Mavs:

Ever since the Mavs got new jerseys in 2001, I have hated that they have DALLAS on the front of their home jerseys … we know where you are from when you are playing at home! So I decided to photo shop and make their alternate Blue/Green Jerseys, white. It is so much better. I have always disliked when teams put their City/State name on their home jerseys, like the Texas Rangers also.

Daniel DiGiovanni


And closing down the tweak show today is James Nagasawa, who has a combination of old and new for the Seattle Seahawks:

I decided to do a new uni for my beloved Seahawks. I was not thrilled when they released the new logo in 2002. And when I had a chance to vote for the helmet I voted for the classic silver. This is my idea of what the Seahawks should look like when playing because I am sick of the monochrome. First the away jersey takes the new helmet adding silver with the top from 83-01 with the updated color scheme. I also took the socks from the 76-82 era. The home design is the same as the current with minor adjustments to the colors. Silver pants replace the Seahawk Blue pants, and I reversed the Seahawk Blue/Navy for the torso and sleeves. I hope you enjoy.

James Nagasawa


Another set of tweaks, concepts and revisions in the books. Check back tomorrow for more!



Trackin’ the Ducks

UW #1 Seahawks Fan Michael Princip has been tracking the Oregon Ducks and all of their 2,456 possible uniform combinations this season. He’ll be updating it after each game.

We usually have the Duck Tracker on Sundays, but that’s because the Ducks usually play on Saturday. But this week, in the Big Thursday game on ESPN, the Boys from Eugene put an absolute ass-whoopin’ on the hapless Bruins of UCLA, who gave new meaning to UCLA “stripes.”. In Paul’s column yesterday, he covered in detail how crappy UCLA’s new superhero costumes looked. But what he didn’t say was how great the Ducks looked. Which was, in a word, awesome.

Back after his own bye-week is our own Duck Tracker, Mike Princip, with his Duck Wrap, including a whole lot of great new things contained in the Tracker. Here’s Mike:

Sea of yellow, that’s what it was this past Thursday when the Ducks hosted UCLA and delivered to them a 60-13 thrashing, whilst donning their black and yellow. Last year they wore the same outfits against Washington State and had similar results, annihilating them 52-6. It’s safe to say we’ll probably see these outfits again next year, since they never wear the same uni combination twice in a season. That is of course only if they don’t end up going with another scheme entirely? Will we ever see the white helmets this year? They lost 2 out of the three games they’ve played in them last season, including the Rose Bowl, and that makes me think we won’t be seeing them this year? Add to that, they’ve got the carbon lids this year. Too bad, I really liked the white helmets, I feel it’s the ultra retro look. Hey, they did wear the white helmets last year against Utah and ended up with a win, and they looked amazing. Basically, switch out the carbon helmets they wore this year to the white and it’s the same exact outfit.

We’ve really accumulated some interesting uniform combinations thus far, and it’s really been a blast comparing the results, opponents, venue, and time with the uniform combinations of 2009 and 2010, now 7 games into this season. Noticing some trends in the mix, and it’s not as haphazard as some people would think when they choose their uniform for the week, or is it?

Included a little cut and past write-up about Autzen Stadium’s turf history, where I’ve attached relevant hyperlinks to this week’s equipment spec.

Once again, here is your 2010 Duck Tracker.


uni tracking header 1

2010 Season Uni Tracking

Now that the 2010 Season has concluded it’s time for all of you who have tracked your team through the entire season to send me your final tweaks. When I have a few spare hours, I plan on compiling them and adding them to the Uni Watch Archives, to be a part of the permanent record.

So, if you’ve been doing your due diligence with your team, send me your end-of-season tracking reports, and I’ll post them as a “sub article” on the weekends. OK? OK! And I promise they’ll make it into the UW archives before the year is out. Please feel free to accompany your tracking with a write up, especially if your team had any interesting trends or patterns.


Today, we have Peter Ponce who this year tracked your 2010 American League Champion Texas Rangers. You picked a good year, Peter. I hope you enjoyed the game last night. Here’s Peter:


Here’s the spreadsheet I used to track the Rangers during the regular season.

