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Monochrome in Baseball, Part IV

monochrome in baseball AL 2 hed

By Phil Hecken

A short while ago, we looked at the first seven American League teams were they to try “monochrome”. A couple of them, maybe, might be worth pursuing, should teams wish to pursue such a sartorial statement.

Shortly after that article appeared, reader Chris Powers sent me a few of his own “suggestions” for some monochrome looks. I’ll include those which fall into the second half of the American League below, and those which pertained to the teams from the first half will appear (with short writeups) after this article.

Lets look at the second seven teams:


Minnesota Twins: While not a likely candidate for monochrome (no history of it in their past), they do have (and are wearing with increasing frequency) a blue alternate. Like most teams who have a navy jersey, going full-on mono is a very tricky proposition, since it would require socks (and striped ones at that) and more than likely pants and sleeve striping, plus a two-toned cap in order to break up the “blue.” And since the Twins have no history of striped hosiery, we’d need to “create” some. As far as monochrome-candidacy goes, they’re way down there. Plain socks are too plain, so you’d need to add some kind of sock striping. Meh. Might be a look for a Sunday night game inside the Metrodome, but with most teams playing outdoors, it just doesn’t seem like this look would work for the Twins.

The Verdict: The Twins already have like five different uniforms (two pinstripes for home, a gorgeous road, the blue top, and a vest they seem to have put away for good). They certainly don’t need to add blue pants — and they should just retire the alternate blue top entirely.


New York Yankees: Why did I even bother mocking them up? Good question — I guess “for the hell of it” would be the best answer. The tradition-bound Yankees wouldn’t even entertain an alternate top, much less consider a monochrome uni. (Although, it must be noted, in 1975, then-General Manager Gabe Paul had prototypes similar to this made up and was ready to make the switch to them as their road uniform, but was persuaded by Marty Appel, the team’s PR head, to scrap them). One can only wonder how that would have looked. It’s doubtful any of those prototypes have survived, but talk about a great white whale. Anyway, should the Yankees ever decide to completely lose their senses (or have a non-patch tribute to mourn the Boss), they could resurrect that reverse pinstripes, or just go monochome midnight blue. Of course, they might wish to wear the road “New York” version instead.

The Verdict: Sure.


Oakland A’s: As we move from the realm of the sublime and ridiculous to the much more likely, we find the Oakland A’s. While they didn’t “invent” monochrome, Charley O’s club was responsible for more than their fair share of uniform innovation over the years. Unfortunately, their only distinction these days is being the only club to wear a green alternate, and they do still wear their signature white cleats. But aside from that, they’re pretty non-descript. But boy do they have a history of monochrome, even pre-dating the polyester era (and in it as well). They even gave fans who’d never seen the gold monochrome a look at it this year, when they held a throwback game against the likewise monochrome-clad Pirates. What better club to bring back the monochrome look than the A’s?

But wait, you say, the A’s don’t even have a gold alternate top now. True, but it’s basically been confirmed that they will be ditching the ridiculous BFBS alt and replacing it next season with a gold one. So, even though the A’s are the one team with whom the softball top look is associated, how might they look if they went monochrome? Probably not so good with a hunter green combo — the socks would require stripes (which is never a bad thing) but then the white shoes look odd. But what about the gold? They need to start wearing this tomorrow. Other than their national league counterparts, the Pirates and Padres, no team ever wore gold so proudly as did the A’s and an all-gold alternate uniform, I think, would be great. All green? Not so much.

Chris Powers’ take:: A’s All green: Oakland A’s player in monochrome green. Features pants stripe and stirrups. Is it bad that they don’t match? Also note the yellow/gold sanitaries.

The Verdict: Bring on the gold. And don’t even think about the hunter.


Seattle Mariners: The Mariners are an interesting case study. They have, as do about 74 other teams, an alternate navy top (yawn). So, the idea of seeing the Mariners in all navy even if you jazz them up with some nifty striped stirrups, is still not a look worth pursuing. However, although it’s not currently a part of their current alternate rotation, they did bring back their 1995 teal jersey for a throwback game against the Angels earlier this season. What about turning that into a full uniform? Pretty loud, but for a one-shot (or once to thrice a year)? OK, maybe not.

