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There’s No Service Like Wire Service, Vol. 11

Every time I think we’ve hit the bottom of the wire service barrel, a new batch of great material appears on eBay. My continued thanks to Mike Hersh and Larry Wiederecht for their assistance in compiling these images.

Now then:

• In 1922, a bunch of American baseball players went on a tour of . . . → Read More: There’s No Service Like Wire Service, Vol. 11

‘Now pitching, number 38 — or is it 30?’

Weird scene at Shea the other day, as Dodgers reliever Ramon Troncoso entered the first game of Tuesday’s twin bill with a piece of tape on his uni number — a development that did not escape the notice of the L.A. broadcast team:

Eric Collins: Not sure exactly why, but Ramon Francoso’s having a . . . → Read More: ‘Now pitching, number 38 — or is it 30?’

New Trends in Office Decor

[Editor’s Note: Greg Allred, shown above, is the guy behind this site, which is devoted to the Birmingham Americans and Birgmingham Vulcans, both of the old WFL. He’s also accumulated some interesting memorabilia, much of which he’s made himself or had made to his specifications. Today he’ll be telling us about his collection. — . . . → Read More: New Trends in Office Decor

A New Name Game

I recently got a note from Anil Adyanthaya, who pointed out that Adam Foote’s name is represented twice on his jersey — first on his NOB, and then on the Avs’ shoulder patch, which is a foot.

“Okay,” I thought to myself. “Big deal.” But then Anil started rattling off some additional examples, . . . → Read More: A New Name Game