I didn’t go into as much detail as some of the others, I focused on Win/Loss percentage while wearing the specific uni. So my sheets probably seem sparse compared to others.


Peter Ponce
Arlington, TX

No, thank you! Any other trackers out there? Send me your charts, graphs and spreadsheets.


That’s going to do it for this fine Saturday. Enjoy the football, and watch the Giants capture the NL pennant as well. See if YOU can guess the Mothervilker. It’s all good! See you tomorrow.


These modern “sleeves” ”¦ look like botched circumcision. — Roger Faso

Comments (130)

    Matt, Those A’s tweaks are awesome looking. Love the green and yellow stirrups. The number font is perfect. One question though. Did you mean to delete the “‘s” on the front of the jersey?

    Sorry, I’m an idiot. Just looked up the Philadelphia A’s uniforms on dressed to the nines. Your tweak makes even more sense.

    Agreed, they are fantastic. I wish someone would actually make those, best looking A’s tweak I’ve seen.


    agreed. I’ve liked the Philadelphia “A” jerseys since I first saw them in pictures in some old coffee table book when I was a kid.

    In my perfect world, fan nicknames and headline shorthand, would be left there and kept away from team uniforms. (See the Orioles “O’s” hat)

    Agree on the A’s tweaks. Matt’s concepts are beautifully simplistic, but show a real feel for what baseball unis should look like. The A’s would look great on opening day 2011 with that gold-accented version with the stirrups. Just a perfect look.

    Matt, all the tweaks are cool. Love the Padres especially. My favorite of the Pod’s was in the mid 70’s you are just about the same here. The Boston Brave is a winner with me. With the A’s keep the current home & road caps adding gold sani socks with home & road. White shoes @ home, black on the road.

    also was the design intentionally to have NNOB?? Would love to see your take on that too.

    Wow, as an old Padres fan I gotta say this is the best-looking Pads uni EVER!!! If somehow the Padres and A’s could be persuaded to adopt these tweaks I’d start following baseball again!


    Thanks, Bill. I always prefer no NOB (why use a name when you have a number), but they could work with names as well. The Braves and A’s numbers in my tweak might have to be smaller to accommodate a name. I tend to like large numbers on back (like the 1946-74 Phillies).

    Michael Princip, I’m always a fan of what you do with the Ducktracker, and I really liked your blurb on the history of the Autzen turf. ‘Twas interesting, even for a Duck fan who has followed the program for his entire life.

    Thanks Kenny. As mentioned, it’s simply me lassoing existing text and attaching hyperlinks to relevant factoids. Yet, keeping it simple and to the point, with nice graphic elements helps get the information out there a little more. A great example this sublink within the FieldTurf hyperlink; link

    Matt’s concepts are excellent. I wonder, though, if his choice of number fonts for Cleveland was wise. While a number of teams (including the Yankees) have used that font in the past, it has come to be associated with the Red Sox in these times.

    Thanks, DJ. As a Red Sox fan, I wouldn’t mind if teams used those numbers on revivals of old uniforms that utilized them. The 1946 – 1949 uniforms used that typeface or a slightly heavier version of it.

    I’m not entirely convinced that we actually took a trip through the mind of Jim Vilk. There’s nowhere near enough bright green.

    1) Being Jim Mothervilker is a movie I would go see

    2) Those Padres tweaks are awesome. I would wear that.

    3) I like the Braves tweaks as well

    4) As for the A’s tweaks, I always liked them in the darker green. But hey that is me and I am a different breed of elephant.