Ricko’s take: I figured the Mariners might work with a teal and silver striped version of the last Griffith Senators’ socks.

Chris’ take: (1) Mariners All Dark Stirrups: Ichiro in Monochrome dark navy. Dual-toned stirrup and opposite pant stripe from other Ichiro image.

(2) Mariners All Dark Stripe Sock: Ichiro in Monochrome dark navy. Triple-striped high sock with matching pant stripe.

The Verdict: Seems as though the monochome blue (and about 1/3 of all teams could wear it) would be just as yawn-inducing as the current crop of navy alternate tops, and the teal, while at least unique (although not very “baseball-like”) is just way too much.


Tampa Bay Rays: Another interesting possibility. They wear two alternate tops. They just added some really neat stirrups (that some of them actually still wear), and one of those alts is a powder blue top. It would seem logical then, were they so inclined, to continue the powder blue right down to the pants. You just know someone (and the Royals would be the other candidate) to bring back the powder blues, so why not the Rays? The other option, of course, is the navy blue route. *Sigh*

The Verdict: Baseball needs to bring back the powder blues, and since the Rays are halfway there already, why not? As far as the navy monochrome? Aren’t there enough of those tops already? How about they retire that one yesterday.


Texas Rangers: The Rangers are a blue team…no wait, they’re a red team. Actually, they’re both and while I personally prefer it when they trend toward the red (a rarely worn look) over the blue, it’s clear they simply cannot decide which color to emphasize. So, even if the were to go monochrome, either in red or blue, it still won’t quite look right. So the only thing left to do is to split the difference. Blue helmet and stirrups with a red uni? Yeesh. OK, how about if we add some red stripes to the blue? Yeah, um…no. Texas needs to return to the red at home with the team name on the homes and stop with the schitzophrenic combinations. And the last thing they need is to go monochrome.

The Verdict: The Texas Texases have a very nice uniform; if they must wear red AND blue, let them stick with the red caps and white unis at home, and the blue caps and gray unis on the road.


Toronto Blue Jays: Closing down our look at the American League is a team many of us feel is most in need of a complete overhaul. Since we’re not looking at that, we’ll work with what they have. Interestingly enough, the best uniform the Blue Jays currently wear is actually already a colored monochrome. The problem is, it’s a road uniform they insist on wearing at home. Their other uniforms are atrocious. One of a few black for blacks sake teams, it’s hard to picture them (much less stomach) wearing more black. Even adding more blue to that outfit wouldn’t save it. Ah…but there is a solution. Ditch the black entirely and create a real blue monochrome road uniform. Either that or return to the powder blues they sported so beautifully all those years ago.

The Verdict: First step: ditch the black. Second step: get all new uniforms. Failing that, a powder (or even darker) blue road uniform would be better than what they have.


Chris also offered his suggestions for the following teams, listed in last week’s column:

Angels All Red: Scott Spezio in Angels red uni. Simple single stripe down the pants and triple-striped stirrups.

Angels All Red with blue: Monochrome Angels uniform on Scott Spezio. Added blue accents after Phil suggested a return to some blue in the Angels unis.

Indians All Blue: Jhonny Peralta in monochrome Indians pajama pants.

Royals All Blue: Monochrome Royals uniform worn by pitcher in pajama pants.

White Sox All Black: White Sox Alex Rios wearing monochrome black uni. White-black-white pants stripe with pajama pants look. Not too awful in this look.

White Sox All Black Thome: Monochrome White Sox Jim Thome with high stirrup and a thin white gray stripe.


That concludes our look at the American League. Clearly, monochrome for six of the seven teams we looked at today would be a mistake (except for perhaps the Rays in powder blue), but the A’s should immediately consider wearing the all gold uniform (and dropping the black). Like yesterday.

