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Snow Day, in More Ways Than One


I know what you’ve been thinking. You’ve been thinking, “Paul, when are you gonna give us some coverage of the uni scene in Antarctica already?” And that’s why today is your lucky day, because reader Jay, who prefers that his last name not be used, is a biologist doing field work in the McMurdo Dry Valleys. He sent me the photo you see above, along with the following report:

Lots of striped socks were on display on the Kiwi side of the field at the annual Ross Island Cup, a rugby union match played every year between Mt. Terror Rugby Club (the U.S.) and the Ice Blacks (New Zealand). Most Kiwis went with black/white stripes, but one guy had yellow/black. The U.S. decided to go with solid red socks and lost, 23-0.

It’s warmer here (~35 to 40 degrees) than it is in NYC. The movies show only the miserable weather in Antarctica, but we do alright for ourselves down here in the mid-summer.

Great — next week I’ll be getting frostbite in Minneapolis. Meanwhile, I could be lounging around in the sun and maybe getting a tan in Antarctica.

That’s it for today. No Ticker, no comments, no nothin’. Enjoy your day off from Uni Watch, and I’ll see you tomorrow. — Paul

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