    Did the Texases slap World Series patches on their hats or did they have other hats ready with the patch? Anyone know/care?

    i guess you’re referring to this

    they (obviously) didn’t have them during the game, so those have to be new caps they had waiting in the wings (pretty ballsy, unless of course, they had a set made up for both teams)

    we’ll have to watch san fran’s celebration today to see if they throw on those caps, or if they just don the NLCS champs crap

    Ummmmm, Phil… for lack of a better word, I fucked up. I went on Flickr to re-tweak my tweaks to better match my future works. But I made the rookie mistake of deleting the old ones, thus creating a “404” situation. I deeply apologize for my dumb-assness and will re-send all of the inagural tweaks (with additional tweaks), plus some new tweaks. And I will make sure to never upload a uni tweak on Facebook and/or Flickr again unless I am absolutely satisfied with the finished result in the near future.

    Phil, Phil, Phil…you picked one of my old worst-of-the-week selections for the lead photo? Although, with a little tweaking, I guess I could wear those…

    Wow, thought the list was just a little novelty. Didn’t realize it had grown. Credit to Phil, ’cause it was his idea in the first place. Now, when is Vegas gonna start having a line for my picks?

    oh, there is a line my friend, but it is hard getting in your kitchen to set it. you like things classic, but you also like thing horrid. i like peanut butter and i like smelts, but you seem to like smelt butter with a side of nuts. that is the only way to describe how “vegas” sets the line on your 5&1+1-1.

    there is only one sports book in vegas who will accept bets on the mothervilker line

    you don’t want to go there

    Got to hand it to Phil for the header pic. though. Cracked me up. That lime green Tatupu jersey’s gettin’ some good air time.

    By the way, Paul forwarded an email from a Huskers fan who bought my explanation, but was curious why I left Nebraska/Washington off the list earlier in the season.

    Good color contrast indeed, but I took points off for the sweaty Teletubbie look on UW’s jerseys. If it was a slow week it might have gotten consideration for #5.

    Matt – you are a freaking god! Awesomely gorgeous work. BTW, the Laughing Brave is THE coolest sports mascot/logo/symbol ever created. He must return………NOW!

    Chief Noc-A-Homa. Good luck trying to bring back an un-P.C. logo in 2011.

    I think the Braves wordmarks & tomahawk should to switch to a navy script & red outline. Too many red wordmarks in MLB.

    padres=gavel…”sold”. actually, pretty solid tweaks all around.

    i might not always agree(understatement) with your picks mothervilker, but i love how you get there. i couldn’t agree with you more that rainy days, sunny days, day or night, grass or turf, this or that effect the aesthetic of the game, and a teams uni. sooooooooome people seem to think you view the uni in a vacuum, and outside factors don’t count, they would be wrong. if i had a crit, and it really isn’t a crit since this is subjective, it is just where you and i differ, you seem to tend to like games that are somewhat monochrome, where i enjoy contrast. for instance, last week there was a navy-columbia team vs a navy-columbia team, to a lessor degree iowa-michigan both had yellow pants and dark helmets with yellow accent, yada yada. not that the games looked like crap, but i wouldn’t say they were “top”. that being said, i do like that you don’t universally dismiss all “new” uni’s because while they may be gag on their own, there is sometimes a decent, if not number one, match-up involving them. i am by no means saying that what would be my choices are better choices, again, the subjective thing, i am just pointing out where we agree to disagree. well, that’s my 2 cents jim jellovilker. keep up the good work, and if you pick navy-notre this weekend, you should be sacked because you will have cost me money.

    FYI, Texas and Nebraska only played each other in the Big XII Championship game, in which Nebraska wore their Red over white and Texas wore White over White. That game would have been during the 2007 season.

    Holy cripes, that main pic reminds me of a uni question:

    I was watching football footage of a game pre-1990, and I saw a uni I had never seen before. It was a white uni, with brown or black numbers & shoulder yoke, and orange pants. Game was played outside during the day and on grass. Did Bowling Green ever have a uni like this? Or who else was it?

    Well Phil, I’ve done research & found no Browns uni that ever looked like this: (and all TV numbers & stripes removed because I don’t remember those)


    I’m about 99% sure it was an orange helmet, white jersey with a color shoulder yoke, and it looked brown or black (or could had been navy). It’s that shoulder yoke is what stuck out in my mind, and I remember rewinding the VCR several times wondering “who is that??” Maybe it was a pre-season Browns or Bengals game, but I would have recognized the Bengal stripes if they were there.