As previously mentioned, I’m not advocating for monochrome, but clearly baseball design seems to have reached another nadir; not that I’m longing for a return to the 1970’s but when almost every team has a colored alternate top, and many have two (and neither of them are necessary), it’s time to once again think outside the box. I think many of us appreciated the throwback game between the A’s and the Pirates, and while I don’t think anyone is longing for a return to polyester sansabelts, most teams seem to lack any type of creativity nowadays. “We’re bored with our standard white and grays, so lets add a colored top.” And when they get bored with that, well, many teams add a SECOND alternate top.

Should every team dress like the A’s or the Bumblebee Pirates or the Astros of the 1970’s? Of course not. But a few teams who did things like that back then may have gone against tradition, but they at least got points for trying. And because it was limited to a few teams, it was somewhat unique (to each team). Now — everyone has a softball top or two and that’s about it. At least we’re seeing some teams favor hosiery again, and that’s a good thing.

I’d say the White Sox and the A’s (in the American League) should explore a return to their monochrome past. And every team really needs to bring back proper hosiery and end the pajama nonsense. As Chris’ couple creations show, there’s NO WAY monochorme would look good with the long pants.

The National League, which I’ll look at another time, has some intriguing possiblities for monochrome.


Benchies Header

Geez…Is everyone planning on taking the month of August off? What is this, France? Here’s Rick:

If Paul can take August off (and lord knows he’s entitled to it), I’m gonna skip a Saturday. Not to worry, things are in capable hands. Well, pretty sure they are.

Here’s your Saturday Benchies.


uni template 2

Back again with more Uniform Tweaks, Concepts and Revisions today. Lots to get to, and if you have a tweak, change or concept for any sport, send them my way. Still finding the tweaks have slowed to a trickle, so if you have something you’d like to show, give me a shout.


If you’ve been following the tweaks’ section lately, you’ll remember I got one mammoth set from Daniel Rerko, who actually sent along eighty-seven NFL separate tweaks. We’ve now reached the final batch of that giant set. As you remember, some of them were great, some weird and bizarre, and some even Daniel hated. Now then, is the fifth, and final, set:


49ers-No Stripes, Gold alt: Got rid of the weird stripes on the shoulders. Added a gold alternate that isn’t the best looking uniform ever.

Cardinals-Black Helmet, tie up loose ends: BFBS. But the black helmet looks nice.

Vikings-Old School: Inspired by the current alternate. Mustard yellow alternate is terrible, but I think the other two look really good.

Packers-Modernized: Terrible, ruining a classic. I feel terrible for even attempting this.

Lions-Old uniform, more black: BFBS. This is not a case where a black helmet works.

Eagles-the anti-BFBS: Replaicing the black with a silver element. The only remaining black is in the logos.

Titans-New Socks and Collars: Getting bored lead me to play with the socks, pants stripes and one of the collars. Other than that, nothing groundbreaking here.

Colts-Gray, modernized shoulder stripes, Black alt: BFBS. Just added some color to the the plain blue and white of the Colts. It turned out to be pretty bad.

Chargers-Greatest. Unis. EVER.: My favorite uniforms in sports history. I know this isn’t a tweak, but I needed to mention it as the greatest. All I did was just change the light a dark blue for the alternate.

Raiders-Silver Numbers, Minor changes: 50th AFL anni. jerseys without the older logo. The silver numbers with a black outline on a white uniform really appealed to me.

Cheifs-More Black: BFBS. Just trying to add some more color to a uniform. It turned out okay in some spots.

Patriots-Simplified, Red and Sliver alt: I just simplified the uniform, and turned the helmet white. I also gave two alternates a try.

Bengals-Simplified: Trying to fix a broken uni by breaking it even more. I like the old helmet, that is about it.

Browns-modern: Started with TV numbers on the helmet. Now i realize that the jersey stripes look like suspenders that a leperchaun should be wearing.

Steelers-Red Blue and Yellow: Steelers-Red white and blue to attempt an America’s Team uniform. Too bad Roethlisberger had to go ahead and ruin that one (Haha.)


OK. That’s going to close the book on Daniel Rerko’s tweaks, all 87 of them. Gotta say, he took some chances and came up with some crazy schemes, but they were still a lot of fun to look at. Thanks, Dan.

