And now -- Your Design-A-Baseball Jersey Contest Finalists

By Phil Hecken

Well, for my last weekday offering, as we close out the month of August, I bring you the nine EIGHTEEN “Design-A-Baseball-Jersey Contest” finalists, complete with voting (below). “Eighteen?” you say? Weren’t there only supposed to be NINE?

Well, there were. But the man who will be making the winner’s jersey and . . . → Read More: And now — Your Design-A-Baseball Jersey Contest Finalists

Nights in White Satin

By Phil Hecken

Anyone who reads Uni Watch has undoubtedly had the occasion to check out “Dressed To The Nines,” which is basically the Hall of Fame’s graphic representations of Marc Okkonen’s seminal Baseball Uniforms of the 20th Century. Contained within the thousands of images is one that has always intrigued me: the 1936 . . . → Read More: Nights in White Satin

Strong Start

By John Ekdahl

Team USA kicked off the 2010 FIBA World Championship with a comfortable 106-78 win over Croatia in their home whites. They’ll play their second game this morning in their away blues against Slovenia. The full schedule of the tournament is available here.

Update: USA 99 – Slovenia 77 (Final | Box)

. . . → Read More: Strong Start

The Incredible Shrinking Shoulder Stripes

By John Ekdahl

As Phil noted yesterday (or more accurately, “angrily vented”) it seems as though the Colts have shortened their shoulder stripes a little more this year. Check out this shot of Joseph Addai from their last game against the Packers and compare it to this shot from November of last year. Addai’s . . . → Read More: The Incredible Shrinking Shoulder Stripes