    Just wanted to point that as I looked through Phil’s search results, I came across this Wisconsin helmet and jersey. Don’t think I’ve ever seen this uniform before, anybody have any idea what year they were throwing back to?


    The Helmet Project says that helmet spanned from 1957-66, and that game pic was the Hall of Fame Day Sept. 3, 2005. From the Badgers website:

    “Today marked the grand re-opening of Camp Randall Stadium. The attendance of 82,138 was the fifth largest in Camp Randall history. The Badgers wore throwback jerseys that were replicas of those worn during the 1960s, the last time a major construction project was completed at Camp Randall.”

    It would look better with no helmet logo. I don’t know why they don’t ever go back to that look.

    Love the Braves tweaks, shame that the patches will never come back because they aren’t PC enough.

    Yeah, a real shame an organization can’t use images that are insulting to a meaningful part of the population being portrayed.

    Complaining about “PC” = rationalizing crappy behavior.

    You might be correct Richard but there are plenty of rich white robberbarons in the US and it it considered in poor taste to call them the thieving douchebags that they are. Speaking truth to power might be uncouth, but crappy behavior? I think not! If it’s wrong to wear a picture of Juan Williams rationalizing some nonesense on my Sarasota Clowns dodgeball jersey then I don’t want to be right.

    The Boston Braves patch is akin to the Blackhawks crest in terms of respect, whereas the Milwaukee patch is on par with Chief Wahoo.

    Matt Malinoski produced the best uni tweaks ever shared on this site. Great ideas, superior execution.

    Well played, sir.


    I echo these words. Excellent efforts.

    Where did you get those templates that they were done on?

    Fun to see Jim’s method to his choices. Of course we all do not agree with the picks. But I have to give credit to Jim for his taking the time and effort. It is a decent amount of work.

    Plus he seems like a very personable and good guy.
    Keep up the good work Jim.

    So if we’re calling them the Texas Texases, are we also calling them the New York Nys and the Detroit Dees?

    watching ISU pulling a bit of an upset special on texas now…great looking game, but it’s overcast…i’d imagine this will be having an effect on the mothervilker game…the purdy colors and nice contrast are being muted by the gameday conditions

    Watching Navy versus Notre Dame, and thinking how much better the Middies helmets would look with a blue “N” on those gold helmets. Navy already uses a blue “N” on the pants, so it would be appropriate.

    despite wearing the new reedidas jerseys, ND doesn’t look too bad — but they’re one step away from wearing beaters

    both teams should really seriously consider old gold instead of vegas gold…especially in a game in bright sunshine

    Watching Michigan State and Northwestern (mainly because Michigan has a bye). Man, State’s uniforms home and road are fugly.

    Watched a little of Penn/Yale. I agree with mothervilker about not enough contrast. Penn in white jersey/white pants/Blue helmets and Yale in blue jersey/white pants/white helmet. Just to much white.

    sorry, that was in response to phil’s upset special comment’s seemingly innocent undertone, and he knows to what i speak…party foul party foul party foul, 15 yards and loss of down.

    i like to gamble.

    i am partial to el train tardiness spreads, but i will bet on jellovilker too.(taps arm)

    Wasn’t there a Rangers uniform in which a cowboy hat was attached to one of the letters in the team name?

    I know the sleeve patch/logo had the big ol’ cowboy hat, but I don’t think it ever made it to the chest. You know, outside of the all-red phase, I’ve liked the Rangers uniforms over the years. I don’t know why they felt compelled to change so often, but each incarnation was pretty successful, I think. I even liked their ‘T’ vests.


    I can’t agree that the Ducks looked awesome Thursday night. Not a guy to make a lot of uni rules, but for college football the one fast rule is USE SCHOOL COLORS. So much good can be accomplished with Kelly Green and Athletic Gold. And legible number fonts.

    Yes, this post is a repeat from every fall Saturday since UW blog began.