Back with more from the rest of the UW tweakership next time. Keep ’em coming — especially now that the dog days of August are coming, and they’ll be getting some weekday play while Paul’s sitting around on his keester getting a much-deserved vacation.


uni tracking header 1

Back at the beginning of the 2010 season, I announced the 2010 Uni Tracking that a number of us do. Last year, I devoted about four full weekend columns to it, and that was probably a bit much for most of us to take in one dose, so this year, I’ll occasionally post the updated tracking of certain teams as the trackers send them in. So, if you’ve been doing your due diligence with your team, send me your mid-season tracking reports, and I’ll post them as a “sub article” on the weekends. OK? OK!


Today’s first featured tracker is Brandon Davis who is tracking the Athletics of Oakland. I apologize in advance for the screen grabs, but Brandon sent me a PDF and for some reason I couldn’t turn it into a google doc. Brandon’s tracking is through the All Star break:


Attached (Tracking Part I, Tracking Part II, By Starter & Jersey, Uniform #s I, Uniform #s II) is my uniform tracking for the Oakland Athletics through the 2010 All-Star break. The A’s are a better team at home at 26-20, including a 9-4 mark in black — that’s as many wins in black as the 2009 A’s donned the black jerseys (they finished 3-6).The A’s are performing poorly again in the green road alternate jerseys at 8-15. The A’s wore green at home for Earth Day though and won that game. As always, the starting pitching skews the jersey win-loss record since starters gravitate towards certain jerseys. Of the seven regular starters (including Justin Duchscherer and Brett Anderson since they were injured and not spot starters), only Duchscherer never wore white. Only three pitchers have worn black and every starter but Vin Mazzaro has worn the road grays (excluding Clay Mortensen’s sport start in green with the stars/stripes cap). The two pitchers who have not worn the road greens are both injured (Duke and Anderson).

A few other random tidbits:

– When wearing a special patch (mother’s day, father’s day, etc.) or cap (Memorial Day, Fourth of July weekend) the team is 6-1.

– The helmet decals have nearly all been converted to the newer style A implemented in June 2009 but Jack Cust and Kevin Kouzmanoff still have incorrect decals.

– Kurt Suzuki continues to use an all-green road catcher’s helmet despite the A’s eliminating the all-green helmet last season.

– At least five A’s have been wearing caps with gray underbrims.

I’m sure there will be plenty more to report by the end of the season!

Brandon Davis


Next up is Michael Burnett, who has been closely monitoring the Arizona D-Backs. Here’s Michael:

Hey Phil,

I have been tracking the Arizona Diamondbacks myriad of uniforms for the first half of the season. We have gone through an exciting opening day win, a dismal 10-game losing streak, beating the Yankees, a managerial firing, and are on pace for a 100 plus loss season.

Anyways, all of the uniforms except for one have a losing record. Ironically, the one that I hate the most (BFBS) is the only winning uniform. The uniform pattern is as follows: Sedona Red jersey for Wednesdays, Sundays, and holidays, Black jersey for Saturday home games, and grey and white for all other road/home games. The only exception is when they play a team like the Braves or Astros who wear red at home.

Attached is the graphical representation of the Uni-Tracking.

Here are the records:

* Sedona Red Cap, White Jersey, White Pants (10-12)
* Sedona Red Cap, Grey Jersey, Grey Pants (8-22)
* White/Red Cap, White Jersey, White Pants (1-0)
* Sedona Red Cap, Sedona Red Jersey, White Pants (6-8)
* White/Red Cap, Sedona Red Jersey, White Pants (0-1)
* White/Red Cap, Sedona Red Jersey, Grey Pants (0-1)
* Sedona Red Cap, Sedona Red Jersey, Grey Pants (5-7)
* Black Cap, Black Jersey, White Pants (4-3)
* White/Red Cap, Black Jersey, White Pants (0-1)
* When I am at the game (3-9)


Michael Burnett


Thank you gentlemen. Alright, all you trackers, anyone who hasn’t yet sent in their updates, now is a great time to do so.


Nationals Brewers Baseball

And finally, your Cream City Brew Crew did the throwback thing last night, against the Nationals, breaking out the 1997-1999 unis, designed by Uni Watch favorite Todd Radom. I was never a big fan of this design, and of course, it appeared as though all the Crew wore pajamas. Interestingly, it doesn’t look like they wore new helmets, but rather, repurposed their current ones with new logos. Either that, or they had a bunch of scuffed lids lying around.

Of course, you probably know that not only did Todd design the Brewers “MB” logo, he also designed the Nationals logo. In fact, his portfolio is pretty impressive. UW’s favorite golf pro, Johnny (on the spot) Okray was quick to point out that the jerseys were lacking the Jerry Dior logoman on the back. Nice touch, Brewers.


That’s all for this fine Saturday, folks. As you all have likely seen or heard, Paul will be taking a much deserved vacation (scroll down to “Big News”) during August — as such, I’ll be handling the weekdays and Ek will take my weekends. Most of the weekday posts won’t be anywhere near as lengthy or intricate as the weekend’s have become (I think we’re all thankful for that), but I’ll be bringing you content every day — if there is a topic you’re interested in seeing, or if you’d like to work on an article with me, drop me a line. OK? OK!

Everyone have a great Saturday.


So you won twenty games? Why didn’t you win thirty? — Charles Finley (to Vida Blue after the 1972 season)

Comments (53)

    Wasn’t a marquee game, for sure, but last night in Baltimore it was Twins in navy vs. O’s in black.

    And, out in Oakland, a spotting of the rare White Sox gray jerseys. But, y’know, thankfully the A’s wore THEIR blacks. (eyeroll)


    For the record, that’s the fourth straight game the Sox have worn the gray jerseys. Very odd, indeed.

    Hell, link might have been the last time Mark Buehrle started a game wearing a gray jersey.

    Did their black jerseys suffer an “unfortunate” accident at Target Field?

    As far as the Chargers’ unis go, I love the powder blue but where are the yellow pants? If they were good enough for John Hadl and Lance Alworth, then they are good enough for Philip Rivers and Vincent Jackson. Those might be the greatest unis of all time.


    The A’s should definitely make the switch.

    I don’t see the issue with the Mariners teal concept either – it really doesn’t look that different from gray or powder blue to me.

    The biggest problem with any kind of a league-wide switch from white & gray to colored monochrome is too many teams with the same colors, especially navy. Overall I’d just like to see more uniqueness. Teams don’t need to have 5 different alternates – just one main uniform and one alternate if the colors are too close to the other team, kinda like soccer. Of course that won’t happen because they’d lose out on the money from selling all the various alternate jerseys now.

    Really like Daniel’s use of silver rather than black on the Eagles tweak. Silver is a big part of the history from a uni and logo perspective, and I wish we’d see more of it. I also wish the Eagles would look at modifying their logo and consider a return to kelly green full-time, but that ain’t happening as long as the current ownership is in play.

    I really like the A’s gold and Blue Jays mono. They should both makes the changes right now…

    But my favorite is actually the Mariners Teal mono. I think it looks fantastic!

    Wouldn’t be something if as a sign of mourning the deaths of so many longtime important parts of the organization, the Yankees would have taken the field in a mono black…no logo…

    Didn’t the Brewers start out with a different hat with those unis? I thought that they wore the interlocking “MB” for a few years.

    They did, I think it only lasted one season. Since the uniform was meant to represent the 1990’s, they went with the M cap, because they wore it for most of the decade.

    They sure did.


    I don’t exactly what year the Brewers were throwing back to last night. I thought I just heard “Late 90’s”. You can see from that link the change from the interlocking MB hat to the one they wore last night was in 1997.

    According to the promotion schedule they were suppose to be throwing back to 97-99, was the intent.

    July 23 – Brewers to wear reproductions of the home 1997-99 uniforms. The jersey has “BREWERS” in block letters on the front, while the cap features an “M” logo. The Nationals will be wearing their current uniforms.