    I agree with Michael in that I thought what the Ducks wore was a great uniform. I agree with you, however, in saying that what the Ducks wore was not a great Oregon uniform, because it was black and yellow. And silver.

    I like the Vilker’s approach to the overall look including weather, etc. Green grass or modern turf-grass always helps too. Worst case scenario – a Cardinals – Eagles matchup from about 1970 when both teams wore white pants and helmets, little or no stripes and played on horrible grayish-green Astroturf. The old 25″ color Zenith could have been broadcasting in black and white for that one.

    Likewise, when Oklahoma and Texas were wearing rags and tearaways in the 70’s with the hard turf and no uniformity to the uniforms at all, it did not have the same appeal as a current OU-Texas matchup, even with today’s sleeves, etc. Hi-def helps too, of course.

    Mud helps, too. Don’t like the modern turf grass ’cause there’s no mud.

    Favorite game conditions: overcast day with a little mud and a light falling snow.

    Didn’t mind the mesh half-jerseys, but I hated the tearaways.

    The Mountaineers have had yellow jerseys on and off in the past, but I don’t know if they’ve worn yellow jerseys when ASU has been on ESPN.

    I caught part of the Mountaineers game on the Fox regional sports channel today, too. Sam Wyche is the color commentator on the broadcast, and he sounds terrible. The guy had throat surgery years ago, and it shows. Wyche sounds like Babe Ruth in that farewell speech at Yankee Stadium.

    Thanks, been a fan of App State since I saw them beat Michigan at the Big House. I see their games on Regional Channels on DirecTV most weeks but have not seen the yellow before. Not a big fan of them.

    I am entering my 2nd year in the pro-photography industry & I’m learning new stuff continually, like this posting – thank you so much for this blog. Jenn

    since it was on the 10 network, i didn’t see it, but that guy, cowboy hat guy, etc. are pathetic, students paint their faces. wear your colours proud, i am all for that, but that guy is an embarrassment. for corn’s sake, eat a salad.

    Just saw a bit of Oklahoma State and Nebraska on ESPN Goaline. My goodness are those Cowboy orange uniforms super bright orange.

    actually no. all orange is all good, but you need to break up the colour, you need stripes, see clemson’s all orange.

    i get what you’re saying with the stripes (and i agree with you)…

    but, because the helmet is also orange…this is overkill

    clemson actually has gone back to a pretty good lookin uni…but they’re beginning to approach oregon status with their combos

    next thing you know, someone like ben traxel is gonna say “hey, clemson should be the oregon of the acc”

    No. Clemson does the orange popsicle look the right way. The orange helmets and stripèd pants definitely improve the look. I think the white shoes/socks help as well.

    accouterments, shmaccouterments… at least we can agree that the Cowboys looked like shite today.

    YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH ORANGE, just orange done wrong. i want to like osu, but meh. mtaching helmet to pants is a rule i don’t want to see “written” for the ncaa. sure my instinct is to say yes, but i don’t know, college and pro have separate rules, you get a lot of space on uni rules for college teams(as long as you use team colours), because it is all about colour(to me).

    Colour? With a “u”? What part of Bawlmer are you from, Hon? Because we spell it without the “u” and some of the oldtimers pronounce it “keller”.

    yes…you can have too much orange

    you just can’t have too much white

    we will just agree to disagree

    and there is ONLY ONE SCHOOL that can break the color barrier and that is oregon

    everyone else has to knock this shit off and stop trying to be like the ducks…

    it ruins it for you, it ruins it for them, it ruins it for all of us

    Fruiday, Paul ranted about the death of “UCLA Stripes.” What will he say about the death of what we used to call the “Northwestern stripes”? Note: Auburn has kept its stripes in spite of the no-sleeve looi.

    I don’t like the fit of the Tennessee jerseys, but I do like how the color has translated to the jersey.

    Mizzou made a good home uni choice for national TV. Not my favorite jersey style, but the look is a winner overall and a great contrast and complement to the OU whites w/ the crimson lids.

    Now if the Tigers could just settle their “gold conflicts”.