    Should had been an MLB logo on the back of the caps & those were never blank on the back. MLB practice since 1992.

    Yeah the uniforms the Breweres wore last night were from 1997-1999. The ones they wore from 1994-1996 had the MB cap logo (vs the M logo they wore) and the first and last letters on the jerseys were larger on the 94-96 versions.

    Personally, I loved those uniforms. Lots of memories as a kid at County Stadium in those!

    thanks for spotting that (i didn’t see the promotional ad)

    article updated to reflect 1997-99

    If that’s true, then every team that’s ever worn gray on the road has a “monochrome history”.

    In that era, powder blue was an alernative to gray for road uniforms, NOT an additional team color.



    Hence Phil’s little jab at the Jays for wearing roads at home.

    That said, I don’t really care about the distinction. It’s not important anymore with the return to gray as the standard road, and if any team is going to add an upgraded alt to their look they’re going to do it for the home crowd. And we’re all in favor of teams actually wearing good uniforms in whatever capacity we can get them, right?

    Go back and read the Royals section of the last column. The Twins are one of teams that has a color scheme that would allow powder blue to work.

    And please tell me how the Royals’ powder blue uniform from the 70s/80s is any different than the Twins’. I may be in the minority, but all powder blue uniforms, to me, is monochrome.

    actually…the twins aren’t a team that looked good in powder blue (imho)…there were a few who did, and for whom i’d love to see a return

    but any team with predominantly red in it’s color scheme did NOT look good sporting powder blue…the phillies, cardinals, twins being prominent among them — that’s just my opinion, of course…but teams like the original brewers, the expos, mariners, the blue jays…the 64-68 whitesox — but NOT the 71-75 version)

    especially the brewers, expos, mariners & jays, since they were “born blue” and only added the gray at a later date)…but those teams did NOT have red in their color scheme

    Fine. Rewrite the thinking of teams in the ’70s and ’80s if it suits you. But you’d be wrong.

    If you were around at the time, you know there were two separate schools of thought (or philosophies): Wearing garments in team colors and using powder blue as an alternative to gray on the road.

    The only team that ever wore powder blue and considered it to be, or treated it as, a team color was the Blue Jays.

    As evidence, look at the number of teams that switched to powder blue roads and changed nothing but the gray to powder: Cards, Cubs, Phillies, Rangers, Twins, White Sox (okay, second time was the first year of the red uni but might as well have been gray because White Sox in no way ever incorporated into their homes), Royals (same thing) and Braves (same thing). Mariners, Blue Jays, Brewers and Expos came into existence during the p.b. era but, as noted, only the Jays used p.b. anywhere on their home unis.

    In those days, powder = gray. Nothing more, not a notion of dressing in team colors. Yeah, it’s technically monochrome, but that would render the term useless for this discussion because all-white would be monochrome, too.

    You can say I’m splitting hairs, but the fact is, the unis shown in this discussion aren’t just using different colors for MLB teams, in reality they’d about creating a whole new mindset.

    We can’t look at the Twins’ p.b and simply say, “Shouldn’t be a problem, they’ve done it before” because, in their minds, they haven’t. THAT’s the point.


    Ricko, can’t we consider the Royals powders as part of their color scheme? I mean, their colors are royal and white but I always kind of considered the light/ powered blue to be a tertiary color– especially considering the fact that they never, to my knowledge, put the gold (which is on their logo) on their uniforms.

    The 1970s White Sox all-navy uniform is one of my favorites all time and I’ve thought a lot over the years about similar monochrome designs for other teams and I always want to see white socks and sleeves. Unlike that great Sox uniform, I’d do white stirrups over white sanis, but either way, I think the Sox hit on a good combination for a monochrome look.

    I’d go with the Yanks’ all-navy set in a second as their road uniform and wish the White Sox would wear the black pants any time they wore those ugly black jerseys.

    It would be almost blasphemous back home in the Bronx….but I really do like the navy monochrome road uni for the Yankees….

    Gotta say Dan, it’s been tough looking through all your tweaks, but it’s worth it when I come across a pot of gold. That last Steelers tweak is a great idea that I wouldn’t doubt we see happen somewhere in sports sometime!