    I think I read here that since it is TCU they should or could wear the different unis all year sort of like Oregon.

    I just thought the combat unis were a 1 time deal. I guess it is up to the school

    i was kidding, sort of. i suppose i was making a relevance statement on tcu and boise community, but obviously all uni stuff is important, i shouldn’t make fun.

    i am both blunt and tonge in cheek, which is why i tend to only comment on names i know, it reduces the chance of offending.

    sure both could, isn’t even the point. boise community college played a 1/2 way decent acc team and a halfway decent pac 10 team, and that’s it. i am not saying hey didn’t win those games, but it is a lot easier to win those games when they are the sum total of their quality games. i would like to see those teams get through a legit conference schedule. give them a bcs game under this system, i am fine with that, but national title? laughable. quite honestly though, who even cares about the title game until it gets here, and even then, meh. there is waaay too much focus put on that, lets just enjoy the season and the conference runs. win conference, beat rival, that’s where the fun of it all is, anything else is gravy. well that, and making fun of 50 year old schmucks who paint their faces at college games, that is a boat load of fun too.

    More Matt Malinowski tweaks. Excellent work. When will the MLB clubs start showing off their new duds for next season? Normally right before Christmas time?

    well…other than the nationals, who are apparently having a new home uni, pretty much everyone else is the same

    the mariners unveiled the “new” teal alt the other day and the a’s will be unveiling something new, but not till next year

    not sure what’s been embargoed so that is all i can say

    Ya know… the sleevless look for teams with no additional graphics (Tennessee Vols, Notre Dame, Michigan, the Football Giants) would be slightly resolved if they would just wear compression shirts with sleeves that are the same color as the jersey. YOU get to keep your mobility, and WE don’t have to deal with your sweaty pits.


    tad late to the party. just back from cal bears game in berkeley. love the a’s uni. perfecto.

    Congrats to the Giants, like the Rangers, they took out the pennant winners from their respective leagues. The San Francisco-Texas World Series will be unusual in the fact both teams will be looking for their first world title.

    Should be interesting, especially if both teams wear their alternate jerseys in one of the games.

    well…not really

    the GIANTS franchise has won a few titles, just none in san fran

    you want to say “san fran” has never won a baseball title? im fine with that

    but you CANNOT say the giants haven’t

    if the quackers can do it, anyone can do it, and everyone will. let em change whatever game to game to be knightastic if that’s what they want as identity. but can we at least get school colours, and a number font that is reasonable(this is a faaaar off 2nd place complaint)? that would be splendid. the turkey-neck feathers have grown on me ,i admit, and the helmet o is unique, but how about doing things in right proper colour? whatever, oregon is a joke to me, if they win good for them, but they are a freaking joke. hey! next year the bucks will wear rose and sheet metal…cooool. if only they did things in school colours, i could let you have the forbidden love, but they don’t. no (what colours of steel and black?) for (what colours of steel and black?) sake. the quack smokes crack.

    so…you don’t think teams should wear black for black sake, gray/silver for gray/silver sake…or (corn forbid), white for white sake?

    what if one team in each of the six BCS conferences did that? would that be bad?

    if they just incorporated their colour, go mad, if that is what you want. at that point i say it is your school fine, thank corn my school does not do it. i am loose with college uni rule beyond colour. corn, look at the duck tracker, there is the traditional freshman clad quack, then all the black/grey nonsense. bah! corn bless mike, but the duck tracker makes me sick. give me a look and stick with it, i may not love what the THE wears, but i will deal until we pull out yet another alt for michigan(yes i have a scUM jersey to wear that day in protest and yes it will pain me…UW!).

    errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. all i know is there is a new “holy war” next year, and it is nebraska V iowa, i can’t wait. i’m out.

    Matt, those Padres designs are awesome!! As a lifelong Padres fan, and Padres jersey collector, I must say, your design is quite possibly the best I’ve seen. I’ve heard rumors that the new owners are considering a switch back to brown and gold, and I would love to see your design on the field. Must submit!

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