    I love the idea of the A’s in all gold. And the Yankees in either all navy or navy with white pinstripes looks straight out of the pages of early New York baseball, something John McGraw would do. It looks great, way better than you give it credit for.

    In the early 1970’s, some Topps graphics guy did a horrible airbrush of a Bill Singer baseball card. Singer was supposed to be wearing an Angels jersey and cap. The cap was completely botched. For the jersey — this was a head shot; you could only see a fraction of the shirt — he picked this delicate pastel yellow. It was beautiful. Since we never saw color photos of west coast teams back then, I spent a whole summer assuming that the Angels were actually dressed that way. Every since, I’ve wanted a team to have the courage to go monochrome with that color…

    Found it — you kids have no idea how lucky you are to have the endless font of useless information the Internet provides:


    This isn’t on the topic of baseball monochromes, but pinstripes, maybe different color pinstripe uniforms could be discussed in a future column. As I’ve commented before, the gold pinstripes of the 1977-79 Pirates are a favorite of mine, ranking only behind the solid black uniform of that era.

    Gold pins appear to be extremely rare in baseball circles, has there ever been any team, college or pro, which had this look, either before or after the Pirates? I’m guessing the minor leagues would be the source of this information, can’t think of another MLB team who ever tried gold pins.

    i’m pretty sure paul has reported it (not positive, he may have been referencing someone else stating it), and i believe it has also been mentioned on A’s broadcasts

    interesting article you had on SB nation — i can’t believe the poll results actually FAVOR the black

    actually, that doesn’t surprise me in the least

    who cares if it’s a team color…it looks cool

    I agree. It looks cool and that’s why I like it. But I just don’t feel right with the team wearing black when it isn’t part of the team color. Well, a three-year run with them was a good one.

    Thanks for reading my piece

    I don’t want to be “that guy”, but did i miss the stirrup contest. I know you said there were some really good entries…

    Man, I am so down with the monochrome! These concepts look great. Nice, nice work.

    It’s all about the stirrups, isn’t it? Take away the stirrups and stripes and the whole exercise is futile.

    Yeah! Nice work Phil. I wouldn’t want to see any of those on the field without stirups though. Those pyjama pants look dreadful. Of course they (pyjamas) dont look any better with white or grey pants either.

    Mariners in all teal with navy hats and socks?
    I’D. WEAR. THAT.

    Make it happen now, Seattle!

    I’ll read the rest later. Just gonna stare at that uni for a few more minutes before I get some stuff done here.

    The Steelers tweak: The alternate looks more like Romania’s Team. Or Chad’s Team. Or Nagorno-Karabakh’s Team. I’ve got a million of these…well, more like 5 or 6.

    The Houston Astros are wearing retro unis tonight (1989-1993 unis). They are also wearing stirrups, although Roy Oswalt is apparently wearing his stirrups the wrong way, according the the Reds’ TV announcers.

    I believe they were, both Oswalt and Johnson (third baseman) – Chris Welsh (Reds color announcer) and then noted that Oswalt should have known how to wear the stirrups because he was on the team when they wore them. He then postulated that Oswalt was wearing them backwards on purpose. I am sure there is someone with a DVR that can get some screenshots of the first inning when Brennaman and Welsh were discussing the hosiery.

    My apologies for missing some of the players names. To be honest, I wasn’t sure on them, and probably shouldn’t have listed any in particular. Hope you all enjoyed seeing them as much as I enjoyed having them featured. Feedback is appreciated.

    I am trying to work on a Brewers treatment, and would like to find an image in the 600px range featuring the navy alts and high socks, but it’s being more difficult that I thought. Any hints?

    manny parra

    he’s my goto brewer (as you’ll see when we hit the NL)

    Twins in navy Alts again tonight; Orioles in white.
    Too bad Baltimore has been struggling for so long, because their whites and grays (especially this current set) are some mighty fine looking unis.

    Orange and black can go south real fast (see: Bengals) but the O’s pull off the combination superbly.


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